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Mark and Patricia McCloskey nearly lost their careers and gained felony convictions after standing up to a trespassing mob of Black Lives Matter “protesters” threatening to kill them and burn their house down. That happened thanks to the Soros-funded St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Kimberly Gardner prosecuting the couple for daring to use their guns to defend themselves and their home in St. Louis’s Central West End.

Now Gardner’s facing her own legal problems and the McCloskeys are more than happy to return the favor by lending their support for campaign to remove the non-prosecuting prosecutor.

St. Louis McCloskey Kim Gardner
Mark and Patricia McCloskey, stand in front their house along Portland Place confronting “protesters” threatening to burn down their home and murder them.  (Laurie Skrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP, File)

With their law licenses now restored and having concluded their one-year “probationary period,” the couple sat down for an interview with FoxNews. In that interview, they attack the anti-gun Gardner for a politicized prosecution of the couple who dared to stand up to a mob outside their home.

The McCloskeys describe Kim Gardner as “just as dumb as a sack of hammers” for trying to fundraise off of the prosecution of the couple which resulted in her removal from the case.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner (AP Photo/Jim Salter, File)

Gardner is facing widespread calls to resign after a 17-year-old girl lost her legs after being hit by a car driven by a man who had violated the terms of his bond 100 times without being jailed. St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones said Gardner has “lost the trust of he people” and the Missouri Attorney General has initiated legal proceedings to have Gardner removed over her failure to prosecute criminals.

The McCloskeys attacked Gardner for her feckless efforts at prosecuting actual criminals in the city of St. Louis. Mark McCloskey said part of the reason Soros-funded prosecutors like Gardner refuse to enforce the law is part of the big push for “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

From FoxNews . . .

“The only unforgivable crime in America is standing up against the left,” Mark McCloskey told Fox News Digital. 

Mark said that he and his wife were victims of a “political persecut[ion]” by DA Kimberly Gardner over a June 2020 clash with BLM, which they continue to maintain was an act of self-defense…

Gardner then made a blunder on her campaign – she used the McCloskeys for fundraising, which caused her to lose the case from her roster over ethical concerns. A judge ruled Gardner “initiated a criminal prosecution for political purposes.” 

“Gardner is just as dumb as a sack of hammers,” Mark said, referring to Gardner’s campaign blunder… 

Mark McCloskey then went on to say out loud what many people have thought for some time when it comes to the non-prosecuting of crime in cities with Soros-funded prosecutors…

“This is like they’re two different nations. [There is a] nation of people that respect the Constitution and believe that individuals have a God given right to be free and self-determination and a duty to have self-respect and integrity. And [then the people who]… want to crush freedom and crush independence and create a single world socialist government.”

“They’re just disregarding crime,” Mark said about Soros-backed district attorneys like Gardner. 

“And because it helps them politically, they can take the position that they’re counteracting generations of systemic racism and that putting people behind bars is White supremacist propaganda and that the laws are designed to oppress and not for any other reason. And therefore to refuse to enforce the law is to the benefit of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

“I absolutely do believe there’s an intent to create chaos. It’s not accidental. It’s not incompetence [at prosecuting crime],” Mark said about Gardner’s soft-on-crime policies. 

“Because out of chaos comes tyranny. You demoralize people, you give them an environment of chaos, lawlessness, poverty and uncertainty. And what do they do? They ask somebody else to fix their problems, they ask the government to come in and provide a solution. And that’s what all this is about. And it’s not just happening in St. Louis, but in every major city.” 

At one time in America, Democrats like John Kennedy had America’s best interests at heart. Today, rather than empowering Americans to more fully take advantage of the ideals voiced in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, many in American politics seem to want to progress toward a system that reenacts past tyrannies and empowers them.

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  1. soros funded. soros, gates, bloomberg, and a raft of other billionaires bought out the left and turned it to fascism. ss/antifa are their stormtroopers.

  2. What an absolute travesty. I thank God for giving me a conscience and wonderful parents to cultivate it, because how that bitch Foxx sleeps at night is beyond me. Maybe she is too stupid to know she is evil?

  3. Most prosecutors are self serving, hypocritical, assholes. Then there are the ones like this
    that are completely dishonest and don’t try to hide it.
    You get what you fall for, I mean vote for.

  4. > Mark and Patricia McCloskey nearly lost their careers and gained felony convictions after standing up to a trespassing mob of Black Lives Matter “protesters” threatening to kill them and burn their house down.

    The protestors were literally, simply, /walking by/ their house.

    • not really all “literally, simply, /walking by/ their house”

      I was there with my wife, we saw what really happened. They were not as ‘peaceful’ as the media wants to make them out to be.

      • J sled is a troll. A poor one at that. The rich hapless couple should have stayed in their lavish home after the BLM lowlifes broke into their gated community. Since these lawyers reportedly contributed to both D & R I’ve had a hard time mustering up sympathy🙄

    • Not shouting death threats? Not talking about burning their house down?

      The ‘mostly’ peaceful protestors were behaving like a lynch mob. But you fascist leftists support that sort of behavior.

      • And the contents of these places either end up outside the place or disappear before the spontaneous combustion.

    • They were in a private neighborhood. They accessed said neighborhood by breaching a PRIVATE, LOCKED gate. They were trespassing. You are a ridiculous @$$clown. Have fun with the rest of your useless life, @$$clown. dacian the demented and MinorLiar say they miss you at the afternoon circle jerk.

    • …malarkey…a hole. They broke through an iron gate and were trespassing. Grow up, or go throw yourself off a tall roof. The world would be a better place the second your body splashed across the pavement.

    • I went from Osceola to Bolivar back in the early 80s . First time I was ever pulled over was in Humansville. Cop said he clocked me at 75 mph. Speed limit was 35. I wasn’t doing 75 or over the speed limit at all as I heard stories about the place. He said he would make a deal, he would give me a “break” and say I was going 10 over if I paid the ticket right then. He took $50 and said he would write the ticket, he went back to his car and drove off.

      • You found the one cop. LOL
        And yup , Eldorado Speings motorcycle no helmet. The judge split the money with the cop and stenographer then looked at me weird when I ask for a reciept

        • i was down by alton, just crossed border north from thayer to get away from blue laws. coulda/ shoulda donned lid, but i could see all the arkansas plates at the shit n git in currentview. eh, la.

    • possum, you know I’ve been to Missouri a couple of times. Always blew through St. Louis in the wee hours of the morning. No traffic. Stayed in Columbia. Ducks in the morning. Deer in the afternoon. A large time was had by all. Every time. If I wouldn’t miss the fishing, I could live there.

  5. Yes. Of course the prosecutor was anti-gun and a tool bag. But next time please stay inside the gigantic stone mansion. Their actual actions were right out of Derpaderpastan.

  6. Glad the prosecutor is taking heat, but I’d never hire the McCloskey’s for their legal prowess.

    • I’ll likely never hire them because they live in that mansion.

      I want the lawyers defending me to be hungry…

  7. A 17-year old girl lost both legs….

    “….a car driven by a man who had violated the terms of his bond 100 times without being jailed.”

    100 times.

    100 times.

    Hard to fathom.

    I wonder if she finally prosecuted him after he maimed the young lady.

  8. The McKloskys???

    “Let’s leave the cover of our home to face down a large, angry mob…just the two of us…me with my rifle, you with the hand gun you do not even know how to hold. Let’s go inflame the crowd by pointing firearms in their direction. You and me against the mob. No sense in waiting to see if they just walk by. Don’t worry, if the mob is armed we’ll just out-shoot them….because we are lawyers…that makes us better shooters. So we will have the advantage. You and me…let’s go scare them away.”

    Oh….those McKloskys.

    • They should’ve shot some of the scum… but their guns weren’t loaded… They had better not try it in my town… ours would’ve been….

    • I kinda thought the same thing…especially about the gal holding the pistol. I’m fed up too but why do that?

    • Some of y’all might not agree with what they did or how but they did something. More than most here have done.
      Change Requires Discomfort

    • Mob with Molotov cocktails who have been burning down half the city and you think hiding inside a building is a good idea?

  9. Looks like that pistols gonna fly out of her hand when she (accidentally) discharges it. And what is that from him, the suburban enclave stance?

    • i remember reading that it was already defanged. something about having been used in a previous trial.

  10. There was a report maybe a year back that the California Bar Association reckoned that at least half the people who passed the Bar Exam cheated to do so.

    I suspect this is not just a problem in California. Most of the dumbest people I went to school with became lawyers and no matter where you look it seems like you can pick the dumbest (and/or most corrupt) 5% of any group and they’re all JD holding attorneys.

  11. 30 years ago, the Communist Party ran political candidates in US elections. Now they don’t bother, instead recommending to vote for the Democrat. It’s discouraging how many supposed Americans buy into the woke’s thinly veiled Marxist messaging.

  12. “Democrats like John Kennedy had America’s best interests at heart” having lived a long time my take is that todays Republicans are pretty much yesterdays Democrats. The race to Socialism (then Communism) is moving rapidly along. I think colleges have become breeding grounds–there are no opposing views taught that I know of.

    I think the McClosky’s were trial lawyers which if true is kind of amusing since they provide a huge amount of money to the Democrats. I don’t know for sure but I feel certain that they were probably Old School Democrats.

    If that’s the case, they sure got their prescription filled, didn’t they?

  13. Intelligence and competence aren’t required for Soros-funded politicians. All they need to be are Communists willing to destroy America from within. Anyone notice a pattern here?


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