Gov. Greg Abbot to Present Texas Medal of Courage to Church Shooting Hero Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson Church Shooting Texas

Jack Wilson (AP Photo/Jake Bleiberg)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that he will present church shooting hero Jack Wilson with the Texas Medal of Courage on Monday, January 13 at the governor’s mansion in Austin.

Wilson was the church security team member who shot and killed an active shooter on December 29. The shooting and Wilson’s armed defense of the congregation were captured on video.

According to . . .

The Governor’s Medal of Courage is given to civilians who display great acts of heroism by risking their own safety to save another’s life.

West Freeway Church Shooting Texas

A still frame from livestreamed video provided by law enforcement, churchgoers take cover while a congregant armed with a handgun, top left, engages a man who opened fire, near top center just right of windows, during a service at West Freeway Church of Christ, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in White Settlement, Texas. (West Freeway Church of Christ/Courtesy of Law Enforcement via AP)

That pretty well sums up what Wilson did that day.


  1. avatar PTM says:

    Well deserved!

    Here is the best video of it that I have seen:

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Thx. Grabbed it to save as a better version for training our own church team.

      1. A video clip of this should be made and sent to anyone has a vote in any way concerning proposed gun legislation.

        The NRA and ALL pro-gun groups should also show the clip, along with the oft-seen clip of Wayne LaPierre speaking from a podium, when he states ….” The only that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a GOOD GUY WITH A GUN ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This occurrence is one of the BEST things to bolster PRO-GUN legislation that has happened in a long time.

    2. avatar SoJerSailor says:

      It’s obvious that Jack Wilson wasn’t the only one prepared to respond.
      But he was fast, and he was accurate.
      Train, people, train! Then, train some more!

  2. avatar B says:


  3. avatar former water walker says:

    Wonderful! I’ve been working on headshots😃😎😏

  4. avatar Blackspike2710 says:

    That’s Jack “Big Dick” Wilson.

    Put some respect on that name.

  5. avatar Warchild says:

    Hero Tejas

  6. avatar ChoseDeath says:

    Fantastic! He deserves it. 👍👍

  7. avatar Timothy Toroian says:


  8. avatar Ronald Fielder says:

    Good job, you deserve it.

  9. avatar MLee says:

    He SHOULD get the Texas Medal of Courage just because of the BS he’s had to put up with the idiotic democrats and the way they have vilified him including that pompous ass Bloomberg. That in itself is reason enough!

    1. avatar Jake says:

      WHAT HE SAID!!!

      1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

        This !

        Jack Wilson with the big iron on his hip.

    2. avatar Rick Lavoie says:

      I am using this event as a training scenario as a training drill at our gun club

  10. avatar A says:

    This is what a hero looks like.
    May his actions make anyone trying to perpetrate a mass killing in the future remember think more than just twice.

  11. avatar Biatec says:

    I’m glad.

  12. avatar bryan1980 says:

    Whereas the governor of California would try to charge him with something.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Anyone else notice the big silence from any of the usual CA actors? Gov. Newsom, A.G. Becerra, Sen. Feinstein, L.A. Mayor Garcetti, et al…

  13. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Expect little or no mainstream media coverage. What little there might be will disparage the gentleman. He is the antithesis of everything they espouse.

    1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      ‘He is the antithesis of everything they espouse.’

      This is why he should be awarded this medal. Because there is a big difference between how democrats act when rewarding someone involved in a ONE WAY gun fight. Verses how Republicans who support the 2A recognize a good guy with a gun.

      “In an emotional ceremony Tuesday, James Shaw Jr. was dubbed “Tennessee’s Hero” by state Rep. Jason Powell.”

      If James Shaw jr had used a gun to stop the waffle house killer, the democrats would NEVER speak his name. And Mr Shaw is a hero for burning his hand on the hot rifle barrel as he grabbed it and took it away from the murderer.

      The “press” forgot to tell you this important detail.

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        Chris, I agree. The media hates anyone who stops a crime. Any crime. Especially if the citizen is armed. Worked for 25 years. Counted on my fingers the felonies I interrupted. Several left over. As I’ve said before, My job discription was as a historian and a janitor. I wrote down what happened and cleaned up the mess. If you liberals think you should, “Leave it to the professionals.” You’re dreaming. You’re responsible for you’re own safety. Act accordingly.

  14. avatar James A. "Jim" Farmer says:

    Klamath Falls Herald and News: Friday, January 3, 2020/Letters To The Editor

    Will the electorate choose freedom, or the nanny state?

    “A church shooting in Texas ends because good guys with guns fought back,” (title of a commentary printed in the Wednesday, Jan. 1, Herald and News).

    This confirms my own recent Thursday, Nov. 21 Herald and New letter, “Gun rights are women’s rights” where I asserted, “the number of concealed carry permit holders nationwide increased in 2019. This of course is commendable, laudable, and good for the overall safety of society and community.” The armed volunteer security guard with his personal handgun inside the Fort Worth, Texas church taking out the evil sociopathic criminal perpetrator is a hero. His gallantry corresponds historically and morally with the Pilgrim or Puritan (separatists) in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts during the 1600s, who carried their matchlock muskets to church while assembling together for corporate worship, prayer, Bible reading, and Sunday devotion.

    The Truth About Guns ( posted a related YouTube commentary for Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020 titled: “Bloomberg in Texas Church Shooting: Only Cops Should Have Guns And Decide When To Shoot”, exposes the anti-gun political deceit and socialist class warfare pontificated by the Democrat Party in America today! Naturally I endorse it.

    Also, “Anti-Gun Left Still Cannot Accept the Armed Citizen” by Dan Zimmerman posted for Monday, Dec. 30, 2019 courtesy of JPFO, Inc. at Again, JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” and is non-NRA affiliated.

    In conclusion the coming November 2020 General Election will determine the moral and intellectual honesty of American voters, including Oregon residents. Will the electorate choose liberty, freedom and human dignity and republic? Or instead will they select the almighty nanny state (people control and big government, dependency, and repeat offenders in both Washington, D.C. and our state legislature in Salem)? Remember, willful ignorance and choosing to embrace the plight of being a serf, peasant, or slave is a choice.

    James A. Farmer, Merrill

  15. avatar Ralph says:

    From The Babylon Bee satire site on twitter:

    CNN: ‘Trump Voter Shoots Mentally Ill Man In Church’

    1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      Ralph, my question is, “So what if the guy was mentally ill? And so what if the armed citizen voted for Trump?” The bad guy needed to be shot. He was. Who cares who shot him? What’s the problem?

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Um, GF, as I noted, it’s a quote from a satire site making fun of CNN.


        1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Ralph, I know. My reply wasn’t meant to be a poor reflection on you. It was supposed to be an observation on the stupidity of CNN and others that share that point of view.

        2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Ralph, I’m sorry if I offended you. That was not my intention. I don’t always agree with you, but I always respect your comments.

        3. avatar Ralph says:

          No offense taken, GF. Besides, the fact that you don’t always agree with me indicates that you are both intelligent and sane. 🙂

  16. avatar Esoteric Inanity says:

    Did Stephen Willeford or Johnnie Langendorff ever get a medal?

    1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

      Well, Trump praised Willeford in a press conference and shook his hand. I read in a Texas Monthly article last year how strangers sent him thousands of dollars and invited him on all kinds of all-expenses paid trips. He spoke at that year’s NRA convention to some twenty thousand people. Folks recognize him all the time and ask to pose for pictures with him. He’s invited on speaking engagements frequently; I don’t know whether those are paid gigs, but they’re still a form of recognition.

  17. avatar Rick O’Chet says:

    After Austin hopefully his next appearance will be at The State of The Union.

  18. avatar nanashi says:

    That’s a high honor coming form a man that thinks the legislature should consider gun grabs…

  19. avatar Possum and " the Coons of Doom" says:

    I thought the Wizard of Oz awarded those medals?

  20. avatar Will Drider says:

    Richard White drew against the odds when facing the murderers barrel. He surely knew he did not have a winning position but none the less: showed extreme courage and drew the murderers first shot. He then went back to target Anton Wallace and shot him. Whites’ selfless action not only attempted to stop the murderer but allowed those precious seconds to allow Jack Wilson draw, move track/aim (unnoticed) and deliver a single fatal shot stopping the attack. Richard White gave those life saving seconds to Wilson.

    I think its great The Governor is giving the Medal of Courage to Wilson. I believe the same should be presented Posthumously to Richard White.

    I sure hope White being overlooked is not a result of skewed projection focus on the good guy with a gun that was uninjured while not addressing the other good guy with a gun that tried but died.

    1. avatar john Padgitt says:

      Stephen Willeford, the man who stopped the shooter in the Sutherland Springs church shooting should also be considered for the medal as well……I would love to see both men at the Nashville NRA convention this spring shaking hands with President Trump.

    2. avatar Ing says:

      This is what I also wanted to say.

      Richard White is also a hero who deserves recognition. His actions were every bit as heroic — maybe even more, depending on how you look at it. He didn’t succeed at stopping the bad guy, but because he put himself in the way and drew down — despite knowing what he faced — Jack Wilson was alive to do it 3 seconds later.

    3. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      On first watching the video, the very first thought I had was that in those initial moments Richard White realized what was going to happen, realized he was going to get shot. And, yet, he stayed in the fight thereby giving Jack Wilson precious time needed to draw and make that vital 50 ft head shot. This event is going to be discussed and deconstructed over and over again. Everyone in that fight on that day were Christians determined to confront evil. They were all heroes in my book.

    4. avatar SoJerSailor says:

      Richard White . . . his story, not widely told . . .
      Does Texas give Oak Leaf Clusters?

      1. avatar Garrison Hall says:

        Most people would think he was just some geezer, unremarkable and not much different from any other old guy you might see. But Richard White was the real deal.

  21. Finally a GOVERNOR with a brain, Thank you Gov. Greg Abbot. Mr. Abbot could you send a letter to other Governors about how to do this. You are a true American.

  22. avatar Super Frustrated in VA says:

    Hey Gov. Abbot, Please call my Governor Northam (bought and paid for by Bloomberg) and tell him how a REAL Governor governs.

    1. avatar SoJerSailor says:

      Ditto for New Jersey and Comrade Governor Murphy!

  23. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Let’s have some recognition for the seven (7) other folks in that church:

    — Shot up nothing, before the whack-job showed up.

    — Stepped up, seconds behind the guy who got the first shot off. Methinks whack-job wouldn’t have long survived the fusillade in waiting.

    — Never fired, the problem beign solved before they had to.

    Peaceful, responsible people, ready to do neadful violence to stop worse violence, with the perspective not to. Or the “average” people Bloomie can’t stand to think of as armed.

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