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Anti-gun Democrats in the California legislature have advanced four more punitive bills out of their policy committees, all of which infringe on lawful gun owners’ Second Amendment rights while having no effect on violent criminals.


If passed by the legislature and signed by anti-gun Gov. Gavin Newsom, AB  2917 would make the state’s already unconstitutional red-flag law even more dangerous to lawful gun owners. the measure would allow the court to also consider “threats” directed toward a group or location when decision whether to issue the order.


If issued, these Gun Violence Protective Orders result in a five-year prohibition for possessing a firearm, and the orders are subject to indefinite renewals. The measure will next be considered by the House Committee for Appropriations.


Three anti-gun Senate bills have also been passed by committees. SB 53 is a so-called “safe storage” proposal that would prohibit firearm possession in the home unless the firearms are stored in a locked box or safe that is approved by the state Department of Justice and renders them inaccessible to anyone other than the owner. As NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action pointed out in a recent alert to members, this measure ignores the U.S. Supreme Court decision in D.C. v. Heller that argued that storage requirements that prevent gun owners from easily accessing their firearms are unconstitutional. 


Another proposal, SB 1038, greatly shortens the current reporting time frame for those who are victims of gun theft, effectively victimizing them a second time after their property has been stolen from them. The bill’s language states: “Every person shall report the loss or theft of a firearm they own or possess to a local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction in which the theft or loss occurred within 48 hours of the time they knew or reasonably should have known that the firearm had been stolen or lost.”


Current state law gives those whose guns are stolen five days to report the thefts. So, the new proposal cuts that reporting time by more than half, burdening lawful gun owners while ignoring the criminals who stole the firearms.


The other measure passed out of committee before the deadline was SB 1253, which would prohibit an individual in California from possessing a firearm without a valid Firearm Safety Card. California law already requires a person to have a Firearms Safety Card to purchase or receive a firearm, but not to continue owning a gun. This proposal would make a current Firearms Safety Card mandatory for continuing ownership of a firearm, along with setting a renewal requirement of every five years.

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  1. Anti-gun Democrats in the California legislature have advanced four more punitive bills out of their policy committees, all of which infringe on lawful gun owners’ Second Amendment rights while having no effect on violent criminals.

    This is my surprised face.

  2. This is a good time for a critical reminder: many/most members of the Ruling Class derive sadistic pleasure from humiliating and tormenting the Working Class. This is distinctly different from the two other well-known Ruling Class objectives of consolidating wealth and power.

    (Note that humiliating and tormenting the Working Class quite often actually reduces the Ruling Class’ collective wealth and power which is why it is a distinctly separate objective–and arguably their most important objective.)

    With the above in mind, it is easy to see that California’s Ruling Class is pushing more laws on firearm ownership simply to humiliate and torment the Working Class and their political enemies.

  3. Grandpa Fudd: “If you don’t accept these restrictions now they’ll just keep coming for more. Besides, nobody needs _____ to hunt deer.”

    That attitude worked out great.

    Next up Grandpa Dementia: “If you don’t accept government tightening control now then there won’t be any freedoms later.”

    I bet that’ll work out great too.

  4. Just like the other laws. The effort is to harass and make as inconvenient as possible to slow buying of new guns. They already harass the FFLs terribly to have a duplicate state license with a boatload of bureaucratic laws and attitudes.

    The plan to confiscate the guns is a 50 year plan. First, get people afraid of guns as they grow up. That will stop people from buying. I am sure it includes piling on laws to make every last FFL give up as well.

  5. The and ath.eist agenda, has always been to disarmed society. It is why they hate the bible belt so much. Because that part of the United States has permitless carry now.

    They have always hated the First Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights as well. They destroyed the state of California, but they did make it a safe place for people to have sex and do drugs.

    For those that doubt me check out the “folsom street fair” in San Francisco. Where over a hundred thousand people show up to have sex in public. Or you can go watch and see what happens at the ga.y pr!de p@r@des.

    Yeah that’s right I said it.

    • edit
       they did make it a safe place for people to have sex in public and do drugs.

      In fact having sex in front of other people’s is very important to them.

      • Will they ever engage in the “+” in public?

        The “+” in the spectrum is with non-human partners and fauna in particular. Although this could hardly be considered consenting.

        • The “sheep”, “goat”, and “donkey” shows are certainly coming down the road.
          Bestiality and kiddie porn were quite legal back in the 1970s. Then they made it illegal.

          I am quite sure it will be made legal again, in certain jurisdictions. Colorado, California, Washington State, Oregon. Maybe even in DC.

          So the enthusiasts don’t have to fly all the way to the west coast. Interesting how those areas of the country have lots of gun control.

    • Chris T in KY,

      Regarding the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco: the participants cannot legally engage in $ex acts on the streets (although I am confident that California will make public street/sidewalk $ex legal soon enough). What they can legally do (and indeed do) right now is parade around totally naked and perform Bondage-Discipline-SadoMasochism (BDSM) acts. And they can (and indeed do) legally announce/solicit $ex acts and perform them inside the open doorways of buildings on the Folsom Street.

      I know that is bordering on a “difference without a distinction”–I thought it important to provide the most accurate information possible.

      • Google has the links to porn sites. Where these sex acts have been conducted in public, at the Folsom Street Fair.

        I am assuming that the police were ordered to stand down and do nothing. Just like the cops are ordered to stand down and do nothing during the g@,y pr!de parades. When people are openly parading around completely naked. That has been going on for decades now.

        What most people don’t know is this is not new. Random sex acts in public have been going on in places like Berkeley and others for quite some time.

        The difference now is that its publicly organized at the Folsom Street Fair.

        This is sexual tourism. Just like people go to some far eastern country, for sexual tourism there.

        San Francisco radio host Michael Savage in the past. Has even posted links to these sexual acts done in public.

        Yes, I know speaking the truth comes at some cost.

        So now people can call me a if that makes them feel better.

        But remember, it was a very popular ga.y politician. Tom Ammiano who banned the open carry of guns at g@y pr!de parades.

        • Chris T in KY,

          I was quoting the laws to the best of my knowledge. (I am not an attorney.)

          Having said that, I am not surprised to hear that people performed $ex acts in public at the Folsom Street Fair and police likely had orders to allow it.

      • As I said before, yes they wanna be able to have sex, in front of other people’s children.

        And you are a fool, if you think this will not come to where you live, by the sexually liberated. Unless you stay aware and work to stop it.

        From 2023

        “Video showing alleged sex workers soliciting outside california school sparks reaction.”
        video 9 min long

  6. The Mulford Act signed into law by governor Reagan. Was publicly endorsed by the and elected leadership in the state of California.They liked the law and refused to repeal it.

    The Mulford Act is the most racist modern day gun control law. It was co-written by a Jewish lawyer and a member of the ACLU board of directors.

    • When presented at face value Gun Control Sells. Even smart, well meaning people fall for it like they fell for Slavery, the kkk, concentration camps, covid, wokeness, communism, socialism, athetism, etc. To abolish Gun Control America must view Gun Control just like it views Gun Control’s sidekick mr. noose.

  7. California has to get rid of all the gunms so’es the new colonizers will feel more at home.
    Them people ain’t used to rights, they get rights , why, why, they just wouldn’t know what to do. They might even find out they have a right to a minimum wage and oh lordy that’d fck up the whole plan.

  8. The whole Firearms Safety Certificate is kind of a joke. Once is one thing, but it is only good for five years. So every five years you have to renew it by reading a pamphlet on firearm safe handling and the laws one breaks by failing to do so. The test is 35 questions, multiple choice, and cost $25 to take. I think the minimum pass percentage is 80%. The last time I had to take it I got one wrong–but I had a good reason for giving the answer I did, not that that mattered.

    That said, I rather suspect that most people in the state will have no idea about the new law until they go to buy ammo or a new gat and are informed of the law by the FFL. Kind of like all of the people who are oblivious to the numerous changes as to what constitutes an “assault weapon” an may find themselves in hot water some day for failing to have registered their “assault weapon.”

  9. As noted frequently, 2A defenders do not have the financial war chest to attack every gun control measure. There is no individual penalty for being a member of a state (not State) legislature to vote for laws in defiance of the US Supreme Court. Thus exists the reality of eternal lawfare against upholding of the Second Amendment.

    As ever was, “Might makes Right”.

  10. Californians deserve the tyranny they allow and not just the tyranny against their Constitutional Rights, but the tyranny that coddles criminals and allows them to continue to prey on innocent citizens, allows illegals to invade their state that is overloading their schools and medical systems and wasting 100s of million of their tax$$$. That was intended for legal citizens.

    • The innocents don’t fukin deserve it. Try that shit on my street. Serious beatdowns will commence.

  11. “Every person shall report the … theft of a firearm they … possess to a local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction in which the theft or loss occurred within 48 hours”

    Sounds like could use this charge the POS thief. Bro knows it is stolen and he possess it. Did he report to the popo? (but Commiefornia/can’t lock up demtard voters)

  12. Give Kalifornia governments (City & State) something to really worry about. What if people in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco etc. who were unhappy with government were to pour 10-20 gallons of gasoline down various locations with storm sewers, wait about 30 minutes and followed up with a road flare? Watch out for flying manhole covers!


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