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On Friday, January 12th, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie pardoned Pennsylvania concealed carry license holder Meg Fellenbaum. The move followed Ms. Fellenbaum’s arrest, conviction and sentencing after exercising her natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms in the Garden State without a government permission slip. Gun rights groups . . .

in New Jersey and beyond heard of Ms. Fellenbaum’s plight and worked aggressively to fight a clear miscarriage of justice. The New Jersey Second Amendment Society took point. Other combatants and lobbyists — including the National Rifle Association and The Truth About Guns (here, here, and here) —  helped spread the word.

In an email to TTAG, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) highlighted the importance of “alternative media” and motivated gun rights advocates in Ms. Fellenbaum’s pardon:

Needless to say, the mainstream media didn’t want the public to hear Meg’s story. If it were not for NJ2AS members, activists and supporters, Meg would be rotting in prison for New Jersey’s ‘liberal values.’

We spoke to Meg and she personally wants to thank NJ2AS and our supporters for all of their tireless effort to free her against New Jersey’s draconian laws and prosecution!

Here’s the background story, sad as it is, from the good folks at NJ2AS

LGBTQ Woman Arrested, Denied Lawyer and Feminine Hygiene Products Over Legal Firearms

Our story all begins when Meg Fellenbaum stopped on the side of the road in Warren County, NJ, to text her girlfriend while on her way to their second residence in Hackettstown, NJ. Meg, who is gay, acquired and starting training with firearms following a series of attacks perpetrated against her because she was gay. At the time she had legally owned firearms in the trunk of her car, locked up and unloaded.

Suddenly a NJ State Policeman was tapping at her window to see if she’s okay and why she is stopped on the side of the road. Meg assured him that she was okay and had just stopped to text her girlfriend (because texting and driving is against the law). The officer returned to his patrol vehicle. Unfortunately though, this is where her nightmare began.

Not even a minute later, as she was about to pull back onto the road, the officer was back at her window. The officer said he noticed a single bullet laying on her back seat floor and asked if she was carrying a firearm at the time. She replied “No.” Since she was not carrying a firearm on her at the time, and added that she does have a permit to carry in PA.

The officer then asked to see her PA carry permit, which she produced immediately. The officer informed her that permit had expired in February, which is odd since NJ does not recognize PA carry permits anyway as many other incidents have highlighted. At this point she is asked to step out of the car and when she does is immediately handcuffed and read her Miranda rights.

Confused why this is happening to her, she asks what is going on. The officer replied that she was not under arrest but that she was being handcuffed for her safety. Meg never actually saw the bullet in question that the officers had mentioned or that it was, as the police claimed, a hollow point.

The patrol car door is opened up and clipboard is handed to Meg, with the officers advising her to sign this to consent to a search of her vehicle. After refusing to consent, an officer on scene exclaimed, “Great! Looks like we’re doing this the hard way! Let’s get it towed to the station!” Meg was then driven to the police station, still unaware of what she was being detained for.

After arriving at the station, she was handcuffed to a bench, where she remained for over ten hours being intimidated and interrogated by the police demanding she consent to a search of her vehicle. During this 10 hours Meg suffered multiple panic attacks and during the stress of the event her menstrual cycle began. She requested a tampon from the officers, and just like her requests for her lawyer and phone call, it was denied and told they do not have any at the station.

After many threats, being denied legal counsel and a phone call, the officers then told her that she had screwed up and pissed off the judge and that they were going to get into her car one way or another. She was told that she could “forget [the officers] telling the judge she cooperated with them” and charging her with only the alleged bullet they found in her car.

After fighting through her tears, she asked once again for her phone call home to let her family know what is happening. The officers told her, if she wanted her family to know, they would call them for her. At that point she once again asked for her constitutionally guaranteed right to a lawyer, and was laughed at.

To make matters worse Meg was in jail for a week (where she was finally provided maxi pads), lost income due to not being able to work, and her grandmother, who Meg is her primary caretaker, fell twice since nobody was able to assist her. All of this because she had her legally owned firearms, locked in the trunk of her car per federal transport laws, and allegedly a single round on the back floor of her vehicle.

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  1. Excellent move, Christie.

    It’s almost like people of the gun believe in the free exercise of natural rights for all, regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference, while the left merely pay lip service to support for people like Shaneen Allen and Meg Fellenbaum.

      • If you didn’t hear about it there was silence. Similar to progressives/liberals you are only worth defending if you are a “good little (insert cultural group)” and believe everything the leadership of the cultural group believes. Since she was a gun owner and believes, like most intelligent people, that the gun as a tool is the most effective defense she is persona non grata to the LGBT leadership who toe the progressive party line that “guns are bad mkay”. I’m sure she was shocked that the people who got her out of jail and are I’m sure are preparing a slam dunk lawsuit are mostly old fat white guys who voted Trump.

        • White homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They think gays with guns are really straight people in disguise. (smile)

          I don’t think disarmed gays really care. Hopefully this proud lesbian can now go forward and sin no more, by learning the gun laws in the areas she happens to drive through.
          That is a problem in the “new” gun community. They are buying guns for the first time in their lives. And not even the sellers are giving them warnings. If you live in a border state like PA. You need to know about NJ gun control.

      • Typical hypocrites. The progressives are pro gay….unless one is gun owner. They are pro woman in high office..unless they are Sarah Palin. Secretary of state?? Hillary got praise, Condi…not much praise. Pro Black unless he’s Ben Carson, Larry Elder , Clarence Thomas, Alveda King etc. This list goes on…….d*mn hypocrites.

  2. NJ’s finest just following orders.
    Must be nice to behave any horrible way you want and be able to excuse it up the ladder. Person gets jammed up, cops just enforcing the law, politicians pass the laws the people want, it’s all your fault you were treated this way now pay your taxes.

    • We all did because he took so long to pardon others in similar circumstances.
      Admit you were surprised.

  3. The time to clean up New Jerseys anti-rights ways has come.

    Time to stop letting these nut jobs and their “feelings” and high society privileged elitists push around the common man.

    Christie could of easily tabled this until he was out of office, I think he chose the best possible path he could to reduce the most feedback on him. Or you know, it was the right thing to do…..

    Either way, maybe this can help create new laws to avoid this problem in the future….

  4. I’m glad Christie pardoned her. I hope she can sue the NJPD for deprivation of rights (or whatever the legal term is), and whatever else a good lawyer can come up with against those thugs. Breaking the law or not, you don’t treat people like that. (My guess would be that – somehow – the officer found out she was a gun owner via license plate check.)

    Note to self: When stopped by the side of the road, for any reason, if a cop shows up to check things out, get rolling AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after said cop walks away from my car.

    • Sounds to me like she might have a decent Federal case for conspiracy to deprive her of her civil rights, under 18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights. Being gay, she might have a better chance at it than just by being a standard-issue gun owner.

      “If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

      If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

      They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.”

    • She was found guilty. The pardon doesn’t mean she gets to sue anyone.

      It’s NJ. If the state or police got sued everytime they violated someone’s 2nd Amendment rights the state wouldn’t exist anymore.

    • What people in this country do NOT understand is that the governments (federal, state…) were hijacked in 1913. This country’s government (and the state governments) are corporations, not true governments. All of the blatant unconstitutional laws are rules established by the corporation, NOT TRUE LAWS! That is why the SCOTUS insists on picking and choosing which cases it will hear, so they seldom actually make decisions on the federal government or state governments breaking constitutional rights.

      The stupid thing she did was to pull off on the shoulder of the road. The shoulder is designated for “emergency only”, not for making a phone call. This gave the officer the probable cause to confront her. Always travel to the nearest exit or rest stop and pull into a parking lot.

      • The shoulder of the road being “for emergency only” is true on freeways and maybe turnpikes(high speed roads through cities), but it is legal to pull to the shoulder on most highways, for many reasons that are not “emergencies”.

  5. If this entire account is true, all of the government employees involved in Miss Fellenbaum’s arrest and prosecution have violated many core principles of our Republic and are heinous criminals of the first order who deserve no respect or consideration whatsoever.

    Where is the federal investigation and prosecution for deprivation of rights under color of law?

    • Exactly.
      I doubt she could spare the money that this cost her to date, not to mention the taxpayer dollars involved in her persecution.

      If there was going to be a pardon, it should have come within a week of the nationally famous arrest.

        • No, a pardon does not require any conviction first. It doesn’t even require an arrest.
          Remember, President Ford issued a pardon to Nixon without Nixon being arrested or convicted, for any possible crimes he “may have committed” in the past. So you can even pardon hypothetical crimes that “may or may not have been committed.”
          The only crimes you can’t pardon are future crimes, e.g. you can’t pardon someone for a murder they haven’t yet committed, then let the guy go commit the murder the next day and get away scott-free!

        • @Chris Bennett – WAKE UP! By law, a state governor has the authority to pardon within their state. The President can pardon within ALL US states and territories.

          With that said, the power of pardon is extremely abused. NO ONE who has actually committed an actual crime should receive a pardon, especially when someone else was killed or harmed. What Meg did IS NOT A CRIME! The state of NJ is in violation of the Constitution by enforcing an unconstitutional law. ALL states ratified the Constitution to become a state, and that ratification means they agreed to uphold the Constitution, instead all of the states are guilty of violating the Constitution with one law or another.

          Here is why they do it and seem to get away with it! The federal government and state governments, even city and county governments have been hijacked and turned into corporations. Our governments are NOT LEGITIMATE!

          • To what, exactly, do I need to wake up?

            Presidents have pardon authority at any stage in the prosecution process. Governors, typically, do not. Generally, where governors have pardon authority, it is only following a conviction.

  6. I am thinking that it is time for a U.S. Constitutional amendment which establishes something to the effect of:
    (1) Our federal government and all state governments MUST operate under Common Law. Therefore, if there is no victim, there is no crime and “fiat” laws are null and void.
    (2) All federal and state government employees MUST allow IMMEDIATE legal representation for all individuals and all situations. Period.
    (3) All courts MUST instruct all juries before all cases that the jury’s job is to ENSURE JUSTICE regardless of what the law, judge, or prosecutor says. Period.

    And for bonus points:
    (4) When a state supreme court or U.S. Supreme Court overturns a law which violated the rights of We the People, the lawmakers who passed that law MUST be prosecuted for felony deprivation of rights under color of law — and those lawmakers must pay restitution out of their own personal funds.

    • “I am thinking that it is time for a U.S. Constitutional amendment…”

      Careful – That entails calling a constitutional convention.

      The Leftists would *love* to do that…

      • Right, because letting the judiciary and legislature fall into activist left-wing statist control has been working out so well. But yes let’s be scared of a Constitutional Convention that requires guidelines to be laid out ahead of time and the overwhelming consent of all 50 states to approve of any amendments.

      • I don’t think a constitutional convention is required to pas a single amendment. A convention assembles to rewrite the entire constitution.

    • Only the states that were held under British law at one time have to use “common law”. Those under Spanish control first are under old “Spanish law”. The wife inherits, 50-50 splits in a divorce, there are many differences. I think that there are also other differences, like in La.
      Take that away from the states and states rights go completely out of the window.

  7. Another cheap political move out of Christie. He reinforcing New Jersey’s reputation as being a place not only where unconstitutional laws reign supreme, but where laws are arbitrarily enforced.

    As for the 2A community, who cares about her sexual orientation? Her background and reasoning for carrying are irrelevant to this case. You people are playing the gay card with all the shameless gusto that liberals do.

    The fact is that she was illegally carrying a firearm. Even in her own state her license was expired. She committed a crime and should suffer the consequences. As for her alleged treatment at the station, I’ll take that account of events with a grain, or a lick, of salt. Why? Because the article persists in characterizing events and evidence as “alleged”, despite the fact she has been convicted. Those are now facts, but the zealotry continues. This is not the poster girl you’re looking for.

    • The fact is that she was illegally carrying a firearm.

      And therein lies the problem.

      Under the Constitution, and under moral, natural law: no, she was not illegally carrying a firearm. All laws that restrict the bearing of arms by the otherwise law-abiding are an explicit violation of natural rights, and of second amendment protections of those rights.

      If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.

      – Thomas Jefferson, apocryphal

      One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that ‘an unjust law is no law at all.’

      – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

      • This ended up in the wrong spot; it is a response to Jonathan.
        She was not carrying a firearm. If you’d read the article, the gun was locked in her trunk. A trunk is a locked container under law, which is why the cop needed a warrant to open it. And transporting an unloaded firearm locked in the trunk of one’s car is LEGAL under federal law (even if NJ and NY ignore it). Moreover, the fact that the officer tried to coerce her into signing a consent to search demonstrates beyond all doubt that he DID NOT HAVE PROBABLE CAUSE TO SEARCH. It does not take 10 hours to get a judge to sign a search warrant; everything the cops said about “pissing off the judge” and her “failure to cooperate” was a bunch of lies intended to coerce her consent.

    • All gun laws are illegitimate. There’s no such thing as carrying “illegally”, and, until the US Constitution expires, her permit is still good. Those that attempt to usurp the Constitution, through either legislation or enforcement, should be executed by the state, or indemnified Citizen Militia, as treasonous enemies of America. Period.

      • un huh

        You should march into the white house with a loaded musket to show how much you believe that.

    • Nice try Jon. We are playing the “gay card”? You sir are a dolt. Were we playing the “race card” with Shaneen Allen? what card were we playing with Brian Aiken?

      Wake up. Indeed all NJ gun owners need to be woke. We are a slave state pure and simple

    • “The fact is that she was illegally carrying a firearm.”

      Was she really?

      The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and supersedes state laws when state laws conflict with the the U.S. Constitution. If the U.S. Constitution (Amendment 14) applies the Bill of Rights to the states, then the U.S. Constitution (Amendment 2) prevails over New Jersey’s laws regarding firearms and Miss Fellenbaum was not in violation of law.

    • “This is not the poster girl . . . “? Quite to the contrary, I think that NJ/Shaneen+Meg really ARE the poster-children we are looking for; and, NOW is the OCCASION to strike while National Reciprocity pending in the Senate.

      Remember Rules for Radicals: the audience needs a demon to focus on and NJ is about as good a pick as any. Moreover, Christie is leaving office at this time; so, we have two sympathetic victims – who were pardoned by the out-going governor – AND an incoming governor who promises to crucify any non-violent gun offenders of NJ’s unjust laws. If we can’t make our case at THIS time about THESE 2 CASES in a way that persuades Senators to vote for N-R (using these cases as justification) then we will NEVER have a good-enough “poster child” to advance our cause.

      Here is the argument I think is most compelling:

      There ARE arguments about N-R running contrary to “States’ rights” plus the “race-to-the-bottom” consequence where, e.g., Pennsylvanian carriers (who have no training requirement) could carry in NJ or NY where “high standards” prevail. We don’t find these arguments persuasive; yet we acknowledge the sentiments of others.

      The WON’T-ISSUE States – such as NJ – COULD avoid the blunt-instrument of a Federal law. These Won’t-Issue States could admit that the Wrenn vs. DC decision in the DC Circuit jeopardizes “May-Issue”. These States could change their laws to Shall-Issue for non-residents (and residents alike). Thereupon, law-abiding Pennsylvanians such as Shaneen or Meg COULD apply for NJ carry-permits on whatever terms the NJ legislature deemed fit.

      (Never mind that Shall-Issue for non-residents is no more than a 1/2-way measure in lieu of National Reciprocity. The argument here is that whatever States’-Rights or race-to-the-bottom rationale might be, Shall-Issue for non-residents WOULD avoid these 2 objections.)

      The political facts-of-the-matter are as follows: The 8 remaining Won’t-Issue States DEFY the reasoning of the DC Circuit in Wrenn vs. DC. In so doing, these Won’t-Issue States are DEFYING the 2A of the Constitution. Senators have the Constitutional POWER, and the DUTY, to enforce the Constitution throughout the US. Perhaps no exercise of such Federal power is ever free of imperfection; and that may include the N-R bills before the Congress today. But far better these imperfections than 8 States defying the Constitution while 42 other States – and even DC – have come to comply with the 2A’s guarantee to the right to bear arms.

      These last remaining 8 Won’t-Issue States have had ample opportunity to acknowledge the Right to Bear Arms to, at least, the degree of Shall-Issue. They COULD have had carry on terms THEY PRESCRIBED THEMSELVES; but they WOULD-not have carry on their own terms. Now, finally, it is clear that Congress has a duty to step up and enforce the Constitution on these renegade States.

      What we NEED at THIS TIME is a compelling argument that will get enough Senators to acquiesce to a N-R bill. Then, the Senate and House versions can go to Conference Committee and a common bill be presented to both chambers for an up/down vote.

      We must prescind from all our doubts and wishes about N-R. Admittedly, whatever progress is made in 2018, passage of a law is in great doubt and the law we get won’t be perfect. Nevertheless, we need to bring the N-R issue as far-along-the-path as possible now, when the possibility of passage is highest, and the NJ/Shaneen/Meg (Christie -> Murphy transition) poster-children are about as ripe as we could hope ever to see. We must raise inter-State Carry to as high a position of PROMINENCE in the public mind (to say nothing of judges’ minds) so as to set the stage for the next round of development.

      • ” Now, finally, it is clear that Congress has a duty to step up and enforce the Constitution on these renegade States.”

        They won’t, the Leftists are convinced they will have a lock on Congress and the Senate after mid-terms.

        Their polling tells them this. Yeah, *that* polling, the same polling that…

        Anyways –

        At this point, the only way NJ and the others will get CC is to have it rammed down their fvck throats via SCOTUS…

        • The state is run by leftists and they will ignore scotus demands no matter what scotus decrees.. They will forever tweak and change things every time they lose a decision but they will publicly make it clear that they will toss your azz in jail if you carry. Nobody on their side will get tossed in the klink for openly defying SCOTUS and US congress will let them get away with it.

          Our repub congress are spineless puzzies.

  8. I grew up in Philly just over the bridge from NJ. PA ccw’ers who routinely went to Jersey would have to take down their gun, put it in the trunk and many times throw out their hollow points before crossing the bridge.

    Keep in mind when you cross the bridge from Philly you most likely end up in Camden (one of the worst cities in the country.) So, NJ cops let the crooks run rampant and pull over law abiding folks with PA tags to check them for “weapons.” I’m not making this up…

    Btw. Don’t try doing a U-turn in NJ either or your be pulled over by 4 police cruisers who will likely check you for weapons….. NJ sucks….

  9. Good for Christie. Love him or hate but he sure has been sensitive to gun owners. Does anyone, anyone at all, believe the Murph will be so magnanimous? Fat chance. You deserve what you are about to get NJ gun owners; a rabid and unapologetic liberal “progressive” who hates everything about you.

  10. Sounds like her Second Amendment rights weren’t the only constitutional rights she was denied.

  11. Good on you Christie doing the right thing with no hope of a reward. Boycott Joyzey…you make Illinois look like a paradise(it ain’t).

  12. Glad that she was pardoned, should never have been arrested. But, like pardoning a slave in 1850, that really is not addressing the real problem.

    The New Jersey legislature, along with California, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, and DC, with dishonorable Mentions for Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Minnesota; are where gun rights go to die. They have little interest in the 2nd amendment as to them it is right that no longer should be viewed as legitimate.

    We need National Reciprocity now. Confidence aint real high that it will happen, but it needs too and soon!

    In my lovely state of CA, the number of law abiding gun owners is dropping by the hour. The laws are a mess, no one is following them, and the police seem less and less inclined to even try to enforce them.

    That, however, is a bad deal as they can choose to enforce them whenever they wish and then we’re at a selective enforcement stage that is bad for society on every level.

    • Minnesota? Um, pretty good there. Sure, there’s no Constitutional Carry, but it’s a shall issue state, that with permit allows open or conceal carry. SBR’s are legal and silencers were just legalized. Admittedly, a better Castle doctrine and stand your ground law needs to be passed. Can always be better,but it’s got no reason to be included with the other fascist states

  13. Is it at all possible to drive through New Jersey with a gun? We we lived on the East Coast we started avoiding NJ because of the insane traffic. Now, I’d avoid it even without a gun.

    • Not really. New York is pretty risky too but not as absolutely bad as the people republic of new jersey.

  14. I can’t find anything that authenticates this story at all, nor the original story.
    Everything eventually comes back to NJ2AS asking for money. I hate to say it, but the whole thing sounds made up.
    When the same thing happened to the Allen lady, it was covered in more than one place, and none of them were asking for money.
    Internet and scams go together, after all.

  15. Cool, great, Christie pardoned her.

    This should have never even gotten to this point. It’s not ok. Did she receive any compensation for lost wages, medical bills for her G-ma, and stress and what not? She stopped, followed the law, cop should’ve said ok and left. Stop treating everyone like they’re a criminal. Not all of us are.

    • Jon in CO,

      “Stop treating everyone like they’re a criminal. Not all of us are.”

      As far as the ruling class (and their enforcers) are concerned, everyone who is not a member of the ruling class is basically a criminal. And then we have the fact that there are so many laws on the books that everyone most likely commits one felony or another every day — we just do not realize it.

      Remember, the ruling class views the peasants (the working class) as a resource to be used, abused, exploited, and/or consumed at their pleasure. In order to make that as easy as possible for the ruling class, they create all manner of “laws” so that they can exploit us with an air of legitimacy.

      • The NJ police of apparently every department believe that no citizen has any “need” much less right to transport firearms, and certainly no need to carry said firearms on their persons. NY actively seeks to stop persons passing through to search their vehicles for the presence of firearms, even if such firearms are being legally transported according to Federal law. Further, NJ bans the possession of HP ammo except in the home or at the range, or points in between; hence any out of stater that is in possession of such ammo is a felon in the eyes of the police. Thus, if they discover that you have a CCW, whether from you or from a database, they will do everything they can to search your vehicle for such contraband, as happened in this case.
        Are their actions unconstitutional and a violation of individual rights under multiple provisions of state law and federal constitution? You betcha.

        • “Are their actions unconstitutional and a violation of individual rights under multiple provisions of state law and federal constitution? You betcha.”

          Has anyone sued them for civil rights violations and taken it as far as they can go with it? Has SCOTUS denied cert. when dropped in their laps?

  16. How long did it take the lard ass to pardon this freak? I don’t see an arrest date but sounds like the timeline began at least TWO YEARS ago.

    If Christie had a pair/could see them he would have pardoned within days.

  17. Have a question: Does anyone have a link to any news articles about this?

    While I think I have some Internet search skills I can’t find much information about this. When I searched, what came up was almost the same story again and again. All were on gun related sites. The only exception was when her pardon was announced. There’s nothing to be found from a local or national news source. There are no interviews with her and her lawyer. Similar news stories, a woman from Philadelphia, a pro football player and others can be found. (See below)

    Then there was a article that raised questions that it was a fund raiser
    Several commenters to the article said the same thing. They searched but didn’t find any news articles.

    Other then a gun related website, is there any information? I’m willing to do a face palm at not being able to find anything.

    Here’s the pardon:

    Gun procession articles

    • She can’t sue for wrongful prosecution, but she can sue for any deprivation of constitutional rights IF but only if New Jersey has laws protecting those rights. The State Trooper is immune from suit under the federal civil rights statute (42 U.S.C. sect 1983) by reason of his employment by the state and not a local entity. States and their employees are immune by reason of the 11th Amendment to the US Constitution.

    • Her mistake was driving while being lesbian, guido cops hate gays, especially butch lesbians.
      Not playing “the gay card” Just an observation from having worked a contract job in New Jersey years ago.

  18. Man, what is wrong with these cops? I got pulled over by Ga State Patrol one night for having a blown tail light and I had hundreds of rounds of empty brass in the bed of my truck. He just looked at it, picked it up, and asked me where I go shooting at. It was a training stop for his officer trainee who was nervous as hell. The kid couldn’t even tell me which tail light was blown. We said our goodbyes and be safes and went our separate ways.

    It’s amazing that you can meet cops like that and then turn around and meet the douchiest prick alive with a badge.

    • Had an Oregon Highway Patrol officer stop me. When he said I was doing 35 in a 25 my jaw dropped. Nice guy, he realized I’d missed the sign and gave me a warning.

  19. should it be assumed that they either have an (illegal?) cross state list of permits, or illegally (?) pull people over based on in state lists of who has a gun at home? it would be very interesting to have discovery on trigger for stops like these

  20. She doesnt appear to have anything to sue about. She was in violation of the law (hollow point in the backseat, transporting the gun to a location she’s not allowed to transport to). Maybe the phone & menstruating stuff qualifies, I wasnt there and dont know.

    I suppose it’s nice that a nonviolent gun possession charge isnt ruining someone’s life, but make no mistake, she was violating the law.

    The issue here isnt whether she shouldnt have been arrested, it’s whether NJ gun possession laws are just.

    There’s no public groundswell to increase gun freedom here. Most people support making it worse.

    The only relief we are going to get will be from the Supreme Court.

    Until then, know the laws anyplace you are bringing a gun to. Your out of state permits and CCW’s arent recognized here, dont bring your guns here for any reason, unless you are just passing through. Federal transport laws only help you if you are passing through, if you are stopping here you need to be in compliance with NJ laws.

    • If the hp round wasn’t planted by the trooper. I can believe some pill head might have a loose pill on the floor of a vehicle(maybe even in sight) but why would anyone have a live round on the floor of their vehicle?
      Maybe some of you rack your slide inside your car, maybe some shoot from their car, but why would you do that?

      • Exactly. She was transporting her unloaded gun in the trunk, as per Federal law, so any ammunition would’ve been in the trunk also. If she knows enough to transport her guns and ammunition in the trunk, then she wouldn’t have a “bullet on the floor in the back seat”, hollowpoint or otherwise. As a New Jersey resident myself, I’m 99% certain that the cop planted a hollowpoint round in her car after seeing her Pennsylvania license, looking up her ID, and seeing in the database that she’s a gun owner.
        Crooked cops in other states carry “throw guns” to plant on people they want to frame, but in New Jersey all a crooked cop has to do is plant one hollowpoint bullet in the car of anyone they want to frame!
        It would be hard to disprove a cop’s claim that he found a hollowpoint round, unless she had a very good (expensive) lawyer who could try to prove that she never purchased that brand of hollowpoint ammunition (but how do you prove a NEGATIVE, how do you prove you NEVER PURCHASED something? Receipts can only prove which ammo you purchased, not which ammo you NEVER purchased!)
        That’s one of the many problems with New Jersey’s gun laws — they can too easily be abused by cops who want to frame someone. All the cop has to do is drop one bullet in the car of the person they want to frame, or even just CLAIM that a bullet in the cop’s pocket was actually “recovered from the floor of the car”!

        @Roadrunner, as for your claim that she was “transporting the gun to a location she’s not allowed to transport to,” she was transporting it to her second house, and Federal law allows you to transfer guns and ammo from your old residence to your new residence, so Federal law should supercede NJ law here.
        Federal laws govern interstate transport of guns, and since she has a home in NJ, she is legally allowed under New Jersey law to transport guns from another state to her home in NJ (at least that’s the way I see it, and I’m a New Jersey resident too, but I’m not a lawyer).

        • Afaik the NJ home is her girlfriend’s, not hers. Which would make the transport a crime.

          Also, I don’t think she has a FOID, so again a crime.

  21. Don’t get too excited about this, he signed the bump fire stock ban bill today. Mere possession, even without a firearm gets you a felony 5 years in prison, $15,000 fine, and the ensuing loss of all gun rights.

  22. This is the first I have heard of this story. Illinois is not known for their gun friendly environment. I hope she was able to recoup her losses on this. Did the officers ever breach her cars exterior in their quest for a conviction? The term detained, in this instance, was stretched like Play-do. Once you are in a police car, they are towing your car and locking you to a wooden bench, you are no longer detained. That should not be to hard to fathom.

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