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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press via AP)
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The [Canadian] government announced that it is “banning“ 1,500 different kinds of “assault weapons.” That sounds impressive. It’s not — not a ban, and not impressive. It’s really 11 types of rifles, each with many, many different versions produced by different manufacturers — that’s where the 1,500 figure comes from. None of the weapons are a true military-type rifle, capable of fully automatic fire or equipped with high-capacity magazines, which have been banned in Canada for decades. The list is really a grab bag of fairly mundane semi-automatic rifles. It’s hardly an exhaustive list — many other comparable rifles were unaffected by the announcement. The only real thing that binds these rifles together is a link to prominent mass shootings (and even that isn’t the case for all of them).

In short, the Liberals have “banned” some guns, ignored a bunch of other comparable ones and called it a day. This is going to outrage the gun owners and the shooting industry, infuriate the anti-gun activists and do little else.

It certainly won’t improve public safety, which is the theoretical justification for all of this. Gun owners will be given two years to choose what to do with their rifles (selling them back to the government, at public expense, is an option, and if everyone chose to do that, it could cost hundreds of millions, if not billions). But the Liberals also say they’ll let existing owners keep their firearms — a so-called “grandfathering” of the thousands of Canadians who already own these rifles. This is similar to the previous big 1990s-era revamp of Canadian gun laws under then-prime minister Jean Chrétien — thousands of “banned” guns were left in the hands of their owners, where many of them remain today, even as sales were stopped.

How can one claim a gun must be banned in the interests of public safety while also granting that the current owners of those very guns are not a threat to public safety, so they can keep them without risk to society? It’s inherently contradictory.

– Matt Gurney in The Liberals’ useless ‘assault weapons’ ban

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  1. “But the Liberals also say they’ll let existing owners keep their firearms — a so-called “grandfathering” of the thousands of Canadians who already own these rifles.”

    Well, the feckless hacks running that country can claim that they “Did Something”…

    • Trudeau stated that he would require that all guns be turned in within two years. I guess the Legislature isn’t so sure about that.

  2. Well if you know anything about the French army you can understand why the Canucks are scared of guns,
    Since Canada is full of Frenchmen.
    That’s where my Grandpa came from & he himself was 100% French. Check out the names if you don’t believe.

    • Are you talking about the French from WW2 whose leaders surrendered? Or the French army that took control over Europe under Napoleon?

      • For Sale:

        French MAS Modèle 36 Infantry Rifle;

        Never Fired, Only Dropped Twice, includes Bayonet with White Flag holder.

        Some have Cheese stuffed in the action, some have “Surrender Monkey’s” carved into the stock (In French, of course) For extra cost you can request a hand selection of either of both of those items.

        • Ask the British soldiers who were evacuating Dunkirk what they thought of the French rear guard that allowed 320,000 soldiers to escape.

    • The ban was implemented without public or parliamentary debate. This is the kind of government we got rid of in 1776.

  3. “Like the Earlier US Version, Canada’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban is Doomed to Failure”

    As is Canada under this “leadership”…they are on the road to ruin…

  4. Since the Roots of Gun Control are in Racism and Genocide the question for mr. trudeau and his ilk is…How do you justify your racist and nazi based agenda?

    • Correct,they can’t but as in all security based theater it’s all about Feelz,not reality.

      • The only feelings that matter are the feelings of the victims of racism and genocide. Lest we forget.

    • Don’t forget to give the communists due credit. They disarmed an killed far more people than the Nazis did. Total deaths in all of WWII were about 10 million, and I would argue that all of those deaths cannot be ascribed to Hitler and the Nazis. The communists have killed hundreds of millions.

      I am not a fan of Nazis, or anyone else who believes in disarming people or exterminating large numbers of people. But the Nazis have become a bigger boogeyman in myth and legend than they ever were in reality. That position really should go to Stlain, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, Ho Chi Minh, Mugabe, Mandella, and the rest of their ilk.

      “Hitler was a mere disciple, but he had all the luck: his murder camps have made him famous, whereas no one had any interest in ours at all.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      • “I am not a fan of Nazis,”

        Yes, you are.

        You followed up with “but”, therefore, you are a fan.

        How about doing everyone a favor and just off yourself, OK? 🙂

        • That’s a retarded argument and you know that’s a retarded argument. Pointing out that the Nazis were the JV team to the commies’ NFL makes you a fan of neither. In the scale of human evil, Hitler and his boys were just not that significant.

        • And the preferred method and tool for the offing would be suck starting a glock because they are perfection and never malfunction.

      • No need to complicate matters with relatives when the nazi party looked upon Jim Crow Gun Control as a source for Gun Control. Simply remove Negro and insert Jew. Even if nazi was excluded the Roots of Gun Control are embedded in racist insanity.
        If you’re that color you sit over there. If you are this color you get to sit where you want. If you are this color you can have firearms. If you are that color you cannot have a firearm, etc. So what’s honorable about Gun Control? Absolutely Nothing mr. trudeau, mr o’rouke, mr. bloomberg, mr. biden, mr schumer et al.

      • Maybe the Commie sympathizers, like the American Left, go out of their way to demonize Nazis more than necessary (a 5 year old can understand that Hitler was evil) in order to distract from the evil of their preferred ideology.

        • Yeah, pretty much this. It was the official tactic fed to them by their KGB handlers. So that calling everyone who opposes them a Nazi would be more effective. McCarthy and Hoover did nothing wrong.

      • “Total deaths in all of WWII were about 10 million”

        What a fking moronic statement. The peer reviewed work and common sense thought applying basic math to uncontested deaths per country tell us 70-85 million people died in WWII, not “10 million.”

        Yes both the Communists and fascist were statists, and we in the US are among the least statist societies. Which is why Hitler specifically named the United States as the biggest political culture and long term threat ot Nazism (and steal probably thought the same way).

        • The figure of 60 million plus includes the post-war Stalin purges that began on the cessation of hostilities. For example, if a Russian soldier was captured, it was essentially a death sentence upon his release. The list of political prisoners was miles long, and ethnic cleansing was practiced and ignored. Merely being suspected of improper thought was enough to be sent to the Gulag, and if you read the gulag Archipelago, you will find that the death rate from freezing, forced labor, and starvation was very high. All of the ills except for gas chambers were present.

    • Is that even feasible? I thought all firearms were registered with RCMP. They already know who has what.

      • According to Wikipedia (chuckle, snort):

        In April 2012, the requirement to register non-restricted firearms was dropped in every province and territory, except for Quebec, with the Ending the Long-gun Registry Act coming into force. The legislation also required the destruction of all records related to the registration of non-restricted firearms.

        • They dropped it because in all of the decades it had been in existence, the RCMP was unable to show where even ONE crime had been solved or prevented through the Long Gun Registry, for all of the millions it cost the Government…maybe someone should show Trudeau the study that showed the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban did…nothing to prevent crime, at best. {!-{P

        • A major flood occurred in Canada and the gun registry was used to enter home people evacuated and take guns.

        • GS650G, you can’t have people protecting themselves and their property from looters. How else does the wealth get redistributed?

        • The point of GS650G’s comment is that the RCMP did not destroy their lists despite what the law required.

      • Totally feasible, come and try to take it. They will probably succeed in the end but there will be a lot of empty brass to clean up afterwards.

  5. USA tried bans with alcohol and illegal drugs…both failed …
    Criminals will always find a way…ALWAYS
    the bans just dissuade the already law-abiding
    it will make gun running and underground manufacturing very lucrative in Canada
    people commit crimes…not objects

    • “people commit crimes…not objects”

      If the Left could only fathom that truth/fact but then in orderer for them to do that,it would require of them a reasoning functioning mind, thus the mental disease known as Leftism.

      • Oh, banning guns has nothing to do with safety. It’s just that they commies don’t want to get shot when they start rounding up ”enemies of the people”.

        • This^
          Gun control is never about crime. No matter what gun grabbers use as an excuse for it, it is always about disarming the law abiding population and power grab.

        • Don’t worry, if you have a low IQ they will keep you around. The smart people are the ones that get the bullet because they’re competition. The dummies can remain order following tax payers aka workers.

        • You have a Trudeau poster On the ceiling above your bed? He’s a pink hat commies wet dream.

  6. How can one claim a gun must be banned in the interests of public safety while also granting that the current owners of those very guns are not a threat to public safety, so they can keep them without risk to society? It’s inherently contradictory.

    Pffft. A person must have command of truth, reasoning, and logic to determine whether something is contradictory. If feelings reign supreme in that thing that you claim is a brain, then Canada’s recent pronouncements are nirvana.

    • How? Simply by settling for “compromise” as a first step to total disarmament, because the full confiscation is not yet passable.

  7. let’s overrun Canada and turn it into a ski resort.. and make the Canadians our baristas at starbucks

  8. It makes no difference wnat country you’e from. Liberals just suck at everything when trying to parent you into compliance so they can further control every aspect of your life. Justin Trudeau will end up with egg on his face through this rather than black shoe polish.

  9. What does one expect from Fidel Castro’s spawn? I have a bit of French Canadian ancestry. And Ojibway injun. On my dad’s side who (sorta )taught me to shoot scary firearms. His ancestors & my mom’s came to America for FREEDOM. If you’re stuck in Canaduh it’s a choice…

  10. When the anti gunners shriek “why won’t you compromise?!”, I’m going to point to this as an example to compromise.
    Canada makes you get a license for gun ownership, makes you jump through extra hoops in you want a handgun or “assault weapon”, mag capacity limits, safe storage laws, the whole “common sense gun control” enchilada.
    Now, one day a guy who would be barred from obtaining a firearms license due to a criminal record, uses an illegally acquired firearm and some gasoline, and kills some people.
    So what do you do? Do you accept that sometimes, bad things happen?
    No, you punish the law abiding who did exactly as you asked and jumped through all the hoops, just for you to turn around and sneer at them, call them horrible people, blame them for something they had no part in, and threaten them with force to surrender their legally held property.
    This is why we don’t compromise, because they don’t want to compromise. They only want to stroke a moral superiority boner while they deprive us of rights and property.

  11. It’s hard to tell the difference between the perp who pretended to be a cop and killed 19 over a 12 hour period and the tyrannical mindset of mr. trudeau. The fake cop counted on his victims being obedient and unarmed and mr. trudeau is counting on Canadians to bow and be disarmed, obedient and reside in a police state. Between the murderous fake cop and real cops who by all accounts would obey the commands of the Gun Control tyrant trudeau unarmed Canadians will no longer be citizens they will be servants. Bottom line…mr. trudeau is a sick little man.

  12. Problems like the tragic events in Canada cannot be fixed by making victims out of everyone. Forcing the population to be defenseless by law turns them into victims. That’s the ‘compromise’. There has been far too much compromising with peoples’ lives. Arm everyone and teach them to fight back when someone attacks. There is no other way.

    It does not matter what gun is used or even if one is used. Every single person must be taught to back back and take control of their own lives. Government cannot and will not take care of you. That’s your job.

  13. NORDNEG, I’m not French but British born. A British general after the retreat by the British said of the French soldiers who held the line so the British and some French soldiers could embark to England, “They were like the Greeks at Thermopylae, they fought to the last bullet”
    “Meanwhile, Erwin Rommel had surrounded five divisions of the French First Army near Lille. Although completely cut off and heavily outnumbered, the French fought on for four days under General Molinié in the Siege of Lille (1940), thereby keeping seven German divisions from the assault on Dunkirk and saving an estimated 100,000 Allied troops.[32] In recognition of the garrison’s stubborn defence, German general Kurt Waeger granted them the honours of war, saluting the French troops as they marched past in parade formation with rifles shouldered.
    My father fought with the French and always said they were as good as any soldiers, just poorly led at the top.

    My opinion is that the French Army was led by politicians (Generals), similar to the ticket punching Generals and Admirals who lead our military.

  14. The “logic” of a gun grabber:
    We just suffered the worst murder rampage. We must do something to prevent it happening again. Let’s ban guns that weren’t used by the bad guy. Since it wouldn’t have prevented the incident we’re trying to address, we can wish it’ll do something about the next one.
    – or –
    Whoopee! Something bad happened! Now, we can push for our standard laundry list of restrictions on freedom, regardless of how apropos they are to the current situation. Since they won’t prevent any crimes, we can push for more when the next “tragedy” happens.

    • The “conservative” logic: Let’s give them what they want, but a little at a time, so we can claim we fought back. We can play the good cop role while they play the bad cop.

      • Don’rt be an ass, there is literally a diametric record on gun control between liberal and conservative politicians in the US (and Canada) .

  15. Its VERY INTERESTING the PMs’ initial BAN statement “USE” is also Banned. So, you can keep them for up to two years while the Canadian Gov gets their shit together and then the firearms in question may be Grandfathered? Will Grandfathering still restrict “USE” or require demil or permanent deactivation? The only reason they toss out the “possibility” of Grandfathering is to prevent a public backlash right now. They want the public to get use to the Total Ban Concept as they kick the can down the road prior to dropping the ban hammer.

    Different side of the Pond, still “Subjects” being denied their Human and God given Rights. All because some Criminal did something that the “Government says law abiding Subjects must pay for” by sacrificing the little liberty they were allowed!

    • Right now they said you have to export them, turn them in or decommission/destroy them. So you can still keep the parts as a historical piece if they cannot be made to fire.

      You are not allowed to use your guns anymore if they are on that list. You can’t take them out of your safe because that could be considered using. You can’t go to the range, you cant hunt, you can’t walk outside your home with them. However, the native people are allowed to keep using them to hunt because the government is scared they will rebel.

      The two years is to setup a confiscation plan and enforcement teams.

      The so called conservatives are relaxing because they heard the words grandfathering and years. They believe the next election will save them. At the same time they know deep down that both sides want the power, which means the people can’t have any.

  16. You yanks which I’m sure most know have the 2nd that no one else in the world has. Please hold on to it as what you are have seen in other countries around the world has and is happening to us in Canada. I have lived and worked half my life in the USA and sometimes wish I would have stayed.
    What Trudeau has done is politics and has nothing to do with safety. His commie father who started all this when he was prime minister publicly stated that Canada will be gun free in 3 generations and Canadian citizens will be compliant.
    Unlike the USA we are under a much different parliamentary system where the prime minister actually has more power over the country than the USA president does.
    The progressives have gotten hold of power here for many many years.
    There are many many of us who are conservatives and believe in freedom and the right to own firearms. However Pierre Trudeau made sure that there are no property rights for us in the ass wipe constitution that he forced on us. Therefore no gun rights. The only chance that we have to reverse any of this is to replace the progressive liberal left government but it’s going to be a very hard thing to win.
    If the clown gets a minority again or god help us a majority government we will seriously be lucky to have muskets left because all semi auto, handguns, pumps and levers will be the next round to be banned.
    If Trump doesn’t win with a senate and house and the progressives win with idiot Biden, Pelosi and the lunatic progressives I fear that the USA will be changed forever.

  17. They stated they will increase the list in the future and will include handguns at a later time. This is just the initial roll out of removing guns a little at a time. The grandfathering is to appease the current owners from resisting the total disarmament of the non government workers.

    Of course a wanna be cop will still acquire rifles in the U.S. from gangsters who steal them from their owners because open borders. Same applies when the U.S. starts banning more guns — Mexico will provide them with full autos.

    You can’t keep guns out of your territories. We already know that. The technology and information is at the point where a teenager can build his own gun at home; in California, a teenage school shooter did just that.

    The only reason they want to make weapons illegal is because they want to rule over the people, they can only do that with permission/submission. Those that refuse to be treated as workers for the privileged will try to fight back. Therefore, weapons must be in the hands of the enforcers only! They can’t have farmers and servants armed, that would lead to assassinations of the rulers and mass shootings of the men and women in uniform.

    In the end, guns are not toys. Smart people know that. They’re tools that give a single human more power than they were born with.

    • as are golf carts and rolling pins.
      thanks captain obv.
      make a point. (esp. poignant coming from me…).

      • It’s hardly an exhaustive list — many other comparable rifles were unaffected by the announcement.

        I made my point in the first sentence. Then I went on to explain to dummies who don’t understand the entire end game of the ruling class.

        I have to explain it because very few people understand. The Canadian gun owners are still thinking like American NRA members.

        Don’t be naive enough to believe everyone understands statism versus liberty. You will have a hard time finding people who don’t believe in the state. You will also have a hard time finding people who would ever fight with their legal tools against the state.

        Most people think of guns as being toys if they are in the hands of a non government worker, but in the hands of a government worker guns immediately become tools to help society stay safe. Hence the “You don’t need an AR-15… Join the military if you want one.”

        • Military : Small arms
          LEO: Self defense
          Civilian: Assault weapon

          Funny (not funny) how the government words things.

      • They’ll promise the Fudds they will be left alone (for now) while they get rid of the bad guns in the hands of bad people.

        Divide and conquer. And few groups are as divided as gun owners.

  18. How can they make it a requirement that within two years all the guns currently out there be sold to the government or otherwise disposed of while saying that currently own guns are grandfathered so they can keep them?

  19. It’s designed to fail.
    And when it inevitably does, it will open the door to more state control, less freedom, and more bans.

    This is intentional.

  20. The US ban failed because it had a sunset clause. This one presumably won’t.

    It isn’t passed with anyone thinking it will “work.” It’s theater with the added bonus of diminishing and marginalizing gun ownership. It only fails if the populace forces its removal.

  21. The “logic”, or the lack thereof so prominently displayed in the Canadian governments latest antics amazes the casual observer. This puts the thing in polite terms, language suitable for use in the presence of the ladies, and small children.

    Of course, as an American, looking at the antics of our own national as well as state and local governments, perhaps criticism of Canadian foolishness might be less than entirely appropriate, who knows. It remains easier to note the rubbish in your neighbors yard than it is to note the rubbish in your own yard, strange though that might be.

  22. By the way, Remington and Winchester have produced and offered for civilian sale since prior to The First World War, Semi Automatic Rifles in various calibers, and magazine capacities, both internal and external magazines. They were, of course, furnished with wood stocks, ala “civilian sporting arms”, perish the thought of that dreaded “military look”.

    At this point, for a change, how about facing facts. In current military usage, a semiautomatic fire only rifle or carbine in an anachronism, one not issued by any conventional military force to front line troops.

    The Anti Gun Set can make as much smoke as they like, kick up an endless cloud of dust, but 2 + 2 still = 4. As to the Assault Weapon, those who would restrict or ban the things must first precisely define exactly what they are talking about, for given that I can “assault” another person with a chair or a milking stool, exactly what the hell are these people going on and on and on about is a question that looms large. Their lack of response looms even larger.

    • The vague descriptions of an “assault weapon” are deliberate as they allow the term to change over time. Already lever action firearms are getting described as assault weapons and bans are being proposed.

  23. If the purpose of Trudeau’s ban is to save lives and prevent crime than of course it’s going to be a failure.
    But the REAL purpose behind it is the same purpose behind ALL gun laws. To disarm and make helpless
    HONEST citizens so that the criminal class can operate safely and the political power class need not worry
    about being held accountable for their corruption and abuses. As it has always been “gun control” is not and has NEVER been about guns, crime or safety. It’s about the ONLY thing politicians care for…..CONTROL.

    • Eventually the criminals will find it unprofitable to predate on those with little to nothing to take and then consider the opportunities of those in better areas.


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