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ATF’s grace period for registering pistol brace-equipped pistols, which they insist are SBRs, with a waiver of the $200 tax ends soon. For those who are abiding by ATF’s ruling rather than removing the pistol brace from their gun or choosing some other option, the simplest and most accurate way to file an ATF Form 1 is through Silencer Shop’s eForm 1 service, but you’re almost out of time! Silencer Shop’s press release follows:

Silencer Shop Extends Deadline for Tax-Free ATF Form 1 Submissions
New ATF Rule Affects All Owners of Pistol Brace-Equipped Firearms

Austin, TX (04/26/2023) – Nobody makes filing an ATF Form 1 to manufacture or assemble an NFA item easier, faster, or more accurate than Silencer Shop! But as quick as Silencer Shop’s process is, the time to file a Form 1 to register a pistol brace-equipped firearm as a short barreled rifle (SBR) and receive a waiver of the $200 tax is nearly up. In response to demand and in an effort to assist as many customers as possible in correctly and efficiently filing their forms, Silencer Shop has extended the tax-free submission deadline to the end of the day on May 16th (05/16/2023).

On January 31, 2023, ATF published new rules and guidelines related to firearms equipped with pistol stabilizing braces. These firearms, previously considered pistols, are now viewed by ATF as short barreled rifles except in extremely limited cases. Highly regulated by the National Firearms Act with severe penalties for non-compliance, short barreled rifles (SBRs) must be registered along with payment of a $200 tax. This registration and application process can be cumbersome and complicated, but the Silencer Shop eForm 1 system makes it as easy and error-free as humanly possible.

For owners of firearms with an attached pistol brace, ATF announced a 120-day forbearance period during which these guns can be registered as SBRs without the associated $200 tax. This also avoids what ATF asserts would otherwise be illegal possession of an NFA item, a felony that carries up to a 10-year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine.

Customers who already have a Silencer Shop account can file a Form 1 in just a couple of minutes. If you’re new to the Silencer Shop system, your submission will require fingerprints, a passport style photo (the Silencer Shop app makes taking and uploading that selfie extremely easy), some personal and/or trust information, and the relevant firearm information.

Customers looking to take advantage of the tax-free ATF Form 1 period via Silencer Shop’s streamlined eForm 1 service must purchase this service by the end of the day on May 16th (05/16/2023). All required information must be submitted in the Silencer Shop eForm 1 system by May 17th (05/17/2023) at 6:00 PM Central. This timing will allow Silencer Shop’s experienced compliance team to inspect and verify your application for accuracy and double-check that it is ready for final submission to ATF, prior to ATF’s cutoff of May 31st, without the sorts of minor typos and technical errors that so-often cause major approval delays.

Find more information on Silencer Shop’s eForm 1 system HERE. To create an account and begin filing ATF eForms the quick, easy, and accurate way today, click HERE.

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      • That’s all we need on the range, a bunch of crippled operator wannabes trying to blast AR’s one handed.

      • Nathan, I was waiting for a reply like yours. Sorry to ambush you. My father was crippled by polio when he was eight years old. Spent his life on crutches, or in a wheelchair. I showed him the pistol brace thing. He said, “I don’t want that. I have a S&W .357. I’d be finished shooting before I could put that thing on.” Besides, I’ve never seen a handicapped person with a pistol brace. In fact, the guys that I know with pistol braces go to the gym/run every day.

        • So… scenario based comparing a handgun to a rifle? Big brain move fuddly mcboomer. The fact that it CAN be used for stability was the work around to get over stupid ATF rulings and it does in fact aide the disabled.

          We know you hate AR’s… but think before you speak.

        • Ex cop or fudd, which is worse for gun rights? Luckily with this guy we don’t have to choose! It’s actually an impressive feat, that he manages to simultaneously combine the following: stunning ignorance of 20 years worth of small arms development, aggressively dogmatic old man crap (“by God if it was good enough for grandpappy it’s good enough for you!”), and a dismissive, “you don’t need that anyway so who cares if it’s banned” attitude toward gun rights.

          I’d be inclined to quote First They Came, but as a former LEO he’s protected by both the formal carve outs and the informal blue wall of protection so it’s not like he’ll ever face any of the consequences that he supports for the rest of us

    • I kinda get what you’re saying. Ive also never tried one so theres that. But all the SBR confuses the hell outa me. Surely im not the only one

      • AQ, just my opinion, but I think the whole thing was just a way to get around SBR regulations. I don’t understand why. A friend of mine set one up early. (He tends to jump on trends). We were at the camp. It was early spring. He was 30 yards away. The muzzle blast was the size of a soccer ball. Any closer and I could have felt it. No thanks. If I wanted to experience a stun grenade that close, I’d just toss one at my feet.

        • The ‘why’ is because it 1) saved you $200, and 2) gave you a way to take the gun home that day (or after the state-mandated wait, usually 5-10 days at most), instead of waiting for ATF to finish processing paperwork on their end, which is currently around 2 months, but has been considerably longer quite recently.

          Faster + cheaper, what’s not to like?

      • If it’s a rifle, I want rifle ballistics. That means at least a 16″ barrel. Even if it weren’t federal regulation.

        • Yea because nobody ever needs to conceal a rifle easier /s

          Do you know how the short barrels even became popular? Because team guys in little SUV’s in plain clothes operating in certain parts of the world wanted something better than MP5’s.

          There is a use for the “ballistics” argument, but it aint here.

          The fact is – it shouldn’t matter what the fuck is on the stock or how long the barrel is.

        • An 11″ AR plus a 5″ suppressor = a great combination. That alone would handle the rifle needs of most people, including cops.

        • something to said for a round optimized for a shorter barrel but much more powerful than a pcc.
          i find .300blk intriguing.

        • Montana, I’m not an operator, operating. Just a middle aged retired guy. Don’t qualify for Medicare yet, but soon. Anyway, a 16-18″ barrel works ok for me in my old Chevy PK. I do understand why those guys wanted those chopped and channeled ARs. However, maybe I’m confused, I thought we were talking about pistol/arm braces.

        • Yeah so there are tons of cartridges that are at their “ideal” length at far shorter barrel lengths than 16 inches. The vast majority of pistol calibers like 9mm and .45 would NEVER be that long if not for the law, there’s really zero reason any .22 LR would ever be over 9 inches of barrel if it weren’t for the stupid laws, and plenty of rifle calibers like 300 Blackout, 375 Raptor, etc are so dang efficient out of 9-inch to 12-inch barrels that it isn’t worth the extra length and weight to run a 16″ and you almost certainly wouldn’t if it weren’t for the law.

          There are SO MANY firearms that make the most sense with a 5-inch to 12-inch barrel, yet their format is such that they’re far, far more effective with a shoulder stock than nothing on the rear. This is also the ideal format for home defense. Shooting a handgun is extremely difficult and it’s a perishable skill. Shooting a “PDW” (personal defense weapon) style gun like an MP5 is sooooo much easier to be effective with thanks to the stability of the shoulder contact and cheek weld plus how easy that makes the use of a red dot or other optic plus you have room for a flashlight and whatever else. Sure, you could run the same style firearm with a 16-inch barrel but the difference between running a 9-inch barrel inside of a home or whatever and running a 16-inch barrel is freakin’ massive.

          Large format pistols like AR pistols or MP5 pistols and such have always been popular, but the addition of a pistol stabilizing brace makes them both practical and aesthetically pleasing. I think a massive percentage of the non-disabled people who bought a brace for a large format pistol did so to balance out the look in order to end up with a firearm that actually looks like it was designed to look. The SBR aesthetic, which is the correct, as-designed aesthetic for most of the guns these braces were going on, is a huge factor in the sales success of the braces.

        • tsbhoa.p.jr,
          I agree, which is why I built my (registered) SBR PDW in that caliber. 7.5″bbl w/no muzzle device, nothing even remotely resembling a “stun grenade” in the ~150 rounds I shot while working through the build. Suppressed / supersonic is a little gassy (though less so than an unsuppressed 18″bbl AR without the charging handle). Unsuppressed or suppressed / subsonic (i.e. any shot I’ll ever take past the testing phase) I feel no blast at all. At the muzzle it offers the same ballistics as an M1 Carbine (but with a more streamlined bullet) from an OAL shorter than the Carbine’s barrel.

          As to the why, it’s simple: vastly more practical accuracy than a pistol, with as much range as a private citizen could possibly justify as “defensive”. Everything is a tradeoff until it isn’t.

        • The fact that you associate it with “operators operating operationally” is why you are an ex leo fudd making these statements to begin with. It’s how the work around started, compact is not a bad thing in a majority of scenarios other than your “ballistics” argument at the static 300 yard paper targets you shoot, and everyone is a fucking potential “operator”.

    • Gadsden…Lol…people who say what you said are the first to be raided by the ATF…you should know they have to see for themselves if you are fibbing.

      Actually the handful of people in the ATF behind the you can, you can’t, you can, you can’t brace stupidity should be fined and imprisoned for their participation in what is backdoor Gun Control…don’t you think?

      • Debbie, I’ve worked more than one case with ATF agents, FBI. Duel sworn as a Deputy United States Marshal when I was a member of the N FL Violent Fugitive Task Force. The feds are not so bad. At least the guys on the street I worked with. All we wanted to do was put real bad guys in prison. The politicians though…

        • Gadsden Flag: Pistol brace. Lol. Those things are just plain stupid… I think the whole thing was just a way to get around SBR regulations.

          SBR regulations are stupid. I agree that most brace owners are probably motivated by a desire to get around the letter of SBR regs, but that’s a reasonable response to a ridiculous law.

          Legislative history of SBR regulation

          The feds are not so bad. At least the guys on the street I worked with. All we wanted to do was put real bad guys in prison.

          The feds I’ve known have individually been good guys, but not particularly bright. I wouldn’t trust them to independently decide who “the real bad guys” are. Considering that leadership at the federal level is atrociously bad, that’s a problem.

  1. Breaking: FOX News

    Federal judge declines to block Illinois gun law, calls ‘assault’ rifles ‘particularly dangerous’
    Story by Chris Pandolfo • 4h ago

    • Also BREAKING : NRA states Judge Blocks Illinois Law Banning Commonly Owned Semi-Auto Firearms and Mags in NRA-Supported Case (34 minutes ago)

      No story online as of yet.

    • Well when the do it for me Gun Owning courtroom drama queens decide to man up and Define Gun Control in any shape, matter or form as a History Confirmed agenda rooted in racism and genocide the ongoing, unchecked chase between a cat and mouse will be downhill as much as uphill.

      The defenders of The 2A must paint a picture for the judge and jury depicting Jim Crow Gun Controlled defenseless Black Americans surrounded by a lynchmob carrying torches and Gun Controlled Jews in germany surrounded by nazi brown shirts. And a picture of defenseless Gun Controlled people whose homes have been invaded by violent criminals.
      Only a lying two bit judge and someone not worthy of their position would respond with something beyond pathetic and totally not Constitutional.

      • No reason on earth for law abiding citizens to be subjected to Gun Control zealots and their never ending rot.

        You may or may not need or want a brace but if insane Gun Control zealots can do as they want whenever they want then its braces today and your huntin’ rifle tomorrow.

        The idea that Gun Control is or has ever been anything good has got to end…That takes defining Gun Control according to its history in the same way noose has been defined according to its history. The public reaction to both Gun Control and noose should be the same…History Confirms It.

        I misread the ruling at first and found out it was an in favor plus more as explained in the link…

  2. aq…your chats would have more credibility by inviting the reader to respond with: Over. And when you are done chatting end it with: Out…Over.

  3. Find more information on Silencer Shop’s eForm 1 system HERE. To create an account and begin filing ATF eForms the quick, easy, and accurate way today, click HERE.

    ….any chance of updating the post with some working links?

  4. There is no free “TAX” Stamp. Form 1s SBR’s approved under ATF’s “final rule 2021r-08f” will be approved but will NOT have the normal $200 Tax stamp. They are marked “approved under final rule 2021r-08f” on your form 1. The last NFA amnesty was in 2001 and was ONLY for the Cobray Street Sweeper and Striker 12 shotguns that were retro-classified as destructive devices. My boss had to pay $200 and he got a tax stamp on the approved form.

  5. On the value of stamps….
    I’ve taken several weeks worth of training at a fairly large facility that trains local/state/federal law enforcement and military personnel from all over the country and world as well as a ton of regular non-operating folks.

    For the rifle related courses there are always students in attendance with suppressors and SBR’s. No braces allowed.

    My point is that with all the badges and all the professionals and all the liability/notoriety and whatever else may be on the proverbial line NOBODY at any point ever asked to see a stamp or questioned the existence of a stamp. Not one person from the front office to the morning prep through all the hours on the range or at the afternoon debrief. Over a dozen classes with at least 100 different people. Badges included.

    It’s almost like if you just shut the fuck up and don’t run around like an asshole looking for attention nobody cares what you have or what you’re doing.

    • If you have to use it in a defensive situation, you better hope you’re in a “red” (AKA normal) region. If you’re in a “blue” region, they’ll make an example out of you. TN recently removed SBRs from their restricted weapons list. Every other red state should do the same.

    • Yes, that’s how decent rational people behave, and I’m genuinely pleased to hear about such a large and mixed group comprised of all decent and rational people. It would be great if that showed that a majority of people (or at least shooters) are decent and rational, but one can’t plan around a majority.

      Your strategy might be reasonable for e.g. a non-pinned and welded M4gery (something that passes for a non-SBR because it practically is). OTOH, unregistered ownership of a really compact weapon (or suppressor, MG, etc.) would hand every anti or Fudd, and anyone who could possibly ever get angry or desire some advantage, the means to end life as you know it. You wouldn’t even need to be “caught”; does every relationship last forever or end amicably? Do kids (even good kids) never react emotionally without consideration of long-term consequences? First responders, landlords, doxxing, etc. etc. JMHO, not trying to push my choice on anyone.

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