Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney
Philadephia's failed Mayor Jim Kenney (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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Kenney made the comments in response to an NBC10/Telemundo 62 question about his support of stricter gun laws and a shooting that happened at a school in the predawn hours of Wednesday morning.

“We’re not gonna get gun control in Pennsylvania. This is a backward state whose Legislature for the most part doesn’t care about the health and welfare of its citizens,” Kenney said.

Pennsylvania has a Democratic governor in Tom Wolf, but Republicans hold majorities in both the state Senate and House. Wolf has used his veto pen to block looser gun laws advanced by the Republican-controlled Legislature, but he is term-limited, with his final term coming to an end this year. …

[A] spokesperson for House Majority Speaker Bryan Cutler said in an email that “the only thing backward” is Kenney “ignoring” a district attorney with “a history of allowing violent criminals back onto the streets.” The criticism is a common refrain from Republicans against DA Larry Krasner, one of the country’s most high-profile “progressive prosecutors,” who has defended his office’s conviction rates in cases involving homicides and gun offenses.

— By Rudy Chinchilla in Pa. ‘a Backward State’, Philly Mayor Says in Criticism of State Gun Laws

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    • Gun Control leads back to racism and genocide. Shows just how backwards today’s pompous, pasty mouth Jim Crow Gun Control minded democRats are.

    • and Philly is the sewer down which much of our tax dollars flow…wish they’d just do us a favor and become part of New Jersey where they belong….

  1. Philadelphia is too Marxist to follow the US Constitution.

    If Commie Kenney wants to reduce violent crime, arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate the perpetrators.

    Being tough on crime will cure the violence without violating citizens constitutional rights.

    • I could argue that “tough on crime” stance. Bill Clinton’s answer to crime and drugs caused more problems than it cured.

      But, I’ll go along with you so far as to say you shouldn’t coddle criminals based on Cuckold Race Theory ideas. The worst and most violent criminals need to be dealt with harshly. Stop sending kids to prison for stealing a candy bar, but hammer those who are a danger to society.

      • Mass incarceration works (sucks but beats the killings in the streets for what the normies will see and react to), taking away a judge’s ability to chose an appropriate sentence is a tricky proposition and should probably be limited to violent felonies to limit the damage that can be done with Soros types while reducing absurd sentences for less serious issues. But what do I know I am just too backwards to support gun control.

        • were having some real problems with “woke” magistrates in the Pittsburgh area…these are elected positions…what were people thinking?

    • Jeshu in a Handcarft! There is due process of law which in America is supposed to be an independent Judiciary. AMerican has the highest p;ercapita numbers in several things including Incareration, Long term incarceration a BARBARIC DEATH penalty with executions carried out in public [oh Yes they are before Public Witnesses.] By barbaric I mean by the electric chair, poison by injection, hanging or poison gas and now I believeby Firing Squad If ssonme idiot is willing to pay upwards of $US40,000 to go to Africa and shoot a semi-domesicated Lion I bet that a psychopathic idiot would easily pay $US100,000 to be part of a One- Man Firing squad . Neither long term incarceration or the Death Penalty seem to work does at prevention or as a deterrent do they.
      An interesting statistic that you can check for yourself. Gun Crime cost’s the USA more than half as much as the USA’s Defence budget and at least four times that of the UK’s. Just saying!

    • Backwards leaning toward the freedom enshrined in the US Constitution!
      Backwards leaning against the crime-ridden streets and alleyways of Philadelphia.
      Backwards leaning against the graft, corruption, and perversion in Philadelphia politics.
      Backwards leaning toward being out at the Rod & Gun Club, practicing and enjoying being out in the woods.
      Backwards leaning toward God, family, and country.

    • When has high expectations and commies (or whatever the preferred term is currently) ever accurately been used in association with each other outside of killing their own people?

  2. In an interview a few weeks ago this Mayor said he regularly lays sleepless in bed, staring at the ceiling, wishing he WASN’T the mayor.

    Congratulations Philly, you elected a Mayor who thinks/behaves like a chronically depressed middle school goth girl. 👍

    Enjoy getting what you voted for, good and hard.

  3. He is as dumb as the rest of the democrats, just take one look at the rathole city of Philly that he runs and it will tell you if the man has any wisdom.

  4. Rather off-topic, but I’m reminded of West-By-God Virginia. When you entered the state on almost any road, you saw a sign welcoming you to “Wild and Wonderful West Virginia”. Then they got a gayboy governor who thought that was backward, and the signs came down. Progressive neo-liberal Democrats disgust me.

  5. I’m enjoying the more open display of contempt these elitist douchebags have been showing lately.

    And they wonder why rolling in a guillotine has become a staple of protest.

  6. I had a girlfiend from up around Philadelphia.
    She was a thief.
    She made good sandwiches though. I guess I should rephrase that, humans might think I meant she personally expended energy to make a sandwich.
    Sliced thin and cured right she made good sandwiches.

  7. Pennsylvania isn’t Philadelphia much like New York isn’t NYC.

    Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia is an open carry state. Pennsylvanians love their guns and if they secured their elections they probably wouldn’t elect Democrats.

    • I live in rural PA and we are on average more “backwards” and have more guns per capita than the cities, yet it is a lot safer here. Interesting…

  8. It’d be a terrible shame if Filthydelphia floated down the Delaware to the sea and sank into the Atlantic some rainy night, wouldn’t it? I’m sure the rest of the state would dance a jig of despair.

  9. Sorry Mayor, It’s not the guns. As always, it’s the person holding the gun. Unfortunately, it is a cultural and social problem. No, sending some kid to prison over what really is a minor crime doesn’t solve the problem. Nor does not holding repeat offenders and actual violent criminals responsible for their actions. And yes there is a balance.
    Actually finding, arresting and incarcerating those who commit the violent crimes would be a start. Expecting and demanding responsible behavior from adults would also begin to change the problem as well. Stop rewarding poor decisions and bad behavior.
    And punishing the law abiding majority because the city state can’t or won’t enforce existing laws, is not the answer. Sorry Mayor, but Joe Homeowner is not the problem. Nor is his gun.

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