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Ducey won’t budge on ‘crown jewel’ of gun legislation

Arizona governor wants more than just confiscation, he also wants forced mental evaluations . . .

Gov. Doug Ducey is doubling down on his push for a law to let judges take guns from some people considered “dangerous” even though it was that provision that killed pretty much his entire school safety plan earlier this year.

“I think the STOP plan — the Severe Threat Order of Protection — is the crown jewel of our safe schools plan,” the governor said Wednesday when questioned by Capitol Media Services. It would set up a procedure to allow not just police but family members and others to seek a court order to have law enforcement take an individual’s weapons while he or she is locked up for up to 21 days for a mental evaluation.

“It’s the one tool that could have eliminated the mass shootings that have happened in other places in the country,” Ducey said.

Man Stopped at LAX Checkpoint Was WWII Enthusiast With Replica Weapons, Airport Police Say

Oops . . .

A man stopped at a Los Angeles International Airport checkpoint Friday, prompting a major police response, was carrying multiple World War II replica weapons in his truck, authorities said.

At about 8:30 a.m., the Los Angeles Airport Police Department announced that police activity had prompted traffic diversions at the airport.

A short time later, an LAX media relations spokesperson said authorities had stopped a man with what was believed to be a firearm at an airport checkpoint. …

Officials later determined the man to be a World War II enthusiast and discovered the items were actually inert replica items. One was apparently an old rifle replica.

Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Second Amendment Cases
courtesy and AP

McKenna: Expect Supreme Court to be flooded with gun rights cases

Oh no. That would be terrible . . .

Former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna recalls his law school professor, Frank Easterbrook, when considering the potential changes at the United States Supreme Court — changes which could not only shift the court more Conservative, but a rather particular brand of right wing.

“He wrote an opinion upholding the City of Highland Park’s ban on rapid firing semiautomatic rifles and large capacity magazines, writing that judges should be reluctant to second guess communities on how to protect the public safety,” McKenna told KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross. “It’s judicial activism in his view, which Conservatives don’t like — to go in and second guess the policy determination of a legislative body. But on the other hand Judge Kavanaugh, and at least one Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, believe that the Second Amendment gets short shrift compared to other constitutionally enshrined rights …. so there is a split among Conservative judges and it will be interesting to see if that will be part of the conversation as Judge Brett Kavanaugh moves forward through his confirmation hearings.”

There is a range of cases that never opted to go all the way to the United States Supreme Court before because of the justices and the way they leaned politically. But President Trump has an opportunity to weight the court with even more Conservative judges and that may change things. Second Amendment cases are among the issues anticipated to be aimed at the court in the near future.

Safety warning as rise in magnet fishing hobby sees anglers fish out guns and grenades in UK rivers

Tragic boating accidents, British edition . . .

Hobbyists have been urged to stop fishing with super-strength magnets after guns and grenades were plucked from the bottom of Britain’s canals.

Magnet fishing has attracted an increasing number of enthusiasts after the unusual hobby was highlighted by England rugby star James Haskell earlier this year.

But authorities are now cautioning against the activity after a number of dangerous objects were dredged up from Britain’s rivers and canals including several unexploded World War Two grenades and an Uzi submachine gun.

In June, Martin Andrews, 43, and his son Jack, 19, died while magnet fishing in a canal in Huddersfield. An inquest was opened and adjourned at Bradford Coroner’s Court.

Austin TSA loaded gun
courtesy Austin American-Statesman / Rodolfo Gonzalez)

TSA officer at Texas airport missed loaded gun, according to police reports

It’s called security theater . . .

A man made it through Austin Bergstrom International Airport with a loaded gun after it was missed by a Transportation Security Administration security officer.

According to KVUE, police reports say that on June 16, a man from Georgetown, Texas, went through TSA Checkpoint 1 in the airport with no problems. After he went through the checkpoint, he told police he went to look for his headphones in his carry-on bag and noticed his gun, a Ruger LCP .380,  was in one of the front pockets. It had six bullets in it.

The man alerted a Delta agent, who notified police. Austin Police Department officers ran a check on the man’s background and made sure the gun wasn’t stolen. The man’s bag was searched for other illegal items, KVUE reported.

The man emphasized that he was not aware the gun was in the bag, and he apologized to police multiple times.

New study finds growing demand for concealed handgun permits




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  1. Stop order
    No ex wife or partner would ever abuse such an order. Personally know many people who have had that tried on them before or during divorce/custody hearing.

    Personally I think I would quitely taken pistol back to my car or have stripped and dumped the parts in about multiple separate bins.

    • Pshh… Don’t worry about women. You should worry about the cops getting power to disarm you when they feel like it and do that through SWAT. It’s basically a confiscation law rather than “red flag” law. Don’t worry, in time they will use it against people who are not strong supporters of the government and like to make that known to the public.

    • Ducey would look swell in an SS uniform. Arizona’s big problem is student suicides…….FIVE recently at one high school. The Guv should be addressing that issue before trampling on due process.

  2. I’m going to have to call Douchebag Ducey and see if this is true or not. Most likely, I’ll get some ditzy secretary, but I want to do something.

    As for the gun going through… Just shut up. If you are caught, then you can make excuses. However, if you make it through, then realize your error, just shut up and act normal. TSA will still arrest you, still detain you, still charge you with attempted terror, regardless of your actual intentions, if you go and open your mouth. If possible, dump the gun in the trash, should you need to go through a second security screening. They are the TSA. They don’t listen to reason, they will not let you keep your gun, even if you comply with everything. Just dump it discreetly then walk away.

    • Unless the rules have changed, TSA is not LEO, and does not arrest you, the local constabulary does.

    • What’s so interesting to me about the various gun-confiscation proposals is how they all lack any semblance of due-process. Instead, they all tend to focus on immediately seizing someones guns as soon as a report gets made. Somebody drops a dime on you and—boom—your guns are gone and your life gets upended. The fundamental problem with these gun-confiscation schemes is that its obvious they they are being incorporated into the gun-control narrative and so aren’t really interested in justice nearly as much as they are in having the state grab people’s guns. If we start requiring real legal hearings at the time of seizure, provide for legal immediate representation for all parties, and—most important—provide for stiff penalties for accusers and officials if the plaintiff in a gun-confiscation event can demonstrate innocence, then the enthusiasm for “red-flag” laws would disappear pretty quickly. Putting this kind of power into the hands of pissed-off soon-to-be-ex wives and local cops is not just bad law—it’s stupid law.

      • “they all tend to focus on immediately seizing someones guns”

        Often such a thing is a color-of-law investigation wherein one would be asked if they have firearms and then asked if they mind surrendering their firearms (etc). ‘We need to take these with us for rationale X’, ‘Your weapons need to be surrendered to us, where are they?’, ‘Is this All of them?’, there are a hundred ways to make it -sound- as if they’re able to Take them, but rather what happens is the owner unwittingly gives them up.

        Of course that would be at Least another entire article, but if anyone ever finds themselves in such a situation be mindful to discern whether there is a warranted action authorized to seize your guns, and specifically Which guns, .. or if the people asking about them have simply had more classes than you on how to befuddle someone into unknowingly, but ‘voluntarily’, surrendering their possessions and their rights.

        Call them on it, then call a lawyer, and you might well see a different outcome.

  3. judges should be reluctant to second guess communities on how to protect the public safety,”

    This is a feeble euphemism for “there is no constitutional right to bear arms”. Certainly nobody in this day and age would suggest that a municipal government, of all things, could choose to suspend the right of habeas corpus, or arrest black people for being inside city limits after sundown, or do away with trials and replace them with summary execution. Hey, wouldn’t want the courts to “second guess communities on how to protect the public safety.”

    • You nailed it DaveL. It’s impossible to believe the judge is that ignorant, so one must conclude that he is that dishonest. Surely he is aware that the appropriate function of the highest appeals court in determining the constitutionality of local and other laws. To pretend that calling the law a public safety issue somehow precludes judicial review or justifies infringe ment on core rights…it disgusts me.

      • Goes right along with “officer safety” as LEO rationale for doing essentially anything not supported by state/fed constitution. Transparently dishonest, should be a firing offense.

  4. Way to go TSA(The Sh###y Agency)! Didn’t they miss 95% of contraband in a recent expose?!? Magnet fishing? Who knew…

  5. Some states require no permits…so there are way more people actually carrying than there are permits.
    Plus all the people that carry with NO permit (but are required by their state to do so), of course….

    • You suppose they set up a check point in the Chicago gang area, and had everyone pass through to be searched for a weapon, and counted.

      On the replica weapons:
      The guy should have been cleared and out of there in less than five minutes. Good god, how long does it take for a cop to tell a real gun from a replica?

      • What I don’t get is a) why was there a police check point, b) why do you have to answer any questions at all, and c) why did they think they had probable cause to search. It isn’t as if, even in LA, it’s illegal to carry firearms in you vehicle, as long as they are unloaded and in a locked container, which the bed of his truck, with that cover, most certainly was, or with a CCW locked and loaded.

        • Mark, paranoia is telling me the cops have some sort of ‘scanner’ set up do detect what they think may be guns coming onto airport property…

        • Geoff, doesn’t make sense, a replica gun should be as detectable as a shovel, just a piece of metal in a huge piece of metal. Such “detection” would have to use powder residue, etc to distinguish a gun from car parts.

          Mark, damn good question. I’d love to see an answer.

      • The would shit if they knew how many people in Cali currently carry like JWM did, with no permit, but only peaceful self-defense on their minds…

  6. Well, so much for John McCain’s replacement being any good. Why’s every statewide office in Arizona held by Democrats?

    Won’t be long now before the number of carry permits exceeds the ridiculous “only 1/3rd own a gun” number. Using that number and 25% of the population being under 18 (nevermind 18-20.9999 year olds or constitutional carry states) we’re already 1/13.91304347826087 adults with a CCP if 17.25 is accurate.

    • McCain’s replacement is unlikelto have crashed THREE of the taxpayers aircraft and could not possibly have spent as muchtitime in front of a camera. The twit.

      Whu demtards? State is over run with aliens and transplanted Komifornians.

  7. Some people with a violent demeanor will buy a few extra weapons, carefully conceal them within the structure of their house and then report them as lost or stolen. For the possibility that they might be “disarmed” in the future. Lots of kooks plan years ahead. Even level-headed folks should do the same because you never know when you might get selected for special treatment.

    • buy as many as you can, any way you can and hide them everywhere you can…and they’ll never disarm you….

  8. A short time later, an LAX media relations spokesperson said authorities had stopped a man with what was believed to be a firearm at an airport checkpoint.

    So, he had a gun in his truck, or something that looked like a gun in his truck.
    Who cares, as long as he wasn’t driving the truck through the whole body scanners and into the secure area of the airport?

    News Flash – man caught with non-functioning replica firearms, in an area where it would be perfectly legal for him to possess real firearms…film at 11:00

  9. The man alerted a Delta agent, who notified police.

    Trusting fool, isn’t he?

    I’d have left the secure area, stowed the pistol, and gone through screening all over again before confessing to taking it into the secure area.

    • If he’d just left the gun in his pocket and continued on his way he would have arrived at his destination and no one would have known a thing.

        • Admit to nothing
          Deny everything
          Demand proof
          Request legal representation.

          “It wasn’t me. Musta been somebody else.
          Where’s your proof?
          I want a lawyer.”

        • Hey, works for the gang bangers. They’re constantly getting caught with guns and only get slapped on the wrist.

      • Bingo. He wan’t going to pass through security again until his return flight. He could either buy a locking container at a local store before he got on the plane.

      • exactly!…they don’t screen you on the way out….do you think they’re going to be happy about you showing them up?

  10. No TSA agent got fired thats BS there is no single agent screening in fact ALL checkpoints have half a dozen agents during the screening process at any given time. If this ever happened I’d walk outside the terminal and drop it in my rig or stash it where I can grab it when I get back unloaded of course. I’d probably hit the bathroom and unload it dropping the ammo in a fresh pile of deuce and flushing it so if caught at least it’s unloaded.If semi auto maybe separate the mag and slide so it’s not a complete functional piece in case something happens before I get out of the red area

  11. Wow! What the Hell is happening in supposedly Pro2@ AZ ! Did the Left-Coast DemoCommies win some major elections THERE!?!? …And THEY even get a new “Police-State acronym” for Destroying Freedom…?! So now we have “STOP/ERPOs…” All designed to circumvent the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights and Due Process…So is anyone from AZ. going to step up to the plate and tell the AZ. Gov. To “F***OFF !” Any legal challenges…Any AZ. folks getting ready to recall his “Authoritarian” @$$!

  12. “the one tool that could have…” stopped a mass shooting. Yes. Operating word being “could.” Just like any policy or procedure, government or corporate, it’s useless if never used, which is what the case was with how many in recent years?

  13. “Gov. Doug Ducey is doubling down on his push for …” acknowledgement as A Really Big Asshat in The Entire History of Asshats.

    Evidently Gov. Douché has never read Orwell, nor seen the movie “Brazil” by Terry Gilliam.
    His push for STOP is straight from the script/novel.
    What a complete and utter phallus he is.

    • Oh, and while I’m at it…
      Eff every governor, politician, et al, that have already passed this type of agenda into law.
      Talking to you Rick Scott (Fla RHINO).
      (Can’t keep track of the other ones outside of my state, Flori-duh.)

      • We’re looking at a real $hit sandwich in the primary, aren’t we? Some ‘slick’ asshat who’s a serial candidate vs. Rino Rick, the winner to face off against Nelson. I’m thinking about writing in Mickey effing Mouse. The only thing that gives me pause is the potential for more Trump SCOTUS appointments. That’s going to have to be my focus, otherwise I’d vote for Nelson over the traitor Scott.

  14. So, the Governor #2 there thinks people should have their guns taken away, and be locked up if somebody thinks they’re maybe nuts.

    Sounds crazy.

  15. This is just addressed to all of my “voted with our feet and money and moved to Arizona to get away from all of the Leftist Bravo Sierra in our home States”, brothers and sisters. We have no other place to go, this is our last stand. We know how this goes. So, how many names are needed in AZ to petition the recall of a sitting governor? How many gun owners are there in AZ? How many AZ residents hold a valid voter registration card? These numbers should all match up one-for-one. If you are able to legally own firearms you are eligible for one. If you can leagally own firearms and don’t have a valid voter registration card, AND use it to vote against these types of problems, then you are a bigger problem then all of the out front antifas, commies and progressives put together. They are just more of Saul Ailinskys’ “useful idiots”. We are aware, informed and (more or less) organized. We know better. And we need to complete a recall to send the message, …”shall not be Infringed”, loud and clear, so everyone can hear it. “The only thing necessary for Evil to triumph is for GOOD people
    to do nothing”. Come on, all of you keyboard commandos, let’s show up and fire this guy. Foxtrot-Kilo-Alpha. 30

  16. To all the folks who said walk the gun back out, and leave it in the car, good for you! You understand that nothing good ever comes from admitting anything to a useless government agent, especially one who’s entire job is a scan and they know if!

  17. “I think the STOP plan — the Severe Threat Order of Protection — is the crown jewel of our safe schools plan,” the governor said Wednesday when questioned by Capitol Media Services. It would set up a procedure to allow not just police but family members and others to seek a court order to have law enforcement take an individual’s weapons while he or she is locked up for up to 21 days for a mental evaluation.
    Endless possibilities
    This guy reads too many Orwellian novels.
    Room 101 here we come and it is a crown jewel.

    • ” Excuse me sir…But have YOU been posting Politically Subversive comments on Gun Supporter oriented sites…? Do YOU own any Firearms, Sir…? Okay, Sir were going to search you for Officer Safety…Okay, Sir were going place you in protective custody and Take you over to the State Mental hospital to have you evaluated…Our Police Department is issuing a STOP order for possible Domestic Terrorism…”

      • Well anybody who has firearms is obviously mentally insane. The modern man never needs a gun.

  18. Ducey should push for reading tests at the polls too while he’s at it. We saw how popular those were for people trying to exercise their civil rights.

  19. “…it was missed by a Transportation Security Administration security officer.”

    No. Those blue-shirted, blue-gloved goons are Agents, not officers. Don’t let your enemy dictate the definitions of words, ever.

    Alternately you can call them Actors since they are part of a very elaborate, very expensive theater production.

  20. “I think the STOP plan — the Severe Threat Order of Protection — is the crown jewel of our safe schools plan”

    I think it’s so charming that the crowned Judas has a crown jewel.

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