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It is time to talk about repealing the Second Amendment.

Too many gun safety advocates take precisely the wrong approach by tiptoeing around the Second Amendment, meekly reassuring that they only seek very limited reforms. This cautious approach defines the margins of public debate, and therefore the range of possibilities, far too narrowly. Rather, the very existence of a loud argument about the larger issue of repeal will make those incremental proposals seem more moderate, and therefore ultimately more achievable.

We need to counterbalance gun extremists with forceful, strong positions at the other end of the political spectrum. A campaign to repeal the Second Amendment is our best option.

Using what initially seem like radical positions to make other proposals appear more moderate is a well-established communications tactic to reframe public policy debates. This practice of attempting to expand or move the range of what are considered mainstream policy positions has come to be known as “shifting the Overton window.” …

There is evidence that a bold repeal campaign could be useful and effective. A recent academic study found that use of “Radical tactics by one flank led the more moderate faction to appear less radical…This perception led participants to identify more with and, in turn, express greater support for the more moderate faction.”

To be clear, a ‘Repeal the Second Amendment’ campaign would not be to argue that nobody should have guns, but that not everyone should be able to have assault weapons on demand. It would not mean competitive shooters and hunters and people in need of personal protection should not have guns, but it could mean that the principal obstacle to any reasonable laws would be removed.

We might not get repeal for decades, if ever, but the effort itself would broaden the range of possibility, and there would be victories along the way. Regardless of its success or failure, such a campaign could help add new energy to efforts to reduce gun violence, empower more moderate elements of the movement, and, over time, make room for compromise on much better terms. Fewer police will be outgunned, and some people considering gun violence against themselves or others will be stymied or delayed until they get the help they need. The debate itself is the first step to saving countless lives.

So let’s get started. Say it out loud: “Repeal the Second Amendment.” Say it again. Say it everywhere.

—  Steven R. Singer in Let’s Talk about Repealing the Second Amendment

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    • The Democrats can’t even get a majority to pass low level gun control laws. How are they going to get the super-majority needed for constitutional changes? Unless Uncles Mike and George start spreading literal tons of cash around to sway influence.

    • “A little less conversation, a little more action, please
      All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me
      A little more bite and a little less bark
      A little less fight and a little more spark
      Close your mouth and open up your heart and, baby, satisfy me
      (Satisfy me) Satisfy me (satisfy me)?

      Elvis Presley

  1. Do it. Do it. Do it. Dooooooo iiiiiiiitttttt.

    Incrementalism is real, the Overton Window shifts and slopes do slip but compromise falls right out of that shifty window like Eric Claptons kid when you start pushing the final solution as the end game.

    Like I was going to rape your ass raw but how about just the tip? You know, to save you the raping.

    An extreme proposal should be met with an extreme response. No less.

    You’d think with all the focus on wokey nonsense lately people would pay more attention to the Fed’s treatment of Native Americans and remember they are not to be trusted under any circumstance. Genocide, death marches, broken treaties. Instead we’re busy letting the progeny of Spanish Conquistadores reclaim the Southwest. Did the Spanish-American War not end?

    • “remember they are not to be trusted under any circumstance”

      But that was a long time ago! Remember decades ago when the FBI was corrupt? Remember when they had COINTELPRO? They would infiltrate political groups they didn’t like. Then they funded their own “extremist” group to target the other groups. Why would they do that again? We’re done with that sort of thing, right? Just because the CIA is notorious for interfering in elections outside of our country doesn’t mean they’d do it here. Right? Why would they? Wouldn’t that be wrong, like some sort of threat to the republic?

      That’s crazy talk. The real threat is when Russia buys $100k worth of ads on facebook during election season. That probably swayed the opinion of the country in an election where one candidate spent $1.2 billion. Yes, billion. Good thing the media drew attention to that for three years! They saved our democracy!

  2. What Singer overlooked is that the Bill of Rights does not grant us our rights. It affirms them. All humans have them by virtue of being alive. You can’t repeal something we are all born with. Unfortunately, governments can, and do, deny their citizens their civil rights. Ask anyone in North Korea.

  3. I’m not even here to make the obvious comment of “please do. I’m impatient, so if you’re gonna do it, do it you pussies.”

    I’m here to lament that every single time I read or hear the phrase “a recent study,” or “experts agree,” my mind vomits a little bit. In fact, I’ve been conditioned Pavlovian style to immediately stop reading or listening. That basically amounts to a monkey standing up, genitals in one hand and dookie in the other, and screeching at the top of their lungs to “LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS!!!*” Leftist Lemmings have really ruined a lot of phrases for me that I didn’t think were possible to ruin.

    *Translated from chimp.

    • Thanks for translating.
      The so-called experts. ‘They’ have no excuse for when they look around and say, “Why won’t they listen to us???”

    • Really does make me wish we would get the results of the investigation into the “51 intel experts” and their “Russia disinformation” about Hunter’s laptop. Even if all we get is repeated quotes of the 5th Amendment, it will be infinitely amusing!

    • Thank you for the visual. The logical fallacy is called “Appeal to Authority”, as if the authorities are always correct.

      As a STEM grad (BS, EE), I have a fairly firm grasp of the Scientific Method. The so-called “experts” are not unbiased, nor do they allow any data to be published that disproves their study-studies.

  4. “We need to counterbalance gun extremists with forceful, strong positions at the other end of the political spectrum. A campaign to repeal the Second Amendment is our best option.”

    Lets see if this idea passes the test if we substitute rights …

    We need to counterbalance first amendment extremists with forceful, strong positions at the other end of the political spectrum. A campaign to repeal the First Amendment is our best option.

    We need to counterbalance fourth amendment extremists with forceful, strong positions at the other end of the political spectrum. A campaign to repeal the Fourth Amendment is our best option.

    We need to counterbalance fourteenth amendment extremists with forceful, strong positions at the other end of the political spectrum. A campaign to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment is our best option.

    We need to counterbalance thirteenth amendment extremists with forceful, strong positions at the other end of the political spectrum. A campaign to repeal the Thirteenth Amendment is our best option.

    Nope, doesn’t pass the test for rights …


    We need to counterbalance the extremists Steven R. Singer with forceful, strong positions at the other end of the political spectrum. A campaign to repeal Steven R. Singer is our best option.

    hmmmm… that seems to pass the test

  5. Napoleon is regarded as the author of a maxim of war: that one should “never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.”

    That’s what this proposal is for the anti-2A folks. It does not have a prayer of ever passing the required 2/3d of the states (much less making it through Congress), but their pushing it *would* do three things:

    (1) Reinforce in the public’s mind that the Second Amendment DOES in fact prohibit the kinds of “common sense” gun control practiced in California, NY, NJ, etc.

    (2) Forces those opposed to the Second Amendment to come out of the closet and say so. No more mushmouthing like “I support the Second Amendment, but . . .”

    (3) In anything other than an utterly safe urban Dem district (e.g., Sheila Jackson Lee’s district in Houston, which is drawn deliberately to cram as many inner city Houston Democrats as possible into it), calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment would likely be political suicide for most candidates, especially in nationwide or most statewide races.

    So please, Mr. Singer, you go for it!

      • Yup, brain fart there on my part . . . I was thinking about the number of states needed to call for a constitutional convention or the majority of both houses of Congress needed to propose an amendment (both 2/3ds).

        But you are correct: it takes 3/4ths of the states to ratify any amendments (whether proposed by Congress or by a constitutional convention).

        Either way, never going to happen . . . which makes this particular self immolation all the more fun to watch.

        • But their plan, which includes Dacian, is to seize power, change the constitution by decree, and start eliminating any opposition by mass purges.

        • “Either way, never going to happen . . .”

          Well, not in our lives, anyways…

        • Is the vote in each state a simple majority? I thought that was 2/3 as well, ie 2/3 of the votes in 3/4 of the states. Always confused me.

        • Google says:
          “An amendment may be proposed by a two-thirds vote of both Houses of Congress, or, if two-thirds of the States request one, by a convention called for that purpose. The amendment must then be ratified by three-fourths of the State legislatures, or three-fourths of conventions called in each State for ratification.”

  6. If only we could be so lucky that all opponents to freedom were so honest and plain-spoken!

    It’s the slow, insidious, creeping incrementalism that does the most damage.

  7. What are you gonna do when a vast majority of the cops quit to spare their lives?…When most of the military goes AWOL and turns on and attacks the rank and file?…Those men and women vowed to defend the Constitution, NOT A COUNTRY WITHOUT ONE… Who is gonna sign their own death warrants trying to confiscate them?…YOU?…I can assure you there will be NO MERCY granted to those TRAITOR fools…

    • Bring it on. That’d give “Joe the Uniter ” a chance to show off his F-15s and nukes that he’s been champing at the bit over. So what’s a little collateral damage between friends.

      • Said it before and I’ll say it again. Spent 20 years as AF pilot. Anybody ordered me to bomb my neighbor would find me most agreeable, until I’m airborne and he can no longer stop me. Then I would seek out HIS OWN chimney and deliver to him and his neighbors, before ejecting from my (now irreplaceable) $150 million aircraft and joining the rebels. You have no worries from the US military, anyone thinks you do has never served.

        • They know that too. That’s why they’re trying to recruit a different demographic now. Watch the newer recruiting commercials. They already own the DOJ and Intel community.

        • Footnote worthy of realization. BiL retired from JS0C(k) a few years back. That is a near universal sentiment of the upper echelon bois.

          Don’t forget to point that in a useful direction before popping chute.


          They can try, recruiting from the soy milk side of the equation isn’t going to be the success story they believe it will.

        • William,

          Yeah, WTF is up with that??

          Not trying to be ‘confrontational’, but every time I see a news picture of a group of armed ANTIFA fay gots trying to hold AR-15s all ‘tacticool’ and stuff, my immediate reaction is “AYFKMRN????”.

          So, I took a deep breath, calmed myself, and reached out to two buddies of mine (one an Army Ranger, the other Marine Force Recon), attached a couple of pictures and short video clips of ANTIFA idiots, and asked: “OK, am I stupid, or do these guys look like a bunch of incompetent @$$clowns???”

          The response was universal, and definitive. “I could walk up on those idiots, grab the gun of the first idiot, clock his ass out, then invite the rest of the idiots to run or play. IF any of them had the stones to man up? I could put down that entire group in a hot second. Don’t start none, won’t be none. Otherwise? FAFO.”

          dacian the demented dips*** yearns to be an ANTIFA ‘soldier’, but even ANTIFA knows useless when they see it.

          They rely on our willingness to let them be their @$$hole selves. The day we say, “enough!”? They are in deep shit. They exist, and continue their idiocy, because we PERMIT it. If we choose not to permit it? They suddenly have two choices: Run, or die.

          I am fine with dacian the demented and MinorLiar having their ‘opinon’, and posting their drivel – it’s a fun game of “whack-a-mole” – but they seriously need to get a f***ing clue.

    • As an addendum: Ironically, their home addresses are a matter of public record. Happy hunting. For those who’ve taken steps to remain anon… gl ferreting those out all those lone wolves.

      I started way before all of the commercial spying got started.

      Either way Ms. Singer, you twaddling twat, the time to employ the 2nd to it’s fullest extent is when they come to take it from you. Looking forward to it.

    • “When most of the military goes AWOL and turns on and attacks the rank and file?”

      Free Clue – The ‘Rank and File’ ARE the vast majority of the military…

      • He is another clue …the The honorable men will frag the dishonorable ones in the ranks and file…thoust traitor shall not be safe anywhere…Whether in uniform or not , if you come against your people…

  8. Another one who failed high school civics. All together now: The Bill of Rights enumerates Rights, it doesn’t grant them.

    Go ahead and repeal it – FAFO

  9. Two thoughts:

    1. “It is time to talk about repealing the Second Amendment.”

    Well, I think it’s time to repeal the First Amendment (playing devil’s advocate here, miner). You left-wing loons have had access to the public square, our children, and our society for long enough.

    2. “…but it could mean that the principal obstacle to any reasonable laws would be removed.”

    Do you acknowledge that the Second Amendment is dispositive? Even in the case of your so-called “reasonable” restrictions? Interesting.

    • The government has already been caught effectively banning free speech. They’re also forcing their religion on the population while banning the free exercise of other religions. They managed that without a Constitutional amendment.

  10. Mr Singer, a repeal of the Second Amendment would not lead to less violence with Firearms it would lead to more. This is due to the fact that inside every progressive is a totalitarian, screaming to get out, the repeal of the second amendment, with very quickly lead to the repeal of the first amendment, the fourth amendment the fifth amendment & America would find itself involved in a hot Civil War very very quickly.

        • It’s admirable, but keep in mind they are still at it after 100’s of millions of warnings.

          If the fight starts, remember to toss fair out the window. Every advantage, no matter how sneaky and dirty.

    • Sorry, Ross, I must differ. While you are correct about the speed of initiation of festivities, Singer will no doubt be at the very front of the herd racing for the border, but few will escape, one side would welcome the fun while the other side planned for someone else doing the killing and dying. Conflict would be over in a week.

  11. The only thing worse than a Fudd, is a Democrat.

    The only thing worse than a Democrat is a child molester

    There’s nothing worse than a child molester

  12. Singer advocates entering the slippery slope of attempting to repeal a section of the Bill of Rights. Why stop there? Let’s repeal the entire ten amendments and become the true police state we are gradually becoming. Why wait for chaos tomorrow if we can achieve it today?

  13. there is no more honest position for singer than this. i like when they come right out and say it. it really bis the only stance i can respect.
    howzabout a creatively worded executive order? much more likely, and we may never have the numbers to flip it again.
    with the last census, texas and florida give the ‘publicans 70 electoral votes out of the box. add in the rest of the reds and you get to chinese dentist time (230) pretty quickly. the remaining skwishies (i forget but wisco, penn, ‘zona, ‘bama and a couple others) are well entrenched with fraud and will always skweek by. not hittin’ (what, 270? now there’s caliber you seldom see mentioned on here) ever again.

    • The “Executive Order” has no basis in the Constitution when (as typical) it pretends to be law. AND are such “Ex Orders” (and “laws”) are never superior to the Constitution.

      This is the US, not some Eurp/Brit royalist/parliamentary nation where there are no natural rights.

  14. lets talk about:

    how are you going to get the guns out of the hands of people in 85 percent of america

    where theres a rifle behind every blade of grass

    • “how are you going to get the guns out of the hands of people in 85 percent of america”

      Gun registration, which you get when you have “Universal background checks”.

    • neiowa,

      “ANOTHWE useless Harvard twit . . .”

      Umm, I’m sorry, is there another kind of Harvard twit I am unaware of?? I thought “Harvard” equaled “useless”.

      On the other hand, SOMEBODY has to take our order at the McDonalds drive-through, right?

  15. Lol
    Upside down and backwards.

    If the 2nd Amendment is repealed then there will be no guns allowed for anyone but who government wants to have them. The only reason hunters and competitive shooters have them in the first place is by the power of the second. This whole thing is a ridiculous example of not understanding what is being discussed. People will believe this craziness.

    AR15’s are not the only thing that falls under constitutional protection.

  16. A pointless because it will never happen screed, from a frustrated ex-congressional aid no one remembers. Slow news day at TTAG.

  17. Where do you find these posts by people who don’t matter? I googled Steven R. Singer, the author of that article and can’t find anything about him, he’s a nobody. A lonely liberal with a lonely article posted here to unify us pro gun enthusiasts and solidify our own echo chamber. New content please.

  18. What kind of cognitive dissonance does one have to have to say we don’t want to take your guns and no one wants to take yours guns and then openly declare that all guns should be banned oand confiscated? Then you have those that say what these people who say no one wants to take your guns saying there ultimate desire is nothing less then the litteral complete and total ban of all guns and the ban of all private gun ownership with forced turn in and the full deployment of all federal and state agencies along with a full 100% deployment of the entire United States military to confiscate all guns by force and kill all who oppose. They want not just the complete and total ban of all private guns and gun ownership with door to door confiscation they want nothing short of the government implemented mandate extermination of every gun owners. They want the full deployment of the United States military and all federal agencies to go door to door to confiscate all guns by force and quite literally exterminate every single person in the United States that owns a gun. They also want all who oppose also dead meaning not just the extermination of every single gun owner but the literal complete and total extermination of the entire population of the United States in a home with a gun along with nothing less than a literal complete and total extermination of the entire population of the United States that opposes or resist that. And if the entire country turns against them to them the best thing to do is kill the entire country. Literal extermination of all human life in the United States except for themselves. Because that is what they ultimately want anyway.

  19. I’ll be Mr singers huckleberry. Mr singer, if you need directions to my house to shoot me an email. I’ll shoot you back some directions and you can shoot on over.

  20. Go ahead. Give it a shot, so to speak. That is the process the Framers put in place. Then, be ready to forfeit all of your other rights. You won’t be needing them.

  21. Stop tiptoeing around and throw out all of it. That way when someone makes some ignorant comment covered under the 1st A, we can just hang him.

  22. What he really means is, “Let’s stop tiptoeing around the issue and make it illegal for a private citizen to interfere with the commission of a crime.”

  23. I’m really glad when these people come out of the closet. The more honesty the better it is for everyone.

    Another wealthy well connected white man. Who had guns as a child. And probably still has guns somewhere he has access to. But wants no one else to have guns. Except for people of his demographic and economic status.

  24. He can scream about it all he wants. They are not going to ‘repeal’ the second amendment and can’t. None of the first 10 amendments can be repealed in actuality. They are the unalienable rights embodiment, expressed in a protective nature (to define to government limits), of the people. All 10 of them together, not 9, but 10. To try to do so would mean a re-write of the constitution to remove/replace …

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

    We would cease to exist as the founded United States of America if the unalienable rights can be removed by government.

    This is not Europe where the people literally live under a tyranny because they do not have unalienable rights, they have the rights their governments have granted them and can take away just as quickly. They are a conquered people and don’t even realize it because their governments have spent generations making sure generation after generation has no knowledge of what unalienable rights are. Its why our second amendment seems so strange to those citizens of Europe, they have no context for, or experience knowledge of, unalienable rights because their governments have kept them conquered with the government deciding what rights they have so its all they know. Its why gun bans can take place there, its got nothing to do with crime or deaths there, its a means of control over the people to keep them weak because their governments fear one day their people may discover the concept of unalienable rights. Look at what the U.K. did to the Irish (The Irish War of Independence) when the Irish wanted their unalienable right to liberty.

    Its all through European history, the whole of Europe was founded on it, the concept of feudal tyranny that is still present in its modern day forms in Europe. They literally live under a tyranny, they are a conquered people and don’t even realize it.

    • Expansion upon: “…its a means of control over the people to keep them weak because their governments fear one day their people may discover the concept of unalienable rights. Look at what the U.K. did to the Irish (The Irish War of Independence) when the Irish wanted their unalienable right to liberty.”

      All of the standing armies of Europe maintain units and training and plans for the purpose of putting down an uprising by their people. Not a riot or social unrest type of stuff, but honest to goodness uprising to remove their governments from power for the legitimate purpose of achieving their unalienable right to liberty. The U.K. employed those plans and units and training against the Irish. And the U.K. has done it before the Irish, they did it in India, they even did it here in the U.S. which we called the Revolutionary War. The countries of Europe have always had this as far back as the feudal days and they still do today, designed to be used against their own citizens.

      The countries of Europe are not ‘civilized’ because they have ‘gun control’, it doesn’t work because they are ‘civilized. It works because the people are a conquered people who don’t know unalienable rights as a people and what they have is all they know as a people. The countries of Europe are not ‘civilized’, they are tyranny’s in the modern day form of feudal tyranny ruling over a conquered people.

  25. Do not laugh, it may seem far-fetched, especially in today’s divided America but “never say never” or you may just have made a statement that comes back to humiliate you later in time.

    Its far more likely that History has shown that in all countries gun control laws are a gradual change that comes in small increments and that “has been” true in the U.S. as well. If you look at U.S. history starting from even before 2A was written and certainly after it was written right up until the present day that gun control is always on the march one more law at a time and few anti-gun laws are ever revoked. I remember reading Field and Stream magazine in the 1950’s when Richard Starnes wrote “Once an anti-gun law is passed it lasts until the end of time”. People in power both the far right and far left want absolute power over you and they all hate guns with a passion and it is they that make the laws.

    And remember the power mad courts could in the future once again reverse their prior rulings especially if the Liberals are in control of the court and claim that as long as you were able to own the firearms of the Colonial period then your 2A rights were not taken away.

    There may be a lot of truth to that statement because the corrupt founders of Capitalvania could never have envisioned weapons of mass destruction that are now available to every criminal and lunatic that wants one and that includes the Jan 6th Trumpite Storm Troopers that tried to enslave America under a Trumpite dictatorship, much as the German Nazi’s did last week in Germany when they proclaimed they would re-establish a German Kaiser Monarchy.

    The modern-day German Right-Wing Nazi’s proved that no matter what country we are speaking of that the Far-Right Racists are as much Nazi’s today as they were under their beloved leader (Fuhrer) Hitler.

    I might add that some years ago when Alec Guinness was staring in a movie about the last days of Adolf Hitler that when lunch time came, rather than take off their makeup and Nazi Uniforms they stepped out for a bite to eat at a local restaurant and to their shock a few German people came running up to them and kissed their hands screaming “We knew you were not dead and that you would come back to us”. Even the cynical Alec Guinness was shocked as at least some of the German people still had not learned the terrible lessons of having a Right-Wing Racist Nutcase in power. History repeats itself over and over and Alec and Trump proved it beyond all doubt.

    Once again, the prophetic warnings of the FBI proved true last week (including in Germany) when the FBI said “The Far Right is the greatest danger to freedom and democracy in America”. The far right hate freedom of speech and they love a dictatorship of the Far Right where everyone is required to tow the “party line”.

    • Dear dacian the demented dips***,

      Was there an actual point to that poorly-spelled, grammatically-challenged, content-free word vomit, other than “some day we’ll understand how truly ‘progressive’ them Eurotrash are, and we’ll regret having rebelled against the ‘cool kids'”?

      Nah? Didn’t think so. Hint, dumbass . . . we kicked them to the f***in’ curb for a REASON. They aren’t “civilized”, they aren’t “cultured”, they are a bunch of @$$-licking sycophants, that want nothing BETTER than to bow down and suck Der Fuhrer’s d*** (like they would have, had we not bailed them out).

      Take your Eurocentric, ‘progressive’ Leftist/fascism and put it where the sun don’t shine, dacian the d***-beater.

      We. Don’t. Care. What. The. Euroweenies. Do. Or. Think.

      They are not worth our effort to ignore.

    • @dacian

      Lets look at your ‘far right’. On your ‘far right’ less than 1% are gun owners. That’s right, less than 1%. I know math is a largely unknown thing to you so I’ll make it simple for you…

      If you have 100 apples and 1 apple is bad. Take that 1 bad apple away you have taken away 1% of your apples. If you cut that one apple into 4 parts and throw away three of those parts you are left with less than 1% of your total 100 apples.

      This is representative of what your ‘far right’ threat with guns looks like.

      Your logic is the same as the anti-gun logic, this is, with still making math simple for you…

      Make that less than 1% of 100 apples equal 100 apples. This is a false logic and a lie.

      In other words, you and your anti-gun buddies want to get rid of 100% of Apples by amplifying that less than 1% to make it seem like all the Apples are bad.

      Now, to put it in terms of guns like you always want to do…

      You are your anti-gun buddies are using a false logic to deceive, and are lying. Maybe there is a threat of sorts, there is always a threat of sorts. For example, you seem to forget ANTIFA on the far left, armed to the teeth with ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (your term) with a stated overall goal of bringing about war of the classes to install a socialists government.

      Antifa is a violent far left tool of the far left (and lately a tool of democrats and various society sectors like LGBTQ), with a goal to implement fear, intimidation, coercion, and violence, in order to subdue any ideological and political opponents into silence eventually leading to a class war to overthrown the government and install a socialists government and country that only allows ‘the right white people’ to exist in the country. Sound familiar? Its should, its the concept that Hitler used in Germany against the Jews and being pro ‘aryan race’. ANTIFA are socialists. Then there is BLM, also socialists but a different flavor, who’s ambition is to bring about a race war to install a socialists government and country that is pro-black. No matter what their claims are on the local and individual levels and in the use of their duped followers BLM on the organizational level nationally has the overall goal to over throw the government by weakening the infrastructure through ‘policy’ changes (e.g. defund the police) to raise racial tensions to the point where they erupt into a race war to install their flavor of socialism in which only ‘the right black people’ are allowed to exist in the country. Sound familiar? It should, Hitler also used this concept in Germany against the jews and being pro ‘aryan race’. Then there are the hundred other violent far left small groups, often only several in a group, with their own plans and goals. Overall the goals of ANTIFA and BLM are basically the same differing mostly in the manner, one using class the other using race to bring about their flavors of socialism with one leaving the country for ‘the right white people’ and the other for ‘the right black people’ – ya know, the same concepts Hitler used in Germany.

      The ‘far right’ threat is being used to justify gun control. Its not much of a threat overall in numbers even though that less than 1% of the ‘far right’ is more active and its that ‘active’ part that makes them noticed more thus ‘a threat’. Whereas, under democrat leadership on on the liberal ‘woke’ progressive front BLM and Antifa are looked at as ‘acceptable’, and even you accept them by your repeated ignorant exclusion when they form a much larger threat but are more insidious and quiet and not as direct about it covering their actions under the guise of ‘social justice’ and camouflaging with the resulting cover given them by the Democrats and the liberal ‘woke’ in the name of ‘progressive social justice and common sense’ claims.

      Of course that is to be expected from you – you are a far left socialist who’s hero is basically Hitler, so yes of course you call for the eradication of unalienable rights starting with the second amendment and want a socialist government and country. You think this is ‘civilized’, Hitler thought that too – its not ‘civilized’ its tyranny. You desire we be a conquered people with the government controlling what rights we have, like Europe – you think this is ‘civilized’, Hitler thought that too – its not ‘civilized’ its tyranny.

      and now for the rest of your missive…. its pure ignorant gibberish.

    • You “remember reading Field and Stream magazine” in the 1950s? The most recent 1950s issue of F&S would be December 1959. You are quoting a relatively obscure author from, at an absolute minimum, 63 years ago. Presumably, you had to be at least 5 years old to read this pearl of wisdom. After making this almost certainly untrue and clearly ridiculous statement, you expect to be taken seriously? That, or, you are so old that dementia would explain your mindless ramblings.

      Oh, and, you might want to review the working definition of “weapons of mass destruction.”

  26. I am going to stop tip-toeing around an issue and ask a crucial question:

    Why is anyone still listening to jesters and troubadours?

    Seriously. Actors and singers seldom carry credentials as to sociology, geopolitics, or even a hard science. Their opinions are worth the same air they use to utter their lines or tunes. The sooner we realize that, the better society will be as we focus on logic, rationality and practicality.

    The next time you hear a jester try to tell you something serious like you should be disarmed, feel free to laugh uproariously at their silly jape and then move on about your business.

    • You ask a totally valid question.

      My response is simple – playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with @$$clowns like dacian the demented and MinorLiar is kinda fun (in a sick, sadistic way).

      They keep coming back, I keep abusing them.

  27. You will have to repeal the 13th and 14th A as well.

    For those who are Constitutionally illiterates like the author, the debates on those amendments may surprise you.

  28. Why stop there? Admit that your goal is to repeal them all. “I support the [blank] amendment, but… and that’s why we should move to repeal it.”

    I appreciate that the Dems are showing their true intentions. The party of liberty versus the party of tyranny.

  29. OK, to be fair, I almost wish the rest of the idiot Leftist/fascists would be this honest. We KNOW this is their actual agenda, but most of them are such worthless p***ies they won’t own it in public. This idiot is willing to be honest, so give him that much credit.

    I might almost say, like Rocky did to Clubber Lang, “Ima bust you up!” “Go for it.”

    Put it on the frickin’ table, and lay down your money.

    Unfortunately, when they DO suck up the scrote to actually call the question, and get slam-dunked into the weeds, it will change nothing. Literally the next day, they’ll be back with, “Well, you won’t repeal the 2A, but what if you just give us THIS ‘common sense gun-control’ provision?”

    They will never get a repeal of the 2A (SUCK ON IT, dacian the demented!!), but they’ll never stop trying to work around it.

    Still, give this paste-eater credit for honesty, at least.

  30. theBiden doesn’t realize the deer have learned to cover themselves with dead armadillos, 24 layers of armadillo is equal to 1 class 4. Since we cant use fmj armor piercing for hunting,our hp’s and soft noses are failing one shot stops, I m a decent marksmen, however getting a tighter pattern as fast as I can is the reason I Do- NEED-(need, rights?) a 150 megaxlip and a bullshit that goes 5X faster then any othe emu bullshit.
    However, I’ve decided at my age , what ever happens, happens and if Our ‘government’ the ones that We The People elected decide the 2nd Amendment only is about hunting then hey man they gotta be right, right? Or its against the law see.

    • possum,

      Unfortunately, there is a serious viral infection going around (NO. not the flu masquerading as a ‘pandemic’) that causes idiots like dacian the demented and MinorLiar to vote in the way they do. It causes them to break out in an uncontrolled outbreak of gonorrhea lectim. Guaranteed to cause the carrier to vote for the moron they’ve been cursing for the last couple of years. Not curable by any treatment currently known.

  31. that all sure sounds like a good way to heat up our civil cold war.
    NEVER going to happen but gotta give him a little credit for having the stones to say it outloud.


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