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In the Land of Lincoln, prison sentences are mere suggestions. They’re kinda like dog years, only in reverse. Take the case of Samuel Parsons-Salas, released on parole early for a double-fatal home invasion in 2009. Less than three months out of lockup, he shot four this past weekend, killing three execution-style in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s mostly peaceful city. The fourth victim is in critical condition.

Soft-on-crime prosecutors dropped not one, not two, but ten murder counts in that 2009 case in return for a plea bargain deal. In what may be the mother of all sweetheart plea deals, prosecutors dropped thirty felony charges in the case to get a mere eight years in prison for a guy who killed two in a deadly home invasion.

Screen capture by Boch via Illinois Department of Corrections.

Once released on parole just a day shy of four years, the Illinois Department of Corrections reports that Parsons-Salas — SURPRISE! — failed to check in with his parole officer. Now three more people are dead.

Here’s video of the incident . . .

CWB Chicago has the horrific story to go along with the horrific video . . .

Surveillance video captured the cold-blooded, execution-style murders of three people outside a Chicago bar over the weekend, and officials say the killer is a man who was paroled less than three months ago for a 2009 home invasion that left two people dead. He faced ten counts of murder in the home invasion case, but prosecutors dropped those charges in a plea deal.

The weekend shooting video, provided to CWBChicago by a source, shows a group arguing near Vera Lounge at the corner of Central Avenue and School Street around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

A man is seen walking backward, pulling a gun, and shooting another man from close range. The victim drops to the ground…

On Tuesday night, Chicago police said Samuel Parsons-Salas, 32, is charged with three counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder, and kidnapping. He is due in bond court on Wednesday.

The shooting left three people dead: a 24-year-old woman, a 26-year-old man, and a 59-year-old man, police said. Another 24-year-old woman remains hospitalized and gravely wounded.

And yet Chicago’s “leaders” can’t seem to grasp why the city has an intractable violent crime problem.

Hint: It’s because of a lack of gun control laws, a number of which Mr. Parsons-Salas ignored if police suspicions are correct.





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  1. Gotta create a new condition of early release……..your first victims have to be liberal politicians! Or you serve the full stretch!!

    • Not to mention the fucking THIRTY felony counts that were dropped that should have got him at LEAST life without the possibility of parole.

    • I presume that a significant number of the felony charges dropped in the first prosecution were for firearms possession and use in the commission of a crime. They want those laws to lock up some 59 year old veteran who minds his own business and happens to own a mag with one too many rounds, but never seem to charge thugs on those laws.

  2. Were any of the tree victims involved in the conflict?
    Assuming they weren’t aggressors, return of death penalty is over due.

  3. so much for Universal background checks AND FOID cards…

    August 03, 2021
    “The bill I sign today delivers to Illinoisans everywhere the most COMPREHENSIVE reform to our state firearms laws in over a generation. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have come together to shape a law steeped in a COMMONSENSE commitment to safety,” said Gov. JB Pritzker. “The state will now require universal background checks on all gun sales in Illinois. (Emphasis mine)

  4. If they’re willing to burn down the global economy, bankrupt yet unknown numbers of small and family businesses and retard your children’s development by two or three years over a bad cold you’d think they’d hard-hearted enough to just execute scum like this for that same “greater good” they claimed was the impetus for all their lockdown destruction.

  5. So bueno boy already murdered 2?!? Local “news” did NOT report he was given a slap on the wrist. Annnnd the Purge Law is 18 daze away. Don’t look for the return of the they death penalty. It’s “unfair” to poor thugs. Chiraq sux…

  6. Il parole board to the rescue, maybe the same ones who let timothy buss out? they learned from the nevada board & arthur bomar?

  7. To ever release a land shark like him makes one wonder if it’s a part of a sinister plan for Gun Control. After all for a time Gun Control zealots have been nasty nice and asking pretty please to hand over your guns. And with no results frustration set in prompting desperation to set the stage for purposely unchecked criminals to reek havoc and for giddy Gun Control zealots to label it, “Gun Violence.” Never let a crisis go to waste…if you don’t have a crisis make one.

    • Criminals like this Scumbag are necessary for Liberal Progressive Democrats to justify to their acolytes. Anti 2A Rights laws against law abiding citizens. Hence, Criminal Justice Reform that allows criminals to continue to prey on innocent citizens and in the case of Illinoistan. The SAFE T Act that is Criminal Justice Reform on steroids.

  8. Democrat: well, if there were no guns for him to illegally obtain, he couldn’t have shot anyone!

    Liberal politicians in Great Britain: well, if we had more comprehensive knife control, he couldn’t have stabbed anybody!

    • And now the knives are all taken up and “safe” next up will be cricket bats. I’ve swung a few, they ARE easily in the lethal weapon category.

      Once more: it is NEVER a hardware issue, it ALWAYS comes down to software.

  9. “Hint: It’s because of a lack of gun control laws, a number of which Mr. Parsons-Salas ignored if police suspicions are correct.”

    I think you go that wrong

    Hint: It’s NOT because of a lack of gun control laws, a number of which Mr. Parsons-Salas ignored if police suspicions are correct.

    • If they saw the same video I saw the word “suspicion” in moot, I SAW a known “convicted” felon who is PROHIBITED from firearm possession USE a firearm to shoot four unarmed individuals and then with no respect for human life continue to execute three of them with shots to the head after they were obviously incapacitated and no longer a threat to him. Must be at least a dozen obvious felonies in play… This guy obviously enjoys killing and is a threat to anyone who crosses his path.

    • won’t work. FBI says FOUR victims to qualify for that “prize”. So the grabbers can’t rightfully use that label.

      No worries, thoug, they WILL try to use this toward their own end game goals.

      when they do, lets make certain we throw this one back in their ugly faces. Still on parole, done hard time for murder, no way could he lawfully possess any firearm, yet we see he did. ,ALL those add on felonies were no deterrent. He got is guns and murdered again.

  10. What odds will anyone give me that at least some of the four he shot had been somehow involved in the case that snt him up the river for far too short a time? Maybe one or more had testified against him, or been part of his earlier shooting event, or provuded infirmation identifying him as the shooter in that incident.
    He seemed far too deliberate and prupose driven for this to be a chance encounter. Seems to me quite likely he expected to find THESE people in that area and went looking for them to settle up.

    Too bad none of them were armed and skilled. Might have saved some of their lives as well as put paid to his career of hatred and murder. Now the taxpayers will be on the hook for a couple million.

    • the cwb coverage suggested that the family celebrating the girls birthday did not know him. he accompanied one of their guests.

  11. Uh, let’s fix something…
    “ Hint: It’s because of a lack of gun control laws, a number of which Mr. Parsons-Salas ignored if police suspicions are correct.”

    It’s because of a lack of ENFORCEMENT OF CURRENT GUN LAWS.

    Oh, and defund even more law enforcement.
    Chit-cago is a cesspool of ego and greed.
    Like a snake, it starts at the head and move thru the whole body.

  12. I wonder about Lightfoot’s reaction if someone seriously went after her with killing on their mind? Would she even arm herself in the event her copious number of guards failed?

  13. Too all those who are anti death penalty I can assure you, once the liberals get rid of it, guess what’s next?

    Oh, now life imprisonment is cruel and unusual too. Then “excessive sentences” is cruel and unusual.

    Complete bullshit. The founding fathers hung people. The 8th amendment was written for medieval style torture. There’s nothing cruel and unusual about a short drop and a sudden stop.

  14. I feel like playing Devil’s Advocate here.

    “execution style”, huh? I don’t quite buy that characterization, based on just the video. Dead guy #1 was advancing on the shooter, and the advance didn’t look especially friendly. Dead guy #2 was also advancing on the shooter. Dead guy #3? Obviously, what happened there isn’t so clear. I can’t tell if any of the three are armed, or what they might be armed with. Were guns or knives found on the scene?

    The title suggests that the shooter went hunting for the victims, and shot the poor defenseless victims, who never had a chance at self defense.

    Based solely on the video, I can give the jury a story of three thugs trying to corner the suspect to settle old grievances, and the shooter exercises his right to self defense. Depends on the lawyer how well that story goes over.

    Shot two men, and two women, huh? Can’t help asking, who was sleeping with whom.

    • Devils advocate is a stupid thing in this case.

      shooter was in no physical danger as he was backing away and over 12 feet from anyone approaching him.
      he then shot 2 people, walked over and shot a third who was tending one of his first victims in the head as she was not looking at him, shot the guy on the ground who was not threat and then got out of the vehicle and shot another and then shot again.

      final kill shot or coup de gra is execution.

    • execution style”, huh? I don’t quite buy that characterization, based on just the video

      Guess you missed the part where he casually strolled around and shot them ALL in head AFTER they were down… Looked like a fucking “execution” to me.

    • shooter exercises his right to self defense

      You COULD argue self-defense, you could even argue to dismiss the other 6 felonies this asshole perpetrated but you can’t argue self-defense against defenseless people, once they are down and incapacitated it’s over, the KILL (head) shots were cold blooded, calculated murder and will hopefully put this clown back in prison for the rest of his life. A paroled felon in a bar, a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, paroled felon failed to show up for his FIRST meet and greet with his parole officer, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, 4 counts of attempted murder and three counts of first-degree murder, one count of felony “fleeing” and one count of felony evasion… Probably at least two or three that I missed that a REAL prosecutor would stick in the affidavit, but Chiraq Prosecutor is a Soros man so he’ll probably only charge with being late to his parole officer meeting and being out after curfew, this clown will be back on the street to deliver Christmas presents to the kids in the Hood…

    • No weapons except for the shooter . Exactly Zero rounds going the other way. Don’t bother trying him in court just Find his Homies and shoot through him into them to send a message!

  15. If they would have let him/it/they/she out earlier, like after a day, then this would never have happened! Damned right wing conspiracy crazies running around shooting people…oh wait….well back to our story about Green Energy!

  16. maybe dummy dacky can explain how the universal background checks did not work ?
    how this thug just ignored all the laws in play.

      • Yeah, they issue them along with your personal property as you are being released from prison after doing time for killing people with a gun, along with a gift certificate for the handgun of your choice at any local gun dealer… Now if only there WAS a local gun dealer in Chiraq…

    • Wasn’t “Thou shalt not kill” ….or Murder 1, Murder 2, Manslaughter, etc……in play????? Story must be inaccurate…..[Impossible for perp to have killed anyone. There is a law against that.

  17. If you want to be safe in Chiraq then be in bed by 10 o’clock at night. And don’t go out at night or during the day time, to stupid places, along with stupid people. As comedian Chris Rock once said, “If you’re at an ATM machine, withdrawing money at 3am, you are just wrong”. Or words to that effect.

    • True.

      Everything about this clearly meets the Stupid People/Places/Things/Time test – “Vera Lounge at the corner of Central Avenue and School Street around 2:30 a.m. Sunday”

      Now it’s just time to clean up the mess. A 1/2″ rope would be the correct method.



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