Hundreds of Gun Rights Supporters Spoil Bloomberg Campaign’s Arlington, VA Gun Control Rally

By Jeff Hulbert Once upon a time in Virginia, a little emperor named Michael Bloomberg threw a gun control party, but gun rights advocates crashed it…bigly. And what a party it was. Unfortunately, we neglected to RSVP. Spoiler Alert: this story has a happy ending with Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign bus veering off into a […]

Everest Launching New Firearms and Outdoor Gear Merchant and Community Site

As the range of firearms-related products Amazon allows retailers to offer dwindles and YouTube de-monetizes more and more gun-related content, the increasingly ghetto-ized firearms business is in need of more online options to reach consumers. Enter Everest. Everest intends to be the go-to site for hunters, shooters and other outdoorsy types by featuring retailers that […]

Rule #5: Take the Shot

TTAG reader Cliff H writes . . . Colonel Jeff Cooper was a very smart man. He wrote a lot of books, had a storied career as a Marine Corps officer and established the Gunsite Academy in Arizona which has a well-deserved worldwide reputation for high-quality firearms training. Colonel Cooper was also a staunch supporter […]

Pro-Second Amendment Feature Film Seeks Indiegogo Support

Documentary producer and director Martin Durkin has launched an Indiegogo fundraiser to finance the production of a film that explains America’s unique relationship with guns including the true, original purpose of the Second Amendment. From the trailer, it appears they’ve assembled an impressive group of contributors for the project. From the Indiegogo page: Recent years […]