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By Roger Katz

As a NYPD veteran police officer, and adjunct professor/lecturer of police science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, National Rifle Association certified firearms instructor (pistol, rifle, and shotgun), and training counselor, and active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, and lifetime resident of New York City, I have dedicated my life to the preservation and strengthening of our cherished Second Amendment. This is no easy task, especially today, as we see constant, concerted, vigorous attacks on the fundamental right of personal defense with firearms.

So it was with more than a little interest I read Stephen Halbrook’s article, “How Does New York City Get Away With This,” published in the August 2020 edition of NRA’s publication, America’s 1st Freedom.

Halbrook is a Second Amendment constitutional law expert and a prolific writer and author who has argued and won several important Second Amendment cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

In his article, he provides a brief history of restrictive handgun licensing in New York City. He correctly observes that “[i]t all started with the Sullivan Act of 1911, the first law in any state (other than the slave codes) to require a license for mere possession of a pistol even in the home.” Toward the end of the article, he makes the point that:

“Nothing has changed since 1911 when [an Italian-American] Mario Rossi carried a pistol for protection against the Black Hand, for which he was sentenced to a year in prison.”

It is, of course, disturbingly, depressingly, frustratingly true that “nothing has changed in New York City since 1911, insofar as the City continues to require a valid license to lawfully possess a handgun.

Still, in a few important respects, much has changed, and for the worse, since the enactment of the unconscionable and unconstitutional Sullivan Act.

In the 109 years since handgun licensing began, New York City’s laws have become more extensive, more oppressive and repressive, and confoundingly difficult to understand. These laws are a labyrinthine maze of ambiguity and vagueness, and they are singularly bizarre.

Unlike many other states that wisely preempt the field of gun regulation, as failure to do so invariably promotes and leads to confusion and inconsistencies across a state, the York State government in Albany has not preempted the field. The New York legislature gives local governments wide discretion in establishing their own firearms laws as long as local government enactments don’t conflict with basic state level mandates.

Albany traditionally allows, and even encourages, local governments to devise their own often numerous and extremely stringent firearms rules. New York City has happily done so, devising an extraordinarily complex and confusing array of rules directed to the ownership and possession of all firearms: rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

New York state law, NY CLS Penal § 400.00 (1) sets forth the basic handgun licensing scheme, applicable to all New York jurisdictions, making clear that possession of handguns falls within the province of the police and that,

“No license shall be issued or renewed pursuant to this section except by the licensing officer, and then only after investigation and finding that all statements in a proper application for a license are true.”

NY CLS Penal § 400.00 (3)(a) provides that,

Applications shall be made and renewed, in the case of a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver, to the licensing officer in the city or county, as the case may be, where the applicant resides, is principally employed or has his or her principal place of business as merchant or storekeeper.

New York City builds upon the state statute, establishing a mind-numbing set of tiers of handgun licensing, mandating the extent to which New York residents may exercise the privilege — not the right — to possess a handgun for self-defense.

The Rules of the City of New York, specifically 38 RCNY 5-01, has established no less than 6 different categories of handgun licenses:

  • Premises License – Residence or Business
  • Carry Business License
  • Limited Carry Business License
  • Carry Guard License/Gun Custodian License
  • Special Carry Business License
  • Special Carry Guard License/Gun Custodian License

New York City’s tiered handgun licensing scheme is not only inconsistent with the Second Amendment, it promotes unlawful discrimination under the due process and equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment and invites both abuse by and corruption in the city’s Licensing Division. In fact, the city’s insufferable and puzzling handgun licensing scheme is, from a purely logical standpoint, internally inconsistent and incoherent.

Premise residence and business handgun licenses place considerable restraints on a licensee’s right of self-defense. Unrestricted handgun carry licenses, on the other hand, are issued only to a select few people who satisfy arbitrary “proper cause,” requirements.

Of course powerful, wealthy, politically-connected elites are exceptions, routinely obtaining the rare and coveted unrestricted handgun carry licenses that are unavailable to the average citizen.

And criminals don’t obey handgun licensing rules or any other state or city law pertaining to firearms, so they don’t care how many laws the city enacts. This hasn’t changed and never will.

But it’s deeply troubling to believe New York City’s harsh, even despotic handgun licensing scheme continues to escape constitutional scrutiny, a point Halbrook makes at the outset of his article, when he states,

“‘Under New York law, it is a crime to possess a firearm’, held the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in U.S. vs. Sanchez-Villar (2004). This ruling was based on the state’s ban on the possession of an unlicensed handgun. This prohibition did not offend the Second Amendment, said this ruling, because ‘the right to possess a gun is clearly not a fundamental right.’ Later rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court—D.C v. Heller (2008) and McDonald v. Chicago (2010—begged to differ. . . . But the Second Circuit must not have gotten the memo. . . .”

Halbrook makes clear that the New York licensing scheme is unlawful on its face because the very concept of licensing is grounded in the erroneous idea that gun possession is a privilege and not a fundamental right. That notion is at odds with the Second Amendment and high court rulings.

New York City residents have been forced to submit to unconstitutional firearms laws since 1911. New York’s gun control laws were and continue to be enacted to disarm honest citizens and to discourage personal self-defense.

It’s Time for Redress

New York attempts to skirt addressing the inherent unconstitutionality of the firearms’ licensing scheme through pompous claims that a person doesn’t need a handgun to defend him- or herself because government is there to protect them. That’s patently false and, in any event, it’s wholly beside the point.

Under the doctrine of sovereign immunity the police are not legally obligated to protect any individual, and they can’t be held legally liable for failing to do so. Courts have routinely so held, including New York courts. This is a fact many Americans are unaware of.

Recent Drastic Changes

Radical leftist state and local governments are no longer even allowing their police departments to provide a modicum of protection for their communities. This follows from the unrestrained actions and antics of Marxist and Anarchist groups to whom they kowtow. They have called for the defunding of and disbanding of police departments across the country and some jurisdictions have begun to do just that.

In New York City the radical leftist Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has slashed $1 Billion from the NYPD budget. This comes at a critical time when soaring crime rates and almost daily rioting demand more funding for police, not less.

What does this mean? The average American can now no longer depend on the police to provide even general protection to their community.

There are also attempts to rewrite the laws on sovereign immunity, to hold police accountable for harming citizens. But this is not intended to secure more police protection or make the police more accountable to the law-abiding public at large. To the contrary, the purpose of overturning police sovereign immunity is to provide the public with less protection and, at once, to allow lawless rioters, looters, and arsonists to engage in attacks on police and innocent people without having to fear retribution.

So, in some ways, matters have changed. Radical leftist-controlled governments are leaving communities less safe by preventing the police from preserving law and order. In some cities, police are even prevented from protecting themselves as lawlessness occurs all around them, rendering them powerless to engage lawbreakers.

The public is seeing the disturbing results: demoralized officers and less safe communities as police aren’t permitted to provide communities with even a modicum of protection. T

Even as these leftist government leaders constrain the police, they continue to resist recognition of the fundamental, unalienable, individual right of the people to keep and bear arms. They demonstrate their contempt for the very sanctity of human life, even as they disingenuously claim to care about it. It’s a recipe for disaster: for a complete breakdown of law and order in society.

Yet, despite the intentions of the radical left, they can’t subvert the dictates of natural law which dictates  the right and responsibility of self-defense rests today, as it always did, on the individual.

Americans must not listen to duplicitous politicians or the complicit media who claim that defunding or eliminating the police is necessary while continuing to push for curbing the right of armed self-defense. And judging by gun sales figures since March, they’re increasingly tuning them out.

Although I have always been a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, I never advocated that everyone should get a gun. I support and continue to support freedom of choice in owning and possessing firearms. But now, in this new reality, it is time for every law-abiding American to be armed. To learn how to properly use a gun to protect themselves and their families.

Our country is at a crossroads. We stand to lose everything that’s near and dear to us if we don’t pay heed to the threats that are directed against us.

It’s the responsibility of each citizen to safeguard their own life and those of their families. It’s becoming increasingly clear that no one else is going to do it. You’ve always been your own first responder. We may soon be at the point where you are your only one.


This article was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Everything’s A-OK in the south, no black lives matter, no covid-19 discussion and our police force will still kill you dead and we stand behind their decision. Still say ma’am and Sir here and hold the door open for the ladies

    • I’m in the UpState of SC and you pretty much summed it up. True, we’ve had some very minor squabbles over some statues, but they are still standing and things have settled down.

      I have been to NYC and would not interfere in how they want to live, but they all just need to say “No” to current gun control laws. Make a collective decision to say “No.” Yes, people will be prosecuted, but the alternative is not any better. Look at the West Coast, Portland has had riots and fires for 60 days….It will eventually happen in NYC to the same degree. Police can do nothing.

      Or they can leave the City…..either way you are responsible for you.

      • “Or they can leave the City…”

        Locusts don’t move to new fields in order to strengthen the locust resistance of the grasses.

      • ” Or they can leave the City… ”

        They are. Or, at least, some of them are. The rich people have all fled out to the suburbs to the point that upscale real estate has taken a total dive. Conversely, housing sales in the suburbs surrounding NYC have skyrocketed. The situation is so bad that Gov. Corleone … excuse me … Gov. Cuomo is begging them to come back. “I’ll take you to dinner, buy you a drink … I’ll invite you over and cook for you…” He’s done everything but promise to get on his knees and… well, you know.

        All of which works very well for the rich. Meanwhile, the average working Joe is stuck where he is, unable to defend himself while the city goes into a slow and steady collapse all around him. And DiBlasio is saying he doesn’t want the rich back, but meanwhile does everything he can to destabilize the situation for the unfortunates who can barely pay the rent, let alone hire a moving van and hi-tail it to the Hamptons.

        So, for all of you who so easily and flippantly say “go somewhere else” as your response to oppressive gun laws, take note — it’s not an option for most people.

        • “…So, for all of you who so easily and flippantly say “go somewhere else” as your response to oppressive gun laws, take note — it’s not an option for most people…..”

          Not flippantly but you have three choices the way I see it. Just say “No!”, my first suggestion and a political statement as well. Leave for an area more in line with your need to protect yourself.

          Or lie down and take whatever is allowed..or not allowed.

          This is the reality for most things POTG come across.

        • “Not so easy to leave”

          So stay right there and ride the ship down. When your house drops enough in value it won’t matter any longer. Plenty of neighborhoods in many cities are full of worthless houses abandoned in the end. Hopefully the only losses are property. When jobs go away and your friends and family are long gone then it’s time.

          Leftists are very good at making gains and holding ground.

        • “So, for all of you who so easily and flippantly say “go somewhere else” as your response to oppressive gun laws, take note — it’s not an easy, convenient, low-cost, effortless option for most people.”

          Long ago, people ignored the hardship, packed up and moved an entire continent away from places they no longer wanted to live. We are not those people, anymore. No getting around it. In the end, we almost all have interests superior to constitutionally protected rights. “I support the Second Amendment, but….” infects us all, somewhere along the line.

          The founders declared that there were some things up with which they would not put, looking at the current political landscape, the current generations are more tolerant people.

        • the current generations are more tolerant people.

          The CURRENT generations (assume millennials /gen Xrs) ARE the “tolerant” fucks that are burning businesses and police stations, occupying public and private property, destroying historical landmarks AND beating up 70 year old women yelling at them that “this is not YOUR world anymore” and calling for the extermination of ALL white people… If THAT is your idea of tolerance you must have an extremely high threshold of intolerance…

        • “If THAT is your idea of tolerance you must have an extremely high threshold of intolerance…”

          First, the statement was irony.
          Second, POTG are way beyond circumstances that energized the founders to revolt. Which is the irony of the matter. POTG are also way more tolerant than were the founders. And it ain’t just about 2A.

      • I came to express a similar sentiment.

        I have concluded in the last couple weeks that well over 90% of people are irrational, hysterical, and/or timid — and operate almost exclusively on primal “instincts” of fear, anger, greed, and lust.

        Such people are unwilling to learn or change. They simply want what they want and keep plodding forward in spite of reality rather than adapting to reality.

        • 11 years a citizen. Ceramic poly hybrid plates, Kevlar helmet. 2 x AR-15, 1 MSR-10 LOTS of ammo.
          Don’t loot. Won’t shoot.

  2. Once people learn they can defy court rulings at will….game over. After a time, such defiance becomes “historical and traditional”, establishing precedent for future courts to rule that the defiance is permissible because it was not stopped earlier. Circular reasoning, just like someone saying that banning machine guns does not violate the constitution because machine guns are not “common” firearms held by the public due entirely to the existing ban on firearms.

    Might makes right, as it has been throughout human history.

  3. “New York City’s tiered handgun licensing scheme is not only inconsistent with the Second Amendment, it promotes unlawful discrimination under the due process and equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment”

    I’m all for the author’s primary sentiment: that NYC’s gun licensing laws are a complete abomination.

    But the author’s representation, above, is utterly wrong. The US Supreme Court was abundantly clear in both Heller and McDonald that reasonable restrictions are permissible, and that what was reasonable was largely going to be left to the individual states and those federal courts with concomitant jurisdiction. We can argue the latter — whether the restrictions are reasonable — but we cannot contend that the idea of a restriction is always impermissible. It’s something of an ipso facto; under our system the Supreme Court DOES determine whether there is an infringement of the 2d or 14th, and it has concluded that reasonable restrictions are not impermissible infringements.

    • The author’s representation, above, is totally correct. The SCOTUS rulings referenced are wrong, as anyone who can read English at a 4th grade level can tell you. Currently, the courts have the power. If they go too far, they will learn why they should not go too far, but it will be too late to do them any good. Or their families.

      • If the legislature wasn’t corrupt and inefficient, these judges that continually give unconstitutional ruling could be removed per the constitution. The ” republic ” that our founding fathers gave us only functions correctly if honest and moral people are elected. There is the problem.

  4. From the article:

    “These laws are a labyrinthine maze of ambiguity and vagueness, and they are singularly bizarre.”

    That’s what happens when the 2A is violated and we begin to allow them to infringe. Or as Geoff put it in another page’s comment, “nudge”. One nudge leads to another, and then another, and one day we wake up and realize that the constant little infringements have resulted in a complete gutting of the 2A, and we have a labyrinthine maze of ambiguity and vagueness that serves only to entrap everyone in a “crime” instead of defending their right.

    • The slow boiling frog, as it’s ever been. Just enough to ruffle feathers momentarily, and then everyone goes back to sleep until the next round. It’s exactly how we’ve ended up here. Now they’ve stolen almost the entire cake, and are now yelling at the top of their lungs their intent on taking the rest.

      Still, as ever… *crickets* from the peanut gallery. Not sure how it can be any more clear than from the horse’s mouth:

      “The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault-type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them,” Biden continued. “It’s absolute mindless. It’s no violation of the Second Amendment. It’s just a bow to special interests of the gun manufacturers and the NRA.”

      – Joe Biden

      Emphasis is mine.

    • LOL, saw that same vid thru TGF. Gives hope for the future generation that there are some out there who can handle themselves.

      God help the boyfriend ten years from now who tries to cross the line with her.

    • I have a video from last weekend with my 8 yr old shooting his moms AR. At the end he had the biggest smile. I’d love to post, but will not advertise my kids.

      He really took to my uncles SW 357 revolver.

      • Had a somewhat similar reaction at the range once with a co-worker and his family.
        His 11-year old asked his Dad if he could shoot my M1a, and his dad just said: Ask him.
        So, I went through the basics with the boy, snapped in a 20-rd mag, and said: When you’re ready, flip the safety off, and have fun.
        When the bolt locked back, he sat the rifle down, and it was all he could do not to break out dancing.
        Plus, he printed every round.

        • My Dad, totally anti-gun, nonetheless got talked into taking me to the range, once. Except he was a Naval officer and we were in Japan, I was 14 and the range he took me to in 1960 belonged to the US Marines, where he had requested one meet us and show me a real rifle. Sgt strapped me into the sling, told me how to use the sights, let me dry fire once or twice and loaded a round. My first live round from a Garand cut paper at 800 yards, and apparently earned me another. That hit not far from the first, after which he adjusted the sights and I put several in the 9 and 10 ring. I could have flown home. As we left, the Sgt told me the Marines would be waiting for me. Young boys and rifles seem almost made for each other.

  5. “Government and Police Can’t – Or Won’t – Protect You”, But they will go after you if you try to do it yourself.

    • Now this is ironic, and it’s exactly what I’m going through right here. Fortunately, the truth is on my side, & I possess the evidence in video, audio, and photographic format.

      What none of that changes, is being ordered disarmed in the meantime, while an imminent threat lurks around the perimeter of my property. When I said lurks, I mean in the extreme literal sense. People might keep that in mind, and it’s propensity to make one a bit touchy when existing in condition orange(y) red state on a day by day basis with no relief nor recourse.

        • We have the technology… 😉

          The hard to bear part is having to wait until the line is well and truly crossed in a completely indisputable fashion in the moment at hand. Truly, nothing is like being ordered to lay down and wait to die.

        • Not sure what you mean, and apologies if you took my comment as negative or sarcastic. I absolutely did not mean it that way, but instead as a reference to the fact that (Federally, at least; YMMV) cap’n’ball revolvers are unrestricted alternatives to “lay[ing] down and wait[ing] to die.”

          Thumbing a single-action hammer requires practice, of course, but also rewards it with a trigger squeeze that is excellent as-is, and easily amenable to further smoothing and lightening. I was so spoiled by the 1858 Remington Army I had in high school, that I did not qualify the first time I shot a 1911 in the military. To this day I get a laugh out of every review boasting about a high-end factory or even custom $2000+ 1911 with a trigger heavier than my $100ish Italian knockoff had right out of the box.

        • No no, I definitely took your comment as genuine advice. Sorry, was trying for humor, and failed I see. Perhaps a little less wry in the mix. I was alluding to possessing a cap & ball pistol.

          I have to be a bit cryptic, I’ve also been ordered not to discuss in anything but in the abstraction, including online. For that, I apologize. 1st & 2A violations abound in the orders. The last within my reply is geared towards being cast as the bad guy, when I am the victim.

        • Ah – I’m very sorry for your predicament, and sorry as well for misconstruing your meaning.
          Situations like yours always come to mind when I hear “moderates” [castrati] talk about differences of opinion, as though statists liked a different favorite color rather than living to destroy good people for doing the right thing. Hang in there!

        • “The last within my reply is geared towards being cast as the bad guy, when I am the victim.”

          If there were no victims available, bad guys would have nothing to do, and like all obsolete species, would just gradually become extinct. Thus, it is victims who enable all the bad actors to continue, so, logically you are a bad guy for being an enabler.

        • @Ummm…

          Perfectly understandable, sometimes when looking through ones own mind’s eye, what seems clear to you may in fact elude others. I can tell you unequivocally that the ongoing is every gun owners vivid nightmare defensive use scenario aftermath being played out in real life.

          If the evidence is ignored and the court doesn’t make this right, I will fight to the last to exact justice. I will not have my rights stripped by lies and deceit without defending them to the utter limit codified in law.

          @Sam I Am, Down With The Program:

          <3 ya Sam. +1 for flawless logic.

          Flip the switch, the hunter is the hunted, he's just to simple minded to comprehend.

  6. My local 5-O is pathetic. And I live in Crook County,IL. Last Halloween they didn’t believe me that there was several gunshots DURING Trick or Treating!(wife & son heard it too) After the May 31 Black Looters Murder BS my opinion was sealed. Bought another AR magazine this week. Not losing sleep over NY!

  7. We’ll all be safe once Biden is blasting cocaine junkies through doors. By virtue of not knowing where he is or lives at any given moment he may very well be protecting your home from the junkies on any night.

  8. The democrats don’t want to protect you. You’re collateral damage on their way to power. Cops now realize they can’t defend even themselves so we are off the list of priorities.

  9. It’s a shame it had to come to this, but hopefully in the long run it will make more people realize the importance of self reliance.

    • MouseGun,

      … hopefully in the long run it will make more people realize the importance of self reliance.

      I have my doubts.

      I live in a semi-rural area with a nice mix of fields/prairies, forests, multi-hundred acre farms, and pockets of homes averaging one acre lots. Due to my neighborhood situation and business activity, I know at least half of everyone within a four square mile area, which comprises roughly 200 homes. A couple days ago, I figured it was time to get proactive and start talking to the neighbors about semi-formally organizing so that we could help each other in the event that trouble comes our way. Here is the really sad/depressing part: I am hard pressed to identify just five families who have the wherewithal to be families that I think I could count on to help if a mob targeted one of our homes.

      As I started thinking about all of my neighbors, poor physical health/conditioning and/or far Left (Progressive) mindset immediately eliminates about 80% of the homes. Of the remaining 20% of homes, most of them do not have a mindset that can even entertain reviewing the current situation much less pledging to help each other through a dangerous event.

      My best remaining choices of my neighbors are thus:
      — deputy in excellent physical shape who seems to be an upstanding guy
      — retired LEO who has an excellent mindset but is getting up there in years
      — avid hunting family, although I have no idea if they see the need to organize
      — retired SEAL who has an excellent mindset and is in great shape
      — auto mechanic who finally realizes that evil abounds and acquired a shotgun

      … and that is about it. It really is pathetic. I fear that we have become a nation overrun with feeble and weak-minded people.

      • Uncommon. If you’re setting your standards too high then, no, your neighbors likely won’t be of any use to you. You make a militia out of the neighbors you have, not those you wish you had.

        How many marathons will your neighborhood militia have to run to send the antifa/blm types packing?

  10. New gork is a leftist state with all the bullshit a state could possibly have the demenocratic governor is a joke and if it wasn’t for the rotten apple he wouldn’t be in office I for one think he’s a garbage man who would do well to hang on the end of a garbage truck.
    All this aside new gork sucks and if it weren’t for my wife I would be outta here like gladamer .

  11. They are trying to make it to where they can do everything to you physically and mentally to your house to your property to your kids, enough to where you have to use a gun to protect yourself and yours and then they want to charge you for it and make an example for everyone to see and then the true video , you know the longer edition, will come out later…. there is a court case in California, St Louis ,New York. And all black women and soros-funded

  12. Two different stories here:

    One, it sounds like Halbrook wrote a pretty good article.

    Two, it sounds like this article’s author – with his full knowledge, and with every other career open to him (including serving in ANY other US jurisdiction) – chose instead to dedicate his life to enforcing, by his own description, the most evil and unconstitutional set of laws in this country. NYC makes California look like a shooter’s paradise.

  13. Unfortunately, many of infected have fled NY to FL where they spread their infection.

    They also brought more Covid with them……

    And most of these are monied and are accustomed to buying influence in NY.

    The infection will spread in FL and we will run the risk of looking like NYC as far as firearms are concerned.

    Skeleton is good example of ignoring rights to appease the pearl-clutching homophobes and curry favor with monied left-wing elitests.

      • Wasn’t necessary to illuminate, I knew immediately of whom you spoke. I hate to say it, but the above is why I was making plans to leave for free lands before the existential issue came up.

        The appalling thing, is they come because more freedom, then vote for exactly that which they left over. The cognitive dissonance is real, and is visible all over Fl. Not just with the NY/Jersey crowd, but the vast irony of those that fled Communist countries voting for the same here. Sometimes, I start to consider how they can be that daft, it boggles…

  14. Posted on previous article but fits here also.
    Unfortunately as with All elections it comes down to the Lesser of the Evils. At this time in Our Nations history that is more apparent than ever. Simple because of the divisiveness among the citizenry. Our nation has been rolling down the hill to this point for the last 60 years (since the 60’s). As the Nation divides itself along clear lines of difference in perception of everything from Politics, Religion and Civil Rights. This is nothing new in the history of Nations. It has happened many times over the course of Humanity. After many years of study and research on the history of Government effects on Civilization. It has become abundantly clear that in every case these divisions lead to the same place. Rebellion followed by War followed by the Downfall of the Civilization and a slow rebuilding over time. The Human species has yet in it’s thousands of years of existence learned to live peaceable with itself. Power, Greed, Lust, Fear and Divisiveness have always brought it down to it’s Baser Elements. Violence and Control. If Our Nation can survives the Tumultuous Times We are facing no one can be sure. If not. The consequence as history has shown will be filled with. Pain, Suffering, Destruction and Death. Be Safe Out There Maintain Op SEC ans as always Keep Your Powder Dry

  15. Last night I took two friends to On Target, an indoor range, to show them how to use their new SW M&P pistols they bought two weeks ago. Previous to this they weren’t anti gun, but saw no need to have one. Thanks to antifa and the demos we now have two more 2A supporters in CA.

    Not because they have guns, but because they see that the dems don’t care if help is 20 min away for the rest of us. As long as they are safe. I do think the sheeple are awakening to why the 2A is so important.

    I have talked to 7 others but don’t know if they ever bought.

  16. I’m going to be brutally blunt here on the political landscape of urban areas:

    Most of these urban areas are controlled by Democrats who have a third-world agenda similar to Robert Mugabe: a spoils system for their supporters based upon seizing the private property of people terrorized into abandoning their property. This is the modern Democratic Party, funded by Soros and his ilk.

    May-issue CCW’s and gun licensing is what they want to shake down rich people for more donations. Those of us who are older remember what it was like before “shall-issue” CCW’s in states – many sheriffs and PD’s would accept ‘donations’ – after which you might get your CCW. The crime rates back then show that none of this “gun regulation” will affect crime one whit. But those of us who remember those days know how much money had to be paid in little envelopes to get a CCW.

    Then we get to the issue of the LEO’s and the Antifa riots, and the increase in crime now happening in the cities:

    The various urban police departments have made it quite clear by now to all observers that they are going to side with Antifa/BLM. If you’re defending your life and/or property with armed force, you’re likely to be arrested and charged. The agenda is clear – and is an echo of how Robert Mugabe rewarded his supporters: the government in Zimbabwe made it clear through actions that the productive, tax-paying citizens were supposed to surrender their property to the mobs.

    So you get what we have here: an increase in crime and shootings. This is because the urban PD’s have made it clear that they’re not only not enforcing the law, they’ve made it clear that the PD’s are siding with the criminal element – again, straight out of the Robert Mugabe School of Government.

    The criminal element is taking the cue and ramping up their agenda.

    The only viable path forward for law-abiding citizens is to leave these urban areas, again, taking a page out of the recent history of Zimbabwe.

    • I will also be blunt.
      It has the policy of white Libertarians, white Liberals, and white Leftists, who said the traditional family of one man and one woman was outdated. They support ($$$) a woman having five kids from 5 different men. They have supported replacing the father with a government check. And replacing his guns with the guns of a big city police department.

      These white people have supported and nurtured the destruction of the family. They provided a way for the crime levels in poor area to never go down. And to in fact, get much worse over time.

      Now those same white Liberals want to leave California and New York for the rural areas where they can f*ck them up as well. The only way to stop rioters is with overwhelming extreme violence from the government. And the three L’s are more afraid of that. Than they’re afraid of the rioters.

      • You’re correct. LBJ’s “Great Society” intentionally funded, with prior knowledge, the destruction of the nuclear family, starting first and foremost in the black community by creating a monetary incentive to remove fathers from the household. AFDC gave greater benefits for getting the father out of the household.

        I will NB, again, for the umpteen-dozenth time, that Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who in 1965 was a policy analyst at the Department of Labor, wrote “The Negro Family: The Case For National Action” which predicted the state of the black community 30 to 40 years later: rampant (over 70%) out-of-wedlock births, breakdown in community, crime, welfare dependency, etc, etc.

        Black liberals (and black academics at that time) blasted Moynihan and his report after its publication, because it threatened the “black liberation movement” of the 1960’s. White liberals tried to downplay it, because LBJ was engaged in an overt purchase of the black voting bloc with his Great Society welfare programs. Conservatives, such as they were at that time, mostly kept quiet because there wasn’t much they could do against the solid hold the DNC held on the Congress and many state legislatures.

        Maybe, just maybe, in this election cycle, the black community is finally realizing that the Democratic Party, the party of the KKK, the party of the antebellum South, the party of the Dred Scott decision, the party of segregation, the party of Woodrow Wilson, the party of LBJ’s destructive welfare programs… the party of Barack Obama (who did much more for white liberal females than for anyone in the black community), might not be the best friends of the black community.

        Just maybe.

        • I wouldn’t hold my breath DG…especially here in Cook County. Black folks already run it-into the ground. Closely followed by the broke azz state of ILL.

      • “The only way to stop rioters is with overwhelming extreme violence from the government. And the three L’s are more afraid of that. Than they’re afraid of the rioters.”

        I completely agree with you that looters and arsonists should all be shot dead right on the spot. It’d be a salutary cure for the current malady.

        I’d just rather we citizens were allowed to implement that cure ourselves. There’s good reason to be afraid of what happens when the government is allowed to use “overwhelming extreme violence” on the streets.

        • The government at state and local levels is using overwhelming extreme violence now. You think that it requires a police uniform. No it does not.

          It only requires a willing mob. A mob that tyrants can control. Or at least think they can control.
          President Trump is correct. He is only using federal cops to guard federal property. It’s up to us now. We need to decide. Are we going to stop the mob. Or will we allow them to continue to kill, 26 so far, and counting.

          Now the mob is using lasers to blind cops and civilian residents. Permanent blindness.

          Yes there is a danger of arrest. By a police force controlled by tyrants. If we use deadly force ourselves.
          But the time is coming when you personally will have to choose. Fight back. Or have everything you own burned to the ground. And perhaps even killed.

          I say Trump 2020. And the day after he wins I highly suggest everyone carry a gun. If you don’t already. Because the districts that vote for Trump.

          They will be the next target of the mobs. And if they have to travel 200 or 300 miles to get to you???
          They will.

  17. It’s really amazing how the former Confederate States of America have better civil rights laws now. Than those so called free states of 170 years ago. Or compared to the “free north” and the rest of the country now.
    People with college degrees call it the The bible belt, Fly over country, etc,etc.

    • It’s not that amazing when one knows the history of the northeast states and how their politics changed with the various waves of immigration that changed their electoral makeup.

      • The Libertarians Liberals and the Left all support open borders. The three L’s are an internal enemy, to the future of American Liberty.

    • Exactly. They should just camp out in their stations, or protect public property, and when Antifa/BLM calls them up and says “Help, help! There’s a man in a MAGA hat beating us up!” the police should say “So sorry. We’ve been defunded.”

      I find it absurd that the LEO’s are answering calls from Antifa protestors. The police should be giving Antifa and BLM exactly what they claim they want – good and hard. They want no police? OK, don’t give them any police coverage. Someone gets shot at a Antifa riot? Please call a social worker.

      Better yet, call a community organizer.

  18. “I have dedicated my life to the preservation and strengthening of our cherished Second Amendment. ”

    So tell us, how many guns did you “take off the street”? How many people did you arrest for carrying a firearm without government permission? How many people did you arrest for carrying a knife? Which weapons laws did you not enforce? How many times did you stand up to a superior and tell them you would not make weapons arrests?

  19. My family has known that the police won’t protect us since the Chicago race riot of 1919 when the Chicago PD took the side of rioters and arsonists like future Mayor Richard J. Daley who tried to burn the Black community to the ground.

    The police have no duty to protect you as an individual, no liability if they don’t, and unless they’re assigned as bodyguards, virtually no physical ability.

    Protect yourself or don’t get protected at all. Anybody who tells you different is a liar.

  20. I lived in NYC in the bad old days of the mid-1970s and applied for a residential permit. i jumped through all the hoops, classes, lawyer, affidavits. Finally, with a 2-inch thick stack of paperwork and a certified check, I went to the basement of One Police Plaza, where in the middle of a huge empty room was a desk, a chair and a NYPD officer. I put all my stuff on the desk, introduced myself to the cop, who didn’t shake my extended hand. The first words he said to me was, “Did anybody tell you about the unofficial cash tax of $500?” What cash tax, I asked? “Do you not f%4King hear me? Do you have the $500 or not? And we don ‘t give f#%king receipts!” I said I didn’t have the money, but I’d done everything as instructed. He looked at me like I was from Mars. “Then get the f#%k out of here, you mook.” Later, a guy I knew told me thatif I was looking for a piece, he had one for sale. He went into his bedroom, came out and tossed me a bag, which I let fall to the floor. “What the hell,” he said? I said, “That’s an NYPD evidence bag; it’s sealed and the chain of evidence is on it. I won’t touch it.” Jeeeez Michael, he said, “You can be a pain inthe ass.” I eft the City not long after.
    Michael B

  21. Small town Texas. (20,000 +/- thousand). White, Black, Mexican, we aren’t rioting or shooting each other. Police not going door to door. We must be doing something wrong. I’m sure there are crimes being committed at any given time, it just does not make us all criminals in each other’s eyes. Wave and speak, and not know names, but a bond of sorts. Neighbors, block by block. Anybody just “cruising thru” knows they’ve been seen and acknowledged. Predators made are more likely to look for easier hunting grounds. (there are no “neighborhood watch” or “firearm free zone” signs).


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