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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn’t wasted the crisis presented by last month’s spree shooting in Nova Scotia in which a man dressed as a police officer murdered 22 people over 12 hours. As the Guardian reports, Prime Minister Zoolander had this to say earlier today about his shiny new “assault weapons” ban . . .

“These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada,” said the prime minister. “Effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or use military-grade assault weapons in this country.”

This is what happens in a country without a Second Amendment. Note that no vote has taken place to enact the ban that covers 1500 different models and variants. As even the assiduously anti-gun Guardian notes . . .

The new ban would probably not have stopped [Nova Scotia killer Gabriel] Wortman from obtaining his weapons: he did not have a license to possess or purchase firearms, and police have said they believe the guns were obtained illegally in Canada and the United States.

Not that a detail like that really matters when you have a population to disarm.

From the CBC . . .

“As of today, the market for assault weapons in Canada is closed,” Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said. “Enough is enough. Banning these firearms will save Canadian lives.”

Trudeau said there will be a two-year amnesty period to allow people who already own these firearms to comply with the ban. Trudeau promised to pass legislation in the coming months to provide “fair compensation” to people who own these firearms.

The Liberal Party promised some sort of buyback program in the last election, something that could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Canada has a long gun registry (though it was mostly an expensive failure), so finding at least some of the newly outlawed firearms will be easier for the Canucks than it was for the Kiwis.

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  1. The plague, another mass shooting, these as*holes must be in hog heaven these days!!!!

  2. Every time I hear a politician say “Enough is enough” I just want to punch them in the throat. This is their mantra. Over and over again at all levels of government. Fuck these tyrant cunts. Canadians better revolt…

    • “Enough is enough” is often joined by “for the children” when uttered my lying, filthy, leftist lips.

      • “….my lying, filthy, leftist lips.”

        It’s nice to know there’s at least one person here who understands me!

        Eric Swalwell 2020

        • Above all, you have got to be one stupidest fools (as if there weren’t enough democratic idiots in Congress) that I have had the misfortune to see.
          If you’re that stupid, ie “the beto” to think U.S. citizens will do as Australia and New Zealand did, then the revolt against the British a couple hundred years ago will pale in comparison as to what the U. S. citizen will do.

  3. My understanding is that, under a conservative government, Canada finally did away with its gun registry as a billion dollar mistake. The only problem was that the RCMP did not destroy its records despite being ordered to do so.

    Can the Prime Minister legally take this action without a vote of their legislative body? I know a bill was pending, but I had not heard that there had been any action taken on it, perhaps due to Covid-19.

    • The government can do way too much under “Orders in Council”, and in this case they can do what they just did. Additional changes to legislation would have to go through Parliament, and they will likely start doing that when this current closure ends.

      • I didn’t think Canadians were allowed to own machine guns anyway. That is what military assault weapons are.

        I thought rifles were pretty much limited to pitiful 5 round magazines anyway. Five rounds isn’t much of an “assault weapon”.

        I don’t think many militaries depend on Mini-14s with 5 shot magazines.

        Trudeau is a lying sack of shit, a stooge of the globalist oligarchs, and an enemy of the Canadian people.

        • You probably meant to say “Assault Rifles”. The military doesn’t have Assault Weapons. The military does have Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles and different types of Machine Guns, all with distinct characteristics.

          Assault Weapons are a political term coined by the media and anti-gun morons that don’t know the difference between a semiautomatic firearm with practical features and military full-auto capable equipment.

          But I definitely agree that they just got “Canucked” in the ass.

          Having said that, We Americans need to remember that our 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to Keep and Bear Arms are not to be Infringed Upon by its Government… ever!

          That’s ALL ARMS, regardless of type, make, or capability to include the advancement in technology as the rest of the world progresses too.

          But look what’s happened over the past generations.

          Freedom is only protected by its competent ability to equalize and overcome tyrannical slavery through effective use of such arsenals.

          In today’s world, that means PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER. And anyone who understands this knows that it doesn’t just mean gunpowder related tools.

    • Amazing. No reference to anything like a vote, public discussion, nothing. “You guys are stupid, I’ll make the decisions to keep you safe, and you will comply or my peeps will kill you. Any questions?”

      • No idea exactly what the legislation will look like, but I’m also guessing there will be a lot of people buying compliance and featureless parts from the US.

        • Yup. Unless something bans all semiauto rifles, it’s just banning scary looking things. And you can get around that.

          You can get around the semi-auto part pretty easy too if there’s enough market for it.

    • Grew up in Detroit across from Windsor.

      I would do it to screw with family and friends. My father was born in Canada.

  4. Kiss my azz, not on the left side, not on the right side, but right in the middle

    • That’s from an 80s movie, I forgot the name.

      Banning assault weapon is like banning motorcycles because there are too many car accidents due to teens (cell phone) distracted driving.

  5. “These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.” Which is exactly why the police have them…so they can kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. Right?

    “There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada.” And that’s why the police are already turning theirs in. Right? I mean, they will be…right? Anybody?

    • You are a stupid, stupid, stupid person with all the intelligence of a worm. You know nothing about guns and yet your mouth will not stop running just like your “little boy” Prime Minster. When are the real Canadians going to stand up to you ignorance?

      • It’s pretty clear that “real Canadians” are going to Do Nothing but turn in their arms as would any dutiful subjects would.

      • Pretty sure you’re the stupid, stupid one. How on earth did that go over your head? Shame on you.

    • Well yes of course they’re designed to kill, quickly and efficiently. That’s what is needed when someone is trying to make you their bitch. Whether it’s a home invader at 2:30 in the morning, or minions of a hypothetical tyrannical government in some dystopian future.

      • That wasn’t the question or implication. The question was really a criticism of Trump allegedly ruling by fiat beyond his lawful authority. The Canada angle is just a prop for making that point.

        • Hey Bozo, You didn’t care about Obama’s edicts, so why not shut up about Trump already? Typical Lefty wants more unaccountable government….All the world’s ills are Trump’s fault, right?

      • Trump is an anti Constitution tyrant. You can pretend he isn’t as much you want but it does not make it so.

        The death of America is both sides are tyranny lovers.

        • So the guy that refuses to seize our guns is the Tyrant, right? And the guy that wants to steal everyone’s guns is a what? Hero? Defender of Freedom? I wish you guys would at least TRY to be a little consistent.

      • Yes. When people won’t get behind your tyranny they are liberal. That makes sense. Both sides are garbage and to pretend otherwise is ignorant.

        Everyone here knows what I am talking about but I know people are going to ask for the millionth time for examples. I’m done at this point. You either support frreedom or you don’t.

        • There is a difference between the communist manifesto and The United States Constitution. Wipe the garbage snot off your face and make up your little mind which side of the fence you think it’s best to be on. No gutless fence straddling accepted.

        • haha okay. I think you need to look over the Constitution again. Both sides are completely wrong. Sick of this socialist bs.

        • Wasting your time with Retardicans they honestly can’t understand they are almost as large an enemy of freedom as the Democrats.

          Let us hope whatever is gonna happen will be in this generation for I fear the next will be to brainwashed if we do not.

        • Ah, but the Godless, Communist left are FAR worse. Come on now. AOC and “The Squad”…no freaking way!

    • I like how you liberals have to fit in your TDS crying in absolutely everything. It’s quite amazing actually. The amount of time Trump is in your head.

      Achievement unlocked: You now have Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome. You can now think of Trump and only Trump, 24 hours a day.

    • Ah, but which side is going for the guns? GOTHA COMMIE. Stop hiding and pick a side, hiding behind false equivalency. We see you Leopard.

    • In an event completely unrelated to Trump, the Canadian Prime minister suddenly bans all guns by fiat, as an absolutist monarch…

      And all you liberals have to say is: BU BU BUB BUT TRUMP!!!!

      Typical TDS on display.

      I heard there is meteor shower coming. Did Trump cause that too?

    • Yep the Canadians were offered to join the Colonies in the Revolution and again after we won to become states.

  6. There’s a certain subset of people that feel gun confiscation works, hitler stalin mao and truedo

  7. Let us not forget this tyrant…

    “Assault weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons –anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun– can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.” Josh Sugarmann

    • If it isn’t full auto, select-fire, then it isn’t an assault weapon, which is simply a light assault rifle. I blame the gun press for running with the assault weapon tag, just to juice up sales. The nomenclature generates sales right until things are banned. I suppose the strategy is to sell lots of them, then sell the next cool thing after they’re banned.

      By the way, did this most recent Canadian use an AR-15 design rifle?

  8. If you think this is bad, wait till the Democrats win the White House again,
    Only difference will be is that American patriots will revolt & fight back, unlike the Canuck’s,

    • They took 30 million of our jobs and nobody fought back.
      They put 330 million healthy Americans on house arrest and nobody fought back.
      They arrested Americans for going to the beach and nobody fought back.
      They arrested Americans for going to church and nobody fought back.
      They arrested Americans for having parties at their homes and nobody fought back.
      They arrested restaurant owners for seating customers and nobody fought back.
      They fined healthy Americans for not wearing masks in public and nobody fought back.
      They told Americans they couldn’t visit with their family members and nobody fought back.
      They closed all public spaces – national parks, beaches, skate parks, etc. and nobody fought back.
      They banned fishing, alone in your boat, and nobody fought back.
      They released convicted sex offenders from prisons and into our communities and nobody fought back.
      They trampled the entire Bill of Rights, and nobody fought back.
      They did all of this without a single vote by a legislative body, just a swipe of an executive’s pen, and nobody fought back.

      When they decide to ban and confiscate our rifles, who is going to fight back? Not these people.

      • Church? Parks? Beaches? Masks? House arrest?

        You say nobody’s been fighting back? Have you been living under a rock and ignoring the daily news from the past couple of weeks?

      • What are you talking about? Have you not seen the massive protests? Do you want them to start shooting at the capitol buildings? Is that what you want?

        • No shooting. Just vote them out, resist/ignore their emergency orders that trample our freedoms and destroy our finances, sue them relentlessly, protest for real – millions of protesters, not thousands or more commonly – dozens. The protests so far have been anything but massive. My point is that if all the pain so far won’t motivate people to rise up, they won’t do it for rifles.

      • In order to fight back as you say , you must have a named enemy to fight .You must have an address of that enemy. Then you must use overwhelming power to crush that enemy. So when you have the list complete with addresses , you call me and I’ll help you make copies and hand them out. Then we’ll start from there.

      • In order to fight back as you say , you must have a named enemy to fight .You must have an address of that enemy. Then you must use overwhelming power to crush that enemy. So when you have the list complete with addresses , you call me and I’ll help you make copies and hand them out. Then we’ll start from there.

  9. So since the American Civil War was fought with muzzle loaders, and WWI and WWII were fought with bolt actions, where does the definition of “military grade” end in Canada?

  10. The last I heard, they never announced what firearms were used in the shootings. Does anyone know??

    • NO THANKS. Send all the Kanadian “comedians” and “actors” back where they can from. What idiot gives citizenship to useless nonproductive oxygen thief “entertainers”.

  11. I mean, it’s a country whose money has the ruler of a foreign nation on it. Canadians acting like cucks is as assured as the sun rising in the morning.

  12. It shows you what a country that treats its people as SUBJECTS can do to your God given rights. IE US CONSTITUTION. For all the nay sayers it could happen here. Germany. Russia, Vietnam, Cuba are all good examples when reason runs a muck. History it seems to repeat itself in a most violent and dangerous way. In this latest tragedy it seems the killer took weapons from the dead police and used them. Maybe Canada should follow England and ban the use and carrying of weapons by its police departments and RCMP. Just thinking.

  13. The AR15 (and clones) were registered so there is no way to “not comply”.
    However there are a bunch of previously non-registered long guns that are instantly ‘prohibited’ under this new crock of libtard lies.
    Expect compliance rate to be similar or less than the NZ model.
    When they’re not registered, they don’t know where they are!
    Thank God I moved to the US 10 years ago! As a US Citizen, I enjoy my 2A rights! Feeling bad for all my gun friends still trapped in the occupied zone known as Canuckistan.

  14. Guns will soon become the number one smuggled item into Canada. Replacing cocaine, opium, or anything else for that matter.

      • Karen will have to decide what’s more important. Toilet paper or guns.

        History and Military survival training has taught me that there are alternatives to toilet paper. But as a prepper I already have what I need.

  15. We HAD a long gun registry. The previous Conservative government got rid of it, thank god.

    • lol, no they didn’t. That list is alive at well in the archives of the RCMP. You can count on that.

    • Once it exists, most likely you are never rid of it. Check for yourself; is it a punishable crime to be caught with a copy of that registry? Can you go to prison for making a new entry? Didn’t think so. It is still there, and will be used against you.

      • I hope some brave Canadians will push the issue.

        If it is true, as Mark N. noted, that they were ordered to destroy that data, and they did not, then any arrest made using that data should be thrown out of court.

        If, as I suspect, they uphold the conviction, then Canada will have outed themselves as nation not of laws, and that is the definition of tyranny.

        The citizens of Canada will have the right, and the duty, to restore Canada to a nation of laws, by citizen revolt, if necessary…

        • Geoff, lots of revolting citizens there, but then I used to go to Quebec province only.

    • Uh…. I’d bet that the way they “get rid of” a legal record is to make copies of it and attach a little note on top of each copy that says “don’t look at this.”

  16. “The Nova Scotia shooter used a replica police car and an RCMP uniform to impersonate a police officer as he killed both people he knew and strangers, police said.”

    Probably should ban police cars and uniforms too. – SMH- Way to go Canada.

  17. Hey, if anything happens to Uncle Joe before the election we might be looking at N.Y.’s Gov. Cuomo in his place. Then we have a real problem!

    • Good chance Cuomo could carry NY. Unfortunately for him, that’s not enough. Maybe he could get Newsome as VP, or Coonman. Still not enough. But he could whine and demand votes from Trump, spew rambling nonsense/bullshit for hours at a time while Trump runs the country, nah, I don’t think I’m worried about that twerp.

    • Cuomo wouldn’t be governor of NY if he didn’t have NYC to secure his position. His disastrous “leadership” and history of hateful, divisive quotes would be on display and all but ensure that he’d receive even less Democrat support than Biden. He has refused to participate in televised debates with the last two Republicans that ran against him in NY, because he knows he’s a complete disaster and can’t control his temper. Imagine him in a debate against Trump – he’d be reduced to red-faced lectern pounding in under 5 minutes.

      • You think he would make 5 minutes? I’d give it under 2.
        He has serious anger management issues, just like his little brother Fredo.

        • This is a country that elected a dude who made fun of a crippled man at a campaign rall and suggested that injecting disinfectant might be a good way to fight a virus.

          And one where the other major candidate threatened to assault a voter who was challenging him on gun control.

          I don’t think we can say that someone wouldn’t last 5 minutes because they have anger issues. We do not put forth the best of us as leaders anymore.

          • Found another uneducated jackass who believes all the BS the MSM spoon feeds him.

        • Well, you’re half right. Biden did threaten that guy. The first paragraph are MSM lies. There are plenty of things to call Trump out about, but those things are false.

      • He refused to participate in debates because he had nothing to gain from them. It would have been dumb to do anything else, politically speaking.

        If you underestimate your enemy you are as foolish as the democrats that were throwing victory parties for Hillary the day before the election.

        • We made the mistake of thinking we saw the dumbest thing you posted, and we were wrong. You posted even dumber stuff.

        • We’re both right. He didn’t engage in televised debates because it would have been utterly disastrous for him. With the NYC vote firmly in under his belt, he did not have anything to gain. So it was moot.

          My point is, he can’t avoid that on a national stage, he can’t run from his record, and he can’t run from his speech. Basically, he’d carry about 4 or 5 states and be utterly smashed everywhere else.

  18. So…Glock are military grade.,,.as are shotguns…bolt action rifles…etc etc etc
    Better ban them all Justin.

  19. I like Canadians. They’re so polite, they actually say “I beg your pardon” after their government bvttfvcks them.

  20. Notice how the twit truedodo gives criminals a pass and zeros in on law abiding citizens minding their own business. Of course like all tyrants he has armed security protecting his gutless tyrannical behind.
    This insanity that tries, convicts and penalizes innocent gun owners who had nothing whatsoever to do with the crime needs to be put in its place once and for all. He’s calling Canada’s gun owners out and don’t wait 2 years to tell him to pound sand. Not happening today and not happening two years from today should be made loud and clear…
    The roots of Gun Control are in racism and genocide mr. truedodo you racist nazi ratbassturd.

    • If they were AR type rifles we would already know – pictures would plastered all over the media. So what did the scumbag have? Wood stocked Ruger Mini-14 or any of a bunch of wood stocked rimfire semiautos is my guess…can’t use THOSE to justify the ban, now can we?

  21. Dang good thing that Canada decided to do that gun registry back in ’95. They said it would never be used for confiscation and the rubes believed them

    Chreitien probably had his fingers crossed when he said it, so it didn’t count.

    We’ll go turn um in canucks, you voted for the registration, so now reap the whirlwind.

    • Don’t forget their tight restrictions on “assault weapons” after the 1989 Ecole Polytechnique massacre. But, this time it will surely work….

  22. Has anyone noticed how difficult it is to find any information on the actual weapon or weapons used by Gabriel Wortman? Has anyone found this information, or is the Canadian Government still supressing it?

    • The shooter was prohibited from owning firearms due to a prior arrest for assault. RCMP has refused to answer what brand, model or caliber of firearms were used. Saying that info will have to come from SERT Special Emergency Response Team. Who they say is in charge of the investigation. SERT has made no statements in regards to the crime or investigation.

      • I think the Canadian gun owner is very much like the New Zealand, Australian or British gun owner they simply do not have the courage to do what needs to get done.

        • Rude and incorrect assumption. Trudeau in this instance is an exception, but in the British Commonwealth, laws generally get created without any notice. There usually is no chance to object. And people in big cities outnumber people who aren’t, so it’s the equivalent of having a place like NYC or LA decide what the law is, what it will be, and the residents of those big urban areas usually support it.

    • No, he is a freedom loving American. You are the communist scumbag piece of shit. You are the cancer that infects this country. And like all cancers, you must be eradicated.

      • You sound, quite literally, like a nazi.

        It’s not Godwin’s law in effect because you are not making an argument. You are just making some meaningless “patriotic” statement followed by demanding the eradication of those who don’t kowtow to you.

    • Why bring up Trump you evil Communist stooge. ALL anti-gun nonsense is spawned by the left. ALL OF IT! So they must be destroyed.

      • And substantially overpriced, at that price point. But, still, they are cheaper than screeching monkeys – although not as cute.


  24. I’ll be looking forward to reading the news about the alarming number of boating accidents in Canada.

  25. Damn shame. Unfortunately, the USA has a history of the same type of executive behavior. Only some of it goes through Congress. Even Republicans hate those “military grade weapons”, unless they are protecting their families…
    Reagan, with the Hughe’s/FOPA in May of ‘86 and his letter supporting the 94 AWB

    HW Bush with his ‘89 Executive Orders banning features on certain imports. Remember MAK90s?

    Trump, with his EO banning (with no amnesty or compensation) bump stocks. Probably more to come from him.

    Unless we introduce more young people to the joys of shooting and liberty, we are on the same path.

    • Wasting your time the Retardicans on TTAG love whatever idiot they elect. Even if he enacts more gun control than the previous Democrat. You will notice they smile and say; Thank you sir, may I have another?

      I find it ironic the Reagan was a Democrat turned Republican and we got the machine gun ban.

      Now under Trump another Democrat turned Republican we now stand a very good chance of all semi autos being banned. Seeing as according to Trump ATF changing the stock makes them machine guns.

      Yes history does repeat itself.

      • Trump and the GOP banning gun? ALL the anti-gun nonsense is spawned from the left. There is no equivalency here.

        • Spawned or not the machine gun ban was all Reagan.

          Keep lying to yourself about Republicans being good guys on gun rights, while the atf re classifies anything it wants as “easily converted to a machine gun”

          • Road guy: You should do this thing called ‘research’ so you can do this thing called ‘learn’.

            Frigging retard.

            No, I’m not going to spoon feed you. It seems that that is the only way you get your information. Stupid sheep.

  26. 9 people died from fire. The murderer had 4 guns with him, only one came back to Canada, probably the officer’s gun. The other guns came from the U.S.. It sounds like the semi auto rifles and pistol were possibly 80%. The murderer has family that worked as cops. He had police uniforms and cars. I heard he also acquired body armor.

    This man was able to do whatever he wanted because he was willing and able. The law did not matter to him because he was not afraid to die. After the government shut down both his businesses and he had a domestic with his partner, he put on his Punisher uniform and tried to wipe out the town in time for Hitler’s birthday.

    Those poor victims had no chance. They can’t use guns for self defense in Canada. They couldn’t out run a bullet. They couldn’t escape their homes because he was waiting outside with a semi auto rifle. He shot those that answered the door, he shot those that pulled over. The people that refused to open up were burnt alive. Only 2 people escaped because they pretended not to be home. He even slept inside the home of two people he murdered until the next day.

    When one male officer was shot by the gunman he ran away to help himself. The result was a female officer having to take on the gunman by herself, she died trying to stop the gunman, she was executed. Other officers shot up the fire station where old people were hiding from the gunman, those cops left without checking on them and pretended like they never mag dumped on the building.

    Because people can make their own guns and citizens don’t have their right to self preservation, the government has to confiscate all guns from non government workers. For public safety of course, especially for the children.

    Don’t you love Western governments? They always like to talk about how they respect human rights while they remove human rights from their own people.

  27. Pretty sure I read where he stole all the cops guns probably the reason you don’t hear much about them

  28. This new “law”, which even if it had been enacted prior to this shooting, would not and does not prevent this sort of mass shooting again. I simply do not understand how Canadians just sitting back accepting such “do something” which does nothing. It is exceptionally notable that Trudeau did NOT say in his comments that this ban would have prevented such a tragedy. The weapons used were obtained illegally. Guess the criminals haven’t read the gun safety laws to comply properly. I mean, at least here in the states, the anti-gun folks lie and manipulate information under the guise of safety, but really because they hate guns. We can do battle against mis-information. There’s no battle when you have a dictator who can enact a law at will. King George would be proud.

    • And yet so many are still willing to eat poop and give up their guns (freedom, choice, money, power) to the “Big Gov” Commie left.

  29. The good news is that we have a place to send anyone claiming their freedom’s are compromised because of the right to bear arms.

    • They said he had to semi auto pistols and rifles. They refuse to say what model. They said he had what can be called an assault rifle. They won’t say it if was an AR-15. They said the guns are likely from the U.S. because they can’t trace them to Canada.

    • Isn’t impersonation of a government agent (e.g., police officer in this case) already illegal? In both Canada and the U.S.A.? So this twerp illegally impersonated a cop, allegedly used guns which were illegal to possess, illegally murdered a police officer, illegally took that officer’s gun and ammo, illegally murdered multiple citizens (some of them apparently by random), illegally committed multiple counts of arson, etc., etc.

      Yes, I think banning certain guns that have not been shown as part of this maniac’s actions would have prevented all of it. [/sarc]

      And just where did this alleged “poll” come from that claims 80% of Canadians want “military assault weapons” banned effective immediately? Which polling group conducted the exercise, and where are the questions for us to review for public scrutiny?

  30. Just musing

    Absolutely correct that Canadians are subjects not citizens

    Many of my Mexican friends would love to have been born in a free county and have chosen to flee from the RULING INSTUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY of Mexico to appreciate freedom, both economic and religious ——
    Whenever the subject of immigration comes up- and I am all for strong borders- no one has the guts to state the truth, that these people are actually refugees running from the corruption and socialist government– kind of like the folks who leave New Jersey for North Carolina you know

    • Perhaps your Mexican friends can fill you in on what PRI means; there’s no “Democratic” in there.

  31. Total horse s*$% Simple Google search for Canada Tobacco Deaths

    In Canada, tobacco causes about ,37,000 deaths each year and is the leading cause of preventable death. Tobacco kills more people in Canada than all deaths caused by traffic accidents, suicides, murders, and drug abuse combined.

    • “Canadian Medical Association Journal found preventable medical errors contribute to between 9,000 and 24,000 deaths in Canada a year”

      US same “issue” (not the flu).

      • The estimates vary as to the preventable medical mistakes in the USA. The reality is it’s probably vastly under-reported which would mean those deaths are attributed to other causes. However the death toll has been reported to be almost as high as tobacco deaths in the US which is around 400,000 a year. Gun deaths being 30K or so of which 2/3 are suicide.
        I can’t begin to wrap my brain around that. It blows my mind that the gun grabbers harp about guns with statistics like that. Nobody dares argue gun control with me, I tell you that. I’m the proverbial brick wall you run into when someone starts in on me which unfortunately isn’t very often. The last time was when some never-Trumper was blowing wind at me about the Mueller report and how evil Trump was and we didn’t need assault rifles blah blah blah. Then he looked at me and asked if I had any. I looked at him right square in the eye and said “god damn right I do” He was so pissed at me he was literally shaking.
        Life was good that day.

        • You’re a proverbial blow hard. Stfu already. Annoying fuck. Canada is a joke, just like the book long comment you wrote. Nobody cares you have a gun boomer, go hide in your basement and try not to hurt yourself or anyone else.

  32. Thank goodness we have a 2nd Amendment in the USA and a law that prevents the government from keeping a registry of gun purchases by its citizens, including name, DOB, address, type of gun, serial number, etc. Oh wait, that sounds like the National Instant Background Check run by the FBI. The FBI is supposed to destroy those records. And you can trust the FBI. Just ask Michael Flynn and President Trump. I feel better already.

  33. Regarding the weapons used in the shooting that has Canada’s Prime Minister justifiably upset, my understanding is that they were a shotgun and a handgun, neither of which could reasonably be characterized as “assault weapons”. Otherwise, respecting the PM’s declaration, EXACTLY what are these “assault weapons”, the ones he would ban, and order the surrender of, and by the way, would Canadians who complied be compensated for the value of personal property they had LEGALLY ACQUIRED? Just academic curiosity on my part, as I’m not Canadian, nor do I reside in Canada..

  34. He was just waiting, waiting to drop the hammer. Had it all written up and ready to go.
    Now let’s take an over/under on compliance. I’m guessing somewhere between New Zealand and Australia.

  35. 2 Years to comply.

    2 Years to forget this was a thing.

    If enough was enough, amnesty would be 2 months instead. Sounds like someone doesn’t have the nerve to go through with confiscation with the whole imminent non-compliance.

  36. Anyone else notice we’re the last country standing???!!! You better believe the next time we have a Dimocrat President they’ll try this here again… Vote Trump and Republicans in November… For your kids and grandkids sake.

    • It’s just a matter of time, 4 more years of Trump then what? Who? How? The evolution of our demographics and society do not favor the GOP on the long run. At some point if we want to preserve our rights and freedom, the answer won’t be in the ballot box anymore, assuming it’s ever been there to begin with.

  37. Ehhhh, needs more ALL CAPS and exclamation points to keep with tradition.

  38. Gives two years to comply? Can’t be a very urgent problem then.

    What’s the problem they’re trying to fix?

    • lol with what? People have resulted to sending in letters to their PM stating they won’t comply. That is as far as it goes. They will be the first ones targeted. Canada has no militias, no freedoms, no fight. Plain and simple. It’s over. Only a country that would try this already knows that. They can spout all that shit they want here in the US… it amounts to fuck all. Infringements none the less, but they know doing so would start a war, a war they would lose. Why? Because eventually their war would effect those advocating it, and they would see their freedoms are non existent as a result.

  39. “Military Grade” What does that even mean, especially since even 3rd world private militias use better equipment?

  40. And many would be kings in America look on with a tear in their eye, jealous beyond words at how easy and simple it was to do. No debate, no argument, just gone.

    Next the racist little boy will ban other guns very soon. Who’s going to stop him?

    And those intent on harming others are waiting for that day.

    • I am already hearing gun owners say they are not going to fight because there is grandfathering. They will just vote for someone to save them in the future.

  41. I wouldn’t mind sending some of our libtards to Canada I exchange of their conservative folks in search of more freedom. Our libtards would enjoy more government control, the British commonwealth b.s, a lot of taxes…it’s a win win for everybody!

  42. Well, unless they lockdown all of Canada’s borders, someway, somehow, someone will find a way to get those nasty weapons.

  43. A man kills 22 Canadians and 1 unborn baby using fire, a car and guns on the weekend before Hitler’s birthday. Then the government bans semi auto rifles on a communist holiday.

    They sure know how to rub it in…

  44. This should be interesting. Some parts of Canada, primarily the urban areas, primarily inhabited by sheeple will comply. Rural areas, I’m not so sure.

  45. Well there you go…poof… no more mass killings. Until another crazy lawbreaking subject decides to kill again. Just makes it that much easier for the next killer. Trudeau is a pussy. Canadians should stick together and “Just Say No”

  46. Spoken like a true tyrannical dictator. Automatically turns 60,000+ black rifle owners in Canada into criminals and will most likely steal their property. Revolt and don’t comply!

  47. There are already stories of leaked documents revealing plans and compromises. Maybe a grandfathering, or a voluntary buy-back, also legal actions and protests. Some lawmaker up there got a petition of a 175,000 Canuckians demanding the PM kiss their ass … one at time … both cheeks.

    The adventure continues.

  48. OH Canada, you suck! Close the 🖕border! Boycott them along with china! My family and I vow to avoid them like the covid(plague)!
    Oh yah, carry every day!!!%

  49. The PM is doing this with the equivalent of an executive order as he doesnt have a majority government making legislation like this an issue (a number of Canadians oppose gun control based on the billions wasted trying to push a long gun registry).

    Let’s see if it happens, people are already questioning his leadership during the Covid situation and minority governments typically stay in power about 2 years (long enough to fundraise for the next election).

    Canada has long taken the approach of ammo control vs gun control. To purchase ammo you must have a valid firearms license (not a trival thing to get, highlights are you must disclose anyone your intimate with, and they will call or visit people who live near you to ask questions), and at every store I have been to let them record your information (name, dob, what you purchased).

    This has done nothing to deter gun violence, most crimes are commited with hand guns which are practically illegal in Canada (have minimum barrel length, and than are a restricted firearm, essentially must be kept at a gun club). There have been a few horrible shootings in rural parts of Canada (the Nova Scotia shooting, some police ambushed in northern areas), but that’s a mental health issue. In 2018 someone with a rented van killed 10 people and injuried 16, hasn’t been spoken of since and see vans parking and driving down the curbs on a daily basis…..

    • Yet, all those restrictions to keep ammunition out of the hands of dangerous people didn’t stop this guy. Who could have predicted?

  50. The picture of TruDope, no beard is an old one. He now has a strange thin beard, looks like 16 years old. He has a minority Government. Did you all see the hundreds of Michigan citizens, storm the State House, with slung rifles? Newsome fled with Police around her, no arrests.

  51. Are there any Canadians here eh?

    I thought those weapons were already pretty much illegal since Canada stopped issuing “Prohibited Weapons” permits? Is this just another “make it even more illegaler!” moment?

    • Long guns you have (had) alot more freedom of ownership, as they are non-restricted unless named as restricted (what happened last week to the AR, mini-14, etc). I dont see these guns often due to the 5 round round magazine size limit (some exceptions made for 10 but is a grey area) on semi autos where lever, pump and bolt action rifles have no limits.

      Can still buy a Russian SKS for $350, and are allowed to import Norinco guns, atleast the US bans are based on trade principles and not “common good”

    • Not quite, there’s one even more stupid, crybaby Ardern from New Zealand.

    • lol no. Very smart actually. So smart, his slaves have zero fight in them. Sad but true.

  52. So let me get this straight, when the government fails not only do law abiding people lose their lives to add insult other law abiding citizens are punished. This makes sense how????? I’ll wait for an explanation Tardeau…

    • He already told you. Turn em in.

      There is no dialogue with tyrants. Your move.

  53. Not legislation, just executive fiat?
    Who died and made him President of the Council of State and Council of Ministers?

    • That hurt my brain just thinking how dumb canada is, and how terribly smart their government is. A people with no fight in them will be controlled by whoever has the ability, regardless of the chain of command.

  54. Ask the Ukraine how it’s working out for them when the gave up their nuclear weapons. The U.S. & Russia signed agreements to protect the Ukraine if the would give up their nuclear weapons. Now Russia has annexed Crimea and supporting rebels. Not a word or action from the U.S. or Russia to protect the government. Same thing larger scale.

  55. Why do the RCMP and Provincial Police have guns if there are supposedly no “dangerous” guns in Canada? What are they afraid of? A mass invasion of criminals from the USA? Trudeau is afraid of the gun things, they upset him and his boyfriend!

  56. If the Prime Minister thinks that this is going to solve crime he is sadly mistaken the only ones that will have guns will be the police and the criminals these idiots will take and rob steal your guns in that two-year period and pack them in Greece and hide them in the mountains when the day The dust settles they will pull them out and commit crimes on unarmed poor citizens I need this Prime Minister please open up his ears and pulled his head out of the sand look around at those countries that don’t have guns there’s crime there’s, rape there’s murder these thugs will use anything to continue to do their dirty work to disarm the people is a stupid as it becomes rethink it you’re dead wrong !!!!!!!!!! PS these are moles that have been sent into your country to overturn it disarm it then you will be vulnerable to any and all the attacks, they are working on it in the USA trying every day don’t be fooled.

  57. Nine of the 22 murdered people were killed by the fires that the gunman set. When is Trudeau going to ban matches, lighters, fire…?

  58. Wait, it’s illegal to transport them, so how are they supposed to turn them in? Call the police and say “I have an illegal firearm, come and get it”? Yeah, that’ll work out great. “He had a gun, we had no choice”. The door-to-door no-knock raids will start, using the gun registry as a map, an officer or two will get shot, and then ALL guns will he banned.

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