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Rep. Cori Bush (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)
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The hypocrisy of politicians who advocate for gun control for the little people knows no bounds. Case in point: Cori Bush, the rabidly anti-gun Missouri Congresscritter who wants to defund the police to make life more dangerous for her constituents while spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for her own private, armed security.

Recently, Cori Bush tied the knot in a private marriage ceremony. Did she pick a scrawny like-minded pacifist who eschews firearms like David Hogg? Hardly.

David Hogg, third from right, Parkland school shooting survivor and co-founder of March for Our Lives, pauses as he speaks during a rally outside of Sen. Marco Rubio’s Miami office calling for gun reform, Friday, June 3, 2022, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Instead, Bush married a member of her private security detail– someone who was/is on her payroll — named Courtney Merritts. A man who likely carries a firearm everyday for his “job” even though he wasn’t properly licensed in Missouri.

From the Daily Mail . . .

A watchdog has demanded the Federal Election Commission (FEC) investigate the $62,000 Rep. Cori Bush paid her now-husband as a security guard from her  campaign account.

The nonpartisan Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) asked  FEC acting general counsel Lisa Stevenson to look into whether Squad member and BLM activist Bush ‘used campaign funds for personal use.’

It was recently revealed that Bush, [D-Mo.], married Cortney Merritts in a private ceremony last month. Last year he was on the payroll of her re-election campaign.

‘It appears Rep. Bush’s campaign may have made payments for services that were unnecessary or above fair market value because of her personal relationship with the payee,’ FACT executive director Kendra Arnold said in the complaint…

Merritts was paid as Bush’s security guard despite not having a license – which is required by the St. Louis Police Department, according to a Fox News report. Merritts was reportedly also not licensed for security in Washington, D.C.

Bush, 46, is back in the spotlight after in 2021 she took heat for spending $500,000 on private security despite her impassioned pleas to ‘defund the police…’

Bush’s campaign paid Merritts 24 bi-weekly installments of $2,500 in 2022 for security services. It paid another $250,000 to PEACE Security, a St. Louis-based firm, and $50,000 to a Nathaniel Davis, according to FEC records…

‘Both the fact that reportedly Bush’s husband isn’t licensed to provide security services for which he was paid, and that she was simultaneously paying large amounts to another company for the same services raise red flags that warrant an investigation by the FEC,’ she added.

Bush is not the first ‘Squad’ member to hire her husband – Rep. Ilhan Omar funneled $2.9 million to a consulting firm run by her husband in 2021, which amounted to 80 percent of the company’s revenue.

Nice work if you can get it. Bush continues to advocate that her constituents be disarmed and that their police protection be removed…all while spending six figures on her own armed security and funneling campaign cash to her now-husband.

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  1. Is he/ze a member of the trans community?

    If not, how could Cori be so thoughtless? 🙂

    • “He” is named Cortney so a gal? shades of bathhouse Barry.

      Not exactly the typical black bar bouncer “security” type. More metrosexual.

      If they are married neither can be required to testify against the other? Cori looks to be more butch.

      • ““He” is named Cortney so a gal?”

        Cortney can be male or female, same as Robin, in America mostly female, in Britain mostly male. Pat can be male or female.

        ‘Platoon’ actor Cortney Vance is male, for example…

        • Years ago I was good friends with a musician and instrument builder. I still have one of HIS fine pices of work, fifty years on. His given name is Cortney”. Very much male and manly. Last I knew he ad six children he had gotten up by his very feminine Lady, his Wife.

          Careful inferring much strictly on the given name of anyone. Ya never know what his parent(s) were thinkng, what history they’ve had, etc. Don’t saddle the kid with the handle he had naught to do with getting.

  2. “It was recently revealed that Bush, R-Mo.,…”

    “R” ? Republican ?
    ha ha ha. No, she’s a Democrat and Democratic Socialist.

  3. So, the take-away from this is:

    Somebody willingly married that. I can only imagine what would entice a man to marry a woman (I’m no biologist, so bear with me) who earns her living blaming and yelling. He’ll be living the rest of his days with her watching his every step and playing the “yes dear” role.

  4. Dude! Show some self-respect. I’ll give them 3 years tops before they get divorced. And then she’ll have to pay alimony! And both of them might wind up in jail before that happens.

    • The tattoo said, she said it said ” Charlie’s Bar and Grill Chattanooga Tennessee. Home of Charlie’s Big Beef Burger”
      and in littler letters, right near the tip, outlined in fluorescent green, with gold Starz around the edges, was, she said it said, *Open 24/7/365.*

  5. Cops Arresting People for Live Fire Training… thats the ticket, pass a law then arrest gun owners for complying with the passed law.

    • Oh wow. I forgot all about her. I used to watch her channel for a long time, but it’s been probably two years since I stopped. She changed her format and started doing super long videos instead of the usual sub-10 minute ones.

    • Where are the Cintons when we need them?
      Seems like an incident of quiet arkancision would comport with justice.

      WHAT will it take to get a corrupt copper like this one to see reality?

    • The activity which Liberty Doll describes in her video, if true, is infuriating and straight-up felony violation of federal civil rights law (Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law).

      Any and all police employees who participate in arresting and jailing said victims should have to pay massive fines (I like $20,000 for starters, from their personal finances) and spend 10 years minimum in prison for their violation of civil rights.

      Of course the proverbial “insult to injury” is the simple fact that no federal prosecutor will prosecute the police employees involved.

  6. Hogg is not a survivor. He was no where near the shooting. He’s just a loud mouthed self promoter who got beat up a lot when he was a kid. All the beatings were well deserved.

  7. And the last time we had a Democratic Socialist as President (Franklin D. Roosevelt) we got Social security, a minimum wage and strong labor unions. Something the Neanderthals of the Far Right cannot ignore, refute or ever lie their way out of.

  8. As daddy used to say “ Boy I wouldn’t do that with a barried peter”. Or “ I’ve tripped over better than that looking for a place to beat off”. I believe I would prefer to just get a job, 60k ain’t what it used to be.

    • “As daddy used to say “ Boy I wouldn’t do that with a barried peter”.”

      The version I heard was “Two-bagger and a Flag to cover her in case the 2 bags fall off”… 🙂

  9. What is that called in the work place where a person higher on the food chain starts having a relationship with an underling? A clinton?

  10. He looks and sounds like a Player…She’s a drunken 3am big booty call. All the ingredients for an appearance on Springer.

    • if she doesn’t like it here then she should leave and take her friends with her. Please! and don’t come back

      • The whole argument was the epitome of the “march for our lives” group. Totally oblivious. I bet if she was getting mauled by someone bare handed and raped, her POV would change… although, I wouldn’t put it past some asshole like her to blame others for not saving her. And she’d probably still only carry less lethal options too.

  11. omg
    what did he do
    what kind of karma
    did he set himself for
    to deserve that
    bad life choices
    like stolen elections
    have consequences

  12. please PLEASE stop referring to that Hogg Boyy as a “survivor” of that shooting event.
    He is as much a survivor as I am. He was three miles away I was three thousand. Neither of us were close enough to hear the pops nor to smell the burning powder.

    That is precisely the type of “glory” this creep craves. STOP giving that to him. He is not worthy of that notoriety.

    Funny how Hogg Boyy has gotten a whole lot more press than the dirtbag who did the actual crime. The trigger man is supposed to be the glory hog.

    • He’s basically an officer in the military… because the “unit” was in combat, he awards himself the bronze star for their efforts.

      Shots fired you fucking desk jockey officers.

  13. Well, I guess we see how much it takes to get someone to pay Bush some attention.
    Sorry hon. I wouldn’t touch that thing with a ten foot Pole or 2 5 foot Swedes. Eeewwww.
    Kidding aside, the woman has a hate filled heart and the personality of a rabid badger with a tooth ache and hemorrhoids.

  14. quote———–Nice work if you can get it. Bush continues to advocate that her constituents be disarmed and that their police protection be removed…all while spending six figures on her own armed security and funneling campaign cash to her now-husband.———quote

    The ignorance and rabid racism of the stormtrooper Far Right is infinite.

    Defund the Police has meant to require intense and thorough vetting of applicants for police work to weed out the sadists, bullies, and racists that are drawn to this profession like flies are drawn to shit.

    Defund the Police has meant to require psychosocial tests be given to all applicants to weed out the nut cases and homicidal maniacs that flock to this profession.

    Defund the Police was meant to prevent the cops from spending millions of tax dollars on heavy weapons of war such as flame throwing tanks and killer robots. Cops are supposed to protect the community not torture and massacre people for burnt out tail light bulbs.

    Defund the Police was meant to give more power to civilian review boards because police unions often do not discipline sadistic cops or fire homicidal cops. Homicidal killers like Derek Chauvin and sadists like Mark Furman should never have been allowed to become cops and once they were cops should have been prosecuted and put in dungeons for the rest of their lives before they had a chance to brutalize and even torture and kill people like Chauvin did, a mad dog cop if there ever was one.

    Defund the Police was meant to hire more professional people that are trained to defuse people in mental crisis situations instead of unleashing homicidal cops on them or turning killer dogs loose on them to rip their living flesh off of them just like the Geramn Nazi’s did in WWII. Americans are tired to seeing modern day Nazi Cops brutalize people for the thrill and sadistic pleasure of it.

    Defund the Police was meant to increase training time for police. The average German cop gets 3 years of intensive training before being allowed to deal with the public compared to the brutal world of Capitalvania where cops get in some cases only 4 weeks of training. The only way to solve a problem for them is to put a bullet into someone’s head for even spitting on the sidewalk or not bowing down to them and begging for mercy or their lives.

    In 2012 German cops killed just 12 people and in China that has 4 1/2 times the U.S. population they only killed 4 people while in the barbaric land of Capitalvania 1,200 people were slaughtered under the jackboot of killer U.S. Cops.

    Defunding the police was meant to funnel more tax dollars into community programs such as after school activities for children who often do not have enough to eat or a home to go where an adult is present and not out working to make ends meet because they can only find minimum part time wage jobs. Only in Capitalvania are workers treated like troglodyte slaves to serve their super rich masters that live in the gated communities and make millions on C.E.O. salaries and perks while their workers starve.

    Vote Socialist for the right to form Unions, and for a civilized America where workers are paid a living wage and can retire with enough money to live in dignity, not poverty and squalor.

    And the last time we had a Democratic Socialist as President (Franklin D. Roosevelt) we got Social security, a minimum wage and strong labor unions. Something the Neanderthals of the Far Right cannot ignore, refute or ever lie their way out of.

  15. Someone had to be pretty desperate to marry that Cugly Funt. Not only is she Fugly, she’s dumb as a box of rocks.


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