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Gun control is racist. The laws were designed and created to deprive American minorities of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. No surprise, then, that many of this nation’s largest minority communities are home to America’s most draconian gun control rules and regulations. To wit: New York City. As our man Brett Solomon will tell you, a law abiding New York City resident has about as much chance of getting a concealed carry permit as winning the lottery. While getting bitten by a shark. As lightning strikes. If, however, you’re extremely wealthy, you’re good to stow. As you peruse the list of contributors to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s previous political campaigns Big Apple concealed carriers, ignore the’s “one percenters” class warfare crap. Everyone has a right to carry a gun. Everyone . . .

The really loaded

Ronald Lauder: Worth $3.3 billion, No. 103 on Forbes
Donald Trump: Worth $2.9 billion, No. 128 on Forbes 400
Joseph Sitt: Coney Island developer with assets of $1 billion
Andrew Farkas: Island Capital CEO used to employ Andrew Cuomo.
Richard Fields: Hard Rock casino mogul
Howard Stern: Recently inked $400 million deal with Sirius
John Catsimatidis: Gristedes CEO worth $2 billion, No. 212 on Forbes
John Mack: Former Morgan Stanley CEO
Larry Gluck: Real-estate mogul owns Independence Plaza and heads Stellar Management.
Adam Rose: Owner of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.
Isaac Perlmutter: Marvel comics CEO worth $1.9 billion, No. 263 on Forbes.
Tommy Mottola: Bronx-born recording exec worth $100 million
George Klein: Real-estate mogul, CEO of Park Tower Group
Ivan Seidenberg: Former Verizon CEO made $62 in 2009-2011
Dana Duneier: CEO of Madison Avenue jeweler Clyde Duneier
Albert Fried: Managing director of venerable Wall Street firm Albert Fried & Company.
Martin Goodstein: Founder of Goodstein Management
Donald Trump Jr.: First son of The Donald works for the Trump Organization.
Eric Trump: Third son of Donald, he’s also in the family biz.

Strangely, the Post’s list of NYC’s “21,243 Tom, Dick and Dirty Harry’s” doesn’t include celebrities (e.g., Robert DeNiro). Something to do with maintaining access for the paper’s paparazzi?

The Post’s list also doesn’t “out” the thousands of retired law enforcement officers who can carry concealed—who are obviously better than the average citizen when it comes to gun-handling (or not). Or the bodyguards who protect the politicians who protect the rules and regulations that infringe on the Second Amendment rights of the City’s eight million residents.

Laws that are so anti-gun that it’s amazing that anyone even tries to get a New York City concealed carry permit. Read this and weep:

The number of heat-seekers is increasing: as of Feb. 29, 358 people have applied for gun permits, compared with 286 for the same period last year, according to the NYPD. The department says it granted 188 new licenses so far this year, compared with 228 last year during the same time.

Will New York City ever shake-off its elitist, racist anti-gun fascism? That’ll be the day.

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    • New York reserves the police for protecting the rich and influential. They use the crime to control everybody else, because everyone else is not allowed protection or defense. Wait until this spreads beyond the boundaries of NY.

    • Sure, we all have the *right* to live elsewhere, but how many of the lower and poorer class can afford to move across town, much less to another state with more lax CCW requirements? Most of us are stuck right where we are, despite whatever *rights* we may have. Almost anyone with a clean record can purchase a gun. But buying ammo and range time to make sure you practice regularly? Proper gun ownership is not a poor man’s hobby.

    • Yeah let me just tell my boss to keep paying me while I back away slowly, and as far as possible from this city. Not that simple. I’m fairly young, I think slightly more responsible than most 20somethings and have known for several years now that NYC is a cesspit that must be escaped, but I also know without a miracle it is a long way of working and saving from now.

      • It just depends on how much you love your stuff. Sell it and move, even if you have to stay in a cheap hotel for awhile as you find work and a more permanent home.

        Easiest to do this while you’re young and unattached. (Or old and unattached.)

        • Wow you really seem to think I have a lot of “stuff” or at least some high value “stuff.” What about Believe me, I am working at escaping the city I was violently birthed into, but you guys act like it’s simple as throwing a switch. It is decidedly not, I’ll leave it at that without getting into my personal situation.

        • +1

          I also think part of it is that people who live in the absurdly over-expensive NY City fail to realize how low the cost of living is in most of the country. What you pay for a 600 sq ft apartment in NY City will buy you a 2,000+ sq ft home with 1/4 acre or more of land in the midwest.

    • The problem being that the type of person who wants to live in NY City is too stupid to understand that they could move somewhere else in protest. To them it’s all about the attention they get at all the inane bars / clubs.

      • It’s not all about bars and restaurants. Can you find a job in the Midwest? What are your career prospects going to be like? Depending on what industry you’re in, those aren’t necessarily easy questions to answer. You may not be able to find a good job in your field in Omaha or wherever.

        For example, we’re talking New York here, what if your job is junior stock trader? How many of those jobs are there in Kansas? Or Oklahoma? Or Wyoming? If you can’t do what you’re doing now, what will you do? If you’re in the middle of your career, it might not be an attractive proposition to start from zero all over again. Add in moving away from family and friends, and we’re talking about a major life change here.

        • I know several stock brokers making quite a bit of money in the Midwest. There are plenty of those jobs available in the major cities in every Midwestern state. Will you make millions a year? Probably not, but when you factor in the significantly lower cost of living, you’re still making a fortune.

          They have all of the same jobs in the rest of the country as they do in NY City. The difference being that the rest of the country isn’t associated with being a massive attention whore, so the people desperate for attention go to NY City and LA to do the same work in a place with a lower quality of life.

        • Not broker, trader, the guys actually out on the floor of the exchange. You can’t do that job anywhere but actually at a stock exchange. Admittedly, there aren’t a lot of jobs like that, but if you’re in one of them, what are you supposed to do?

        • Find a new career, move to another city that does stock trading (such as London), or stop bitching about the city / profession you chose.

          I’m graduating with my masters in June and I’d have a lot more job opportunities if I would consider moving to a shit hole like NY City, but I’d rather tough it out in a job market that’s not as good than give up my Constitutional rights, live in an area with a vastly higher crime rate, deal with absurd traffic 24/7, and face an insanely higher cost of living.

  1. New York City Gun Permits Reserved for the Rich. Again. Still.

    Everyone has a right to carry a gun! #Occupy will take up this cause immediately, for the (fictitious) 99%!!! In an alternate reality. When pigs fly. Never.

    • You know what’s weird? When Tim and I went down to Occupy protests ALL of the people we talked to were pro-2A. Click here to check it out.

      • I too have had that experience. There are a lot of socially liberal people who consider 2A an issue of equalizing natural born differences in size, strength, and physical ability when it comes to self-defense (which is a civil right!)


      • I think of myself as mostly liberal in the sense that I don’t care what people do, act, say in their personal lives as long as they don’t hurt anyone else and also have no problem with 2A. What I don’t understand is the problem people have or had with occupy. If you are a New Yorker I can understand because most of them are extremely undereducated with jobs given to them through AA or their Italian or Jewish Uncle or the mommy/daddy connection. They don’t let anyone else in and have no clue about the real world and work and money. Wall Street is a joke all I ever see down there are people on their way to welfare jobs. We do have a crucial problem with debt in this country and it’s only getting worse and the last thing I would want is to live in NYC. Oh and New Jersey is the 2nd cesspool across the river. Oh, if you are white and American no jobee for you in either place. It’s very sad and disgusting what they are doing. New York City is worse than Miami that’s how bad it is. Even in Miami I had job offers as a white American. NYC nada even from my own people, even before 9-11. They are either mommas boy, don’t care, or too afraid to lift a finger.

  2. Here’s hoping. Maryland has been a similar situation for a long time, just not quite as bad. With Judge Legg’s ruling striking down the key part preventing MD from being Shall issue, there’s hope his ruling would carry weightwith higher courts and eventually apply for others like NYC, CA and HI

  3. As gun ownership becomes more and more popular in the country and the truth about guns begins to overtake the mass media’s slander and lies, cities like NYC might begin to wise up. I’m not holding my breath for the near future. Of course, the people of these cities have to stop voting in scum-suckers like Bloomberg. You get what you vote for.

  4. @GS650G Sure, we all have the *right* to live elsewhere, but how many of the lower and poorer class can afford to move across town, much less to another state with more lax CCW requirements? Most of us are stuck right where we are, despite whatever *rights* we may have. Almost anyone with a clean record can purchase a gun. But buying ammo and range time to make sure you practice regularly? Proper gun ownership is not a poor man’s hobby.

    • So what is the solution? Take a good look at NYC and tell us all what it’s gonna take to change the situation? It’s too bad you or other people can’t afford to move where you have your rights. The dice were tossed a long time ago for certain areas and that’s it. If you can’t afford to move or the means to arm yourself then deal with it.
      I used to live in gun free places and I moved. I had opportunities in places that were not gun friendly and turned them down because living in an unsafe place with no means of self defense was a non-starter.

      So instead of twice directing fire at me, do something about your situation or help someone else GTFO of NYC.

      • I didn’t “twice direct fire at you”. The first time I hit “post” I received an error message, saying to retry, when apparently, it had actually gone through, hence the double post.

        As for GTFO of NYC, in my case, that’s not an issue, as I live in Oakland, CA. I was simply stating that moving isn’t always an option for everyone. You seemed to be oversimplifying the situation. I don’t have an answer, ouside of I believe that anyone who is cleared to own a firearm should automatically be allowed to carry concealed. An armed society is a polite society.

      • So at what point can we stop running from those who violate our rights and start demanding that these rights be respected?

        • When you see the Welcome to New York or Welcome to New Jersey sign in the rear view mirror.

          Seriously folks, people live there that want these laws, that’s what they voted for and care about. They have all the money and politicians in their back pockets.

          Fortunately they are not interested in flyover country.

  5. While I appreciate the point of this article, I must disagree with the tactic used.

    I strongly object to publishing ANY lists of concealed carry permit holders anywhere at any time.

    • I’m with you, Mike in NC. To me, publishing anything about my supposed gun ownership is a bad idea. (I’m picturing the bad guys making a Google map with gun owners by address–sort of a high tech “shopping list” for criminals.)

      • Did you read this specific list? No “bad guy” will ever get within ten feet of those listed in public, nevermind past their fortress like personal security at home. These are rich, pretentious and sometimes hypocritical (on gun control for the proles) elite, I’m sad they left off any hollywooders and proud they left retired 50 off, as much as I find myself at odds with the fascist tone of the NYPD these days.

        • Maybe so, but The NY Post is not the only place in the U.S. where CC Permit holders havc been listed & published. (The “rich & famous” may or may not want the publicity, but I sure as hell don’t want any.)

        • Never said you should get any, I guess I wasn’t clear enough on that. I agreed only with this specific instance, which is being used to call attention to a hypocritical practice that damages people who make less than eight figures. We can’t ask everyone to be treated fairly, even the hypocritical lefties who bear arms while attacking our right to do so and actually eventually win. The only way to bring down a hypocrite is to expose the hypocrisy.

          I am NOT in favor of publishing in any other but this very SPECIFIC context, which was not in any way mandated by a law so SIG HEIL arguments are null (nor am I in favor of any such law, EVER). Same reason I was okay when Rosie’s bodyguard got outed, they want to control us but do what they want? Please.

        • First they outed Rich CCW holders
          and I did not speak out because I was not Rich.

          Then they outed…

          I choose to speak now! Where will any of us be in this progression?

          Concealed means CONCEALED!

        • Nobody is going to drag the rich elite of NYC out of their steel gated penthouses with armed security, I somehow doubt old or young Trumps are much worried about seeing the nono showers at the behest of gun grabbers. Sheesh, this whole anti-grabber fervor seems to convince a lot of folks that the rich are good no matter what, even when they steal lie, and carry guns while fighting against those disgusting unwashed carrying guns.

        • Much as I disagree with this particular instance of comparison, Godwin should have gone in the internet memory hole already, he is not a scientist and he does not have a law.

      • To me, publishing anything about my supposed gun ownership is a bad idea.

        We have morons who publish CCW records in Indiana.

    • In general, I’d agree with you. However, considering that these are people who bought their permits at the cost of everyone else’s right to carry being violated, I say screw ’em.

  6. This just in: rich New Yorkers can get anything they want, easily, if they’re willing to pay for it. That includes all kinds of contraband, such as guns, Cuban cigars, and the most expensive hookers known to man. Just ask Eliott Spitzer about the latter. They can also obtain zoning variances, special legislation, building inspectors who look the other way and favorable court decisions. Traffic and parking tickets have been known to disappear. Criminal charges are miraculously withdrawn. Doors are always open.

    In New York, everything is for sale, but nothing is cheap. Especially justice.

  7. I believe the gun control laws were originally and for many years afterwards race-ist. Now, however, I think they are more elite-ist or special-class status based being biased in favor of those individuals with high net-worth and political connections than race-ist.

    • Well I know that one of the requirements in Connecticut is that you be a “suitable person”. It takes only a passing glace at the relationship between the police departments and the black community to know what is meant by “suitable person”.

    • The modern era of gun control in California was kicked off with the Mulford Act, which was signed into law by Ronald Reagan. The major impetus for the Act was the fact that the Black Panthers were regularly open carrying loaded weapons. So a conservative hero banned loaded open carry in California because a bunch of black, leftist Maoists were exercising their Second Amendment rights.

      As you said, there are definitely multiple -isms packed into gun control. That’s why I, as a liberal, oppose it. I believe in civil rights, and I believe the right to self defense is definitely one of those, and guns are a crucial tool for that. The DGU posted earlier where the elderly woman defended herself in her home is a perfect example. Subtract the gun and she is at a major disadvantage. Those who would deny law abiding citizens guns are putting her and others like her at risk.

      • Carlos,

        The JPFO analyzed the 1968 Gun Control Act that was sponsored by the original Senator Dodd. As I understand it, the American 1968 Gun Control Act was almost literally lifted from the Nazi-era Gun Control Act.

        “Gun Control’s” Nazi Connection

        Most sheeple haven’t a clue that during the 20th Century governments were in total responsible for murdering more of their own citizens from state sponsored genocide to political mass executions to intentional mass starvations than people were killed by foreign nations as a result of international wars. The last century demonstrated that people ultimately have more to fear from their own governments than international foes.

        • I can believe it.

          Think about who gun control usually most disadvantages: minorities of all kinds, the physically disabled, the elderly, the poor. Now think about the populations the Nazis despised the most.

        • The Nazis despised the weak and those different from them. Moderate liberals and moderate conservatives are not natural born enemies. The leaders, rulers, super-rich, and politically-powerful (whether from the far-right or far-left) are the enemies of the people.

          “Divide and Conquer” to conquer and rule.
          — Machiavelli

  8. The statue above of the twisted revolver barrel would not have been placed there (UN I believe) if it was modeled instead on an AK47 and an M16/AR15 platform as it then would possibly symbolize the slaughters, wars, and arms trade ‘legit’ governments are responsible for committing.

  9. That 21 thousand figure is likely total pistol licenses in the city; NOT unrestricted carry licenses. It is almost impossible to get an unrestricted pistol license in NYC or any of the downstate counties.

    And there is no reciprocity throughout the state. Even though the license is issued by the state (except for NYC), issuance is administrated by each county. If Nassau, Suffolk or Westchester County issues you a restricted license, it is restricted everywhere in the State, even in counties that routinely issue licenses for unrestricted carry.

  10. “Will New York City ever shake-off its elitist, racist anti-gun fascism? That’ll be the day.”

    LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane!

    NO! It’s a sounder of FLYING PIGS! Whoa – I guess New Yawk City has finally shaken off its elitist, racist anti-gun fascism.

  11. To really annoy NY City Royalty with CCW / pistol permits, other states should pass “Negative Reciprocity” laws. In other words, SPECIFICALLY deny reciprocity to NY City CCW holders. When these NY Vermin visit VA,TX, etc and carry concealed, give ’em 5 year felony.
    Give this elitist trash the same taste of the fear and nervousness that non-NY gun owners feel when they travel through the Big Apple.

  12. Well I am stuck in CA for various reasons. Lets just say as much as I would love to be able to carry, I can’t. It just isn’t going to happen. We pretty much need to wipe the books clean of all the laws and start over. To much has been done to the point of you can talk your way out of a cop on a range asking about that 30 round magazine of yours! You just need to know what to say, and they will pretty much leave you alone since it isn’t worth the trouble.

  13. I love the idea that “gun control is racist”, it’s one of those factoids;like Germany instituted gun control to prevent Jews from owning firearms, it sounds like it is true but it isn’t. I can buy that some gun control laws were instituted because they wanted to oppress a certain race, but not all of them were designed as such, and certainly they weren’t promoted entirely as such from the very begging. There are many reasons for gun control, mostly it’s about a restriction of power to those who would threaten the government or disrupt the public. Period.

    • mostly it’s about a restriction of power to those who would threaten the government or disrupt the public

      Absolutely correct. And those posing the threat were, more likely than not, minority groups. What a coincidence!

  14. I am a little late to the party- away from computer for work today- but just wait til you hear how tough it is to reapply for the permit. Anthony Cumia did an hour rant on his radio show about renewal that was spot on…

  15. In case anybody was unaware, Nanny Bloombag has ratcheted up his anti-second amendment campaign in NYC against law abiding rifle & shotgun owners. Using registration lists, notices have been going out to permit holders that rifles and shotguns that hold more than 5 rounds are now illegal.

    The main group hit by this law are lever action western style integral tube fed rifles like Winchester Model 94’s, 92’s, 9422’s and Marlin 336’s, 1894’s and 39’s. So owners who have lawfully owned these 30-30’s and 22’s for decades in NYC (after being told by the anti-gun elite back when NYC banned so called assault weapon that we needed to own nice hunting rifles like these, instead of those nasty ugly semi-autos) are now faced with either surrendering them, having them permanently altered to limit them to 5 rounds (and that is 5 Shorts for the 22’s, making them 3 shot guns with normal 22 Long Rifle ammo) or removing them from the city to summer homes and relatives homes outside the city (and they demand proof!)

    The law in question, NYC Code 10-306, passed a few years back, speaks only about banning ammunition feeding devices that ATTACH to a firearm, not parts that are integral to the firearm itself, so they are stretching the law intended probably for semi-auto detachable box magazines and clips into covering fixed internal magazines. This is a complete and willful misreading of the law.

    Yet the SAF is afraid to take on NYC. I tried, and they are afraid to take it on. Why? “Heller” clearly said commonly owned firearms are protected. Tube fed saddle gun style lever action rifles, which almost universally hold over 5 rounds, are the single MOST commonly owned firearm in North America, legal in NYC and elsewhere since their invention in 1860 (1860 Henry Rifle – 16 shot internal capacity) until now. How does this violation of the 2nd Amendment go unopposed by our side? Where are the NRA, the SAF, the NYSRPA, GOA and JPFO to fight this? And never let anybody tell you that registration is not just a prelude to confiscation. I’ve got the proof that it does. Eventually, they will do it – because they think they can.

    And I don’t buy this notion that they have not banned my rifles because I can keep them if I neuter them accordingly. If they told you you could keep your Bible, provided you tore out the Book of Genesis and the New Testament, would you still have freedom of religion? How is this any different?

    Mike V.

    (BTW, A Bloombag is what a free NYC condom handed out at subways is called. It fits the little prick exactly.

    • Sorry, I say let NY City burn. They’re the idiots who keep voting in these jerks again and again. Let them sit and cry while watching the rest of the country enjoy their rights.

      • Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you? You think that attitude solves anything? The people who own guns in NYC are not the ones voting for anti-gun assholes, but we are outnumbered 10 to 1 by commies and brainwashed idiots. I am fighting the enemy in the belly of the beast, deep behind enemy lines, and all you can do is get all smug and say “let them cry.” Well pal, if the cancer is not stopped here, it will soon be at your doorstep, too. Then I’ll laugh at you for being such a moron.

  16. The article definitely infers that there are 21000 people with CARRY licenses in NYC. If that the case, NYC has it good–there are only 32,666 civilian concealed carry licenses in the whole STATE of California. There are only 220 carry license in all of LA County, and NONE in San Francisco.

    • That isn’t a fair compairison; many of the NYC licensees are either celebrities or retired NYC peace officers. Many of the former live in CA, and the latter (due to [P]OSA) mostly aren’t required to procure additional credentials.

      In short, it seems that the majority of NYC license holders are either visitors or retired police (who shouldn’t need a permit due to federal law that NYC tends to ignore.

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