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Moms Demand Action members (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)
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By Larry Keane

Head Mom Shannon Watts has a new demand. When America is done giving up their guns, she wants police to go next.

Shannon Watts, head of the Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action, told Fortune magazine that, “Police violence is gun violence.”

Watts has dropped a lot of outrageous remarks, but this is beyond the pale. Her “woke” awareness is leaving her blind to the rampant lawlessness plaguing urban communities and instead following misguided and vindictive policies perpetuated by politicians chasing after “Defund the Police” demands. Left in the wake are cries of citizens left vulnerable to the cruel and heartless criminals running rampant.

Abhorrent Accusations

Watts equates any criminal activity with all guns. Since cops carry guns, they must be bad, too. This exposes Watts, Moms Demand and her benefactor antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg for their removed-from-reality views they are forcing on the rest of America.

Watts knows the charade is over. More than 2.5 million Americans stopped listening to her and her gun control cronies and bought a gun between March and May. Firearm sales are through the roof.

The problem isn’t police. The problem isn’t law-abiding gun owners. The problem is crime. But Watts willingly plays along with mob demands to blame crime on the very people who protect us from crime.

It’s not new to her. She painted all police with a broad racist brush after the 2018 death of Stephon Clark of Sacramento. Before the facts of the case were known, Watts charged, tried, and convicted the police in the court of public opinion as racist killers.

She equated the tragic death with the horrific church murders in Charleston, S.C. The Sacramento County district attorney investigated and refused to charge the police in the incident.

Watts Ignores Crimes

In Watts’s mind, though, they were already guilty. Then, and now, Watts clings to the theory that if anyone carries a gun, whether that is in the line of duty or for self-protection, they are guilty. Watts’s endless blame game of guns has turned her blind to the criminals bringing violence to urban centers.

Watts was suspiciously silent when “Raz the Warlord” was passing out rifles from the trunk of his car in Seattle. She didn’t speak up when two people were killed there, including a teen. Watts had nothing to say about the skyrocketing crime plaguing Chicago or the murderers that killed a 1-year-old child in New York City.

Meanwhile African-American communities are demanding Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio to restore police units he slashed. The communities Watts claims to protect are crying out for police departments to restore cops to their neighborhoods to push back a criminal element that’s growing bolder.

Watts knows her influence is waning. Two and half million people woke up to their Second Amendment rights, walked away from her fearmongering and she knows she’s no longer relevant. Dare disagree with her and soon she’ll demand that you too must go.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. What the actual fuck is wrong with these people? All it took was 4 years of Trump to cause mental breakdowns in these weak minded souls? Even Trump doesn’t take himself seriously and these folks have completely gone batshit.

    The next four years are going to be, at best, insane.

      • On the Richter scale of Fucks. What the Fuck is a 6. What the Actual Fuck is an 8.

        It’s science. I hope I cleared it up for you. 🙂

        • I will tell you what it means Nothing and I rate it a ZERO.

          Watts is a Dumb Fuckm Muahaha. So it means something?

          No, it means nutin (Slang Italian Crime talk) describing her Insane thoughts it is a lazy man’s language to say You are Dumb as Fuck or a dumb Fuck meant to Insult!

          Because FUCK Actually means “Fornication Under Cardinal Knowledge” belongs using the evil word in everyday conversation explaining dumbness in American think retard used in mafia movies criminal Italian crime Society and never did mean fornication but a joke, turned into every day insane ignorant talking points because of lack knowledge to retain an actual modicum of respectful conversation, of the proper use of English language.

          Muahaha a License to Fuck or a License to Fuck up a conversation? Actually does not exist In the Catholic Diaries language of fornication. It is made up of American Catholic Irish Italian Jokes.

    • “Even Trump doesn’t take himself seriously ”

      That I do not believe. When it comes to his brand, his image, being seen as a “winner”, Trump has no higher priority.

        • Hmmmm…. I don’t believe that’s Trump. Not even the wifey (mine, not his, get yer mind outta’ da gutter!). Possibly Misstress #2 (mine, not his … seriously man … about that gutter …), or maybe it’s her sister. Hard to tell in this low lighting …

          Or did you mean something else???

          Unless you are thinking the entire USofA, which would sort of work, I mean, rhetorically, given his record.

      • enuf…Between you and shannon watts it’s a toss up for who is the bigger bloomberg lint licker…Congrats you won now gfy.

        • shannon watts…The official 2020 nazi and sheets mom of the year. Her dedication to an agenda rooted in racism and genocide has not gone unnoticed by the nation’s gun control zealots. Through thick and thin shannon’s racist and nazi based gun control agenda marches onward through the mud and muck all to honor jim crow and z fruher. For her unwavering dedication to gun control a big Seig Heil from mini mike bloomberg goes to the douchebagger frauline shannon watts.

    • I propose, in mixed company, WTF or WTAF, be replaced by WTSW. As in “What the Shannon Watts are you talking about”. Seems synonymous to me.

    • When i was in a State Militia in my State of New Jersey we went up against these ladies.By the way they are about 50%/50% male/female and 2/3rds a bunch of feminine group of shitpiles!one out of about every 15 of them had a child or other family member lost to gun violence and they all have closed minds as to others rights to protect them selves and want all guns removed from our society no matter what.Only the criminals that dont follow our laws get to keep theirs!So when the time comes and we try to call the police because Armed criminals are forcing their way into our homes we can call the MOM AGAINST GUN to protect us……right?They are going to come by with their rolling pins to beat the firearm welding felon without anyone getting hurt,right?Or are my calls to the police fall upon a recorded message tell me someone will look into it in about a week?So no thank you ladies.When the criminals come to your house to rob and rape you ,then you can realize how wrong you all were to do what you have been! Dont forget it was criminals with guns that killed your poor family members not law abiding citizens with guns! If you are going to try and control guns you should do it right and not blanket law abiding citizens in the same restrictions that should “only” be for the criminals!!!

    • It’s not 4 years of Trump. It’s just Bloomberg and his ilk.
      Let’s just ban Bloomberg from having guns and armed security, and ban the police from responding to him.

      • The police should go on vacation in her neighborhood for two or three days and let her neighbors educate her to the value of police.

      • Just remember that when the Left’s pets break down your door to murder you. It might make you feel better.

        • I’m not terribly interested in caring about a political team that doesn’t care about me. I’m on my own side and my home defense plans do not include asking the party affiliation of an intruder.

    • You do realize you are talking about the Russian inplants put in this country back in the 50’s so Russia could take over this country without firing a shot don’t you, or were you alive when Russia was bragging about what they were going to do to this country. I was and I remember it.

    • If there was such a thing as a “Magic Button” that if pressed would eliminate and make all guns disappear, then yes we could all agree that there would no longer be anymore deaths from gun shot wounds. However, would this also mean that crime would somehow disappear? Absolutely not! In fact the amount of crime would for sure increase. Without guns criminals would simply resort to using whatever other tool is available to them as they have always done in the past and would continue committing their crimes. The only real difference is that the “Great Equalizer” of a gun in the hands of the law abiding citizen would be gone and the criminals would have the overwhelming advantage and the upper hand. In short, without guns we would simply resort back to the ‘law of the jungle’ where the strongest among us would be free to prey upon the weakest among us.

      And this is what the anti-gunners fail to realize… that without guns we can not have what we know as civilization where the people can live in relative peace and be free.

      The Gun is Civilization.

      • Which is EXACTLY why there’s a SECOND AMENDMENT!!!!
        By allowing these people to even have a say in what happens in this country IS TREASON!!!!

        • Which is exactly why we have a 1st AMENDMENT… Saying stuff is the right of everyone, to agree with them/disagree with them that is the right YOU enjoy, you also have the 1st Amendment right to speak out in favor of or against whatever idiotic shit someone else might be spewing BUT, just saying stuff without DOING stuff no matter how anti-American or anti-anything it ight be is NOT treason, it might be stupid but you gotta commit a treasonous act to be charged with treason:

          treason. n. the crime of betraying one’s country, defined in Article III, section 3 of the U. S. Constitution: “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”
          Text of Article 3, Section 3: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

  2. She’s demanding? Everything has a price, beach. In her case it may be more than she’s willing to pay.

    • Massachusetts tried this experiment in the 70’s and saw an increase of 500% home owners deaths from criminal break in shootings. They eventually changed the law so they, the communist dems could stay in power. please read your history. I was alive and sand in the army stationed right out side of Boston during this time and I do remember the Boston Combat Zone, read about that too. History is important, study it, do not commit the same mistakes!

  3. They’re going to do everything they can to keep Trump from getting back in office, including destroying their own cities and murdering the innocent

      • Do you ever get the feeling our Supreme Court is worthless and needs to be done away with because it is becoming another arm of the communist take over plan?

        • What does the Left have on John Roberts? Inquiring minds would love to know … maybe the DNC has a some incriminating evidence somewhere. BTW, I didn’t just pass in my sleep.

      • If there are no cops left, and nothing but Antifa gangs and racial militias, then who’s going to arrest citizens who shoot every one of them they can see?

        And who’s going to carry out Red Flag confiscations?

    • Modern day Che Guevaras, the only people our would-be Marxist Overlords want to arm.

      Shannon hasn’t figured out what group she’s in, she’s Marxist but not ruling class.
      Useful Idiots get the firing squad eventually.

        • The moment they’re NOT useful anymore.. One less non-productive mouth to feed…. Something the anti/never Trumpers who THINK they are part of the Elite will come to realize about 15 seconds AFTER it’s too late…

      • Che got screwed too. These people should study history for a clue.

        No one’s tried the Bolshevik method against an armed population before. They want to disarm all of us and then go for it. For some bizarre reason they think it’s possible. They are wrong.

        • Che Guevara was a murderous scumbag who got exactly what he deserved and died a whimpering coward pleading for his life like many of his victims did…
          Guevara and his guerrilla band found themselves constantly on the run from the Bolivian army. On October 8, 1967, the group was almost annihilated by a special detachment of the Bolivian army aided by CIA advisers. Guevara, who was wounded in the attack, was captured and shot.
          Guevara was not betrayed he just stuck his nose into the wrong place and pissed off the wrong people after he left Cuba and denounced his Cuban citizenship and having failed at his revolutionary attempts in Africa he made the mistake of running his mouth at the U.N. and then taking his little show of murder and mayhem on the road to Bolivia with the CIA right on his ass..
          Guevara was a cowardly Marxist, a racist, a homophobe and a cold blooded murderer of women and children and anyone who holds him as a hero is no better

    • “No guns or cops? Who’s going to boot doors and disarm people?”

      Whoever Shannon Watts’ and Moms Demands Action’s paymasters have in mind to replace the cops and guns in the hands of private citizens defending themselves…probably Antifa militias, street gangs, etc.

  4. Totally pro-criminal just like the rest of the Democratic Party.

    The Democratic Party: The party of criminals, corruption, and Communists.

  5. Firearms News has a good article in their issue that shows a photo from Germany in around late 1920’s showing the communist headquarters building in a city in Germany. On one side of the building is the hammer and sycle flag and at the other end is the Antifa flag. Same flag.

  6. The disease these people have started with the protests and worship of Mao in the 60s. It festered with the children and the fever finally started to increase with Trumps election. The fever is running hot, burning the brain cells of the host and in November the host will hit a new peak and violence will be rampant. Regardless of the electoral outcome, the fever will peak and these people will lose their ever living minds.

    Innocent deaths are of no consequence to these people, they are acceptable if it gets the utopian vision of Maoism to arrive. Your death, my death and even their own deaths are acceptable to them. They are willing to sacrifice their own children. These are not stable or mentally healthy people, they are dangerous.

    • This. This recent nonsense is straight out of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

      Of course, these twerps who are the product of US public schools are too ignorant to see the direct parallels.

      I will make note of the following however: Once Mao died, and the Gang of Four who were the ringleaders of the Cultural Revolution lost their patron, all those people who had been put into re-education camps, all the people who were beaten in public, the people who had lost their livelihoods – they remembered. And the retribution was quite… enthusiastic.

  7. They want to remove local police, possibly state police as well, and their actual intent is to replace it with a federal police force that is 100% controlled by a single central authority and not subject to regional influence.

  8. One of the antis core tactics since at least the end if WWII has been to rile up fears of the other in the suburbs. Contrary to the police defunding talking point.

    They must have concluded that white guilt is more prevalent in the ‘burbs these days than fear of the other.

  9. Maybe she just wants to replace police with Socialist Party enforcers? Criminals in jail and out are a vast pool of recruits.

  10. Hoplophobia leads to much defective thinking, a dysfunction in human cognition. It is no great surprise whatever a Hoplophobe comes up with.

  11. When Watts comes to realize that the police she wanted gone are not going to save her from a rape, robbery, assault or possible murder, she will be on her knees praying for anyone to come! And no one will! She fails to understand that a violent criminal doesn’t need firearms to commit every crime of violence! But, that’s a lesson she will have to learn the hard way.

  12. I wondered for a very long time. Are americans, white, black, yellow, red, ect. Are they really ready to answer the question: Who will be the ones who will watch the watchers???”

    That question was answered at the Bundy Ranch standoff. And no one died.

    What if law abiding citizens had been openly carry guns around the police who had George Floyd on the ground as he began to expire??? Calling out for his mother.

    The black panther party for self defense
    Video 2 min long

    • Golly Floyd was a violent felon.I only agree the cop was wrong to choke him to death. I mentioned Bundy Ranch several times over the years. That I agree with…Floyd wasn’t Martin Luther King Jr.

      • Floyd was buried in a good casket. Hes attained sainthood in the left already.

        We’ll see George Floyd street and high schools soon.

        • Maybe even a FOOTBALL team… A bunch of them will be changing names, it won’t stop with the REDSKINS….

  13. The inferior leftist can rant and rave till their little black hearts are content and it will make no difference.
    They have already conceded that the white race is superior “white supremacist” . If it was all about a fair chance they would not need “affirmative action” what ever the h e double l that is. They can’t even carry out a social revolution without if being hijacked by a bunch of worthless whiggers.

  14. Was Shannon camping out in the Seattle no-cop zone?

    Or near the Wendy’s in Atlanta?

    Of course, those places did have guns… because who, exactly, is going to enforce gun laws?

  15. Any talk about disarming Americans is beyond stupid. Shannon is a blithering idiot with her nose up Bloombags ass. Let’s say they banned guns, would Bloombag get a carve out? You bet he would. For the sake of entertaining idiocy, let’s say they banned guns. There’s still going to be guns! How could you possibly rid the USA of guns? You can’t. And just how is some old guy who’s 65 going to defend himself or home against young punks armed with bats, rocks etc that want all his valuables? He/she can’t.
    Shannon Watts takes her marching orders from Bloombag and Bloombag is a despicable miserable old bastard who nobody likes, not even by people he pays to like him.
    I pray for the day he’s pushing daisies.

  16. Over 98% of those who didn’t own guns before the pandemic….STILL don’t own guns. Get over this “GUN CONTROL IS DEAD!!!” bullshit fantasy. When the Democrats take over next January, they’re going to ram assault weapon and high cap magazine bans down your throats.

    • And they’ll find a resistance prepared to shove it all right back up their ass where it came from, IF.. Hell freezes over and pigs sprout wings and every truly patriotic American suddenly just drops dead or they secretly change election day and only tell the Socialists and the Marxists.. because that’s the only way Biden and the Kommiecrats will seize power this November…


        Uh, yeah, about that…in Virginia, when the AR goobers showed up at the Capitol, the local popo told them to get lost or get arrested, and EVERY SINGLE ONE meekly bowed their heads in submission and slowly waddled out. What a joke. Keep typing tough on the Internet if it makes you feel better.

        • I don’t know where you were in Virginia but you wasn’t there…These riots proved law-enforcement cannot take up firearms…It would be a bloodbath…Enjoy your mothers basement you little keyboard commando bitch…

        • Keep typing STUPID on the Internet if it makes you feel better. Fresh new TROLLS are the best….

  17. Off topic but here is a good self defense shooting for your site:

    “A legally armed man shot and killed a gunman in Brownsburg, Ind., this week after a fatal unprovoked shooting, saving a second victim’s life in the process.

    The 22-year-old suspect, Joshua Christopher Hayes, allegedly attacked two men as they were working in the Brownsburg Cemetery Tuesday afternoon, Indianapolis-based WISH-TV reported.

    Without provocation, Hayes allegedly chased 36-year-old worker Seth Robertson out into an intersection, where he shot and killed him, according to the station.

    As Hayes was chasing the second cemetery worker, one of his bullets whizzed into the vehicle of an unidentified good Samaritan who was stopped at a red light near the intersection, injuring him, the Indianapolis Star reported.

    That man stepped out of the car, returned fire with a legal weapon and fatally struck Hayes.

    “This tragic event could have been much more disastrous,” Brownsburg Police Capt. Jennifer Barrett told WISH. “Victim three not only saved victim two’s life, but he saved potentially the lives of many others. Victim three did exactly what anybody would have wanted him to do at that scene that day.””

  18. “Here’s our list of MDA talking points. Your job is to ask questions that cue each one.” – what a ridiculous piece of advocacy masquerading as journalism. One lie after another. Watts started the organization, the gun lobby is exploiting the pandemic to fuel sales, youth are leading the movement, etc , etc.

  19. Not all cops are bad but as they say “you fit a description”

    I support police however I do think we need to demilitarize them, End qualified immunity, if you get fired as LEO you can never be a cop anywhere else and lastly they should be licensed and carry malpractice insurance like doctors.

  20. So, Bloomberg funds this weirdo.
    Doing so shows his abject duplicity. You think he’d give up his armed security? Think he frets about white privilege when he jets from mansion to mansion (14 worldwide at last count)?

    Perhaps one should just enjoy the humor of it all. Bloomberg, the ultimate in armed security privilege, employs Watts who clowns around trying to get on this or that bandwagon (usually a few days late). Together, they try to use the Democrat mobs for their own advantages.

  21. Cops should be removed from all Democrat-controlled cities. After a decade or so of fire and rain, city populations will be much smaller and there won’t be a Democrat to be found. That sounds like a win to me.

  22. It is very easy to brainwash a simple minded individual and even worse when that individual contaminates others but this is just what the Bloomberg Organization wants in order to further its gun control/elimination ideals.

  23. Knife crime in England and Wales reached a historic high in the year leading up to the end of March, as murders climb again in Sadiq Khan’s London.

  24. Some people are simply not worth being taken seriously. Children come of all ages and these are children.

  25. Hey. Has Bloomberg’s security give up their guts including automatic weapons. Or are both of yoyhipocrits. . Or do you remember the line” we are all equal but some are more equal than others. Chop tried your stupidity and look what happened there

  26. Bored housewives, wannabe saviors of the people, self proclaimed crusaders for justice and peace and brainwashed idiots who are nothing but puppets and like parrots they mimic what they hear without knowing the meaning of the words they utter.

    Like the protesters and victimized sheep or the self entitled punks associated with BLM and other obnoxious militant groups, they live in this fantasy world where acting like bullies and shouting slogan or posting the dumbest crap that anyone has ever read, watched or heard on social media and they think they can make demands and threats and that the world is supposed to listen to them or give in and comply.

    They behave like scumbags trying to intimidate, threaten and probably even black mail people to validate themselves and to prove that this is some kind of real movement. The only movement we see is a bunch of young bums living like nomads in tents where ever they can squat. And they bring trouble with them.

    And in order to justify their actions they label non-followers as racists which to them is equal to torturing babies and puppies or selling your friend’s to cannibals. Once they label and target you then, apparently according to these fools, it is okay for total strangers to hurl insults and threats at you using any and all communication and social media tools.

    The constant regurgitation of “gun violence” is annoying to my ears. Violence is violence and except for the term “domestic violence” or “road rage” we don’t need any made up liberal terms. Liberal speech is always contradictory, nonsensical and filled a bunch of made up terms to elicit an emotional response, but the meaning is often subject to interpretation as these words and phrases are always vague and not descriptive or specific enough to even be used in a debate.

    No guns means criminals and bullies, serial killers, terrorists and other human trash will gain an advantage with reduced fear of people being able to fight back or armed police officers being able to apprehend them. Maybe when one of those “moms” loses a child because nobody could save him or her, or Grandpa is beaten by young thugs they might suddenly see the light. Since they abhor violence, will they outlaw trained canines, tasers, martial arts training, crowbars, or letter openers? After all God forbid a criminal gets hurt…. that’s would be civilian on criminal violence or self defense and we can’t have that.

  27. Watts is also a race baiter. On her twitter account she identifies anti flag burning protesters who were lawfully armed at Gettysburg on July 4th as “heavily armed white supremacist insurrectionists.” With attached vid/images. She did not make any mention of the hundreds of heavily armed (lawful also) black NFAC protesters marching to Stone Mountain in Ga and voicing anti-white rhetoric. For her/MDA to miss such a large event with guns is damn near impossible as she runs her mouth/messaging on the smallest of gun related news to put her anti-gun spin out there. Why would she be so adversarial against white gun owners in large groups and not a word about black gun owners in a large group? We would think that her/mda anti-gun sentiment would be equally applied wherever the encounter it, no so. It would be racial bias if it stood alone but She/mda are in the recruiting mode trying to gather support by piggybacking on blm and non-gun social issues and that makes it deliberate Race Baiting.

    I posted a vid of the black NFAC armed march on her twitter page, right below her “Gettysburg insurgent” Post in case she/mda missed it. Nothing but crickets! She will whore her/mda agenda at every oppertunity as we see. Can’t wait for their anti-cop bullshit to start callin for the abolishment of law enforcement “cut outs” in Legislation. Such desperation in the face of gun control getting a slap in the face from millions of new first time buyers who hopefully will eventually become full time firearm carriers.


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