The suspect turns to flee while still holding his gun after killing a homeless man in NYC. Screen capture by John Boch. Video via NY Post/UK Daily Mail.
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New York City has a major crime issue, caused in part by policies of the previous Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Soros-funded prosecutor Alvin Bragg. Now the Big Apple has suffered another bruise, this time caused by a psychotic murderer who ambushes the homeless by shooting them as they sleep.

The suspect looks around after drawing his gun, about to shoot the homeless man.
Screen capture by John Boch. Video via NY Post.

NYPD has released video of the latest incident in the hopes the public might help identify the killer.

Screen capture by John Boch. Video via NY Post/UK Daily Mail.

The New York Post has the story . . .

Police are hunting for a suspected serial shooter who has opened fire on two homeless people in Soho Saturday, killing one of them, sources said.

One of the chillingly “cold-blooded” shootings was caught on camera, and city leaders urged the community to come together and help find the detached killer.

“Homelessness turning into a homicide. We need to find this person and we need New Yorkers to help us,” Mayor Eric Adams said at a Saturday night press conference.

The sinister spree began at 5 a.m., when a sleeping 38-year-old man was shot in front of 54 King St. by the unknown assailant, police said…

That victim was expected to survive his injuries, according to police.

About an hour later the shooter casually approached a man braving frigid temperatures and a winter storm in a green sleeping bag in front of 148 Lafayette Street, according to police surveillance video.

The suspect kicked the sleeping man, looked around to see if anyone was watching, then pulled out a gun and shot him at point-blank range in the head, the disturbing footage showed.

The victim died, and the hooded killer, wearing all black with blue gloves, fled the scene, police said.

Here’s the video from the Daily Mail . . .

Between soft-on-crime political leaders and COVID masks becoming the norm, New York City has become a criminal’s paradise. In fact, some say it’s become unlivable.

Yet the law-abiding cannot carry the means with which to defend themselves, thanks to racist, classist, (and sometimes corrupt) gun control laws.


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  1. It will be said that it’s the guns fault. That more gun control is needed. It certainly sounds like the killer had plenty of control over his gun. How about focusing on dealing with the lunacy for a change instead of things that don’t matter…like the gun itself?

  2. Put a life like dummy in a sleeping bag. Place it under the observation of riflemen. If anyone shoots the dummy give him one chance to surrender.

    • That less than half of the city would be ok with this plan is part of the problem. The other part is a strong possibility the perp has a record and would have been in prison prior to bail/sentencing reform.

      • Tickman, that is a great idea! We used Tannerite to rid ourselves of some problem beavers at the farm. Destroying the dam at the land bridge, several times, didn’t do it. So we strategically placed some Tannerite on the lodge. Que the scene from Butch & Sundance when they blow the rail car. No more problem beavers.

      • … several POUNDS of tannerite ? Well , I guess anything worth killing is worth OVERKILLING ! Once lit off about a three pound load of AN/ AL mix inside of a 51 Chevy DeLuxe – let’s just call it a very loud can opener. Glad that we were 200 yards away in the barn at the time.

  3. Here in CA if you cannot prove a permanent residence you cannot legally purchase a gun. You have to have at least two proofs of said residence.

    You’ll never see the aclu taking up the cause of this obvious violation of the rights of an entire class of people.

    • To be fair, MOMA’s admission fee is flat out theft so based on what I’ve learned about morality and ethics right here in TTAG’s comment section the people who work there deserve to be stabbed, at minimum. They’ve stolen money, which is akin to stealing time which is part of someone’s life. That baiscially makes them killers and death is a preferred punishment.

      In that vein, let’s be really real. Mr. Dead Homeless Dude was probably a junkie and a thief. So, Mr. Nitrile Gloves is probably actually the good guy cleaning up the city according to a shockingly high percentage of the people here who openly advocate for a vengeance system to replace any pretext of a justice system.

      • Well Herr Hauptman strych9 that is exactly what the Nazi’s said when they murdered mentally retarded people in Germany in the 30’s.

        You also equate people addicted to drugs as automatic criminals when in actuality most people on drugs are not thieves. You also insinuate that it would be ok to murder these people too.

        More proof of my statements that the Far Right march lock step with the ghost of Adolf Hitler and his twisted and sick philosophy.

        • Also to clarify, we need a collective based society, eliminating individual rights, and having collective rights. After we achieve this, we can disperse the wealth from each according to their ability, to each according to their need. And obviously, if people don’t want to comply, they will NOT be put in a prison, but in a worker’s camp, where they will be forced to live by “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” This will solve the homeless problem immediately. The entire reason this guy is homeless to begin with, is because we live in a system of oppression, brought on by “individual rights” which cause inequality. To make things fair, sharing has to be enforced. Then the homeless sleeping on the streets can get the help they need, and become useful members of society, to further the collective dream and ambition of the populace, through … democracy.

      • Fake dacian. You can tell because of his obvious lack of education and the real dacian is an ardent supporter of fascism. That’s why I call him herr dacian the nazi.

      • “what I’ve learned about morality and ethics right here in TTAG’s comment section the people who work there deserve to be stabbed, at minimum.”

        TTAG posters have called for physical harm on employees of entertainment/leasure business that set high admission prices?

        Citations PLEASE.

        • jwm:
          Another case of sarcasm not working very well in print, where you can’t hear tone of voice or see a facial expression. Yeah, I detected sarcasm, but only after going back and rereading the comment a couple of times, because I couldn’t believe that strych9 was actually advocating murder as a punishment for high prices, etc.
          That having been said, we do see some comments on TTAG advocating draconian punishments (up to and including murder) for distasteful conduct on the part of fellow citizens. There are jerks no matter where you go.

        • The TTAG Shadow hit on why I called for citation.

          To uninitiated readers who happen upon a pro 2A website and see a comment like that…….. 😳

          Pro-POTG need to police the online message whenever we can. 👍 These comment sections are viewable for a long time.

        • I’ll let you in on a secret here James, because you’ve been here quite some time. So, keep this all hushed up and shit because we don’t need to let the noobs in on the secret.

          I’ve stopped using sarcasm tags (the /s thing that manages to confuse people to this day) because I’ve been here so long that I’ve kinda lost my patience. At this point it’s more fun to see stupid people flip shit over obvious sarcasm from time to time.

          It’s an IQ test of sorts. Can you sort out the blatantly obvious sarcasm from the blatantly obvious analysis?

          But here’s the really secret part, like all sarcasm, it contains a kernel of truth.

          Yes, TTAG has had, for the entirety of the time I’ve frequented it a bunch of people who talk like gangbangers but claim to hate gangbangers. Them’s facts. Can’t see it? Well, then you ain’t so bright and the best use for you is probably being fed to Possum.

          I’m done coloring in the pretty pictures for the lower quintile. They can wise up, FOD or get super dickbent about what I say and then amuse me with their emotive flailing.

        • So basically, you’re just going out of your way to ensure anyone new to TTAG sees a warped and deranged image of firearm owners.🤪

          Thanks for clearing that up. 👍

          Oh, and get bent right back.
          Because your behavior here is ACTUALLY causing some to AGREE with more restrictions on firearm ownership.

      • , Mr. Nitrile Gloves is probably actually the good guy

        YOU are a very sick man. You have NO idea who this person was, WHY he was sleeping there, and what sort of person he was. Sleeping in a public place is NOT a capital offense. I’m no homeless dude, but there have been a number of times I was forced, by circumstances beyond my control, and no alternateitive, to sleep in pubilc place overnight. I did not like it one bit, but there I was. Are you saying Mr, Nitrile had the “rigth” to off ME just cuz I wuz there?

        No, God has established scertain actions that warrant death. Sleeping outside in a pubic place is NOT one of them.
        This midnight murderer needs to be found and execited. THAT is the biblical punishment for the unjustified taking of an innocent man’s life.
        The root probem is tat this sentence has been set aside, and replaced wiht endless years of being warehoused at HIGH pubic expense, or even let out on parole or on ybour own say so that you;llb=straighten up and fly right. Which puts the deadbeats right back on the streets, whereupon they break several of the 23,000 gun control laws on ht boks, get that handgun they are prohibited having, and go kill again,and a gain.And again.
        Setting up a “loaded’ dummy for this guy to fire upon does have its risks, but if this same guy is done away with as he tries to “iill” anohter he will have gotten his just desserts, and good on him.

        This kinda stuff is why I refuse to go into, or even ear, New York City, Chicago, no more too Baltimore, Los Angeles…. or mose of San Francisco.

    • I don’t care for modern art, but I went to the Museum of Modern Art in NYV once. I never knew that every time I went grocery shopping I was looking at a masterpiece on the canned soup isle.

    • “…….If the bad guys don’t shoot you in New York, they stab you…. ”

      You forgot about the “bump” off a platform in front of a subway car move.

      Been a favorite of NY scum for around four dacades now.

      A co-worker of mine from Queens NY lost an uncle this way.
      The rail system was closed down so the push victims wife and children could be brought into the station to say their goodbyes.
      He died within a minute of the train being jacked away from the platform, lower body was pinched between the train and platform. This was back in the ’80 on Long Island.

      The human scum who pushed him was never brought to justice.

      • not in this life, anyway. But there is anohter, where he surely WAS judged (or will be if he’s managed to stay alive this long, not likley for one doing things like that in such a place). thigns will NOT go well with him forever…..

  4. No problemo…NY has a mop and bucket brigade to clean up the blood and then it’s back to business…Bebop Bada da Neew Yorrk…Neeww Yoorrkk.

  5. The article preys on Right Wing paranoia, stupidity and ignorance by insinuating that covid masks increased crime. That is laughable and pure ignorance. Criminals have been wearing masks during the commission of a crime long before covid even existed.

    • This could be the real herr dacian the nazi.

      Certainly is stupid enough. He believes that pre scamdemic anybody lurking in a mask would not draw undue attention to himself.

      Yes. Stupid enough to be our resident fascist.

        • Yeah, the first time I walked into my bank to make a withdrawal with a mask and a gun it felt very strange. Ok, yeah they never saw my gun and I was taking money out of my own checking account, but it still felt strange to me!

        • Well, according to lil’d, whiner and the troll farm, those people were only protecting themselves from those trigger happy “right wingers”. 🤪

          You know, like the guy in Westchester NY, who drives his S Class Benz into Harlem at 2am, just to shoot someone for their shoes. 🤪

          These conservatives with guns have to be stopped… it for the children. 🤪

        • Yeah, I walk into MY bank, armed, and demand money from them on a regular basis… from MY account, and only what I know I have in there. But since I’ve never stooped (or is that “stupid”? to slapping that mug nappie accross my pie hole I am always greeted warmly and get the bst coopoeration they can provide. Even if they mumble thorugh their “face plaster”. They are forced to, theuy choose not to force me, cuz they know I will not. They are employees showing up for work in a controlled environment, I am a member of the public antering a “pubic accmodatio” and thus not subject to the phoney non-law “rules” their employers foist upon them, rathre than taking a strong stand agaisnt the illegal mandates. I dont think any o fthem have ever even gotten the silghtest hint that I am always armed whenever they wee me. Some, U Is = suspec,t would find that cause to wet their patns, or faint right there in their tracks. But they know I am no threat.
          I supose, if ever an armed robber saunters in and begins ordering folks about, causing screming, fainting, panic, and I find an opportune moment to deal with the Bad Guy in proper fashion then the bank fols will likely figure out that Ive been waking in their fuly armed for fifteen years, and they never knew. But I’l bet I’ll get even better service from then onward…… if that were possible.

    • And I’d like to clarify, I forgot to mention, when robber enters a convenient store with a mask or a bank, they immediately assume it’s a robbery, and run to their silence switch, or to pull their gun under the counter, unbuckle their holster, etc. And now, that COVID is never ending, they get to be surprised at the counter, when the masked individual shows their intent. This is the obvious part, that I forgot to mention. I’m not sure why I would forget such a thing. But it probably has to do with me being pro-mask.

    • I saw this in online news. Happy Trails.

      Mind you the Ukrainian snipers are doing well on their own. A number of Russian brigade commanders including generals have died for the motherland.


  7. Easy fix in 2022. Just put 1000 android robots to “sleeping” in the city streets. When they get shot, they get up, chase the fool down, and embrace him in a nice mechanical bear hug. Much like a boa constrictor, but with mechanical hydraulic strength. Crush him ’til his bones all break, then cry a few crocodile tears about the machine not knowing it’s own strength. Take the android back to the shop and dial the crush force up to 11 for the next vermin to take the bait.

    Oh, wait. It may take a couple more years before we have androids capable of all that. We’ll wait!!

  8. I am really torn on this one. On one hand human life has value but on the other hand the homeless have pretty much squandered their lives and are as valueless as a person can get. We should strike a balance worthy of King Solomon and make it legal to shoot the homeless in an effort to encourage them to better their lives. To get un-homeless a homeless person just needs have sex with a person who has a house.

    • ” squandered their lives and are as valueless as a person can get ”

      Well, no, I’d say the person who would execute the homeless in cold blood for sleeping on the sidewalk is substantially more valueless. I’m a long way from being an advocate for the homeless, but murder is just way over the line. Most of these people will likely be dead in a year or two anyway just from their lifestyle. So why accelerate the inevitable? Shooting a few here and there will do nothing to encourage the rest of them to straighten up.

      BTW– I really like the idea of the dummy filled with tannerite. No risk to anybody except the trigger man.

    • Ya can’t ut AL the homeless in the same pot. Many are on hard times.. remeber what our “leaders” have foisted upon us over these past two years. I know many who were making good money with sooid jobs, their company was declared “non-essential” and there goes their incom,e house forcel=losed for non-payment, or kicked out for no rent, lost the car cuz no income for the payments, etc. I know folks like this it ain’t pretty. Many ove gone back to work, but at often half or less pay because their former job was worth a lot, but now casiher at walMart ia=s a “great job”.. I know a local court reporter, out of work for a year and half “because WooFlew”, just took an entry level low pay job as a checker at walMart. She hates it. A lot. She’s now scraping by but not homeless.So she is thankful she has what she has. What of the tens of thousands who did NOT manage to find that checker job at WalMert? I came within days of losing MY house for lack of oncome during the mdness. Don’t toss all tose randomly sleeing somewhere outside into the same bucket. Many are not there by their choice, and would get out if they could. But too much pubic and NGO money is going to build drug injectioin sites, and the “costly” “monitoring” and providing the drugs, security, etc, a LOT of money to let the lowlifes continue or increa=se their drug addiction issues, when some money shuold be spent to get them OUT of that death spiral. But then, those getting hisgh salaries working for the NGO’s and “charities” would not have jobs of homelessness were “cured”. Not hard to fu=igure out. When tens of tousands are slurping heavily on the government teat, they consider it jb security to assure that teat never runs dry.

  9. This why we need to defund the police so we can hire more social workers to be there to hug these guys before they pull the trigger. Yay leftists.

  10. As for the poor bastard out on the street being valueless, I disagree. Back in the long ago, due to a few dumb decisions on my part, and a bout of PTSD, I was living upstairs over a vacant lot myself. Many of those who are homeless got beat down by life and have given up hope.
    After I pulled myself together and decided to get my act together, I volunteered at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen for several years. About half of those on the streets are there because of drug or alcohol abuse. few of those will recover. Another 25% are out because of mental health issues. Again, few of them will seek, or accept help. The remaining 25% are just lost souls that have suffered defeats in life and could get off the streets if given a bit of help and encouragement. Thing is, being a wino, drug addict, or mental case should not be a reason to terminate their lives. In most of those cases, they will end themselves soon enough. Those who could get themselves off the streets have had a rough enough time and should not become a target for some sadistic thug getting his kicks from murdering the less fortunate. I hope they do catch the guy and either put him in a cage for life, or give him a chance to ride the lightning. A nice trip from the needle is to good for such a creature.

    • Thank you for your story about ” back in the long ago.”
      My grandmother ( moms side) used to feed the bums coming off trains.
      My dad was always ” If they want fed they can get a job.”
      Sometimes it ain’t that easy Pops, and especially now. When he was young it took 6 men to dig a ditch, now one guy and a backhoe does three times the work. I could go on and on with examples of machines putting people out of work,,, ‘progress I guess?

      • Well I dont know Dad might been right. Just heard on the news theres a bunch of jobs out there. The guy on tv said he’s hurtin for help, but construction work is dangerous and Americans dont want to do it. I can hear my dad now, ” Hell no they dont want to work, long as we keep feedin em . They’ll work when they get hungry. ”
        So anyway this guy is getting immigrant Visa labor. That’s pretty fcked up if you think about it, I mean was our industry and productivity in WW2 that won that war.
        Whata we gone to do now? Hire help from south America to build War machines for the USA. I dont know if thatd work.

  11. The thing that murdered the homeless guy is a coward fulfilling a fantasy and obscuring what he did by what a lot of people, even a few here, believe is a public service. I’m reminded of how people like him prey on other undesirables like prostitutes and junkies. Even though I hope he’s caught, I doubt he will be.


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