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“This gives them a way to get in and get out without having to be in the public with other people,” said [Crosshairs Texas gun store owner] Devon Michalik.

Which the couple says is actually less jarring for a lot of the first-time gun owners they’re seeing come through.

“For somebody that’s new into the shooting sports, or self-defense, coming into a gun store can seem very ominous. The drive-thru I see, is giving the people that are new to the shooting community a little bit of an easy feeling. They don’t have to come in and be overwhelmed,” said Troy Michalik.

– Leanne Wallace in Gun Store Opens Drive-Thru Amid Pandemic Demand

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    • I preferred the time when purchasing a gun actually was easier than McD’s, since I could buy a gun from SearRobuck mail order catalog, and it would be delivered to my house. And burger joints were few and far between and didn’t deliver.

    • Lol. Pull up. All parties wearing a mask covering their face. Cash goes one way – gun goes the other. LOL.

      I’m not complaining – but I do think it’s funny.

  1. There, there, poor, poor thing. Tell Esoteric Inanity all about it. This one doesn’t even charge by the hour, but neither does he listen very well either.

    Disclaimer: Esoteric Inanity isn’t a psychiatrist or potentially even a real person.

    • You’re the real EI, that was just another pathetic troll impersonating GF…

      • Thanks, it’s good to be recognized. Even if this one isn’t potentially a “real” person. Esoteric Inanity doubts that anyone would have the desire to impersonate him as he is quite simply too quirky and strange to get much entertainment out of. Worst that somebody could do to this one is utilize his handle while speaking in the first person.

        Speaking of impersonation and fraudulent antics: Deepfakes are quite terrifying, especially when potentially combined with ERPOs. Frightening times are ahead.

      • “Deepfakes are quite terrifying, especially when potentially combined with ERPOs. Frightening times are ahead.”

        Oh, hell, yeah. About the only upside I can see is tangible proof will be needed to make it stick, but until then, it’s gonna be lawsuit city…

  2. “I have a confession: I am neither a former cop nor a gun owner.”

    Well, look who’s back again –

    The loser that impersonates the regulars…

  3. I respectfully disagree. I am fine with the legality of the concept and for an existing gun owner who knows what they want its a nice service. A decent walk in local shop will spend time with you finding a gun that fits your needs and allows you to handle enough guns so you find one that fits your hand, which is valuable for the new gun owner. Unless you were brought up with guns (in which case you are probably not a new gun owner) there is a steep learning curve we must climb.

    • ^^BINGO!^^

      That’s the only silver lining I’m taking from this entire debacle. For as long as it will be socially acceptable (meaning, all existing laws on the books prohibiting masks in public areas have been nullified indefinitely), I’ll be wearing the neck gaiter and hat, and paying with cash, just to enjoy the “old fashioned” notion of privacy again.

  4. Never thought I’d see the day masked men are selling guns on the street and it’s condoned by the government.

  5. I guess it is a good way for the self proclaimed elites to buy firearms without having to rub elbows with us filthy deplorables.

  6. FYI, I zapped what was the first comment under this post by a troll representing himself as Gadsden Flag. He’s apparently not aware that I can search the comments by IP address and find all of the other comments he’s posted under other users’ names.

    He’s been banned as will anyone else discovered using the ID of another commenter.

    BTW, regular commenters can make trolls like this obvious by using an avatar. You can easily do that by uploading an image to Gravatar ( which will then display on all of your future comments posted here.

  7. In my experience the retail purchase of a firearm has been simpler and less time consuming than the purchase of a cellphone.

  8. People buy more than guns&ammo at a gunshop. Cleaning crap,less than lethal gadget’s,optics,holsters,cases ad infinitum…and guidance. Mebbe political advice!

  9. Found ’em!

    They sure got lucky with the building they are in. Two roll up doors opposite each other, customers can drive right thru the building. Looks ideal for just picking up on a GunBroker purchase.

    Found this info for them on GunBroker’s FFL Finder:

    Crosshairs Texas
    Troy Michalik
    1102 College st
    Bastrop, TX 78602

    Transfer Fees
    Hand Gun: $35 Handgun Approved transfers, see website for details
    Long Gun: $35 Long Gun Approved transfers, see website for details
    NICs Check: $15 For background checks on face to face transfers
    Other: $50 NON-Approved or Blind Transfers

    What is a “NON-Approved or Blind Transfer”?

    Anybody know?

    • A blind transfer is any item for which the dealer does not have pre-payment and/or electronic notification for an item going into their FFL log books.

    • Probably when you buy a gun online and ship it to an FFL that doesn’t know you and isn’t expecting your gun to show up… A lot of online vendors are making it real easy to just click on an FFL in your area (i.e. they have a copy of the FFL on file due to having shipped there before), but not all FFLs are down with random guns showing up for people they’ve never heard of. Makes them do legwork they weren’t planning on, making calls, holding inventory for people and taking on the insurance/liability risk, etc. Some of the FFLs I know REALLY hate that, especially if they’re home-based.
      I think I have just finished testing out FFLs in my area.
      I called a few, got their info and how they like to do things. then I asked about stopping in to see their operation… then I stopped in to a couple, chatted about guns, let them know who I was and all. Found one I really like: I gotta know who’s gonna be holding my goodies (for a year in NFA cases) and they want to know who they’re going to be risking their licenses for. We decided we can do some business. I have shipped 4 things through them in about a month already, 2 pistols and 2 NFA. Will ship a 3rd NFA in when the remote location opens back up after the ‘rona.

  10. Going into a gun store can feel “ominous” Bah ha ha ha
    If their going to a store to buy a gun I’m thinking they are (to use your words) feeling more “ominous” to the possibilities going on around them.
    But I see your point….filling out a form and picking which gender you are can some times be very a daunting task.

  11. I know I shouldn’t make fun of this, but I’m gonna, because just the idea of a drive-thru gun store amuses me to no end. Like, what in the world is more American than a drive-thru gun shop? Can you think of anything more stereotypically American than that? The only way I could think to make this better is if at the next window you can buy a rack of BBQ ribs and case of light beer.

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  14. when I was a young man buying a firearm was much simpler got cash go buy firearm, then President Johnson screwed that up along with the NRA’s help, also had too sign for ammo, so the back pocket serving Jack Asses we have for Politician’s sell our god given rights down the river so Billionaires can feel safe, and big business make the rules,


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