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Seattle’s mayor, along with a gaggle of dedicated radicals on the Seattle city council, are busying themselves with another round of defunding the city’s police department. Because the last round of cuts didn’t do enough wonderful things for the Emerald City.

That’s right, they’re proposing to cut another $11 million from the already beleaguered department’s proposed budget, including slashing the number of hires by nearly 50% to 120.

Gosh, it’s almost like Seattle’s elected government is trying to promote still more crime and violence. Maybe “defund the police” politicians see higher crime and more dead bodies as just a small price to pay for burnishing their woke “social justice” credentials.

KTTH has spilled the beans . . .

Despite a rise in crime, some on the City Council are trying to defund the Seattle Police Department again. Too bad it’s getting scant or disingenuous coverage.

The council is currently debating Mayor Bruce Harrell’s budget. Anti-police councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, who once defended a man threatening to murder police, is looking to cut funds from the SPD permanently. She just doesn’t want you to realize it’s part of the defund movement.

Harrell’s budget temporarily cuts $11 million dollars from the budget. The money would have been used to fill 200 open staff positions, but it was cut to fund only 120. The SPD is dangerously understaffed, so why would they cut the budget?

Normally, this would be foolish. But thanks to the virulently anti-police council, it will be impossible to fill the open positions. The department has already lost roughly 500 police since the Black Lives Matter riots and protests. They’ll be lucky to hire the 120 they’re budgeting for…

What’s more, Councilwoman Mosqueda is working to make sure her latest “defund the police” move is permanent, no matter how how much things deteriorate in Seattle.

But Mosqueda does not want the cut to be temporary. Her amendment permanently cuts the funding in future budgets. She wants you to think this is reasonable and not in line with her previous successful efforts to defund the police.

Seattle’s city council will vote on the budget and amendments tomorrow. Don’t bet against the cuts being approved.

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    • Something else ‘progressive’ is metastatic cancer.

      It ‘progresses’ until the host is dead.

      I really have a hard time wrapping my head around why they actively want this, the complete destruction of a functional society.

      Actually, I do know, it’s their ‘tear the whole thing down’ mindset. They actually believe the lies that socialism-communism teaches. Except, they think they can control it… 🙁

      • Never mind that the society gathered together under the name “City of Seattle” has NOT been functional for some years now, and likely will continue to deteriorate over these next few years.

    • That won’t help. Most times I avoid them anyway as its faster to drivethe extra miles and go over th top or under the bottom. It would REALLY hurt cyclists, though, as the bike path is far shorter and almost never has any congestion. Some regularly comute across.

      No matter anyway, as Bellevue and such are only a few years behind Seattle. As the riffraff and “unhoused” throw in the towel on the west side the lake they will increase their rate of oozing to the east side.
      Seattle is nothing but the bellwether for the state, unless some counties can actually manage to secede

      • Capitalism is about allowing individuals the opportunity to rise as high as they are capable, socialism-communism is about dragging everyone down to the lowest common level.

        They call it “spreading the money around” (like Obama told Joe the plumber’), in reality it’s spreading the misery around…

  1. I was born and raised in the Soviet of Seattle, and I pray that all the woke idiots in the city government become endangered species. My sister and brother-in-law are retired Seattle police officers and are so happy that they do not have to work in the cesspit that Seattle has become.

  2. I came to Seattle in 1999 and found that thousands of people in downtown coukd walk around safely at night. By 2001 the police stopped walking the streets. The mayor at the time decided it was better if cops just video taped crime from roof tops instead of mingling with crowds.

    Seattle became dangerous and deadly. Over the last few years drug enforcement became racist. Then law enforcement became racist simply based on the color of who broke the laws. Now the criminals will kill you for your car or the money in your pocket. Police cannot do any pursuit even on a vehicle that is stolen.

    Visiting Seattle? You better be packing because the police are no longer in sight.

    • and if you go about “hot” youd BETTER have your Mother May I Card. As I recall WA do not recognise the Mother May I Cards from any other state. THAT needs to change butnlikly will not. Not as long as Gates, SUgarman, Hanauer, and their sick pals are about.

  3. “We council members feel that it is vitally important to Virtue Signal our Commitment To Peace in an appropriately public way. Let’s remove all Police Officers from the City Hall where we meet. Then publish maps to our homes and photos of whomever of us votes for this measure. Pass out pictures of the entrances and escape routes to the Council Chambers and lists of like minded citizens who will take you in and hide you if you commit a crime”
    – Said no Leftist EVER.

    • It’s a combo of ignorance and outright lies. The ignorant ones don’t know there’s a better, sane way to live a life…

    • villainy, no question. Its all about the Banjamins and control of the rest of us. They have their own “security teams” so why should they be concerned about we little people?

  4. Who cares? Seattle residents, or those who care to vote, are getting the governance they appear to want.

    Let them wallow in their self congratulatory wokeness and reap their just rewards.

    • “Who cares?”

      We should care, and push back as hard as we can.

      Why? Because they are determined to bring that poisonous mindset to where you and I live, and force us to live like that.

      Standing by and doing nothing just encourages more of that kind of crap. If you love this country, care very deeply what is happening to it, right now, and fight the fuck back… 🙁

      • VERY WELL SPOKEN and yes I did holler. Vigilance, and making use of the “four boxes” is key tothe survival of not just Seattle but the whole nation.

    • My family moved to an area North of Seattle in 1980, from Cali-ef-the-nation. We were quickly shocked at how friendly and open everyone was. We’d get the look in the eyes “hi” walking down any street. After decades of democrap rule, the entire state has gone to hell. The rulers refuse to give up their self-annointed power gained during the false-flag inoculation crap, and appear to be intentionally putting people’s lives at risk. Those of us who think know the elections of 2020 were a giant leap forward in setting up the elite’s agenda, and Insley’s “re-election” placed the state of Washington high on the list of places NOT to live. We’ve been forced to vote by mail for some time now, which is another reason I feel Washington was the test model for the democrat’s election plots. We’ve had our share of “lost” and “found” ballots over the years. I’m not convinced our current batch of rights-eliminators were legally and authentically electied. Many of us are now looking at our options to live in a red state. Washington is no longer a viable option for freedom loving folks. ~S

  5. At this point build a wall around seattle, let democRats eat each other into extinction, tear down the wall, burn the Rat’s nests and start over.

    • I would go for a wall on the east side of Interstate 5 from Mexico to Canada. Take a couple of deepwater ports and let the rest rot.

    • “At this point build a wall around seattle, …”

      It’s almost enough to wish for the Cascadia super-earthquake and tsunami, except that means the survivors will pollute the free areas with countless Leftist Scum ™ to shit up your elections.

      Watch this, one is expected at any time now :

      • Yeah yeah that’s been “brewing” for milennia. Not gonna happen that way anyhow. Ever studied geophysics, planetary physics, geology beyond Geo 101, or pulp rags?

        • “Yeah yeah that’s been “brewing” for milennia.”

          Try every 250 years. And the last one was about 250 years ago.

          So it’s literally a “Can be at any time now” devastating earthquake followed by a monster tsunami.

          …with little time to evacuate before the wall-of-water hits.

          Seriously, watch that video above. It should scare the hell out of anyone living there, simply because there’s little time to get the hell out…

  6. On one hand, there will be fewer cops to worry about confiscating your legally own guns. On the other hand though, there will be fewer cops to handle what ever criminal element might exist.

    All it really results in is chaos, lawlessness (the wild west the left seems so worried about), and death.

    Every vote for a Democrat is a vote for self-destruction.

    • Oh don’t worry, they’ll still confiscate your guns and ensure anyone who dares defend themselves against the criminals is sufficiently punished. If they have to choose between chasing a murderer or carrying out a red flag confiscation, well, we know what’s truly important to them

    • Will policing be outsourced to antifa/BLM staffed s0cial-justice militia? Perhaps they will have the appropriate social-awareness and political indoctrination wanted by Seattle.

    • but they went a long ways to cleaning that mess up. Used ta be any white guy riding a bicycle in the Hilltop area was dead meat. Twenty years ago I was doing it in a regular basis, no problem. The hard crime greatly reduced and is still lower than back then. The homeless issue persists, but is fairly well confined to some defined areas and is far more controlled than one would expect.

  7. I agree with some of the other posters, let it go. Let us see what happens to the city with few LEOs on the streets. Let us see what kind of town it becomes. Will tourism suffer? Small businesses? Just read of one small business owner in Portland who called it quits after getting broken into for the 15th time. And that is not a lone, isolated incident. There have been many more.
    Will we see a true dystopia of cities ruled by criminals, thugs, anarchists, feeding off law abiding citizens until there is nothing left but the criminal element only seen in third world countries?

    • Quote: “Will we see a true dystopia of cities ruled by criminals, thugs, anarchists, feeding off law abiding citizens until there is nothing left but the criminal element only seen in third world countries?”

      We now have cities counties, states and countries ruled by criminals. They go by the name of democrats (communist party USA)

      The dystopia is visible and spreading in Chirac, NYC, Seattle, and numerous other criminal controlled large US cities.

      Who is betting on the outcome of the Georgia senate runoff? The criminals control the voting process in many if not most large cities and for sure in the critical states.

      If (when?) they gain control of the US Senate they will increase their radical moves to destroy America.

      Be Prepared !!!

    • The answer to that question truly lies in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! Our Fore Fathers anticipated such things might happen They gave us the very rights to forcibly remove a governing body that was no longer for the people, corrupt and tyrannical! The citizens of Seattle have that right! And it is lawful to remove those in power now and replace them with people that will govern for them! Far too long, We, the People have yielded our power to change our government to one that truly serves and represents us! We now reap the harvests of those years of bad judgments!

  8. This is an awesome real-time experiment. Exciting. Need more video of criminal hijinks for entertainment purposes. Besides, they voted for it, they can be stalked, robbed, raped, and murdered.

  9. Arguing that the Seattle Police Department “perpetuates racism and violence” and upholds “white supremacy culture,” the Seattle City Council moved to redirect cash to a non-profit, civilian-led “Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention” — and offered a “blueprint” on how to defund the police, according to the resolution.

    Under the bill, cops would be replaced by “community-led activities” and organizations focused on “housing, food security, and other basic needs” along with “culturally-relevant expertise rooted in community connections,” according to documents posted by Christopher Rufo, Director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty.

    To gain police department funding, groups must show they are “well-versed in de-escalation skills” along with “trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis” and are “committed to hiring staff from the communities they serve,” according to the proposal.

    The legislation cites protests over the police “murder” of George Floyd, which forced the Seattle to examine its own history of police brutality.

    “These protests forced many nationwide and in Seattle to confront the racism that has been plaguing the black community… And the SPD’s role in perpetuating racism and violence.”

    It wasn’t immediately clear when the bill would go to vote—but the majority of city council members said earlier this month that they agree with a plan to defund the city’s police department.

    Seattle became an international focal point last month after hundreds of protesters took over the city’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone, which was stormed and cleared by police in early July.

    I might add a Cop free city could certainly not be any worse than what they have now.

    • there IS one factor the city councilcritters have failed to take into account., The number of Mother May I Cards held by Seattle residents has nearly doubled these past few years. If the coppers are removed from their positions that allow them to interict crime, the putative victims of that crime will step up and become their OWN protective force. Some folks in that town are realising there is a solid reason that pesky Second Article of Ammendment starts out by describing what it is that assures “the security of a free state” (that term means simply organised society). Once that bit gets realised the remainder falls into place quickly and securely. Even though the city poohbahs chased all but one if the gun stores out of town most just shifted premises barely accross city lins and remain the same great folks to deal with.

  10. I will argue that Seattle should completely disband the Police. When that shows to be a positive endeavor for them, they could disband public works. Imagine the savings if they didn’t have to have Police, jails, sanitation, street repair or those other things of a functioning society. They could use those savings for more narcotics and needles and of course Narcan.

    To create funds they could then have guided tours, or double decker bus tours so tourists can see the utopia they created in comfort.

    • I like it!

      Stryker Tours Inc of Seattle. For an extra $500 you get to man (or woman) the remote turret. Choose your armament – M2, M240B or Mk.19 before your tour of downtown Seattle. First 100 rounds / 10 grenades included in the basic package…then Pay-As-You-Go. In-Tour upgrades are available at extra cost.

      The Elite Plan Tour transports you and your “cadre” deep into enemy territory and you get to match skills against the homies on the ground as you navigate on foot back to Tour HQ.

      Our most expensive SEAL (Super Elite – Advanced Level) package starts with a zipline from the top of the Space Needle (helicopter insertion optional) to the beginning of the Seattle Chunnel. This package features random sub-surface CHUD’s, Zombies and Night Crawlers as you work your way from your insertion point to extraction at the far end of the Chunnel.. *Caution* this package is for advanced level adventurers only.

      Absolutely NO trophy collecting allowed. Leave all carcasses as they fall – the scavengers will clean up the game field.

  11. My retirement job takes me from central Washington to Seattle area about two times a week. It has turned into a total cesspool. I used to go (20 years ago) to Seattle on occasion to the Pike street market, Space needle, etc. NOT anymore, I am armed whenever I go to Seattle. People laying in the street, garbage everywhere, duggies everywhere, Bums everywhere, Grafitti covers everything. No Police anywhere. The Emerald city has become the Cesspool city. If it wasn’t for work, I would never go there again. If they started today, it would take thirty years to clean it up. No new recruit with any brains would ever sign up for Seattle P.D. There are many nearby counties and cities that want new officers with community supporting them. Seattle has and will continue to lose experienced officers, they will reduce hiring standards and end up with the bottom of the barrel. Seattle is the new Detroit, A lost cause. .

  12. I spent some time in Seattle when I was stationed in Washington in the military. It was nice back then, but I haven’t been there in a couple of decades. Don’t have any plans to go there either. Too bad, Washington is a beautiful state if wasn’t for all the looney Liberals.

  13. I’m having a hard time wondering why anyone should give a shite about any of this? These politicians didn’t just wake up one morning and decide that they were going to march into city hall and take over. They were duly elected by the good citizens of the city. And I’m doubtful that any of them hid the agenda they would pursue once in office. That said, I realize that not everyone was stupid enough to cast their vote for these people. And my sympathy does extend to those beleaguered individuals, many if not most of whom I can only assume, for any variety of reasons find themselves unable or unwilling to leave on the next bus out of town. As for the rest, you deserve whatever outcome blossoms as a result of this lunacy. Good luck.

  14. Used to think movies like “Escape from New York” and “Escape from LA,” that in a dystopian future, big cities would become prisons, we’re entertaining, but hardly reality. I see now that I was wrong, as we watch Politicians turn these once fair cities into Lawless Hell Holes.
    Where’s Snake Plisskin when we need him?

  15. Time to teach Seattle residents how to make IEDs from common household items!
    Peruse the two Army Field Manuals: 1. Booby Traps and 2. Improvised Munitions

    Then lie in waiting for BLM and Antifa!

  16. GOOD! You have been voting for this type of crap for years. I hope that the peaceful protesters burn the city down around your ears.


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