Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba
Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba and Michael Bloomberg (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)
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Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba issued an executive order a week ago banning open carry in his city. Lumumba used two shootings involving children as justification for the move, even though neither instance involved the open carry of firearms. He also claimed open carry made policing more difficult.

Mississippi has a preemption law that prohibits local jurisdictions from enacting gun control regulations that are more restrictive than state law. In response a federal lawsuit was filed challenging Lumumba’s open carry ban.

Yesterday, the Jackson city council rejected the Hizzoner’s ban and hired an attorney to represent them in the federal lawsuit.

Now, according to yallpolitics.com, Mayor Lumumba is backing off.

Just three days after Mississippi Justice Institute filed a lawsuit against Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba’s order banning open carry, the mayor appears to be backing down.

The order expires today with Lumumba choosing not to renew it, even though he previously indicated he might extend the open carry ban, and even though he did extend portions of his “stay at home” order.

“We are glad that Mayor Lumumba appears to have realized that he cannot lawfully disarm law-abiding citizens and ‘suspend’ constitutional rights,” said Aaron Rice, the Director of the Mississippi Justice Institute. “Now, more than ever, we must remain vigilant to protect our civil liberties. MJI will always be here to fight for Mississippians when an overbearing government tries to infringe on the freedoms that are the strength of our state and our country.”

As the Clarion-Ledger reports, Lumumba got lots of support for the short-lived political stunt from Michael Bloomberg’s hoplophobic harridans and Everytown.

Lumumba was flanked by organizers with Moms Demand Action, a national organization that works to protect people from gun violence, during Thursday’s press conference in the garden next to City Hall.

The controversial open carry ban was short-lived, but Lumumba said he still believes such an order is necessary to curb gun violence in the city.

Other organizations, such as the Poor People’s Campaign and Every Town for Gun Safety, had also reached out in support, he said.


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  1. Of course Mumbojumbo did as he’s a sackless would be petty tyrant trying to please his master Bloomturd.

  2. The photo of the nitwit mayor and mini mike bloomberg tells the tale. Follow the zero Content of Character and the money.

    • The government won’t do that because it will set an example that will be used against them when they do something wrong too.

      The people do not control their government. The government decides when to control the people.

      • Think of the neck tie party that kind of thinking, of punishment for violating ones oath might instigate.

        • Tyranny is so loosely defined for that reason, or at least, in the governments eyes. To the rest of us, if it smells like shit, it’s probably shit.

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s not that he doesn’t want to renew his order so much as that one of his lawyers reminded him that Mississippi has a preemption clause when it comes to gun laws. He legally can’t write his own gun regulations no matter what the reason.

    • His lawyer didn’t have to: the Mississippi Attorney General told him it was an illegal order and ordered him to rescind it or face legal action by the State.

        • I think you guys are missing the legal stunt here. He gave his order an end date and did not rescind it. It was allowed to expire. A precedent has been set and if the court case is dropped it will be used time and again to show that the legal authority exists by precedent.

          In other words, we lose again!

    • Local Pennsylvania government didn’t care when they were told their gun control is illegal and they would get charged. They did it anyway.

        • No

          I lost track of the Pittsburgh thing. I believe that illegal the ordinances are not in effect but I cannot recall if it was a stay or the case was decided. People were not obeying them and Pittsburgh was not arresting anyone because they didn’t want to give a plaintiff harm to to bring before the court.

          If I remember to I’ll try to dig up the current status later and report back. Unfortunately I suffer from CRS (Can’t Remember Shit). Of course if not treated CRS often becomes DRAFT (Don’t Remember A Fucking Thing). So if I forget don’t hold it against me. I have a pretty full agenda today.

  4. Remember these days boys, it won’t last , but we’re sure kicking some ass right now

  5. He should be arrested for breaking his oath and infringing on human rights, but he is part of the government class, thus no charges.

    Let’s see if it holds.

    In California, they sheriff said he would back down from his human rights restrictions when lawyers got involved, then the governor said the sheriff can do what he feels like he needs to do, which resulted in the sheriff reissuing his orders to his enforcers.

    This pandemic panic has shown America how many of their leaders are actually tyrants. Americans are now seeing how little freedom and liberty they actually have these days. The illusion is disappearing like their businesses.

  6. I wonder how much money this black mayor was paid by white liberals, to disarm the citizens of his City??? This is Very similar to when white liberals from the Northeast, came down to help blacks register to vote in the south. But they told the black citizens to disarm while at the same time they were surrounded by the Ku Klux Klan.

    Lily white liberals just never saw a need for guns in their upper middle class white neighborhoods. They Simply assumed that the blacks in the South surrounded by the Klan shouldn’t have guns either.

    For those interested in Reading More to learn about those sorry ass white liberals you need to read “Negroes and the gun, the black tradition of Arms” by Nicholas Johnson, 2014.

    • @Chris T –

      Yeah. Whatever political motives the Southern states had for limiting firearm possession for blacks there was a practical one, as well. 13 have always done 50, and if you can imagine the danger blacks would be in when surrounded by the armed Klan, you should also be able to imagine the danger the Klan would be in surrounded by armed blacks – paradoxical as that may sound. Check out the demographics of some of these cities some time.

      Still, it’s a little odd to read this weird inversion of the D3 complaint (Democrats R the Real Racists, for those who don’t know) in your complaint that Lumumba is the Real White Gun Grabber. Why, he’s just like this silly white liberals who tried to disarm blacks even though the blacks were in danger – except of course, he’s a black leftist who tried to disarm whites even though whites are in danger.

      This inability to justify anything without finding some antitype in the Civil Rights battles of the last century is more than merely annoying. It confuses an understanding of the threat matrix when it comes to self defense issues today.

  7. Just testing out a strategy gun control lobby been building towards. Declare firearms related deaths a “Public Health Emergency” use “Emergency Powers” to dictate whatever regulations they want without going through the legislatures.

  8. Grifters gotta grift. Sometimes they get caught, but the marks who elect them will always be swindled.

    And why not? As Calvera once said, “If God did not want them sheared, He would not have made them sheep.”

  9. This is No victory for 2A Rights or Civil Rights in Mississippi. Simply because mayor lumumba got away with his Illegal activity for 3 days Without Arrest. Imagine any other Mississippi citizen continually committing a Civil Rights crime in plain view with news coverage for 3 days. And not getting arrested. All it takes for Civil Rights Crimes to exist…Is for good citizens to do nothing. When Citizens fear the consequences of fighting for their Civil Rights…More than they Fear losing those Rights. Tyranny not only survives…It Thrives.


  11. “Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Backs Down, Won’t Renew Order Banning Open Carry”

    Not like he had the authority to do so in the first place…

  12. This “Poor People’s Campaign” is… Interesting :

    “We must stop the attention violence that refuses to see these injustices and acknowledge the human and economic costs of inequality.”

    WTF is ‘Attention Violence’?

  13. “His” city? The city belongs to the people. This twit is just a hired hand. Just another arrogant politipimp.

    • He didn’t get the memo that tells him that the correct commie rant is ” For the people ! “

  14. Who the hell votes these communists into office?????????????????????????????

    • @Ben – I recommend a quick scan of the Wikipedia article on Jackson, MS, with a close reading of the “Demographics” section. I believe you will find the answer you seek.

  15. A pic of two pukes, one with money and a puppet dummy! 🖕U💩👜shittthole suckers! Get The 🖕out of this country if you don’t agree with our constitution!
    Everyone else, carry every day. It saved my life three times!

  16. The law suit will be another useless action because the Mayor’s Ban “expired” which returned the restricted Right back back into the Lawful conduct category. This in turm makes the Lawsuit MOOT, just as done by SCOTUS a week ago. This allows govs/politicians to enact unlawful dictates and restrict Rights until those dictates are not only challenged but appear to be on the loosing side if judgement is made. This is why all lawsuits against such restrictions MUST CONTAIN demands for loss, damages and punitive fines to deter similar and future conduct. This very issue was not in the lawsuit against NYC,

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