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How does it feel to know that your tax dollars are being used by anti-gun organizations to restrict or eliminate your right to keep and bear arms? That’s exactly what’s happening since, as the Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski is reporting, both the Brady Campaign and Giffords have taken Coronavirus Payroll Protection Program (PPP) cash.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence received between $350,000 and $1 million on April 10 to support 41 employees, according to the Small Business Administration. The center is the educational arm of the Brady organization, which also features a political advocacy arm, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, as well as the political action committee Brady PAC. In March, the Brady PAC endorsed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and announced it would spend $4 million to help elect him and other gun-control candidates to office.

Liam Sullivan, a spokesman for the Brady Center, defended the loans, saying that the pandemic had affected the organization’s funding and caused it to cancel major fundraising events, including its annual gala.

Aww. That’s a darned shame. The NRA cancelled its giant annual meeting that was scheduled for April, but told Gutowski they haven’t taken any federal COVID cash. Neither has the Second Amendment Foundation.

The Brady Campaign’s Sullivan tried to claim that the Brady entities are separate and PPP money won’t go to support anti-gun candidates. But money is fungible and as Gutowski points out, Brady has shuffled cash and resources between their different entities before. So if they’re getting relief dollars, a portion ultimately goes to support their chosen candidates.

As for Giffords . . .

The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the educational arm of Giffords, accepted a loan worth between $150,000 and $350,000 on April 28 in order to meet payroll for 16 employees. Giffords, which did not respond to a request for comment, announced a nationwide tour supporting gun-control candidates that appears to be spearheaded by its advocacy arm. The group said it would spend a “six figure sum in online engagement” on the tour alone.

Your tax dollars at work.

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  1. Any political group that took COVID-19 taxpayer cash should be forced to return it, with interest and a hefty penalty for fraud.

      • Unlikely. Generally political outfits get away with whatever they want when their party is in power. The worm may turn when the power situation shifts but punishing these outfits for their excesses is very rare, whatever side they are on.

        It is the basic nature of our politics that graft, corruption and the taking advantage of taxpayers permeates without regard to ideology.

          • “Go spew your Commie bullshit at someone who gives a fuck what you have to say…”

            Speaking truth is now “Commie bullshit”?

            There is a reason the federal budget is never less than the year prior.

            • Speaking truth is now “Commie bullshit”?

              Since THAT particular “truth” is pure Commie bullshit…. A Conservative “political” group gets caught doing what Giffords anti-gun group did and it would be national news for days with demands for hearings, resignations and return of the funds.. This has not been covered by anyone nationally because it suits the Liberal/Marxist agenda and if you don’t believe that the left is controlled by Marxists (aka Communists) you need to get out of your cave and take a good look around you…. The person to whom I was replying is a TROLL who takes whichever side of a post IT feels will stir the most controversy and if you choose to defend such a thing???

              • Your intended target pointed out that wide-spread corruption in government results in things like Giffords and others using PPP money for political purposes. He alluded to the same sort of thing happening with/under Trump (a president gets reward or condemnation for all legislation). it is true that under the Trump administration, the PPP money was misspent on a large scale. pointing out such is not “commie bullshit”. Politics is a nasty, corrupt business all around. And that also is not “commie bullshit”. Most everything your target says, however, does meet your claim.

        • enuf…Why don’t you man up for once and note prior to your posts how you called the POTUS “excrement.” Instead of hiding behind talking guns and politics just show your true colors, be up front. Let the forum know that in the end you really are a Democrat Party lint licker.

        • What is enuf saying? He is saying he is in the middle of the political road where he feels safe. No matter how much clear difference between the democRat Party and The Party Of Lincoln is presented to him he will concoct a way to balance it in order to maintain feeling safe in his cocoon. Obviously he thinks his “sneaky neighborly logic” will convince the forum there is no difference between Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden and President Donald John Trump. Between the 2 parties rest assured enuf’s proven favorite is without any doubt whatsoever the democRat Party. Ain’t dat right, enuf?

        • I cant help but leave a comment on this one! The left are the ones in power right now even though a Republican/decent American is in office!They are using their foot troops the BLM/Antifa/Moslem Bortherhood/CAIR and since they have all partnered in their fight to destroy America the right or decent Americans are still just sitting idle as the Law Abiding citizens they are.One warning though is when the American beast(WE THE “law abiding” PEOPLE) awaken people that are Liberals will see the JUSTICE we were promised in 2016!!! If the politicians wont enforce our laws and seek JUSTICE then WE THE PEOPLE will!!!% As it is now the lefties all get away with grand Theft,Arson,Rape and even now Murder!!! If anyone on the right or from decent America were to protect them selves they would be outed as some kind of criminal ,just for exercising their GOD given right to protect them selves as the left are little more then Hells Demons on earth!!!

    • AMEN!!! As it is now it dosnt matter what kind of laws the Criminal politicians pass Americans like myself will NOT turn in their guns and in fact i will make sure i am not left defenseless!I dont care how long id have to go to prison if anyone tries to hurt my family i will defend them using my 2A rights given to us by GOD! Which Now MAN/Person on earth can take away! It really dosnt matter who wins in 2020 for the left will riot if Trump wins and the right will defend them selves against unlawful laws perpetrated on us by Criminal Politicians like Pelosi and many more!!! I WILL “NEVER” SUBMIT TO TYRANNY!!!Which is what the left thrives on and uses to control the people!!!%

        • Speaking of hope I hope you know the founder of Planned Parenthood was involved deeply in race based Eugenics. Like I said…you are a democRat Party lint licker and on top of that…an ignorant one.

        • Er, before 1976, Planned Parenthood had significant Republican support. If we’re going to pretend that Democrats still support slavery, we should also point out that Republicans support abortion.

        • Andrew Greene – I don’t know what republicans your talking about. If your are referring to something that occurred over 40 years ago just drop it. People do change their minds as I did about what is now the DemonRat party. When they started moving into the Commie Camp I left. As Planned Parenthood moved into the Kill the Baby camp most people abandoned them. There is no doubt they will burn in Hell.

    • Planned Parenthood does not, so far as can be discerned, force anyone to worship at their temple, which is more than can be said for these Anti Gun/Anti Constitutional Rights mobs.

  2. But of course, that’s why dems are pushing for another round covid “relief” stimulus…they are hoping to encourage their “constituents”(sheep) to donate to bidens campaign…
    This come as NO surprise…

  3. I feel about the same about this as I do large chunks of this money that was supposed to go to help small businesses heading off to huge corporations and all of Trump’s buddies.

    • “I feel about the same about this as I do large chunks of this money that was supposed to go to help small businesses heading off to huge corporations and all of Trump’s buddies”.

      As if the same is not done by Dimitocrats. Puuhleeze.

      Both parties reward their donors and voters with largess. Remember that trillion dollar stimulus Obama engineered for “shovel ready” infrastructure construction projects? Even Obama admitted later that there were no “shovel ready” jobs/projects. Yet, the money went somewhere. The intent as to give construction unions money to keep their workers earning money so that some would go to the unions in dues, and the unions would ramrod their members into voting Dem.

      Do you think that if all the welfare, at every level, payments actually went to the needy, we would have poverty today? For over at least 50 years, the poverty level in the US remained at ~20-25%. Think there wasn’t some political rewardin’ goin’ on in every administration?

      • We would still have poverty because poverty does not result from a lack of money, it results from a lack of intelligence, and ability and an abundance of government interference.

        We were well on our way to eliminating poverty through the ordinary operations of the free market until government stepped in and began fighting it in the 1960s. That’s when poverty became intractable.

        • “We would still have poverty because poverty does not result from a lack of money,”

          Can’t disagree. Just noting that spreading money around to donors and voters is not a thing under only one president.

    • “I feel about the same about this as I do large chunks of this money that was supposed to go to help small businesses heading off to huge corporations and all of Trump’s buddies”.

      You ARE aware that the “package” was passed by a Democrat run House AND a majority of Democrat Senators also voted in favor of that shitstorm… Trump just signed it, he had no control over where the money went…. Unlike the Obama “stimulus” that was directed personally by Creepy Uncle Joe, hmmmm, just exactly where DID all that “shovel ready” jobs money go? Since there were really NO shovel ready projects to give it to…. No matter, all the money on the planet won’t give Joe his brain functions back…

  4. Ehhh…a few trillion here and there and yer bound to lose track! I see where Bobby DeNiro is so strapped for cash he had to borrow a half-mil after he took Trump bucks😏

  5. The spaceman giffords makes what happened to his wife worse by going after the rights of those who had zip nada nothing to do with the tragedy. The man is looking for a fall guy so like his Democrat Party Jim Crow Gun Control predecessors he zeros in on Gun Rights. Would he go after GM and everyone’s drivers license if his wife were ran over? No and hell no.
    The sneaky Giffords once tried to purchase an AR just to show how easy it was. The sale was refused by a savy seller who spotted the straw purchase and giffords left the gun store empty handed. This man is not good for America, he clearly lied when he took an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution.

  6. My understanding of this program was that the funds would go to meet the payrolls of legitimate business operations, allowing their employees to wages to be paid. I would not think that political action groups would qualify.


  8. How do I feel? Like the check I had to write the government today should be refunded. Highway robbery…worse, because I wouldn’t have nearly as much money on the highway. Redistributing my wealth to people who want to take my rights away.

  9. I pay a ton of taxes a year and don’t want a penny to go to any anti-gun organizations. Any relief should go to Firemen, Police and such. Why don’t they defund congress and give to those organizations!

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