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Despite Efforts from Democrats, Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Keeps Moving Forward

Reported by AWR Hawkins . . .

There is a slightly larger divide between those who have a “Very Favorable” opinion on Kavanaugh, 36 percent, and those who view him “Very Unfavorably,” 30 percent.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Friday to move the Kavanaugh nomination forward for a floor vote. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) requested a one week time frame between between jthe udiciary vote and floor vote in order to conduct an FBI investigation into uncorroborated sexual assault allegations again Kavanaugh.

courtesy NPR

Pennsylvania House Approves Bill Upping Gun Regs

Because more regulations are just what we need . . .

Lawmakers [last] week passed a measure decried by gun rights advocates that requires those subject to a protective order to turn in their guns within 24 hours.

The measure, HB 2060, was approved 131-62 by the Pennsylvania House on Wednesday, setting it up for further review by the Senate who passed a similar bill in March. Although backed by gun control advocates and urban Democrats, the bill’s backers pledged the move would not trample on the Second Amendment.

“Despite claims to the contrary, this legislation does not take firearms away from responsible gun owners,” said state Rep. Marguerite Quinn, R-Bucks, who sponsored the proposal. “The legislation will, when enacted, take firearms out of the hands of those who have received due process, and are deemed by the court to be violent and a threat.”

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‘Moms’ Meeting a Ghosttown, Claims 5 Million Members

When you claim Big Numbers but no one shows up . . .

On Thursday night, the Greenwich Moms Demand Action chapter hosted a meeting at the YWCA.

Founded in 2012 by Shannon Watts, Moms Demand Action is an nationwide organization that was founded to garner support for gun control legislation.

Since its establishment, the organization has grown to include more than 5 million members. In Connecticut, the number of Moms Demand Action groups have grown significantly from four local chapters in January to about 14 today. The Greenwich chapter was created in May 2018.

According to Jen Barro, the Greenwich chapter leader, the organization’s essential goals include educating the public about gun violence prevention, supporting survivors of gun violence, educating the public about gun storage and safety, and mobilizing grassroots support for the organization to compel legislation.


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Jules McQueen Advocates for Gun Safety with IDENTILOCK

Presented without comment and “there’s a coupon included”. . .

Gun safety is literally in gun owners’ hands with the revolutionary design by IDENTILOCK®, a biometric gun lock that unlocks with the touch of the correct fingerprint. Avid outdoorswoman and conservationist, Jules McQueen, is advocating all gun owners to utilize IDENTILOCK’s technology. Learn more about this advanced technology and how it can potentially save lives at [link in original article].

The IDENTILOCK mission is to prevent gun related accidents by bringing its new technology and functionality to the gun industry.  They strive to improve the stigma around firearms as their customers are responsible gun owners.

courtesy Science News

Political Scientists Don’t See Why It’s Hard to Disarm Civilians

On 2 September, 2018, Kansas University released a summation of a study on how gun owners affect politics.  The study will be presented at the American Political Science Association annual meeting in 2018, in Boston.

A problem all scientists face is overcoming assumptions about reality they have already made. It is particularly true in social sciences such as political science. In such studies, it is very difficult to keep the world view of the person studying a subject from influencing the study.

Most political scientists today subscribe to the Progressive political philosophy. It seems to be the case in the study of gun owners.

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Woman Held for Hours Gets Captor’s Gun and Shoots Him

A woman who’d been held against her will in a California apartment managed to get her captor’s gun and shoot him in self-defense early Saturday, authorities said.

The shooting was reported around 12:35 a.m. PDT Saturday, and upon arriving, deputies found the man, identified as Raphael Bhatti, 25, of Thousand Oakseway. Deputies confirmed Bhatti had suffered a gunshot wound.

He was taken to a local hospital, and although serious, the wound was not life-threatening, authorities said.

Meanwhile, authorities were also dispatched at about the same time to the Villa De Los Robles apartment complex in Thousand Oaks, which is nearby. The female victim was found at an apartment and also taken to a hospital for treatment of her injuries, authorities said.



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    • God willing the next 12 months. If she kicks it in 2020 there will be demands that the socialist Democrat candidate for president should elected to choose.
      A 6-3 court would be a joy.

    • Don’t count yer chickens…even I was nonplussed by his red face and seeming tears. The allegations are BS but look at the left’s attacks on Thomas and especially Bork. We need to fight fire with fire…

    • Baring death I expect that Ginsburg will hold on until at least after the 2020 election. If Trump manages to win in 2020 she may well try to hang in there until after the 2024 election.

      • “Baring death I expect that Ginsburg will hold on until at least after the 2020 election.”

        Even if she drops dead of natural causes , they may try and do a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ with her corpse…

        • I assumed they had been doing that for a while now. Ginsburg’s resemblance to a corpse is only surpassed by Feinstein’s.

        • Stinkeye has it right. The Notorious RBG has been dead since 2012; she just doesn’t know it, and the Democrats are afraid to let the news get out.

    • Kavanaugh is a liability. At this point he has clearly lied under oath and is ripe for an impeachment once the House eventually swings back to the Democrats favor (which it most likely will in either 2018 or 2020).

      Republicans should vote against Kavanaugh and rush through Trumps second pick before the November elections to be absolutely sure we keep a conservative on the court long into the future.

      As for RBG, good luck with that. She has stated multiple times that she plans to stay in office until after 2020 and if Trump wins in 2020, she will try pushing for 2024. Only way you are getting a Republican to replace her is if she dies in office.

      • What specifically has he lied about? Don’t include subjective statements, opinions or relative comments.

        • Thats what I’m smelling too. This has nothing to with Kavanaugh or Ford or sexual assault. Nobody cares about any of that except for the easily manipulated and soft headed. You’re being played by the left so they can buy time. Putting up another nominee at this point plays in to that strategy thank-you-very-much Jeff Flake you RINO hack virtue signaling pu$$y.

      • Simply stating something as if it were a fact (“At this point he has clearly lied under oath…”), assuming it will be accepted as such, is the wrong way to attempt to convince those with an IQ of over 85.
        You make no attempt to support your allegation, so it’s not possible to take it seriously.

        • When a commenter makes a statement and doesn’t add citations to the facts that support his comment, he may be paying you the compliment that you also read the news every day and are already as well informed as he is.
          Or, the commenter may not bother to state his facts if your public history shows that facts don’t matter to you (as they don’t to many angry, confused or uneducated people) so that giving them facts would be a waste.

        • While that certainly could be the case, it’s more likely that he has no citations to back up his assertions.
          In this case, I believe that’s the case.

      • The circus that is the dems attempt to derail Kavanaughs appoinment is reflecting very poorly on them. They will lose in the mid terms and if Trump wants a second term he will have it. The dems have removed themselves from the main stream American political discourse.

        They are now the party of antifa. Confused fascists that believe they know what’s best for America. They haven’t a clue.

  1. it lookalike the captor wears his towell on his head by the name . could he possibly be a muslim?????? clinton investigation took 1 week the kavanaugh sholdn’t take more than a few hours.. 30,000 emails versus 6 previous background investigations..

    • Bhati, sometimes spelled Bhatti, is Hindu in origin, mostly around northern India and eastern Pakistan.
      There was some interbreeding between Bhati rulers and muslims, but in all likelihood somebody going by that name is just Indian or Pakistani.

      • The only people that wear towels around their head (in America) are sikhs. Mudslimes don’t generally wear turbans outside of their home countries.

  2. Nice little chart ignored countries where the murder rate, especially by the authorities, is sky high.

    How about a chart showing self defense in these countries? I bet that’s an eye opener.

    • Funny how the USA has two major neighboring countries, and one of them didn’t make the chart.
      Not to mention more than a dozen countries which are much closer to the USA than any country on the chart other than Canada.

    • Perhaps we should just lump all of the EU countries into one. Wouldn’t that be a more fair comparison? The United States of America vs. The United (states of) Europe.

    • There are two MAJOR problems with that chart/graph:

      (1) The chart shows overall homicides rather than rates per 100,000 people. Of course the U.S. — with 10 times the population of Canada — will have many more homicides than Canada.
      (2) The chart omits Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, and South Africa — four countries which have “strict gun control” and MUCH higher murder rates than the U.S.

      And here is the funnest fact of all: the British Virgin Islands (a British territory with extremely strict gun control) has 1.5 times the murder rate of the United States! How can that be?

      That information clearly shows that the murder rate of a nation is a function of HOW DEPRAVED their population is rather than on how “easy” it is to acquire and/or possess a firearm.

      • 1. The chart does show the rates per 100K, so it is adjusted for population.

        2. Why do gun rights people like to compare our firearm rates to Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, and other 3rd world countries instead of 1st world countries? I am sure these same people if they were asked if they would rather live in any of the countries in the chart shown vs. these other 3rd world countries, they would pick the ones on that chart. To me, this kind of argument is just stupid.

        • You must acknowledge that the above chart is cherry-picked to hell. And the fundamentally racist ‘developed countries’ argument does not account for the racial and cultural diversity, and economic disparity in the USA that is not present in most of socialist Europe.

          The homicide rate in the USA of 5.35 is WELL below the Americas average of 16.3 and below the global rate of 7.6.

        • We wouldn’t want to compare ourselves with some third world shithole, right?

          We all know which part of US population commits overwhelming majority of homicides. (About 50% of solved homicides and most of the unsolved ones. And for example in Chicago the homicide clearance rate this year is just 14.8%. See
          All countries in the chart have one thing in common. That particular part of their population is either very small or nonexistent. Less third world people around – less third world problems.

  3. I’ve not heard of Jules, but from the article, she’s a FUDD. ‘Nuff said.

    Great news on the judge. Thanks for your “help” Sen. Flake. 8~(

    • I don’t have a problem with Ms McQueen advocating for safe storage. Everyone has to decide for themselves what security conditions and safety requirements exist and make the best choice for that situation. If she starts lobbying lawmakers to mandate gun locks that will be a different story.

    • She knows and understands the mind of the anti-2nd Amendment person the same way a battered wife knows and understands the mind of her husband; If I give them this one thing, they will stop beating me…. I almost feel like she’s talking down to us like we’re her children, and she’s trying to get all of us go along with this scheme to make daddy happy.

  4. I like how when the US is compared to other countries, it’s always countries that in no way compare to the US. Not in terms of size, history, population, demographics, neighboring countries, geography, population density, or government structure. In totality, there’s few countries that you can realistically compare with the US. The only ones that really make sense are: Mexico, Brazil, (mainly) and China, and Russia (somewhat). When compared in that manner, the US looks pretty fantastic in just about every category. Any other country is a pointless comparison.

    • Also I have to laugh at seeing Finland on the chart. Privately held guns are everywhere in Finland. Got to wonder how old the statistics used for that chart are if the UK is low.

    • It is a natural progression for blacks to be in such high crime statistics. Especially when the welfare industrial complex was created by atheists who hated the church and their private support system for the poor. John Stossel has done programs on this by the way

      That now being replaced by the government welfare dustrial complex. And removing the father from the family replacing him with a welfare check. Since the sexually liberated a publicly stated they don’t support the traditional family one man and one woman.

      Of course the father is the one that holds the guns and teaches the children about weapons and passes that on that knowledge from one generation to the next.

      And don’t forget about those gun-free zone public housing projects.

    • I would go even further and say we should be compared against countries with diverse ethnic/cultural composition that aren’t islands.. So while that would include China, Brazil, and Russia, it would also include Iraq, Turkey, Greece, South Africa, and Iran.

  5. I see why you get a $40 off coupon, $240 for a trigger lock. I don’t think so. Senator Flake could not be more appropriately named.

  6. I find that chart funny how they compare the USA to the 21 whitest nations on earth (and Japan) when America’s homicide rate among whites is right in line with all the others.

    That’s probably racist, but so what?

      • On the other hand, the suicide rate among white Americans is about twice that of blacks. Half that of Japan though.

        • Male suicide is about 3-4X what female is.

          Must be all of that “Male privledge”

          If the numbers were reversed there would be daily telethons, charity parades, ribbons, and “national crisis” programs in place.

        • The “Intentional Death” rate (homicides + suicides) in Japan is higher than it is in the US. Both are over 19 per 100,000. Guns don’t really matter, where there’s a will, there is always a way. Central America is the most violent region on the planet and has a gun possession rate lower than Australia’s.

        • Here’s your ‘male privilege’ doesky, men account for 53% of the workforce but account for 93% of job related fatalities.Then the feminists gripe that the average woman makes less than the average man without compensating for what job they do or how many hours the work. If women want to narrow the wage gap they should learn how to weld or get a job on an off shore oil rig.

        • Hell, roofing and siding would suffice. I haven’t seen a woman climb up the ladder with pack of shingles on her shoulder once in 20 years.

  7. Gun safety is literally in gun owners’ hands with the revolutionary design by IDENTILOCK®, a biometric gun lock that unlocks with the touch of the correct fingerprint.

    and if your hands are covered in your own blood, well, hurry up and die already

  8. Sen. Jeff Flake (RINO – AZ) requested a one week time frame between between jthe udiciary vote and floor vote in order to conduct an FBI investigation into uncorroborated sexual assault allegations again Kavanaugh.

    God bless Flake’s Democrat heart.

    • Change “uncorroborated” to “unrefuted” and you’d have an accurate statement for a change. Smart money says FBI will find enough dirt on this nominee from St. Snob’s Academy to start a pot farm. Right-wing zealots may like him because he’s a right-wing zealot but neither they nor he have the intelligence required for SCOTUS. He can’t even stick to one story.

      • I’d certainly and always choose a “right wing zealot” over a run of the mill democrat, aka, a filthy, anti-American, subhuman Liberal Terrorist™️, who is a bonafide domestic enemy that poses an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic. The modern democrat party members are precisely the domestic enemies our Founders warned us about and proscribed remedies for their total elimination.

        • So much anger … But don’t worry, there’s help for you when you hit bottom. You’re only a half-step away!

      • Prediction: The FBI will find nothing that will either prove or disprove the allegations by Ford. If that’s the case, blow this off and move on. Bottom line, you can’t have important business of government disrupted by anyone who is willing to make an accusation.

        • FBI doesn’t investigate 35 year old misdemenor juvenile sex crime allegations. They don’t have unit like an “SVU”, “Juvenile Crimes”, or “Sex Crimes” office, much less trained sex crime investigators, sex crime investgative policy and procedures, or even jurisdiction to charge for any sort of sex crimes (unless its interstate or international sex slave trafficking). If they have any integrity, they would hand it off to the local police…. which will be kind of hard, because Ford doesn’t even know where or when she was groped.

    • What’s funny to me is the reports that Flake is considering a run for the Presidency in 2020.
      The reason he ‘retired’ from the Senate is that early polling showed he couldn’t win re-election here in AZ. His actions in the Senate lost the favor he had with the Republicans, and there’s no way he’d win as a Democrat, so he ‘retired.’
      Now, he’s thinking of running for President? The man has no common sense.

        • I’m sure the Libertarians will support flake a man who doesn’t believe in innocent until proven guilty. Just as they supported a man who was a gun Grabber as a vice presidential candidate.

  9. “The organization’s essential goals include…. educating the public about gun storage and safety…”

    Do they offer this as a class? Besides storing it safely, do they teach how to use it safely?

    I suspect this would be like taking a driver’s ed class where they teach you to siphon the fuel out of the tank and store it separately in the shed, push the car into the garage, remove the wheels, lock and chain the garage and hide the key. “cool, now can you teach me to drive the car safely?”. “uh, no, but we have a list of cash for clunkers programs to trade it in. Driving a car is proven to increase the chances of you dying in a crash, and even owning a car increases the chances of it being stolen. Trust us, don’t drive. Ah, I must go, my driver awaits with my black luxury SUV!”

    Nothing today about Trump’s comments celebrating that in a couple weeks bump stocks will go away thanks to his ATF ban. Wielding the gun control stick makes the Republicans like Trump and Florida’s Galvano giddy with power, sure is fun to “do something” eh guys?

  10. One of TTAG’s favorite science video blogger, Destin, of ‘Smarter Every Day’ just released a really neat ultra *ultra* high-speed video of cannon firing.

    The ‘Chimps’ at TTAG always love video of really-really-*BIG* guns going *Boom*, so here goes.

    Wig out on the cool shock waves captured by Destin :

  11. Those “political scientists” don’t see why its hard to disarm citizens because they have impressions, without observing reality.

    Doing science, when yr experiment doesn’t fit yr theory, you fix the theory. These people are doing something else. (Calling it “science” doesn’t make it so, either.)

  12. Adding yet another absolutely useless law that “feels good” and can later pop up unexpectedly and be used against you. Sad to see Pa caving to the fears, Ive spent countless hours talking with local politicians why this law would have no impact on gun deaths or crimes, all agreed, guess most cracked under pressure.

    I guess if you have to look on a bright side at least the had the sense to write in due process instead of the original intent of the bill which was to give friends and family the power to take your firearms with no more than a mention of their concern about you. Now at least a judge has to be “that guy”.
    Guess we’ll see how this plays out.

  13. Crime, Kavanaugh and all that – SOSDD – I just wish the clowns on the Hill would get it done. I really liked the muzzleloading artillery video with the ultra-slo-mo. Have done some reenacting with artillery (including live fire) and it’s a lot of fun (if one doesn’t have to help push the gun around the field on a hot/humid day – even the small cannons can weigh 1,000 lbs).

  14. All the people saying “it’s a job interview, not a trial” are going to get a lesson in their own logic. Yes, it’s a job interview, which means they can ignore the circus and vote however they want.

  15. So, they are comparing the total for the United States against individual European and other countries.

    What happens when you add all if the European countries together and then compare the group to the United States?

  16. So, those guys are so violent and dangerous that they can’t be trusted with a firearm, but if we take their guns away, they are just fine to run around? Can’t violent and dangerous person get another weapon from gun or knife to a paving block and use it to attack someone?

    This is just another example of the foggy thinking: “If we could ban guns, there would be none and violence would drop to zero. Look at this baby!”


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