Philadelphia Gunman Firing at Police
A police officer patrols the block near a house as they investigate an active shooting situation, Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019, in the Nicetown neighborhood of Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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Philadelphia police officers attempted to execute a warrant against Maurice Hill in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia yesterday when  Hill opened fire, wounding six cops.

Police said that the incident began when an officer attempted to serve a warrant. Ross said that officers were already inside and in the rear of the building when the gunman opened fire, forcing them to escape a barrage of bullets through windows and doors.

“This was a narcotics warrant that went awry almost immediately, and the officers came under fire,” Ross said. He said officers were in different areas of the building to quickly secure it, and some became trapped upstairs.

The good news is that all of the wounded officers have been treated for their wounds and released.

Hill barricaded himself in the residence and remained there during an eight-hour stand-off with Philly police until they finally fired tear gas inside and swarmed the residence after midnight last night. He was then taken into custody.

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney had this to say about Hill . . .

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said the suspect has a criminal history and “was able to get these weapons, and a large magazine, a large amount of bullets.” The mayor criticized federal and state governments for what he said was a lack of progress on gun control and an unwillingness to stand up to the National Rifle Association and others.

“So whether it’s our six officers that were shot or it’s some 15-, 17-, 20-year-old kid on the streets of Philadelphia who gets shot with guns that shouldn’t be in people’s hands — it’s aggravating, it’s saddening, and it’s just something we need to do something about,” Kenney said. ” … Our officers deserve to be protected, and they don’t deserve to be shot at by a guy for hours with an unlimited supply of weapons and an unlimited supply of bullets.”

Other pols were quick to jump on the gun control bandwagon, too.

Mayor Kenney and Senator Fauxcahontas are apparently unaware that, just like dealing in controlled substances and attempted murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is already against the law. Hill was, by any definition, a prohibited person who couldn’t legally possess a firearm or ammunition.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer . . .

Public records show that [Hill] has been arrested about a dozen times since turning 18, and convicted six times on charges that involved illegal possession of guns, drug dealing, and aggravated assault. He has been in and out of prison; the longest sentence handed him came in 2010, when a federal judge gave him a 55-month term.

Oh, and . . .

Hill also spent time in federal prison. In 2008, he pleaded guilty to federal firearms violations after he was caught with a Smith & Wesson .357 and later a Taurus PT .45 semiautomatic. His prior felony convictions should have barred him from owning those weapons. U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond sentenced him to four years and seven months in prison.

So it seems that — against all odds — Maurice Hill didn’t really care about the web of state and federal gun control laws that are already in place that were designed to prevent him from acquiring a firearm.

Claiming that yesterday’s shooting is somehow attributable to a lack of sufficient gun control laws in America is the worst kind of ignorant, opportunistic demagoguery. In other words, it’s par for the course after any kind of high-profile incident involving a firearm.

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      • I bet George dubbya is a pretty happy dude, being faultless these days and all.

        And why aren’t the rooskies getting there fair share of blame along with orange man bad? They gotta be a part of this…


    • Screw the 2nd Amendment, these people are walking around with WEAPONS OF WAR!!! It’s all the NRA, Trump, and racist white people’s fault! And have you ever been to one of these pro-gun web-sites like The Truth About Guns? These people actually like guns and are saying horrible things. We have to do something about this right now! Just think of our children!!! //SARC//!

      • Rand Paul predicted G.O.P. would cave.

        This is a version of “red flag” laws that are becoming increasingly popular. Red flag laws are not just supported by authoritarians like Senators Diane Feinstein and Lindsey Graham, but by alleged “constitutional conservatives” like Sen. Ted Cruz.
        Red flag laws have led to dangerous confrontations between law enforcement and citizens who assumed that those breaking into their property to take their guns are private, rather than government, thieves.

        The House bill also expands red flag laws to cover those accused of “misdemeanor stalking.” Many jurisdictions define misdemeanor stalking to include “cyber” or online stalking. These means someone could lose Second Amendment rights for sending someone an “offensive” Facebook or Twitter message.

      • first off, maybe if the police did a bit of research on the suspect they were serving the warrant on, they might have noticed all the weapons violations he was arrested for before. this might have saved some police from getting shot. he showed violence before, and the police should have taken him out the moment he pulled a gun. the story said police were already in the house, . but is it only the police? no i believe in the 2nd amendment, but this guy apparently didnt believe in the law. he had weapons he shouldnt have had. period. he got them some how. think about it.

        • Ain’t it the truth…I saw video(video doorbell from across the street) of them serving the warrant, 2 LEO’s, no tac gear, nothin’, those were the 2 that ended up trapped on the 2nd floor for 7hrs…

      • U sir are a fucking idiot.Blame everyone but your worthless self.As if there are no black fokes spilling hatefull shit. U R such a loser! Fuck Off dumb Ass!

        • Aren’t you bleeding heart liberals the ones who push no drug laws? Get off the dope and you might not be in love with murdering thugs like this.

      • You are one sick son of a bitch buudy. Do you think he had those weapons leagally? Pull your head out of your ass and smell the roses.

      • You people that blame everyone except the criminal himself are the problem .
        Not white people , trump , or NRA
        Perhaps this scumbag criminal an his mama
        Ya his mama she should have raised him better.
        Stop the Obama blame bullshit , nobody but the criminal an the scumbags in the streets laughing at cop as they were being shot at.

    • Well, of course. It’s part of the “Join the NRA and get a free illegal gun” program. It’s an alternative to the range bag.

    • Maybe the Mayor could explain which new proposed gun law would’ve kept this hoodlum from possessing what’s likely a stolen or straw purchased gun. I mean this drug dealer thug was already in violation of existing gun laws.

      •  “…it’s just something we need to do something about….”

        There it is in all his wisdom. Do “something” about “something”. That’s what passes for “Democrat bright ideas” these days.

    • Well, he had to blame someone. He sure as hell didn’t want it to be HIS fault, now did he?

    • Funny thought but doesn’t philly have laws against convicted felons from having guns once they are released and on probation ?? Because if they do it’s the mayors fault for not making sure his probation officers and law enforcement weren’t doing thier jobs. If thier conditions of probation don’t cover search’s of ex felon and thier residency then it’s phillys fault

      • Now that’s just silly! You know only law abiding folks are required to follow the law. Thugs, gangbangers, dealers, antifa? Not so much!

    • That would be a NO. It’s the fault of all authorities in Philly that has not kept this criminal in jail.

  1. I think there’s also an unlimited supply of drugs in that town. What (legal) organization are you blaming for that, Mr Mayor?

    • Clearly it’s the corporations, man. The NRA put the gun in his hand, the racist government screwed him out of the ability to have a job leading him to an alternative income stream, and the giant corporations pulled the trigger when he had to defend his livelihood supplying those victims of an epidemic which is also the big corporations fault.

      … and somehow it’s my fault as a middle-class white male living somewhere in Iowa. Ask a leftist they’ll tell you.

  2. The war on terror, war on drugs and next the war on guns. I probably left something out too. everyone always wants something banned.

  3. every time some democrap finds that his leftist mayoral job includes dealing with a drug-dealing gangster he has to blame somebody else so they pick on the ONLY PEOPLE THAT ROUTIENLY FOLLOW THE RULES AND THE LAWS.. if this jackass would do his job and give the cops on the street some back-up and follow through in actual law enforcement instead of blaming some entity that has no connection with the problem. CLEAN UP YOUR SH**HOLE CITY AND QUIT TRYING TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY A COMMUNIST SH**HOLE.

  4. This is why you bury drug dealers UNDER the prison. This scumbag shouldn’t have seen the light of day again before he hit 60. Unfortunately, soft on crime Demokkkommies let vermin like this back out onto the streets to push their political agenda.

    • AMEN to that. Instead of patting the perp on the back and telling him to “be a good boy”, he should have been incarcerated for an extended period, but thanks to the hanky waving libtards, he was freed long before he should have been

    • Even better end the idiotic war on drugs that is the engine of destruction for so many of our freedoms. Put the drug warriors under the prison or better yet in Gen Pop until they pay for the crimes against the American people they have committed.

      • Yes… because let’s just let everyone get stoned… with absolutely zero repercussions… What could possibly go wrong?

        You being able to get hopped up on drugs and become a worthless sack of shit is not a “liberty”. If we sent all the drugged out degenerates to go die in a gutter, that would be ok, but the reality is that these scumbags destroying their bodies makes my community less safe and takes money out of my pocket. So no… No blank check to get stoned for you.

        Oh, and for the results of what happens when you decriminalize drugs, take a look at what happened to China after the Opium Wars.

        • China suffered from the outcome of the opium wars because a foreign power invaded and puppeted their government in order to extract goods and wealth. It’s a good example of what happens when you cause homelessness, hunger and unemployment and then flood a country with cheap drugs. Not so much for decriminalization of them.

          If you want an example of total decriminalization alone, the most recent example would be Portugal. Nearly two decades later… addiction rates and bloodborne illnesses are down. That’s it. Turns out people aren’t that into drugs when their lives don’t suck. The so-called war on drugs is just another big government lie to erode your rights. Nothing more.

          At the very least, we could stop being stupid about drug bans and make like the Netherlands: simple possession and even sale of amounts of cannabis (and other “soft” drugs) which one could reasonably consume at a sitting are simply not a police matter. This still makes smugglers and “kingpin” dealers wealthy, but the state is much more effective at arresting and prosecuting them since their legal system isn’t tied up with every otherwise law abiding citizen they catch with a joint.

        • I hate to be the one to break this to you, but most drug convictions happen at the dealer level, not the user level.

        • So what you’re saying is that when it comes right down to it, you’re a collectivist? Good to know.

        • Yeah… clearly pointing out that having a bunch of methheads running around loose with no checks is bad thing makes me a “collectivist”. Get fucked.

        • Methheads running around is a self-correcting problem assuming an armed populace and a justice system that aggressively prosecutes and properly sentences those who commit crimes against persons and property.

          We’ve now got a revolving-door justice system that only seems to care about victimless “crimes” committed by honest people while giving slaps on the wrist for actual crimes.

          All the “wars” waged on whatever’s plastered all over the news during a given week – drugs, guns, poverty, and the like – have only served to utterly delegitimize the state. Congratulations, drug warriors – you’ve turned this former hardcore conservative into an anarchist. Government inevitably trends towards authoritarianism, and should be peacefully dissolved and its assets privatized.

        • You assume authoritarianism is inherently a bad thing. That is a false assumption. But hey, you want anarchy, move your ancap ass to Somalia.

        • The Chineese govornment saw the error of their ways and executed tens of thousands of those drug users because they saw them as a worthless drain on their society. If you want to live like a vegitable and eat food grown by others because you can’t do a damned thing because you are stoned all the time, expect somebody to come along and weed you up.

        • ” Methheads running around is a self-correcting problem assuming an armed populace ”

          Just because I want to exercise my right to arm and defend myself doesn’t mean that I want to or look forward to gunning down a bunch of methheads. That is not my responsibility and I don’t want it to become my responsibility.

          The 2A is not a call or a license to go forming up a posse to track down local miscreants. Even in an armed society, Law Enforcement still has its place.

    • Or go back to the original years of this country, where we had some laws (note I said “some”, not an encyclopedia full of legal nonsense like we have today), and every private citizen was encouraged to be armed and participated in policing his own community. The local sheriff was only charged with enforcing the law in cooperation with the courts, and holding prisoners.


  5. This should kill the “Criminal Justice Reform” that’s so fashionable right now. Criminals belong in prison.

  6. I’m confused. Why wouldn’t the NRA allow laws that make it illegal to shoot at cops?

    Also, is that a normal sized vest on that officer? I would want more coverage.

    • Yup… that’s a normal sized trauma plate. Looks like he’s running a size smaller than he really should, but that’s largely a matter of personal preference as trauma plates are designed to protect your vital organs.

        • Too many donuts, no doubt. And that vest is definitely too small. Doesn’t look like it would even protect heart and lung area

    • Based on the size compared to the rifle I’d guess that it’s pobably a medium sized plate. It’s in a minimalist carrier on a larger guy.

      Minimalist carriers were the rage for awhile. They don’t make much sense for cops IMHO, but as Serge said, they’re mostly a preference thing, plate size/placement is what you care about. Also, I dunno what this guy’s daily job is so such a carrier may work pretty well for him if he’s mostly behind a desk.

      • Based on his “bulk” I think (hope) he’s wearing a level IIIA soft vest under his shirt. The plate is probably an “oh shit” kit he carries in his trunk along with the kevlar. Looks like he needs to spend more time fitting his gear. In that picture the kevlar and the carrier look like he’s never bothered to try and actually do anything in them before.

        • That’s not a bad assumption. I would tend to agree with that assessment. IME fat guys end up with front of the carrier at a crazy angle that looks like it would be perfect for directing rounds up under the chin since humans tend to get a gut. He doesn’t have that but is rather kinda uniform around his midsection.

          From a straight on perspective it looks like he has a fair bit of uncovered lung around the sides though. Minimalist or normal carrier he should probably go up a size on the plates with shoulders and a chest that wide.

          Overall he does have a kinda disheveled appearance that would be greatly assisted by better fitment and maybe a different size of gear. Outside SWAT a lot of cops look like their department just kinda guessed on sizes and threw the shit at them saying “Good enough, you’ll never use it anyway”.

        • Large orgs tend to have a one size fits all mentality. If that kit is kept at the station for an emergency he may not even get the same bits twice in a row.

          If I was wearing regular soft armor under my shirt and the word came out about a firefight I would grab what extra I could on the fly and not worry about appearance. It ain’t hollywood and he ain’t an action star in custom fitted props.

        • It’s not about appearance. It’s about actually covering what needs covered while not fucking you over.

          Wearing a plate carrier wrong impedes your ability to do what you need to do and often doesn’t provide the protection it’s supposed to. In fact it can make things worse in that regard.

        • That’s what I was thinking too. As for the “disheveled” appearance, it was apparently *hot* while they were standing there keeping the area secure. TBH the cop looks a hell of a lot better than I would have.

        • Carriers are always hot and generally speaking never really comfortable. You just kinda got get used to that and deal with it. Drink water and just enjoy the suck. There’s a reason they make hydration bladders specifically for attachment to a carrier. There’s also a reason people take a frag pouch and put candy and beef jerky in it.

          Perhaps “disheveled appearance” isn’t the term I should use. As I said and jwm pointed out in regard to most large organizations, they probably just issued this stuff with no real regard for proper sizing, figuring the chances he’d actually use it were minimal. Then they didnt bother to teach him how to properly use/fit it or size it over soft armor etc etc. The result is a poorly fitted carrier. It looks like shit because, really, he’s not using it correctly. Based on the angle of that cummerbund I’d bet dollars to doughnuts (no pun intended) that his back plate is way too low, he’s off balance and extremely uncomfortable and that the carrier is either loose or too tight for him to breath properly.

          PPE is always a PITA and people poorly or not instructed in it’s use often screw it up. If they’re going to issue it it’s incumbent on the department to size it properly and to teach their officers how to use it properly. Otherwise the PPE doesn’t work properly.

          I’d place a lot more blame on the department here than on the individual.

        • I’ve seen more than a few heat casualties due to improperly fitted gear. (It’s all fun and games until somebody takes a silver bullet up their fourth point of contact and has to spend a couple hours hooked up to multiple banana bags.) I would think the department would schedule the 20 minutes it takes to properly fit the carrier and teach the officer how to adjust as needed. As above, hydration is essential. There’s a reason why my vests / carriers are racked with a full hydration bladder at all times. (You need to remember to cycle the water every few months or it gets funky, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid heat stroke.)

        • “I would think the department would schedule the 20 minutes it takes to properly fit the carrier and teach the officer how to adjust as needed.”

          If they even have someone who knows outside of SWAT. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t especially if they consider the carrier as a “probably never gonna get used” item.

          To my eye that looks like the black version of the Shellback Defender Active Shooter carrier which is like $100 retail. I won’t shittalk Shellback in general but at $100/carrier retail that sounds like something a department on a budget would buy and it’s not exactly, uh, nice. It’s meant to be cheap and quick to put on with a few of plastic clips. If that’s their pricepoint… well it tells me a bit about how much the department feels like “investing” in carriers for their street cops.

  7. What Mr Mayor with his head up his horn blower is clueless of,is Negotiating Rights Away since 1934 has proven to be the gun grabbers best advocate,what a Maroon.

    • The day is still young.. And actually by attacking the NRA knowing Trump supports them is pretty much blaming Trump as well as me (I swear I never met the guy) and the other five million or so members of the NRA…

  8. Did anyone wonder why they were executing a warrant in the middle of this scumbags day instead of 6 in the morning when he would be less aware?

    • The warrant was not for him, it was for the upstairs neighbor, dude just freaked and started shooting up through his ceiling at whatever…

    • I wondered more at the fact that it took nearly 8 hours for them to flood the building with tear gas, and keep it that way. I mean, hour after hour of shooting at cops, wouldn’t you think life would be more pleasant if he could not see anything? Did they have to order some CS from Amazon Prime and wait for its arrival?

      • Does Philly have Same Day Delivery under Prime?

        Maybe the PD had it sent to one of Amazon’s drop houses and they had to send an office pogue to pick it up…and he/she stopped at Dottie’s Donuts for a quickie fat pill.

        Just part of another Liberal cover-up…

      • Better question would be, why was he still in the gene pool? Or at least why was he not in a cage?

  9. Golly yesterday a whole bunch of TTAG commenters stated the po-leece were bad boy’s for picking on this upstanding citizen…I guess homie WASN’T. Criminals get guns criminally. Duh😫

    • Yeah, it’s generally why I give cops the benefit of the doubt until definitive info comes out.

  10. So many laws continually broken and the police knew everything to know about his guy yet he was still out in the streets. Sounds like a law enforcement problem not a gun problem. Which is why Philly’s chief law enforcement official is desperately trying to make it a gun problem.

    • It is the District Attorney”s Office and the judicial system’s fault. The cops repeatedly arrested the perp over many years but he kept getting released.

  11. The perp had a very long rap sheet, including multiple firearms violations, and the idiotic mayor of Philadelphia blames the NRA for his city’s revolving door justice system.

    Regardless of firearms laws, this guy should have been incarcerated for life for being a habitual violent felon a long time ago.

  12. Sorry guys, but I just see an entrepreneur trying to defend his business from a gang of violent thugs. You may not like drugs or the people who peddle them, but the only offense this guy committed was selling things that people want to buy – which is no offense at all.

    • Yeah… it’s not like he had a violent rap sheet the length of my arm or anything. This is what happens when you don’t keep drugdealing scumbags locked under the prison.

      • A drug dealer is less of a threat to the average American than a cop. I can stay away from drug dealers, cops exist only by the theft of my money.

        • “A drug dealer is less of a threat to the average American than a cop.”

          Bullshit, jerk-off.

          The *customers* the drug dealer attracts cause *crime* where I live…

        • Around here, the drug dealers peddle heroin and meth to customers who burglarize anything and everything to get enough money for their next fix, if they aren’t out on the corner begging. Most of the dealers sport stolen firearms, and most have lengthy rap sheets and multiple felony convictions. Most have been released early under a state law program that allows for early release of “nonviolent” felons, dumping these guys onto the local parole officers so that the state doesn’t have to pay for them. So far, burglary and car theft are huge, but violence associated with those crimes is fairly uncommon.


    • Agreed. Its all a matter of being able to see it from an another perspective. It seems people only agree with freedom, when it’s agrees with their sense of what freedom should be. In essence, completely misunderstanding the nature of what freedom is. I have the freedom to put whatever chemical I want in my body and so do you. “Allowing” proliferative drug use does not lead to violence, the same way that the proliferation of weapons among a population does not lead to violence. The people who do smoke, shoot and pop shit right now won’t find new friends among the rest of the population should drugs be de-regulated. The shit is easy enough to find right now. These cops are thugs and it’s a shame that people nowadays have been conditioned to associated authority with decency and goodness.

      • I have the freedom to put whatever chemical I want in my body and so do you. “Allowing” proliferative drug use does not lead to violence, the same way that the proliferation of weapons among a population does not lead to violence.
        WhiteDevil: You are absolutely right, up to the point where you seem to omit (perhaps you just overlooked ALL that smoking “crack and meth” and shooting meth and heroin entails). The main problem with allowing people to put anything their little hearts desire into their bodies is that when these meth heads and junkies run out of their own money they tend to become “entrepreneurs” in their own right by taking other peoples shit to sell to get money for more drugs. So I submit that there is one more right involved that you “overlooked” and that is MY right to add 225 grains to the weight of said individuals brain should they decide to add my shit to their inventory.. Of course that is in direct conflict with your assertion that prolific drug use does NOT lead to violence as the violent act of a citizen being robbed/mugged or a “prolific” drug user having a majority of their brain matter being forcibly removed by the actions of a would be victim are in DIRECT correlation to the introduction of the aforementioned drugs into a persons body. A heroin user will kill their own mother to get money to buy that shit, be careful what you wish for.. Society without “reasonable” rules (like a constitution or something) is just anarchy..

  13. What are the maximum sentences for all the crimes he’s been convicted of? Arrested “about a dozen times,” and “convicted six times” seems to be enough to keep him off the streets for a number of years. What about the “55 month” sentence on 2010? How long was he in?

    I’m more for blaming the court system for a lack of sure and prompt justice.

  14. Well, the upside is that philly PD didn’t aerial bomb the place and kill a whole bunch of folks…

    In 1985, another confrontation ended when a police helicopter dropped a bomb on the MOVE compound, a row house in the middle of the 6200 block of Osage Avenue. The resulting fire killed eleven MOVE members, including five children, and destroyed 65 houses in the neighborhood.[2] The survivors later filed a civil suit against the city and the police department, and were awarded $1.5 million in a 1996 settlement.[3]

    • Yep, I lived near there when that went down.

      Frank Rizzo was mayor then, If I recall correctly. There was a political cartoon in the ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’ back then that summed up Philly cops back then pretty well.

      Little girl standing under a tree : “Mr Philadelphia police man, can you get my cat out of this tree?”

      Philly Cop – “Sure, kid!” Draws his gun and fires at cat in tree. Cat drops down dead…

      • Nope, Wilson Goode was mayor when that fiasco happened. Frank Rizzo was mayor when PPD and MOVE went at it the first time, in 1978, and a police officer was killed.

        • One member of that ‘family’ popped up not long ago in the news. Considerably older and mellower than those years ago.

          Did you remember that political cartoon from back then from the Inquirer?

  15. Unlimited weapons and ammo? Probably a fast firing script too.

    Mayor, let’s keep the hackusations to a minimum here.

  16. So if someone gets hit by a truck is that “truck violence”?

    That word gun violence drives me nuts cause it doesn’t exist

    • That just means it was the truck maker’s fault, not the driver. Anyone who believes that is truly a moron.

    • Why, of course, don’t you watch the news?
      If someone gets his head busted with a piece of 2×4, it’s “lumber violence”. If the perp uses cobble stone instead, we talk about “mineral violence”. Stabbings and slashings are “cutlery violence”. Arson, like the recent case in Japan that killed about 30 people, is called “match and gasoline violence”.
      Oh…it isn’t? Guns are a special case? Weird! Almost as if there was some underlying reason for vilifying firearms.

  17. Six of Philly’s finest get shot by a career felon and walks away. Philly cops are getting soft.

    I can completely see why the NRA is at fault. After all, felon drug dealer in North Philly spells model citizen.

      • Yep, that’s why that political cartoon I mentioned was so funny at the time, because those cops didn’t take shit from *anybody* back then…

    • From what I gathered yesterday, they were raiding a different apartment upstairs, they decided to raid another one after the drug dealers on the 2nd floor told them about the felon with guns. Once they made their way to the other apartment the shooting began. Most of the cops escaped from any exit they could, leaving behind two cops stuck on the 2nd floor with people they already arrested. Then all the other cops flooded the neighborhood. You can see video of them taking fire and getting shot as they hid behind cars. A report I saw said at least 30 cops opened fire, apparently, they all missed. The SWAT arrived much later, they were able to get the cops out of the 2nd floor, eventually they fired gas into the building. Afterward, the man came out on his own.

      Before it was half way through the mayor was already calling for gun control. Once the cops were released from the hospital he didn’t hold back about gun control. It wasn’t only him, the cops also said they want less guns on their streets.

      • I think they meant less cockroaches with guns, did’nt they? And less judges and prosecutors too chicken shit to enforce laws already on the books!

        • They need to clarify. I heard them say they never seen something like this in their decades of experience and they can’t have this happening in their community.

          I’m going to assume with a mayor like that, he would appoint a police chief who agrees with his position. That’s how the system works.

  18. I though that white privilege was to blame for crime. Or Trump. Or global warming.

    Geez, will you libtards make up your minds so I’ll know who to hate?

  19. Mayor Kenney,

    I suggest that you, the DA and the judges involved in perpetuating this repeat felons business career lead the entry team on the next dozen drug warrants Philly PD serves to show the officers how to do it right…maybe that way you can get a clue (or at least, eventually, eliminate yourselves from the gene pool).

  20. “So it seems that — against all odds — Maurice Hill didn’t really care about the web of state and federal gun control laws that are already in place that were designed to prevent him from acquiring a firearm.

    Claiming that yesterday’s shooting is somehow attributable to a lack of sufficient gun control laws in America”

    I am completely pro-gun. I agree with what you said there.

    However making those statements leads the Dem’s and all their sheeple to say “yeah you are right more strict gun laws would not have worked….so we will stop wasting time on that and just ban guns….period”.

    In the past I did not think and AR/magazine ban would happen. Now…I just bought some 10 round mag’s for my M&P in case my 17 round mags become illegal all of the sudden. I am not spending another dime on my AR’s until I see if there is a grandfather clause in the BAN that may well happen and happen soon.

    • Obvious thing to do is to buy your regular mags. Just don’t say anything about them. Here in the sunny South, I can buy all the mags I want to buy. I’d pay cash for them (no paper trail…just in case), then keep the info to myself.

    • So, you just gave up preemptively.

      “We need some new gun control laws (including a complete ban) because criminals don’t obey existing laws. But they definitely will follow the new ones!” How does that make any sense?

  21. Shitbag mayors in shitbag towns always point the blame on legal gun owners instead of their corrupt polices and social justice theories. A career criminal and we are surprised he has guns and drugs?

  22. Well, well, Philadelphia IS a sanctuary city. Perhaps spending resources on ferreting out this kind of person rather than coddling illegal immigrants would have prevented this. Look inward, Philadelphia! Karma is a rascal.

  23. Wanna avoid these kind of clusterf*cks? Don’t serve the warrant/assault the house when the guy is home.

    Put someone outside the house and tail the perp when he leaves to pick up cigs at the 7/11. Then arrest him.

    • I suspect the poor sumbitch working at the seven eleven disagrees. With this guys rap sheet, I would support shooting him in the back, from hiding, several times, then arresting him.

  24. All you people blaming the NRA, Trump and White people. But yet shooters are all races, and colors. This guy was a Felon, he was not legally able to posses a firearm, but yet he did. In what world do you thing an additional gun law would have made him say no to getting a gun.. NOT ANY WORLD… This is the exact reason we Law Abiding gun owners need to stand up to you WACK jobs and own our guns of choice.

  25. Philly Mayor: It’s the NRA’s Fault a Violent Drug-Dealing Felon Shot 6 Police Officers?
    Is he talking about the multiple felon that has previously been arrested for illegal possession of a firearm? That violent drug dealing felon? Well Hell I’m going to send Wayne an email right now demanding a refund and cancellation of my Life Membership… I can not condone nor be associated with anyone or any organization that provides a firearm to a known felon or is in any way complicit with said known violent drug dealing felons being free to acquire a firearm and shoot up a neighborhood when the asshole should be in jail…. Oh wait we are talking about Philly, right? Sanctuary city, anti-cop mayor.. that Philly?.. Never mind..

  26. It is always the bad guy’s fault entirely. Not the gun and not any third party, the person that does a thing is responsible for the thing, be it for good or evil.

    On the other hand there is such a thing as lousy planning. Serving a warrant on the one place where the bad guy is most likely to have maximum abiity to resist wouldn’t seem like the best idea. This is a point that was addressed in an extreme example, by local law enforcement after the ATF disaster at Waco, TX. Any time there was a problem with warrants or tickets or whatever coming from that compound the local law could call David Koresh and he’d come into town to work it out. Had the ATF planned this out in concert with the locals they could have served their warrant at the compound with Koresh drawn away to town, arrested individually and quietly without an opportunity to order followers into mass violent resistence.

    Every time I read about a police raid on a drug house going horribly wrong, I have to wonder if they made a similar error. Leaning for the head on straight into it approach rather than seeking the least risk approach.

    In all cases, thru careful observation and talking to law enforcement agencies with different sources of info, can the target of the warrent be arrested away from any weapon stash? Away from readily barricaded home turf and gang support?

    So, hell yes the bad guys are responsible but also hell yes there have to be questions asked about police planning in likely dangerous situations.

    I hope those injured officers are soon out of the woods, recover fully and able to return to work.

    • Too many senior police and their political handlers want to use “shock-and-awe” to send a message.

  27. So LE must have known BGs criminal history including repeated possession of guns/ammo. They went to serve the Warrant with what they thought was sufficient manpower/force, it wasn’t enough force or suprise to accomplish the task.

    What part of a Armed Criminal with a history of aggravated assault doesent the Mayor understand, evidently all of it. Rather than lay responsibility on the criminal who does not follow laws, he blames the NRA and in turn the possesion of firearms by law abiding citizens.

    The Mayor is just another gun grabber trying to use blood to push anti-gun the anti-gun agenda.

    • “They went to serve the Warrant with what they thought was sufficient manpower/force, it wasn’t enough force or suprise to accomplish the task.”

      There was also a lack of prior planning (shock). My understanding is the shooter’s pad was a secondary target of opportunity after the initial raid. IE an obvious if tempting ambush.

    • They may not have know that’s where he was “stayin’ at.”
      Mind you, not “living,” it’s “i staying at my cousin’s.”

  28. Typical democrat deflection! You can’t do your job, so it must be someone else’s fault. So scared to be called RACIST, you dont dare control your criminal element, much more convenient to blame us. Sick f**k!

  29. I have to wonder what the Philly police thought was going to happen….

    Violent drug dealer-” Why yes Mr. Police officer do come in, would you like some coffee?”

    Police- “We know you are dealing drugs here and we have a warrant!”

    Violent drug dealer- “Oh quite right Mr. Police officer..Here are the drugs packaged on the side table and do mind your shoes on the throw rug please, which car would you like me to ride in, will afternoon tea be served at the station, my close associate told me your Earl Grey is fabulous!”

      • Yeah… It’s a pity that the DNC breeds a shittier class of criminals. Look at the yaks, not particularly nice people, but they keep their business away from uninvolved people and maintain a brutal level of internal accountability.

        • Yeah, those guys keep business offices, and are usually pretty good about not messing with the ‘civillians’.

          But if you borrow money from them, they expect to get paid.

          (When you mentioned Yaks, I immediately thought of the Yakovlev planes…)

  30. Our Mayor is another in a long line of illegal alien suckup,tax loving, appeal to the deadbeats Dem half commie stooge. Another street trash drug dealing thug with an illegal weapon is the NRA’s fault? LOL. When did street garbage start obeying any gun laws?What is stopping him from doing something since millions come in monthly from his soft drink tax? Oh yeah, needs the money for illegal alien healthcare, a 2000 kid preK service aka free baby sitting for parents that don’t want bothered while they kick back at home, and to add to the Philly coffers so the Dem incumbents on the DROP program that was meant for cops and firefighters, but City Hall thought it sounded good so they put themselves on it, can retire a day,cash out,and back to work the next day.I think being in country was safer than being a cop in Philly since City Hall honors and martyrs street trash while demonizing cops.

  31. Self hating white Libertarians, Liberals and the Leftists will never support convicting and sending black criminals to prison. They will not support putting black single mothers who buy a gun for their felon boyfriend. Or a crowd that throws buckets at officers.

    But they will support the Welfare Industrial Complex. Instead of the church based private support system that we had in this country for 400 years.

    REPEAT Felon Shoots Police, Liberals SCREECH Gun Control! 10 minutes long

      • Libertarians are beginning to support the basic income concept. So, yes Libertarians are jumping on the welfare train. The idea of basic income actually originates with Milton Friedman’s proposal for a negative income tax. A form of it, the earned income tax credit, was adopted during the Nixon Adminstration.

        • Milton Friedman also said that if adopted, the tax credit should be the only “safety net” provided and all other welfare should be ended.

        • tdiinva
          Libertarians are now socialist/communist, who want to smoke dope. They are no longer ex-republicans who want to smoke dope.

      • Atheist Libertarians have never supported the historical religious private welfare support system in this country. Because they hated the power of the Church. As well as the power of the Synagogue. Anyone can look up the name Jerry Falwell and you will find the bigoted statements of atheists about this man. You can find their anti religious, anti gun bigotry being covered on TTAG.

        They mislead all the time. It’s called now Fake News.


        “I’m not a huge fan of fundamentalism”

        You can have sex with a horse if you want to. I don’t care. I know some do this in Washington State. It was legalized in the 1990s. By the sexually liberated, who are also socialist progressive in their political orientation. The same ones who later helped pass gun control in that state.

        Amazing how they support gay marriage. And at the same time they support prosecuting single mothers for having sex with a man while she is on welfare. And of course living in a “gun Free zone” public housing project.

        Tell me why a christian baker must be forced, at the point of a gun, to bake a gay wedding cake? It seems the baker has no private property rights. Because They will take his or her private property if they don’t bake the cake.
        Also gun channels don’t seem have private property rights either. Since their work has been confiscated without just compensation by Tech companies.

        You should try having an open mind and being honest for a change.

        • There’s a reason why I call them Libertardians… on a good day.

          Delusional Soros puppets on any other.

        • Pwrserge
          The term “useful idiot” is an old one. But it would be accurate to discribe today’s Libertarians.


    Yes….blame the NRA, the Second Amendment, the private ownership of firearms, the American gun owner, or whoever for the vile criminal terrorist acts of depraved sociopaths! It has been so since 1968 when Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ): the worst and deservedly the most hated president in American history, signed the damnable oppressive discriminatory 1968 Gun Control Act into unconstitutional federal legislation! This is simply “class warfare” punitively attacking the NRA, American gun owners, our Second Amendment heritage etc. Too, never mind the anti-gun depraved Democrats who have their own armed bodyguards guarding their elitist assess 24/7! And often at taxpayer’s expense. And the deluded dumbed down ignorant voters who continue to re-elect these repeat offenders and treasonous scum to state legislatures,
    both houses of Congress: House and Senate, to city hall (the corrupt abusive Tammany Hall/Daley Machine of Chicago (Cook County, Illinois). This despite most of them are rightly described in five words: deceitful crooked immoral treasonous and socialist! Also, the Mob and organized crime connections. Not that RINO’s : Republicans In Name Only are any better. I could continue on here of course. But attempting to reason with an anti-gun urbanite who blindly and stubbornly continues to “suck up” to the party line (mostly Democrats) is like attempting to talk and reason to a fence post of Western Juniper in Lake County, Oregon!

    James A. Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long live the State of Jefferson!

  33. So some cops took advice from red-handed dopers they’d busted (no possible motives there), and went down the hall to confront a guy with lots of weapons, who had obviously heard the cops raid the first place, and attempted to forcibly enter without a warrant. Morons. No one deserves to get shot at, but for shit’s sake, show some intelligence. Friggin’ miracle this loose-cannon stupidity didn’t get anyone killed.

    “You got us officers, but if you’ll step right through the door over here, there’s some juicy promotions in it for you..”

    • That started way before Obama.

      The millennial generation and younger are not fond of the police.

      • Do all police give you a reason to trust them? Police hung, killed, chased innocent people throughout history. Of course, I look at every person as an individual. I’m young, black, educated etc. I’ve been stopped by the police with my AK…my friend did some stupid shit and the people who he did it to were trying to get into his house, so me being a friend, I went over with my AK and let them know that if they gained unlawful entry, they will be shot and told them to call the police and let them handle it. So the police came, asked where the gun was, and they were cool about it. I never had a bad experience with cops but a cop did tell me that majority are crooks and I live in St.Louis, MO. Hell even some cops hate their job and been hating but it’s all they know

    • No one likes the police. When’s the last time you saw blue lights in the rear view mirror and thought “a good and just thing is about to happen.”

      Police have a good service to provide, unfortunately it’s usually just petty traffic tickets and cowardice in the face of actual emergencies the people are payed back with for their tax money.

  34. Basically what he means is, It’s the NRA’s fault that full confiscation of firearms hasn’t been enacted yet, so this POS couldn’t steal them. They won’t actually say that yet, but they are close to coming around to it.

  35. A felon with a rifle shoots multiple cops just before he is about to get caught with guns he can’t own anymore? More gun control is going to stop this? Where have I seen this before? Hmm…

    Auguest 12, 1 CHP Officer Dead, 2 Injured In Shooting On Riverside Freeway

    Cops can’t figure out his motive.

      • The cops don’t want to admit gun control lead to the death and injury of the cops and this convicted felon.

        The man got pulled over. The police decided to confiscate his vehicle. Inside his vehicle was an AR-15 and 30 round mags. He knew they were going to find “his” gun. Once they find the gun he would go to prison for a very long time because he had an illegal “assault weapon,” illegal magazines and he is a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He decided he wasn’t going back to die in a cage of old age.

        These kinds of victim less laws and mandatory minimum sentences leads to felons shooting cops. As we seen in Philadelphia. They know they are going to prison for a long time, if not life, before the cop does. The cop thinks it’s just another typical day on the job until it isn’t.

  36. My take on this.
    6 officers wounded and walked away (figuratively).
    Proves my long held belief that the over powered .22 is not a good round when you want to kill something.
    Now an AR 10? That would do the trick.
    Also this turd was a crappy shot. Just sayin’, not advocating shooting cops.

  37. Who TF issues a warrant and tries to escape when bullets start flying. They made entry, right? Fucken breach and clear failure all over this. Sad. Unprepared and under trained.

  38. Jim Kinney was a leftist moron when he was running a union. I don’t know why the people elected him. I lived in Philly for 30+ years and NEVER impressed me as anything as a leftist dink. I guess the NRA turned this guy into a drug dealer, too? No guns? Molotov cocktails! He’s about as bright as he looks.

  39. Unfortunately, the mayor of Philadelphia is a PUTZ. PUTZ is a Yiddish expression referring to what is politely known as the male reproductive organ.

    Otherwise, and likely more important, is the following. The shooter apparently was a convicted felon. As such, under federal law, he was barred from the purchase, acquisition, possession of both firearms and ammunition. The question of how he obtained the arms he so obviously possessed needs to be pursued to it’s very end. Will it be so treated is another interesting question.

    • @Alan:

      He’d be known as a “schmuck” or a “prick” where I came from. Means the same thing, though.

      • Don’t know where you are from but in my part of the world a SCHMUCK is a dumbASS and a PRICK is an ASShole.. Two very distinctly different things…

  40. I’m sure the perp went through normal channels………went to a gun store, filled out background check, took an NRA approved course on safe firearm handling, applied for a concealed permit to carry, etc.
    By the way, where does Philadelphia find these mayors? Is there a secret farm somewhere for breeding stupid?

    • The mayors are made to put a plastic bag over their heads and repeat democratic party slogans until they see the light , by which time their will be oxygen starvation induced brain damage.

  41. WHEN, if EVER, are our IDIOTIC Politicians going to understand that CRIMINALS do not obey Gun Laws! That’s kind of why they are called CRIMINALS! In Countries where guns are outlawed, criminals ALWAYS seem to be able to find Guns. Disarming the Public only makes more Sheep ready to be sheared! If Politicians wanted to fix some of the problems with Gun Violence, THEY WOULD OUTLAW GUN FREE ZONES, where virtually ALL Mass Shootings have occurred. These events occur in such places BECAUSE criminals know that no one can stop them!

  42. Another dumbass, Hey Mayor, enforce the laws on the books. You should monitor your felons a little bit more before sending officers into a death trap. The guy should have never been able to plea bargain his way out of a 20 year sentence, Criminals always find a way to get guns, that’s why they are called Criminals. You are supposed to lock the up, and keep them away from Citizens

  43. It’s the Bill of Rights fault; it’s George Mason’s fault; it’s Alexander Hamilton’s fault; it’s everybody’s fault except the criminals fault, right spinless, dishonest Mayor?

  44. Good thing drugs are illegal or George might’ve been selling drugs, wait a minute George was selling drugs I guess making something illegal doesn’t really matter does it, well that won’t happen with guns, if we make them illegal nobody will have them just like Drugs, how did that work out you fucking idiot mayor

    • There ya go, asking an idiot politician a rhetorical question! You know easily they get confused. He went off script though, it’s Trump’s fault. He couldnt even get that right!🤯

  45. The article is obviously wrong. If he was given 4+ years in jail in 2008, he wouldn’t have been able to commit the crime that sentenced him to 55 months in 2010 because he’d still be in prison, right?

  46. Im really getting tired of the asshole who are jumping on the liberal train the losing train to make them look like they are a big person and all they are showing is that they have no mind of their own and show how much of an IDIOT he is saying the NRA is to blame what a retard mayor he is NR$A has nothing to do with shooting and the liberals need to get it right for once which i know they cant so here it is layed down to you NRA has nothing to do with shootings 2 NRA doesnt make the laws 3 where ever that mayor got his info from should go back and check where they got their so called info or is the mayor on the dems payroll makes ya wonder right !

  47. 1. Any criminal or nut case can buy all the firepower they want in the U.S. because there are no Federal Background checks on second hand weapons. This is not rocket science and no amount of lies by the Far Right can avoid this glaring truth. Our background checks are also not as professional or thorough enough as compared to other industrialized nations. In other nations mental testing, and interviews with the police as well as friends and neighbors of the prospective buyer are all conducted before a firearms card to purchase is given.

    2. Most civilized countries have severe restrictions on the ownership of assault rifles and the amount of ammo a weapon can hold for civilian use. Many Nations outlaw civilian use of them altogether.

    The facts: In the past several years the stats show that the other industrialized countries had a maximum of only 2 mass shootings while the U.S is now up to 251 mass shootings just in this year alone and the year is far from being over proving other Nations gun control laws work and work very well indeed.

    • Tell us o enlightened luminary of the masses, how do you background check purchases of unregistered firearms? Most of the firearms in the US are not registered and are rarely traceable beyond the first purchase. Only NFA items have to be registered in addition to several states. There are millions of firearms, potentially tens or hundreds of millions of firearms out there.

      For such a background check to happen on the sale of these firearms, the majority if not all would have to be registered.

      How much extra taxes are you willing to pay for the registration scheme and it’s administration? Traditionally in the US this is where the will is lost. No one wants to pay the bill for something that is proven to have little to no actual benefit and will not impede criminals in any way.

      If tonnes of drugs arrive in the country every day, bringing in weapons and ammunition would not be any more difficult. A thousands cartridges of full power rifle ammunition does not need a semi-truck to move or a storage locker to store. It can be placed into the footwell of a car, if not the trunk, and can be placed inside a cupboard

    • Gibberish. Low iq liberal arts type. Unable to make a coherent point.

      It’s no wonder vlad is hoping for socialism. He’ll starve if he has to support himself.

  48. Interesting how so many of the antis say your rifle isn’t going to stand a chance against the government . . . . yet this highly motivated criminal managed to hold off 50+ police officers for several hours with his rifle.

  49. The NRA is not to blame, nor is Trump. The blame is on the drug dealer/user who acquired guns illegally and the legal system who kept letting him out of prison.

  50. First off the cities of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit have more gun violence death and injuries than all the mass shootings in this Country in any given year. So I need you folks who always jump on the gun control issue to answer a few questions. First, are you aware the States those cities are in have some of the strictest gun laws in the Country? Why is it that most of the violence takes place in the black, Hispanic and minority sections of those Cities? Why don’t we hear from O’Rourke, Dems, and Media about dealing with those problems since there are far more deaths and they occur in the areas that they brag about helping people, namely Blacks, Hispanics, and other minority groups? The answers are simple, Yes to strictest laws, They don’t give a hoot about minorities except to exploit them for votes, they don’t mention them because they are run into the ground by Democrats and they have no solution to violence problem because all the gun laws in the world don’t keep criminals or crazy people from committing crimes. Simple answers to simple questions. So what conclusions can any sane, logical, common sense minded individual who looks at the facts arrive at? Democrats need to clean up their own cities first before trying to impose their failed gun control laws on the Nation.

  51. They had him on gun charges and let him go. What good would more laws do if you don’t enforce the ones you have. He is a doper, dealer, and crook all rolled into one. Pull his citizenship and send him to Aricia.

  52. We have a God-given, fundamental, natural, unalienable, consitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. That means NO ONE, including government, can take that right away or infringe it. If more law abiding citizens were armed we would have way less crime! That’s a proven fact! Last Century almost 200 million people were first disarmed and then executed by their own government! Therefore, our greatest threat is our own government turning tyrannical. The Leftists want to disarm us like Hitler and Mao and Castro and Pol Pot… did, so they can control us! No thanks! I will die rather than give up my guns!

  53. The shooter wasn’t a member of the NRA.

    You want to know who was responsible for shooting those cops? First, it was the repeat offender felon thug who pulled the trigger, then it was the Soros funded DA (who’s supporters chanted “F*ck the cops” at his election party) who didn’t prosecute the SOB to keep him in jail, and next it was the SJW mayor who’s more worried about mollycoddling street thugs and virtue signaling his opposition to the NRA than he is about protecting the law abiding people of his city.

    The mayor and DA are corrupt and inept. Unfortunately, the people who elected them got what they deserve.

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