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This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For a deeper dive into the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC


Illinois may have just criminalized carrying firearms during the coronavirus pandemic

In Illinois, it’s generally illegal to wear a mask while carrying a firearm. This isn’t an uncommon prohibition. Many laws have been passed over the years to prevent organizations like the Ku Klux Klan from concealing their identities while armed for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately, well-intentioned laws often result in perverse outcomes, like when Governor Pritzker issued a mandate compelling residents of Illinois to wear masks in public. What does that mean for concealed carry permit holders? It means that if they step outside with a firearm, they are violating the unlawful carry statute I just mentioned by default.

Realizing the conflict of law, the Illinois State Police issued a statement attempting to put CCW permit holders at ease, but all they did was fuel the confusion. In their statement, the ISP indicated that the executive order from the Governor, who is a rabid gun-control advocate (and whose family isn’t even following his ownguidelines), “does not require or suggest” arresting or charging CCW permit holders for carrying while wearing a mask.

It’s important to note here that this DOES NOT MEAN THE POLICE CANNOT ARREST OR PROSECUTE people who concealed carry while wearing a mask.

When asked about the obvious conflict by the press, Governor Pritzker said that the guidelines published by the police indicate that concealed carriers would not be at risk as a result of his executive order, but as you can see above, that’s small consolation. All I can say is, be careful. The government doesn’t always do what it says.

Hi Point C9 9mm Pistol

The internet wants Mr. Hi-Point to sell parts kits

Gun rights activists across all social media platforms have been flooding Hi-Point with requests for parts kits. The accompanying memes have been pretty hilarious, focusing on “Mr. Hi-Point” and all the profits he’d presumably make if he followed the memers’ demands.

Why, you ask, do people want Hi-Point parts kits? Well, if you remember a while back we covered the “Lo-Point,” a 3D-printable Hi-Point frame. The design was hugely popular, and quickly outstripped the supply of Hi-Point parts kits. Before the design came out, you could get your hands on parts kits for $30 or so. Now, though, the few kits available are selling for far more than a complete firearm.

Clearly there’s a market for partial ‘Points. People want to be able to lawfully exercise their right to self-build firearms. The Hi-Point is kind of uniquely suited as a home-build firearm project because of its unlocked breech and stationary barrel. I, for one, hope “Mr. Hi-Point” comes around.

Male Hands Count Cash Money In The Office. Close Up Of Man Hands

Gun sales soar on ‘Rona Bucks Day

It’s no secret loads of firearms were purchased with federal stimulus checks. You might think this was a flood of enthusiasts, but as it turns out, a lot of the guns that were purchased with the corona stimulus money were bought by first-time gun owners concerned about future economic conditions.

While some recommend putting money away in situations like these, I have to say you can’t go hunting with a hundred-dollar bill. As far as those first-timers go, we’re glad to have them join the fold, and I hope current gun owners and local organizations engage in outreach to welcome them to the community and get the training they need.

Justin Trudeau canada
(Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press via AP)

Canadian officials advancing gun ban agenda

Remember when I mentioned last week that ghouls never let a tragedy go to waste, and that the Prime Minister of Canada was pushing for new gun bans? Well, it’s happened. Because of the way our northern neighbor’s government is structured, their executive branch is able to pass regulations using what’s referred to as an “order-in-council”, which means Canadians can’t even make appeals to their representatives in parliament.

The ban will include a number of semiautomatic rifles, and it will be followed by legislation pushed by Trudeau’s party.

All else aside, there’s no proof to show that a ban like this will prevent access to firearms that do the same thing. Historically, whenever something is banned, people always find a workaround, creating black markets for bootleg or banned products.

The Canadian ban will only create more government-defined crime, which will then be used to justify additional gun control measures. A familiar, annoying, and vicious, cycle. This, like most legislation, isn’t about keeping Canadians safe. It’s about control.

supreme court scotus second amendment protest demonstration
Courtesy Kevin Hulbert

Supreme Court declares 2A case moot

This week the Supreme Court sent back NYSRPA v. NYC as moot. Some fear the Court’s decision sets a dangerous precedent, signaling to anti-gun jurisdictions that it’s okay to pass unconstitutional legislation and then repeal it when it’s challenged in the courts. That concern is pretty legitimate.

This case, NYSRPA, was filed in 2013 by New Yorkers who possessed licenses to have firearms in their homes, and by an association of New York gun owners. The plaintiffs contested a 2001 New York City ban on transporting firearms outside the city, which prevented them from bringing their lawfully owned firearms to target ranges outside the city, or to their second homes outside the city.

The city vigorously defended this law, getting favorable judgments both in a federal district court and the Second Circuit. That is, until January 2019, when the Supreme Court agreed to review the case.

Shortly thereafter, the city changed its law, and worked with the state of New York to amend its law so the city could not pass the same actions again. The only plausible explanation for this activity is that New York City wanted to “moot” the case, eliminating the “live” controversy, so the Supreme Court would be unable to provide relief and thus not hear it.

In light of this, on April 27, 2020, six of the Court’s justices voted to send the case back to the lower courts on the question of “whether petitioners may still add a claim for damages in this lawsuit with respect to New York City’s old rule.” That is to say, whether, despite the city’s attempt to moot the case, the plaintiffs can maintain a case that the courts can address.

Petitioners raised several other issues that remain with New York’s law, including that petitioners are not allowed to stop for refreshments, gasoline, or restroom breaks when traveling with firearms. The city responded that this would be permissible. The Court refused to address that dispute at this time.

The case will be handed back to the Second Circuit and the district court, where the parties will argue whether plaintiffs can make a claim for damages under the law as it was before the city changed course.

Still, the Justices are signaling that they’re looking for another case, if not multiple cases, in which to step into the 2A area once again. There are loads of cases for the Court to choose from, such as requiring a “justifiable need” to obtain a permit to carry a handgun, bans on commonly owned firearms, and state bans on non-resident permitting for concealed carry.

Chokwe Antar Lumumba
Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Mississippi mayor misses the mark, banning open carry during corona crisis

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, of Jackson, Mississippi, decided to start playing games last weekend, banning open carry of firearms during the coronavirus pandemic. Citing authority he believes to come from his emergency powers as mayor, Lumumba, who is a pal of Michael Bloomberg, instituted the ban despite a preemption law on the state books prohibiting towns and cities from passing gun restrictions.

Despite the state Attorney General being courteous enough to send him a letter explaining that a mayor can’t override state law (gee, I wonder who he learned that from), Lumumba remained defiant, and is now facing a lawsuit. The good news: He’s since backed down and the open carry order has lapsed.

New Jersey Phil Murphy gun stores
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

New Jersey gun rights group sues Governor Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy is being sued yet again, this time for barring a member of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society from attending his regular coronavirus briefings. Why would a politician as, ahem, respectable as Phil Murphy, the guy whose police arrested Jewish citizens for attending a rabbi’s funeral, ban someone with constitutional concerns from attending his daily briefings?

According to the complaint, Murphy did it in retaliation. Alexander Roubian, who serves as a member of the press for NJ2AS, alleges that Governor Murphy is barring him from attending the press briefings because NJ2AS filed a lawsuit against him for the closure of gun shops across the state.

This guy must love getting sued almost as much as he hates the First and Second Amendments. Freedom of the press is a fundamental principle of our republic, even (especially) if it’s the 2A press.

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    • Likely it was…Prickster isn’t very bright. He didn’t “make” 3.4billion. He inherited it. I don’t worry about it. Anyone use Harbor Frieght ammo cans? Just saw a video on “em. Looked quite serviceable(for Chinese crap). My stash has grown exponentially😏

      • I’ve read mixed reviews on those FWW. There are some complaints about the sealing capabilities of the cans.

        I’m tempted every time I see them just because of the price….

        • I closed one of the plastic ammo boxed HF sells and submerged it in water for a few days. It didn’t leak. I keep ammo indoors regardless. For 6 bucks they are a good choice.

      • If you’re using them for indoor storage I guess they’re fine. But I’d go for a real milsurp can for anything more harsh than a basement that never floods. They’ve gotten more expensive but you can sometimes find decent deals. A little spray paint and some plumbers grease on the seal is the most I’ve ever needed.

        Also … I’m making an effort to not buy Chinese these days if at all possible.

        • Going on an Indiana boredom run tomorrow. All on Indianapolis Blvd. Cabelas,WallyWorld,Harbor Freight & South County guns. I’ll see what everyone’s got. I try to avoid Chinese crap but I’m typing on a China phone,watching a China TV,the dvd player and comcast crap is Chinese,copier&the puter is Chinese,the microwave,toaster and fridge too…😕

        • I don’t know why everyone is ragging on the Chinese. Their hardware may be flimsy sh!t, but their flu is really well made.

      • I have several HF ammo cans and find them quite serviceable. Good seal, hefty plastic, handle holds up well.

  1. There is but one “Sure Fire” way to stop this shit. When Citizens fear the consequences of fighting for their Freedoms/Rights…More than they fear the lose of those Freedoms/Rights. They become Subjects and Tyranny prevails.

  2. My brother lives in south Jersey. A friend brought an air rifle to his house; they were discussing its use for dispatching varmints. A neighbor, who works as a parole officer, heard the discussion. Usually a friendly guy, he entered the yard to tell them both that if he sees them firing that weapon, he will have to turn them in.

    Still trying to convince my brother to move to PA. Pick up some land where he can shoot. He is disabled,though, and his wife likes it in NJ.

    Really, she like living in NJ.

    I moved out of there 30 years ago and never looked back.

    • It’s about 40 years since I last passed thru New Jersey, headed for the southwest. I recall massive gargantuan multi-lane highways, chemical plants and what looked to me like ruined cities and lands.

      About 50 years ago I was in the Pine Barrens region of New Jersey, down south, I recall it was quite beautiful. We rented a canoe and paddled about ponds and lakes with lily pads and frogs and fish in the water. All peaceful and green and relaxing.

      Those are the two sides of the state I’ve seen with my own eyes, hell of a contrast.

      There’s always another hand and on the other hand there is all the crap one hears and reads about NJ, its politics and its gun laws. A wretched hive of scum and villainy (apologies to Alec Guinness), feeding off the taxes of the Little People.

      Stay far, far away!

      • Enuf,

        That is where I lived, the pine barrens. Much of where I lived has been “improved” with shopping centers, condos, and lots of asphalt. As for Trenton, “A wretched hive of scum and villainy” sums it up nicely.

        • New Jersey is a great place to see wild animals in their natural habitat, fighting, breeding and hunting prey. And that’s just in Newark.

        • Ralph,


          Except for Down Neck. Some of the best paella I have ever eaten was in the Portugese restaurants in Down Neck.

      • As much as we hear about California, New Jersey might be the only state stupid enough to treat a pellet gun like a rifle.

        Although… “to be fair”… my .22 caliber PCP rifle is probably comparable to some rimfires.

        • I post true stories every day of Armed Citizens Fighting Back against criminals. These stories show very clearly why we need to be armed and prepared. ALL gun laws unfairly target the legal, law abiding citizens. Here’s a very simple concept that liberal politicians can’t seem to grasp. Criminals don’t obey the law. They don’t obey the first 1,000 so let’s add just ONE more to make it 1,001. That’s the one they’ll certainly follow.

      • Same here, the Medford – Medford lakes area in the 70s…

    • One of the few times of my life when I was scared sh**less was making a wrong turn, going over the Ben Franklin Bride and discovering Camden, NJ, at night, in a car with my wife, young kids and a couple of Japanese female exchange students. Drug dealers on the corner, broken windows all over, etc… I made a flying U turn and got out of dodge ASAP, you never saw a Fort minivan burn that much rubber. Other than the turnpike, pretty much the last time I will ever visit NJ.

  3. Lots of states attorney generals have created a patchwork of laws against out of state resident permit holders. Naturally it’s about infringement because anyone who’s been issued a CCW license in any state has been checked out and is not an obvious criminal. Just like drivers licenses. Many of these rules were never voted on or in the CCW legislation instead were loopholes exploited . When legislature passes these laws they left clauses for the AG to make tweaks. Those tweaks were the downfall.

    A national CCW may smell bad to the people who say the 2nd is their permit but it would be the only sure fire way to allow concealed carry nationwide. At least it would identify the law abiding to some degree. Let’s hope hr38 is put back in play should the Rs get the house back.

    • You’re right…it does smell bad. Having a(nother) Federal level “mother may I” permission slip is not on the path to liberty.

      • But it would be a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, comparing potential laws against the way things should be is a fools errand. A better question is: “would this be better than the current state of affairs?” In the case of national reciprocity, I think the answer is yes. Ideologically, I agree with you 100%. But until we’re actually shooting at the political and enforcer classes, a legal change that’s a step in the right direction is the best we can do

        • Further entrenching the idea into Americans’ minds (that requesting permission from Government to exercise a constitutionally-protected natural right is acceptable) is not a step in the right direction. Permitless Carry is the correct step in the right direction, not a Federal level permission slip.

    • National CCW reciprocity would be a huge step in the right direction, but let’s not pretend it would be a magic bullet. The hardcore slave states would still refuse to honor them, in much the same way that the New York State Police have been vocally and openly ignoring FOPA for years. Plus, those same states would no doubt go even further in creating a deliberate patchwork of gun laws specifically designed to trip up honest gun owners who happen to be within their states. Until there are direct and personal consequences (and the Supreme Court has just shown its utter uselessness in making states follow the law) for the lawmakers, this crap will continue unabated

  4. i used to live in illinois
    i moved to wisconsin 8 years ago when i could no longer stomach the sight of 1 car funerals being fucked up left and right as far as the eye could see
    -illinois is the titanic-
    governor pritzger is captain smith
    house speaker mike madigan is white star line chairman bruce ismay
    pritzgers progressive income tax proposal is the iceberg
    republicans in springfield are the radio operators on other ships warning about icebergs
    the public employee unions who got no pension reform into the state constitution are the iron workers that made the hull out of too brittle iron
    gun control 15 dollar minimum wage sanctuary cities and bathrooms for transgenders are the deckchairs
    everyone on unemployment food stamps and medicaid are the passengers in steerage
    and we all know what happens to them at the end of the movie

    • Yeah, we do….. they invade Wisconsin because a bunch of them have been bussed up here to collect extra benefits checks for DECADES and once the gravy train stops in Illinois they’ll be looking to move here full time. start pushing for “WorkFair” in Wisconsin so they can’t whine about being singled out… Or simply stop them at the border for “Health checks”…. we really don’t need any help making our CV-19 numbers increase.

  5. Regarding the fiasco in Il., might one note that All To Often, The Left Hand and The Right Hand Do not Appear To Be On Speaking Terms. As to why this is, one wonders.

  6. What kind of COWARD avoided the draft during Vietnam? Lying Bone Spur Blob TRUMP, that’s who!

    • ” What kind of COWARD avoided the draft during Vietnam? ”

      The answer to that would be… Joe Biden. Strong and healthy enough to wrap a rusty chain around Corn Pop’s head, good ol’ sniffin’ Joe managed to get a 1-Y deferment, one of five deferments, for asthma. This was during the bloodiest years of the war. Not one day of military service for good ol’ child-groping Joe, not even reserves or National Guard, though Corn Pop most likely got drafted and got his ass shot off.

    • Biden. Trump. Ali.

      Tons of people avoided it. Don’t blame one of them. Fuck that war and every other one too. This coming from someone who served in Iraq and Afghanistan in combat… not just sitting on a fucking FOB. I may think their justification of it was bullshit and cowardly, but could care less. What the fuck was the point in Vietnam? And did we win? It was just our government being nosy as fuck, same as IRQ and AFG. At least if you are going to dodge a draft or say fuck a war… come out and say “Fuck a war and fuck the tyrants who want us to fight for their greed.”

  7. They only go after the people that have guns and abide by laws, the criminals that have guns and don’t abide keeps the crooks in office! Chirak…

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