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Incendiary Image of the Day: Armed Bodyguards vs. Your 2A Rights Edition

“It is illegal in California to carry a loaded weapon unless you are a law-enforcement officer,” asserts, erroneously. “But a Los Angeles police spokesman said ‘the practice of celebrities hiring off-duty officers for private security purposes is common here’.” And what of the common people?


  1. avatar TTACer says:

    Are we supposed to know who the d-bag with the prison tats is?

    1. avatar ExurbanKevin says:

      Rolling over the image reveals that it’s international media star, soccer player and social gadfly David Beckham, lately of the L.A. Galaxy.

  2. avatar Pete says:

    Really, old chap, you MUST understand that there are laws for the peasants which certainly cannot be allowed to inconvenience the aristos.

    Fun idea for any SoCal peasant who sees this behavior in the future: call 911 and report (in a breathless, terrified voice) that “there’s a man with a gun!” on the beach. Then you will be able to see if the police response is similar to that experienced by Calif peasants who dare to practice “open carry” ( which requires an UNLOADED gun). This will also provide good training for both the responding SWAT team and the off-duty cop protecting the celeb.

    What’s that? It could lead to an unfortunate incident? Hey, maybe there ARE societal costs to having different sets of rules for the commoners and the ruling classes.

    1. avatar tdiinva says:

      Well, what stopping you from hiring an off duty law enforcement officer for protection.

      1. avatar Pete says:

        Gee, I don’t know? The fact that they charge $60 an hour and I’m not a multimillionaire celebrity? Actually, I don’t have to hire someone to protect me – I live in Idaho, not the PRCa, and I have the right to protect myself.

        1. avatar tdiinva says:

          I was tempted to put the /sarc label on but decided to leave it off to see what would happen.

        2. avatar Pete says:

          Yeah, should have recognized that. Hey, it’s Monday morning and I am still adjusting.

  3. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    You know the score, Deckard. If you’re not cop, you’re little people.

    1. avatar jay says:

      nice work.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    Best Blade Runner quote of the day. Nice!

  5. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    it’s funny how beckham who comes for the land of gun control hires someone from the land …er’ state of somewhat gun control

  6. avatar GS650G says:

    We carry anyway and pray we don’t need it.

  7. avatar MikeSilver says:

    Anyone remember who banned the carrying of guns in Cali?

    Ronald Reagan.

    I hate Republicans.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Ronbo dissed guns because Black Panthers were carrying, and that’s the truth. Once again, when it comes to gun control, racism is an issue. Same as it ever was.

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:


  8. avatar Jake says:

    Super celebrity, mega sports star with more money than God and an armed bodyguard or not…he’s still getting a “Hey DickDragger, just stand up!!!” from me if I ever catch him out in my line-up. Dang Sponger. >:)

  9. avatar Levi B says:

    Gun control isn’t class warfare just because rich people can have bodyguards in gun free zones.

    Oh wait, that’s exactly what it is…

  10. But a Los Angeles police spokesman said ‘the practice of celebrities hiring off-duty officers for private security purposes is common here’.” And what of the common people?

    1. avatar rt66paul says:

      :The common People” do not get featured in People magazine.

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