Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba
Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba and Michael Bloomberg (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)
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Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba released a video on Friday, April 24, announcing that he has signed an order “suspending” open carry in the city due to COVID-19. As nonsensical as that sounds, it gets worse.

Mississippi has a state preemption law, § 45-9-51 which is why Mayor Lumumba cannot do pull something like this normally. While § 45-9-53(1)(d) allows some limited municipal restrictions, it does not permit the cancellation of open carry of lawfully possessed firearms.

Most troubling is Lumumba’s assertion that he has this authority now under § 45-7-17(7)(e). § 45-7-17 doesn’t seem to exist. Codes in Chapter 7 relate to County Patrol Officers.

Did the mayor misspeak, despite appearing to be reading from a script in the video? At this writing, the order is not available on the city web site.

Perhaps; there is a § 45-17-7.

After proclamation of a civil emergency, the chief administrative officer may at his discretion, in the interest of public safety and welfare:
(a) Order the closing of all retail liquor stores.
(b) Order the discontinuance of the sale of intoxicating liquor and/or beer.
(c) Order the discontinuance of the manufacture, transfer, use, possession or transportation of a Molotov cocktail or any other device, instrument or object designed to explode or produce uncontained combustion.
(d) Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing or giving away of any firearms or ammunition of any character whatsoever.
(e) Issue such other orders as are necessary for the protection of life and property.

Under that code, Lumumba can only block firearm transfers the duration of a declared emergency. Under § 45-9-51 and § 45-9-53, he cannot block lawful carry of lawfully owned firearms. He appears to be using the incredibly broad “such other orders” clause as justification for this move.

I’ve reached out to Mayor Lumumba and his chief of staff. Neither have responded. I foresee lawsuits in his immediate future.

Update, 7:30PM: The video has been pulled down by the uploader. There is still no order or announcement of the order on the city web site. The Mayor has still not replied to inquiries. They may be backing down, after issues with the order were pointed out to the Mayor’s office and the police department.

Update, 7:42PM: A new version of the video has been posted. It leaves out the citation of a nonexistent code, and shows the text of 45-17-7. He’s still going for it.

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  1. It simple, you ignore the order and when arrested…..you look forward to a payday. Likely there would be a settlement more in line with a “go away” payment.

    • You sue and the people of Jackson pay the penalty. Lumumba is the criminal. He needs to be held accountable. Maybe the people of Jackson deserve to pay as well. They elected this vile man.

      That is the trouble with suing governments. There is no accountability for the public officials. The officials need to be held civilly and criminally accountable for their actions.

      • I agree 100% with the no accountability issue. That’s the problem with police also is unless they act with malice, many times the “officer safety” BS gets them off the hook.

        I have to keep a close eye on the news today as it’s being reported that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is dead after a botched heart procedure.

        • This ⬆️ I had one Police Officer give me the “Officer Safety” line. I told him where in the BOR is the right to “Officer Safety” then proceeded to tell him if he was then “concerned” for his safety he should find a new line of work. Unfortunately in most cases it’s a get out of jail / lawsuit / deprevation of rights under color of law and so on. Qualified immunity and review by only internal agencies needs to go away, for both Police and Politicians .

        • Thanks for the N. Korea update. I heard his sister is next in line. Just as bad as he is/was.

        • I’m sure you did hillbilly. Then the stunned officer walked away in shame and awe at your vast intellect, correct?

        • Shukan Gendai subsequently detailed how the surgeon in charge of Kim’s operation was not used to dealing with obese patients and was too nervous during the operation, leading to delays that left Kim in a “vegetative state.”

          He’s like the only obese person in the country. It’s ironic that living like a king might be what kills him.

        • Victora, she will be way worst, most women “dictators” are! No different than the women in politics – Hil-LIAR-y is way worse than Slick Willie, Moooochelle (Michael) is way wore than Buttcrack. Then there is Piglosi, Jackson, Waters, Frankenfeinstein, AOC, Omar, and the other two, Chief Warren, and the list goes on. Same with the entertainment industry, the biggest mouths with the least braincells are the women – streisand, Swift, Cher, Behar, Whoopie, Milano, etc. There is only one man for every dozen women when it comes to this authoritarian leftist ideology. That’s why we didn’t call hurricanes himmicanes!

          If Kim is dead, his sister will likely make him look like a choirboy!

      • Right. If my government (cops) abuse me, I sue my town. I end up paying for his defense. Who thought that was a good idea? Look up Drew Peterson, cop in the city of Bolingbrook Illinois. He killed 3 wives and got away with it because his cop friends covered for him. Finally, the real law caught up to him. He went to prison.

        • After taking a peak at Mississippi carry law, since I’m familiar with Washington State law, I see that Mississippi is a shall-issue, constitutional carry state with concealed weapons permits issued at the state level by the Department of Public Safety.

          That said, although a blow-hard mayor overstepping granted authority sucks, you fix that at the ballot box, in the media or in the courts by suing him.

          If the state is constitutional carry state, who gives a flying bat turd if he bans open carry? You pull your shirt over your gat and nobody knows.

        • MLee: you care because of incrmentalism. That’s the first bite of the cake you’re describing.

          Not one more inch.

        • in peterson’s case, the law literally caught up with him as they massaged them to incarcerate him with no hard evidencs. “drew’s law” allowed third party statements and hearsay to be admissable under certain circumstances.

      • Everyone who voted for Lumumba is responsible Lumumba’s actions. Let the voters pay for their mistakes.

      • a lot of people just don’t seem to realize how bad it has gotten down south in some of the towns and cities…crime and corruption have become increasingly common….

      • Not true. While they cannot be sued while performing the “lawful duties” of their office, they can be personally sued if they willfully and unlawfully acted in their capacity. It appears the fool puppet of Bloomturd is attempting to do just that. It would be very interesting to see if the police department would actually try to enforce this unlawful and unconstitutional directive from their chief village idiot.

        People of Jackson, wake up and realize you have another dictator wannabe who is violating your Constitutional rights. Vote the Bloomturdocratic moron out of office as soon as possible.

        • “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. The Court stated: “Where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”

          Unconstitutional laws are Not Laws at all! But don’t take our word for it. In Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court itself declared that “an act of the legislature, repugnant to the constitution, is void.” The reasoning here is simple.

          “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.

          No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.” — 16 American Jurisprudence, 2nd edition, Sec. 177; late 2nd edition, Sec. 256;

          It’s time we start administering our right to resist government thuggery!

      • The majority of voting citizens elected him to act in thier stead, a representative dont cha know. So the majority needs to pay. Some non-majority citizens will have to pay unfortunately too.

        • People who think that voting is the solution, are fools! The best solution would be to have the COS (Convention of States) where Two amendments would be added and enforced – 1) Any candidate for elected office or those already in elected office who show support for or create/submit unconstitutional legislation must be immediately removed from office, lose all benefits/entitlements, and be permanently banned from all future government employment. 2A) All legislation (fed, state, and local) must be reviewed by the Supreme Court (state/fed) for constitutionality prior to being passed. 2B) All Justices and judges must have their decisions reviewed biannually to establish whether they meet constitutionality in their decisions. Those that don’t would be immediately removed from their position and barred. (this would prevent unconstitutional decisions from these courts).

          These two provisions would eliminate the need for term limits and would also eliminate the general population from being punished under unconstitutional law as well as getting rid of the ridiculous backlog of cases waiting to be heard by the SCOTUS.

      • The problem with a constitutional convention is that everyone gets their input. it would be OK if people that stood by the constitution as it stands were allowed to make changes. Not just the people who have good intentions but the people who have bad intentions as well… So that means all the Libtards that want to ban guns will have their say as well, and in some states are a majority. So this constitutional open carry could be destroyed anyway. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Gotta be smart about anything you want to try.

    • Would to gawd it was as simple as that. My current, and for the next few months at a minimum, situation says otherwise. Leaving me in a fight for my rights, when I was in the legally correct side of the issue at hand. It was a DGU, in a state with strong Castle Doctrine & SYG laws in play that have largely been ignored heretofore.

      It’s costing me much in attorney fees, but hopefully, at least two bad officers will lose their badges in the end. Perhaps I’ll make it out with my civil rights intact, as the errant misplaced minor criminal charges will most certainly be dropped or adjudicated not guilty, due to body cam contradicting the officer’s apparently intentional putting words in my mouth, misquote’s, & falsehoods in the official report. That doesn’t bear any legal weight on the injunction hearing though, regardless of the dispensation of that previous case. e.g. Even if proven innocent.

      Further, the person who brought it is lying through his teeth at every turn, and despite the law being to the contrary, I very much feel the onus is very much being placed upon me to prove my innocence. Leaving me with the question of; how do you disprove a liar stating you committed the crimes that he himself did? It’s the pondering of said query that leaves one curling his toes.

      All in all, this is going to force me out of my home. As the LEO community is quite likely to hound me incessantly for going after the officer’s credibility & disposition, no matter that they are in the complete wrong, with the obvious bias & prejudice on display for all to see. And so, it will not be prudent to remain here afterwards.

      As an obvious statement: I can’t go into any other detail per my legal counsel, as this is an active situation. Perhaps this is too much, but it needs to be said. I have a very heavy weight upon me, and I feel very alone.

    • Have him arrested, tried and convicted of civil rights violations. He’s no better than the klan.

    • You go slap the cuffs on him yourself, tough guy. And then you can reward yourself by chugging down an ice cold Mountain Dew.

      Job well done, imaginary soldier.

      • Second time big boy cgray used the term imaginary soldier. He thinks others are geldings like he is.

      • Found a good little boot licker.
        I’m not a resident of Mississippi.
        This little tinpot dicktater doesn’t affect my life directly.

        Oh, I’m not, nor ever was a ‘solider’, real or imaginary.
        I joined the real service, and am a Marine.

        Seems that even the Brownies were too tough for you.
        Come back when your balls drop.

      • Since the mayor commands several dozen mercenaries who carry weapons, then it would be reasonable that an arresting force of several dozen were dispatched to do the job. The governor could send a company of his National Guard in to do the job. I would volunteer to participate in this little exercise. An elected official who oversteps his authority needs to be taken out.

    • Politicians have immunity. And not that conditional immunity cops have- no, they’ve got the good stuff where they can pass a law that blatantly violates the Constitution or state laws and have no fear of personal responsibility.

      • Agreed. People here think the police have this godlike immunity, hah. You haven’t seen immunity until you’ve seen political immunity.

  2. I’m sure it will keep the Ellis Ave area of Jackson crime-free.

    Because its lawful open carriers committing crimes all the time.

    And we know they all get boarded-up at liquor stores and then make molotovs out of the empties.

    Yeah…you have it all wrapped-up.

    Well done, Mayor. ……😪 I weep for humanity.

  3. Times of emergency are when contitutional rights require the most scupulous protection. They are not an excuse to “suspend” freedoms that are the bedrock of our republic. The repeated calls by authorities to deprive the citizens of their rights in the name of “emergency” are almost as frightening as the apathy of the citizens themselves who silently accept the boot of government on their throats.

    • Lance,

      “Times of emergency are when contitutional rights require the most scupulous protection.”


      I hope the LEOs will ignore his order. Better, arrest him for issuing illegal orders that endanger the population.

      • Too many LEO’s are nothing more than jackbooted thugs who think civilians are too stupid to be allowed to touch firearms… I’ve met’em, I’ve heard them blather on, I’ve told them what I thought of their Gestapo beliefs and handed them a copy of the Constitution…. only to have them toss it on the floor…. “So what?”. With that mentality and politicians who are glad to USE THEM as such? If Police refuse to correct their own? Then they will have to fall along with the Criminal Politicians they support. It’s going to be a real mess.

  4. Said Tyrannical mayor needs badly to be suspended from office at the very least as there are other penalties that could apply to the would be petty tyrant.

        • @ Frank Speak

          It is the prescribed method for the penalty of the offenses and is still on the books to be used locally, state and federal levels.
          If the day comes when public officials pay for their offenses against the people, there aren’t enough rope companies in the United States to be able to supply the amount of rope required to carry out the sentences.

        • Fortunately Rope is a GREEN product, non-polluting and in the right weight totally re-usable for many corrections. Therefore you should not have a problem obtaining at least one section of sufficient length to Git’er done… Re-usability is the key to sustainable corrective actions! Tell AOC, she NEEDS to know!

  5. He’ll argue that he’s covered under (e) and arguably he is.

    I’m not seeing where there’s a standard he has to meet so essentially he just has to make the claim that banning OC somehow “protects life” and then a challenge would have to prove this claim to be untrue.

    I would say that (e) is a perfect example of the oft noted “tension” in the legal system.

    • So, perusing the Mississippi Constitution real quick I would note that Art. 3 Section 12 specifically notes the right to “bear arms” in defense of one’s “person”.

      Further, Art 3. Section 14 would seem to prohibit the stripping of any liberties without due process.

      On it’s face, this particular exercise of power under the aforementioned (e) would seem to violate both.

      Actually kind of an interesting way they’ve laid things out in comparison to some other states. Might be worth a gander at the history of how the state arrived at such a controlling document.

      • Seems to me like the “right to keep and bear arms” trumps any law in Mississippi. Bear means carry on your person. Mayor Lumumba is a criminal who should be immediately removed from office and arrested.

        What the he’ll is going on with Mississippi these days anyway? First we had petty tyrant Simmons in Greenville, and now crooked Lumumba in Jackson. The people of Mississippi shouldn’t allow their nonsense to stand.

        • Talking about doing something that actually can happen is a better use of everyone’s time.

      • What is due process? What are rights? One has a right to own and carry a gun, does one not have a right to buy one? If so, why can he ban the transfer or purchase of firearms but not the open carry?

        This is not me saying that should be the legal result, just that I can’t see a difference of infringement between saying “you can’t purchase a gun” and “you can’t carry a gun.”

        • The MS Constitution specifically mentions keeping and bearing along with a set of purposes for doing so.

          While I would agree with you I also note that the state constitution doesn’t say anything about sales or transfers, so until a court hashes that out sales can theoretically be restricted under the guise of public safety.

          The “tension” I mentioned is everywhere. You don’t want the law to be unduly flexible or it means nothing and everything at the same time and you have tyranny. You also don’t want the legislature to try to dictate every detail of everything or you have another flavor of tyranny. This is quite literally why courts exist, to hash out the details where reality butts up against theory.

          In theory I’d agree that the right to keep and bear is meaningless if you can’t acquire the object, it seems like a “duh” level of thing. However, the legislature didn’t spell that out which means we need a court case because the alternative is “interpreting intent” by cops and pols which, in reality, is substituting their own judgement and assuming it’s what the legislature wanted and then proceeding to enforce what amounts to their own opinion without any oversight.

          Therefore, on its face, all we can do is go with the text and then hash out the logical extensions of that text. Otherwise the meaning is the opinion of just one or two people, and really, that’s going to be whatever they want ot to be at the time.

    • The law is mostly about firebombing and suppressing retaliation.

      Of course bad people will select one part of the law to argue they have new powers. Like when statists argue the first half of the 2nd Amendment.

      • seems like the first part is pretty direct…you can’t have a militia without an armed populace to draw from….clearly the original intent….

  6. Can’t have folks shootin all the scumbags they let outta jail now, just wonderin, does this only apply to white folks? Just askin!

      • that would seem to be the case….open carry tends to make criminals uncomfortable…..

      • “Open carry is a white thing. This law was designed to inconvenience whites.”

        This specific declaration, perhaps. But bans on open carry were conceived to inconvenience blacks. Much of gun control was created to disarm minorities including blacks, Italians and Irish. Note that quite a few measures began with regulatory fees that would place types of firearms way out of the fiscal reach of anyone who was not wealthy (i.e. the NFA costs were way more onerous but not indexed to inflation so they seem relatively tame now).

        Open carry became a big bugaloo when black folks started doing it, and that’s when the actual laws were passed (not ’emergency declarations’) were passed.

        • @Hannibal –

          Yes. I should have made clear I was referring to the current century and not the 19th century. I regret the error.

  7. Another ignorant POS making matters worse not better. There needs to be some major changes made that protects the rights of the citizenry from such despicable government incompetence during a crisis situation. In the meantime sue that tyrannical twerp’s socks off.

    • The mayor is not an ignorant POS. He is a evil POS and a petty stooge of Bloomberg and company. There is a big difference.

      Ignorant people can be properly instructed and will gain understanding. Wicked people very rarely turn around.

      Mayor Lumumba is a graduate of Tuskegee University and has a law degree from Texas Southern University. That sounds like a pretty extensive education.

      Wicked men like Lumumba must make good men such as George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington roll over in their graves.

      • Knowing how ignorant educated people can be I stand by describing the mayor as an Ignorant POS.
        As for evil and wicked have you seen the mayor flying around on a broom, casting spells, devil worshipping, etc?
        Perhaps the mayor is ignorant of the fact that Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. Perhaps he should be asked to justify his racist and nazi based agenda. What you want to bet that Ignorant POS can’t commit?

        • I stand by my use of such moral terms as “wicked and evil”, because his actions are an affront to the Most High, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. God commands, “love your neighbor as yourself”. This is the second greatest law. The man who prohibits the tools of self defense hates his neighbor.

          The politician who disarms the public is an accomplice to the robber, the rapist, and the murderer. The public official who abuses his position of authority to facilitate the victimization of the innocent is a man of lawlessness who dishonors the King of Kings.

          I do have to agree with you about the fact that someone can possess academic credentials and still be ignorant. Still, the man seems more indoctrinated than ignorant.

      • Claiming degrees from a couple of HBCUs as a distinctive qualification, especially a law degree, is like a prostitute holding forth on the value of virginity…sound & fury, signifying nothing.

    • It is my understanding that concealed carry is permitted in Mississippi without a license. Seems many mayors are power hungry these days and the chinese virus has exposed their true colors.

  8. Interesting, it looks like Chokwe Antar Lumumba was given that name at birth. But… his father, Chokwe Lumumba, was actually born “Edwin Finley Taliaferro” in Detroit…..

  9. Local satrap looking for free press depicting him as doing something during the scam-demic. He picks on an easy target to persecute. He knows that lawful firearms owners will vote, protest, and write all over the Internet, but they aren’t going to do anything violent or unlawful. He can bully without blowback.

    It’s the same play against Christians. Smack talk a Muslim and see if you don’t get blown up or decapitated, or at least fined by the government and castigated publicly. Say or do just about whatever you want to a Christian on that basis and…..and….well, nothing.

  10. …and he’s done such a good job of crime control in Jackson so far.

    My son took a job in Jackson recently and “untook” it as fast as he could. He refused to move his wife and kids to war-torn Jackson.

    The small area around MIllsaps and Belhaven could be really nice, but those living there are living as if in a redoubt.

  11. This is an interesting turn of events given that the “Emergency” is for all practical purposes over.

  12. Mayor Lumumba HAS exceeded his legal authority, and quite blatantly. Even if state law makes a “disarmament provision”, even THAT does NOT supercede a Constitutionally enumerated RIGHT.
    Mayor Lumumba is violating not ONLY the Second Amendment, but also just about EVERY one of the other nine, in some way, shape of fashion. That is NINE counts of violating 18 USC 242 (Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law), PER RESIDENT of Jackson.
    If he, and even ONE other person support this “order”, then they both (or ALL), are guilty of violating 18 USC 241 (Conspiracy against Rights).

    A lawsuit is fine… But the people of Jackson – indeed of ALL Mississippi – need to swear out criminal complaints against Lumumba, and ANYONE who supports his tyrannical “order”.



  13. Word on the street is he got his advice from the New Jersey Gov. who said you don’t have to worry about laws and rights as long as you have good intentions.

  14. The virus has caused tyrants to pop up like Tulips in Springtime…which is a good thing that may remove some or preferably all tyrants from office.
    Voters need to know who these people are before voting. It is time for serious questions to be asked concerning Rights, Freedom, etc. The kind of questions that biased reporters never ask leaving voters with voter regret as is clearly the case in Jackson MS.

    • What makes you think these tyrants will be voted out? For that matter, it’s a toss up whether we ever get to vote again for anyone. Or maybe there will only be one candidate, and he or she will get 99.8% of the vote. I’ve seen this movie before.

    • a lot of the leftist types do seem drunk with power….they really do seem to get off on it…

  15. I have seen only one “open carry” since it was made legal. Seems most don’t want to be a target.

    • Get real. Show me one instance where you can prove someone was targeting during a crime because they were open carrying. Google everything you can. Even go so far as to ask google “does open carry make you a target?” and prepare to be shut down. The only evidence you have is when people open carry in groups and want to be seen. Nice try though. Maybe you should stop thinking that concealing is helpful, because reality is, you are just complying with infringements.

        • So, someone targeting a gun owner for their gun. I asked you to show me one instance of someone focusing on an open carry person during a crime they are committing. How many robbers do you think go into the corner stores and look around at peoples hips? My point exactly. Someone can rob anyone for anything once a gun is already out, so those cases were obvious premeditated targets. Also, you showed me one where someone who knew someone had guns at their home, robbed their house while the guns were at home, and the gun owner was not. One was an idiot carrying openly in his back pocket? Or a shitty holster too far back and having zero situational awareness. I’ll give it to you, but it’s reaching. Also, not during a crime. Same with the guy working on his car… obviously an idiot, and probably someone who knew him. Dude walked up from a position where he would have had to know that guy was carrying, almost looking like a neighbor who was watching out their window. Not targeted during a crime. I won’t argue that both the previous two were idiots, but again, reaching. Assuming everyone who open carries is just that kind of person? I’d invite you to try it one me. We’d both die. Same with the last one. Not much of a report, and borderline sounds made up, but I’ll give it to you, however fake it sounds.

          My point still stands. You won’t find any instances of someone targeting open carriers while they are committing a crime that is not specifically targeting that open carrier. Like I said, I’ll give you two out of 4, but clearly those two had no business carrying to begin with.

        • Also, what good is concealing if you are already at gun point, comply and get robbed, not able to draw without getting shot just like someone open carrying? Are you going to shoot them when they are fleeing? Cuz that shit would land you in prison. So, honestly, not sure what point you are trying to make by labeling open carriers as easy targets, when someone without an obvious carry can be targeted even easier. Tons of variables. Nice try tho.

    • Virginia has had no-license open carry like forever. It is very unusual to see someone doing it, or maybe I just don’t notice. Most people, ignorant of the law, are not worried by it because they assume the armed citizen is some kind of official.

      Open carry is extremely unusual among criminals with police records. That would be an open invitation for the police to arrest them with charges of illegal weapons possession. Criminals prefer (also illegal for them) concealed carry because they are more likely to get away with it for a while.

      • The counties of Northern Virginia, until the laws were changed, merely arrested the open carrier for “disturbing the peace.”

        • When I lived in NoVa, I open carried a lot for several years.
          Only once did someone say anything, in a bank of all places. He was yelling ‘nice Gun’ from across the lobby. The people were more annoyed with his histrionics than the sight of my pistol.
          Oh, never had the FFC PD called on me.

          There was one incident at a Starbucks where the police were called because 2 young men were open carrying. The police informed the people that OC was legal, but the manager asked that the men leave when the cops were there.
          The young men were both law abiding citizens, and were under 21, so they couldn’t get a CCW.

  16. What would happen if a citizen violating this order was stopped by police and the citizen put his hand on his gun and said “can I help you?”.

    The Bill of Rights would breath a sigh of relief.

    • If you were a kid named Tamir rice, the cop would shoot you in less than two seconds and it would be ruled justifiable homicide, no harm, no foul.

      But he was black so it’s probably OK.

    • We all know what happens when citizens make a “furtive movement”. Officer’s safety is paramount, so the result is often a citizen full of new holes.
      @ miner – This outcome is even more likely if he is white, as cops are for some reason reluctant to shoot blacks in the same situation, even though most violent criminals are black. Data vs. anecdotes.

  17. looks like you can take the monkey out of the 3d world shithole and give him a university education and law degrees and elect him as the mayor, but you can’t take the 3d world shithole out of the monkey. am I right?

    he would make a fine minion-bureaucrat for the Kingdom of Obama.

    • they seem firmly convinced that their right to “feel safe” justifies the denial of your right to actually be safe….

  18. I expect to see a gathering of open carriers in Jackson, like, today. Remind this mayor who is in control. Think about it, what are cops going to do? Try to disarm you? They might as well start the war by just shooting from a distance.

    C’mon Jackson… don’t fuck this up. Get off your asses and get out there.

    • also, 17 people have signed his “petition” to repeal open carry…

      Seriously… get the fuck out in the open with em, and keep your booger fingers on the bang switches.

  19. Check your grammar and spelling before you post articles. You look unreliable & fake. It’s unprofessional.

    • I give you unprofessional. But are you suggesting that you can spot fake news by bad grammar or spelling?

  20. Don’t believe this. This man is trying to take ALL YOUR GUNS. He could care less about children and babies. How does he feel about Abortion? hmmmm

    • Stop comparing the two. Not even close to the same. Your personal opinion on abortions means fuck all.

  21. Might Mr. Lumumba be confused as to the difference between an elected official, who operates within the strictures of the law, and royalty, which makes the rules to suit the desires of the moment?

  22. The Mayors claim that the open carry law allows the police to have probable cause to seize a weapon when they see it. “Probable cause” is needed to make an arrest, “mere suspicion” is needed to stop someone for questioning. PC means there is enough observation/evidence to believe a crime has been committed. Suspicion means there may be something there, at least enough to ask about it. Since open carry is legal there is no PC or even suspicion that a crime is being or has been committed. The police cannot even stop someone for just carrying a firearm. The Mayor has either no knowledge of the law or he doesn’t care. So much for his law degree, I can see why he’s in politics and not law.

  23. I love how he is refusing to talk to anyone and all comments on the videos have been turned off. Its almost like they know they are in the wrong. What is with his name? Were his parents horrible at scrabble?

  24. All you have to do is look up who his daddy was and it will tell pretty much what Little Chokwe is all about!

  25. Correct me if I am wrong but the Lumumba party is the one the former Belgian Congo – what is now Zaire – that rebelled in the ’65 or ’66, killing tens of thousands in brutal ways, especially missionaries. Ironically, most of the people killed were unarmed. To add insult to injury it took “Mad” Mike Hoare and his mercenary companies to free the company. Part of the reason for that was, sometimes, all it took for the rebels to rout the Army of the Congo troops was a phone call lto let the army know they were on their way.

    After reading the article, it sounds like a true heir of the original Lumba since the original was “educated” in Moscow.

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