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“Our bill would make it clear that it’s a crime to circumvent a website’s terms of service to sell a firearm.”

— Senator Diane Feinstein (D, CA)

This is ridiculous. One minute social media companies “are private companies and can do what they want,” etc. etc., and the next minute violating their terms of service is a Federal crime?

Let me just add that the social media companies don’t even follow their own dang terms of service. They interpret and apply — or don’t apply — their terms as they see fit depending on politics and celebrity status and whatever other whim and caprice they may feel that day.

For instance, here are Instagram’s terms of service related to firearms. To be clear, this is everything I have ever been able to find in their published ToS or Community Guidelines regarding firearms (the bold was added by me to highlight the relevant parts of this section):

Instagram is not a place to support or praise terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups. Offering sexual services, buying or selling firearms, alcohol, and tobacco products between private individuals […] are also not allowed.

Though it very clearly and explicitly states that buying or selling firearms is only disallowed when it’s between private individuals, my company gets censored all the dang time if we’re even ever-so-slightly “salesy” in a post.

We absolutely cannot mention a price or the fact that a gun is available or anything like that without having the post taken down by Instagram and a warning issued to us with the threat of account deletion. Our account very clearly states that we’re a licensed manufacturer and dealer.

Obviously that “private individuals” clause exists so alcohol companies and tobacco companies can peddle their wares on Instagram. Which they do. Extensively and, by all appearances, without censorship. But when a gun company does anything one hair beyond simply posting pretty photos and so much as hints at the fact that a gun might be for sale? Ban hammer.

Anyway, for more information on this insanity from Feinstein, Menendez, and Scanlon, check out the Firearms Policy Coalition Twitter thread below:


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  1. Just like what they’re doing with every other freedom we (used to) have…….keep chipping away at it till it doesn’t exist anymore! Multi front attacks on our civil rights, you don’t know where to fight first, that’s the plan!!

    • And from the very dem polis that hail they fought for *civil rights* their entire career.
      Meanwhile in Ukraine the US gov is sending Ukranian civilians fully auto rifles, and MPGs. Meanwhile.. back at the (US) ranch…. the same dem polis want to relieve citizens of semi auto rifles. Beyond hypocracy IMO.

  2. “Let me just add that the social media companies don’t even follow their own dang terms of service. They interpret and apply — or don’t apply — their terms as they see fit depending on politics and celebrity status and whatever other whim and caprice they may feel that day.”

    Example, Facebook.

    It’s now OK to threaten invading Russians and Putin with death…

    • Everything’s okay as long as it goes along with what the liberal establishment wants. The science changes when the liberal establishment says it changes. You aren’t allowed to question their authority.

    • I’ve never had a social media account. Snoopbook, Instasnoop, Snoopchat, SnoopedIn, TikTokSnoopSnoop, et al.

      Zuckerberg the Lizard King doesn’t know my personal life because I don’t give it to him.

      • Below please find an exhaustive list of all the people that care about Haz’a opinion about social media:

        1) Haz;
        2) His wife (probably).

        -end post

        • You were admittedly a little entertaining for a while, a couple of years ago. But now you’re just…meh. Not even sparking any interesting conversation. Even Dacian and Miner49er at least try to stir up the pot and get people talking. You?…you’re stuck in the past, while everyone else here moved on long ago. I kinda feel sorry for you now.

  3. Why don’t democrats just cut the crap and change their official name to National Socialist & Fascist Party of America. They should also change their mascot from a Jackass to an Enormously Fat Hog.

    • On the latter….Naaa…the jackass just perfectly describes both dem polis and their constituency

      • As far as I’m concerned a Rat is the official mascot for the democRat Party. Shoe fits wear it.

  4. We called it “eyewash” in the Army. Looks good (at least to them), doesn’t do anything.

    • FPOCB….Fourth Point of Contact Brains…..term comes from a parachute landing fall “PLF” in which the “fourth point of contact” is the ass (butt).

  5. Social Media is the very LAST place that should be considered when buying firearms online. There are plenty of other options. Do as you will.

  6. I just assumed if you were making a firearm transaction through social media either one or both parties involved is a prohibited person or a G-man.

    I’ve personally encountered a G-man when using Armslist. Who else would have paid over retail for easily available parts that did not constitute a firearm? He had the cop look down to a T and we met at a gun shop where he was REALLY friendly with the folks behind the counter then on the verge of a second sale once he found out it was me again he nuked his contact info. I can only imagine the kind of shenanigans that go on over regular normie social media.

    If it weren’t for law enforcement engaging in, coercing others to commit and ignoring politically excused criminal behaviors our crime stays would plummet. Kind of like if the US wasn’t constantly playing around in other countries and their backyards and trying to impose Soros-ian cultural values we’d probably have a lot less international turmoil.

    After a while you gotta wonder if maybe we really are the great Satan.

    • “constantly playing around in other countries and their backyards”

      And if you try to stop, the lefty sheep that are always complaining about imperialism will call you an isolationist. When they’re told to jump, they ask how high.

    • “G-man”? Are you sure? Did you ask if they identified as a male G?

      Don’t be a sexist pig, use gender neutral language until you know.

      This is why the term “Glowie” is so perfect, you can’t be accused of a pronoun-assumption mysogonist microaggression. It’s Progressive!

      • strych9, you can stick that progressive nonsense and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.

        • So beverly, was it 6yrs or 10 as a cop? Pick one of the lies in your head and stick with it (speaking of things up your ass…)

        • Riderless/ShootOff Asked and answered.

          The lies belong to wannabes like you. You seem to have a problem with authority figures. I don’t really wonder why.

        • Wow.

          I honestly can’t believe that this particular comment is the one that people can’t figure out is sarcasm, especially since it has an extremely off color joke built in while claiming to be progressive.

          Also, Mr. Beverly, one might not wish to talk about problems with authority figures when it’s you that resorts straight to ad hominem after a post simply goes right-the-fuck over your head. Decorum not being your strong suit you might not be suited to teach it. But hey, you do you, live your best life or whatever.

          On the plus side though, at least we know you’re not a glowie.

          And if you’re still confused as to the off color joke I’ve included here, open a new tab since you’re on that magical interweb thing and look up the term “glowie”. The joke probably loses a lot of it’s punch when you have to have it explained to you but at least you’ll get the reference in the future if you see it again.

        • strych9, Maybe JUST maybe you should label your “sarcasm” as “sarcasm”?

          You see there is a funny thing about me. When I am attacked, I return fire.

          Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s behind what a “glowie” is.

          In the mean time, try to have a good day. A little less sarcasm and a lot more substance.

        • Beverly, yes, we are quite sure: strych9 has been here forever while you have only just recently graced us with your ridiculous presence, Mr war hero. And you, a figure of authority? Pfft, you can’t even keep your lies straight in one comment section, much less make proper use of the written word in your own native tongue. You carry about as much ‘authority’ as yer bouncy house playmates miner49er and dacian.

        • Riderless/ShootOff, I don’t give a hot if strych9 has been since Christ was a baby. There are people out there in the world who will fall for his sarcasm and think of it as gospel.

          That’s right, ShootOff, I was an authority figure, i.e.: a police officer and a Correction Sergeant. War hero? I don’t know about that. I know I served. Did you? Other than Burger King or McD’s?
          Keep your air leaks to yourself. Like you, they stink.

          Again, if you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters.

      • Let me tell you jut how much it matters to me whether anyone here or elsehwere uses the ‘correct” “gender” pronouns, uses the wrong ones, or makes them up on the fly (and no this is NOT to discriminate against flies) Here goes…..

        • Man, I stop using sarc tags and y’all get lost real fast, huh?

          Welp, on the bright side I guess it’s a good IQ test which I can use to quickly determine who’s posts to scroll past without reading in the future.

        • strych9, Looks like I am not the only one who did not see your comment as “sarcasm”, huh?

          Again, have a good day. and try a little less sarcasm and a lot more substance.

      • Ha! Strych9, it’s like being over the target and taking flak except in this case you’ve unknowingly made a pass over the cuckoo’s nest and gotten your hull covered in poo. Beverly the Vietnam vet war hero here can’t even decide for how long he was a cop, or rather for how long he wished he was one. One week it’s 6yrs, the next week it’s 10…

  7. Sales on social media are a thing now. For firearms and everything else. Mike frequents a web site where you can post firearms, knives, military memoribelia, etc. Most recently he got a deal on a Belgian Hi-Power and an M-1 rifle rebarreled in .308. Different sellers. He’s always armed, meets in public places and leaves the cash locked in the truck until he’s decided to buy. All this only after he’s spoken to the seller. Buyer beware.

    • “…a website…”

      as apposed to what? As not every website is or is seen as social media. Buying something person to person or buying something online is one thing but using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other such things is another.

        • I’m sorry
          “Cracking Down On Legal Sales of Firearms Online”
          In keeping with the spirit of the article, it would seem necessary to make a valuable distinction regarding certain realities on the Internet. I didn’t consider this to be any kind of nit. I would certainly hate to be ‘that’ guy.

      • Prndll, that comment was tounge-in-cheek. I often forget that when we communicate like this tone and inflection, body language and facial expressions are lost.

    • Sounds like a web site that would be of interest to members here. Please post a link.

      I’ve bought plenty of non firearms stuff on craigslist over the years. More often than not the people have me come to their house. Sometimes I decide not to buy once I have examined the item. Nobody wants to lug around a 40 gallon aquarium or a kayak to parking lots all over the place until someone buys it. Of course I am always armed, and always careful. I assume they are armed as well.

      • Sometimes people buy things, then never use it. I got a great deal on a new mountain bike from Craigslist. An overweight fella thought he was going to “get back into shape” by biking. Then he thought better of it. I went to his house to check it out and pick it up.

  8. It’s called the duplicity of the Leftists. They can’t seem to get their act together with a consistent coherent message .

    • And 🥾👅 and super-boomer WEB III knows what it is to write painfully incoherent messages.

      • Seriously? Maybe you should take a reading comprehension course. It seems you have no clue what you are talking about, Lefty. Buy then Leftists rarely do.

      • Riderless/Shootoff I am more smarts in my little finger than you have or ever will have in your entire body.

        Now, don’t go away mad,,,just go away.

        • You ‘am’, do you, beverly? So; 6yrs or 10, bev? Pick one. Or are you beginning to lose track of them all?

        • No, beverly, not asked and not answered, unless you think two different answers adds up to one truth. it’s only you voluntarily putting yourself out there as a liar and thus a punk, beverly. Only you. Are you a progressive leftist beverly? You certainly project like one.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Sorry ole boy but it was asked and answered. As usual, you don’t like the answer. I did 10 yrs as a police officer. You would cringe in fear if you ever had to wear the uniform of a police officer or a Corrections Officer. I can see you cringing in fear when the steel gate clangs shit behind your sorry behind.

          I have the Conservative creds you would die for. But then again, you are already half way there being brain dead, right Punky!

          Again, if you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters.

        • Beverly dear, I’m all about respecting those who warrant it, which is exactly why you, princess, ain’t gettin any. Now; 6yrs as a cop or 10, beverly? Pick one and then explain the other. I’m sure you can make something up, given all your practice… sarge.

      • Riderless?ShootOff, I sincerely doubt you have any idea of what respect is. It just is not in your repertoire. As to how long I was a police officer, that question has been repeatedly answered. As usual, you don’t like the answer. I have not a thing to “explain” except that you are a liar.

        And that’s Sergeant to you, slimeball.

        Again, if you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters. Isn’t it time for your medication?

        • Answer the question properly, sarge, by explaining the discrepancies you have issued forth in your claims of service. Otherwise your just a blowhard and a liar. Now come clean, beverly, so at least your children will finally respect you.

        • Riderless/Shooter Canuck I did answer the question properly, Canuck. You just don’t like the answer. I sincerely doubt you have any idea of what respect is. It just is not in your repertoire. As to how long I was a police officer, that question has been repeatedly answered. As usual, you don’t like the answer. I have not a thing to “explain” except that you are a liar.

          And that’s Mr Beverly or Sergeant to you, slimeball.

          Again, if you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters. Isn’t it time for your medication?

  9. If they keep doing this shit then people just aren’t going to pay any attention tot hem or their laws. But maybe that is the goal; A place where people do as they please until they run afoul of law enforcement or politicians who then use the previously ignored law as a weapon to punish and destroy. Like Mexico, or Russia in the old USSR. Oh, wait, they are already doing exactly that here.

    • Pirate, unless you’re in central-south Florida it won’t do you much good, but I’ll see what I can do. Mike generally ranges from Jax- Lauderdale- Ft Myers-Tampa-Orlando circuit running these deals down. Fortunately for him, that part of the state is also his sales territory. Two birds. One stone and all that.

    • Sounds like Coloradans and mag capacity limits. Shove it Polis and the rest of you crap bag politicians. You don’t get to tell me how many rounds I get to use to protect my loved ones.

      • Just as you don’t get to tell my children that they have to pay obiesance to your chosen god figure in publicly funded schools. Or doesn’t that one count, muckraker? Religion and hypocrisy, hand in hand. Again. Still.

  10. Diane Feinstein is a shell. Several years ago she slipped a cog and now, much like our dear president, just phones it in and does as she is told.

    Hell, during the trump impeachment it was rumoured that Chuck Schumer had to assign a “minder” to the woman just to keep her on point and awake.

    Doesn’t excuse it, but just a reminder. The gun-grabbers are an imbedded tick in government, and the figureheads of the movement are in many ways…irrelevant.

    • I think this is true for many, if not most of them. The puppet masters probably get better deals when the figurehead loses a step and isn’t shrewd enough to get a better cut.

  11. My only question- why are you on Twitter to begin with? You know it’s a liberal-run cesspool, why support it? There are alternatives, use them.

    • Agree…precious little sympathy from me. FWIW I have never bought anything gun related over the interwebz. Do I love all LGS I frequent? Some yes. My wife has sold a chit ton of stuff on the internet so I’m not opposed to the net.

  12. I never understood the fear of firearms. I worry a lot more about unregulated bureaucrats and bumbling mumbling politicians who somehow get the power rule over us and impose regulations that negatively impact the citizens of our great nation.

  13. “a bill to prevent gun sellers from circumventing technology companies’ terms of service”

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable about these things can weigh in here. This doesn’t just apply to social media, does it? Is this some sort of Pandora’s box to gun control? Remember how the tech companies colluded to shut down their uppity rival? They were able to do that because only a few tech companies control almost everything tied to internet usage. What would prevent ISP’s, etc. from changing their terms of service to include no firearm sales? Maybe the free trade ideologues can tell the gun stores to build their own internet.

  14. Diane’s skin tone has taken a turn for the better, new stylist? Worth every penny. Something the taxpayer can be proud of.

    As for socials… I get it but it’s probably not a battle worth fighting at this point. Just find creative ways around it the way streamers and YTers do and be prepared to get banned at the dropbof a hat for no reason at all.

    • I can see her and the Pelosi thing hunkered down over the same bubbling vat of bat wing and frog head stew, stirring away between incantations with Schiff bug eyed in a gimp outfit crouching on the floor nearby and Biden laying on a table with bolt heads sticking out of his temples…

  15. So violating terms of service would now be a crime if this passes.
    Do you think violations by BLM/ANTIFA would be treated more or less severely than violations by conservatives?
    We are seeing the criminalization of “wrongthink”

  16. On line sales of second hand firearms do take place all the time via internet chat rooms. And believe it or not many times its legal if its intrastate. Of course such internet chat rooms should not allow this but that would cut down on revenue and blind greed rules the corporate world.

    After an internet deal is struck blind greed rules and sales then take place face to face on a street corner in the fog and night, (but not always sometimes illegally it takes place by mail). A wink and a nod and the cold cash changes hands because blind greed rules the world. When I questioned one “low life” after such a sale as to whether he had a conscience in regards to who he had sold it to he said “Who cares the gun is not registered in my name and I do not care what he does with it and if the sucker wanted to spend that much on it too bad”. I told him “I knew exactly why the fog and night customer willingly overpaid for it but you would not be interested in why”.

    This is why the Brady Bill should be extended to cover second hand gun sales. The current situation enables criminals and psycho’s to get all the firepower they could ever want with no questions asked.

    Other places include bars, flea markets, gun shows and newspaper adds. You can literally walk out of prison after doing your time and walk across the street and buy all the firepower you would ever want. But hey, Capitalvania is not a civilized country to live in and life is considered cheap and expendable. And losses can never be too high.

    Civilized countries do not tolerate such pure insanity.

    • Could be the real herr dacian the nazi. He made up a lie in his narrative which is an indication.

      I could be wrong. It’s hard telling. He’s so poorly educated that most of his screeds make no real sense.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, So what!? So what if someone sells their gun on line? If their is a crime committed, it is the buyer and then only if the buyer has a criminal record.

      Seems you Lefties think that you can stop every possible crime by just passing another law. Many of the laws you people want to pass would do absolutely nothing to prevent “gun violence”. Incidentally, a gun can’t be violent. It’s an inanimate object. Not to mention the laws already on the books are not always enforced.

      • Oooof. Wow 🥾 👅 WEB III you make Lamp seem introspective and smart by comparison…and he’s an idiot!

        • Seriously? Tell me, Lefty, did your mother have any children that lived?

          Tell me that you do not want more laws to supplement the laws already on the books that you jerks don’t want enforced to begin with?

          Apparently as a Lefty Anti-gun radical, you think that a gun can shot itself? ROFLMAO! Did someone drop you on your head (or what you have that passes as a “head”) when you were a baby? Maybe you are a victim of continued child abuse?

          You are about as bright as a one watt bulb that went out last week.

      • And no doubt, beverly, you consider yourself the brightest bulb in every chandelier (pronounced: shan-dah-leer, I know it’s a big word for you, bev, just trying to help). Now please enlighten us all, again, as to wether you were a cop for 6yrs or 10yrs before you were demoted to tending jail cells? There seems to be some confusion over your conflicting statements. I mean, it can’t be both now, can it… Beverly?

        • Riderless/ShootOff Actually IF I were as dumb as a box of rocks, I would have more intelligence in my little toe than you have in your entire body.

          I will repeat. I answered your question about 10 times already. the problem apparently is your reading comprehension. Your allegation of “conflicting statements” is another one of your lies in an effort to inflate your own standing.

          Again, it’s Mr Beverly or Sergeant to you, ShootOff. If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters.

          I also notice that you have not answered my query as to your military status? so where did you serve? Mc’D’s or Burger King. Maybe KFC or Taco Bell? Or wouldn’t they hire you?

    • Who more than a felon just released from prison needs a firearm? These guys get squeezed by the gangs from inside and those others outside to do things for the gang. That will just get them pushed right back into the same situation they worked so hard to get away from. Having a firearm stashed somewhere near that they can say was the other guy’s could be the only way to save his own life and keep him from the inside again.

      These guys want and need a firearm for the same reason any of us want one, so we can defend ourselves. That is our guaranteed rights granted from God, allowed by the US Government.

      • Rt66paul Please don’t tell me you are advocating that a felon be allowed to own and carry a firearm?

        • So, beverly, you advocate for a little bit of tyranny instead of none. Good to know. Do you support “background checks”? And who decides just what is a “felony”, beverly? You, maybe? I mean after 14yrs (or whatever it is this week) as a cop, surely you qualify as an arbiter of what our fundamental rights shall and shall not be, am I right… beverly?

        • Riderless/ShootOff. I don’t advocate giving a firearm to a felon. I guess you do, huh? I guess you are a felon who has been stripped of your right to carry a firearm. The law decides what a felony is ShootOff. Again, you are going off like a skyrocket. I guess you should go take your medicine. I suggest that you visit your doctor and get the dosage increased. Tell us, what felony did you commit to get your right to own a firearm taken?

          Again, that is Mr Beverly to slimy wannabes like you, ShootOff.

        • And yes, beverly, you most certainly are, repeatedly, pointing out the obvious. Dig dig dig, beverly. Dig dig dig.

      • Then WHY did the felon getting out of the hoosegow get IN there? What was his crime? Yes, many things are called “felonies” but are not in realtiy, yet still disable chap from possession of arms, and THIS is what is counter to the Constitution. Deal wiht that, rather than make MORE felons out of whole cloth.

        By the bye, gummit NEVER “allows” us anything. We have our God given rights, which remain ours no matter what da gummit says. And this bill seems to violate a number of my God-given rights and liberties.. such as freeedom of association, the liberty to arm myself however I see fit, youknow, a few minor things like those.
        But truly dangerous persons oughtn’t have firearms in any case.

        • Tionico, I notice you have not responded to my question. Like what felony do you consider “not a felony?”

        • Beverly, I asked you not long ago what infractions YOU considered to be a ‘felony’. Guess what, Walter Beverly the Hypocrite: no answer on that one from you either. Again. Still. You’re a real piece of work there… sarge.

    • Sometimes dacian I just dont believe your stories. For some reason I just cant see you calling someone a low life face to face.
      You’ve also mentioned you belong to a 1000 member gunm club, I find that hard to believe also, I do not get around that much so I really cant say,however a 1000 member gunm club seems a little large.
      Do you fish? I’ve noticed most fishermen , myself included, have a tendency to add a zero to the ones that got away.
      Could you give me the name of that gunm club?
      You know, verify your story a little.
      Oh never mind, I can Google gunmclubs in Ohio and do my own verification.
      Besides you’d have to prove to me that you did indeed have membership to that particular gunmclub.

      • Ha! I’m sure he’ll get right on that, good possum. That’s very much like me asking Beverly the Third here to fess up. Ain’t ever gonna happen.

  17. If you are using the liberal social media outlets you are part of the problem!
    I don’t understand all the bitching about these co’s & yet you idiots still use them…..Real smart!

  18. Just WHO do these clowns think they are, banning LAEFUL sales of an sort? Don’t they exist to help people connect in mutiually beneficial ways? Ya’d think there was something inherently nasty, evil, horrid, foul, about firearms in and of themselves. It is those very guns they so abhor that provide the “”security of a free state”.

  19. “Let me just add that the social media companies don’t even follow their own dang terms of service. They interpret and apply — or don’t apply — their terms as they see fit depending on politics and celebrity status and whatever other whim and caprice they may feel that day.”

    As do internet gun forums. It’s either a public forum (that has rules/terms that are inforced) or it’s not. You can’t have it both ways. Not suggesting that happens here but it does happen on other 2A forums. Especially ones that piss and moan all the time about spending time moderating and act like they are not getting paid. Of course they are getting paid. Everything is about the Benjamins.

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