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I used to work for a New York City-based international market data and media conglomerate with offices in Times Square. I’d be in NYC at least once a month for three or four days and loved every damned minute of it. I stayed in a nice hotel half a block from our offices and used every penny (and more) of my per diem to eat at as many good restaurants as I could possibly get into when I was there.

This was in the early 2000’s. Rudy Giuliani had just left office after miraculously cleaning up the seemingly unmanageable disaster of a city he was left when David Dinkins faded into obscurity. Giuliani made the city a clean, safe, and very fun place to be (as long as you didn’t care about your gun rights).

Every night I was there I’d roam all over Manhattan and occasionally Brooklyn, usually taking the affordable, graffiti-free subway wherever I was going and walking the streets with little or no concern for my safety. Crime just wasn’t much of a problem or consideration.

Sadly, those are now the good old days. The current Mayor, Warren Wilhelm Bill de Blasio has been in office about seven years now and has done a spectacular job of completely undoing every bit of progress that was made under Giuliani and sustained by (yes) Michael Bloomberg.

The city had been trending down for years under de Blasio, almost from the day he was inaugurated. Now, in addition to the Mayor’s mal- and mismanagement, NYC has also been hit by a pandemic, it’s opened its jail, it allows those arrested for current crimes to run loose, and the city’s government accommodates rioting and looting in the name of social justice and the right to protest.

All of the above have combined to cause the city to devolve into a place I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize if I were ever temporarily insane enough to go back again. This, in a place that makes it next to impossible for the average citizen to legally own a firearm to protect herself and her family.

City government is packing homeless people, including convicted sex offenders, into empty hotels. People in neighboring apartment buildings are navigating bums and junkies that now live in their neighborhoods, afraid to let their children outside.

Luxury brands and other retailers are suing their landlords to get out of their leases. The streets and avenues feature block after block of boarded-up once-thriving businesses.

Granted, the coronavirus has been particularly hard on NYC given its population density, but it’s been hard on virtually every city of any size across the nation and no city has fared as poorly as has the Big Apple. It now looks more like Escape from New York than Devil Wears Prada.

And then there’s the crime. Never one to enjoy a happy relationship with New York’s Finest, Hizzoner — always a socialist at heart — has sliced $1 billion out of the NYPD’s budget. Because defunding the police is de rigueur among big city Democrat mayors these days who want to stay on good terms with the left-most fringes of their constituencies.

As justification for the cuts, de Blasio says they will allow him to achieve “real reform” and “real redistribution.”

So while the city was busy releasing 2000 people with pending firearms-related charges against them in July alone, the Mayor was doing his level best to make sure the NYPD would be even less capable of dealing with the increased criminal activity.

One of the consequences of all of this, to no one’s surprise, is a massive spike in the city’s crime rate, including triple digit percentage increases in shootings.

The latest is this drive-by (park-by?) shooting in Brooklyn on Wednesday:

A gunman fired off about half a dozen rounds in a broad-daylight shooting on a Brooklyn block that has seen two fatal acts of gun violence this week alone, a new video shows.

Surveillance footage shows an unknown triggerman fire a handgun out the driver’s window of a gray BMW X5 just before 3:30 p.m. Wednesday near the corner of Ocean and Woodruff avenues in Flatbush.

The luxury SUV, with temporary plates in the rear window, then speeds off, the video shows.

An 18-year-old victim later died from gunshot wounds to the chest and the arms at the hospital, cops said. A 33-year-old man was also wounded in the shooting but was expected to recover from the blast to his stomach.

Worse still, there’s no prospect of anything being done by the powers that be to improve the situation. Mayor de Blasio had already shut down the NYPD’s Street Crime Unit and probably would have cut $2 billion from the force’s budget if he thought he could get away with it. Meanwhile, the exodus of cops became such a deluge that the department had to put limits on the number of officers who could process retirement applications in any one month.

As a result, it won’t be years, but decades before New York City recovers from its infection — one that originated in China and another that metastasized outward from Gracie Mansion.

New York City’s always been resilient, coming back from the devastation of the 1970s and the destruction of 9/11. But this time seems different. Some say it will never again be what it was. A good portion of our readers will be happy to hear that, thinking New Yorkers are getting exactly what they voted for and richly deserve.

I’ve talked to a number of people who live in NYC and they all report the same thing. They’re either leaving or seriously considering it. It’s just not a place they or anyone they know wants to be now and they have no idea if or when it will be that kind of place again. That’s particularly sad for those of us who’ve spent a significant amount of time there and came to love what it once was and may never be again.

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    • “A good portion of our readers will be happy to hear that, thinking New Yorkers are getting exactly what they voted for and richly deserve.”

      And that disease is progressing toward you. Who knows, a generation from now maybe we’ll be pointing at you and laughing because “you liberals are getting what you voted for”. And then the disease will spread to an other place.

  1. New York City has always been a chit hole to be avoided like the plague, you couldn’t pay me enough to visit.

        • Like Baltimore it is a trade/shipping/economic hub so there will always be a vested interest in preserving at least some of it. With that said you cant afford to buy a house upstate lately due to former city residents fleeing and being willing to overpay for new homes. Best case I think will be some of the political power of NYC being diffused to the rest of the state and us ending up more left of center than batshit crazy loony left in voting results. Worst case it crashes and burns and we have a bigger Detroit.

    • went there in 1970, not possum friendly. However like LA, NYC is a wonderful place for humans. More humans should move to LA and NYC. Believe you me, living in the midwest is no place for humans, it sux super bad, so bad in fact that’s the reason Texas doesn’t slide into the ocean. For any human planning on moving from those lovely city’s along the Northeast and West coast, the midwest is no place to be, stay where your at, save your money and disappointment.

  2. It’s hard to imagine what NYC will end up looking by the time deblasio is thrown out. I bet plenty of liberals will put down roots in nice places so they can ruin them too.

      • There are other great cities. St Louis, Canton, Philly, Baltimore, Gary, etc,. The whole rust belt is a problem and then there is the West Coast.

      • NYC is only worse because it had a chance to get better under Republican and non-partisan mayors for a decade and a half.
        Chicago has been run by Dems for generations. In some ways it’s amazing that it is doing as well as it is.

      • Want to destroy a city ,elect a Leftard and turn them loose no more functioning city wa-la instant chit hole.

  3. But the mayor painted Black Lives Matter on the road right in front of Trump Tower! Sick Burn!!! Now that’s leadership. /sarc. BTW, have they found that $900 million that the mayor’s wife lost? Are they even looking?

      • Its bad when I am not only unsure of whether you are joking but wouldn’t even have a hint of surprise if you were not. Probably should follow NYC more closely but at this point they are moving in nearby counties fast enough that I may have the news brought to me in person soon anyway.

    • I enjoyed the hell out of my visit in the early 80s.

      Go today? No fvckin’ way…

      • All my NY visits was airport on the way to and from being stationed overseas in the Army. Never had time to site see. Never wanted too. Death Wish and Charles Bronson images always lurked in my head. Chiraq the same way. Thru the Airport. I’ll stay in fly over, less liberals, more guns, cheaper living.

        • 3 years ago generally not terrible but would exercise caution given emboldened criminals and general discouragement of self defense. Haven’t been recently but after bail reform you couldn’t pay me to visit there let alone entice me to visit on my dime or work there.

      • Geoff the Goof enjoyed the hell out of some male prostitutes in NYC in the early ‘80s. Then Giuliani got elected and put a stop to that nonsense. Now boomer Goof has to resort to yelling at clouds and making stupid posts on TTAG to pass the time.

        • So, you like male prostitutes and you felt compelled to come to a gun site to brag on it? You must be a liberal female.

        • My widdle troll thinks I’m a Boomer?

          No, I’m not, you stupid fuckwit… 🙂

      • Even then it was populated by torries,the reason for Geo.Washingtons spy ring to work out of the city, it’s always been a chit hole always will be.

    • I liked new York City better when the rich women’s clubs were buying Teddy Roosevelt machine guns to kill Spaniards.

  4. It’s about to get even worse.

    50% of NYC’s tax revenue comes from the top 1% of earners. 40% of the top 1% have perminantely moved out of NYC since March.

    That number doesn’t include the portion of the 99% that pays the remainder of the taxes that have also moved out.

    Also, the vacancy rate is quickly approaching the point where rent control ceases under the law.

    Soon, NYC will not be able to afford a police department at all. It took Detroit decades to do what NYC is trying to do in less than a year.

    • Yep, and the worst part of that is these fucks will soon be moving to a neighborhood with you and I, then insist on the same shitty policies which caused this in the first place.

    • Not surprised. There was a recent headline, “Movers in N.Y.C. Are So Busy They Are Turning People Away”.

  5. I lived in NYC for almost five years and left in 2010. Leaving was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. I was almost in tears when we decided to leave and when we actually left. It was a city that despite what people felt about it, it was alive and moving. It was an amazing place to be. Truly. And it turns out we left just in time. The Bloomberg ascendance was nearing it’s end and Be Blasio was going to be elected in soon. The subways, already subject to decades of neglect was starting to show signs of real collapse. I wasn’t so into firearms ownership bec I didn’t really feel I needed it. The city was clean and safe. Even in Wash Heights. Now. I am obviously glad I left but I do morn of what has become of NYC. Fk Deblasio. What a mess he has made.

    • I lived in NYC (worked in Manhattan, lived in Brooklyn) thru half the 1970s and all of the 1980s. I loved it and I don’t regret a moment of it. Most of the time I felt safe, even though I had to stash my guns in another state. Then the whole crack epidemic hit in the late 80s and things started going to shit. So I left — retrieved my guns and took off to NC. But even at the worst, NYC was still a great place to be.

      Never again. From what I see and hear on the news and what a few old friends still in NYC tell me, the place has never been this bad, and no one is telling me they think it might get better. It kind of saddens me that the place has turned into a complete shit-hole, but there it is. But, hey… Democrats.

      • Who knows, maybe if you talk nice, Donald Trump may take the job in 2024, like, a retirement gig. Or 2028.

  6. Be careful what you wish for. 84% of the US population lives in urban settings and their suburbs. With a large number of large cites like NYC rapidly going down the toilet and forcing people to get out while they can, where do you suppose that 84% is going to end up? That’s right. In my and your rural front yard. Are going to welcome them with open arms? Or cut them down? Keep in mind that they will bring their human trash and crime with them.

    • In the SHTF world it’s called a “Golden Horde Scenario”. It goes like this:

      For whatever given reason, the cities collapse, and their incredibly massive, starving populations not only turn on eachother, but start wandering out of the cities in a massive horde, consuming/killing/burning/looting anything and anyone in the way.

      The good news is, for the rural areas and small towns, this horde won’t be well organized, trained, or cohesive. They’ll be armed, but not in an organized way. Just like the rioters of right now, it’ll be a disorganized mob driven by emotion. Even a small, ad hoc militia with minimal training will be able to fight them effectively. Especially in the rural areas where these types of people are not used to the elements or survival in any way.

      However, the suburbs next to these cities? They’ll be absolute trash. The suburbs not only being geographically close but also made up of folks who mainly will be unarmed, panicking, and will quickly be killed by the horde.

      Get out of the cities now.

      • Hadn’t heard that “Golden Horde” term. Fit’s quite well with the current exodus from major metro areas going on now. I’ll have to remember that for future use. I’ve been out of any major city for about 20 years – my last was Seattle. That was ~ 2,500 miles ago.

        • I believe it was coined by Rawles in the first book of his Patriots series. At least, that was the first time I encountered the term.

        • And oh…forgot to give you a +1 for being one of the very few who actually spell the term correctly.

      • ” made up of folks who mainly will be unarmed, panicking, and will quickly be killed by the horde. ”

        That’s only one possible scenario, and I don’t especially agree with it.

        Don’t be so sure the suburbs are mainly unarmed. There are 100+ million gun owners, and they aren’t all out in the farm lands. From my own experience, I live in the suburbs, and despite the Pleasant Valley patina, it’s geared up a lot better than you might guess.

        As you say, the rural folk can quickly organize and form some sort of militia. Maybe so, but they are dispersed over a wide area which makes organizing difficult. The burbs are more densely populated, and more people living closer together makes organizing a whole lot easier.

        Finally, they may be panicked in the burbs, but they will be defending their homes. This by itself is probably their greatest advantage over the hordes foraging for nuts and berries.

      • The short novel “Twilight” by Brandon DuBois is postulated on the aftermath of this very scenario. In a nutshell, major cities are made uninhabitable, their populations flee to the countryside where desperation, politics, and ethnicity make things get seriously ugly very fast. Bottom line : Red vs. Blue, UN intervention, and mass graves that no one wants to talk about…

        • Best way to get the US working together is for the UN to invade. We’ll just pile the bodies in the UN building, and then burn it down.

        • Depends on how much ammo he has.
          Pretend 1,000 starving people invade your farm and start eating the seed corn.
          Pretend they are unarmed and don’t fight back or run away.
          How many can you shoot before the corn is gone and the mob moves on.?

          Now pretend the 100 thugs in the group are armed with revolvers.
          Quantity has a power of its own.

    • The scum has to be near drugs and that means a solid supply. Rural areas have meth, but opiates and coke are needed every day by many users, so they tend to go to places where there are many different suppliers within walking/bus ride distance.

  7. It’s not communism that’s done it. It’s the amount of criminal minorities that has done it.

    Even during/after Giuliani, New York has never been a nice place. It just was nicer than it used to be and now it’s going back to it’s normal: a semi shithole.

    This is because of too many thieves and robbers concentrated in a small area. They can’t hire enough police to stop the crime and the decent people aren’t allowed to defend themselves. NY is only good for those with money and connections and who live out of town. It’s dirty, smelly, and repulsive to decent people.

    Let’s put a fence around it and charge people a fee. Call it a Hunting License. You can enter for free but you can’t take any weapons then. To get out you have to go into quarantine.

    No cops no fire department, no social workers. I think it would be fun.

    • jakee308 says: August 21, 2020 at 19:10 It’s not communism that’s done it. It’s the amount of criminal minorities that has done it.

      Criminals are the operations division of the democrat (communist party USA) party. The party makes it possible for criminals to operate and encourage them by revolving door “justice”.

      It is spreading across the US.

      Be Prepared !

      • Before Van Damme, before Schwarznegger, before Stallone…there was Snake Pliskin. He was the first taste of what the ’80s was about to give the people who were tired of the ’70s and Alan Alda’s “real men eat quiche”.

  8. Ignorant voters screwed up NY and ignorant voters can turn America into a coast to coast pile of marxist CHAZ crap. No time to be picky, no time to be a slacker, no time for excuses, etc.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  9. This is the inevitable result when people who operate on emotion and whimsical notions of “virtue” are in control.

      • Oh, oh, that really hurt. I am despondent. Whoa is me!

        Anyhow, I noticed that you have nothing of substance to advance the human condition so you do what all Progressives do: insult people when they present facts that you don’t like.

        Here is a novel idea: why don’t you act like a rational, caring, intelligent adult and propose solutions based in reality to the decay that is happening in our cities.

  10. City and civilization have the same root. You won’t have much of a civilization without great cities. I have lived in big cities, small cities and college towns. I prefer the small cities but I will always remember the big city life. You don’t have to like living in them but all will suffer if America’s great cities are destroyed.

    This is what Enuf is voting for because orangemanbad but it’s ok to turn the country over to the Democrats who are destroying America.

    Miner49er thinks he going to be a dog walker instead of a dog eater When he comes for my dog he will get a bullet in the head.

  11. Containment needs to be established before the carpet bombing can commence otherwise these locusts will spread their pestilence wherever they run to.

    If you value your way of life reject these urban refugees.

  12. A little hyperbolic. Plenty of people lived through worse in NYC. Give it another few years any maybe then it’ll start approaching that level.

    “Giuliani made the city a clean, safe, and very fun place to be (as long as you didn’t care about your gun rights).”

    I bet I could make it a very safe city if I can ignore 2nd and 4th Amendment rights

        • Yeah, it’s worse. The Detroit riots did not affect the places where the people with money shopped. These mostly peaceful demonstrations have gutted where people who pay to the run the city live. Same in Chicago and Seattle.

      • It seems odd that you would compare it to an entirely different city when you could just compare current violent crime to that of NYC in the 70s and 80s (vastly worse).

        • The rate of increase of crime in NYC will soon return the city to 1980s level but it’s not just the street crime but the physical destruction of midtown that dooms NYC. When NYC crime was at its worst there were still positive aspects if living there. Those amenities are now gone and the tax base with it.

        • tdviia hit on a point that is not being discussed much yet. Albany and Troy are two upstate cities one the capital and one a near rustbelt small city. Albany has a progressive mayor and county executive and fully supported the “protesters” a few months back and we saw hundreds of businesses vandalized looted and a few burned. Albany will continue to limp along because of its status as the capitol as well as a center for over a dozen colleges. Troy is a mixed bag of leftist and somewhat moderate with an extremely conservative county executive but all of whom made abundantly clear to the “protesters” that any attempt at riot would be met with immediate and overpowering force. The local businesses also plainly advertised looting gets shooting. No riots happened in Troy and we have had several businesses close down in Albany and hop across the river to Troy. I don’t expect Troy to really make a major economic recovery but it is a little satisfying to see actions having consequences in observable timescales. As to NYC they are quickly moving into Albany and surrounding cities for some reason.

      • Detroit is plowing entire neighborhoods under including the streets and electrical utilities. Letting it go back to fields and woods. Even Boblo Island, an amusement park accessible by excursion boat only, is now gone. Thousands of people a day used to take that trip.

        • Hadn’t heard that. Motion in any direction may well be a good thing. We’ve seen the police chief on the tube a few times recently, seems like a pretty straight guy, he left us wishing him (and Detroit) luck.

    • True, very true. One could make NYC VERY safe indeed by dispensing with the 4th Amendment in particular, along with a few others that do (2nd, 5th, 6th, and so on) tend to get in the way of proper police work.

      On the OTHER hand, my dark little lizard brain would like to mention that it’s not middle-aged white women, or Amish butter-churners, or Vietnamese fishmongers that are responsible for the majority of violent crime, just as it isn’t elderly women in walkers, active service-members in uniform, or very small children hijacking and/or blowing up airliners-. Despite the odds, it is expected that the police are not to spend any extra effort in inquiring into the activities of deeply-tanned, melanin-engorged gang-banger wannabees out at midnight in the Inner City as opposed to pale-blue Lapplander bankers in 3-piece suits at noon on Wall Street, nor is TSA to single out sweating, nervous, hypervigilant young Middle-Eastern men with no luggage and one-way tickets for undue scrutiny in comparison to elderly, frail Swedes holding Swedish-NYC-NYC-Swedish translation guides..

      Alas. . .

      • Black men are disproportionately represented among those who commit and are the victims of homicides. To suggest otherwise requires a denial of reality. But infringements against one group will be used against them all.

        Hell, look at what has been done with RICO over the years.

    • I think the main difference here is that even when NYC was dumpy in the past, it still had it’s rich folks to shoulder the tax burden. If they leave in large enough numbers, and it appears they might be, all bets are off this time around.

    • I was in Manhattan, Times Square, and Central Park for a single business trip about a dozen years ago. It was several years after 9/11, so the locals had formed a deep social bond that gave the feeling of “we’re strong and we can get through this together”. That was the only time I was in New York, and have no desire to ever go back, as that sense of community seems to have completely dissolved. I have relatives who live Upstate and tell me NYC is a “wretched hive of scum and villainy”.

      • I live upstate, sort of on the other end of the state. Upstate is beautiful outside of it’s small cities, and it’s also mostly conservative. The contempt for NYC is palpable at times. Even most of the Democrats living up here understand that NYC has a negative influence on things. The politics of NY state are shot because of NYC, which is sad, because I love living in upstate and realize the potential it has.

  13. Personally I was always kinda “Meh” when I was in NYC.

    That said this whole thing just makes me kinda sad. The parallels to various historical events, ranging from recent to ancient, are unmistakable. Few of those events worked out well.

  14. Was last there in 1978. Viewed it as a diseased, cancerous spot on the east coast of the USA. Oh, sure there were good restaurants. There were also great masses of humans along with all the great masses of troubles they generate every second of the day or night.

    Herds of bureaucrats roamed freely, predators preying upon citizens without the means to fight them off.

    Snuck out when they weren’t looking. Headed west and south, driving a 1966 Ford F100 pickup with Twin I-Beam front suspension and an electric overdrive. My Ruger 10/22 tucked inside a blanket behind the bench seat.

    Have not missed NYC or the rest of the state since that day.

    I do miss that 1966 Ford. That was one damned fine truck, made of steel, not plastic and aluminum foil.

    Seem to have survived without access to NYC eateries too.

    • But you want the Party that has trashed America’s cities to run the country because orangemanbad.

      When are you going to tell us what makes TrumpmAnerica’s enemy?

  15. I’m NYC born and raised. I lived there in the 70s when it totally sucked. My BFF was my classmate in Law School — and that was a long, loooooong time ago. He absolutely adored NYC. Now he can’t wait to leave.

    I left in 1983, returned for a year in the 90s, left again and never looked back.

    • Hey I lived in Chicago for 6 years Ralph. Had fun too. I suppose it was dangerous but wasn’t reported on 24/7. Now it’s punkazz kids doing driveby’s. Had a shooting on Lake Shore Drive last night. And I was everywhere in the city. They even had a black mayor back then-Harold Washington. Better than Beetlejuice is all I got…I have no fix. I avoid Chiraq as the plague it is. If the monied folks leave it dies as well as NYC.

  16. I saw this a couple days ago:

    Shocking. The city truly is dead. They started with a virus hoax to push people to work from home, or simply remove their ability to work in general, and then the riots and looting. This city will not recover. It will NEVER be the same. Why keep employees in a building when you can work from home? Why keep 4,000 employees when 400 can do the job from their laptops? What city can flourish without law? And the democrats keep pandering to those idiots who will throw their freedoms away for an entire country like NYC in 2020. I won’t stand for it. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees to see the entire economy turn out this way. People like Kamala want to spend 46 trillion dollars on “radical reform”… that will crush the value of the dollar. The fed already has control. Gold will skyrocket. Our economy is, without a doubt, fucked. Hope you are prepared for the slow bleed.

  17. tfw you realize that escape from new york was meant as a cautionary tale and *not* a how to manual

    • So was “1984” and yet the Liberal Socialist Democrats. Have been using it every day since it’s publishing to indoctrinate their Frankenstein Youth. Now as the Monsters have learned to become self aware they find the Ideology of their former Master doesn’t go far enough. Their Master are learning they can no longer control the Monsters and are beginning to fear they will become human Chattel of their once Acolytes. Don’t forget the popcorn.

  18. while they should get what they deserve, it only hurts the rest of the country (to some degree) in terms of economy and prosperity when the second largest city in the nation is left a burnt-out wreck.

    yes, the moneymakers can move somewhere else to make money, but all in the same city the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. and a depopulated crime-infested NYC will be nothing but a burden on the rest of the state and maybe the Federal government too.

  19. It’s not just NYC, it’s the whole country. The cities will burn first. Honestly, it has been really impressive. As educated as I am, never thought they’d use a Scamdemic to finish us off. I knew Amerikans were slavish, but damn, we’re ready for the camps (don’t worry slaves, masks will be included). I’ve never been to North Korea but Amerika is the same, with guns and iphones and plenty of food (well, most of us anyway). We are ripe for the slaughter. When the sheeple are suffering it will be almost a consolation to my own suffering. It would be a great injustice for such a cowardly, statist, inattentive, and unethical people not ot suffer greatly at the hands of their masters. I look forward to it. We shall see that the 2nd amendment is a dead letter when the people are altogether corrupt and beast like.

      • Yet he is probably right. Politicians (Trump included) wipe their butts with the Constitution. Other than complaining, the law abiding patriots do nothing, while the marxists keep on gaining ground. They already control education and the media. All you have left is to stay “well, antifa and BLM better not pull that stunt in my town.” And if they show up then what? This country is going down the drain and the Constitution is little more than a relic nowadays.

      • Actually, he’s not far off…

        Very smart people have acknowledged the slow death scenarios, and this is playing out exactly as planned. Maybe even better.

    • Pretty sure it’s affecting the whole country… not just the cities. When the value of the dollar has dropped 10% in 6 months, I’d say it’s not about voting. Clearly, the elites don’t need votes.

  20. “…a massive spike in the city’s crime rate, including triple digit percentage increases in shootings.”

    Darn those Indiana guns!

    • Well its the Pennsylvania Pipeline over this way but same nonsense. Overwhelmingly the weapons used are local and stolen with a tiny but growing percentage of home made. I would need to double check but last I remember out of state guns used in crimes are also largely stolen and mostly from Massachusetts.

  21. I guess I missed the “good ole days” of it not being a cesspool. I don’t go north of Tulsa these days

  22. I think it’s a big city problem too, not just Democrat run city vs Republican run city. I cannot think of any big city/large metro area in the USA that’s a great place to live. Some are definitely far worse than others, but no matter where you get the crime, the traffic, expensive housing, stress, pollution…you have to love in the country and small towns if you want to keep your sanity and health

      • And what does Houston have?!? TONS of gun owner’s…and every ethnic group imaginable. Funny how that works.

        • Stop with your pesky facts you are invalidating our narrative, jeez next you will start pointing out that most of the guns used came from inside NY to begin with and not from our more free neighbors.

      • Somehow I don’t see “protesters” blocking the streets going very far in Texas, wouldn’t imagine rioters or looters would be quite as successful either. Not saying it couldn’t/hasn’t been tried but bail reform isn’t quite a thing down there and I am pretty sure self defense/property laws and the prosecutors attached are a bit different.

        • It was tried. Once. Dude even pointed an ak at the law abiding motorist. Dude got shot dead and left his wheelie girlfriend having to beg a push home.

  23. All the big cities are Bastions of the democratic party, in those towns only the registered democrats vote counts! get ready for the coming civil war,

  24. All people are created equal. It’s what they do with their lives afterwards that screws everything up.

  25. I suppose that everyone who voted de Blasio into office was an Amish tourist? No, no sympathy for NYC. They virtue signaled themselves into this, so into the mud, scum queen!

    • Problem is the ones with money just pack up and move somewhere new to try it again and are noisy enough to get listened to. I hope we can get a repeat of a Giuliani administration but the looting of the more upscale regions may prove to be irreparable in terms of will to rebuild. Meantime just teaching the 2 new families that escaped to my area what gun control means now that they are out of the city and desperately searching for a shotgun (or anything really). One seems to get it the other…….seems horrified we do not need a permit for long guns.

  26. NYC could improve but it won’t unless people get into the faces of the mayor and city council and tell them that they come before the criminal vermin who prey on them.

  27. My dad was a Korean War vet, and when he cycled out, moved from rural SC to Baltimore with a cousin. Said he wanted to move out of the sticks and get a taste of big-city life. He lasted 2 months and moved back to the sticks in SC. Said there were too many people living too close together. Made people crass and devalued life too much. Said he had seen what happens when human life is devalued during 18 months in-country on the other side of the world and didn’t want to live through that here. Never left the upstate of SC again except for work. He was a simple, common man, but he had wisdom and had figured out many of life’s problems as a young man.

  28. To me, a 10 year veteran of living in this hellhole, its more than the mayor or his staff. The infrastructure monopolies, Con Ed, the MTA, are dreadful and provide garbage work, leaving gaping holes in streets and sidewalks, trains that were built with oatmeal in the 1890’s, and no customer service anywhere in this city.

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