va capitol open carry
Open carry...formerly legal in the Virginia capitol. (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)
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UPDATE: Surprising absolutely no one, the newly Democrat-controlled Virginia legislature has voted to ban firearms in the capitol building and legislative office buildings. As the AP reports . . .

“The overall goal here is to protect and ensure the safety of our members and of the people that are in our building coming and going,” Democratic Del. Marcus Simon said before the vote.

The ban would apply to lawmakers in addition to the general public.

Republicans have voiced opposition to banning guns at the Capitol and some GOP lawmakers routinely carry guns while at the legislature. “I feel this egregious, I think it’s an overreach.” said Del. Terry Austin.

The ban goes into effect at midnight tonight.


By the AP

Virginia lawmakers are set to vote Friday on whether to ban guns at the state Capitol.

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have set a meeting to vote on new rules that are widely expected to include a proposed new gun ban for the Capitol and a legislative office building.

Republicans have voiced opposition to such a ban and some GOP lawmakers routinely carry guns into the Capitol.

Currently, anyone with a valid concealed handgun permit is allowed to bring a gun into the Capitol. Weapons are banned in certain parts of the building, which was designed by former President Thomas Jefferson, including the Senate gallery and the governor’s office on the third floor.

The debate on whether to ban guns in the Capitol is part of a larger fight on guns that’s set to dominate this year’s legislative session.

Democrats have a full majority at the state house for the first time in a generation and have promised significant new gun restrictions, including universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons and a red flag law that would allow authorities to temporarily take guns away from anyone deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others.

Republicans and gun-rights groups have pledged stiff resistance. Gun owners are descending on local government offices to demand that officials establish sanctuaries for gun rights. More than 100 counties, cities and towns have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries and vowed to oppose any new “unconstitutional restrictions” on guns.

A huge crowd of both pro-gun and gun-control advocates are expected to rally at the Capitol on Jan. 20.

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    • Midnight tonight effective date… not sure people will hear the news in time.

      Hopefully even if they do, tens of thousands will show up armed, and prove that Virginia cannot enforce their ban on open carry any more than they can enforce a ban on AR’s, silencers, standard magazines, or pistols with threaded barrels.

      If people back down and comply, they demonstrate they will quietly do what they are told, despite the fact the state doesn’t have the manpower, jail cells, handcuffs or finances to enforce any of their gun laws unless the people consent to be governed.

        • We’ll see about whether they have anyone who will fire upon citizens. If they do, it will be a bloodbath on both sides. There are far more armed citizens than cops, by an order of 10s.

        • So did the British at Lexington. What if the colonists had said “oh, you’re just going to confiscate our arms for today, but you promise to give them back later”. HA! Any official, of whatever office, who fires on or attempts to arrest anyone for a “2A violation” is fair game for lethal response. Let’s make that clear from the get-go.

          We won’t be quiet any longer. We were quiet when they started killing babies, and you know what? The MOST dangerous occupation today is preborn INFANT. You have a 20% chance of being murdered before you are born. THAT is what standing down will get you.

          NO MORE COMPROMISE. The 2A says what it says, and we won’t tolerate infringement of any kind. Period.

          Molon Labe, baby.

        • All bluster. None of this penny-ante stuff will foment any sort of armed uprising, including armed public non-compliance, and you guys are wishful thinkers if you suggest otherwise. People value their lives over little freedoms. Now, big freedoms? Maybe a different story. But whittling them away is easier anyway.

        • Hannibal: “Big freedoms”? Exactly what “big freedoms” are you referring to? Without the 2nd Amendment “BIG FREEDOM” you won’t have the capacity to defend what is left, which will be nothing. Because all you will have left to hurl at the demoncRat tyrants is your corpse.

    • Already illegal here. Has been for quite a while…open and concealed. Last time I was at the Capital building (15 years ago) They wanted to see everyone’s ID. It was a school field trip.

    • It’s like VA is trying to play catch-up (or “one-up”) with California and New York when it comes to tyranny.

      • This is just them punishing the citizens – the great unwashed who don’t toe the line. My gut suggests that they’re using the attack on the 2A to provide cover for the bigger treasure being elections. With all the changes to voting registration, voter id, absentee balloting, vote counting, and a Constitutional amendment to allow 2 successive Governor terms, they’ll be finding more boxes of ballots than Florida did. Whatever 2A stuff sticks is just gravy, and they’ll take care of anything remaining later.

        Also, I suspect they’ll play games by having voting done in the middle of the night ala New York where only the statists make it so the 4/5 of the voting body requirement is met. They’ve already pulled that nonsense in PWC by moving the meeting time back 4 hours or so so it was midday on a workday just after the holidays where everyone tends to take time off, rendering it harder to be there.

        • Gene,

          You are correct. Like Maduro in Venezuela, leftist will do whatever is necessary to retain power over the people.

          I pray the Republic can be saved.

  1. They’re already voting on legislation… the frikken Jan 20 rally is likely to be after they vote on the ban legislation at this point. VCDL needs to have moved their date up instead of insisting on keeping it on their ‘traditional’ date. Their cries about ‘but mah Jan 20″ about the NRA ‘upstaging them’ by having a rally on Jan 13 are useless mewlings if the Assembly votes on the legislation before the 20th, which they are pushing to.

    • The bills won’t make it to the general floor before the 20th. And even if they do, they won’t make it to the Senate who’d have to agree to what was sent over until crossover day.

        • To do what exactly? Besides voice your opinion as an out of state citizen. Which I’m sure the Va Dems will take into due consideration.

        • @Robb,

          This is everyone’s fight.

          The General Assembly is gonna go full stupid no matter where you’re from. BUT, this is a 2A /RKBA fight and it impacts our entire country. Larry you are more than welcome here. Unconstitutional laws will not be complied with.

          The fight will not be over on 20 January. VA Attorney General, we will see you in court….bring your A game.

        • Well, if the law/rule becomes effective before hand and you show up armed, don’t expect much help from any of the sponsoring organizations hiring an expensive lawyer to try to get you off, especially when you go public ahead of time with your proposed criminal activity. I’m in no way, shape or form siding with those who would create unConstitional laws or regs, but your proposal is not intelligent, even if you could talk everyone into showing up armed, which won’t happen if it might mean jail for them. Good luck…

        • LarryinTX, good for you! The more the merrier and a show of strength no matter where one lives is good for the cause. The VCDL will surely welcome you. I suggest anyone who has the means and will to make the trip. The MORE the BETTER!

        • They CANNOT jail the number who will show. They don’t have the space, or the police or handcuffs to arrest tens of thousands that will be there.

          If people back down on this, they know the serfs will back down on anything, and comply with whatever they force down VA’s throat.

      • “To do what exactly? Besides voice your opinion as an out of state citizen. Which I’m sure the Va Dems will take into due consideration.”

        Is it an ad hominem attack to call an idiot an idiot? Because I’m pretty sure the BoR AREN’T state specific nor are your enumerated rights dependent on what state is listed on your DL/address/utility bill, etc. For far too long this infringement has been allowed to occur. That someone from Texas feels strongly enough to travel there to defend their, yours and ALL US citizen’s rights deserves your thanks, not your petty response.

  2. My question is, what has the government been doing that makes them fear the legally armed citizens of our Republic?

    • LibertyToad,

      An incredibly poignant question.

      You, sir or ma’am, win the Internet award for best question of the day.

    • They are not after you’re AR-15; they are after you.
      The AR-15’s just in their way.

      Technically, we are in a civil war already, the shooting just hasn’t ensued en masse.

      • It’s “your” government that is taken everything from you. Antifa couldn’t do a thing to the American people they did not want. However, the government is doing whatever they feel like because they can.

        A civil war is not a revolution.

        A revolution is required when the government becomes destructive…

        • Looks like VA delegates are trying to incite the boogaloo, CW2 or Revolution 2.0… whatever people call it. It is a game of chicken. Will the serfs meekly comply, or will they rise up in sufficient numbers that the gov doesn’t just use it as an excuse for more “gun control”, but takes a serious look at the direction they have been going? And decide to follow the will of the people before they withdraw all consent to be governed?

  3. This is a vote for a RULE change. It is not a BILL/LAW. Thus, even if passed (likely), the enforcement is asking you to leave the capital grounds (assuming you are carrying) or be charged with trespass.

    It does not make carrying firearms ILLEGAL.

    Even if passed, I’d be willing to bet that there will be plenty of concealed carriers on the 20th.

    • Trespass on public property? Can’t I insist that THEY leave the grounds or be charged with trespass? How do they get more authority than you have?

      • Rename your AR15 as “MS13”.

        Democrats will fall all over themselves to welcome you and your MS13, shower you with taxpayer-funded benefits, and according to the latest news reports, even give your MS13 the right to vote if you go to NY!

    • You can only be charged with trespass if your presence is illegal and actionable. Otherwise, why would you have used the word “charged”?

      • violating the constitution is illegal, there for rather than rallying, the “people” should make a “citizens” arrest of the governor and legislators for treason and trespassing

    • I expect that you won’t be getting past security screening to enter with a gun once the ban is in effect.

        • Whoa, whoa!

          Virginian Republicans want to make it clear they didn’t show up to vote because the Republican party didn’t show up to compete against the Democrats. It’s not their fault “conservatives” forfeited the state.

        • @Censor,

          Yeah, um, except the conservatives across the entire state have made it clear that they are not forfeiting. Right up to a boogaloo if necessary.

          Maybe you should stop consulting with Vlad before commenting?

    • yep .. everybody be cool theyre just looking for anything they can point to as a reason for more stupid laws. just be cool and that will piss them off more than people showing up with guns . business casual is what rallys in other states are asking of people who attend !!dont give them any reasons for more stupid laws !!!

  4. From the AP source article:

    More than 100 counties, cities and towns have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries and vowed to oppose any new “unconstitutional restrictions” on guns.

    I find it interesting that the Associated Press chose to place double quotation marks around the words “unconstitutional restrictions”.

    Perhaps the Associated Press does not believe that Virginia’s proposed infringements are unconstitutional? Of course that should come as no surprise since something like 95% of journalists and the press are hardcore Leftists/Progressives.

    Remember, in the “mind” of a hardcore Leftist/Progressive, only feelings, fantasy, and their transient/arbitrary notion of virtue are relevant. Facts, truth, and timeless standards of right versus wrong are utterly, totally, and wholly irrelevant. That being a FACT (see what I did there?), Virginia Leftists/Progressives will support their proposed infringements simply because it feels good and is somehow “virtuous” in their minds, no matter what the Supreme Law of the Land (United States Constitution and Virginia Constitution) says.

    • uncommon_sense says:
      January 10, 2020 at 10:38
      I find it interesting that the Associated Press chose to place double quotation marks around the words “unconstitutional restrictions”.
      Perhaps the Associated Press does not believe that Virginia’s proposed infringements are unconstitutional? Of course that should come as no surprise since something like 95% of journalists and the press are hardcore Leftists/Progressives.

      Because the AP like ALL mainstream news agencies is just bubbling over with “Constitutional Scholars” with decades of expertise in defining the intent of the Framers…

      • Also, notice how they *don’t* put scare quotes around things like “gun safety legislation” and “common sense” gun laws.

        None of this stuff is accidental. The press may not know much about anything else, but they surely do know how to use the English language, and they’re using it this way systematically and on purpose.

  5. Looks like the Governor may have received Blum berg’s usual $500,00 “gift” for introducing gun legislation.

    • I think I love this woman!
      In TX, to gain entrance to the Capitol you must go through an ID/metal detector after waiting in a (usually) long line, unless you have a carry license, in which case you skip the line and are waved in with your gun, open or concealed. I don’t even know when that started, but to my knowledge there have been zero problems.

      • I love her as well. And I want her to keep her gun even if they are exempted. Because she is honest. And a Good Girl with a gun. I’m sure the Democrats do concealed carry in the capitol building. Hypocrites.

      • It started in 2010 after a crazy dude with a gun walked into the Capitol and didn’t threaten anyone.

        The State Preservation Board allowed the metal detectors, but Gov Perry and many legislators were against it. The “have a license, come on through rule was the only way to placate them, and still under Perry’s protest. He put up a sign in his office door, immediately to the right as you walk in the South steps, that read “The Governor Does Not Support Metal Detectors in the People’s Capitol”. My office was right next to that door and I made sure as many people saw it as possible.

    • No, the new rule includes legislators as well as all LEO who are not assigned to the Capitol Police.

      That means that any law enforcement officers who come to the Capitol to speak or testify on issues will also have to disarm.

      These lunatic Democrats are afraid of all the WRONG people.

  6. Except of course those brought in by the bad guys. My home state is starting to sound like it is being populated by the People’s Republics of the Left coast!

  7. It’s official, firearms banned inside the Virginia Capitol and related buildings at 11:59pm tonight, even for lawmakers.

    As for grounds, we await a Rules Committee meeting.

  8. Pistol packing mama, Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase, who is known for her Open Carry in legislative hearings, was asked if she will honor the ban.

    She said, cryptically, “I will follow the Constitution”.

    • The Republicans’ lovely men and women in uniform will make sure to charge her like the criminal she is and the DA/AG will make sure to punish her to the fullest extent of the law. A minimum mandatory sentence, no more voting rights and no more guns for her. She better be thankful for not getting summarily executed.

      All the patriots will stand there and watch her go to a cage like an animal. Then the government can turn her into a slave as so written in the United States Constitution. Don’t expect Kanye to come to the rescue.

        • Depends on how she behaves. I hear first they will ask her to leave her gun or leave the property. At that point it’s up to her how she is going to go about it. If she doesn’t comply something bad is going to happen to her just like it does for everyone else.

  9. That was part of their plan.

    They wanted people to get angry enough to bring their guns and chest rigs. Then they would get arrested or shot for bringing their firearms. All those people that thought they could intimidate their rulers with their toys have to stay home or come unarmed and let law enforcement do their jobs.

    All those militia wannabes are going to look real dumb wearing their gear while completely disarmed and surrounded by armed law enforcement. They pulled your fangs and drained you of your venom with a simple piece of paper ordering law enforcement to enforce your masters’ rules.

    Hey, at least the Republicans have to leave their guns at home too. Don’t worry though. They have armed guards to protect them paid for by your money. Ain’t socialism and Murica great? God bless our leaders and law enforcement for teaching everyone who is boss.

    Remember, you are a law abiding gun owner and a brave American. You don’t need no gun if the government says you don’t need a gun. All you need is love or your fists. Make Bruce Lee proud.

      • I already explained their plans days ago in another article post. Now they did what I figured they would plan to do.

        Yet Republicans can’t understand the most obvious strategy and they walk right into a trap every time. When you warn them they call you “Vlad” because they can’t comprehend reality.

        • Yes, the Republican party is a giant gaggle of idiots, and Republican voters are far too trusting.

          It’s the part where you seem to revel in the statist victories over the rubes — not “Republicans,” just ordinary people — that makes me wonder about you. Whatever you think you’re doing, it’s not helping.

  10. It’s interesting the AP is still using the phrase “gun control”, and not “commonsensegunsafetymeasures”.

  11. “The overall goal here is to protect and ensure the safety of our members and of the people that are in our building coming and going,” — Marcus Simon

    No, the overall goal is to indulge Democrats’ feelings, fantasies, and ever-changing notions of “virtue”.

    • “goal is to protect and ensure safety….”
      So was this building so dangerous to all people all these years?? Only NOW they need to make it safe?? How many children have died in this building? Maybe now 1 child will be saved by this lifesaving law. (sarc)

  12. It’d be almost clever if it wasn’t so transparent. The Dems are using this to justify ignoring the pro-gun voices because they will either 1) comply, disarming before they enter the building and therefore proving that it was all bluster because they’ll knuckle under to any infringement, or 2) not comply, and therefore be denied entry, letting the idiots speak freely without counterpoint and making it look like the pro-gun side doesn’t care because there’s no mass of people.

    • The NRA crowd, aka law abiding gun owners, comply with almost every 2A infringement. They will never stand up to the police like some Antifa member. They will not go to prison and lose their human rights. Keeping their toys is far more important and they can’t live without their right to vote for Republicans who do nothing to restore America.

      Back in the day Americans would say, “screw the tyrants.” Then they would take back their property with force of arms or die trying. Well, they would have already made a declaration of their resistance before they moved on to other means of securing liberty.

      So far Americans stood down and allowed the take over. Then they put up powerless “resolutions” to puff up their chests and act all tough. Now they will come to the capital like Trump came to the podium after Iran bitch slapped him in front of the world.

      Remember “patriots” lay down your arms before you step foot on your masters’ property. Comply or die, peasant.

  13. Them: You suck at hunting if you need a 30-round magazine

    Us: You suck at governing if you need gun control

    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
    When the government fears the people, there is freedom

  14. Nice. Can the entire lot of them who voted Aye be impeached or at least be given a recall election?

    Lawfare needs to work both ways, and by the look of it Virginia has the votes to put it to work.

    Sic semper tyrannis, indeed.

  15. Got a better idea, why don’t we ban corrupt politicians in ALL state capitols! Sure would be quiet.

  16. The new rule includes legislators as well as all LEO who are not assigned to the Capitol Police.

    That means that any law enforcement officers who come to the Capitol to speak or testify on issues will also have to disarm.

    These lunatic Democrats are afraid of all the WRONG people.

  17. Reality check….. was it Virginians who voted these assholes into office? What I see is a bunch if idiots voting assholes into office to represent the voters ..they voted democraps into office after 50+ years of democraps lying to WE THE PEOPLE… and then they expect something different.. … and then turning around and asking “what the hell?” after they put them in office… … let me get this straight .. you voted dumbocraps into office and did not expect them to vote away your rights? is that right? are you people insane? or just plain stupid? I live just north of you…and have determined to NEVER go into Virginia again if I can avoid it.. travel through Virginia will be limited to INTERSTATES and getting from one border to the other on a single full tank of gas…stopping and contributing to their income is NOT in my future… or theirs.

    • @Cliff,

      Save your rage for the ones that actually voted them into office. This is not a case of POTG voting democ(rat).

    • Actually, the majority of voters voted Republican. The Democrats have a small majority of legislators because the districts were unevenly divided, so they had smaller majorities of voters in a small majority of districts. Also, the Republicans failed to run candidates at all in many districts, conceding these to the Dems (and presumably R voters stayed home since they had nobody to vote for). This is not the fault of the majority of voters. And, the Dem voters who are employed by the government got exactly what they wanted.

      • This occurred in several places last midterm. People have short memories. Either nobody worthwhile ran or people voted with their feelers.

        In Colorado this happens all the time. Almost every ballot measure goes conservative (new taxes voted no etc). But then somehow the reps themselves are progressive or leftist and get swept right in. Check out our last (2018) midterm results. It just blows my mind. And now we are basically a blue state on the verge of handing our electoral votes over to NY.

        • That’s God’s Own Truth. For 40+ years I’ve firmly believed the Southern and Western portions of Colorado need to secede from the Northern half. Denver and its satellite communities can then openly call themselves the Peoples Republic of Northern Colorado and leave the rest of the State alone. Thanks to the Libs, the smaller communities and rural dwellers have No voice whatsoever, and we haven’t for years.
          Thouroghly disgusted with this Ass Spelunker we have as governor. Talk about buying an election.

    • It could be the Chicago way. Dead people voting. More people voting than are on the rosters in this state. Detroit had the same thing.

  18. Just wait for it. These idiot in VA are going to push gun owners to the brink. At some point the state government is going to make the mistake infusing force to try to disarm it’s citizens. At the point the shooting will start. By the time it ends there more than likely won’t be one liberal democrat in the entire state but definitely withing the state house.
    It’s coming. It’s been predicted and it will be nasty violent and bloody. I have always jopednthat kg wouldn’t be so but the democrats are so rabid that no matter how calm gun owners remain ND how much citizens voice it they believe they have a mandate from god to coast and limit guns for everyone. It ain’t gonna end well. Not at all.

    • ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””'”Just wait for it. These idiot in VA are going to push gun owners to the brink. At some point the state government is going to make the mistake infusing force to try to disarm it’s citizens. At the point the shooting will start. By the time it ends there more than likely won’t be one liberal democrat in the entire state but definitely withing the state house.””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’

      No doubt some Right Wing Lunatic will go on a mass murder spree with an assault rifle, which will only reinforce the reason that they passed an assault rifle ban. It proves once again the Far Right is always its own worst enemy.

        • A more relevant question for Vlad might be, “Have you stopped beating yourself?”

          Because I suspect that he is continually “beating” himself while he writes his drivel.

      • Vlad Tepes illustrates the core problem: Progressives do not see firearm ownership/possession infringements as a problem. It is akin to a depraved gang who does not see any problem with aggressively groping and fondling women since it isn’t full-blown rape. Well, keep aggressively groping and fondling women and one or several of them, sooner or later, will say “no more!” and punch back HARD.

        Similarly, our depraved politicians keep aggressively “groping and fondling” firearm owners (figuratively speaking with massive restrictions and bans but not full-blown restrictions and bans). Likewise, sooner-or-later, one or more firearm owners will say “no more!” and punch back HARD.

  19. Can someone please clarify if this is “in the Capitol building” itself, or does it include the grounds/park around it?
    I plan to attend both rallies – the 13th and the 20th. From the energy and participation that I’m seeing via the media and news reports, and VCDL-sponsored/hosted county meetings, there won’t be enough room within the Capitol building. I’m assuming that the rallies will be outside, on the grounds.
    Please confirm.
    And I’m adding my out-of-state support along with Larry in Texas! From there before, in NC now. We need to support our VA brothers and sisters!

  20. Even with this, there is still an edge to the distance from the banned areas where being armed is not at issue. This is not a reason to keep arms at home or not be there. Just don’t bring them into the building or whatever the boundaries are.

    The armed public can still completely surround the premises.

  21. The lesson here is that midterm elections are just as important as the four year. One look at the 2A sanctuary movement says there is no way the antis should have taken the state. Hate to say it, but the 2A sanctuary movement is probably too little, too late. They should have been voting last November. I’ve voted in every election since I was eighteen. Every one. Even when I was in the army.

  22. The NRA-ILA has issued a statement, and so far it is the only language I have seen stipulating “Capitol Grounds” as part of the ban.

    NRA-ILA: “Virginia General Assembly has passed an immediate gun ban for the Pocahontas Building, the Capitol, and Capitol Grounds through the duration of the 2020 General Assembly Legislative Session.”

    I have been told by VCDL leadership that the ban stands as policy, not law, and as such triggers a trespass warning—not a criminal citation—to anyone found to be armed on the Capitol grounds.

    Being cited criminally requires a law, which in turn requires passage in the full General Assembly, followed by a notice to the public that implementation of criminal citations would begin months only after the notice period had expired.

    This is NOT legal advice. Do your own research.

  23. Step one completed in Kamarade Northam’s 2A eradication in Virginia. Stalinist’s score 1, 2A scores 0 in the first inning.

    Addendum. What Commie Bastard would feed the poor and the starving?

    Answer: Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, and Barack Obama.

    Herr Drumpf and the Gangster Criminal Republicans are now set to cancel food stamps to the poor and the starving by sabotaging welfare so that Herr Drumpf can lower the cost of his tax rape law that ran the deficit up 1 trillion dollars so billionaires would not starve to death (sarcasm)

    By the way its called corporate welfare that dwarfs aid to the poor and starving. By Far Right philosophy only the rich should survive.

  24. Time for a few thousand open carriers to show up and see what this asswipe of a Governor will try to do.
    If no ones willing to disobey an illegal order in Virginia in mass numbers. Then suffer the known consequences and stop bitching.
    Its all up to the people of Virginia.
    Not us here to type with no possibility of punishment.

  25. Virginia State Delegate Nick Freitas has issued a statement on his FB page that—in his view—the “Capitol gun ban” does NOT include the Capitol grounds.

  26. Another gun free “Island of Serenity”, which the Special People reserve to themselves while ruling over the rabble. When does the razor wire go up around the grounds?

  27. It’s not saying you can’t have gunms, you just can’t have gunms in the city limits. And then a bunch of two bit gunmen, taking away people’s rights, become heroes and make a town called Tombstone famous.

  28. It’s just another way for the democracy to get their foot in the door, this is were common sense must be used, say NO to any laws that has anything to do with our freedom.

  29. “The ban would apply to lawmakers in addition to the general public.”

    Should read:

    “The ban would apply to law-abiding lawmakers in addition to the law-abiding public.”

  30. For all those indicating how worried they are about following all VA Anti-gun laws you might want to feel very extreme lower mast to see if the balls are still there. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. … No one Is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it”.These patriot wannabe’s are exactly part of the single digit part of the population that will turn in all their firearms to the Jack-boots then bow and kiss their ring. Studies show from everywhere in the USA where guns have been asked to be turned in less than 10% comply. I believe most of the ones that did not get turned in were part of a large scale boating accident on a body of water nobody remembers. If they go to the trouble of passing the bills prior to 01/20/20 then it is clear conversation is over with one option remaining as described in the Constitution.

  31. I too, will be to the rally on the 20th. The part of the article that says there will be a large crowds of 2A supporters and gun control communist is somewhat misleading because the amount of patriots will out number the socialist’s by at least a 100 to 1. They (Bloomberg and Soros) have been busing in groups such as antifa and black lives matter. Their aim is to make sure something goes down so they can blame the 2nd Amendment supporters for the event. However they have no real reason to care except they are being paid to cause problems. This will be a history making event.

  32. For those coming to the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond to lobby legislators and/or to rally on the Capitol Grounds, the Virginia Citizens Defense League has this official advisory for you:

    “The Democrats [have voted] to ban guns in the General Assembly and the Capitol buildings. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION FOR CHP HOLDERS.

    IMPORTANT: there is NO ban outside those buildings, including on the Capitol grounds. Thus, those attending the VCDL Lobby Day Rally [on Jan. 20th] which is an outside event on the Capitol steps, CAN be legally armed.”

  33. The same rules apply to those coming to the Virginia State Capitol this coming Monday, Jan. 13, to be present in the hearings or in the hallways for the Democrat’s introduction of their gun control legislative package.

    Citizens going into the buildings may not be armed, but those gathering on the Capitol Grounds—according to VCDL guidance— are permitted to carry openly without a permit , or concealed with a Virginia permit or a non-resident permit accepted by Virginia.

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