Gun-Grabbers’ Nightmare: 64% of American Have a Favorable View of Supreme Court’s Bruen Decision

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A majority of the public favors the June 2022 ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, which established a right to possess a gun outside the home, with 64% in favor of that decision and 35% opposed.

Support for this ruling, among those with an opinion, was consistently high prior to the decision in June, as shown in Table 11. As with the abortion decision above, the question wording in the November poll does not invite respondents to say if they haven’t heard enough, while previous polls included that invitation.

— Charles Franklin in New Marquette Law School Poll National Survey Finds Small Rebound in Approval of U.S. Supreme Court, Continued Opposition to Use of Race as a Factor in College Admissions

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    • At the common law in a constitutional Republic, the public servants are restricted to only act upon those things allowed to them by law.
      READ” Federalist 49 by Madison…”constitutional limitations” protect the rights of people.
      So if RKBA is not allowed to the public servants, they cannot enact a single law upon the possession of RKBA by lawful citizens.

  1. And its a good thing they favor Bruen, ’cause things like…

    23-Year-Old Woman Shoots Armed Man In The Head As He And 3 Others Tried Getting Into Her Car >

    anti-gun though would, as usual, prefer she not have a chance to avoid serious harm or death by use of a firearm. that’s what anti-gun is all about, seeing to it that innocent law abiding people are seriously harmed or killed when all they needed was a chance by firearm to avoid it.

  2. I think anti gun citizens just think guns are icky and that enough laws are passed, magically all guns will go away(fairy dust or something), and there will be no criminal use.
    In other words, they don’t think, they just react emotionally.

  3. Decent people with common sense certainly agree but by all accounts complete total idiots outnumber them in states like pa, ny, or, ca, etc.

  4. Why would people want tyranny and restrictions? That’s why so many buy guns when restrictions are announced, or really any product… ban or restrict light bulbs, then I want light bulbs, just in case.

    It’s unfortunate that more people don’t give gun banners a complete kick out of office.
    But democrats also give out “freebies”, free college, free debt payoffs, free admittance to the country… people trade freedom for freebies.

  5. While I’m glad it’s a bit over 50%, I find it confusing it’s only 64% instead of 84% (+). With all the phenomenal gun sales I would expect it to be somewhat higher than 64%. Maybe I overestimate the amount of our population that pays attention to the seditious gun control efforts. I have no reason(s) to doubt information in the article though.

    • Hypocrisy is not uncommon and neither is the individuals sense of superiority. I’m sure the overlap is real. Lots of people think they are “special” and regulations or laws would not apply to them because they are “special” but those very laws and regulations should absolutely apply to those “other” people because they aren’t “special.”

      Like a Dunning-Kruger-Fudd effect peppered with entitlement issues and narcissism. The current default state of Western civilization.

      • This too as the “I got mine” mentality is rife in areas where gun control goes up. Other part below pending moderation.

    • Demoralization, mass formation psychosis, mass media hypnosis, cult brainwashing, it goes by many names but it is effective and widespread. Lot of the same classes/concepts in advertising vs psychological warfare.

      • Exactly and thanks for the terms. Another term was once used back in the 70(s) through the early 90(s) but due to this damned COVID erasing my memory this past summer I can’t for the life of me recall what it was. Seems it began with a “P”, or “psycho …” something (possibly clinical) but that’s as far as my memory will take me right now.

        Wouldn’t be crazy to say it’s an extension of the MKULTRA program of decades ago. Remote programming of the mind or something … LOL

        • Mockingbird was a fun one to research and pretty much goes hand in hand with MKULTRA and if we are honest with ourselves was never truly ended. MKNAOMI on the other hand is just plain scary……..and increasingly relevant the more we learn about SARS2/Covid 19 and it’s various “treatments”

      • LOL … It depends. If I run across a poll that overtly appears leftist I like to try to hijack the poll since they’ll fraudulize the results anyway. I’m sure there’s several reasons the 64% was arrived at but I was simply addressing the article as it was written.

    • “While I’m glad it’s a bit over 50%, I find it confusing it’s only 64% instead of 84% (+).”

      Simple – Our side knows the truth, few on their side do.

      And they are working very hard to keep their side ignorant of it. Think about it – It explains why they are still pushing for an “Assault weapon ban”, even though we known it will never stand a chance of a SCotUS review.

      So, people, it’s time to evangelize and spread the good news… 🙂

      • Did about all I can without getting red flagged but did get a bunch of people aware and angry at a defacto semi auto ban for rifles for the time you don’t have a pistol permit. The showing of options for when they need a gun for self defense now as being shotguns, lever actions and bolt actions that were all around in some similar model a century ago helps demonstrate how fucked our laws are.

    • GRA,
      I’m thinking a lot of pro gun people just don’t participate in these polls to the point where they give a contrary opinion just to fly under the radar.

  6. That’s not true! The columnists at the NY Times tell me that people favor stricter gun control!

    If you haven’t figured it out, the above is sarcasm.

  7. Can we consider an approval drop of 10 percentage points, and a disapproval rise 0 10 percentage points, since Jan22, to be good news?

    The anti-2A crowd should be pleased with the trend.

      • except he probably wasn’t…not at this time of year, anyway….basically just a hi-jack of a pagan holiday celebrating the solstice…

        • a lot of the Nativity seems fabricated…more of a latter day construct…still a beautiful story, though….

  8. “We are failing to spread the gospel that a child was born”

    This poll, like all polls, only tells the results that the promoters want publicized. Polls are simply political entertainment.

    • Samuel, think about it – They are acting like it doesn’t exist. It’s our job to spread the good news… 🙂

      • “It’s our job to spread the good news…”

        Well, first off, it is just a poll. Second off, the poll demonstrates a decline in approval of gun owners owning guns. Third off, it is just a poll.

        While “Bruen” is a sort of “victory” for 2A supporters, the decision launched a retrenchment among the anti-gun mafia, meaning “Bruen” isn’t actually implemented, yet. We are in for a long winter regarding defending a natural, civil and human right.

        I can understand your outlook, but not at all sure the poll in question represents “good news”.

        • Yes, they have and will continue to pass more restrictive laws every place and time they have the votes. It’s slow and horribly expensive to fight these laws in the courts, and through taxes the people who challenge the laws will have to pay some of the court costs for the other side, win or lose.

          Metaphorically speaking, they’ll keep right on furiously throwing buckets of excrement against the wall. Even if most of it eventually gets washed off (at injurious expense), as long as a even a spec of excrement remains they win.

        • probably more lawsuits to come….nobody said it was going to be easy…and now it’s Biden appointing all those judges…

    • ntexas, you do realize that criminals dont give a shit about laws dont you? your ltc and all that crap just handicaps the law abiding.
      I was thinking last night about how years ago a woman didn’t have the right to vote yet she could still purchase a firearmn.
      Weird huh? Almost like The Right To Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed was a thing.

  9. 36% of the American are probably criminals because if it’s one class of human that doesn’t want other humans to have teeth is the human that’s doing the eating.

  10. While the naive and uneducated far right keep crowing about the Bruen decision it was about carrying a gun. The court threw gun owners a bone while refusing to overturn all the state gun bans against assault rifle ownership, high capacity magazines, machine gun ownership and silencer ownership or bump stocks or ghost guns.

    The chances of the Supreme Court doing any of the above is about as common as a person winning the lottery. Its just not going to happen.

    • “The chances of the Supreme Court doing any of the above is about as common as a person winning the lottery. Its just not going to happen.”

      With ‘Bruen’, they no longer have to.

      All the SCotUS has to do is say “GVR”. The case is thrown back down, with instructions to rule via the ‘Bruen’ guidelines.

      See? So simple, even an inbred, retarded fuckwit like yourself is capable of understanding it… 🙂

      • “See? So simple, even an inbred, retarded fuckwit like yourself is capable of understanding it… ”

        Geoff you give this idiot too much credit.

    • some of it will…some won’t…pending additional rulings…but getting a permit now becomes possible…even probable…

  11. I ask any of those promoting any gun ban, license scheme, confiscation scheme, or other restrictions, to demonstrate just how any of these will prevent a criminal from arming themselves, or a damaged, deranged, or angry individual from doing something horrible.
    And not a fantasy what if/might be/wishful thinking idealized possibility, but a real world, factual answer.
    Firearms don’t have a shelf life. I own several working firearms that are well over a century old. Just as deadly as they were in the mid 1800’s, or even the mid 1600’s. Do the fools really believe banning the scary black rifles, or standard/high capacity magazines will somehow make them just disappear? Can they disarmament crowd somehow guarantee they will find and confiscate every existing rifle? Or somehow prevent more from getting into the country?
    And, how do the anti gun crowd intend to disarm the criminals, street thugs, drug dealers, and trailer trash? How many cops, or government agents are they willing to sacrifice on the altar of disarmament? How many innocent victims are they willing to let die because they had no chance of fighting back? How many criminals are going to think it is now just a little too illegal now to go rape, rob or murder? As if being illegal has stopped the criminals as it is now.
    Lastly, how many rights are people willing to give up for a false sense of security/safety?

    • I used to buy into that “shelf life” thing too…but right now i’m sitting here with two NAA minis that have simply ceased to function…got about 40 yrs out of the first one…maybe 10 out of the second…is their quality declining?….also have a hi-standard sentinel that appears to have gone out of time and will not fire reliably


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