NYPD gun licensing scandal
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NYPD gun licensing scandal charlene gayle
Charlene Gayle courtesy themaconrealty.com

Gee, it’s almost as if New York City’s famously restrictive gun control laws are really just a scam for politically-connected opportunists and politicians to cash in on those seeking to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

As the New York Daily News details, yet another alleged fixer has been ID’d in the city’s extensive gun licensing scandal . . .

A politically connected businesswoman got gun permit applications upgraded and rubber-stamped by the NYPD’s corrupt license division in early 2014, multiple sources told the Daily News.

They called the deals “de Blasio specials” after the famously anti-gun, anti-cop mayor. How’s that for irony?

Brooklyn real estate agent Charlene Gayle allegedly received the VIP treatment when she accompanied members of the Orthodox Jewish community seeking full-carry firearms licenses, the sources said.

Ex-NYPD Lt. Paul Dean alluded to the allegations in paperwork filed in Manhattan Federal Court Wednesday.

Dean’s supervisor in the unit allegedly told him, “This person takes care of Mayor de Blasio and in return we are supposed to take care of this person,” Dean’s attorney wrote.

Former Officer Dean was just sentenced to 18 months in prison for his escapades involving the Licensing Division corruption.

So it turns out that New York pols aren’t really so anti-gun after all. They just want to make sure they don’t miss an opportunity by handing out permission slips without a suitable quid pro quo.

The Daily News’ Stephen Rex Brown apparently typed this graph with a straight face:

It is unclear if Gayle’s alleged role in arranging the upgrades was improper. A spokesman for Manhattan Federal prosecutors declined comment. Gayle did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Let’s see, Gayle was “a longtime donor to de Blasio” and other Brooklyn politicians. Those who wanted to exercise their right to keep and bear arms used Gayle to grease the palms wheels. The Daily News story doesn’t mention any payments Gayle received for her (alleged) services, but other “expediters” fingered in the scandal bragged of pulling in $18,000 per permit, so you do the math.

Federal prosecutors have brought a series of cases that revealed the License Division was rotten with corruption around 2014. Shady “expediters,” including a crooked former Brooklyn assistant district attorney, an alcoholic Shomrim patrol leader and a Queens businessman, showered officers with cash, strippers, paid vacations and other gifts in exchange for special treatment for gun permits. The NYPD has since overhauled the unit.

In short, it appears that some of New York’s anti-gun city fathers (and mothers), the same people who claim that doing something about “gun violence” requires them to enact some of the nation’s most oppressive and unconstitutional restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, were really running a kind of money laundering scheme.

The expediters would collect big fees from New Yorkers who wanted gun permits. They’d then share the graft with License Division employees who were on the take. And politicians.

The Big Apple’s gun control laws were (and may still be) a convenient source of indirect, revenue for the same grifters who hold the power to keep those laws as restrictive as possible. The money the expediters and VIPs like Gayle allegedly take in comes back to them in the form of political contributions.

This is what happens to a disarmed populace.



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  1. The comedy will be when New Corrupt, blatantly outrageous behavior is exactly what leads (we hope) time strict scrutiny for all gun laws nationwide.

  2. The NYPD has since overhauled the unit.

    Yeah, I bet! Once they discovered that kind of money was involved, they needed to increase their share and let their friends in on it.

    • Permits and licenses represent freedoms that politicians have taken away in order to sell them back to you.

  3. Politician is just another word for hypocrite. No matter what side of the aisle they are on. They are all out to enrich themselves and their friends and do nothing for the common man.

    Single term limits are the only way to limit the perverse corruption which is permeates our current form of government.

    • lol… wut?

      I mean, I understand the words you wrote but are you so racist that you can’t imagine there being no connection between two black people in a city?

      The color of corruption is green.

  4. Further, who wants to bet that the Orthodox Jew community members seeking concealed carry licenses are NOT card-carrying members of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership? Not being anti-Semitic here, just anti-hypocritic.

    • Orthodox Jews as a whole are far more conservative than the secular ones. I am guessing that the ones who want a concealed carry permit are not anti gun and likely engaged in a business that moves a lot of cash.

        • Orthodox Jews have a high profile in the gem industry, specifically diamonds. It makes perfect sense to protect large amounts of cash and jewels they occasionally carry.

      • The are not anti gun for themselves. As long as they can pull the strings to get what they need, it’s all good.

      • Knuckledragger
        So white orthodox Jewish diamond merchants are much more important than the black cab driver? Or the white Jewish business man is more important than any other ethnic group or religious group?

        So if you have as much money as the white Jews, only then do you get a firearm permit?

        Is that how you think?

  5. AND…if they kick backs weren’t claimed as income, they could be charges for tax evasion.

  6. Whoever is surprised, raise your hand. Those with raised hands, go sit back down at the kiddie table. This is America. Land of the Fee and home of the Slave. ALL laws are enforced selectively. And not only in this country. And from comments I have read and conversations I have had over my 60 years, many, if not most, Americans agree with this selective enforcement.

  7. Couple of points here for readers to think on.

    1. Ex LT. Paul Dean’s 18 month sentence is something of a joke, and a rather bad joke at that.
    2. As an Ex New Yorker, I was raised in Brooklyn, and lived in NYC, off and on for quite a while. In my somewhat jaundiced/educated view, there are 2 ways in which the problem of handgun licensing can be fixed, that is eliminated. First is to do away with May Issue, substituting Shall Issue in it’s place. I do not realistically expect City Council to so legislate, thereby cutting off a source of bribery for those who are “connected”. Secondly, The Sullivan Law, in it’s entirety, should be gotten rid of. Shall Issue legislation replacing
    this abomination, assuming that one accepts the “need” for licensing at all. Legislative changes would require action from the state legislature, big problem there. Of course, the courts should long since junked The Sullivan Law on constitutional grounds. As to what has for so long held up needed and all to appropriate action from the courts is another story, and a sad one at that.

  8. What in the hell does communism have to do with this? Aren’t most of the prisoners at Gitmo Muslims? Don’t Muslims kill Communists? At least in Afgan. they did. Your confusing your Demons. And the Demons in this and most other problem in this country are The American Voters.

    • NO! The demons are NOT the voters! The Demons are the communists who OWN the MSM that influence voters. A small ‘majority'(those that cause newsworthy death covered up by the MSM for their own political agenda)’ of Muslims are dangerous and infiltrate to demand adherence to Islam, Are the problem. PISS on Communists and radical Islam(and those that hide them).

  9. Man, I gotta get in on some of this government corruption. I could really use $18k right now. But wait…living in NYC? Nah, not worth it.

  10. Meanwhile down the road in Queens, an illegal Salvadoran MS-13 member was arrested for shooting a rival gangsta on a subway platform in front of horrified bystanders. The “suspect” was out on bail of $2,500 for charges including burglary and attempted murder. This from an attempt to steal $80,000 from another rival drug dealer. Here in stark and obvious contrast is NYC justice. $18,000 for an otherwise legal citizen to get a CHP that is available for trivial cost in neighboring PA and not needed in neighboring VT. $2,500 for a hardened criminal, illegal at that, to continue his life of crime.

  11. Same kind of way the Soviet leadership bypassed laws in the old USSR. Typical leftist, the law affects everybody but us.

  12. What happened to this being a FEDERAL CRIME where you would get TEN YEARS for defrauding the government and the BATF. I can guarantee NONE of them will do 18 months, 6 is more like it, out on good behavior and probation and in a WHITE COLLAR jail with no bars and only a chain link fence.

  13. Who elects the officials? VOTERS who vote in a system that they know is corrupt. Shit begets shit.

  14. Bat Masterson once wrote when he was a reporter in NYC, ” The rich get their ice in the summer, the poor get theirs in the winter”. I have seldom seen a good outcome when politics gets involved in an issue. Our founding fathers said that our system of government would only work if we elected moral people. Right again !

  15. Our lefty progressive gray suited overlords are always lip flapping that only government can be trusted with firearms. Hummmm…….

  16. The white communist de Blasio who runs NYC, appears to allow selected black people to have a gun, if they pay for it. This is still racist gun control. The white, Jewish people, who are connected, get guns. The white christian people, in the South get guns. But when MLK requested a carry permit. They told him, “No Guns for Negroes”

    This is not the first time for the white communist mayors close associates.


  17. I’m shocked! SHOCKED! I tell you to think that there could be such behavior. You must be mistaken officer Serpico!

  18. I had a friend who lived in New York. He moved there from Georgia for his job and it was a 1 year assignment. He took every gun he owned with him, and carried his EDC with him everywhere. He said he would not abide by a corrupt city’s illegal gun laws and didn’t register a single one. Good for him.

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