Illinois Democratic State Senator Daniel Biss (courtesy
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“All Democrats said they support a [gun dealer licensing] measure pending in the legislature, with [Illinois State Senator Daniel] Biss Biss signing on as a co-sponsor.” How Illinois governor candidates would address gun violence [via]

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  1. Biss is apparently a mathematician, with a PhD from MIT (and an undergrad from Harvard). And yet, he supports this boneheaded policy with a grin on his face.

    It will never cease to amaze me how people who are so smart, can be so frickin’ dumb.

    • Because he is soooooo much smarter than you or me, he should be allowed to legislate that which is good for us, whether we like it or not.

    • Because being good at maths doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart. It just means you’re good ad maths. Nor does any kind of degree. It just means you were good at learning what you were taught.

      And even if you are smart, people in that world might end up getting detached from real life because they spend so much time in a whole other life.

      • Having an advanced degree isn’t even a guarantee you are an expert in your general field.

        I worked with a guy who and a PhD in statistics from MIT. total moron. my guess is he is an ‘expert’ about the very very specific thing his thesis was on and thats it.

        as i get older, the one thing i notice more and more is that “education” intelligence.

    • Mathematics is not a “practical” field in the way engineering is, or even physics or chemistry.

      By no means is the study of mathematics useless, as it is after all one of the foundational tools one can use to describe the world; but math for its own sake can become extraordinarily abstract and disconnected from anything resembling the real world. So too can its practitioners, in my experience.

      • I thought it was funny how math teachers would always say “you’ll need this in real life”, but even as a chemist, Ive only used basic algebra in my work. I think you need to get into research before math becomes a big deal.

      • He was only an actual professor for three years before he got into politics. In politics, he’s been serving on other people’s staffs, before running for office himself and serving short stints each in the Illinois state house and senate.

  2. From what I can tell, he hasn’t actually accomplished anything. His education credentials are impressive, but primarily because they imply preparation for subsequent discoveries and accomplishments. He seems to be lacking in those actual real world accomplishmensts, however.

    He’s all resume and no results. No wonder he’s a Democrat pushing the typical, liberal big government panoply of social programs as a panacea. He’s never had to operate in a domain where efforts are assessed based on their actual outcomes.

  3. ‘It doesn’t make any sense that you need a license to sell a service like cutting hair, but not one that sells guns.’

    This explains their mentality – the existence of stupid laws justifies the passing of more stupid laws.

  4. Biss(rhymes with p#ss) is claiming he’s the “middle class” candidate. 2 billionaire guys Rauner and Jabba the hut Pritzger who no doubt don’t need the $. A quick Google on Biss reveals his big math thing was discredited…just another leftard pol looking for a payday.

  5. The guy has the looks to be a politician… or a TV preacher. I have a file full of degrees and training certificates that never impressed me enough to put on a wall. Get degree, get certifications, get job, buy more guns.

  6. A cosmetology license is much more than just cutting hair. Yes, is does go a little too far, but when you see nail salons putting fake nails over fungus and gangrene setting in, them finding lice and other fungus on the head, infected areas where plucking occurs, not to mention how to handle the chemicals that bleach, dye, strip and straighten hair, you realize they can do damage to their clients. My grandmother could not get a defense job during WWII in SoCal because she had worn her fingerprints off of her fingers using these lyes and acids, some that are still in use.


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