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[This article originally appeared at Handwaving Freakoutery and is reprinted here with permission. To subscribe to HWFO, click here.] 

By BJ Campbell, Handwaving Freakoutery

Repeatedly in the press, we see “it’s the guns, it’s the guns, it’s the guns” as the explanation for homicide in the United States, but this rhetoric only serves to obscure the actual homicide problem. I don’t believe that black Americans are more inherently violent than any other group of Americans, but I do believe the country at large, particularly its white liberal faction, needs to come to grips with what’s going on in the black community before anything can be fixed.

As we go through this deep dive, we will discover the mathematical key to solving the murder problem in the United States lies not in gun control, nor even in socioeconomics, but rather in repairing the family unit across all demographics.

As is often the case on HWFO, we are going to begin with mathematics, and attempt to replicate this entirely unsourced graph I saw on Twitter last week . . .


We begin by picking a year. I’m going to pick 2019 for several reasons. First, it was the last good year for which the FBI has data, because they changed their data collection scheme in 2020 to make it so burdensome that half the police agencies in the country stopped giving them data. Second, 2020 was an outlier year, with the Floyd riots, “defund the police,” and “all cops are bastards” leading to a reduction in policing and a commensurate crime spike. Third, the residual effects of all that awful 2020 behavior have not abated, so 2019 is the last best year for an honest comparison.

Expanded Homicide Data Table 6 from the FBI website gives us our starting point. Caveats – this table only includes cases where some racial data was known by law enforcement, so if a homicide occurs where the FBI has no information about offender or victim it’s excluded from the table. It’s also only of single victim/single offender incidents, which would exclude multiple victim shootings. Because of those two things, we’re going to have to do some careful extrapolation.

Table 6 has 6,578 homicides which fit the criteria for inclusion. If we presume the ratios exhibited in this table extrapolate to the total sample of 16,425 US murders in 2019 and extrapolate, this is what we get . . .

(Note: for this and all other calculations in the article, I took the Latinos out of the white bucket instead of out of the black or unknown buckets, which is probably an okay assumption, but not a perfect one.)

This is not the exact number from the mysterious Twitter graph, but it’s curiously close. If we use 2019 numbers to replicate the Twitter graph’s nation sample, we get this . . .

It looks to me as if the chart I raked from Twitter is not accurate, but it’s similar. It seems that chart probably took homicide rates for other countries from the 1990s and rates for the USA from around 2014 as a way to cook the numbers. But the difference between the US white homicide rate and US black and Latino homicide rates is tremendously stark.

A broader bar graph, including not only some representative countries but also regions of the world, looks like this . . .

The US white murder rate is comparable to that of the World Bank High Income nations. The US Latino murder rate is comparable to that of the World Bank Lower Middle Income Nations. The US black murder rate is double the World Bank Lower Income nations and also more than double Africa. 

But as high as the US black rate is, it doesn’t approach the murder rate in most of the rest of the western hemisphere to the south of the USA. Mexico is worse than black America, Brazil is worse than Mexico, and El Salvador is the nuttiest war zone of them all, almost tripling black America.

For reference, here’s the World Bank Income Classification Map . . .

Further, we know that murder rate does not correlate in any way with gun ownership rate by race in the United States, because black folks own the fewest guns.

What do we take away from this in convenient 280-character Twitter-worthy snippets?

  1. If US black and Latino murder rates were the same as US white murder rates, then the United States would have the same murder rate as our economic peer nations even with more than 400 million guns in circulation,
  2. Whites own more guns per capita than black folks or Latinos and there’s an inverse correlation between ownership and murder across those demographics, so “it’s the guns” is not explanatory for the murder rate differential in these populations,
  3. The racist hot-take of “it’s genetic” is also not explanatory, because US black Americans more than double the sub-Saharan Africa murder rate, and Latin America south of the border is almost six times more murderous than the Latinos here.

It’s not the guns. And it’s also not the genetics. So what is it?


Unfortunately, it’s not the economics either, at least not in the United States.

If we take the very crude and direct method, we see that the murder rate falls as average income rises in the United States, but the relationship is steeply nonlinear and we only have three data points.

You’re going to have a very hard time convincing me that a class of folks in the USA who only make $25,000 per year are going to have a murder rate of 155, so the crude analysis fails. Thankfully, Random Critical Analysis did a lot of this heavy lifting for us in 2015, by analyzing county level data . . .

He states, after presenting dozens of similar graphs to cover every possible economic marker available . . .

By now I think it should be pretty clear that the economic conditions of each group are not particularly strong predictors of their victimization rates and that they certainly don’t come close to closing the white-black gap.  Even poor “white” counties have homicide rates quite a bit lower than affluent “black” counties with low poverty rates.

I’d also note, after perusing these graphs in some detail, that white and Latino homicide rates tend to converge as the areas get poorer.

So what is it? He identifies one major factor on regression analysis which ties all three of these groups together.

Boys Without Fathers

This is your money graph, from the Random Critical Analysis research . . .

There’s your answer. It’s all about single moms and boys with no fathers.

He analyzed the following:

  • Median family income
  • Mean family income
  • Median household income
  • Mean household income
  • Per capita income
  • Family poverty rate
  • Child poverty rate
  • Median worker earnings
  • High school graduation percentage
  • Bachelors degree percentage
  • Unemployment rate
  • Labor force participation rate
  • Median home value
  • Median gross rent
  • Percentage renting
  • Home ownership percentage

…and found nothing as predictive as the single mother rate.

He goes on to note that single motherhood is higher in the black community than other communities, and is not predicted by income or other economic factors, even though the relationship between single motherhood and economics is very close for the white and Latino populations.


Sound mathematical analysis indicates that if we want to reduce murder rates in the United States, we must do two things . . .

  1. Increase the ratio of families with a father present across all racial demographics, and…
  2. Figure out why black families are disproportionately likely to have no father present as compared to other racial demographics…and fix that.

That’s the solution to homicide in America. The answer screams at you from the numbers. Families matter.

  • Did modern feminism and no-fault divorce increase the number of single mothers? Possibly.
  • Is the increase in single motherhood in the country related to falling religiosity? Assuredly.
  • Did falling religiosity disproportionately affect the black community? Possibly.
  • Are there cultural pressures within the black community that leave more black women without men in the house to help raise children? Possibly.
  • Are those exacerbated by disproportionate incarceration, the prison industrial complex, and the school to prison pipeline? Assuredly.
  • Are they exacerbated by the drug war, by distrust of police in the black community, and by black men and boys resolving disputes directly in honor-culture style duels instead of through official channels that they don’t trust? Assuredly.
  • Could societal messaging praising traditional family units instead of praising go-it-alone mothers help? Possibly.
  • Could similar messaging praising faithful fathers also help? Possibly.
  • Could prison reform, enforcement reform, and drug law reform help? Assuredly.
  • Could a revival of black community churches or similar institutions help, as both a way to strengthen black families and provide alternate dispute resolution for beefs? Assuredly.
  • Should liberal organizations campaign to end the family unit? Assuredly not.
  • Would it help if the black community trusted the police and courts as an honorable and fair arbiter of disagreements, so they no longer resolved them in combat as honor cultures often do? Yeah, but how the hell do we do that?

How do I, a rural white dude banging away on a keyboard, affect any of this stuff?

This is the hard work nobody’s doing. This is the hard discussion nobody’s having. This is why nothing gets fixed. This is why Moms Demand Action makes all the money and nobody’s ever heard of Black Fathers Matter. Because the latter organization doesn’t exist, and if it did, the rich white female Brady Campaign donors wouldn’t donate anyway.

“It’s the guns.” Yeah, right.


This article originally appeared at Handwaving Freakoutery and is reprinted here with permission. To subscribe to HWFO, click here.


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  1. “He goes on to note that single motherhood is higher in the black community than other communities, and is not predicted by income or other economic factors …”

    LOL! And people keep telling me the lie “it’s their culture.” Absolutely HILARIOUS!

    • Johnny,

      But the point the author is trying to make, I believe, is that single motherhood/fatherless homes is endemic to the black community (compared to white, Asian, or even Hispanic). Perhaps it has BECOME their culture?

      70+% of black children are born to/raised by single mothers. This has been true (and in increasing percentages) for decades. “Culture” is how you live. Lyndon Johnson destroyed the black community with his “Great Society”, and we are all, but the blacks more than anyone, are reaping the bitter harvest.

    • Broken families equal a broken society. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

  2. The elephant in the room…
    Yet another example of the MSM only looking at their programmed agenda and not looking beyond their master’s orders.

    • Huh this headline’s assertions, assessments, and sources seem familiar somehow…………not seeing the 2 parent criminal justice system interaction by race and wealth data set but that was a rougher one to dig through.

      • The wealthy can afford the best attorneys/connections. Obviously there will be a huge disparity. If you’re only looking at race, then you have to compare poor vs poor and wealthy vs wealthy among the same race. People tend to do the opposite and scream racist.

        • What we for for NY is even at the highest income category 250k+ for married family of 2 the kids in black households we’re 2 to 5 times more likely to face misdemeanor charges before adulthood than any married white couple. Mind you this is only by average and only covers NY (we couldn’t get a breakdown of US vs African or religious affiliation so couldn’t cover culture vs religion). Race in itself may be a factor but the main point is it would be a distant second (worth mentioning but minor contributing at most) to parental marital status.

        • I wonder what happens if you remove those families from there and plop them into the middle of the country? Another question would be if those particular kids were usually acting alone or were they hanging with kids from a different socioeconomic class?

        • Speaking strictly from assumption and educated guess your last question is highly probable. As to the rest hard to say and would probably have to check with rural Ohio, Iowa, etc for whatever small sample sizes they have.

        • “I wonder what happens if you remove those families from there and plop them into the middle of the country?”

          In 2008, none other than the NY ‘Times’ looked at the data of section 8 housing moving into wealthier suburbia neighborhoods from the inner-city slums :

          “Sociologists have long claimed that leaving behind high-crime, low-employment neighborhoods for the middle-class suburbs buoys the fortunes of impoverished tenants. An article in the July/August edition of The Atlantic Monthly, however, cited findings by researchers at the University of Memphis that crime in Memphis appeared to migrate with voucher recipients.”

          The New York *fucking* Times had that to say… 🙁

        • Houston, Texas, has some hard data on what happened to crime rates when they took in thousands of refugees from New Orleans after Katrina hit… 🙁

        • Ultimately there will be no fix in culture until there is a fix in family. Any genetic/racial issues are minor footnotes in comparison and outside of the MAOA expression we really don’t have much published study to go off of. Military may have some from whatever data they track with their genetic database but that’s way outside my area of knowledge let alone previous security clearance (low level).

      • I came here to say EXACTLY what James Cambell stated.

        Slavery destroyed many/most black families and that put many black folks at a huge disadvantage. While that officially ended in 1865, the road to recovery was long and difficult. The black community, although making great strides, was still on that recovery road when Lyndon B. Johnson came along and championed his infamous “Great Society” welfare programs in the 1960s.

        That program created SIGNIFICANT economic incentives for single black women to produce as many children as possible and THAT started the landslide decent into our current situation.

        The only solution that I can see at this point is extremely difficult:
        One: end welfare
        Two: imprison mothers AND fathers for child neglect if they do not have money to feed their children
        Three: send those children who would otherwise starve to adopting families.

        • uncommon,

          Of course, slavery couldn’t help but devastate the black family. And no person with a soul could blame that on the slaves. But in 1954, blacks had nearly the same rate of single motherhood as other races. In 1964 (the “Great Society”) it had increased a bit, but was still close. Now rates of single motherhood in the black community are literally double those for other races.

          Freed slaves, even though they were kept in poverty by Jim Crow laws, etc., maintained very similar family structures until the early 60s. Gee, what changed? We got the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, and at least an effort to eliminate Jim Crow. That trend has continued – as the black family structure has continued to deteriorate dramatically.

          So the US is objectively LESS racist now, but the black population is . . . losing ground. Couldn’t POSSIBLY be the result of objectively stupid (and probably intentionally racist) policies of Dimocrats (like the racist s***weasel, LBJ), could it????? Nah, that’s crazy talk. No, it’s the “systemic racism” of our culture – which has objectively been improved steadily since then.

          ‘Splain it to me, Lucy. The Dimocrats/Leftist/fascists (ah, but I repeat myself) have been the worst thing to happen to blacks since slavery.

        • you would have to build a lot of prisons. And with the current trend the whites will fill a lot of that prison space.
          When Heroin Came To Harlem

    • And who raised that daddy to run off? A mommy raised her son to do that. Let’s stop putting all of the blame on the men. That’s just more propaganda. (I’m not saying you’re putting all of the blame on the men, but I see that a lot.)

      • Dude,

        Not untrue, but what choice did she have? If she married her baby-daddy, those sweet, sweet checks stopped coming in. So, yeah, black (and white) women were given incentives to NOT get married and maintain a traditional nuclear family. So single motherhood rates have skyrocketed, but it’s most obvious among blacks.

        I can’t blame black mothers; we basically told them they had to. Blame the real culprits, the Dimocrat/Leftist/fascists. Ronnie said it, “If you tax something, you get less of it; if you incentivize it, you get more of it”. No s***, Sherlock.

        We can’t blame blacks for responding to an incentive structure white (DIMOCRAT/LEFTIST/FASCIST) idiots imposed on them. It was a mistake, of course, but the incentives weren’t created by them.

        Nope, this one falls ENTIRELY on the heads for the Dimocrat/Leftist/fascists.

        • Quote: “We can’t blame blacks for responding to an incentive structure white (DIMOCRAT/LEFTIST/FASCIST) idiots imposed on them. It was a mistake, of course, but the incentives weren’t created by them.”

          It was not a mistake. It was a planned project with a know outcome. Democrats intentionally destroyed black families to create a class of people dependent on government handouts for their money. They will always vote for democrats.

  3. Finally we have some honesty for a change. The Libertarians liberals and the left, love to say that you cannot arrest your way out of this problem. That’s true. But the problem is they help to create this problem in the first place. When they publicly disagreed with the Christians. When the Christians said a father is necessary in the home. But how can it be fixed?

    The first thing that needs to be done, is the divorce laws need to be changed in this country. And the divorce compensation laws need to be changed especially. There are too many women who see divorce as a “jackpot way to get a long-term income”. And to be honest unfortunately many conservatives went along with this scheme.

    We need to bring back the idea of real consequences when someone gets a divorce. Especially if you had children together in that marriage. But many men have found out that they have ended up, having to pay alimony to a woman, who had children but were not theirs. This type of law or Court decree must come to an end.

    In the meantime criminal children who are committing acts of violence must be shot dead on sight. And any white person caught committing a property crime, while waving a rainbow flag, should also be shot dead on sight. We don’t want to be accused of racism by treating criminals differently.

    And yes I’m being serious. The quickest way to bring this to a halt. Is to make sure criminals regardless of their skin color, realize that instant death can come to them, because of their foolish criminal actions.

    • Why stop there?? Repeal both the Snivel Rights Act and the 19th. Would solve a lot of problems overnight.

    • To really hammer home your plan you need a way to penalize both Male and Female for either having kids out of wedlock or divorcing with kids. I would require both parents to pay into a fund (means based/weighted) for the child’s benefit rather than our current system which almost always rewards the Mother and then incentives her to have other children and to treat those children poorly and as mere income streams.

      The fund would be managed like a trust with disbursements made only after proper accounting for prior distributions are reconciled.

      Then really hammer either parent if they default on their obligations. Jail the scoff and cut off all future funds (while requiring continued payment into the fund) for financial mismanagement.

      • The atheists and the s e x u a l l y liberated, wrote extensively decades ago about the abandonment of your personal responsibilities. They said there was nothing wrong with that. Because, “it was just your personal choice”. And you had no obligation to continue to support your personal responsibilities, if you didn’t want to. I blame them for the current situation we have in our culture.

        But I still want anyone who steals and/or violates someone’s private property, to be shot dead on site by the property owner. Or even by a third party, who is doing the right thing by stopping the criminals. And there should be no legal or civil actions taken against them.

        The president in Russia and the president in Hungary both have taken great steps, to support ($$$) couples getting married and having children. Having intact families has become an enormous priority in those two societies. And it should be that way here as well.

        • “But I still want anyone who steals and/or violates someone’s private property, to be shot dead on site by the property owner.”
          Come on Chris. It depends on how you steal and how the victim’s are harmed. Cut of the offending hand maybe but death for stealing a loaf of bread?

        • to AR Libertarian
          It has all been in the libertarian Reason Magazine. Including the support for raising what a misdemeanor is considered up to $950. To make it easier for drug addicts to pay for their habit. By stealing the private property of hard-working people.

          to muckraker
          One handed criminals become wards of the state. And increase the burden on the taxpayer. Which so many of the three L’s complain about. So just shoot the criminal dead on site. It saves everyone lots of money.

          This is a far superior idea. Than what happens in Saudi Arabia a very backward country.

        • Christ T,

          If it has been ” . . . in the libertarian Reason Magazine.”, surely you can cite a few specific articles, no? I could quibble about whether Reason was EVER a “libertarian” magazine, but accepting your premise that it was, cite the specific articles that advocated for this. And then point out the other articles that argued against it. Then go read the writings of our Founders around the First Amendment. They WANTED us to have a vigorous, reasoned debate about all of this, with ALL points of view represented. The “marketplace of ideas” would weed out the obviously bad, and we could debate around the ones we disagreed about, but weren’t obviously stupid.

          I am NOT a “Reason Magazine” “libertarian”. I will say they often have decent articles on both sides of an issue. I usually disagree with them (hence why I would quibble with you characterizing them as “libertarian”), but they do provide a forum for rational debate. And debate is objectively a good thing.

          I would appreciate it if you could stop wielding that 100 mile wide paintbrush labeling Egg McMuffin, Reason Magazine, Gary Johnson, et al. have few political beliefs that align with mine (although I do agree that what you put into your own body is your own business – as long as you are responsible for the consequences). Thomas Jefferson was a (admittedly hypocritical) libertarian. Gary Johnson and Egg McMuffin have less in common with me, politically, than just about anyone on this blog (except MajorLiar and dacian the demented). They are entitled to call themselves libertarians; I am entitled to disagree.

        • to LampOfDiogenes
          I’m not sure if you are aware of it. But Tucker Carlson has called himself a libertarian for many years now. And it was Reason Magazine who declared that he was not a libertarian. Because they disagreed with his position on Banning, automated driverless 18 wheel diesel delivery trucks.

          Larry Elder who I understand has recently declared himself in the race for the presidency has said, “if you got a dozen Libertarians in the same room together, they would argue about everything and agree on almost nothing.”

          I would be happy if they just believed in the concept of personal responsibility and holding people accountable for their actions.

          I wish there were more libertarians like Tucker Carlson.

    • Sounds a lot like communist USSR.

      You figure you’ll just shoot anyone that knocks on your door after 8pm Grand Pa?

      Dry cleaners called. Your Klan robes are ready.

      • Sundown, you better take care
        If I find you been creapin’ ’round my back stairs

      • With a name like “freedom for all”. I’m sure you support the law abiding klan having 2nd amendment rights.

        I do. I just want more fire power than they have.

  4. The protector of the community was always the father. Or a group of fathers and Uncles. You didn’t bother calling a cop. That’s what your father was for. But the atheists and the h0m0sexu@ls have always hated the traditional family structure, of one man and one woman. They are happy when the father is replaced by a welfare check.

    They are comfortable with a single mother with five kids from five different men. And never getting married. They say it’s a lifestyle choice. Which they support.
    The Three L’s are comfortable with the Father’s Love, his discipline and his guns, being replaced. By The Guns of a big city police department.

    • You are talking out your @$$.

      Atheists and homosexuals (or anyone else in the LGBT+ communities) don’t hate the family. They may be your chosen target of hate, but it has nothing to do with this.

      Women got tired of the patriarchal bullshit that comes from living with a man-child that refuses to grow up, so they kick them to the curb.

      #1 thing that needs to happen is for women to start turning their back on sweet talking useless users. Which is already happening among the more affluent demographics. If it weren’t for immigrants, the US would be shrinking in population, just as is every other industrialized nation.

      NOT having children until you are financially secure enough to do so, in a stable relationship is the solution, not bashing what ever random group you can latch onto.

      • By the time most couples feel they are financially secure to have kids, most are to old to be active parents. Having 50+ yo men/women coaching/reffing sports does not work. When the parents are well into middle age and are not fit enough to do these things with their kids, the kids end up being raised in front of TV or video game consoles.
        The IRS needs to change tax deductions and have no tax spending for sports and education for extra-curricular learning. Children in single parent families need proper activities outside of school – if this means they are assigned a social worker, so be it. Allowing these kids to be raised feral just makes the gangs more like family. These gangs hang out at food joints in the neighborhood, get free food(for “protection”) and hang with the homeboys and girls making the gang “family”. This has not changed in 150 years, ever since the child labor laws came into effect.

        • There is a documentary on Netflix now about murders in South Central Los Angeles. It was refreshing hearing the people that run these programs tell it correctly – that it isn’t just a gang problem, drug or robbery problem, it is a murder problem. The murders are because someone was butt-hurt, dissed, or were not shown the reverence they thought they deserved.
          The other crimes could go on without the murders, but this is how the people feel now about the neighborhood peers that they grew up with.
          Respect needs to be shown for your peers. Fighting with others in your same situation is just wrong. It was shown that it was usually personal, not business related. These hood murders just make the living standards worse, no one will open a store or even contract maintenance work(plumber/painter/handyman/livery/household hauling) in a place where bullets could be flying around.
          The churches/mosques/temples need to teach that the people in the neighborhood are like family, not trash because they believe in different religious teachings. (These preachers are in it for the money also and want as many followers as they can get.)

        • rt66paul, that is a ration of crap. Too old to have kids? And just what age would that be? Here is something for you to chew on. With age comes wisdom. Well, in most cases. there are of course some gross exceptions as we have seen here. Plenty of parents who are “middle aged” (your definition?) do plenty of with their kids. I know I took my son to almost all of his hockey games and I was in my middle to late 40’s. I also coached his last team, the Mohawk Valley Lightning, a B level Midget Time that in both seasons has winning seasons. In fact they came in @nd place in the Alex Bay Tournament in 1999.
          If anything sports fees, equipment etc, should be TAX DEDUCTIBLE as it would INCREASE participation of our youth. The kids who are “feral” as you refer to them are in neighborhoods where the single mother is too busy to see to the welfare of her own progeny trying to feed them. Idol minds are the devil’s workshop? How about those kids in Tennessee that dropped a rock through a car window killing that 20 yr old young lady ? I guess you that that kind of “activity” is caused by… ?
          As to your NetFix Documentary, I would not put too much credence in a Leftist media outlet prone to espouse Leftist Ideology?

        • rt66paul,

          “By the time most couples feel they are financially secure to have kids, most are to old to be active parents.”

          Hmm. My first was born in 1995 – I was 40 . . . none of your damn business. My youngest was born in 2002 – I wasn’t quite 50. I was a Boy Scout Troop leader, a volunteer football and soccer coach for all of my kids, helped them with their homework, helped my boys practice their Tae Kwon Do, went camping and hiking with them, and STILL help my youngest with her college homework.

          Would it have been easier if I’d done it in my late 20s? Oh, HELL YEAH. Could I have provided them the same quality of life? Hell no. That it made it a little harder for me to do my “dad job” was a me problem. I don’t regret a thing about it. Now, as I am retired, I have four of the greatest kids ever, and they are the highlight of my life.

          Don’t project your issues onto everyone else.

        • Walter,
          Those “kids” are all 18 and this happened in Jefferson County Colorado. The rocks weren’t dropped the were thrown into vehicles coming in the opposite direction thereby increasing the lethality of the impact. Just wanted to clarify.

        • “I was a Boy Scout Troop leader, a volunteer football and soccer coach for all of my kids, helped them with their homework, helped my boys practice their Tae Kwon Do, went camping and hiking with them, and STILL help my youngest with her college homework.”
          You’re obviously a good father Lamp and I’m not being a smart ass.

        • “Women got tired of the patriarchal bullshit that comes from living with a man-child that refuses to grow up, so they kick them to the curb.”

          The “patriarchy”, really??? You want to go there in 21st century America?
          I have news for you. It’s past time that women be held accountable for their poor choices when it comes to choosing a man.
          The sexually liberated not only supported the destruction of the traditional family. They also supported the destruction of the traditional way, in which men and women chose each other. This process known as “courting” often lasted several months.

          It gave each side time to evaluate the other. Especially when interacting with friends and family members. Eventually each side would display warning signs. Red flags, to indicate that this was the wrong person, to be selected for marriage.
          Unfortunately “hook up culture” has replaced courting. But the man is in the same boat. Because he also is too quick, to get with a woman. Who’s red flags and warning signs the man choses to ignore.

          This has been widely discussed going back centuries. However I suggest you check out the following:
          Coach Greg Adams
          Terrence Pop
          Aaron Clary
          Tribe of Men
          Better Bachelor
          Or you can check out some female advice as well. Such as: Courtney Ryan,
          Your Wingmom,
          Just Pearly Things.
          And Dr. Gail Crowder for the wives, so they can learn how to take care of their husbands. All of them are You Tube channels.

          Then the women can take a trip to the “husband store”

        • I don’t need to cite sources. You know that h0msexu@ls and atheists would never support the religious teachings that require changes in immoral Behavior. Required changes that don’t need enforcement from the state.

          There was more freedom in this country when we were a more religiously observant society.
          The more secular we have become, the less Freedom we have.

          Fear of God has been replaced. By the fear of the State.
          I assume the atheist support this. Since they hate religion so much. We had far less government in our lives, when we were a much more religiously active people.

        • “patriarchal bullshit that comes from living with a man-child”

          Patriarchal and man-child are polar opposites. AR lib is using a left wing buzz word which is a red flag. A man-child is not the leader of a family. He’s someone who refuses to grow up and take on responsibility. The patriarchy refers to a man who takes the lead in his family which has been done since the beginning of time.

          One reason we have hook up culture is because we’re told if the girl gets pregnant with a “dead clump of cells” it’s okay! No worries! All you have to do is abort the “dead clump of cells.” It’s practically like removing a pimple except it’s something to be celebrated. Be sure to #shoutyourabortion on social media!

          What would happen if abortion wasn’t so easy to obtain? What if our culture frowned on abortion instead of celebrating it? Here’s what would happen: women would become picky about who they have sex with. They would have to ask themselves if they can visualize this guy being the father of their children. Guess what happens then? Your man-child will have a much more difficult time getting laid. That would force him to grow up so he would be more attractive to women. Society would be much better off as a result.

      • “…in a stable relationship…”

        “…father and mother in a stable relationship…”

        FIFY, that’s a little better.

      • But they are? The Democrats, LGBTWTF Brigade and Atheists have been attacking the conceptual image of the Traditional Nuclear Family for 60+ years. It’s evidenced in their writings. It’s evidenced in the Legislation they pass, and it’s evident in the books they push into Educational Curriculum of Primary and Secondary Schools. Books like “Peter Has Two Mommies,” and “Two Dads For Jenny” are intentionally written to Normalize Aberrant Behaviors.
        The whole driving purpose of most species is Procreation. Except for a few species of lower life forms on this planet, Procreation requires a male and female of species. Not two males and not two females. Without the sexual congress between the two genders, there’s no issue. Any sexual behavior that doesn’t produce issue in a species, dooms that species to extinction. Scientifically, such behavior is not normal. It’s an aberration, a deviance from known behavior. To view Homosexuality and Transgenderism as anything but aberrancy is suicidal for the species. Transgenderism, is really just Sterilization, surgically and chemically, and not something that should be allowed, let alone pushed by Enablers of this Crime. The whole Gender Bender movement is as Evil as the Nazi experiments on the Concentration Camp Victims.

        Overall, if we look at the problems we face in this Nation, all of them, can be traced back to the Lefty attempts to Normalize the Abnormal.

  5. Now run ALL of those numbers in four distinct data sets, one where white kills white, white kills black, black kills white and black kills black. That will likely fill in all the blanks.

  6. “That’s the solution to homicide in America. The answer screams at you from the numbers. Families matter.”

    Tsk tsk. Don’t confuse the local Sorosians with the facts.

    (I like that label, possum. If leftists want to play identity politics, let’s at least force them to follow truth in advertising guidelines.)

  7. Culture and lack of proper male role models is the primary cause of lawlessness and lack of a moral compass in black communities. We can all thank LBJ for his great society, may he rot in hell. A size 12 in some young punk’s butt once in a while will make him a man and keep him employed and out of prison, same goes for young girls, a father’s discipline will keep them from becoming a parent themselves at 15.

  8. Because leadership is non existent in high crime cities nothing can be done until residents end their rotten habit of voting for the party of their past and present slave masters. When the masses are History illiterate they will fall for anything especially Gun Control.

    Nothing will change in high crime cities until the leaders in Chicago. etc. have principles like this man…


  9. Liberal propaganda is so pervasive, it even makes it into articles like this. How disappointing (but not surprising).

    Of course varying degrees of melanin in one’s skin does not determine these outcomes. Compare and contrast generational black Americans with the educated, family-oriented black Africans who come to this country and thrive. Those immigrants usually earn more than white Americans.

    Oh, and what about the Asians? They’re less likely to commit violent crimes and more likely to out earn white Americans. What’s the main difference? They’re extremely family oriented. So much for the white supremacy lie. Yes, the destruction of the family unit has had a negative impact on whites as well. Black people were already in a more vulnerable position when the decline began, so it has had more of an impact on them. Here we are looking at the 60s again. Thanks liberals!

    And what did BLM promise in their manifesto? They promised to disrupt the “Western-prescribed nuclear family.” How many idiots are left who believe BLM wants to help black people? Let’s see a show of hands. Okay Romney, I see yours. Anyone else?

    • Dude,

      You missed MajorLiar and dacian the demented in the back of the room, waving their hands.

      The Leftist/fascists know (even if they don’t admit it) that a stable family is Leftism’s biggest foe. LBJ didn’t nuke the black family structure by accident, it was an intentional act of sabotage. Remember, “We’ll have these n*****s voting Democrat for a hundred years.”

      Dimocrats only think in terms of “what keeps us in power”, then come up with some transparent, bulls*** way to make it should like they’re trying to be “compassionate”.

      • “…………Remember, “We’ll have these n*****s voting Democrat for a hundred years.”…………”

        And yet they’re fine with roads and schools named for LBJ littering their communities like the trash he was.
        Goes to show they have NO problem with racist POS liars, just so long as they profit from the grift.

        If it wasn’t for hypocrisy, they wouldn’t have any value at all.

  10. Forced Birth will only increase the problem then.

    By the way did you hear about the bill in Tennessee where anyone having a prescription for an SSRI will become a prohibited person? How many cops take a Prozac in the morning with coffee.

    • Killing more babies will solve the problem of too many murders. Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks for the suggestion “Bob.” Since we’re specifically discussing a particular ethnic group, that sounds a lot like genocide.

        • Has anyone suggested to you that you do something about your cranial-rectal inversion?

          Always glad to help.

        • I suggest a dictionary. Lookup “babies”, “genocide” and probably more importantly “racism”.

          ba·by (bā′bē)
          n. pl. ba·bies
          a. A very young child; an infant.
          b. An unborn child; a fetus.
          c. The youngest member of a family or group.
          d. A very young animal.

          gen·o·cide (jĕn′ə-sīd′)
          The systematic and widespread extermination or attempted extermination of a national, racial, religious, or ethnic group.

          rac·ism (rā′sĭz′əm)
          1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
          2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

          Okay, Bob. Now what do you suggest?

    • Bobblehead,

      “forced birth”????? OK, if it was a case of rape, sure. ANY other instance? WTF you talkin’ about, boy??? Who “forced” the woman to spread her legs??? Oh, she was ‘on the pill’??? What lame-brain moron doesn’t understand that NO birth control method (even abortion, which is just ironic as hell) is 100% effective.

      If you want to dance, you have to pay the piper. Sorry, chief, but that is an objectively stupid and unthinking piece of abject idiocy. Please hie thyself off to the theological place of eternal punishment.

  11. The Atheist thought that if they just broke up the family and increase the number of abortions. They or we, could just “abort our way” out of any future problems. Well that is not working out so very well is it???

    It’s like saying, “if we just make drugs legal then all the crime will just go away”.

    • The 12th graph is bullshit. Any graph that doesn’t use the same scale across the board is manipulative. Big Pharma uses graphs like those for their “pain scale” arguments. If the scale gets smaller as the graph goes up or down, it’s manipulative. At least that is the only one though.

      Plus, nobody is going to care. They won’t believe actual statistics if it slapped them in the face. The most basic form is that more justifiable DGU’s take place on a yearly basis than crime committed with guns and has been that way for longer than they cared to compile the data. But they don’t care. They won’t believe it because “guns bad”. Any time you start a link war they will just counter with bullshit links.

  12. I’ve said this before. Twenty-five years I worked as an L.E.O. in the only predominantly black county in Florida. After growing up in the most predominantly white county in Florida. They’re next door to each other. Not kidding. It gives one a unique perspective. The first of the month the baby’s momma would get their checks. Baby’s daddy would show up. A week or so later, when the money was running out, daddy would take a 10-8. That’s when the domestics would begin. White trash isn’t any different.

  13. We have got to quit pointing fingers at anybody, but the person responsible for the act… they know right from wrong!!… and they need to be held accountable with a good robust death penalty… people that can’t stop screwing up and victimizing other people need to be dealt with very harshly… we have no room for these type of people in our society!… tired of feeding them!!..I’m not needing them!!!… we need to start feeding the criminal element because they are useless eaters… we need to start feeding the criminal element because they are useless eaters.. if you’re too peaceful, a person to flip the switch or pull the trigger on these types get out my way!

  14. I’ll point this out like the creator of Dilbert did
    MOVE away form african Americans as fast as you can!

    then add as to black women being wed or UN-wed….as one of my black buddies put it “EVERY black American female has a nugget of CRAZY grafted into their head by their mothers…sooner or later that CRAZY will hatch and go off!…NONE of the other black woman of the WHOLE world he had dated had a nugget of CRAZY in them like US born and raised black women do!”

    that is why black guys date and have sex, but DO NOT marry them or stick around

  15. If President Obama had a million bastard sons and daughters, they would look like two-thirds the murderers in America.

    What we need to do is castrate President Obama and sterilize Black women.

    • LOL, “if president Obama had a million bastard sons.”
      Probably why the hardware store went broke, the whore house on the second floor.
      To much fckn overhead.
      A million bastard sons, busy man Ghengis Khan is jealous.

  16. And why doesn’t anybody have the balls to stand up and talk about this ?!?!?!? ALL the real reasons for ALL the violence ARE NOT being talked about !! We should be screaming about this but all the politicians are silent. I know it. You know it. They know it. F this.

  17. “The racist hot-take of “it’s genetic” is also not explanatory, because US black Americans more than double the sub-Saharan Africa murder rate. “

    Homicide and Armed Conflict ( war) deaths are different categories. If tribal and ethnic armed conflict in Africa is considered, along with the millions of resulting deaths over the past several decades, it calls into question the author’s point.

    What we call gang violence here is tribal “armed conflict” over there, and the deaths are tallied differently. However the deaths are tallied, it would undeniably be far worse if not for the repeated interventions of western peacekeeping forces.

    • The problem is getting a remotely standardized data set that even begins to be accurate between two continents with one being largely unwilling to study the topic and the other largely unable to. On the up end it by all estimates is not the major determining factor compared to the focus of this article.

  18. The psychological (includes spirituality) research is clear. I remember listening to Dr. Robert Johnson, a Jungian psychologist and professor in the 1980’s who said that boys need fathers. Boys need fathers to be a male role model for them. There is a type of role separation that males need from the mother as they approach adolescence as the father takes a more important role in male nurturing at this time which is different than female nurturing. Johnson said this separation is natural, is necessary and will happen no matter what. If fathers are not present to help in this transition of teaching a boy to become a man, Johnson said that the boy will most likely have to do this violently because he has no guidance. As a therapist, I’ve seen this happen over and over and over again since the 1980’s and the problem continues to increase as a father can be “absent” even when in the home as the problem of neglect becomes greater, often created by the growing narcissism in the present age, much to do with the rising influence of Marxism that has infected the government, schools, media, churches and all our social systems. I see a lot of white males in my practice of lack a self-identity, confidence and are socially underdeveloped, feeling lost, telling me that they have an emotional/psychological hole within them that you could drive a truck through. The major problem? No father present in their lives.

  19. This article goes way out of the way to clearly point out it’s not because of the color of their skin that causes the problem but that part still goes right over some of your heads.

    • “This article goes way out of the way to clearly point out it’s not because of the color of their skin …”

      No one here is disputing that — although, isn’t it interesting that you characterize the author’s intent as “going way out of the way?” I agree, there was a good deal of beating around the bush before the author finally stated conclusions.

      “… but that part still goes right over some of your heads.”

      I’m not seeing that in anyone’s comments. What I do see is an acknowledgement that part of the black community has cultural issues that often lead to violence, and that their community will have to be the primary force in driving change to eliminate those negative aspects.

  20. Current federal policies that ‘reward’ single women to have lots of babies does not help the situation. It also punishes them for having a male in the house.The current policies do not encourage a traditional family.

  21. Follow the money.
    Having a dad around is a financial loss. He’s a nuisance & inconvenience who adds expenses and she loses welfare benefit income plus having more kids = more subsidies.

    An alien in the audience at the Oscars & Grammys might think from their presence in these pretentious one-percenter circuses that blacks are every bit 50% of the population.

    They are not.

    Racism by the numbers.

    Blacks are 13% of the US population (US Census)

    Blacks commit 30% of the violent crimes including: 48% of homicides, 40% of trafficking, 58% of robbery, 34% embezzlement, 47% of weapons violations and 37% of the prostitution. (ucr.fbi.gov/nibrs)

    Blacks are three times as likely to kill a police officer. (LEOKA table 42)

    Black on black shootings are 80% of the gun carnage in Chicago (Heyjackaass.com), Detroit, Baltimore, NOLA, et. al.

    Black women terminate their pregnancies at three time the rate white women do. (Guttmacher Institute)
    Back on the plantation the massa would put a stop to this shit, it’s bad for the bottom line.

    Blacks have traded cotton fields for football/baseball fields at multi-million salaries and CTE. (Kaepernick)

    Advertisers continue to script white scenarios but cast w black actors.

    Black minstrel rappers hoppin’ around on stage for the massa’s are much like the darkies singing and dancing on the plantations.

    Heroin and cocaine are black crimes. Fentanyl is a white medical crisis.

    That’s the true racism not some 150 year old pigeon perch in the park or rebel battle flag.

    If you are not Blackist, you are not paying attention.


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