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I never carry at any mall with a “no firearms” sign. This despite the fact that there’s a history of gang-related conflict within these self-contained temples of commerce. I work from home. But if I was employed by some large corporation, I would respect their no-firearms policy scrupulously. Speaking of Sponge Bob SquarePants Opposites Day, what about you? Where wouldn’t you even think about carrying, as it’s prohibited by law? [Note: TTAG does not share user information with any third party under any circumstances, save one of those Jack Bauer-like deals where an entire city is threatened with nuclear annihilation—provided it’s not Camden, NJ.]

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  1. Here in Florida if a business posts a no-firearms sign you can still carry there, that is not a crime. What is a crime is if they find you out and ask you to leave and you do not immediately comply. This is what I was taught at my CWL class. As far as carrying on campus? Hel! no. I am not getting kicked out of school and ruining my chance at commissioning. I think the chances of being killed on campus are very small so its not worth the risk.

  2. Since I work around inmates, our “no guns” policy is pretty much common sense.

    But I would not think of carrying wherever the establishment is legally posted as a no concealed carry establishment. In Texas, the sign has to be worded in a very precisely defined way. Which makes me snicker at our local our local Old Media newspaper. They have a sign, but it’s not legally binding. And I’m not tellin’ em. I would carry there.

  3. I don’t carry anywhere that it’s illegal for me to carry. I won’t break any law if I can avoid it.

    FYI, “no gun” signs in Massachusetts do have the force of law. Merely entering upon properties so marked constitutes a criminal trespass. I’ve never seen a commercial enterprise with such a sign, but if I did, I wouldn’t enter with a gun or without one.

  4. I work for a Large corporation that has a blanket prohibition on weapons company-wide. I don’t carry at work, though my state allows weapons locked in my vehicle on their parking lot.

    Basically, because WI is new to concealed carry, I tread lightly in the face of Madison DAs.

  5. MN is much like FL in that the signs don’t carry the weight of the law until you are asked to leave. As a concealed carrier, there’s no issue. I typically avoid these places, as I do believe in the business’ rights, and I’d rather take my money somewhere non-anti. The places I absolutely wouldn’t even think of carrying into are the obvious ones (federal properties, airport “secure areas”, etc).

  6. First, that should be Camden NJ. I was born and raised in NJ, Trenton aint that bad compared to Camden. Now to the main event. I have never carried in any building where it was illegal to do so. I have spent time in many state and federal buildings and always go thru my pockets to remove any pocket knives, nail clippers, etc I might have on me and leave them in the car. Now I might have carried in a jurisdiction or two that wasn’t gun friendly a couple of times without benefit of permit or license, and the possibility exists that I might do it again if I feel it’s needed in the future, but by and large, I really try to be in full compliance with the law.

      • That’s completely wrong. Trenton is the place where they write the draconian laws that makes Camden the hole that it is!

        Man, trust a North Jersey guy to get it backwards.


        • I always thought Camden was the way it is, because of spillage from Philly. And you are right, I am originally from north NJ, but escaped the People’s Demokratik Republik of NJ over 20 years ago. In the last 10 years, I have been in Camden and Trenton, exactly twice each. Neither place will be seeing any of my vacation dollars any time soon, but if I HAD to pick which city that I, as on OFWG, would walk thru, it would be Trenton.

  7. I’ve personally never seen a sign that posts “no firearms,” (until now) but then again, I live in the more rural part of California. I typically don’t feel threatened at a mall or other private establishment, and would probably never carry there; but I am unclear on Cali CCW laws in those areas. An interesting post, though, especially when considering that “opposite day” idea…

  8. I don’t carry anywhere it’s prohibited by law.

    I work from home, but if I had an outside employer with a policy against it… I’d have to say “depends on circumstances.” Where do I work? What neighborhood is it in/do I have to go through to get there? Do I have a gun and rig that are deeply concealable enough to never be seen?

    I have left it at home/in the car if I was out with friends, and I knew I was going to an area where I’d be likely to get hassled (not just questioned), because I didn’t want to inconvenience them. Also if there’s a reasonable chance there would be drinking and debauchery later.

    Anywhere else is pretty much fair game, “no guns allowed” signs or not, although I avoid patronizing signed places when possible, and inform the management as to why I’m doing so.

  9. There was a 7-11 gas station near my residence with a ‘No Guns’ sign at both of their entrances. The signs were old and faded but had never been taken down. When I mentioned to the store manager that it seemed odd to have the signs here in Oklahoma he had a surprised look on his face like he had forgotten all about them. The next day they were no longer on display in the windows.

    Aside from that gas station I cannot recall seeing a No Guns sign in years. I just wish we were allowed to carry on campus. Then our Brady score would have been zero this year.

  10. I don’t carry at any business with a no-weapons policy, because I simply do not patronize that business – whether I am carrying at the time or not.

    Exception: government buildings and the post office.

  11. Remember the old saying, better to be judged by twelve than carried by six. I carry EVERYWHERE. There is only one way for anybody to find out. show me yours first! Boy would the aerospace firm that I work for be surprised.

  12. the only place I won’t carry is when I have to go thru a metal detector…….. say what you will and blow it out your a$$

    • My sentiment exactly. I started out obeying all the silly laws that say “When on the sidewalk; the CHL holder is a responsible law abiding citizen. However, upon entering Building X, said responsible law abiding citizen magically becomes a blood thirsty psychopath looking for the first excuse to shoot someone.”
      Now, I carry pretty much everywhere unless I, %100, cannot get away with it.

  13. I carry everywhere I’m Not expressely forbidden to by law. Such as bars(stupid law) and the court house. I also
    Font carry at work because they don’t want me to, bit because they are afraid of the gun, but because I do a lot of work on ladders above people and they are worried about stupid people freaking out if they look up and see my gun. So I can’t really begrudge them that.

    I don’t even look to see if a buisiness has a “easy target” sign, I just carry wherever I please. In oklahoma you’re only violating the law if they ask you to leave and you don’t. Which is nice.

  14. Maybe it’s the born and bred Arizonan in me but I’ve been carrying concealed since 1988 when I was 16. I’ve no patience and lend no credence to individuals or laws that put me in danger. All those years I was fully prepared to pay the price if I got caught but fortunately it never happened and now that my beloved Arizona recognizes Constitutional carry I’m good to go. As for businesses that post no firearms, I avoid them if they don’t want my business. Living in Phoenix I’m thankful for the luxury of literally dozens of store options for any given product.

  15. I carry everywhere except work. I wish it were otherwise, but the base commander’s policy is legal, and it’s not worth losing rank over.

  16. Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t get caught, don’t be an idiot. Let your conscience be your guide.

  17. Slightly off topic (I take the 5th on the question by the way) but it reminded me of the one time that I ran into a “no guns allowed here, you must leave now” attitude. On the rare occasions that we were not subject to recall and could go far enough from base we liked to head to Miami Beach for some good clean fun. On one trip we walked into a hotel to check in and the manager immediately started freaking out and telling us we couldn’t stay there or bring in guns as soon as she saw two guys in high and tights with a small padlocked Pelican case. Before I could even explain that the case held anything worth stealing or not water proof that was in my Jeep and neither of us were armed, my buddy launched into a why you should allow us to carry debate. By the time he was done she had apologized and told us that us and our guns were welcome anytime. We stayed at that same hotel every time after that and she always took care of us. She even got a concealed carry permit and a .38 revolver which she proudly showed us.

  18. My weekly routine takes me places where CCW is forbidden, high schools, college campus, church, etc. I don’t cheat.

    Perhaps someone could write an article on ways to hide and retrieve a handgun and holster from a small lock box in the car – unobtrusively. That activity shouldn’t attract attention or reveal the handgun.

    • I have a friend that works servicing ATM machines and carries because of his work. He goes with the idea of looking like building maintenance, no “police-like” uniform or hat, and carries his gun in his tool box or tool belt. He started this after another ATM tech showed up in full uniform, got ambushed and beaten and had his keys stolen to open up the ATM machine for the cash inside.

      My point being that a tool belt or tool box may be the stealth method of carry that might work for you?

      • A long time ago a ATM tech in Philly was shot in the back while working on a machine. The genius who did this did not realize the ATM tech has no access to the money, the bank has to assist if service to the chutes is required.

        the unemployed, uneducated scum doesn’t have to worry about money any longer, just the shower and exercise yard.

  19. I dont carry at work, id rather not lose my job over it. Also, i think Indianapolis has some kind of dip-shit rule about not carrying in public parks, so i dont (usually) carry when walking on a trail near my house that is considered a public park.

    Somewhat off topic, but does anyone have good advice on figuring out exactly what the laws are wrt guns in any given city/state?

  20. I view my carry permit as a backup in case I need to carry, for example if I have to meet with someone in a known high-risk neighborhood or if I need to drive through the city late at night, coming from the suburbs. I live in a very low-crime town, and there have been no robberies of homes in my neighborhood in 18 years, though a car dealership was robbed. When odd things happen (some guy fleeing arrest and headed our way, happened twice, the PD gives a heads up and I carry. A shotgun. I would never carry in a forbidden area: The rule is this…if they forbid carry then my job is to get out of there at the first sign of trouble. If they want a bit of extra protection, make the place legal for carry. Simple. I may carry once or twice a week, mainly for practice.

    • >When odd things happen (some guy fleeing arrest and headed our way, >happened twice, the PD gives a heads up

      Things are a bit different where I live. It’s pretty safe, but whenever a county police chopper is orbiting, shining their bucket light down on the ground, and I call their police HQ and ask if there’s something I should be concerned about – like someone fleeing an arrest, or a jail escapee, they reply that “they’re just testing the copter.” uh huh…

  21. Unfortunately, I work in a place where I am legally forbidden to carry, and since I like my job (and don’t want to get arrested) I don’t carry at work.

  22. I don’t carry in those places where it is forbidden by law (which, as a teacher, includes my workplace), as I have no desire to go to prison. On the other hand, in my state “no firearms” signs do *not* carry the force of law, so if I don’t have the option to shop elsewhere I blissfully ignore the silly things.

  23. My preferred attire and mode of carry make it very unlikely that I’ll be spotted carrying a gun. If I’m dressed, I have a gun with me. Unless I was going to a place where it would be major F up, Post Office, police station, school etc. I keep it with me and go with the flow.

    • I carry the same way, IWB and i wear long shirts untucked. Unless I pull my shirt up on purpose its going to be damn near impossible for you to spot my carry. Unless a place has a metal detector or is going to pat me down (no where I normally go) the gun stays with me.

  24. Quite a few hidden criminals among the Armed Intelligentsia, no surprises there. The weird thing is some of those very same guys believe in the black and white system of right and wrong.

    There’s a big gray area.

    • “Somewhat off topic, but does anyone have good advice on figuring out exactly what the laws are wrt guns in any given city/state?”

      Mike, I honestly ask if you have ever been tested for a learning disorder? So far upstream in this comment thread, not one commentor has mentioned violating the law.

      • Mike, I guess you are correct in that there is a gray area, but not in the way you mean. I already know that the supreme court has ruled that the police are NOT obligated to protect me as an individual, nor do they have to come to my aid if something bad happens. I and everybody else that venture outside of home base is most likely on their own for protection of themselves and their families. I am not satisfied with the “gray area” of maybe the police will protect me, maybe they won’t, especially since they don’t give out a schedule that I’ll definitely be protected on Tuesdays between 3:00 PM and 5:30 PM, so then I’ll continue to do what I feel in necessary to safeguard myself and my family. We that chose to carry weapons do so, not to go out “hunting”, but to stop being the prey. A wise man once told me that there were 3 kinds of people in the world, there were “sheep”, “wolves” and “sheep dogs”. I consider myself a sheep dog, I tend my flock (family) and if I never see a wolf, then the sheep live in total peace. But it’s my job to watch for the wolf, and to know he is out there. The sheep assume that someone else is watching as they can’t be bothered to.

        • bontai Joe, I’m not talking about the gray area between police protection and your plans to protect your family. I’m talking about the gray area between law abiding and criminal gun owners.

          You knew that, though. You just wanted to get on the soap box and tell us how you don’t take no shit from no bad guys (wolves).

          To me you sound like a paranoid nut, but it’s your life and it’s a free country and you can do what you like. I’d like to see better controls on your ability to own and carry guns, but please don’t confuse that with wanting to disarm you necessarily. I believe that some people who think just like you do are dangerous to themselves and others.

          • I’d like to see better controls on your ability to own and carry guns, but please don’t confuse that with wanting to disarm you necessarily.

            I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I thank the great good Lord that you’re not in charge of making that determination, for Bontai Joe, or anyone else.

          • Mike, have you ever been the victim of a mugging? a beating? Have you ever had to run for cover because you heard gunshots in your immediate area? Have you ever witnessed the police get involved in a shoot out in the building next to where you live, with bullets flying pretty much everywhere? Have you ever had to run for your life because bad guys were chasing you? (Drug addicts can’t run far, they are physically too beat up to compete with adrenilin fueled fear) I have unfortunately experienced all of the above and I was unarmed and essentially helpless in all the above instances. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to escape any of these experiences, and for that I am happy for you. But it seems to have skewed your perspective as to what the real world is like. All the events I describe above happened to me when I was single, I now have a family that I am responcible for. A family to protect against the wolves of the world. I can understand you liking being a sheep, there is no responcibility, you just graze and smile and “be happy” and hope that others will protect you from the evils of the world. I have never been involved in a DGU, I have never pulled a gun on anyone, I will do all in my power to avoid a situation where I am confronted with the decision to shoot someone. Again, most of us that choose to arm ourselves do NOT do so to go out “hunting”, we do so to have options on that one bad day when we discover we are being hunted. And it only takes that one bad day for me to loose my family. I have no idea what theat one bad day might be, so I sometimes carry a weapon, BUT I also learned CPR, emergency first aid, how to build a shelter in a wilderness, how to start a fire without matches, how to set a snare to trap food, And I keep aquiring skils that i feel will help me and my family survive should that one bad day ever come. I hope it never comes. And I hope you never have that kind of bad day either.

            • bontai Joe, I’ve had some of the situations you described but not all. Your having survived them, if anything, proves that you don’t need a gun. Presumably you are more careful these days and don’t put yourself in as many dangerous situations. But what happened to you somewhere along the line is you got frightened and paranoid. You said to yourself, OMG what happens is something bad happens, and you got scared deep down.

              I say your fear-driven decision is a mistake. But, for Matt in FL, I’ll make clear I’m not into disarming you or telling you what to do. I just object to your describing it as a thought-out and rational decision that equals more safety for you and your family and whatever passersby might be in your line of fire some day.

              Even in my wildest dreams of future gun control that I’d consider proper, a guy like you would probably qualify and you’d be able to do exactly what you do now. So, there’s no need to get personally defensive – I’m not trying to take your guns away.

              I object to the standard description of gun ownership and concealed carry because people considering that as a decision should know it’s not what you guys say. It’s fear, insecurity and paranoia. It’s irrational and counter-productive to the very goal you say you have.

              • I got myself into those situations when I was young and basically unaware of my suroundings (condition white). Today, I am constantly aware of what is happening around me, but I’m 55 years old and sometimes need a cane to walk. That means running away is no longer an option for me, and limping slowly away seems to trigger the attack response in all prey hunting animals because it’s easy to kill the old, slow, weak one (so they think). The area I live in had much less of a crime problem when I moved in 20 years ago, now, even in a city of only 8,000 nearby, drive by shootings happen, gang colors are seen tagged on walls, etc. so I rather be prepared for that one bad day, than suffer the consequences of wandering around in ignorant bliss.

              • Holly sh!t. Mike why do you not show your rational side more often here? That is the first time I have seen you actually state your opinion and reasoning, not recite political dogma. It’s good to know that you do actually have some thought behind your opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I still disagree with what you said, but that is what makes this country great, you are entitled to your opinion, just as I am to mine. As the old saying goes, “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

    • “Lawful” does not mean “right” and “illegal” does not mean “wrong.” Look to history to figure that one out.

      You, on the other hand, are a freely-admitted enemy of the Constitution, which makes you a traitor and a higher criminal than any of us could ever be, both morally and legally.

    • so the answer for mikeb203000 is Carry No Place at All. You might want to avoid large sums of cash and leave your watch at home mike,.

  25. In Missouri I believe the sign at the mall carries no legal weight-the most they can do is ask you to leave, if you don’t then that’s tresspasing. That said, I’ve refused to go to the local malls here even before I got my permit-anything they’d have that I might want, I can get cheaper online or elsewhere in town. As for work, technically the company prohibits it, and being I’m a field tech often go into schools, hospitals etc where it is legally verboten. Of course they also on occasion send me across the river into East St. Louis, where carrying anything is against the rules of the Peoples Republic of Illinois. So on the job I leave it at home, and when off the job, I don’t cross the river.

  26. I carry everywhere except where law prohibits me from doing so. I try to avoid those places as much as possible. The employee manual at my company doesn’t mention weapons of any kind and I’m not going to ask. Some people I work with know I’m a competitive shooter but, I would never assume they know I carry.

    For those who don’t carry unless they feel like they will be in danger. It’s not going to happen when you are in a dark alley or a bad part of town. You are smart enough to avoid those places or you’ll be very alert. It’s going to happen when you least expect it, when you never thought it could happen. You’ll be caught off guard and unarmed because you felt safe, just like I was.

  27. I don’t carry into places that have metal detectors, such as courthouses or airports. I have zero interest in getting locked up.
    As for malls, etc. – I carry there and everywhere else. Who would know ?

    When I have worked for employers who may or may not have a “policy” concerning firearms – don’t ask, don’t tell. Unfortunately, many CCW holders just can’t resist letting slip their secret to a co-worker/friend/etc. Just shut up and keep it concealed. If the dress code is such that it is difficult or almost impossible, then off-body carry in a briefcase or computer bag (as long as there is no metal detector or rent-a-cop checking bags at the entrance).
    Big Boy Rules for a nasty world.

  28. Right now I can’t carry firearms at all. Silly age requirements. But I will always respect the rights of property owners. Always. My grandfather (and partial namesake, he is the Eli in Ben Eli) wouldn’t allow my Uncle Cy to carry in his house. So my uncle always placed his handgun in his car before coming in. I took a huge lesson from that. But on the opposite side, my university doesn’t officially allow knives and pepper sprays on campus. But every other girl around here wears spitfire on a lanyard or key ring around here. So I do got a can in my pocket. My school also doesn’t allow pocket knives. But I always like to have a knife, cause it is convenient. It is a tool.
    I usually way out the pros and cons of having banned items on my person. With pepper and blades, the worst that is likely to happen is they get confiscated and somebody hits me with a newspaper. With a gun, well, they’d probably put two in my chest before they asked me to step out of class.

  29. The implication seems to be that there are inappropriate places to carry firearms. Does this imply there are inappropriate places for me to defend myself and my family from bad people? I carry wherever the law does not prohibit me from carrying. If there is a no firearms sign posted, I either ignore it (I carry concealed), or if I’m not in too much of a hurry to exercise a little bit of activism, I take my business elsewhere in response to their discriminatory policies. If in the former case they somehow determine I am carrying, they can ask me to leave. I will then leave. Sorry, but unless I’m found out, I’m not going to let someone else disarm me and prevent me from doing what is best for me and my family.

    • The implication is criminals are disarmed as are you, so What, Me Worry becomes official policy. They get away with this shit because should something happen it’s highly unlikely anyone will sue them for not allowing CCW to prevent a tragedy.
      So it’s seen as a win win , a common sense regulation for those without common sense.

  30. I live in IL and can only legally carry a gun at my residence. I do so whenever I am there. I also have a license that allows me to carry in other states, which I do. Funny how the state that I live in and pay taxes to doesn’t allow me to exercise constitutional rights that other states do. (Before you say “just move”, I plan to when I am done with graduate school.)
    I will not break the law to exercise my rights and I will respect a property owners wishes, but I will fight to get the laws changed and will likely not patronize stores that limit my rights. To me it’s not worth it to risk getting in legal trouble, getting a felony on my record, and not being able to have guns any longer. I realize this means I’m not as protected as I could be, but I usually carry other legal means of defense with me. C’est la vie.

  31. Depending what I think of how dangerous the situation is or may become.
    My policy is sort of like the US Navy on the topic of US war ships carrying nukes applying to carrying a gun…maybe…maybe not.
    I am not telling.

  32. I teach at a university here in the Hub of the Universe, so, alas, carry is illegal. Fortunately, as reported here on TTAG recently, gun violence on college campuses is quite rare, with notorious exceptions, of course.

  33. I will carry anywhere that I feel it is prudent to do so. Especially in a shopping mall (on those rare circumstances that I find myself dragged there). I can think of few places where having a weapon could be more vital.

  34. Court house. Bank. Bad ideas, you are far more likely to get yourself shot than you are to come out the heroic example of the necessity and virtues of walking around armed.
    Any bar. Another bad idea, if I’m going to a bar or “club” it’s for the sole purpose of seeing just how far I can get beyond “legally intoxicated” without actually dying and I will be giving up my car keys or cabbing it. If you’re in “bad decision mode” and someone tries to take your car keys they might get punched in the mouth, they’re damn sure not going to get run over with your car. A gun in that situation is like trying to take away the car keys after I’m behind the wheel and we’re cruising at 70 miles per hour: It needs to be done, it never should have happened and someone is going to suffer irreparable bodily harm.

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