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NRA Service Rifle Championship Trophy. Image from NRA Competitive Shooting Programs
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The National Rifle Association has canceled several shooting championships scheduled for this summer and is no longer sanctioning matches beyond April 30, according to a notice on the association’s Competitive Shooting Programs webpage.

The canceled national events include the 2020 NRA Precision Pistol Championships, July 1-5, 2020; 2020 NRA High Power Championships, August 9-25, 2020; and the 2020 NRA Smallbore Championships scheduled for July 23–August 4, 2020.

“As a result of this suspension, the NRA will no longer accept match fees or scores,” the competitive webpage announced. “The NRA will continue to monitor the situation and make additional statements as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. Please contact the NRA Competitive Shooting Division or follow the NRA Competitive Shooting Facebook page to learn more.”

According to an NRA Public Affairs release, the cancellations are due to the current state of affairs surrounding the COVID-19 virus, the uncertainties associated with the pandemic at present, and shutdowns across the country that have impeded vital preparatory work.

“We are trying to make the best of the current situation by moving forward with range construction and other improvements as we look towards the 2021 NRA National Championships season. The NRA is also exploring the feasibility of hosting a variety of new NRA events at Camp Atterbury (if conditions are favorable) with the state of Indiana later this year,” the Public Affairs release said.

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  1. So the participants can’t somehow maintain 6 feet or greater distance between each other in an outdoor setting? The summer sunshine and fresh air is exactly what medical professionals everywhere promote as the optimum environment for minimizing any COVID issues.

    • Yup. And there is increasing evidence showing that vitamin D are helpful in minimizing or preventing the kung flu.
      Where does one get vitamin D besides pills or diet? Sunshine.
      I just read that ~20 minutes of sunbathing helps your skin produce 20-30,000 units of D.
      Pills are usually 500-1,000 units.

  2. NRA “cancelled” by mismanagement. Not renewing this month. Get rid of old Wayne. FIFY

  3. Doesn’t matter. So long as Wayne La Pierre and his cronies remain, no money from me.

  4. I used to get memorabilia at Camp Perry annually for the extended family. Is such available or has it been canceled for the indefinite future?

  5. They keep sending me emails wanting me to donate money since they say they are on the verge of fading away.

  6. “the virus” didn’t force this. hysterical imbeciles who think the virus is spread outdoors do, with zero evidence. If you see a person wearing a mask out for a walk you know you are dealing with a retard.

  7. The ranges have been closed in my state since early-mid March. Seeing that the Chinese virus affects the elderly more, and most of the members are retirees, it was probably a prudent decision.

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    • Yes.

      The vulnerable or timid can stay at home while the rest of don’t live in fear of a virus that primarily harms those with preexisting health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. The death rate is something 0.1% overall(based on studies of those who have the antibodies).

      The “cure” is far worse than the disease.

  9. No, the virus did not force a cancellation. Unamerican fearmongering and dictatorial mandates is what caused the cancellation. Stop forwarding the fear.

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