Jaylin Morrison
Jaylin Morrison courtesy LVMPD
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Carjackings have skyrocketed in urban areas across America, especially those with “progressive,” Soros-funded prosecutors. In Las Vegas last month, a pair of ‘jackers tried to steal a ride from two women. One of the two noticed her chance and snatched the carjacker’s momentarily unattended pistol, and then ran.

Criminals don’t like it much when their victims relieve them of their firearms. So the robber chased her, then tackled her.

The woman then shot him in the head and he let go. Fortunately she escaped the second carjacker who fired shots at her.

Either way, LVMPD has announced the arrest of another member of the dynamic trio who undetook the bollixed carjacking, Jaylin Morrison.

Fox News has details . . .

The victim and a friend had parked near another friend’s house as they waited to go inside for an early Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 19 when a car parked in front of them, they told Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, according to FOX 5 Las Vegas. 

Two or three men got out of the car and allegedly pulled the woman out of the driver’s seat and her friend out of the passenger’s side. One of the suspects got in but couldn’t figure out how to drive it because it was a push-to-start. 

When the victim realized the suspect had placed the gun in his lap to figure out the car, she grabbed it and ran, telling her friend to run, too...

Nearly two weeks later, a suspect identified as Jaylin Morrison was arrested after his car was seen on surveillance footage driving around the area that night. He was a known associate of the suspect who was shot. 

He was charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary with the use of a deadly weapon and attempted grand larceny of a vehicle.

He is being held on $50,000 bail.

That’s means it takes only $5000 to get him back out on the street. And why wasn’t he also charged with felony murder?

Morrison’s alleged partner in crime successfully completed the room temperature challenge during the alleged commission of the crime in which he was an accomplice. That makes him legally responsible for the death.

Las Vegas Metro police are still looking for the third member of the team.

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  1. One dead? One in custody ? One probably going to be in custody soon? As I tell my massage therapist, I love a happy ending.

      • That was my first car, a 1951 Willy Jeep Pick Up 2WD You turned the key on then stepped on the starter pedal. Not only did you have to know how to drive a clutch but you also had to really know how to double clutch along with using the manual choke.

        Not the double clutch these douche bag kids do in these ricers, they’re idiots, I’m talking the real technique of double-clutching.

    • Shire-man,

      Ha ha, your comment just spurred me on to realize that a car with a manual transmission is effectively theft-proof at this point.

  2. Darn radical racist right wingers committing these racist criminalistic assaults on our citizens….oh wait….anyways, our next story is about Prince Harry…

  3. One of my sons is a carpenter. He uses a Nissan Frontier as a work truck. It is the strippy model. Bare basic with a stick and clutch.

    He refers to the stick shift as his ‘anti millennial theft device’. When I worked at the auto auction I was surprised at the number of folks that could not drive a stick. I had to teach them.

    • to heck with push ~to~ start; gimme that good old 4spd for ~push start~.
      manual trans and kickstart bikey: always park on a hill.
      buy another battery next year. this ones still got some juice.

      • I learned how to drive at the age of 16 on a Mustang GT 5.0 with a 4-spd manual trans, heavy clutch, and a real carburetor. After mastering that, I was able to drive pretty much anything else for life.

        I really miss that ‘ol Stang. I raced against Panteras and Corvettes in that bad boy.

        • I am not a muscle car fan. But if I was the Mustang 5.0 would be my choice. Thanks to the auction I’ve driven just about all types including some pricey high end rides.

          I think I’d rather have the mustang.

        • I miss my locally made R31 Skyline. 3.0 EFI straight six with 5spd. Great fun on a twisty road. And it could use less fuel than a 4cyl Camry.

        • A late-80s Skyline is my dream car to find, even if it is right-hand drive only…

      • Specifically the turn signal. Others can drive all over the place like a drunk raccoon at the wheel if they want, as long as they use their turn signals to communicate their intentions so I can get outtadaway.

      • Having lived in the Bay Area for about 40 years or so I will have to agree with you. Part of that time I worked on the freeway. Other parts of that time I worked as a driver. 8-12 hours a day on the road. I never had a ‘career’. Just jobs.

        I am surprised, and a little shocked, at the numbers of time I saw a wheel come off a car while it was driving on the freeway.

    • When I bought my little Honda a dozen years ago I never considered the straight shift an anti-theft device. I always thought that was the pistol on my hip.

      • When I was younger, I knew more than one driver who would unscrew the shift knob and take it with him when he parked his car anywhere else other than his own garage. That would deter even those thieves who can drive a stick.

    • It’s now common for hospitals to provide valet parking for patients. At the end of a recent visit, the valet told us he had to ask one of his colleagues to return our car because it was a 5-speed manual which he didn’t know how to drive. My wife thanked him for not trying.

    • We get all kinds of vehicles in the shop, but only 3 of us can drive manuals. And then there’s my nephew. Smart, quiet kid who turns wrenches for us part time. 20 and never got a driver’s license, no ambition beyond feeding his computer game habit.

    • One advantage of many push to start systems is that the key/fob doesn’t need to leave your pocket. You could run away and get a head start before they realize the immobilizer is about to kick in.

    • Mine was a Triumph GT6. Still driving a stick in my daily commuter. So if anyone tries to jack me, I plan on asking them if they can drive a stick. If they can’t, well then they aren’t going to get very far.

    • Alternative spelling: Jailing. Must be Amish.

      Have never comprehended the spelling that some mothers give their children.

  4. Society REALLY needs an award program for such individuals as this woman. Good job.

    Perhaps the “Second Darwin Award” – cash/merch prize.

  5. Wish this was the outcome more often. A gal I worked with many years ago was carjacked on the way home from work one night. She never shared all the details, but I knew enough to put two and two together. They made her go to an ATM, maxed out the withdrawal amounts, and *then* told her to take them to another location…

  6. So are the anti-gun whores going to start telling criminals that they should not own guns because they will just be taken away and used against them?😂

  7. bet the carjackers circled the block casing out the car before pulling up. If you’re somewhere this happens, make a habit of not sitting around in an unlocked car waiting.

  8. Haz, that’s how the dude in the movie/book “The Time Machine” kept them underground beasties from stealing his ride-removed the shift lever! We still got the 5 speed manual 96 S10 my wife bought brand new. Still runnin 200k miles later thanks to Mobil 1 and my exceptional mechanical skills! I doubt any self-respecting(?) jacker would want that thing. It looks like a snake moulting its skin thanks to OEM’s choice of clearcoat/paint combo.


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