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Bueno pa’ gozar. 

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  1. HOLY CRAP! So what practicle purpose can this be used for besides knocking walls down? And was the “inventor” of this a shoulder surgeon? I like thinga that go bang, I even like things that make a BIG BANG, but this just looks painfull for pain’s sake.

  2. I look at this as being the modern version of the British Four Bore or Two Bore rifles: Bigger, more powerful and even more useless.

  3. I heard S&W is coming out with a XXX frame for this round. They cylinder is about the size of a 1 gallon paint can. Now, my question for you folks is what holster should I get for it? And should I get the model with the external safety or without? Sure hope Glock picks up on this with a double stack magazine. Then we will see who is or is not a limp wrist shooter!

  4. I am sure NJ and CA are currently drafting a special law to prevent this gun from being owned, used, built, or even watched on YouTube.
    You have to love a round that can stop a meteor from space.

  5. Yeah, yeah…. But how does it do in penetration tests, and what kind of bullet expansion is expected? If I want a home-defense gun, these are required bits of info… 8>)


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