Why Haven’t ‘Anti-Racists’ Targeted America’s Gun Control Laws?

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In the last year or so, the far left has frantically tried to purge virtually every segment of society of anything — statues, military base names, consumer products, the English language — that might have a problematic history or connotation. And yet somehow these wild-eyed “anti-racists” haven’t directed any of their rage against America’s gun control laws. They’ve been totally overlooked. Why do you suppose that is?

The entire history of gun control has been hellbent on depriving minorities of their rights. Before the founding of the United States, some colonies prohibited freedmen, slaves, and indentured servants from possessing firearms. Others prevented Catholics from gun ownership. Massachusetts prohibited gunsmiths from repairing or selling firearms to Native Americans.

Despite being lauded as a progressive necessity, gun control, at its core, has always been discriminatory against ethnic, political, and religious minorities, as well as the poorest members of our society.

Gun control, further, does not make dangerous neighborhoods safer. Instead, it forces the disadvantaged to choose between abiding by gun-control laws or defending their own families.

The solution is for the government to stop making it so difficult and so expensive for people to defend themselves.

We must recognize that all Americans have an equal right to defend themselves, regardless of race or income.

— Cody J. Wisniewski in The Racist Reality of Gun Control



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  1. Might as well ask why they haven’t targeted the DNC, the actual party of slavery, KKK and Jim Crow.

    • Can we stop with Dems are the real KKK nonsense?

      My family suffered under reconstruction. The atrocities and humiliations committed against the South during reconstruction should not be the moral foundation of our arguments against gun control, or anything for that matter. The the North did to the South was a war crime. My family lost everything because of Republican (yes- we didn’t Vite for Republicans until Nixon) carpetbaggers.

      Do you know why the second Klan was formed? Do you know what a carpetbagger is? Do you know that Leo Frank raped and murdered a young girl he employed? (Yes- the Klan stood against raping a murdering your children laborers).

      But NO- you watch too much TV.

      • Whoever votes against your right to armed self-defense (the most effective form of self-defense) is a fascist, full stop.

        Of the two parties, which one is the actual fascist? The one that claims to be your best friend, while crippling you?

      • Founded in 1865, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for Black Americans. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and Black Republican leaders. Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw its primary goal–the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s. In the summer of 1867, local branches of the Klan met in a general organizing convention and established what they called an “Invisible Empire of the South.” Leading Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest was chosen as the first leader, or “grand wizard,” of the Klan; he presided over a hierarchy of grand dragons, grand titans and grand cyclopses.

        Leo Frank was convicted of the rape, and he was lynched by the KKK when his death sentence was commuted to life in prison. What is so noble about that?

        What am I missing by watching too much TV?

        • Let’s not forget that the state with the most KKK members EVER was Indiana in 1925 (~250,000.) The governor (Edward L. Jackson) was in cahoots with them and supported their cause with legislation.

        • The Klan arose as a response to abuses by carpetbagger Republican administrations. It was not initially founded to commit racial violence. Forrest later disavowed the KKK and called it a “disgrace to the white race.”
          Leo is right, Reconstruction was an awful era and there was a time when the Democrats were the better of two options.

      • “Can we stop with Dems are the real KKK nonsense?”

        What part of it is nonsense? If you get to destroy George Washington because he wasn’t ‘perfect’ by 21st century standards, then idiot-democrats like you get to be held to the same standard.

        • leo frank pencil factory: Can we stop with Dems are the real KKK nonsense?

          Tim: What part of it is nonsense?

          There are several nonsense parts:

          – Dems don’t push gun control because they’re anti-black. They do so because they want to disarm white conservatives in flyover country. That’s why they’re hellbent on banning “assault weapons,” which Dems know are only used in a tiny fraction of crimes.

          – Dems are the guys pushing Critical Race Theory, which is just a way of teaching pure anti-white hatred by dressing it up in academic jargon. Good luck making the argument that Critical Race Theory is really an anti-black plot thought up by secret Klansmen.

          – Most black people absolutely adore the Democratic party, which is why 80+% of them vote Dem every election. The argument that “Dems are the real anti-black racists” is based on the premise that black people are collectively too stupid to pick the team that’s on their side.

      • Better check your history! Carpet baggers were democrats seeking to undo the very rebuilding of the South measures put into place by Republicans! They opposed the Reconstruction! And don’t play the martyr! You think you were the only one with clan in the fight? I had 227 on the North and 132 on the South! And none owned slave or fought for slavery! They fought to protect their homes, farms, businesses, families and lives! The KKK was democrats organized to suppress and control blacks as they considered them the inferior race to be controlled! Ironic the democrats choose to tear down statues of their leaders as if to attain some moral high ground long lost!

        • What are you talking about? Carpetbaggers were Republicans.

          The whole thing switched afterward.

          read a book you r-tard


      • The democrats nonimated and ran an open klansman for VP in the 1920’s. The KKK was always the “military wing” of the democrat party. They carried out the lynchings of black voters in democrat control states. They disarmed blacks on orders from democrat leaders.

        And despite having some republicans in the KKK. It was the Republican Party that was for decades introducing civil right bills, that the democrats worked to stop.

        • This ignores the historical realignment that culminated with Lee Atwater’s Southern Strategy – the Democratic Party becoming more Northern, urban, and multiracial and the Republican Party becoming more Southern, rural, and white. While there’s definitely some nuances, the two parties largely switched places.

          The modern Republican Party has far more in common with the Democratic Party of the past than the modern Democratic Party does.

    • Along the way the guilty as sin party that owns the history of race based atrocities in America has been allowed to skate on by. That’s what happens when you have a laundry list of no count congressmen like mitch mcconnell. It would be a cold day in hell before mitch ever demanded his democRat Party “colleagues” be held Monetarily Liable and made to pay Reparations for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. Of course the media and the Rat Party would try to point fingers and lie their way out but history has them cornered.

      The proof the democRat Party really hasn’t escaped its racist nature is in their never ending sick desire for more and more Gun Control. The problem for the democRat Party is their smiley face Gun Control is really a sick, diabolical agenda rooted in racism and genocide. Nothing and I mean nothing exposes someone as a closet racist and a nazi like calls for Gun Control.

      The truth is there is no difference between slaves shacks, burning crosses, concentration camps, gas chambers, swastikas and Gun Control because they all go hand in hand. Those who are supposed to be defenders of liberty have driven us to the point of seeing America torn down bit by bit based on lies and false accusations. The guilty as sin democRat Party is almost never singled out and skates on by and leaves the silent, placid Party of Lincoln holding the bag.

      Do factor in the once great Party of Lincoln being reduced to the level of a coward who hears a neighbor beating his wife and says nothing, does nothing. In a sense in America it has reached the point where the wife beater runs the show.

      Before the first statue was ever removed Gun Owners should have been united and on point demanding The 1968 Gun Control Act be ripped from the law books. America has no place for an agenda that history does single out and confirms it is rooted in racism and genocide. It is past time for Gun Owners to cut the same old tit for tat crap and make Gun Control and its racist and nazi baggage Center X.

  2. “Why do you suppose that is?”

    Because none of this is about civil rights or freedom. It’s about control and power. Let’s stop pretending. People that are going along with this “anti-racist” farce thinking they’re helping people are what’s called useful idiots. This also includes anyone promoting the rainbow flag. No it’s not about supporting people and freedom. Maybe at one time it meant support for gay rights. At the present moment, the rainbow flag is a progressive flag. When useful idiots promote that symbol, they are promoting a progressive political movement. It’s no different from BLM in that regard. If you’re promoting BLM because you think you’re helping black people, then you’re a useful idiot for the Left.

    There’s a reason the American flag is used as a symbol of resistance in other countries like China and Cuba. Those people understand the difference between oppression and freedom. But in America, highly privileged, spoiled brats that make it to the pinnacle of sports, entertainment, and government turn their back on the flag because they’re convinced that they’re somehow oppressed. Fools.

    • There are very smart and evil people behind the Progressive / socialist movement. They want power, achieved through the enslavement of the masses. They are achieving this goal by making millions of useful idiots march to their orders. Simultaneously, they have achieved a virtual silence from those that are not yet ready to March and that could, theoretically, oppose them. I fear that it is already too late.

      • Perhaps the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA) can bring some light to the racist history of gun control. You know, for the “People”.

        I understand the Southern New England chapter of the SRA is opening a training facility in New Hampshire. The Community Range & Defense Education (COMRADE) Center.

        And no, this isn’t a joke.

        • Yes, the amazing part is that this is not a joke! Marxists have often made alliances of evil with any party, even if having a completely different end goal, that helps them achieve their goal at the moment. They can always be shot later…

        • I had to look it up to see for myself. Wow.

          “The Southern New England Chapter of the SRA has started a project they’ve dubbed the Comrade Center. The ComRADE in ComRADE Center stands for Community Range and Defense Education and will be a multi-purpose educational facility built around an outdoor shooting range”


        • Socialists always claim they’re for guns in the hands of the masses, till they seize power. Then suddenly they want guns ONLY in the hands of the State. See Mao’s comment on political power & guns.

          Saul Alinsky, Obama’s communist mentor, had this to say: “They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and reformation through the ballot. WHEN WE HAVE THE GUNS THEN IT WILL BE THROUGH THE BULLET.”

          It is also worth noting that every communist regime in history always resorted to democide to stay in power through terror.
          “The dictatorship of the Communist Party is maintained by recourse to every form of violence.” – Leon Trotsky, 1921

          The answer to communists is to drop them from helicopters. It saved Chile, and it will be the only way to save America.

    • As a gun toting/2A advocate that originally came from the LGBT ‘community’ I just wanted to say couldn’t agree more. The entire LGBT movement was hijacked by far left white progressives many many years ago who are neither L nor G nor B nor T. They just crave power, that’s all. It’s just flat out marxism. That’s why so many LGBT folks who speak out get silenced and banned from big tech. A lot of folks like me bailed on it when it started to sour.

      What surprises me is the number of people who blindly follow BLM and not realize that they are in fact following ‘white’ pied pipers represented by people of color by proxy down the path of destruction. The public leadership sold out long ago for the cash and access to it in order to buy houses, lamborghinis and what not.

      Funny how when I mention that increased fees for licensing, taxes on firearms, etc etc to white left wingers that their policies are harmful to minorities the usual response back is crickets.

      • Pink Pistols still legit or are they getting infiltrated as well if you happen to know?

        • Their previous leader Nikki Stallard, said CA gov Gavin Newsom was “a good man”.

        • So large potential for subversion within group leadership. Oh well SAF and FPC referrals it is for now.

      • The LGBT community needs to rounded up and imprisoned.

        The SF Gay Men’s Choir (full of Megan’s Law registered sex offenders, for crimes involving raping and torturing children) is out and singing songs about molesting kids. It’s time to go full Taliban and round up “out and proud” homosexuals.

        I don’t want LGBT anywhere near the 2A community.

        • Not cool at all. This is the type of attitude that gives ammo to the left.

          Go find another board to post this rubbish.

        • @gunfan

          no- the LGBT movement is not cool. It doesn’t belong anywhere near the guns right movement. What does that say about you? That you’d rather align with sodomites than an anti-gay gun ally?

          If you attacked the SF Gay men’s chorus as hard as you attack me, we wouldn’t be losing our guns.

          Go find another board if you don’t believe in my first amendment right to religion and speech.

          @Ing – well, the Taliban beat us in the GWOT. Maybe we should be more like the Taliban? Maybe God is on their side. I don’t see them waving rainbow flags at the Vatican. I do see at the US Embassy at the Vatican.

        • @gunfan

          Stop trying to silence Christians. I know your false idol is worshiping the anus, but don’t try to get others to join in with your intolerance. Homosexuality is wrong. I care about doing the right thing, not what the left thinks. Why do you care so much about what the left thinks? That’s a very feminine and cowardly outlook on life.

        • “…That you’d rather align with sodomites than an anti-gay gun ally?”

          Now Concerned Father what did them ol’ sodomites do you you? I mean you really seem to dislike them. A lot. One of them Sneak in through the window one night and pack your steamer trunk for you or what?

          If it was something like that – it should have been a defensive gun use.

        • @Judge Benitez fan
          You might want to be careful about pissing off Jesus. In the 46 parables he himself spoke of “Kingdom of your anus is at hand”

          Just sayin’

        • @Klaus

          Yes- I was molested by a homosexual when I was 9. It’s more common than you might think. Why do you care so much about mocking Jesus and ensuring that homosexuals have access to children?

        • @Concerned Father
          “….and ensuring that homosexuals have access to children?”

          Well, where should I begin? Oh yes! I know.

          So sorry about your childhood trauma (and my “packed your steamer trunk” quip) and I can’t help but to wonder if that’s what has made you so fucking crazy as an adult. I mean seriously, where in any post did I say or insinuate any such thing as your statement above. Do you have any idea how deranged your posts have been in this comment section? Try this – read them out loud while recording yourself. Wait a few days and then listen to the recordings and you’ll (hopefully) understand that you are completely, totally, insane. I’ve lived 60 years without uttering the phrase “gay men’s chorus” and you managed to do it twice in an afternoon. You must really hate show tunes. I also don’t believe it when you say this chorus is “..singing songs about molesting kids” That’s right. I think you’re lying (or again, nuts) when you say that.

          For a person who takes their own rights so seriously you don’t seem to get that others have them as well (“Go find another board if you don’t believe in my first amendment right to religion and speech.”). I certainly recognize your rights to both in spite of the fact that you want to round up people Taliban-style for exercising their rights. You’re the worst kind of hypocrite. In any case, I’ve been around here for a long time and I’m not going anywhere.

          Since this is a gun forum I’ll try to make my point quickly for you. I don’t give a shit what consenting adults do to each other. But if they want to pack heat while they are doing it, I’ll support that aspect of their choices. I’m not asking you to and I never did. But I’m not going to support “rounding up and imprison[ing]” homosexuals just because they are homosexuals as you have admitted to. I will also call out people who think like that because it’s fun to me. Lastly, even though I believe that almost everyone should be able to carry a firearm (felons who have done their time, pot smokers, some wife beaters (depending on the wife), etc,) I’m not so sure you should have firearms because, again, you’re nuts and I think quite possibly dangerous.

          And I’ll have a talk with Jesus later about the other thing so we’ll just leave him out of this for now.

          G’night and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

          PS – If this was all a troll – nice work.

        • The 2A is for everyone. But gays who really support the 2A need to “come out of the closet” and deal with the anti civil rights homosexuals in their own community. They are not working, by example, to try and change minds.

          I think Erin Palette is doing good work at the pink pistols. Check him out at:

        • The Bible commands the summary execution of all LGBTQIPxyz… so no need to go “full taliban” – just go Old Testament. Most of these degenerates are at a minimum closet pedos, and a significant number are active molesters (chomos).

          I’m sure a significant number of people here are aware of the internet memes about pedos and wood chippers (feet first!)… a fitting punishment for the absolute WORST humanity can produce!

          I’m convinced that the world’s worst genocidal maniacs (like Hitler) were raped as children, and their insatiable bloodlust was the result. You’ll never change my mind… there are certain kinds of people that must be eliminated for the betterment of humanity: pedos, commies, and jihadis (no particular order).

        • @Augusto Pinochet
          “I’m convinced that the world’s worst genocidal maniacs (like Hitler) were raped as children…..”

          What about a guy who takes “Augusto Pinochet” as his user name?

          Show us on the doll where the bad man touched YOU.

      • I have said this before on TTAG. The first white person I saw on TV, it was a Sunday morning national talk show, say black people should have guns, to protect themselves from the government. He was a member of the Log Cabin Republicans. That was in 1980. Reagan when questioned publicly accepted their donation to his presidential campaign. The liberals to this day still say he was anti-gay.

        Reagan was the first president to invite his male gay couple friends to sleep over in the Lincoln bedroom. He and Nancy said they were the longest married couple they had ever known in Hollywood. I think 30 (+) years of marriage. Now go look up the national TV coverage of it.

        The rest of the LGBTQxyz crowd are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They have always supported racist gun control. They have always supported the Welfare Industrial Complex. They support ($$$) having a women have 5 kids from 5 different men. And never getting married to any of them.

        The LGBTQxyz crowd has never supported marriage. They have never supported the idea that marriage is good and better for society. But they do like THEIR marriage. And they do like THEIR guns. At least NOW they do.

        • You can thank Reagan for as governor of CA:
          -legalizing abortion
          -legalizing nofault divorce

          I voted for Buchanan in 92.

        • You do know that Pat Buchanan had an openly gay man as a campaign manager correct???
          And he had a black woman as his VP running mate. The democrats have always projected their own racism on to the republicans.

          “-legalizing abortion”
          “-legalizing nofault divorce”

          The three L’s have always supported loose morals. So why didn’t they support Reagan? Because for them it was about putting the government (welfare industrial complex) into the bedroom.

    • Yup.

      The hard left are revolutionary marxists. They don’t want to push gun control because the expect easy access to firearms will be useful for their side eventually.

  3. Selective eradication of history. They only keep what fits their agenda, which is the destruction of the USA form of government.

  4. I find it funny, that they ignore the most racist Institutions in the United States that encouraged slavery, denied free slaves the right to vote, a quality education and the right to be 100% equal before the law. That used armed gangs, lead by government officials to murder and destroy all of their political enemies, the organization that resulted in the loss of life of at least 600,000 American adults and the murder of over 9 million children, mostly of color. How such an institution is allowed to still exist, hold power and have any support from anyone of the least moral character is beyond me.

    It is time to ban the Democratic party, throw its leaders in jail and spread the truth or why and how they are destroying our nation and its people.

    • Please stop dehumanizing the South. I hope a bunch of freed slaves move next door to you and start dating your daughter. You want your daughter to go to school with a bunch of freed slaves?

      Reconstruction was a disaster and a war crime.

      • There are no freed slaves. They’re all dead.

        What next? You going to defend hitler because he was anti communist?

        • Hey for the sake of fairness I’d like to point out a few things about the post civil rights movement south .
          1) My peers and I went to integrated schools the entire time I was in school (k-12). We didn’t turn over and burn school buses in the 70’s: that was Boston.
          2) Me and my peers neighborhoods were pretty well integrated in most places in the 70’s. We didn’t burn down houses because black families moved in: that was Cleveland.
          3) My peers and I didn’t murder 16 year olds because they were engaged in interracial relationships: that was New York and California.
          4) Our fathers didn’t shut down large, successful businesses because a court order said they had to fairly hire: that was Nebraska.

          My point is that even though bad shit happened (and still does) everywhere, you only hear examples of RACISM from the south and that’s not accurate. In many ways it was people from the north and in some cases the western states that were the ones dragging their heels after the civil rights movement of the 60’s.

      • @ South Man:

        You are correct that Reconstruction was a disaster and war crime. However that does not justify the creation the KKK nor any of the actions that they took. Historically the KKK has always been tied to the Democrat Party (DemonRats as I like to call them). Their racism was overt and even applauded at times. It wasn’t until LBJ lied his way into the Oval Office that DemonRats decided they needed to change their image. When LBJ signed the Voting Rights Bill he made the statement (not in public of course) “We’ll keep those N****** voting Democrat for a hundred years”. So Yes the DemonRat party has always been racist and it doesn’t look like they will change anytime soon. BTW the GCA of 1968 was the DemonRat answer to the assassination of JFK and RFK. I remember when RFK was assassinated was when the big push for gun control got started. Actually more about control than guns because RFK was their only hope to beat Nixon in the presidential election. One more BTW I have lived in Texas almost all my life (12 years out of state during my 20 years in the USAF) and I can say with 90% certainty that the DemonRats cheated the elections back then the same as today. So please don’t try to tell us that the DemonRats aren’t racist or that they don’t steal elections.

      • @Texian Born and Reared

        I’ve voted Republican or Constitution Party as long as I could vote. My first election I voted for Pat Buchanan. I didn’t vote for Romney because of his support for the Mass. Assault Weapon Ban.


        I don’t give a dang if some party is racists. I DONT CARE. I vote what’s best for ME. Making everything about racism only hurt me and my kids. If the democrat party used to be racists, that’s cool I guess. I don’t really care. This whole board is full of cuckservatives.

  5. George Orwell
    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

  6. I cannot agree more. The turds that are defacing and toppling these statues are expendable and should be taught a lesson or two when it comes to property crimes as many wouldn’t last more than a couple of days in a prison.

  7. 1984 was written by George Orwell as a warning of the future. The Leadership of the Socialist Democratic Movement seeing the value in his writings made it their Blueprint for the Transformation of Society resulting in Total Control of Our Nation.

    • Such trash as the Socialist Democratic movement is easily removed. Folks just don’t want to handle their business or else this would’ve ceased being a current topic of discussion.

      • So how much trash have you taken out today?

        I’ll answer that for you – None. Just like every other internet tough guy.

        • Yes indeed … I know sooner or later the day will hopefully come when ignorant and expendable TURDS such as yourself will not be illegal to take out with the rest of society’s garbage.

  8. It’s all the same reasons why half the country chooses to believe the Democrats regardless of any other conditions or variables. If Pelosi does something completely crazy and irresponsible, no one bats an eye. Let Trump do the exact same thing and everyone goes nuts. It’s why white people are all racist but no black person is even capable of such a thing. Schiff will lie to their face and they will believe it. But anything Trump says is a lie. Even though he has been proven time and time again to be absolutely correct. There are countless examples of this twisted insanity all over the place. Spoon fed to generations from cradle to grave. Half this nation does not know how to think for themselves. They rely on the ridiculousness they get through the media and from Democrats simply because they don’t know any better. This is why the only way to fix this is going to be through taking back our seriously failed education system.

    • Prndll:
      I voted for Mr. Trump both times. However, Mr. Trump’s conduct following the 2020 election is inexcusable. Mr. Trump is his own worst enemy.

  9. The linked article states “…given the crime wave sweeping U.S. cities…”. WRONG! The crime wave is only sweeping over democrat-controlled and gang-infested big cities where the politicians have handcuffed the police. We need to highlight this distinction.

    • No- it’s the cities where there are blacks. Affluent liberal cities without blacks are not experiencing the crime wave.

      Sorry – but it’s the truth.

      • I disagree. Detroit has avoided the spike in violent crime that we’ve seen in Chicago, Minnesota, etc. because they have an old-school Democrat mayor (Not a progressive) who allowed the police do their job. Yes, Detroit had a high violent crime rate to begin with, but it hasn’t gotten any worse in the last year.

        And now, with God’s grace, that police chief, James Craig, will be Michigan’s next governor.

  10. In answer to the question, they are Leftists/Marxists/Communists first; everything else is just their excuse for their “direct action” so they can advance their actual agenda.

  11. The simplest answer is that guns is a white people thing, for the most part. Yes, you can always find one based black guy- and if you live on the coasts, Asians are into guns. But guns are truly part of white culture, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s ok to be white. I welcome other people of other races into the gun rights movement, but I don’t need to apologize for its distinctly white culture.

    Guns are enjoyed by white men. They empower white men. The purpose of gun control is to disempower and harass white men.

    This is why making the argument “dems r real racists” will never work. The left uses calling people “racists” as a weapon. By doing it ourselves, we allow the left to have moral authority. We are playing in their court by doing this. By criticizing something as racist, you are using a cultural Marxist framework for your argument. Why not appeal instead to things like logic? Christianity? John Locke? (Hint: you don’t, because you’ve watched too much TV and FaceBerg.)

    We people of the gun need to focus on pragmatic ways of saving our 2A rights. Think of the pro-abortion people. Do they call the pro-life people the real baby killers? No.

    • Amen. The atrocities and humiliations committed against the South during reconstruction should not be the moral foundation of our arguments against gun control. The the North did to the South was a war crime. My family lost everything because of Republican (yes- we didn’t Vite for Republicans until Nixon) carpetbaggers.

      Basing your argument against gun control on a war crime is dumb.

    • “The left uses calling people ‘racists’ as a weapon. By doing it ourselves, we allow the left to have moral authority.”

      but calling them racists is true. what is needed is the realization that “the left” does not oppose racism, but rather opposes anyone else being racist and thus competing with them. if you believe racism is wrong then it’s necessary to point out what “the left” is doing.

        • “What is racism?”

          which definition to choose ….

          anything which materially harms the race of an individual in question, or which materially benefits any race not of the individual more than the race of the individual.

      • “anything which materially harms the race of an individual in question, or which materially benefits any race not of the individual more than the race of the individual.” — where the hell did you find that definition? It is completely wrong. If one gives out scholarships for basketball performance, the blacks will get most of them, clearly benefiting the black race. If one gives out scholarships for chess performance, whites will get most of them. Does that constitute racism?

    • “A Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give.”
      -Ida B. Wells

      Firearms were an integral part of the civil rights movement in large part because of the threat of vigilante violence against activists.

  12. Some have. Then they’re promptly pushed down, silenced and expelled. The entirety of their “movement” like so many others has been coopted to serve the state and the existing power structure.

    The funny irony of all revolutionaries and “freedom” fighters.

  13. -ANTIFA thugs topple statues because they are racist.

    -This article argues the left shouldn’t support gun control because gun control is racist.

    -This implies the left is correct and justified in toppling the statues.


    Do you see how this is harmful to us normal white gun owners in the long run? I want to keep my guns AND statues of George Washington. Stop doing this “dems r real racists”.

  14. Why haven’t the “anti-racists” targeted America’s gun control laws?

    It’s simple: Power flows from the barrel of a gun, as Mao’s adage goes — and they intend to point the government’s guns at everyone else.

    • I keep being told, by people with more guns than me, that a bumpstock or a real machine in the hands of a civilian, is just a waste of ammunition.

      “Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told Fox News’ “The Story” Tuesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked for “crew-manned machine guns” to be a part of security forces in Washington, D.C., ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.”


      Franklin Armory now has a binary trigger for the ruger PC Carbine.

  15. “And yet somehow these wild-eyed “anti-racists” haven’t directed any of their rage against America’s gun control laws. It’s been totally overlooked. Why do you suppose that is?

    The entire history of gun control has been hellbent on depriving minorities of their rights”

    so the answer is simple. who thinks they are the majority? and why would that .03 of the population think they are the majority?

    • Why do you care more about minorities thAn you do about white people ant7?

      Should we not make policy based on the greatest good for the greatest number of people?

        • Because I think American laws should benefit me, my family, and Americans, not foreigners- traitor.

        • Here’s a proposed policy that’s for the good of all people:

          Any adult over the age of 17 who puts mayonnaise on a hot dog shall be put to the sword, without delay or expense of trial.

        • I could get behind that. I’d like to add peanut butter sandwich and cottage cheese to the list. Yes I’ve seen someone add mayonnaise to those things. Why??

      • “Should we not make policy based on the greatest good for the greatest number of people?”

        That is the entirety of the political Left, right there.

        You are aware of that aren’t you? From that, it allows the trampling of individual rights, “For the greater good”.

        You’re welcome to go fvck yourself, ‘ryan’… 🙂

        • But I want to protect my guns rights?

          I understand you want me to fuck myself, but how should we make laws, Geoff?

        • Make laws that protect individual rights…

        • “but how should we make laws, Geoff?”

          for almost the entire left and many of the right, THEY themselves personally are the only law anyone needs. any reasonable and logical human being will totally agree with THEM, and if anyone disagrees that’s proof that they’re not fit for human society and need reeducation or fixin’.

        • Oooooo. A fat angry white guy who’s also into guns. You must be a real devil with the ladies 🤪.

      • “Should we not make policy based on the greatest good for the greatest number of people?”

        (grin) and who are “people”?

    • Who are that .03 % of the population, ant? You seem to think you know the answers but you never come right out and say it. No strength of your convictions?

      • Leftist Scum always hide their true intentions…

      • I think we may have a math issue here unless “.03%” is really the number we’re taking about.

        That’s 3/100ths of 1 percent. Hell Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders in the U.S. are at about .2% (2/10 of 1 percent) of the population. Blacks are a full 14% of the overall population.

        You must have a hard-on for 3 toed Azerbaijanis or something.

  16. Perhaps the Prohibited-Person laws are the BEST place to get traction on racial discrimination of gun laws.

    How many minorities have been convicted of a felony, 2-year misdemeanor or domestic violence? What’s the proportion of the minority community that has been so convicted? Doesn’t matter if they were sentenced to probation or 9 months prison; they still have a prohibiting conviction.

    This is compounded. Each of these convicts lives with someone else: spouse; children; grandparent; sibling; room-mate or domestic partner. Likely very few live alone upon returning to the community. Accordingly, no such cohabitant can – as a practical matter – exercise his/her right to arms. Each P-P probably cohabitates with 2 or 3 other minorities who are NOT P-Ps.

    The P-P laws together with the high rate of conviction of minorities has done more to strip this demographic of their 2A Constitutional rights than Jim Crow!

    I’m not proposing that we immediately dive-into the details of the P-P laws. To do so would be premature and counter-productive. Instead, I’m suggesting that we might gain traction on the issue of P-P criteria if we BEGIN by measuring disparate impact.

  17. The people who wear the “anti-racist” on their sleeve are always anti-gun. They will always say ONLY THE police and military (who are mostly white) should have “weapons of war”. And with the same breath call the police and military “systemically racist”.

    They project their own racism onto good people.

  18. “They will always say ONLY THE police and military (who are mostly white) should have ‘weapons of war’.”

    and that only they should be the government controlling the police and military.

    “And with the same breath call the police and military ‘systemically racist’.”

    because they don’t totally control the police and military yet. once they do, they’ll be perfectly happy with a racist police and military.

    “They project their own racism onto good people”

    more exactly they are engaged in organized tribal warfare against you, and call you “racist” if you organize identically against them. like clausewitz said, “war begins with defense”, and they are strictly anti-war.

  19. Forget the statues, what are they going to about those dollars and nickels.

    (all of sudden confusion falls among the virtue signallers)

  20. @Geoff
    “Make laws that protect individual rights…”

    That has never been the agenda of the collectivist elites.

    There is no inconsistency between the concept of anti-racism promoted by communists, so long as gun confiscation applies to every ethnicity. POC may be affected by gun confiscation, but the white elites POC are supposed to hate will make it all better.

  21. @possum

    The compulsion to beat everyone to the finish line.”

    Cooo-el. Gonna make it mine.

  22. @Klaus von Schmitto
    “Any adult over the age of 17 who puts mayonnaise on a hot dog shall be put to the sword, without delay or expense of trial.”

    Now, that’s extreme. Such retribution is fine for people putting mayo on a baloney sandwich, but on a hot dog?

  23. “It is harsh. But. I have to put America first.”

    Yeah, but….

    Mayo on baloney is ten times worse; you’re letting those people off without a scratch.

    I hate plea bargains.

  24. To answer the opening question, two reasons:

    1. They are ignorant of history aside from being simply ignorant.
    2. They aren’t anti racist.

  25. Most extremists (Racists and Anti-Racists, for example) are unwilling to listen to reason. Otherwise they wouldn’t choose extreme positions in the first place. The 2nd Amendment is not an extreme position. It’s purely logical and reasonable. No one loves you as much as you love yourself and therefore anyone who would prevent you from securing your own life, property, and the lives of those you love, is not your friend. The right to bear arms shall not be infringed because that’s the only reasonable position to hold on the matter. Racists are deluded. Anti-Racists are deluded. None of them are taking a position that is reasonable because they automatically exclude the possibility that they could find out they are wrong. Self defence is a moderate path and means you always maintain the power to choose the level of force necessary in each scenario. The problem isn’t the gun owner. The problem has always been the extremists who either believe the gun is the only solution or never the solution. LOL

  26. If you’re activist modus operandi is based on looting, rioting, and the destruction of public and personal property, why would you want the people whose neighborhoods you are terrorizing to have an effective means of fighting back?

  27. Short answer: Because the “anti-racists” are themselves racist… to them, racist=white. They want to ban your guns because they want to impose totalitarian rule over you, if not outright kill you.

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