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A mayor who has been openly anti-cop since the day he took office (and before). A zero dollar bail system that turns criminals loose the day they’re arrested. The dismantling of the NYPD’s 600-man plainclothes “anti-crime” unit. Now, Bill de Blasio wants to cut $1 billion of the NYPD’s $11 billion budget to “achieve redistribution.”

Is it any wonder that shootings are reaching highs not seen since the bad-old pre-Giuliani days? Maybe what New York City really needs is to enact tough gun control laws. Oh. Wait….

“I’m excited to say we have a plan [to cut the NYPD budget] that can achieve real reform, that can achieve real redistribution — while at the same time ensure that we keep our city safe, while we make sure that our officers are on patrol around where we need them around this city,” de Blasio said during his daily City Hall press briefing.

“We can do this, we can strike the balance, we can keep this city safe,” he later added.

While Hizzoner offered few details about his spending cuts plan, he would not guarantee that the NYPD’s police force would remain at its current level of roughly 36,000 officers when pressed by reporters.

“We have found a plan that will keep this city safe, that will achieve the billion dollars in savings,” de Blasio claimed during his daily press briefing Monday.

Separately, de Blasio also said his plan would move at least half-billion dollars from the NYPD’s construction and major projects budget to help fund building improvements at youth centers and public housing.

– Nolan Hicks in De Blasio plans to cut NYPD budget by $1 billion as NYC shootings spike

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      • That’s the beauty of TDS: always being wrong and never having to admit it or say “I’m sorry”. Go figure half our country has gone completely insane.

        • Half our country has gone insane, yes. The disorder is called “Marxism” and they’ve been inducing it in schools for decades.

        • why do you think govt regulated education was brought in in the first place? Govt controlled healthcare is no different

  1. I’ve been saying for weeks I think they’re doing this on purpose. Defund the police, let things go to shit for a few months or maybe even years, then swoop in with even more controlling and invasive nonsense to make it look like they’re saving the day.
    “Never let a crisis go to waste?” Hell, who needs to wait for a crisis when you can create your own?
    Only time will tell now.

    • I have to say I concur with your assessment. If you make it bad enough people will beg you to save them. They won’t even remember that you caused the blowup in the first place.

      • Most school indoctrinated types never bother to read that far into the history of the various Marxist or even the French/Mexican revolutions with spinoff editions. Those that do typically have the it will never happen to me or things are different syndrome going on. The scant few that know and accept the likely outcomes are the scary ones.

    • Loretta lynch is reorganizing them . They will send the nypd home and get UN peacekeepers to sort it all out

    • Even a few years ago this suggestion would have been absurd. Now? It’s hard to even exaggerate anymore. Satire can’t keep up with the foolishness of the evil progressives.

    • I don’t use crisis or sell fear to enforce policy. I just take what I want when I see then. I don’t need to lie or be decietful because they did it do themselves with bad positioning and silly planning. If it was up to whites alone the silent majority would allow the police to be that abusive but this time is different. Although less in number blacks seem more capable of causing fast radical change. And the usual blacks who would aquiese to terrorism caused for the reinstatement of police have been neutralized. If those blacks let the police back in then they would have to deal with me and I would show NO mercy.

      Any violence is basic masonry activating sleepers to cause mayhem to spook conservative whites into giving up freedom for security. Ignore the violence and it will subside. Unless it is the right people being shot and then it is just a purge. So really the nwo has lost this one.

    • I suspect the goal here is to purge the police of the remaining decent officers. Then when things become chaotic and horrible, people like DeBlasio hire new recruits to fill the ranks. Think ANTIFA and BLM goons. They will then enforce the law against and bring the awful weight of the government down against the “correct” groups – Capitalists, Christians, Jews, uppity white folks, etc.

  2. Cut budget?
    Make safer?
    DeBlasio a Republican now?
    Oh, he meant safer for wallin out savages and criminals.

    • Neither will the vigilante committees….. and there won’t be any public control, accountability, or consequences. Your vote will be meaningless and your complaints will fall on deaf ears. Then, you’ll know what it is to truly be a surf. You complain now? Just wait.

      • Serf, not surf. The latter is where you go for a swim in the ocean provided you can get past the assholes crowding the beach without catching the virus.

  3. I can’t wait until the mob strings this idiot up from a lamp post. Maybe then all of these prog pols will clue the f* in.

  4. When did being fiscally conservative turn into a bad thing?
    When did the government throwing money at a failing solution turn into a good thing?

    • “When did being fiscally conservative turn into a bad thing?”

      The moment the cut is earmarked for “redistribution”.

      It’s hilarious how people think they can redirect money from rule of law programs to “social programs” (subsidizing degeneracy) and expect anything other than a net increase in degeneracy, or decrease in rule of law.

      I don’t believe in “fate”, but I believe in causation. It’s like karma, but for rational adults.

      • But it’s not. Read the article.
        I have no doubt, given the environment, that it would be redstributed, but the cuts themselves are not a bad thing.

        You can count yourself as a conservative, or you can keep fattening the pig that is our government at every level. You can’t do both.

        • I have read the article, genius. That’s where I obtained the direct quote “redistribution” – “real redistribution”, actually – from DeButtholio. It is not an inference I concocted out of my own imagination.

          The article also specifically mentions “building improvements at youth centers and public housing”.

          The article specifically discusses a cut to the POLICE budget, with zero indication whatsoever that there will be an overall reduction in the CITY budget, or that the money would be returned to the taxpayers.

          Now I will begin inferring: In the year of COVID, there is about zero chance of an overall decrease in the budget. In the exceptionally unlikely event of a net decrease, the savings would certainly be “returned” to people who never paid taxes in the first place.

        • Umm, I get that, and I read that too. But it doesn’t say that any of those funds are coming from these cuts. I imagine that probably has more to do with the reality of the budget process than anything else.

          But even so, even if it was moving money to other programs, so what? Why is that a bad thing? Again, continually throwing money at our criminal justice problem does not work.

        • “Why is [moving money to other programs] a bad thing?”

          Self-disciplined, self-made men establish republican governments “to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity”. Security, however flawed (admittedly more flawed in New York), helps serve that constitutional purpose.

          Redistributing the product of hardworking citizens’ good choices to insulate parasites from the consequences of their own bad choices is precisely what any legitimate government exists to prevent – and, again, cannot possibly have any other outcome than a net increase in bad choices.

        • DeBlasio’s billion-dollar police budget cut is the worst of both worlds.

          Taking money away from law enforcement and “redistributing” it gets you an even less effective version of the same crappy law-enforcement system, AND strengthens the race-baiters and community organizing grifters who are dedicated to making the current set of problems even worse.

        • Ing, more money to a government program does not mean a more effective government program.

        • Easy. Defund the police, redistribute via tax cuts. Don’t get no better. I am certain that is what the distinguished mayor is suggesting.

        • Umm,
          That assumes that the New York City Police are providing security to the community, and that more money to them provides more security to the community. I will not agree with that assumption.
          I don’t understand why anyone would.

        • The proposition “Tax money is better spent on [any constitutional function of government] than distributed as handouts to parasites” requires no “assumptions” other than those already embodied in the Constitution.

          OTOH we’re all talking past the basic fact that people simply weren’t meant to live like factory-farmed chickens. That’s the answer to NYC’s crime problem, their cop problem, their COVID problem, and a whole host of others. There is no right way to do something irrational and unnatural.

        • I don’t count it as conservative to turn your cuts into magic money to spend somewhere else. Now if you took the money away from the government so they didn’t have it at all. Thus forcing them to make cuts to balance their budget (since unlike the feds they can’t just create money out of thin air) that is a conservative position. If they get to keep the money and then spend it buying votes, not a conservative position.

        • I agree with you in general, but I do think one of the few legitimate functions of government is to enforce laws against harming people and property. Not to argue that the NYPD needs that money to function, I don’t pretend to know whether it does or not.

      • Money is wated on police. They broke the law and make everyone hate them. They are the ones always coming for your guns or did your racism temporarily override your socalled progun politics. No police= guns for all. Freedom means bloodshed. Security means being imprisoned without bars. So stop crying for people shot who you don’t know and don’t really care about. They may have deserved it. If you look for trouble you find it.

    • “fiscally conservative”? How much is he lowering the taxes? If he is just moving the money to more wasteful projects, it is exact opposite of being fiscally conservative.

      • It sounds like he’s moving money to more politically helpful projects. Money = power. Budgets = power. His power just increased by $1 Billion.

        • Not if it’s redistributed to community-organizing grifters and race-baiters. A conservative would actually save the money for a rainy day or maybe give it back to the taxpayers (in theory; I don’t know that there are any actual conservatives in most governments anymore).

        • Ing,
          Those are two different things. Taking from one can still be a good thing. Giving it to someone else can be a bad thing. There are mutually exclusive.

        • Frequent lurker, rare commenter. But I felt that this needed a rather verbose response, as a serf in the southeastern corner of deBozo’s criminal Playland.

          First some (lengthy) background: roughly %50 of NYCs 80+ billion dollar budget comes from commercial real estate property taxes and transaction taxes. In the city’s failed effort to “control” the Wuhan virus (aka Coronavirus) or to “get Trump”, they’ve killed the golden goose – commercial real estate transactions have fallen by ~80% whilst many enterprises are looking to reduce their real estate footprint. You see, the initial two weeks to flatten the curve was tolerable within the realm “we’ll all be back in the office soon”, but when you decide it should be 2+ months, many enterprises recognize the fact that a) their IT infrastructure can handle everyone working from home, b) hey, my employees are nearly as productive, even while balancing Zoom school, which leads to c) why the hell are we paying for a 10k seat office space when in reality we only need 1000, even with the nominal productivity loss still heavily offset by the facility cost savings. More importantly, wages will fall as companies recognize that they can hire the same skills for half the price in remote workers that reside in lower cost states. Which will significantly impact about another 20% of city revenue that comes from local income tax. Its a nightmare scenario for city coffers: falling wages combined with rising cost of living due to the inevitable tax increases. Matched neatly with a stagnant real estate market, but wait, let’s add rising crime for the final kill shot, depressing tourism. No one ever accused deBozo of fiscal competence.

          At the state level, Andy The Granny Killer is hoping for a Biden win so he’ll get a bailout for the insolvent state Authorities(think MTA among others) which they “oh so sneakily” keep off the state books – but whom the taxpayers will be on the hook for when they inevitably need a bailout. This probably won’t happen, leading to an increased state income tax rate. Heck, we’ve been neck and neck with CA and NJ for highest state tax rate in the nation. At least Gov. Party Tits will have some claim to fame aside from most Failed Governor Ever.

          And we conclude with NYPD spending. While one can argue that transferring money from one government institution that has a history of waste(the NYPD), to another who’s financial history is ambiguous at best, might be a “conservative” move. This is not the case. The NYPD, for better and for worst, has been rather successful at keeping crime rates low in NYC. While the stats are a bit misleading, considering that Manhattan is the most populous but also has the most manpower applied(fun statistical exercise, remove Manhattan from the stats, and then calculate the per-capita crime rate), crime overall has been kept in check, more or less, since the Giuliani era. Moving money to vapid and amorphous “community groups” is simply patronage by other means. Case in point, look at the the mayor’s wife’s homeless program: 750+ million that’s practically unaccounted for. This is not conservatism by any stretch of the imagination, but rather a ringing endorsement of the cronyism endemic to NY politics for the last two centuries. Keeping that money within the NYPD will at least result in a continued modicum of law enforcement, while redistributing to “community groups” will ensure that the local war lords maintain their fealty to the office of the mayor, when not eliminating rivals in drive by shootings or torturing the homeless with fireworks. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the former, for the little time I have remaining in this hellhole, that is until I exercise the Snake Plissken option.

          Bonus round: deIdiot plans to increase traffic enforcement to pay for all this. Apparently speed camera construction is essential business during the lockdowns, they went on a construction blitz during the lockdowns. Guess who’s been traditionally impacted most by motor vehicle infractions…

          – B0fH

  5. Oh well…as I’m reminded about ILLinois “you voted it in”. This fool is worse than any Chiraq mayor!

    • Mayor Bill has a long way to go before he reaches the level of incompetence of Chiraq’s mayor. 334 homicides YTD, and 16 this past weekend alone.

      Check out to see the daily carnage in the Windy City.

      The tallest and shortest mayors in big cities. WTF!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh no will the remaining $5,000,000,000 budget be enough for them to enforce tyrannical gun laws and other victimless crimes?

  7. ” …KEEP this city safe”.
    Your honor, you keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means. The city is not safe!

  8. Lurch and the Shit Show. Let the chaos reign. Most New Yorker’s can’t be bothered by all this. They all live high above the fray of the lower class. It won’t happen to me, so why should I care. As long as they can get their $10 coffee and cocktails after 5. Let the peasants grovel in the filth of their own making.

    • Funny, most never mention class in all of this. Which is, the real root of the issue that most either refuse to recognize, are lacking the grey matter to analyze, or to self-involved to focus their attentiveness on the overarching push. Not racism, but classism. That is the real motivation behind the fervent attacks on the 2nd, it’s largely a power move against the black communities lower & middle class with the intent ultimately, to subjugate.

      It’s mirrored in China’s moves against Hong Kong currently underway with the newly adopted “security” law. Only here, at a slowly boiling frog pace, so no one gets to put out and calls for action, or leads the charge.

  9. I see a Biden / DeBlasio ticket…so when this country falls to the level of other “turd-world” countries…where shall we begin the rebuilding?

  10. If the NYC police commissioner had any balls, he would say, “Fine. I can do it with a billion less.” Then, he would allocate more to training, especially hand to hand combat (BJJ or wrestling) and marksmanship so that his cops could arrest uncooperative suspects without killing them and not hit innocent bystanders when shooting was unavoidable. Pay for the extra training by letting force numbers dwindle from current levels. Concentrate the fewer, better cops on serious crimes and ignore the minor stuff where enforcement just pisses people off.

    • Investigating serious crimes will endanger cops. Restrict the cops to picking up bodies so old they’ve begun to stink. Give the city 2 hours notice the cops are not coming, take care yo own bidness. Every station with 3 select fire aimed at the door from inside, 24/7, supervised poker inside, and let hem work it out, outside. Eventually, begin to venture out in a very small way, see if you’re welcomed.

  11. Times are going to get tough real soon because of the shutdown. The cuts to police budgets won t reappear as basketball courts, rec centers, or free houses. Then everyone will be pissed.

  12. Reducing the police budget may have some unintended consequences. Right now the criminal element is mostly contained to their neighborhoods. Once the thugs realize that there are not enough police to keep them from expanding their horizons crime will start moving on up to the middle class neighborhoods. The killing fields will expand and low crime areas will see an increase.

  13. The people of New York deserve what they vote for.

    2013 DeBlasio wins with 73.15% of the vote
    2017 DeBlasio wins with 66.5% of the vote

    Wallow in it New York and fuck off.

    • His plurality dropped by 6.65%. At that rate, it will take “only” three more election cycles to get rid of him. It might not take that long. Consider that David Dinkins was succeeded by Rudy Giuliani.

  14. The more the democrats want to eliminate themselves the better off America will be!
    Set the example NY & Seattle & show the country how you can achieve 3rd world status!

    • Just amazing. There is even a movie about NYC without cops, you don’t even have to read a book! Escape from New York should be all you need to see the future.

  15. While all this racism finger pointing is going on hold the democRat Party liable for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.

    Never mind the statue removing token throwing theatrics…Cut the chase…The democRat Party should be held liable for Monetary Reparations payable to the victims or descendants of the victims of democRat Party race based atrocities.

  16. Why the hell does a police department need an eleven billion dollar budget anyway? What sort of stupid crap has the NYPD been buying over the last several decades?

    • Locking up people with standard capacity mags and denying them carry permits isn’t cheap. Make sure to thank them for their service.

  17. What he’s doing- and what is being done in lots of blue cities right now- will not be easily undone and it will take years or decades.

  18. Joseph Malone says: >>> June 30, 2020 at 12:36
    Any violence is basic masonry activating sleepers to cause mayhem to spook conservative whites into giving up freedom for security.

    __Crisis, the third stage of subversion, [spook(ing) conservative whites into giving up freedom for security] {~funny that you would use that term spook}, has the obvious benefit of panicking demoralized, destabilized people into abandoning their legal protections and constitutional ideals.

    Somehow the lesson of wanton violence that killed people and destroyed countless livelihoods became “let’s get rid of the police altogether.” The threat of a crisis is essential for terrorizing the middle class into accepting a political agenda that is actively hostile to its interests, which leads to the fourth stage of subversion:

    [Normalization] – the offer to make the pain and fear go away by accepting political domination. i.e., accepting BLM and paying reparations, the so called ‘I can’t breath’ movement, the concept of ‘systemic racism’ and now even ‘systemic inequality’>[the newly coined term of the leader of BLM New York] … The ‘new normal’ won’t be anything like the past; and that’s the point that, the subversion of society is complete.

    Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin(if they were living) would be proud of the subversion of American society that has taken place; it has been complete, was done by the KGB book, and has been a total success.

    BLM, ‘I can’t breath’ movement, antifa and other Soros operatives and anarchists – Hail victory!/Hail (to) victory!

  19. B0fH says: July 1, 2020

    Frequent lurker, rare commenter. as a serf in the southeastern corner of deBozo’s criminal Playland. %50 of NYCs 80+ billion dollar budget comes from commercial real estate property taxes and transaction taxes. why the hell are we paying for a 10k seat office space when in reality we only need 1000 / wages will fall as companies recognize that they can hire the same skills for half the price in remote workers / nightmare scenario for city coffers: falling wages combined with rising cost of living due to the inevitable tax increases. Matched neatly with a stagnant real estate market, but wait, let’s add rising crime for the final kill shot, depressing tourism.

    __Great on point comments B0fH . And what is going to be the result of all that you pointed out? Of course the people that can move out of the city, and state, will do so. No property tax states like Tennessee, and other low tax red states, already get plenty on NY refugees. Problem is the refugees change their locations but usually don’t change their ways and remain far too liberal. Then eventually that can turn states like Virginia and North Carolina into blue states. The saying is a yankee that comes as a visitor but returns home isn’t so bad, but the ones that come and stay are damn-yankees. It will take another Rudy Giuliani to ever clean up and repair NY city, but then again it may be too late to ever bring it back.

    Mad Max 5′ movie … Mad Max: The Wasteland … The way New York city is going they could use the city as the place to make the film. Best case it’s going to become another Chicago with a similar body count and blood bath.


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