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Police report that the Nova Scotia shooter possessed his guns illegally. For the Moms who Demand Action out there who need a little extra help, that means he broke Canada’s already strict gun laws in order to commit mass murder.

Authorities still haven’t disclosed what kind of gun(s) he used (but does anyone think that if he used an AR-15 or some other kind of particularly scary rifle, it would take this long to reveal that fact?).

Never mind, though, that everything the shooter did was already illegal north of the border. The push to further restrict the rights of law-abiding Canadians is on. It’s exactly the same playbook we see the civilian disarmament industry run here in the U.S. after a high-profile shooting.

Same as it ever was.

Countries around the world have moved quickly in the wake of mass shootings to enact tough gun laws.

Take a look at New Zealand, which last spring moved within days to ban semi-automatic assault weapons after a gunman shot and killed 51 people and wounded 49 others at two mosques in Christchurch.

Take a look at Great Britain, where the government acted quickly to introduce sweeping gun control when a man shot and killed 17 people, most of them young children, at an elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland, in 1996.

On Monday, Prime Minister Trudeau said his government was “on the verge of introducing legislation to ban assault-style weapons across this country” when the COVID-19 pandemic caused Parliament to be suspended. He vowed to act on the legislation soon.

Trudeau is right to act now. That’s because Canada’s record on gun-related violence isn’t great. In fact, we rank fifth in rates of firearm deaths among the 23 largest industrialized countries. Also, we rank fifth highest in the world in civilian gun ownership.

And the public would support him. Polls indicate some 83 per cent of Canadians support a ban on possession of military-style assault weapons by civilians and 67 per cent favour a ban on handguns.

It will take some guts on the part of our federal leaders to take on the loud — and often abusive — gun lobby. Do they have it in them?

– Bob Hepburn in How many more must die before we act on guns?

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    • It’s up there, but hiding. Check out this comment from that article :

      “You also fail to mention that in New Zealand there is only about a 13% compliance rate for the new draconian gun control measures, driving a deep wedge between pillars of the community certified firearms owners and law enforcement, this will only stir civil discord and further disconnect the people from their so called government eroding the rule of law. Plus Canada isn’t an island.”

      Nice, I didn’t know the NZ compliance rate was similar to NY state’s ‘compliance’ rate… 🙂

  1. Blackface Trudeau and Blackface Northam of course they have gun control and tyranny in common, who here is surprised?

  2. We can only hope that the people of Canada stand up against this to preserve what little they have left. The antigun establishment only wants 1 thing, that is no private gun ownership at all, and they wont stop until they get it.

    • this appears to be a well-planned fiendish act…why do people do it?…who the hell knows…but passing additional restrictions certainly won’t deter them…

      • Stop with the logic and reason. What we need is immediate, knee-jerk emotional responses that don’t impact the problem, and likely make it worse, besides ignoring the morality and legality of said actions.

        • and the new rules must have no reasonble expectation of preventing similar events in the future either. the culprit did not lawfully possess the instrument used – so more rules would not prevent a similar event in future – and laws based on fear of appearance and buzzwords is ineffective and wasteful polocy – costing much to implement and police to no avail or positive result – pure waste, while giving some people undeserved comfort that something is being done… and ignoring social issues and root causes of such acts and havng reasnable penalties for crinminal misuse that might deter some cwith criminal intent. having a black scary rifle in your hands with a big magazine does not makesny reasonable person want to hurt others, blaming the gun is idiotic – I don’t let mine out of the house alone – I dfon’t know anyone that does. Lawfulposession does not cause crime any more than fast cars cause speeding. or lawfully acquired food causes people to want to be obese.

  3. The left is consistent in one thing, “never let a crisis go to waste”.
    A criminal breaks laws; pass laws to punish the innocent.

    As we say frequently, it is not about guns, it is about controlling the peasants.

    The left will never be satisfied until the country is Cuba or China or the Soviet Union or Venezuela or……name your poison.

    A majority of Canadians appear to be sheep so they will quietly be led to the slaughter, and there will be a slaughter eventually.

    The same thing is coming to the USA. Democrats (communist party USA) will take complete control of the government by 2030 and likely before that; demographics are vastly in their favor so it is just a matter of time. How many Americans will resist getting line for the slaughter house?

    • It’s their country…if that’s what they want…so be it….we have no business telling them what to do…just as they have no business criticizing us…

      • Frank you sound like the kind of guy who hears his neighbor beating their wife and says nothing because it’s the neighbor’s house and he can do what he wants. Is that you…Yes or No?

        • Sorry Deb… Their shit hole country their mess. We have no control over their choice. We need to focus on Our nation and Our Rights. Using the abused wife scenario is a sad commentary on your own. Inability to objectively understand the issue. You sound more like a SJW than a Civil Rights Warrior. And Yes I’d call the cops in your make believe scenario. Unless I knew them very well. Then I’d fix the issue myself. Wouldn’t be the first time. Back in the day it was called a door knocking party. Men of the community payed a visit and adjusted the husbands attitude. never knew it to fail.

        • You mean the kind of domestic situation where you try to help the lady and she ends up shooting you for your trouble.

        • I don’t care one of the biggest problems with American Society is not enough people mind their own business. I was in line at Walmart and was about to go to the next self check out when the lady behind me starts shouting: There’s one open! My prompt reply was: I see that jackass. Sure you are the same kind of person.

        • @GuyinWI. No not that person. I am the kind of person who understands that the government isn’t the answer to all Our woes. People who have ceded their problems to government control. Are now reaping the consequences of their capitulation. Years age good Citizens took care of the injustices perpetrated on their communities. When the law was hours away. No arrest. No court. No jail. No lives lost. Just Problem solved with little need for revisiting. Today people rely on the government to solve all their problems. Which seem to be worse than ever before. Rampant Crime, Abuse and Governmental Oppression. So ask yourself. Are things better now that Government takes care of all of Societies woes? If that were the case…There would be No need for all the complaining going on. On this site and thousands of others. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • I can call the police about an abuser. As a non-Canadian, what can I do? I could chose not to go to Canada, boycott Canadian goods, or I could donate to Canadian pro-gun organizations. 90%+ of the world has anti-gun laws, and I don’t think Canada is particularly onerous. I’m selfish and would rather donate to American pro-gun groups. I’ll support US freedom and leave Canada as a warning and demonstration of ineffectual gun laws. This gun killed 22 over 12 hours. I’m pretty sure rate of fire wasn’t a contributing factor. Whatever they’re proposing wouldn’t have stopped this massacre, and it won’t stop the next one.

        • Your scenario is bunk. My first arrest for what is now called domestic violence, resulted in the wife with the bloody face, jumping on my back when I went to arrest the husband for bloodying her face,(this despite having just signed the “citizens arrest” document) which led to her being arrested. As was pointed out, prior to “domestic violence” laws, summary justice was often used, by police, or neighbors, to treat offenders. All that “domestic violence” laws did, was provide stats for idiots to track. Just because some type of assault is renamed, think “hate crimes,” too, does not “fix” the problem.

          As for Canada, they reelected Blackface Pantywaste Trudeau, so, they get what they asked for!

      • Perhaps, but leftists are no different in Canada or anywhere else, at their core. They just haven’t “progressed” as far here as they have in Canada. In either place, if they succeed in finally make all private ownership of firearms illegal, the next mass murder after that will be used to go after what’s left of due process, privacy, free speech, freedom of religion, private property, etc.

    • “The left is consistent in one thing, “never let a crisis go to waste”.

      The bullshit in that statement is ignoring that all political parties do exactly the same thing. It is only because Rahm Emmanuel was stupid enough to say it out loud that is now a “D” only quote. Republicans are no damned different, all politicians yearn for a crisis to exploit.

      “As we say frequently, it is not about guns, it is about controlling the peasants.”

      It is absolutely about Hoplophobia as the driving force. It is a form of panic and self delusion. It isnot an agenda to control the masses.

      “The left will never be satisfied until the country is Cuba or China or the Soviet Union or Venezuela or……name your poison.”

      More bullshit. The left is massively wrong about guns. It is a pitifully small number of Americans who think there was any good in the Soviet Union, or to be had in any of the pretenders to Marxist Madness.

      “The same thing is coming to the USA. Democrats (communist party USA) will take complete control of the government by 2030 and likely before that; demographics are vastly in their favor so it is just a matter of time. How many Americans will resist getting line for the slaughter house?”

      You are a moron, check your brain fluid levels, you appear to be running low.

      The political teeter-totter of the two big American political parties will continue long after all of us are dust. Neither party will take us to Communism or any other extreme. We will go back and forth towards more conservative and more liberal policy just as we always have.

      Any other prediction displays an inability to learn from our own history.

      • Let’s pretend that the window has not moved to the extreme left, imagine Bernie bro running in the early 50’s.

      • There’s truth in the statement that exploiting (real) crisis to gain power and control is much older than leftists, and not exclusive to them. For much of the rest, you fail to make the distinction between the useful idiot masses, which can even include some leaders, and the people pulling their strings. Power-starved authoritarians absolutely sow false panic to keep people in line and prevent them from stopping to think things through. That’s also pretty much as old as human civilization, and not exclusive to leftists. But for leftists it’s a core MO.

        • laws based on basesless fears never work well – and the single largest groups killing with guns in the last century were totlitarian governments – mostly communist or very socialist. ten or hundreds of millions of innocents murdered – the surprising thing is most of them were of the potentially ruling class – educated, progressive, intelligent because they are credible threats to totalitarian rule. if the progressives think communism works they nreedto talk at length to people who lived under Stalin, or like- minded progressive leaders- working for the common man and common good. Talk to people from Cambodia, anywhere in the USSR, Cuba… not the sanitized ciswallop we are fed by the media – the reasl stories of family members dissappearion gin the night – limited access to food and essentials, theabuse and tyranny…the lack of options we take for granted – likea choice of transportation.

  4. Maybe it’s because he overpowered a female officer and took her weapons and murdered people with him? Is the reason they do not want to reveal information on the guns

    • I too wondered if this was the case. If it is they should be calling for gun control – on the Police that is. If a mass shooter can use Police guns then the Police should not be carrying them.

      • biggest losses of restricted firearms are from police and militarey – unconscionable numer lost some while on duty or from”secure storage” the only reasdon that the FN was restricted is because some were stolen from the military in full auto – and the police didn’t want to have to determine if the fn pattern firearm was an original military full auto version or civilian semi-auto.

      • I watch the news conference each day on CTV. That seems to be a question the RCMP won’t answer. Saying that info should come from their SERT investigators. Who have yet to make any statement. My guess is the officers weapons were used for most of the killings.

        • Videos show she was killed near the same time he was, which was about 13 hours after he started shooting people and setting homes on fire.

        • He used his cop car and uniform to knock on doors without suspicion. He changed clothes at some point and tried to change cars.

          He used citizens’ trust in government/police to lure them out. Similar to the Norway shooting, where the shooter wore a cop uniform to get kids to come out of hiding.

          Imagine while sitting at home during house arrest [lockdown] you hear someone knocking on your door. You go to the window and see a cop car and an armed uniformed cop standing there. Do you open the door? Do you run away? Do you grab a gun?

          Do you think the government of Canada is going to tell that story? It would ruin the trust in police. Now everyone will second guess opening the door to a cop or pulling over for a cop. They will start thinking like black Americans.

    • I heard she was shot dead through her windshield as she rammed his car. He got out of the damaged car and set fire to them. Then he ran to a gas station to steal a SUV. The SWAT team arrived before he could leave and they shot him in the SUV.

      He shot people and set fire to their houses as a distraction.

      I heard somewhere he had two handguns and a shotgun. The police don’t want to say much because they failed majorly.

      The police didn’t warn anyone that a man dressed up as a cop was knocking on doors and shooting the people who answered, then setting fire to their homes. They said they did warn people on their social media account. They never used their system designed to warn people of major incidents to inform people of the shootings. However, they did use that system to warn people of covid and lockdown orders.

      Don’t be surprised if it turns out the man made his own guns using American 80%.

    • It appears from the timeline that the constable was his final victim.

      He purchased, whatever guns he got, illegally.

  5. Maybe the CA government needs to take a lesson from the shooters profession and put some ‘teeth’ in their gun laws.

  6. Just one more law will cure the problem, like the law against murder and a plethora of gun control laws on the books have thus far have Failed to do. Isn’t that the definition of Crazy,
    one fact is proven,the Left of the world are not playing with a full deck of brain cells.

  7. Being more socialist by nature and having to rely on the government for everything, Canadians acquiesce on restrictions of liberty for the “common good” rather than stand up and be arrested for hate speech. There’s no second or first amendment in Canada or the rest of the world for that matter.

    • And that’s been the case for most of human history. Protections of individual rights (outside special classes like nobility) is the exception. It’s easy to forget that sometimes, easy to forget how precious and fragile it is.

  8. They may have Trudeau but NYS has scumo it’s all the same this shooter was illegally possessing firearms and now all the rest will suffer it’s all bullshit he ( the shooter) didn’t complying with the law. Krazy shit

  9. Most people will sell out their freedoms for a false feeling of security. They’ll demand government “do something” about guns, because they are too stupid and/or lazy to take responsibility for their own safety, indeed, for their own lives and futures and those of their children. Just look at how people are rolling over for these ridiculous state lockdowns over this stupid virus.

    I hope the virus is deadly. I hope the country collapses. We conservatives will be there to pick up the pieces.

    • I live in a Constitutional carry state that became such over the objections of conservatives. Fortunately, the influx of minorites and the crime that comes with lowering White culture to be equal, made White folks respect the Constitution again.

    • So, how much does it pay, and in what country’s currency, to be a professional troll? I assume this is just an audition, given your ineptitude. Good luck!

  10. Instead of the same old answering up to to anti-gun zealots how about reminding anti gun zealots that the Gun Control they seek is Firmly Rooted in Racism and Genocide and it has no place in a Free Society. Put those demented ratbassturds on the hot seat and have them justify their racist and nazi based agenda.
    The only people who have a problem with law abiding citizens owning firearms are murderers, thieves, rapists, bullies, kidnappers, tyrants, perverts, child molesters and anti gun zealots. They all are out to piss on hard won rights and do whatever they want to you and yours…So the f they think.

  11. ANYONE remember in 2014 when a moose-lim Canadian murdered a guard at Ottawa’s parliament?!? There were vociferous calls for peop er gun control and the creep used a LEVERGUN. And even though the gunpunk was killed it “traumatized” those poor Canuck’s. Canaduh has drifted far left since then. A fake constable using weapons illegally obtained will make no difference. They’re at the mercy of the China dominated Trudeau cartel…

  12. People should understand that a “government” CANNOT protect its citizens. All the government can do is DENY its citizens the RIGHT to protect THEMSELVES.

    • In the case of Our Nation. The courts have ruled that government have no responsibility to protect it’s Citizens. They can however make them Subjects. By Denying them of their Rights. Both Enumerated and Non Enumerated. Because of activism among Judges and Politicians who disagree with the Constitution. Which precipitates a long drawn out court preceding. While the Rights in question continue to be denied. Which is the long game Liberal Democrats have been playing for decades. In hopes their “Common Sense” Ideas will become more Mainstream in Society. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  13. “It will take some guts on the part of our federal leaders to take on the loud — and often abusive — gun lobby. Do they have it in them?”

    If we were abusive, you wouldn’t be complaining about us. If we were dangerous, there wouldn’t be any of you left to complain about us.

    • well said – policedon’t fear law-abiding gun owners – they go shooting with them. and stand beside them – non-political real police do not advocate for more gun laws – they are already busy enough doing nonsensensical work without additional useless tasks. and yet the government fails to give them what hey want – an end to the revolving door prison system and meaningless consequences for real crimes.

  14. Even in the most tightly secured Prisons there are attacks, wounding, and death.

    and yet ‘gun grabbers’ believe they can bring forth their utopia.

  15. This story is so much better than the misleading sponsor post for drifire. Unless there’s some recocking mechanism on the magic laser bullet then that guy with the striker fired gun isn’t making it relatedly flash the laser on the target without working the slide (which he isn’t). Seems like a decent system, but how about some marketing integrity? Yeah I know that’s like jumbo shrimp.

  16. I’ve gotta stop reading this blog. Everyday its the same commentary about “the left, the left”. My Republican Governor put millions out of work, my Republication President passed gun control, as did so many other Republicans before them. Talk about towing the party line; all prospective GOP leaders should recruit from TTAG’s comment section, I hear compensation for their public relations position includes kisses on the forehead. Let the best FUDD win.

    • Unfortunately your criticism falls on deaf ears. Many of the commenters on TTAG would get into a cattle car for “summer camp” if the Republican Party told them to. Unfortunately you have the Decocratic party, the party of degenerate and then the Republican Party, the party of money worship. Unfortunately these fools keep voting for the same parties and wonder why nothing ever changes and it only appears to get worse.

      • Republicans are far from perfect. They like the power just like the next politician. But if you say there is no difference between the left and right, you must have been sleeping for the last 20 years.

        Only one party has gun control as one of main points of its platform. It’s the leftist party of socialism – the same socialism that killed hundreds of millions of its own citizens all over the world in the last century. No, that was not communism. Communists will explain to you that you can’t change gears from capitalism straight to the utopia of communism. First you need the pre-stage: socialism. Only after socialism changes the very nature of people (and eliminates those who refuse to change) can you cancel money and introduce the real thing. Of course that’s impossible to do to armed population.

        If you can’t see the struggle of diametrically opposing ideas we live in, you need a stronger prescription.

    • You and “Hillbilly” are free to start your own blog of truth , justice, and the American way. You’ll find we are all quite polarized now and no one in the middle wins or has a voice any longer.

      • Um hate to break it to you, but the Republicans have done more gun grabbing than Democrats especially recently. You managed to completely miss the points either of us was making. But keep voting for them and enjoy your slavery! Your current savior may of inadvertently managed to get all semi auto rifles ban. But hey a Republican is doing it so it’s ok.

        For the record I have never voted for a Democrat and after Trump will probably never vote for a Republican ever again. There are plenty of other third party canidates out there that much better fit my political views.

    • This is about a mass murder in Canada and the left leaning government push to further disarm Canadians, what does this have to do with Republicans?

  17. Whoa, this can’t be true, criminals always follow the law. If this is the case then why would additional restrictive laws do anything to stop this from happening again? More laws will only make the law abiding an easier less resitant target. Just so the leaders can claim they did something. It is rare when law enforcement can stop a murder, mostly there to document what happened and parade their new gear. Self defense is a personal responsibilty, lawmakers try to make that as difficult as possible.

  18. What’s the over/under on black powder rifle, cap and ball revolver or blunderbuss? I mean they haven’t said ANYTHING about what he used.

    • In a leftist’s ideal world the punishment involves a ditch dug outside the town and the “guilty” lined up in an orderly fashion.

  19. I agree with the speculation that if this shooter had used a scary looking, black rifle, it would be all over the news by now. It is also important to note that it is proable that most of the dead were killed by the arson fires, not a firearm.

    • Not if that scary black rifle belonged to the RCMP officer killed. The RCMP and the Canadian SERT investigators will not comment on that or any question concerning what type of firearms were used. My guess is he started with a legal firearm and transitioned to the officers weapons after he killed her.

  20. The answer to security threats is always “more security”.

    What that specifically means depends on the situation but in some form or another it’s always more rules, more hoops to jump through and more blanket bans on something.

    Usually when security is imposed by politicians it’s just like anything else imposed by politicians: slipshod at best and probably off target.

  21. Maybe instead of telling us what to do in our country, you should check the numbers in term of mass shootings by country, and more generally the data on deaths from gun violence, some of you here lost touch with reality.

  22. Perhaps the Canadian gov can build safe rooms in all homes with fire suppression systems. After they are disarmed they can rest easy in their concrete block hideaways.

  23. I have to wonder:
    1. Were the “illegally obtained firearms” the ones he took from the murdered police officer?
    2. Do these guys really believe that they can make it impossible for mass murder to occur by banning all guns? They must, but they are wrong. Mass murder was common long before firearms, and there is no reason to suggest that we as humans have changed.

  24. New update: The police shot at innocent people (American style). There was a place setup for people to hide while the shooter was hunted down. The police opened fire on that building.

  25. Two police uniformed shooters shot at the firehall while the killer was elsewhere. That makes a total of three shooter working together. The truth will not be revealed in order to bamboozle the public

    • Yes, but what kind of lighter did he use? Zippo? Ronson? Bic? Or did he go old timey and used matches? Where did he buy them? Ban fire!

    • The man had numerous firearms. He had pistols, a rifle a shotgun. One of those guns came from Canada. One was from the dead officer. The police say the other firearms likely came from the U.S. and they have reports he had more guns in his home but he burnt the house down.

      He had multiple police cars and police uniforms, body armor and guns.

      They are not being specific on the firearms from the U.S., which is very odd because they should have markings on them unless they are 80%. He knew how to build stuff… Time will tell if the guns he had were made by him using American 80%.

      There is some talk around town that he put an American flag outside his home, planned the attack/assassinations and initiated it for Adolf’s birthday. He did kill people he knew, he did target government workers, he did start the attack on the weekend before Adolf’s birthday, he did acquire firearms in ways he was not allowed, but I have not see evidence of an American flag outside his home. However, everything else people said he did and had turns out to be true.

  26. won’t ban fire just introduce match control
    Because it’s the matches’ need to light that causes arson.

  27. one of the weapons used was a police cruiser sold by the government to the civilian,so did that make the cruiser a assault cruiser or did the man make it a assault cruiser.
    Blame man not a fabrication of metal.


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