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The complaint describes payments made to “Board Member No. 5,” a person identified as the executive director of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida. State corporate records list the 81-year-old [former NRA president Marion] Hammer as executive director of the group. She has routinely identified herself with the organization when testifying on gun legislation at the state Capitol.

The lawsuit alleges that Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s longtime CEO, negotiated consulting contracts in 2017 and 2018 with Hammer, who sits on the NRA board, that increased her annual pay from $150,000 to $168,000 and then to $220,000. The final contract, approved in April 2018, was for 10 years.

LaPierre did not receive approval from the NRA’s president or vice president before the contracts were executed, according to the lawsuit.

Hammer also received grants that the NRA paid to Unified Sportsmen of Florida. LaPierre testified that Hammer receives $400,000 a year in total from the NRA, according to the filing.

The lawsuit also faults the NRA’s audit committee, claiming there were no records showing whether it looked at payments — including $256,000 to Hammer in 2016 and $134,000 in 2017 — to see if they violated conflict-of-interest rules.

The audit committee in 2018 retroactively approved $3.69 million worth of payments that had been made to Hammer over the previous 19 years, according to the lawsuit. At that same meeting, the audit committee approved future payments to Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

– Gary Fineout in Payments to Florida lobbyist flagged in lawsuit against NRA

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  1. I hate to tell you, where there’s smoke there’s probably fire.

    We seriously need to do something about this deep state NRA, and do so quickly.

    The gun owners of this nation have too much going on with 90 days until the most important election of our lifetimes, in the NRA is sitting in the harbor with one oar in the water.

    God help us.

    • NRA was never a friend. Send your money to real pro gun organizations like GOA, JPFO, SAF, CCRKBA, SAS, and your state organizations such as FOAC if you are in PA. Also get on your state gun forums and web sites such PAFOA in PA, or FB groups if you’re into that sort of thing. They will keep you informed about what is going on what help is needed.

        • Yep…Just now watching 700Club doing an NRA story. Gordon gets it(for once). Is the NRA corrupt? Yeah-fix it. Kick all the old Wayne/Hammer time criminals out. The NRA played a part in getting DJT elected(which is why NY is going after them). In the meantime join other pro-2A groups especially LOCAL!

      • Exactly who is not a friend and never was? YOU AZZHAT. An azzhat who is quick to hold hands with those wanting to see the demise of the NRA no matter if the NRA is squeaky clean or has some bad apples. Sounds to me like Marion Hammer’s salary is probably along the lines of the AG, DeBlasio or any of the rest of the scumbags you are quick to hand the entire NRA over to and use it all to benefit orgs. on your list of assumed puritans. I am a NRA life member and as long as I am alive I am the NRA. You on the other hand are for sale, trade or rent.

        • I am a Life member as well. All that tells me is that I invested a lot of money on a bunch of – most likely – criminals. They don’t protect our 2A, agree to and support GUN CONTROL MEASURES. Not? Well, they fully supported banning full auto firearms, they fully supported banning bumpfire stocks. They fight shit against local government ignoring the 2A. They waste money on WLP and his most likely criminal buddies.

          I give a shit if the NRA survives this, the NRA has outlived its usable life span and has grown into something that only serves the personal interest of a shitty management and board. 100% ignoring ANY direction and input given by the paying members.

          Don’t pretend as if there was anything really useful coming out of the NRA at this time? I think the libtards are actually wasting their energy trying to destroy the NRA – once all these funds/members join REAL 2A support organizations, the libtards will have a much worse stand than with the douchebag and his buddies..

        • Debbie many of us were life members but when NRA proved counter productive for our cause we left and stopped feeding the cancer that it had become. You are are a fool for still advocating for such a scam, maybe you should join Scientology too, you’d fit right in there.

        • I’m a life member as well. The NRA has been is desperate need of new leadership for years and the misuse of money is not a new story. I won’t give them a dime until the right the ship. I love the NRA as an organization but the guys at the top are corrupt.

        • I am also a Lifer.

          The NRA desperately needs NEW LEADERSHIP, MORE CLARITY FOR MEMBERS ON SPENDING AND POLICIES, and to re-incorporate in a Gun Friendly RED state like Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma.

          Hopefully what is going on now will lead to ALL of that but honestly I doubt it. I looks like WLP does NOT have the best interest of the NRA or it’s members primarily at heart.

      • The bill came due long ago when voices in the NRA complained about out-right corruption on the part of la-Pierre and his cronies and were removed from positions. You all who are members should have either withheld funds or quit when they wouldn’t fix their corruption issues. In today’s climate where anything can be used against you, the NRA only has the NRA to blame for its issues.

    • The NRA had a chance to fix itself, and it did the opposite instead. The only chance to do that now would be a board overhaul to elect new leadership, and there’s no time (or interest) for that to happen before the election.

      Personally, I’m fine. I hope this goes quickly, all the dirty laundry is aired, the NRA is dissolved, and the left dance naked around its pyre chanting “WE FINALLY WON” “WE DESTROYED THE NRA” “GUN OWNERS ARE NEXT AGAINST THE WALL”, as they certainly will.

      Outside of banning christianity, I can’t think of anything that would motivate OUR base more, and we could be done with the corrupt leadership that plagues our mainstream representation all in one go.

      • “Outside of banning Christianity…”

        Well, they’re vandalizing churches across the country right now. It isn’t being reported on much because it isn’t politically convenient. Now if it were mosques being vandalized, everyone would be reporting on it. Got to push the narrative.

        • Our church is on heightened alert for the foreseeable future, extending well past the November elections. We’ve recently received anonymous phone threats and a break-in.

      • No organization is perfect. There are many gun rights we now have that would not exist if it were not for the NRA. In fact, we may not be able to purchase guns at all.
        Why would you want to get rid of the entire organization? If it’s broke, fix it.
        Do you get rid of your car because it has a problem and is not working right? No, you’d fix it.
        Do the same here.

    • “We seriously need to do something about this deep state NRA, and do so quickly.”

      Like *what*, exactly?

      NRA Board members who have brought up public concerns with WLP’s ‘activities’ very quickly found themselves bounced from the NRA at nearly the speed of light.

      It’s been tried, and has gotten nowhere.

      What exactly do *you* suggest?

        • They are socialists with money. Like all socialists they like the trappings of the capitalist system. They just don’t want to it for everyone else. The communist Chinese have figured this out. They like what capitalism gives them. They just also want to never be with out power. And to always be in charge.

      • Wayne would rather let the ship burn then correct the problems. The NRA does want gun rights to win anyway, then they would have no reason to exist and no one to solicit donations from.

        • Bingo! They’re no longer motivated by ideology, but by money. A repeal of all gun control laws would be the worst possible thing for the NRA, even as it would be the best possible thing for gun owners. That’s a pretty striking disparity

    • The NRA has followed the same path as the Government. In the beginning It had a Cause with the betterment of the citizens in mind. They worked to support the Rights of all citizens and make a place for all to safely prosper. As time went they began to be infiltrated by people who were more interested in the Power their positions gave them. With that Power came personal gain and influence in areas other than it’s original purpose. Once those people were able to reach positions of control and insert others with the same goals into positions that supported their control. The original Cause was no longer a part of the Equation. It was replaced by the Power, Influence and all the Monetary Gains that went along with their Positions. The Citizens simply became another income stream to further their Self Affirming Agenda. What were once Tools for the Betterment of All. Once allowed to self replicate for their Own Purposes. Destroy everything they were Intended to Protect.

  2. Three women, Soros funded, one in California And1 in St Louis and one in New York, all going after the same principle, guns and gun rights…. and as soon as they learn how to spell GOA, they will try and take them out

    • “and as soon as they learn how to spell GOA, they will try and take them out”

      That wouldn’t be hard to do right now… GOA talks tough but has never shown any action on the big stage, ever. Ditto Dubley’s NAGRs, Neal and Jeff Knox’s tards or any of the various Dorr groups siphoning off money for car payments. These groups have little in the way of national networking with legislators, governors, the President, or anyone else who has power and influence above the local gunshop coffee pot.

      If someone can post a list of their “no-compromise accomplishments” either in a state or at the national level, please list them and provide some documentation.

      There’s a fairly large and perhaps growing group of uninformed “gun people” who act like they’d rather take to their guns automatically before ever using their brains and the systems we have in place in a civilized society. The anonymity of the internet and the fact that they will never have to confront those they impugn emboldens them even futher. On the other hand, the vast majority of them will rarely commit to anything constructive, like running for office because most of them could never convince anyone but other like-minded people to vote for them if they’d get out of their parent’s basements once-in-a-while and fill in the ballot. They are also likely to never help a good candidate by volunteering to work for them, contributing real money or learning enough of the other issues present to make a difference or influence those who, at the time, don’t think they have a horse in the race.

        • I reiterate: “If someone can post a list of their (GOA, NAGR, the various Dorrtard groups, etc) “no-compromise accomplishments” either in a state or at the national level, please list them and provide some documentation.”

          Simple request and I’ve waited a couple days- no one’s posting anything… If the other groups are worth funding, or so effective, where’s the proof? The answer is: GOA, NAGR, et al, make their money trashing NRA and the dweebs around here do the easy pile on. Actually getting out to promote the Second Amendment to those who have traditionally not been interested in it- that’s tough, especially when a lot of those piling on could never convince anyone who might not agree with them of anything. Likely never even seek them out to start the conversation. Pretty easy to bitch to the choir from the choir…

          • Further: I’ve seen how NAGR operates at the state level. Their sole claim to fame here in Indiana was almost derailing very good legislation by playing games to score political points and to generate soundbites and copy for fundraising mailers. They have been nowhere to be seen in our multi-year, multi-legislative-session effort to advance the cause of constitutional carry. Instead, they are merely a Johnny-come-lately who, again, almost cost us excellent, and needed, legislative relief that materially advanced the protection of gun rights.

            You know who have actually been present in committee hearings in Indiana? NRA.

            Not 2AF (though I love and support them, too). Not GOA. Certainly not NAGR.

      • There are several articles on TTAG detailing what GOA is getting done in Texas. So there’s the no-compromise success you asked for.

        I don’t know what presence GOA has in other states, but if their Texas operation is any indication, they do know how to get pro-gun work done.

      • Second Amendment Foundation. I agree with you about those other groups, but the SAF has done a thousand times more for our side than the NRA has in the last ten years, and they also haven’t stabbed us in the back even once (which is more than can be said for the bastards at Negotiating Rights Away). They’ve amassed quite the resume in a relatively short amount of time, and are far kore deserving of our money and loyalty than The gun control group that is the NRA

  3. I’m still pissed off about the bump stock thing, and I never owned one, never wanted one, and realize it’s probably not a hill worth dying on, but it still made the NRA show it’s true colors.
    Trump: imma ban bump stocks.
    Gun owners: no, trump, don’t do that. Back is up, NRA
    NRA: bump stocks should be banned
    Gun owners: dude….
    All the NRA is good for is rattling the saber every four years about the Dems coming for your guns in hopes of getting donations.

    • “…but it still made the NRA show it’s true colors.”

      The NRA I want must never appease or give one nanometer of ground to the enemy. All it does is allow our rights to be chiseled away, bit-bit-bit.

      It’s a Leftist strategy knows as “nudge”. Google it if you’re unfamiliar with it.

      It. Must. Stop, and it must stop *NOW*…

      • The strategy’s been around long before any of us walked this Earth, and it’s very effective. It sometimes, however results in the “nudged” party eventually realizing they’re closer to the cliff edge than they like, and pushing back quickly and forcefully.

        As I’ve mentioned before, I believe everything happening now in 2020 is acting as the spark for a renewed patriotism among conservatives that will swell into a powerful force lasting for years, similar to how Reagan sparked it 40 years ago after America suffered through Carter’s malaise and the former U.S.S.R.’s presence.

        • I Haz a Question,

          … I believe everything happening now in 2020 is acting as the spark for a renewed patriotism among conservatives that will swell into a powerful force lasting for years …

          I like your optimism. At times, I have wondered the same. Sadly, I don’t see that coming to fruition. For one thing, there just are not that many people any more who are truly conservative. And of the people who are truly conservative in mindset, an alarming number of them are polite/upbeat/optimistic to a fault — to the point that they dismiss and/or deny the fact that Progressive/destructive ideologies are rampant and have already begun to significantly degrade our nation.

          To clarify on that last point, I have broached the topic with countless conservative people — asking them if they realize just how much debauchery/evil is out there and how it is far more pervasive today than it was 30 years ago. Invariably, at best they poo-poo it and at worst they flat-out deny it. I cannot tell you how many traditional conservatives I know who do not own a single firearm, who have no intention of acquiring any firearms, and who denigrate firearm ownership for protection because “bad things don’t actually happen to good people”.

    • @ Mousegun: The problem with banning bumpstocks is it opens up a ban on all semi auto guns. This has been covered at length. If changing the stock makes it a machine gun according to the ATF you own a machine gun. Even if this Administration does not go after semi autos I can guarantee you the next one will.

      DJT and the NRA are not your friends, they care about 2 things: Money and Power.

    • Same. I don’t give a shit about bumpfire stocks, but the precedent of a sitting president being able to unilaterally reinterpret highly explicit federal gun laws to make them more strict is INCREDIBLY ripe for abuse. Hell, literally any firearm, even a muzzle loader, is closer to being a “machine gun” than a stock is. The left is unfortunately smarter than this, but with that one precedent, which was fully and knowingly supported by the parasitic NRA scumbags, the legal precedent is there for any future president to declare any and all firearms to be “machine guns” and therefore de facto outlawed since the machine gun registry was closed in 1986

  4. Yeah the NRA really stepped in it after Trumps election. Their “800lb gorilla” title really turned out to be more of an 8000lb Jabba the Hutt.

    • Unfortunately as with All elections it comes down to the Lesser of the Evils. At this time in Our Nations history that is more apparent than ever. Simple because of the divisiveness among the citizenry. Our nation has been rolling down the hill to this point for the last 60 years (since the 60’s). As the Nation divides itself along clear lines of difference in perception of everything from Politics, Religion and Civil Rights. This is nothing new in the history of Nations. It has happened many times over the course of Humanity. After many years of study and research on the history of Government effects on Civilization. It has become abundantly clear that in every case these divisions lead to the same place. Rebellion followed by War followed by the Downfall of the Civilization and a slow rebuilding over time. The Human species has yet in it’s thousands of years of existence learned to live peaceable with itself. Power, Greed, Lust, Fear and Divisiveness have always brought it down to it’s Baser Elements. Violence and Control. If Our Nation can survives the Tumultuous Times We are facing no one can be sure. If not. The consequence as history has shown will be filled with. Pain, Suffering, Destruction and Death. Be Safe Out There Maintain Op SEC ans as always Keep Your Powder Dry

      • @Darkman great history lesson. People forget so soon what it really took to make this nation. From the looks of things we are on the verge of learning all over again and its not going to be pretty, civil wars never are.

  5. The NRA and Hammer have both been less than useless here in Florida after our state Republicans stabbed us in the back in the wake of the Parkland shooting. If this crap results in a shakeup at the NRA or allows something useful to take its place then maybe there’s a silver lining. Then again maybe a largely useless organization like the NRA taking all the flack while others are getting actual work done with less attention isn’t the worst thing in the world.

  6. I lost respect for Ms. Hammer when she started attacking people who were trying to bring reform to the NRA. Rather than trying to engage with people who wanted to make the organization better at what it was supposed to be doing, she tried to vilify them.

      • Retorical questions, what did she do for us, her accomplishments? Was/is she an effective lobbyist?

        • Not effective. She’s overpaid with ZERO membership oversight.
          ON DONATIONS of almost a half million dollars per year.

          The ONLY way to reform an organization with self-serving management acting like pigs at a trough is to remove the trough of donations. LaPew aggravated me so much back in 1992 that I stopped paying Lifetime Membership dues and never looked back. Seriously, a lot of other dues paying members need to extract their heads from their posterior rectal orifices with a sonic pop and do the same.

        • “Retorical questions, what did she do for us, her accomplishments? Was/is she an effective lobbyist?”

          She was instrumental in 1987 of making Florida a ‘Shall-Issue’ state.

          Florida’s success with it kick-started the national drive for shall-issue concealed carry…

        • Yes, she was…long ago. If memory serves, she was one of the driving forces behind Florida’s restoration of rights 30+ years ago, when the state became one of the first (the first?) to get concealed carry.

          Since then? Beats me. Looks to me like all she’s been doing is getting fat on other people’s money, but maybe somebody from Florida can tell us if she’s been doing anything more.

    • The left have their Jesse Jacksons and their Benjamin Crumps. The right have our Marion Hammers and Joe Walshes. Nothing new there. Grift knows no political ideology.

  7. “LaPierre did not receive approval from the NRA’s president or vice president”

    It seems like LaPierre is the only person with any power within the NRA. LaPierre and his allies have been living like kings off the backs of NRA members. What do the members have to show for it? LaPierre, Hammer, et al have millions.

    I’m all for holding LaPierre and the NRA accountable, but this is a political take down. They’re timing this to take away from the millions that NRA gives republican candidates. There’s a long list of fraudulent non-profits…

    • It seems like LaPierre is the only person with any power within the NRA.

      That’s because to a good approximation, he is.

      According to the NRA bylaws the CEO and Executive Vice President – WLP since 1991 – hold most of the authority and power. And this is one reason the membership has been largely unsuccessful in dislodging him. Apart from what the rules say, he’s been doing this for about 30 years and, I’ve no doubt, knows all of the tricks and where all of the skeletons are closeted.

    • Wayne LaPierre, Marion Hammer, you both have one chance to change your legacy. After your’re dead it isn’t how much money you die with. It’s what you are remembered for. Do you want to be remembered as a George Washington or a Benedict Arnold.

    • I get calls almost daily from the NRA and the few times I answered the phone it’s all about the need to donate to protect our 2nd Amendment. I don’t answer the phone anymore, and won’t donate to the NRA until Wayne is removed (but how?). The dutiful board has ensured that he gets paid handsomely and has all the perks of a “for profit” CEO, while this article attests that the lobbyists and presumably the lawyers are all paid exorbitant amounts also. I’ll just donate to the GOP directly, thereby skipping one layer of bureaucracy. I’m paid up until age 76 and will look for other organizations to join.

  8. A Federal not for profit, based in Virginia, being sued by the State of New York for acts that allege fraud against private members or perhaps tax law violations, but yet alleges no criminality. I cant see the suit surviving.

    • Brodirt:

      NRA was incorporated as an NY corporation, and operates under NY state law. Its physical headquarters are in VA, but it is legally an NY “person.” And while it is given 501(c)(3) non-profit treatment by IRS, it is not a “federal” corporation — there is no such thing as a “federal” corporation. Both venue and jurisdiction are proper in NY.

  9. The fact that the NRA did nothing (or next to nothing) in VA this past election cycle, and left it for VCDL to do all of the hard work is in itself telling. 20k people – from both in and out of state came for VCDL’s rally. The week prior was the NRA rally, and very few showed up….

    With NRA HQ in Northern Virginia, and most Northern Virginia counties already proposing and/or passing locality-specific gun control laws, the NRA is silent.

    GOA, SAF, etc are great at the federal level. Get involved and support Your State’s Citizen Defense League as well.

  10. On the matter of the government dissolving NRA, I urge the NY AG to reread the first amendment and then get back to me.

    Corrupt actors at the top of NRA? Not news to any of us. If they have acted criminally, go after them, individually, for their alleged crimes.

    But dissolve the lawful association of 6MM Americans? Get bent.

    • Chip,

      This whole situation gets ugly on multiple levels.

      Clearly, a New York state Attorney General has no legitimate authority to dissolve a simple association of people. If I understand correctly, the National Rifle Association is not a simple association of people — it is a corporation and a non-profit corporation at that. Corporations are legal entities subject to explicit state laws and they may even be subject to implicit state laws as well. And non-profit corporations have even more stringent legal requirements as far as I know.

      The net result is that various/several corporate officers of the National Rifle Association may very well have violated New York state’s corporation laws. And that may be grounds to withdraw their corporate charter in addition to other possible sanctions.

      For reference I don’t believe that the New York Attorney General is able to dissolve a non-profit corporation for failing to dot an ‘i’ or cross a ‘t’. Rather, the accusations involve what I consider to be significant/rampant fraud and embezzling as well as gross negligence of fiduciary duties. Malfeasance at that level calls for potentially dissolving such an organization in my opinion.

    • Chip:

      The First Amendment has nothing to do with whether a state may regulate the conduct of corporations w/r/t tax or fraud, provided the corporation is incorporated under that state’s law. In fact, absent the state’s sanction, there can be no such thing as a corporation, because the very nature of a corporation requires state sanction to exist. Absent the state, a corporation is, at most, a partnership.

    • Keep in mind that at the base and core of the NRA is training and education, which they do and it’s helpful stuff. It’s the top management that needs to be replaced. Bathwater/baby kind of thing.

      NRA-ILA… no comment

  11. Florida is doomed. Demonrat scum are increasing quickly. The FL GOP is extremely anti gun. Won’t be long before it falls. When significant gun bills are up in Tallahassee only Marion Hammer and Eric Friday show up on the pro gun side. It’s quite pathetic to watch.

    The NRA squandered its funds. No Hughes Repeal, no hearing protection act, no SBR silliness repeal (which ATF wants!) no reciprocity no interstate sale of handguns, NOTHING except support anti 2A Trump.

  12. The NRA has stood for “Negotiating Rights Away” since at least 1934 with their acquiescence of the National Firearms Act, their complicity in the 1968 Gun Control Act, Their approval of the 1984 Hughe’s Amendment of the FOPA, their hand in the 1993 Federal Assault Weapons Ban and their quarterbacking of the Constitutionally nebulous and de facto Bump Stock ban a mere few years ago.

    They *never* were a gun-rights organization or a civil rights group, and they should never be conflated as such. They are merely a tax-free pocket-lining, palm-greasing lobbying entity masquerading as one.

    Organizations like the SAF, GOA, etc. all put their money where their mouths are and moste state-level orgs do as well. Your financial support is better served with those organiations whose actions are in step with their rhetoric.

    Our rights are natural rights, endowed from birth and not granted by our government. No effort to allow *any* of them to be subverted in one way or another should ever be construed as a “compromise”; only capitulation.

    • Worse yet, the NRA is a gun control organization, straight up. They’ve actively supported gun control far too often to be viewed as anything but

  13. Join GOA today!

    Join SAF today!

    Then check into your State gun rights groups.

    The NRA has at times been very useful to us. The problem is that “at times” part. The NRA has also, at times, opposed the right to keep and bear arms.

    Also squandered tens of millions of the membership’s dollars on greed, graft and corruption within.

    • I recently received a notice stating that my CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) membership had expired, and requesting that I renew. I’m a bit torn, as the CRPA is a separate organization unto itself and does good work, but regularly touts its close cooperation and interaction with NRA as a sister org. The fully support the NRA. Now that I realize I have a check to write, do I formerly join the GOA or FPC, both of which are no-compromise-shall-not-be-infringed orgs, or continue supporting CRPA, which has done some good work through lawsuits against Sacramento, but walks in lockstep with NRA & LaPierre?

        • Hail, every time we see your sycophantic bootlicking, reminded of two characters, IGOR and QUASIDMODO. Both are misshapen, hunchbacked, snaggle-toothed, bug-eyed mutants who toss spittle into the air as they flap their gums hailing their masters. Which one are you? There so much to be said about both, it’s difficult to decide. I’ll flip a coin and let you know your new nickname next time you show up to lick Haz’s boots.

          Haz The Magnificent fired you, yet you stick around, like a booger under a fingernail.

    • Because it was and apparently still is. I used to sign up for 5 years at a time, and the letters claiming it was time to renew would start coming in about year 3.5.

  14. Good grief. ALL non-profits are a scam. Remember those charities that would annoy you with phone calls at dinner? Many of them skimmed off over 90% of donations for “operations” expenses. Environmentalist groups (like World Wildlife Federation) were/are some of the worst offenders. And don’t get me started on the mafia that is the United Way. At one job, they would corner me in my work office and literally shake me down for “donations.” Many so-called churches are the same way.

    Given this fact, any AG in any state could challenge ANY non-profit and find enough to mount a court challenge. This is a political prosecution.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      While I agree that plenty of charities and non-profit corporations are effectively scams — siphoning off huge percentages of their donations to “operating expenses” (e.g. making their corporate officers wealthy) as you say, there are some outstanding charities that are incredibly efficient.

      I have reviewed some charities that, according to independent audits, send upwards of 95% of their donations directly to the recipients/benefactors of those charities and non-profit corporations. That means they only consume about 5% of their donations for “operating expenses”.

      There are very good charities and non-profit corporations out there. Like anything else, you have to check them out before sending your hard earned money in their direction.

      • “Independent” audits. Okay. Like the “independent” credit rating agencies that were asleep during 2008?

        Whatever you want to believe.

  15. Good Lord, they worked you people so hard!

    Dragon lady hammers is now running neck and neck with bone spurs Trump for biggest con of the century.

    He still has the nuclear football for now so he’s still slightly ahead.
    I wonder if the launch codes will become part of his campaign strategy?

    • With you working so hard to get him a second term how could he lose? If you did not exist we’d have to make you up. Thank you for being you.

      And the best part is you’re completely clueless in this matter. Fascinating.

        • Would you have preferred hillary appointing federal judges? We had a choice between hillary and Trump. Now we have a choice between Trump and biden. Fortunately biden is a throw away candidate. The dnc has no delusions about actually winning this election or they would have put a real candidate up.

          Who do you want replacing rbg?

        • ” What has Trump done to improve things for gun owners? ”

          First and foremost, he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. We may not have moved forward all that much since then, but we haven’t lost much ground, either. Sometimes avoiding a total disaster goes down as a win.

    • Well actually, I must give credit to trump for seeing through the NRA early. He has made no bones about it, he is not afraid of the NRA or for that matter, you posers.

      “I like taking guns away early,” Trump said. “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”
      Trump also said some of his fellow Republicans were “petrified” of the NRA, called on lawmakers to produce a “comprehensive” gun bill, and squelched prospects for a GOP-backed concealed carry proposal as part of a broader gun package.”

      “I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.
      “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.”

      Trump/Putin 2020 “Take the guns first!”

  16. NRA is not your friend, they supported gun control in 1930’s NFA and in 1968, actually made suggestions to add too the law! since then all they have done is suck up money like a Vacuum cleaner and spend it on what?? CCRAKBA the west coast has done more for the 2nd amendment than the NRA!

    • Deplorables don’t deserve friends and they’re well aware of it. They turn over their vote and their money to whoever they think will screw them the most gently. They don’t drag their feet either; tell them they don’t have to participate so much in their own screwing and they get all defensive like “WoUlD yOu RaThEr HiLlArY?”

      So we know they’re ashamed of it, but end of the day that doesn’t change their behavior. They’re slobs, will embarrass themselves for instant gratification. It’s sad, a lot of these people are middle-age or senior. Imaging going a whole life like that, with all the wealth and opportunity this country had in the late 20’th. Dyed in the wool peasants, funny all that pledging of allegiance to the flag and religion didn’t give them an appreciation for liberty (sarc).

  17. My only comment on this is that the AG has the wrong target. She’s going after the organization, when any malfeasance is the responsibility of those who broke the law. I’ve heard of officers of charities and lobbying groups being charged for the things she is alleging, but I’ve never heard of the organization itself being attacked.

    • The organization was the instrument the conspirators used to perpetrator fraud.
      The organization was the instrument the conspirators used to perpetrator fraud.

      Because the members were asleep at the switch, the officers and board members were able to violate their fiduciary duty and loot the corporation.

      You may want to investigate an area of law known as RICO, racketeering, influence and corrupt organizations.

      You may not like it, but given the millions of dollars in self-dealing, it’s clear that the NRA was operating as a corrupt organization.

  18. Does the NRA house need cleaning? Yes, just as the USA Congress does. Unfortunately, people around a long time, too often become complacent, and involved in shady deals that are not in the best interest of those they are to represent. As much as the NRA may not always be on the same page as my thoughts when it comes to legislative actions, they are a worthwhile organization in many ways. One can only imagine where we might be today, if they did not exist. I prefer not to think about that, but about where we need to be. We need to have the infringements upon our Right to Bear Arms removed. The Freedom to go Safely from state to state, town to town, without worry of being arrested, needs to be restored. Today more than ever that should be a top priority. That should have been a bargaining chip when the bump stock discussion came up. The Supreme Court needs to restore our National Constitutional Right.

  19. It seems to me (a non attorney) that a coalition of NRA members and other gun groups – specifically the affiliated state associations and other pro gun groups should appear as amici curiae and argue that the court should remove the four from the NRA Board and paid positions and require they repay the NRA. The court should then give the Life and above members of the organization time to reorganize the NRA with safeguards in the bylaws to prevent the situation from happening again.

  20. This was long before the NY investigation started. After this, I knew the NRA was fake. And I had just become a member in 2014.

    “Marion Hammer: NRA Never Wanted Legal Machine Guns, Bump Fire Stocks”

    As I have said before. The rich, criminal or law abiding, will always be able to afford machine guns. The government can never make them too expensive. The multi millionaire criminal who shot Las Vegas has proven that.

  21. Four words: Gun Owners Of America! I switched my support a year ago. The corruption and bloated bureaucracy at NRA has just gone too far. Not to mention, with the money I saved I was able to subscribe to two gun magazines and still save money.

    • Feel free to fact check me, but I’ve seen numerous criticisms leveled at GOA, and they all state that if you look at their financials and how much money they spend on actual lobbying, it’s a paltry amount compared to what they bring in, the bulk of which apparently goes to the salaries of the people running GOA. I do like their “action alert” emails that you can use to submit pre-written messages to your representatives, however. I think that gets people communicating and involved that otherwise wouldn’t be.

      • Moreover whatever the GOA are now, if they get a bunch of NRA refugees, they’ll just turn into a new NRA. Bunch of negligent, compromising garbage sending in checks and drooling at social-conservative politics. It’ll be another bloated, corrupt GOP organ within 10 years.

        I’ve always said I didn’t want the NRA destroyed because it’s good for containing NRA members. Force them out, it will be like an infected wound leaking into a major blood vessel – bad few years for the whole gun culture.

  22. If the NRA wasn’t the Left’s deadly enemy, it wouldn’t be going after it so hard and the oh-so-transparent concern tr0lls wouldn’t be harping on the same cr@p time and again. I’m a NRA member and write checks to SAF. We need them both.

  23. The NRA needs to be saved but with new leadership and members need to have a bigger voice in the group. These charges are politically motivated but that doesn’t mean they’re untrue. I’m a life member but while La Pierre is running the show my money goes to GOA, SAF, and my state orgs.

  24. 2A is really, really big business….on both sides. Talking with Larry Pratt at SAF Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference several years ago…….Larry, the Second Amendment is certainly big business, isn’t it? What would you, LaPierre, Gottlieb, et el do for your income if American Patriots finally get fed up with the BS, take up arms, implement the 2A for want it is intended, and settle this Constitution/BOR/freedoms/2A issue once and for all? He went “slack and agape”, stood there for a really, really long pregnant pause, remained totally speechless with his mouth open, and finally turned and walked away.
    Our Founding Fathers would already have been finished shooting a second time. They are ashamed of what we have given away without firing a shot. Rolling their eyes, shaking their heads, and spinning in their graves at the woosies Americans have become.

  25. “Well, everybody’s looking fer answers.” Evert McGill

    Seems like the only organization that’s going to preserve the 2A right is minute men-based militas.

  26. I remember when Adam Kraut of the FPC was trying to become a board member on the NRA. When the day finally arrived for him to do so, he turned it down. People hammered him for it. Looks like he made the right decision.

  27. Hillary,Wayne and Marion,all sharing the same prison cell should make for a interesting three way.

  28. While there are many things to be concerned about with how WLP has been running the NRA, these payments to the hammer aren’t one of them. She’s a lobbyist, representing our general interests, and these rates are normal for top tier lobbyists in Florida. The NRA strikes fear in our enemy being the 800 lbs. gorilla in the gun rights community and their loss is our loss. Again, I think WLP and a number of his cronies on the board should go (to jail in a few instances) but wishing the NRA to lose and falling to the breathless claims of the media isn’t going to help us advance gun rights.

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