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By Theresa Inacker

Earlier this week, gun control’s Daddy Warbucks, Michael Bloomberg, said what most Democrats are thinking: “You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.”

This is the elitist, aristocratic, oligarchy our Founders warned us about, manifested before our very eyes. To arrogant elitists like Bloomberg, the average American is expendable, and most definitely deplorable. To the gun control elitist, the average American is a peasant who cannot be trusted to decide what he or she eats, let alone to own firearms.

The truth is, Bloomberg-type gun control fanatics actually fear the average American.

Often times, pompous plutocrats like Bloomberg shout the loudest for more and more gun control, all while surrounded by a traveling security net of armed guards. After all, they’re not lowly peasants so they’re much more deserving of protection and security than you are.

The inconvenient truth is that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to safeguard against precisely Bloomberg’s way of thinking. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to keep power in the hands of the people. To ensure that government operates at the consent of the governed. This is why we must never compromise, relinquish or forego exercising this right.

The battle over Second Amendment rights is a symptom of a larger problem in America. Many politicians fear the fact that ‘We The People’ are the boss. But in their view, ‘We The People’ are ignorant and the Bloomberg types think they are superior. In overbearing, nanny-state fashion, they clearly know better than we do, as they have made clear for all who care to listen.

The last thing elitist civilian disarmament fanatics — Moms Who Demand and Everytown shills — want is for the average American to be “woke” and remind them who is in charge. They hope you are oblivious and stay that way.

Over the past two weeks, we have watched a train wreck as Democrats like Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, and out-of-touch fanatics like Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action, performed a variety of illogical mental gymnastics in order to condemn the life-saving response by armed parishioner and hero, Jack Wilson in the Texas church incident.

Lives were saved there that day, but they can’t possibly acknowledge the objective reality of that. Why? Because to the anti-rights gun control fanatics and elitists, the Jack Wilson represents the well-armed, well-trained, loathsome, to-be-feared average American. They just cannot have that.

We are on the verge of a powder keg moment in Virginia and possibly elsewhere. As more gun owners stand up, unify and refuse to give another inch of our rights, you will see more fearful, alarmist statements from Bloomberg and other gun control extremists. Do not be fooled: their calls for more Second Amendment infringements will surely increase.

Let us be clear, the average American will no longer tolerate incremental infringements and bans on concealed carrying in states like New Jersey. Mr. Bloomberg, we have one thing to say to you and your fellow elitist gun control fanatics: there is no individual greater than the average American, and don’t you ever forget it.


Theresa Inacker is an attorney, a mom, a pheasant hunter, an AR-15 sporting rifle owner, a former editor of the Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal and has been admitted to the US Supreme Court Bar. She is Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners and the New Jersey ambassador for the DC Project

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    • Because racist white jews just can’t trust the average law abiding black person with a gun? Now see how easy it is to frame jews as racist against the average law abiding person?

      The Holocaust means nothing to me when it’s used to break the Bill of Rights into pieces. I don’t care what happened to anyone’s family outside this countries borders.

      Jews are socialist progressive in their political orientation. If ANYONE IS A GUN GRABBER, they get no special treatment, just because a family member was gassed.

  1. Interesting times we live in. The fact we even discuss this is lame. Background check. Felon restrictions, even the classification of weapon systems that are prohibited. All unconstitutional. History is doomed to repeat itself no matter the technology. Makes you wonder what humans have gone through, knowing so much is lost and forgotten. Surly disarmed societies and “winners” re writing the texts of human experience. Look how little is known about the civil war. Everyone contradicts reconstruction. It’s kinda sad.

    • Restrictions on felons are unconstitutional since they have been deprived of their under due process of law. (5th Amendment)

      • tdiinva,

        Restrictions on felons are unconstitutional since they have been deprived of their under due process of law. (5th Amendment)

        I am guessing that you meant to say the following (corrections in bold):
        “Restrictions on felons are constitutional since they have been deprived of their rights under due process of law.”

        • …except that the Founders were thinking of high crimes when they created the Constitution. Rape, murder, kidnapping, etc. Today, so many acts and behaviors have been classified as felonies that our system no longer resembles anything like it once did. For example, should society remove a murderer’s right to own a weapon in public? Arguably yes. But a white collar crime such as stealing money over a certain $$ threshold? Or a man (such as happened here in CA many times) who fondled a woman while he was drunk and perceiving that her flirtations were an invitation for the fondling? Our current system classifies those “crimes” as felonies in many states, which deprives them of their natural right to defend themselves with a gun for the rest of their lives. Tell me how that’s fair.

        • “… For example, should society remove a murderer’s right to own a weapon in public? Arguably yes.”

          Absolutely not! Ex convicts are no more special under the BoRs than your or I. Once they have completed their responsibility to society, we “give” them ALL their rights back. Commit Murder and you’ve forfeited one life time, yours. Come back on your second go around and you can begin at square one, with the rest of us. Assault with a deadly weapon? 30 years. You don’t limit society’s freedoms because some can’t live within it’s values. You remove them from society until such time they are no longer a threat to society.

      • You’re answering the wrong question here though. With the exception of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution is a document about what the Federal Government can do, not what it can’t. So which of the few domestic powers granted to the Federal Government in the Constitution permit them to totally strip a citizen of his or her right to keep and bear arms? The commerce clause? Certainly not, because a prohibited person also may not build a gun for personal use, which is a restriction the supreme court has struck from federal gun law for lack of jurisdiction, even under the Wickard v. Filburn doctrine. The necessary and proper clause? You can make a public safety argument, but only if it is NECESSARY for the Federal Government to do so (rather than states individually) and PROPER (it is not a realistic notion that the states will handle it in a way that does not blow back negatively on the rest of the Union.) Since a person not prohibited in their home state to posess a firearm is still comitting a crime to cross into a state which does prohibit that person that firearm, this is not the case (as well as federal law could apply to the crossing of state lines with arms, rather than apply within states as well.) At best you could argue that it has to do with providing for the organization of the militia, being as males 17-45 years of age are in the Unorganized Militia, but since males older than 45 and females can be prohibited persons that doesn’t hold water.

        So what then do you consider the legal basis for that due process to come from?

    • That is why all marvel at the pyramids of Egypt and some even make up conspiracy and/or alien theories. Wake up world; humans are that capable of greatness. The barely crawling out of stone age ancient Egyptians had figured out things we are still struggling with. But, it was all lost for the sake of modernization and progressive advancement. Likewise, much suffering in the 20th Century was in vain, for progressives are resurrecting the failed ideologies of the 19th century in the name of modernization. Humanity has forgotten more than it cares to admit. And, as I tell my students, I have forgotten more than you will ever know.

  2. “To arrogant elitists like Bloomberg, the average American is expendable, and most definitely deplorable.”

    Thus the likes of Bloomturd and like minded elitist Leftards are the enemy of Freedom and Liberty of the American people. Keep your powder dry and stacked hi and deep !

  3. The presidency is bought not won in the corrupt country of Capitalvania. I am hearing more and more women say they think Bloomberg will be the next president. And before you Far Right Misogynists start denigrating women I might add women make up a big chuck of the voting block. Part of what makes Bloomberg so attractive to women voters is his rabid anti-gun stance.

        • Hello everybody. My name is California Richard and i identify as an attack helicopter. My preferred pronouns are “it” and “its”.

          I think Vlad is referring to that woman with the sign at the DNC debates who was screaming about trans black women being murdered. “Women” love Little Michael.

    • I think Bloomberg is too genteel to go rough and tumble with Trump. Bloomy usually has cat paws to do his dirty work, but he won’t be able to do that in debates. Plus, there’s a lot of socialists and generally far leftists that don’t want a white cis male, let alone a wealthy one, on the ballet, they just want his money and for him to shut up and move aside. If those types sit this election out then it will make things that much easier for Trump.

      • Other than his gun control, salt and transfat fetish Bloomberg is the most reasonable candidate. It’s not like anybody in the clown car is pro 2nd Amendment.

        • Guns, transfats, salt, and soft drinks touch on a whole lot of living daily life in America. Not only that, but the fanaticism reflected in his obsession over those items evinces a mindset that shelters statist ambitions and illimitable dominion over all things everyone.

          So when I hear “Other than guns, salt, etc…..he’s the most reasonable candidate”, that smacks of asking “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

        • I think you miss the point entirely. Think about how this relates to the Democrat presidential field.

        • I remember Bloomberg saying something about how he gave so much money to good causes, that when he dies God is going throw open the gates of heaven for him and he won’t even have to stop for an interview (or something to that effect)….. From God’s perspective, the world’s richest man, is no richer than the world’s poorest man. The world’s most benevolent man is no more righteous than the world’s greatest sinner. And the Democrat party’s most moderate 2020 candidate is no less crazy than its most insane. Also, I think Jesus er somebody, said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a billionaire to enter the 2020 presidential race as the Democratic candidate.

        • California Richard,
          And much less a billionaire someone who formerly identified as Republican, now identifies as Democrat, supposedly still identifies as Jewish, but identifies as Christian when it comes to skipping ahead in line to get into a Christian Heaven. I thought that they eventually stopped selling indulgences sometime shortly after Martin Luther nailed his complaints on the door to some cathedral or another; guess someone forgot to tell Mickey.

        • ‘Bloomberg saying something about how he gave so much money to good causes, that when he dies God is going throw open the gates of heaven for him”

          I think Bloomb@stard expects god to abdicate and give him the keys to the kingdom. Hey, he has more money than god, so if push comes to shove he can pay off the angels.

          After all, Mike is the bringer of light to us mundanes.

    • HRC outspent Trump, she put a nice size down payment for the job. Somehow some loudmouth guy seems to have beat a well seasoned politician at the ballot box. She was sure she was going to be gifted the presidency, after all, look at she had done since the Little Rock days.

      Did her check bounce?

      Bloomberg is out making noise, he isn’t serious to run for President. He has more than enough power, influence and money without needing to be President.

    • Adding misogyny to our crimes to be punished for? Is Vlad wetting himself at the thought of executing all those hillbillies, jethroes, bitter clingers, and deplorables?

      • He’s a fascist. It’s what they do. He demonizes folks by calling them those names. Makes it easier for him to imagine killing them all. Men. Women. Children.

      • He is a paid troll-clone named Wolftracker. I think he is an actual Russian since one his personnas didn’t know the Mississippi flows down from Minnesota. He thought it was confined to the State.

        • tdiinva,

          I am sad to say that a lot — maybe upwards of 80% — of people born and raised in the United States of America are pretty clueless about pretty much everything, including the course of the Mississippi River.

          The fact that Vlad (or whoever he/she is) did not know the course of the Mississippi River is not compelling evidence that he/she is a foreign operative/troll. In fact that could be compelling evidence that he/she actually is a native-born citizen of the U.S.A.

        • He was doxxed here before. I can’t use his real name because he complained to DZ who e mailed with a ban threat if I do. He’s a drop out from Canton, Ohio. I’ve seen his facebook. He really believes this crap. He’s mentally ill. To say the least. He’s no more than 30.

        • How could anyone here be sure of his name and location?

          To be clear, are you suggesting that the administrators of this forum took his IP address and tracked him down to an actual person?

          I find this interesting.

      • Strych9, thank you for posting that. I still have that album in my vinyl collection. Purchased when it first came out. Seen the Adicts a few times in concert. Just what I needed today.

        • As I said when I started this: Vlad’s soundtrack will vary a lot with something for everyone rolling around from time to time. Those who pay attention might find some overarching themes hidden in the track selection.

          But, in this case it seems to have had the desired immediate effect: to brighten someone’s day a bit.

          I never saw the Adicts live but I did get a black eye and a disjointed nose at a Rancid show. That was a pretty epic pit, at least for a high school kid.

  4. This from a man that pays people to carry guns around him in public all the time. Ok lil’ Mikey, whatever you say.

    • Because he is too important to die! Or something like that…

      I should probably start up a fake pro gun control group that doesn’t do anything except collect checks from the runt.

    • I’ve always found that the bodyguards of wealthy people have unique experiences to relate:

      “President Trump’s longtime bodyguard told congressional investigators this week that someone offered to send five women to Mr. Trump’s hotel room during a 2013 trip to Moscow for the annual Miss Universe pageant.

      But the bodyguard, Keith Schiller, said he quickly rejected the offer, and testified that he was not aware of Mr. Trump participating in any compromising activity on the trip, according to two people familiar with his testimony.

      Mr. Schiller spoke during a closed-door session with members of the House Intelligence Committee for nearly three hours on Tuesday. The panel is one of several on Capitol Hill investigating Russia’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election.”

      One wonders about the real reasons for Keith Schiller’s departure from the Trump organization.

  5. All throughout recorded history, groups of people have declared themselves to be “superior” and then attempt to dominate/exploit “inferior” people.

    Pride and greed are the primary motivation in such people rather than constructive ambition and shared concern for fellow human beings.

    Needless to say, those people who appoint themselves “superior” are exceedingly dangerous to everyone else. Anyone who is ignorant of this or ignores it does so at their own peril.

    • “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it”…
      H. L. Mencken

  6. I’m reminded of a couple of conversations. One with a liberal friend of mine. We were having a little debate. I asked, “Do you know the scariest thing you can say a liberal?” Spencer, ‘No.” Me, “I don’t need the government for anything.” Not entirely true, but he got my point. The other with my sister. She was in town from Cincinnati for the holidays. We were going out to dinner. I told her to wait a minute while I strapped up. She asked, “What are you afraid of?” I replied, “Nothing. I’m armed.” The look on her face was so funny I laughed all night.

  7. “That’s purpose, power to make the powerful nervous/
    Hard work ain’t easy but easy usually ain’t worth it”

  8. It looks like a bunch of gun bills are going to be voted on Monday the 13th. If you can go there, please go! Of course it’s on a work day for most of us.

  9. You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gunm in a crowded place. Possum says; I get really bad gas eating the stuff I do, follow me gunm bearer’s I shall disperse the crowds

  10. Where does this end? Are you considered a threat if you read stories about guns? What if you are looking to buy one on a website? Will they match your prescriptions with your gun interest?..are you now deemed a “threat” to society? Your browsing history is going to be used to prejudge you.

    Don’t let anything you do online be used against you, get TraceFree http://www.tracefree.com/?ref=TTAG

  11. “You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.”

    On average, I actually do.

    I’m not banning; you’re banning.

  12. Average Americans, like the most recent Texas Church protector, or the 7 others who you’d never know were carrying, until the BG showed up, n never fired when the BG was stopped? Those “Average Americans?”

  13. Of course he doesn’t want regular people doing the shooting. How you gonna keep the ammo consumption up if the carriers don’t fire wildly given the chance?

  14. Bloomberg is a twisted little freak. Patriots bodies will be stacked *as high as the Statue of Liberty* before he ever sets foot inside the White House. He’s the Founding Fathers poster boy for why they wrote the Second Amendment into the Constitution.

  15. Michael Bloomberg is just another very well dressed racist. He is no different than the racist Virginia democrat Governor.
    Both of them want the civilian population disarmed.

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