Police secure and investigate the scene of a shooting in San Francisco on Friday, June 9, 2023. Multiple victims were struck by bullets during a shooting in the Mission District Friday night, but authorities said there were no fatalities. (Santiago Mejia /San Francisco Chronicle via AP)
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Gavin Newsom’s California is home to the most radical gun control measures of any state in America. It also wears crown for having the most shooting sprees. Correlation isn’t causation, but could the two be linked? Maybe all those gun control laws only serve to disarm the law-abiding while leaving the criminals free and emboldened to commit violence against the innocent.

On Friday evening, Newsom’s Golden State notched yet another “mass shooting” with nine wounded in one incident in San Francisco. Of course, with Harry Callahan long retired, the SFPD doesn’t have anyone in custody. And the good guys were unable to carry guns for personal defense. Because that might be dangerous.

It happened in San Francisco’s lovely Mission District . . .

The Hill has the story, made even more meaningful after Governor Newsom’s proposal of a constitutional amendment to gut much of the 2nd Amendment.

Nine people were wounded in a mass shooting in San Francisco’s Mission District on Friday night in what police said appeared to be a “targeted and isolated” incident.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the shooting happened shortly after 9 p.m. during a party hosted by a clothing store near the intersection of 24th Street and Treat Avenue.

The San Francisco Police Department initially said that all of the victims were “expected to survive their injuries.” But a statement from the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital said one of the victims remained in critical condition as of Saturday afternoon.

Another was said to be in serious condition, four were in fair condition and three had already been discharged. The victims were eight men and one woman ranging in age from 20 to 34, the hospital said.

Police Chief William Scott called the violence “unacceptable.”

“People should feel safe to go out in San Francisco without fear of being victims of gun violence,” Scott said. “Our investigators are working diligently on this case, and we will have a visible police presence moving forward in the community where this occurred.”

Yes, people should be able to “feel” safe, but disarming good people will never allow for anything but “feelings” to enforce polite behavior. And Gavin Newsom wants to export this kind of “safety” to the rest of the nation through his doomed constitutional amendment.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their heart is a good guy with a gun.


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    • We need to be careful about adopting the Left’s talking point of “self defense” (now that the “hunting and sporting” argument has been debunked). The 2A was written expressly for We The People to keep a tyrannical government in check. Period.

      If we get caught up in the “self defense” sand trap, the Left will simply say we need more police, which is exactly what leads to more tyranny.

      • the Left will simply say we need more police,

        Can’t DEFUND and have MORE police at the same time…

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      • They’re only interested in more federal police/agents. They’re trying to replace local police with “community activists” and social workers. I don’t see them changing course on that policy anytime soon.

      • That has always bothered me, too. Scalia seemingly limited the RTKBA to personal self-defense or, at least, in my opinion, implied that it only applies to personal self-defense. To me this is an affront to the Constitution and the Founding Father’s beliefs and statements at the time. In going through many papers and article of the time, I found “self-defense” mentioned only in context with the country. “When a government betrays the people by amassing too much power and becoming tyrannical, the people have no choice but to exercise their original right of self-defense — to fight the government.” ~ Alexander Hamilton. I guess one could construe “original right to self-defense” to mean that, because it is a matter of self-preservation, and by association, that it is an included right protected by the Second Amendment, and it may well be. That said, there are lots of references to firearms and tyranny in the papers and quotes, either the use of firearms by the tyrant to oppress the People or of the People having firearms to fight the oppressors. They had just gone though a revolution so, yeah, I’m sure those things were on their minds. The “Democrats” have brought upon our nation great chaos and violence, causing the destruction of massive amounts of property and loss of life, including children, without justice for the criminals, all to justify confiscating arms that would be effective for insurrection and revolution. The “Democrats” do not care about life, only ideology. And keep in mind, bureaucrats, which includes the police, are nothing but mercenaries being paid by the “Democrats,” and when it comes time for the revolution, they will side with the guys writing their checks, not their oath to the Constitution and the People. The fracas we see today – division, violence, chaos, targeted justice, corrupt DOJ and courts, economic destruction, loss of confidence in government, etc. – are all part of the Democrat plan to destroy the Republic in the name of the New World Order and the a new feudal society with them in charge. Think China.

  1. Yea, but this is Gavin Newsome we’re talking about here! He will, successfully at least to the left, that the very fact that it didn’t work is proof positive that we need it nationwide.

    POTL (people of the left), are weird that way.

  2. Gordon Gecko Er Governor Newscum© (he of the failed recall)needs to understand the rest of America doesn’t care about Commiefornia🙄

  3. Newsob’s Gun Control agenda is like the Doritos commerical…Shoot, stab, rape and rob as many defenseless citizens as you want…We’ll make more.

    • Tell me how they make more citizens again? Given what they want to teach our kids in school, we will run out of citizens in 50 years. Oh yeah, they want to let them all swarm in our borders, bringing their mental illnesses, communism, and diseases with them, that’s right.

      Soooo….when the governors from Texas and Florida send illegals (oops, sorry, “MIGRANTS”) to San Francisco, we’re actually doing them a favor, right? 😏

      But yeah, I remember Jay Leno pushing Doritos back in the day…”don’t worry, we’ll make more!”

      • “Given what they want to teach our kids in school, we will run out of citizens in 50 years.”

        I figure in 50 years (two generations) the fascist left will have self-sterilized themselves (surgically-revealing their “true inner selves”) to the point they won’t be winning major elections any more, with a bit of luck… 🙂

        • The bulk of the ruling class still tends to get married and have children. They don’t actually believe in the things they’re pushing on the masses. The obvious plan is to constantly import new voters every year. There’s a never-ending supply. That’s why they freaked out over Trump’s border policies. That’s why there has been a record breaking flood of illegals pouring into this country ever since the Puppet assumed power, just as I said there would be (Miner, I haven’t forgotten about that bet you lost, you liar).

      • Ya know, I get a little tired of you who complain about the immigrant’s mental illnesses. We already have boatloads of mentally ill people who are citizens. Start with Newsome, then start ticking off all the Democrat politicians you can think of. Yeah, that silly bastid from Guatemala is pretty crazy, but he doesn’t compete with what we already have in America.

  4. Yes I know the gl0ry h0les are still closed in SF. Under the illusion of trying to stop the spread of HIV_AIDS.
    There’s nothing wrong with spreading HIV AIDS. As long as you tell the person you have it. Before you engage in consensual sex.

    And you can have sex and do drugs in public in SF. A little gun fire every now and then, is I think quite acceptable.

  5. Prohibition does not work. Period. End of statement.

    Anybody pushing prohibition is either braindead or dishonest.

    • If the drug legalization crowd would pay their fair share and taxes?
      Instead of moving to places like low tax Colorado. And then voting for the same destructive policies that destroyed San Francisco and the rest of California.
      But they don’t change their behavior.

  6. Harry Callahan long retired, the SFPD doesn’t have anyone in custody. “Dirty” Harry Callahan was not known for HIS “bring em in alive” methodology of law enforcement so, there would probably still be no one in “custody”…

    Wait, there’s a hospital named “Zuckerberg” San Francisco General Hospital? REALLY?

    • but at least wuth Diurty Harry’s MO they WERE brought in.. in body bags. Thus not very likely to go “out there” and do in someone else. So EssEff was safer in those days.

      Parrly because there were fewer nasty actors out there, and partly because at least some of those considering joining in “the fun” might pause and reconsuder their odds of also joining in the consequences of that “fun”.
      SUlllivan’s System was far better.

  7. Correlation is not causation but doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result next time *is* insanity. It amuses me that the same politicians (and not just in Cali) who don’t enforce shoplifting laws or arrest people menacing others in public are shocked, shocked that their beautiful pieces of paper called “gun control laws” (or whatever obfuscating euphemism is in vogue this week) are not solving anything, but surely more of the same will.

    These are the same people who say, with a straight face, in all seriousness, that “communism has never actually been tried.”

    • After a hundred years of failed “experiments” the results still don’t match the hypothesis and conclusion.

  8. “without fear of being victims of gun violence,”

    correction…”without fear of being victims of criminal violence,”

    the gun didn’t do anything. The criminal did.

    I’m sure Newsom will get right on doing something about the criminal violence… oh wait…

  9. Why Care. California voters are no different than Chiraq voters. They are getting what they want by continuing to vote for politicians that push the Progressive Democrat agendas. Finally businesses and major corporations have given up on cities like San Fransisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, as well as Commiefornia in general. Taking the business’s to Texas, Florida, Nevada and Idaho. As hard as it may be, if you live in Commiefornia it’s time to do likewise. It has taken decades for the cancer that is socialism to reach the point it has and it will take decades to heal the damage it has caused. ‘IF’ (BIG If) the people of California come to the realization that the policies they have supported for their entire lives has resulted in the chaos and destruction they must face on a daily basis. As long as their behavior continues as the status quo. Nothing positive will result and the state will descend even deeper into the Hell it has become. Obviously said something the Moderator found offensive. Truth is a bitch.

        • Yes, ALL facts ARE truth… BUT not everyones “TRUTHS” are FACTS…

          You may or may not recall Bribems claim that “We choose truth over facts”…. Or how about his recent claim that “You could be married in the morning, and get kicked out of a restaurant in the afternoon for being g-a-y”… THAT is HIS truth and I have no doubt that Braindead believes that actually happened (it didn’t) but it is NOT a FACT…
          Everything Minerva, dacyboy and Prince Albert post are THEIR truths but they are only extremely loosely based on any semblance of FACT…

        • MADDMAXX, never said that truths are facts. Sad that you like to embellish to make a point which was never said, implied or intended. Do you always have to have the last word?

  10. “The San Francisco Police Department initially said that all of the victims were “expected to survive their injuries.”

    And in Florida, we have this :

    “Seminole woman ‘miraculously’ survives after being shot 11 times in attempted murder-suicide, deputies say”


    Is the real problem defective, non-lethal guns?

    EDIT – There was one fatality, the guy who shot that poor woman 11 times did mange to off himself…

    • Why in these cases doesn’t the murderer begin with himself?

      It would prove that the firearm works properly — at least once.

  11. San Francisco is becoming Detroit. Democrat leadership coupled with fleeing businesses will result in the same outcome.

    The tech industry will not save San Francisco. The work from home revolution has started and shows no signs of reversing. Tech workers have told their bosses – you can have me from home, or you can’t have me at all. Many of our freelancers left tech positions at large companies due to their inflexible work requirements.

    What industry is left that requires large, expensive offices in places like San Francisco?

    • Gay Bay becoming Detroit? Hardly. Them kweer SOBs are at the bottom of the food chain. Detroit manages to maintain their status a couple rungs up from the bottom. Given a choice of living in Detroit or Gay Bay, there isn’t really a choice.

  12. The g@y agenda always targeted children. That is why h0m0sexuals like Tom Ammiano got elected to the SF school board. With the publicly stated purpose, to stop 2A education. and to do away with the shooting teams for the students.

    And they kept re electing him. And it was another g@y n@zi politician who wrote the law that disarmed teachers. Because some of the rural school districts were allowing teachers to carry.

  13. Don’t worry 400,000 people, many who are obese, will flood into San Francisco to attend the Folsom Street Fair. So they can all have sex in public legally.

    At one time, you actually could carry a side arm during a pride event. But that was banned by the head h0m0sexual Tom Ammiano.

  14. Newsome, please keep your People’s Democratic Republic nonsense in California!

    • Only Stupid people lock ALL of their firearms in a safe. I gave up on safes several years ago and just built a fire resistant firearms room with a steel door. Sold the safes and paid for most of the rebuild of a large walk in closet.

      • When we rebuilt the house here on the farm, we put in a storm shelter safe room. The house could be destroyed and the safe room will still be standing. Reenforced concrete and steel beams. Heavy steer fire door that can be barred from inside. And yes there is an escape if needed.
        We do keep several firearms out of the vault for use on the farm. Shotgun, a couple rifles, EDC handguns, etc.
        My adult kids know either ask, or have a compelling reason to grab a firearm. The minor grandkids know thou shalt not mess with Pa Pa’s firearms without direct permission and supervision.


  16. THe fact is that is does not matter in the USA such is the availability of firearms how many laws are enacted or how many POLICE Officers there are as long as the avilability is there criminals will obtain FIREARMS. I’d be willing to bet my boots that any bad guy or gal with the money in his or her pocket could obtain ANY weapon of their choice within an hour or two. To suggest that all mtis is about some lkind of COMMIE.LIBERAL or other political r takeover is utterly ridiculous especially as those that go downthis route have absolutely no bloody idea of what COMMIE ot LIBERAL actually means. The is NO COMMUNIST NATION in the WORLD that allows FREE access to FIREARMS not a single one’
    By American standards most of the CIVILISED WORLD is far more LIBERAL MINDED than the USA and all of them have strict firearms controls – ALL OF THEM.
    WE certainly DO NOT TOLERATE Morbidly Obese Bearded Toss-Pots of s doubtful sexuality wondering around WAL MART with SEMI-AUTOS just waiting to slot somebody!!
    Last night on PUBLIC TELEVISION I watched a weekly show called NAKED DATE in which the participants are starkers from beggining to end. ‘In the USA the is bloody hysteria if some body shows a bloody TITTY, and the UK has some of the toughest GUN LAWS on PLANET EARTH. .

    • “as long as the avilability is there criminals will obtain FIREARMS.”

      That’s the only few words in your screed that made any sense.

      Although you should have put the emphasis on CRIMINALS rather than ‘firearms.’

      BTW what are you in Old Blighty doing about this?

      Knife crime:

      6% percent increase in knife crime in England and Wales in 2022

      49,265 — Police-recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in 2022

      46% — increase in knife crime in England and Wales in 2022 compared to the 12 months to March 2012


    • Albert, I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. Criminals do NOT obtain their guns from gun stores. I am sure that shocks the ever-loving hell out of you.
      While you are at it, I sure do wish you take a good English language course, one that stresses capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling.

  17. If you live in a California metro area, you are just a victim-in-waiting. It’s not if you will be victimized, but when.

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