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  1. after reading all of the coverage of shot this year, along with all of the complaints about the plethora of zombie products, i also noticed that air soft companies were there in force as well.

    i don’t get it, from my perspective, air soft is as”cowboys vs Indians” as one can get in the modern era. it is not realistic, yet when when air soft is insulted, some people get all butt hurt. it is not dry firing, yet people are convinced that will teach them actual small unit tactics. is this a byproduct of fps wannabes? or just people vying for tacticoolness?

    • In the military we train with sim rounds. I’ve never experienced air soft, but when you practice tactics, it’s a good thing, better than sitting at home on your laptop and drinking beer. Even if they are practicing for an unrealistic scenario, in the end it’s more experience than call of duty.

      • True enough, but for many people sitting at the laptop drinking beer IS the most realistic scenario.

    • You seem to be forgetting one of the most important facts about Airsoft:
      Its FUN. Plus, yes, it is about as close as you can get to a real life FPS(other than paintball) while still being cheaper than a trip to Ship-Trap Island. If there happens to be a registered air soft park(Or whatever there called, not to sure) I wholeheartedly suggest you try it out.
      And yes, Airsoft is sexy.

  2. being someone who enjoys real steel shooting and airsoft I’m left saying most of the people who insult or just dislike Airsoft seem to put to much emphasis and importance on the fact that airsoft uses 1:1 replicas. Airsoft is just a cleaner version of paintball when all is said and done. Yes we like our 1:1 replicas of firearms cause well who doesn’t love the items you can’t afford to or in some cases legally own.

    on a side note in a society were we complain about kids playing to many video games and watching to much tv why bitch about an absurd activity that gets them outside and active. Secondly Airsoft is a good way to demystify gun safety and bring more people into the shooting sports by simply pointing out that you tried the fake stuff come try the real thing.

  3. I am using a battery operated Airsoft HK P30 to teach my 4 year old son gun safety and how to shoot. They are incredibly valuable in this regard.

    • Good for you! That’s awesome. But I must ask, never having used the P30, how is it in his small hands? Can he manage to hold the weapon by himself?

  4. Sexy? No. Fun? Yes. MUCH better than sitting at home playing Modern Warfare or Call of Duty on your XBox. If I had kids I’d much rather them be runnning around the woods playing airsoft/paintball than vegetating in front of the TV.

    I used to play a lot of paintball and airsoft before other priorities took over, it had become a somewhat expensive hobby for me. People can argue over how realistic a simulation it is, I just had a lot of fun playing around. I’d like to get back into playing, but decent airsoft guns can cost as much as some real guns (or more!) and I just don’t have the budget for it at the moment.

  5. I use Airsoft to teach my grandkids safe gun handling techniques. I expect them to treat them just like real firearms.

    I bought a replica military Beretta and am experimenting with using it as a blue gun that I can pull the trigger an hit a target.

    Like paintball, Airsoft guns for the most part do not have reliable ballistics. I don’t know how helpful they are in teaching marksmanship.

    • My Umarex Glock clone is at least as precise and accurate as my glocks out to 7 yds. At $70 for the gun plus .02 cents/shot it is hard to beat in the fun dept.

      The trigger sucks though. It is so heavy, the smaller kids have difficulty cycling it.

  6. I participated in airsoft wars in Hong Kong. Airsoft is really big there. I had a M-16 and a Sig p228 airsoft arrangement.
    We would get a ride to one of the hundreds of small uninhabited islands around HK and spend a day in war games. safety gear was used of course, no different than paintball but a lot cheaper, cleaner and less jams.
    I had two clips for my Sig and got good at reloading in firefights. My AR used a 500 round clip, I had three of them. And two batteries.
    Some great fun back in the day.

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