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Courtesy REUTERS/George Frey

Trump Says Weeks from Banning Bump Stocks

Protecting those 2A rights one ban at a time?. . .

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday his administration is just a few weeks away from finalizing a regulation that would ban so-called bump stocks, devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire like machine guns.

“We’re knocking out bump stocks,” Trump said at a White House news conference. “We’re in the final two or three weeks, and I’ll be able to write out bump stocks.”

A year ago in Las Vegas, gunman Stephen Paddock used bump stocks on 12 of his weapons in a mass shooting that killed 58 people and wounded hundreds.

courtesy UPS

Hundreds of Guns Stolen from UPS Facility

Not exactly surprised by this one . . .

Police and The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are investigating after hundreds of firearms were stolen from a UPS facility in Memphis.

Officials say the suspects, using a U-Haul van, committed the robbery on September 30th—the facility is located at 1803 East Brooks Road.

Approximately 400 guns were reported stolen.

ATF Special Agent Marcus Watson said, “ATF’s Crime Gun Intelligence will leverage investigative resources combined with the community partnerships to solve this violent criminal act.” We feel better already.

courtesy USCCI

HuffPo: Americans are Cool Giving Up Their Guns it’s Just Hard to Dispose of Them

A new line of logic from the Left…

Shane Hooper, a 31-year-old Army veteran, doesn’t call himself pro-gun anymore. But he still owns firearms, including the handgun he keeps for home protection, a semiautomatic .40 caliber pistol with a Superman shield emblazoned on the slide.

“Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it,” explained Hooper.

A few months ago, Hooper moved to Eugene from Las Vegas, hoping the eclectic college town would provide a change of pace. He now lives in a duplex apartment with his dog, Bear, a fluffy 5-year-old Schipperke mix and licensed emotional support animal.

The handgun is among the few things Hooper brought with him to Eugene so far. He stores it unloaded in a case beside the air mattress he’s been sleeping on while he waits for the rest of his things to arrive from Las Vegas. Needing a gun for protection “sucks,” said Hooper, and wouldn’t be necessary if “everyone was just a decent human being.”

courtesy NRA-ILA

Washington State Law Enforcement Opposes I-1639

Washingtonians and the National Rifle Association for Freedom today commented on the announcement by the Washington State Sheriffs Association (WSSA), the Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association (WSLEFIA), and the Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs (WACOPS) opposing I-1639, the extreme gun control ballot initiative.

“The people of Washington deserve to know that the sheriffs and police officers throughout the Evergreen State believe that Initiative 1639 is an attack on every law-abiding citizen’s constitutional rights,” said Keely Hopkins, NRA Washington state director. “After learning that Washington’s premier law enforcement associations oppose this initiative, we hope the Washington voters will finally realize that 1639 is nothing more than a feel good measure that will have zero impact on crime.”

After failing to find support in the Washington state legislature, Michael Bloomberg’s front group, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, filed a poorly drafted 30-page ballot initiative that strips lawful gun owners of their constitutional rights. Initiative 1639 classifies ordinary, recreational firearms in common use as “assault weapons,” mandates the collection of personal data from all gun owners, and allows the government to authorize the surrender and confiscation of firearms as part of a verification process – all without doing anything to meaningfully address violent crime.


Gun Control isn’t the Answer to Crime Prevention

Gun control would not be an effective way to cut down on crimes. Think about it — who is it that are using these guns the wrong way?

Most people would title these people as criminals. Criminals do whatever they want, not obeying the law. What makes you think, “Oh, let’s take everyone’s guns away. The criminals will definitely obey this law?” What you are actually doing is taking away good people’s ability to defend themselves in a case of emergency.

The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is the right to bear arms. To be exact, it says that, “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” The right to bear arms is as old as this country itself, so now we’re just supposed to overwrite that law?

The Founding Fathers put that law in there so that the free world would not have to live under tyranny again.
courtesy Umarex

Police Call Pellet Gun a Sniper Rifer

A Miami man was arrested Saturday after police said he shot and killed a 8-month-old puppy with a “sniper rifle” from a second-floor balcony in Davie.

Johansen Concepcion De La Ros, 19, faces a charge of felony cruelty to animals.

According to the arrest report, Roshelle Parson was taking her daughter’s dog, Princess, for a walk along a trail in the 2800 block of Southwest 73rd Way around 6:30 p.m. when the dog was shot.

When police arrived, Parson was covered in blood and holding Princess’ limp body, the report said.

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  1. BuT tRumP iS A ChaMpiOn oF GUn RiGhTS!!!

    Today bumpstocks, next year competition triggers all because supposed POTG didn’t want to “die on a hill” for a “range toy”.

    I know GOA has long said they’d sue once this goes live, but let’s face it, what judge is gonna rule against the Fed’s? And this isn’t sarcasm, I just can’t see any federal judge looking at this as an unprecedented power grab by ATF (modifying a law unilaterally), and just looking at it as “bumpstocks are scary”.

    • It sucks about the bump stocks, but at this point you’d have to be insane to not vote for Trump in 2020. Even if you ignore the absolute insanity (and straight terrorism at times) from the left, the pro-gun SCOTUS picks are worth it. We have 1, the 2nd very very likely, and a good chance of a 3rd and even 4th in the next 6 years.

      Do not let perfection be the enemy of great. With the Supreme Court back in sane hands, we can start tearing down the gun control laws.

      • Brett Kavanaugh is not pro gun. He is pro police state and statism. He is the one of those “I support the 2nd amendment, but…” types. He is not on the side of the people.

        • Yeah… he’s not a libertardian… how dare he believe that the government has a legitimate role to play in society. [/sarc]

    • What judge is going to rule against the feds? How about any judge that thinks giving the DOJ precedent to change the meaning of words is a bad idea? This is a slam dunk without even approaching 2nd amendment grounds. The statute, as written, does not give the ATF the authority it claims it has.

      • And the law doesn’t give the government/IRS the ability to take money from the people yet they interpret it to give them such powers. That’s how a corrupt government works. It doesn’t matter what the law says, it matters who enforces it. You won’t be enforcing shit.

        Don’t forget they changed the definition of: regulation, public safety, public good, interstate commerce, etc.

        • It’s a rather big step from changing the definition of “regulation” through an act of congress to changing the definition of the word “pull” by administrative fiat. Again, I’m not worried about the bump-stock ban. Not because I don’t have a bump-stock, but because I know enough about how the process works to know that any talk of such a ban is just meaningless hot air. I’d bet that right after the DNC gets crushed in the mid-terms the DOJ will come back and say “Sorry, we looked at the comments and don’t particularly want to fight several hundred legal battles that we will almost certainly lose.”

        • I don’t agree with it but I believe the 16th amendment does indeed give the IRS the authority to collect taxes.

          16th Amendment:
          “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

      • Could someone please define “is” for me?

        Heard/saw a clip of Hillary cackling last night, that sound still gives me cold chills!

  2. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Cavanaugh ended up being the deciding vote in striking down Trump’s bump stock ban?

    • Makes you wish Obama was still the Prez. Your rights were safe with him…despite what all those lunatic, right-wing crackpots on AM radio were lying to you about. I’m still waiting for those Obamacare death panels, and trickle down economics to trickle down. Keep lying to yourself.

        • The economy is still shit. Maybe you can call it dried shit.

          Trump is a protectionist. He uses tariffs as a weapon regardless of the pain it causes the average American. I doubt he would ever remove that import law for foreign cars that are not over 24 years old even if it helps Americans because he would want to protect the failed American auto industry. He would reduce air quality regulations to help the auto industry thought such an action can hurt Americans’ health.

        • “The economy is still shit.”

          Every metric we have available says otherwise. If you have data to the contrary, cite it.

          The libertardian obsession with “protectionism” ignores the simple fact that “free trade” with a totalitarian dictatorship willing to steal IP and use slave labor is economic suicide.

        • So I guess that campaign promise to renegotiate NAFTA was all bullshit then. (sarc) The USA is the least protectionist country on earth. And everyone else has taken full advantage of that. Perhaps we should just shut up and let China steal our intellectual property ($600 billion/yr) with a shit eating grin on our face?

          And I’m assuming by ‘air quality’ you mean ‘plant food’? Higher levels of atmospheric CO2 cause plants to grow faster, produce more food and require less water. Before we came along atmospheric CO2 was at it’s lowest level since complex multi-cellular life appeared on earth. AND, we’re still living in an ice age and the glaciers ARE coming back (and will probably kill us all). 11,700 years ago the place I sit right now was buried under 5000 feet of ice and sea level was 390 feet lower than today. Must have been all that ‘pollution’.

        • CZ you honestly believe that? That’s a total lie dude and you know it. The economy is booming right now, unemployment in the 3% range. There’s actually a labor shortage. If you can’t find a job right now you flat out don’t want one. Yes, I’ll take four more years of Trump. And his tariffs are working just as planned.

      • I don’t understand why left-wingers keep bashing on trickle down economics since you guys love it when the government is doing it.

        • They don’t like a trickle. They want it to flow. They want all the monies to flow directly into their pocket fresh from the tap.

      • Yeah… Funny how Trump has been in “the final stages” for almost 6 months. I’ll take “shit that will never stand up to constitutional scrutiny” for $2000 Alex.

        As for your commie propaganda… The term is “supply side economics” and it works for people who bother to go out and get a job rather than be useless commie leeches in need of a bullet to the back of the head.

        • There have been multiple acts of government that had no conceivable Constitutional justification, yet still were upheld by the courts. How about re-writing Obamacare from the bench to save it? Inventing Constitutional rights out thin air? I wish I had the faith you seem to have in the courts.

        • Phil Wilson, check this out…

          The power of Judicial Review itself was pulled out of thin air. The Constitution confers no such power on the Supreme Court. There was even glaring conflict of interest in the case. That early unconstitutional power grab should’ve never been allowed to stand. It’s the very root of many problems with an out of control federal government today.

      • Yeah well, I want my health plan back. After Hope and Change saved me $2500 on my annual premiums, I can barely afford it now. I shutter to think how expensive it will be if it is ever free.

      • Maddcapp your just another liberal loon. Dime a dozen. Everytime I read your frustration and anger I feel better about everything Trump does. Fact is Reaganomics works. It works so well in fact very few lemmings like you can understand it. I’m not gonna bother explaining it to a dimwit like you, so go drink some more bernie inspired socialist diarrhea.

      • “Your rights were safe with him…despite what all those lunatic, right-wing crackpots on AM radio were lying to you about.”

        Obama did as much as he could to harm the Second Amendment as he could, given his powers. He nominated anti-Second Amendment judges. He used his office as a pulpit for preaching disarmament.

        “Obama Unveils New Gun Control Measures”

        “US gun control laws ‘greatest frustration of my presidency'”

        He was also on the board of the Joyce Foundation for eight years. The Joyce Foundation pushes gun grabbing as one of the reasons for its being.

        Don’t lie to us.

    • “(By contrast, fully automatic weapons, also known as machine guns, have traditionally been banned and may continue to be banned after Heller.)”

      No, it’s likely he picked the 4th amendment hater exactly because he wouldn’t strike this down.

  3. Whose bright idea was it to use a photoshopped M&P15-22 rifle sitting with 5.56 ammo?
    Images like that catch my eye and make me very grump. Shame on whoever it was that shot it, and shame on whoever it was that picked it.

  4. I don’t want to hear anybody complain about Donald Trump and gun rights. Especially since the Libertarian Party nominated a gun grabber for their vice presidential position. But don’t worry folks Donald Trump came out for legalizing marijuana. That should make you ALL happy.

    Since marijuana intoxication and gun civil rights are of equal value. To get legal pot and lose guns is no big deal right??

    Since they are of equal value correct?

    Never forget it was people TTAG and the “gun committee” who came out against bump stocks long before President Trump made his position public. And before the NRA made their statement on Bump Stocks.

    Too many in the gun Community are just F ing weak.

    • Hmmm…

      It is unclear to me to whom or what this little rant you have made is directed. Nevertheless, it seems necessary to point out that you have something of a misunderstanding of the nature of constitutionally granted federal powers. Specifically, marijuana and gun rights ARE equal in the sense that they are two items on an infinitely long list of items over which the federal government has been granted no power. See Federalist 84

      There is “no either or” or trading of one for the other.

        • Since most people don’t know there is a difference between Liberty and Freedom, it will just go over their heads.

      • The Libertarian Party is not the first political party to run a anti-civil rights vice presidential candidate.

        The Democrat Party nominated and ran an open Klansman for their vice presidential candidate in the 1920s.

  5. Needing a gun for protection “sucks,” said Hooper, and wouldn’t be necessary if “everyone was just a decent human being.”

    IF my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.

    • Remember when saying “if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle” wouldn’t get you yelled at for “transphobia?” Pepperidge Farm remembers.

        • Before Obama, girls who wanted to be like guys would cut their hair and dress like them. Now they take drugs and chop up their bodies.

          These people want to be able to adopt kids and teach young children about the myths of gender identity. You think we have problems now. Wait until a generation is raised by such people. How are Republicans going to deal with that?

          It has spread out of California into places like Oregon and Washington. Sooner than later America will be like Thailand or the Philippines. You won’t know who is man and who is a woman. Good luck with that.

        • I wasted 20 seconds of my life just now too. All the while wondering what the hell this has to do with bump stocks. Stay on topic CZ. I have read all of your comments on this thread and I have one question for you, if you think things are so damn bad why don’t you run for President? Seriously dude, put or shut up. Your constant bitching hasn’t done anything but put a label on yourself.

        • IF my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.

          That comment is why I posted that video. I recently saw a similar video, so it was fresh in my mind. Also, a lot of those types of people speak out against “toxic masculinity” and firearms whilst trying to be the opposite sex/gender and complaining about how dangerous life is for them for being who they are. They say people like Trump are trying to kill or hurt them, but they go on to call for gun control.


          I’m not legally old enough to run for president.

          Are Americans even willing to vote for someone who’s descendant from indigenous/Indians? Black people pay no attention to such people unless their nationality is Mexican. You’d need to get white and black people to vote for someone who isn’t like them, which I think won’t be possible anytime soon considering the collectivism.

          Seriously, is it possible for a person from one of the U.S. tribes to be elected as President of the U.S.? They don’t look like the majorities. They don’t have European religion or any religion. They have a different culture than Europeans and Africans. They don’t have party affiliation or loyalty. They are not historically fans of the U.S. police and military. They are not for larger government and control. They would naturally be asked by their people to get the U.S.A. to live up to the promises made to them and to liberate them from government management.

          I don’t think white America would ever be down with electing an American Indian unless that person looked like Elizabeth Warren.

        • Actually, the only way I want the Republican party to deal with all the transgender crap around these days is to see to it that *my* tax dollars are not paying for it. I think that will do it. Instead of a 14-year-old completely caught up in its own importance stepping into the spotlight to allow me to pay for utter stupidity and disgusting surgical malpractice, let it see that it will take hard work until it is 30 before it can THINK of affording $100,000+ for the beginnings of such surgery. Nothing is free.

  6. Thanks for selling us out again NRA! Isn’t it amazing the only thing Trump has said the NRA has talked to about is more gun bans? Not an NFA amnesty or repealing the import bans, both of which he has the explicit power to do, but the exact opposite of their job?

    “B-but they’re the best we have”
    Then I damn well demand better. At this point I want to see them crash and burn over the insurance mess (the one that is 100% their own fault and would never have happened if they didn’t try a smash and grab on USCAA) because between this, the Cagel endorsement in Georgia (supporting not gun rights but the highest bidder), the gun confiscation endorsement, and the background check expansion endorsement they have officially done more harm than good the last year. I have no patience for traitors, and at this point it’s clear the NRA isn’t merely incompetent but does indeed oppose the 2A.

    • Why is it there’s never a contact list available so we can REALLY let the NRA know how we feel?

        • Nobody can possibly be retarded enough to not understand that perfection is the eternal enemy of “good enough”.

        • Serge, I’ve always been fond of Vince Lombari’s ‘Strive for perfection, settle for excellence.’

        • There’s a big difference between “good enough” and “actively attacks its own side”, which is what the NRA does.

      • The NRA has explicitly, openly endorsed gun control and that gun control will soon be upon us. It’s time for the organization to die as they no longer have a purpose beyond their own self enrichment. Let someone competent fill the power vacuum.

        • Yeah… I’m seeing a whole lot new federal gun control on the books since I became old enough to vote… Wait. A. Second… It’s almost like the opposite is true and you’re pulling this out of your ass.

        • Yep, you’ve got to go back 24 years since the last piece of federal gun control legislation was passed and that sunsetted 14 year ago and led to the biggest mid-term rout of the Demoncrats in a couple of generations.

        • How old are you pwerserge? This ban, the ban on arbitrary types of ammo under the NRA written LEOPA, and part of the ban in Florida (and other state bans) are all NRA endorsed and came since I was old enough to vote.

        • This ban doesn’t exist. It’s a half baked theory that hasn’t actually been enacted yet and will never survive a court challenge. (and if you don’t think everybody involved KNOWS that it will never survive a court challenge, I’ve got some bottom land to sell you.)

      • Asian parents say, “Only an A-!? Next time A+.” Other parents are just happy their kids didn’t get a F.

  7. After watching a video of a guy creating the “bump stock” effect with an AK-47 and a wooden stick, finding several other devices on the internet that create the same continuous fire effect and reading that some folks claim to have created the continuous fire effect with pieces of string and rubber bands, or demonstrated it can be created just in how they hold the rifle and manipulate their trigger finger…I think Trump’s declaration is somewhat laughable and extremely ignorant of the subject. Kind of like declaring no one will be able to print 3D guns/gun parts when the Fed “prohibits” the free distribution of data files to use with 3D printers, or low cost CNC units. Yankee ingenuity will win-out on this one and Trump has only earned the ire of POTG who know better than he does. What a maroon!

    • How about we blame Trump for things that he has actually done rather than bullshit the commie propaganda outlets claim that he has done? I don’t see a bump-stock ban on the books at the federal level and probably never will. I lost count of how many people will be running to US circuit courts to go judge shopping and file a preliminary injunction. (One that will be granted as it’s hard to argue the plaintiffs won’t suffer irreparable harm.)

      • You are a damn fool if you think this isn’t happening.

        This regulation has charged full speed ahead, exactly as fast as the federal government is capable of moving it. The issue had died down while the DOJ raced to address a huge number of valid comments about the unreasonableness of this rule change (remember, Trump specifically ordered DOJ to make answering these comments quickly a priority), and just as all the gun banners Trump is supposed to be outfoxing were distracted by the Kavanaugh mess…here comes Donald to raise the issue from the dead and remind everyone that he intends to take credit for seeing it through, just in time for midterms.

        It’s coming. Well, it’s already here, really, they just haven’t fully implemented it.

        But what do you care? You don’t have a bump stock, you think they’re stupid, that this isn’t really gun control, that this newfound authority to change the meaning of gun laws could never possibly be expanded or abused, and that Trump is the most pro-gun president we’ve ever had despite doing fuck-all for gun owners besides aid our enemies for the entire preceding YEAR. Actually it goes back much further to No Fly No Buy way back in mid 2016, but he never “signed legislation” then either, so I’m sure you will say it doesn’t count.

        The man’s done all right on trade, and hasn’t been actively hostile to business here, for which he’s to be commended. But he’s a total fucking bust on gun rights. Which should surprise precisely no one, though we may both rue & lament it.

        Good thing he’s still better than Hillary, right? I’m sure we’ll be hearing that tomorrow even if –God willing– Hillary keels over dead tonight (and for ten years afterward)

        • Yeah… Get back to me when the regulation is actually upheld by the SCotUS. The statute, as written, does not allow the DOJ to use the NFA to ban bump stocks. The proposed regulation will get…
          1. Slapped with a preliminary injunction in under 24 hours.
          2. Struck down by any court that has a basic grasp of the English language.

          As of this moment, you can’t point to a single thing that Trump has done to limit the 2nd amendment. A nebulous proposed regulation that will never survive a court challenge is not an argument.

        • You need to realize that the guy (Stephen Stamboulieh) who will be filing that injunction you pin all your hopes on, holds the exact same views I do on the terrible danger this action poses for ALL SEMI-AUTOS.

          So now it’s gotta go before SCOTUS and be upheld before you lay Trump’s own actions at his feet? You’ve gotta be shitting me. That’ll take YEARS at the very least (along with millions of dollars of precious rights-group money), by which time bump fire will have been abandoned by the near-total of shooters who don’t aspire to be arrested. All because of Trump’s direct order to Jeff Sessions to do what is necessary to “write out bump stocks.”

          But you choose to not hold him accountable BECAUSE he didn’t even bother to go through the proper congressional channels first to get a law passed, as the constitution requires, and did it entirely himself with his pen. It’s comical that you claim to be opposed to tyranny on here while condoning such abuse of authority.

          We kept telling you people this is a very clear example of Trump passing dangerous gun control, up to the point that now even YOU admit it will require nothing short of the Supreme Frikkin’ Court of the US to overturn it (and that it needs to be overturned despite being endorsed by Trump). But you just kept shouting “it doesn’t matter you have nothing to worry about” until it finally got past the point of no return. In the end I fully expect you fools to say Trump’s gun control is MY fault for not supporting Trump’s gun control hard enough, and putting him in such a weak position that he felt he had to compromise unilaterally on gun control.

          “Any court with a grasp of the English language”

          God, you’re a fool. You don’t have a damn clue, at all. Courts have NEVER given rational opinions where anything remotely resembling a machinegun or other scary weapon has been the topic. It simply does not happen. When Stamboulieh argued Hollis v Holder, his arguments in favor of ending the Hughes ban on new MG registrations were essentially uncontested by the judges…they straight up ignored his arguments in their opinion and declared the ban would stand because it was passed in the pursuit of public safety. That’s all. Prior to that ruling, I entertained the idea that courts could be convinced of sanity, but there are simply too few judges out there with even the most basic grasp of firearms for that to work; they default to “SCARY/LOUD NOISES” every time and agree to ban. That’s assuming their overwhelmingly cloistered Ivy League background hasn’t left them actively anti-gun in the first place.

          That truth about the courts, is why it is paramount that they never been given the opportunity to rule on whether “this scary gun should be allowed” because they always rule in the restrictive direction. Even Scalia did exactly this in Heller, when MGs and AWs weren’t even the topic of debate. That’s why it is important to fight any proposed ban that seeks to expand the definition of “scary guns.” That’s why it is completely moronic to think anti-gun NYC Trump had any other motive at all behind his actions, than to ban the stupid bump stocks like he told you himself he was going to do from the get-go.

          Maybe I’ll still vote for the guy if he loses interest and slow-walks enforcement or half-asses that job. But he damn sure burned what precious little pro-gun ‘cred’ he concocted from thin air for himself during the election. He shouldn’t be getting a red cent in donations from anyone who owns so much as a 10-22 or a Ruger MkII, since those guns can be bump-fired and will inevitably fall into the crosshairs of a future administration that uses the precedent established by Trump today to expand gun control with or without congress.

        • If you think that only one person will be filing an injunction, you’re delusional. This is not even really a 2nd amendment issue. It’s a statutory authority issue. Quit panic mongering and take a chill pill. We have more important priorites than tilting windmills that haven’t even been built yet. (Like the little matter that the feminazis are making a mockery of our legal process.) You libertardians never cease to amaze me. You’re ready to panic over the slightest hint of a regulation being used as political theater all the while refusing to stand up and fight actual thereats like the CCP because “muh’ free trade”.

          This is why your party is a lighingstock and will never be anything more than a spoiler in national politics. Grow up. Society is under no obligation to let you turn yourself into an imminent danger to others by allowing you to get stoned out of your gourd and get behind the wheel of several tons of wrecking ball.

        • Lessee, now, making nice noises for the gun-ban crowd while nominating judges and justices who will strike down all the suggested controls? I’ll take that for a dollar!

      • Oh yeah, I forgot the Lefties are using CGI Trump’s saying, “Bump stocks are outta’ here…” to the News Cameras…You missed the point entirely, but that’s normal for you.

        • Yeah… I might have missed the point because you have yet to present anything approaching a rational argument. Might want to change that.

          “Trump said X” is not an argument. Trump says a lot of things.

    • It’s worth noting that presidential orders are not the same as laws passed by congress. The former is easily changed by the stroke of a pen. It’s much, much harder to change an actual law.

      • Even that’s not entirely true. Trump couldn’t just pen-stroke his way into a bump stock ban; that’s why we had the request for data, the rule proposal, the comment period, the review period, and now the final issuance and enforcement period rapidly approaching. There’s a process they have to follow that does require a fair bit of executive will to wade through –which is why Trump has been so insistent on DOJ making the completion of the process a priority. He obviously wants it implemented because he sees bump stocks as a public threat.

        It will take just as much work and willpower to have the rule change undone. Honestly, a court action is a more viable path to reversal, and we all know how convoluted & uncertain that is.

      • And yet the NRA isn’t talking about removing the Bush import bans, an EO, but instead focusing on adding this one.

        • I thought he said he was going to make 41F and gun free zones go away like, the first thing he did in office. Still sending in all the responsible party photos…

          As we have seen with the Hughes Amendment, laws and regulations are sticky. Don’t pass them saying “we can just repeal that later, no problem …” If it wasn’t for the sunset on the Clinton ban that would definitely still be the law of the land. The Republicans let it die but they didn’t repeal it.

    • That’s idiotic; gun control has never been about difficulty. You or I can go out & make illegal machineguns all damn day. No biggie. Except for the threat of incarceration we’d be doing it, too.

      Soon the same will apply to bump stocks, then binary triggers, then match semi-auto triggers, then semi-autos. Because if this stands, any president –ANY president– will be able to unilaterally direct his minions to decide laws have more restrictive meanings than originally intended.

      Never forget that ANY semi-auto can be converted to full automatic…that’s reason enough to ban them under any scheme devised to regulate bump fire.

    • When Paddock pulled his shootem up I stated it would open up a can of worms POTG do not need. I also am stating that enough ” we can do the bump stock with,. ,,,,,,” Is going to get semi automatic firearms regulated. Also blaming or giving credit to a president is ridiculous as the president is nothing more then a figure head. Republican Democrat = Good cop Bad Cop both working for the same precinct The Power Elite. I’m giving the Constitution 30 years as it is now written, and that’s a very optimistic figure. ..Kavanaugh is a clown, a Supreme Court Judge incapable of controlling his emotions is not someone whom I want protecting my Rights. The dangling carrot gun thing, Shall Not Be Infringed and yet law after law infringing that right is passed and the only thing rhat happens is a different President or party is voted in. … Thank God I’m. Buddhist , because this rodeo is about to come to a close.

  8. It’s a shame the dog owner didn’t have a CWP. “Man kills puppy with pellet gun, owner kills man with real gun” has a much nicer ring to it, even if it is better than someone who would do that deserves.

    • Depends on the breed. If it was a football dog… Yeah, he probably did the poor thing a favor.

    • Unfortunately, under the law, a pet animal is just a piece of personal property. The only difference between Parsons’ dog and a stuffed toy is the amount of damages she could win if she sued Concepcion in small claims court.

      • If I’m walking my dog on a leash (i.e. it’s not trying to chow down on someone), and someone shoots at it, as far as I’m concerned they’re shooting at me and missing.

    • Hey, hey… Cops can shoot your dog multiple times and charge you with a crime. Hell, they can shoot you while shooting your dog and not get in trouble. They can shoot your child while trying to shoot your dog that is protecting your child. Cops can kill dogs while they’re in their cage or yard. Cops never get charged with a felony because it’s policy.

      You shoot someone’s dog you get in trouble. Don’t even think about attacking a K9 officer unless you are ready to be lit up.

  9. If hillary was in the white house bump stocks would be the least of our worries. Trump was our only choice and we took it, warts and all. And if he wants it in 20 and the rest of the gop candidates are a herd of clowns like the last bunch then I’ll vote for him again.

    • I have been hearing for awhile now that the Republican party are a bunch of dumb cucks. They can’t get anything done when they have the opportunity and they don’t stick to their guns when Democrats start yelling. Hence why Trump got the votes.

      Trump was a NY Democrat. Now he is a Republican president. Does that spell out doom?

      I never respected the Republican party and I never liked the Democrat party.

      • It takes an autopsy to determine if most Republican politicians are vertebrates. I don’t understand why that is so, but it is.
        Democratic politicians, OTOH, have lots of backbone, but little in the brain department. No matter how many times you demonstrate that a given law won’t do what they say it will, they simply don’t get it.
        How to remedy this? Unfortunately, the answer is education, which is in short supply.
        Oh, we have schools, lots of them. But teaching our young people to think seems to be beyond the ability of those schools.
        Until thinking comes back in vogue, we will continue to get stupid laws.
        Eventually, there will be another revolution (this is already happening in other countries; just listen to the news, and see how many time the word “rebels” comes up).

    • Hey, I heard on Fox the other day that Trump is the first president to declare for reelection on the day he was inaugurated. Cool! I was terribly afraid he was only willing to give us 4 years. I wouldn’t give that *now*. If I were worth 10 billion you wouldn’t even be able to find me so you could ask.

  10. Say it louder for the people in the back. Trump is not pro gun! We better pray that a blue wave doesn’t come this November because I could see him signing anti gun legislation in an attempt to get something else that he wants.

  11. Wow, those thieves sure got ‘lucky’ to get all those guns from UPS, right? (cough cough).

    Maybe if guns were sent without special ‘steal me, I’m a gun’ treatment it would be harder.

      • “…why were there 400 guns in a UPS facility?”

        Because UPS handles shipping from gun distributors to local FFL gun shops…

  12. It’s worth remembering that the Vegas shooter was chatting up an FBI informant about illegal drop-in autosears in the weeks preceding the attack, specifically because he did not like how unreliable bump fire was. He had the money, knowledge, desire, and opportunity to acquire true machineguns illegally for this attack, and yet inexplicably chose not to at the last moment.

    We do know that drop in sears are not externally visible when installed. We know drop in sears yield a rapid, consistent rate of fire, even as large masses of ammunition in large magazines are depleted. We know many of the guns at the scene were factory-compatible with drop in sears. We know the FBI took the unusual step of denying the ATF access to inspect the weapons, at least early on. We know that federal agencies have not been above ‘walking’ weapons or contraband to criminals as part of half-baked stings. We know that the FBI loves stringing along terrorist marks as long as possible in stings so guilty intent can be best established. We know the FBI has effectively incited and overseen numerous domestic terror attacks through their informants in recent years by failing to apprehend their suspects before they put the plans into motion.

    It’s not a ‘conspiracy’ if it involves one guy taking the most logical course of action to accomplish his goal, with a dash of bureaucratic screw-up followed by damage-control

    • Not much of a conspiracy guy, but I like it.

      I remember reading an article about him hitting some gasoline storage containers a half mile away and the speculation that he targeted them. The truth, I think, is that (be it bump fire or full auto) he couldn’t even contain his rounds in the concert venue and a couple rounds even ended up a half mile away. If my theory is correct, he would have killed more people if he had left the rifles stock and been firing in semi-auto.

      • Those were 308 APIT rounds (from pulled down 30-06) he used, and were fired from a non-bump-stocked bipod. His alleged bump fire down into the venue was from such a steep angle it could only be done standing, and was pretty well contained to the relevant beaten zone from what I understand. The consistency, accuracy, reliablity…none of that points to bump fire, outside of highly optimum conditions and perfect form (then again, it’s also nothing short of a miracle his Surefire 100 magazines were as undeniably reliable as they were, so who knows)

        The part that soured me on the official story was when it got out that a guy who’d been arrested for selling autosears revealed he was an informant & had been in contact with Paddock in the weeks before the shooting. Then Paddock’s creepy brother mentioned he was looking at (illegal) MG conversions because bump fire wasn’t reliable enough (see my first paragraph). Then Stamboulieh found out via FOIA that ATF had never been *allowed* to look at the guns closely –because you see, they would be qualified to know what a DIAS is, and internal inspection would be the only way to tell that one was installed. Super easy for the FBI to cover up their little mistake by sneaking those little DIAS units out before anyone was the wiser.

        It started to sound exactly like Fast & Furious but with drop in autosears to me.

        • ‘The part that soured me on the official story…’

          I thought we were still waiting for the ‘official story’. Or did I miss that. Anyway, the fact that it took so long is a sure sign that somebody is in CYA mode. If not worse.

    • Ahem. First, he had a squeaky clean record, money, and he lived in Nevada. He could have easily acquired bona fide LEGAL machine guns if he could tolerate the wait. Second, you CAN tell an auto sear equipped AR without opening it, from what I have read, because the auto sear requires a third hole in the lower. Or you pop the rear takedown pin and there it is in all its glory, right on top of the FCG. Third, I find it inconceivable that a FBI weapons expert would need to consult the ATF to determine if an AR was equipped with an auto sear; the only use of the ATF would be to perform a weapons trace, which they accomplished quite quickly since Paddock was the original purchaser and bought almost all of his guns from the same dealer.

  13. “ATF Gun crime intelligence”…a misnomer if I’ve ever seen one. They caught a boy in nearby Midlothian with stolen guns. I ASSume they are ALL inside jobs. No comment on Trump. Get back to me when something actually happens

  14. Even before I got into guns, in 2008, I believed I have a second amendment Birthright, to buy a B-52 bomber if I could afford it. The problem is most American gun owners don’t really believe this about the 2nd Amendment. They don’t know the history of American Arms ownership. Not gun ownership but Arms ownership.

    I think this is why the “gun community” supports machine gun rights for only rich mostly white people. Private collectors and motion picture gun prop companies, we’ll still have real machine guns at the end of the legislative day.

    “The poor don’t need a rapid fire weapon.”

    Bump Fire Black Rifle vs Machine Gun

    • BTW
      Somewhere on the internet there is video of two rich white men shooting their own real machine guns. Their names are Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

    • You will pardon my skepticism of the 2nd amendmen protecting the “right” of any nutjob accountable to no one to have the same potential to cause harm as a major nation state. Hell, I’m rather pissed that private companies have the magical “right” to censor public discourse. The reality is that there is no firm SCotUS precedent on point vis-a-vi what constitutes a “dangerous or unusual” weapon. The entire NFA rests on a razor’s edge and the left knows it. What we need to focus on right now is getting an originalist supermajority on the SCotUS. Random fearmongering over a laughably absurd regulation not even on the books yet is counterproductive.

      Right now, flipping even one seat on the SCotUS from the hard left would be a long-term victory beyond price. We can’t win the war if we insist on fostering infighting because some of us aren’t ready to treat every minor skirmish as a battle to the death. He who seeks to defend everything defends nothing.

      • If we want to pull “tradition”, well, traditionally in the USA there was no gun control, you could mail order 20MM anti-tank rifles and machine guns. There were no bans. The game of whats “tradition” can go back as far and as long as anyone wants it to.

        It wasn’t too long ago that citizens could own private fleets, equip with cannons and crews. Sure they had the potential to bombard coastal towns, but people today have the potential to take a semi on a roadkill spree. Once we start restricting and controlling people on what they may potentially do, or what harm they may potentially cause, its opening a Pandora’s box that doesn’t get to be closed again.

        Judge Kavanaugh has all the tools and could potentially a rapist in disguise, lets lock him up for what he could potentially do!

        I personally would buy an F15 and an instructor to teach me how to fly if I had the financial resources, but I don’t. You won’t see people owning Trident submarines for the same reason, only a corporation or multi-billionaire would be able to afford one. The costs, and logistics to own a nuclear weapon and prevent any radioactive leakage from inadvertently affecting your neighbors essentially limits it to a handful of buyers. That is, IF there is a manufacturer willing to sell one to a private citizen. Rights end where another’s begin.

        The 2A absolutely protects all armaments, including SAMs, AT-4s, SMAW rockets, explosives, machine guns, anti-aircraft cannons, etc. No different than the first amendment protecting encryption technology. The COTUS doesn’t need updating, federal gangbangers need to obey it.

  15. Okay, we’re getting rid of bumpstocks. I’m not a fan of this, but really, all this fuss over an expensive bit of plastic that just allows you to waste ammo even more? If you can afford a bump stock, you can afford the tax stamp and you’re on your way towards an actual class 3, full auto machine gun if you’re that desperately into the ‘Spray-N-Pray’ shooting style. True, I wish Trump didn’t get rid of them, but really, it’s just a bumpstock. Not trigger upgrades, not oil, not replacement springs, not polished or upgraded parts, it’s just the bumpstocks. People need to quit making this like it’s the end of all rights.

    As for that pellet rifle? I don’t care if it’s a slingshot. If I were a cop, and I came on that scene, I’d throw every single charge I possibly could at that lousy shit head. Who the fuck kills someone’s puppy? That’s fucked up. It bears repeating, that if anybody hurts my dog, they get taken out. Slowly.

    • The ban is just for the bump stock. But the JUSTIFICATION is that bump stocks increase the rate of fire over a traditional semi auto. That justification can be used to ban binary triggers and gat cranks easy. Once you start banning drop in binary triggers, it’s not that far a step to ban all the other drop in triggers. You’re gonna tell me a 3lb single stage with no takeup doesn’t shoot faster than an 8lb stock trigger with a bunch of takeup?

      Here’s the bottom line. Gun grabbers won’t ever say “we can rest easy now boys. We banned this one thing.” All they’ll do is move on to the next thing. That’s how a Ruger 10/22 is now illegal in Cali. Cause they “expanded” the definition of an assault rifle. You think they won’t expand the bannings to ALL gun modifications that increase the rate of fire?!?!

      • Haven’t seen it, but I’m pretty sure it is NOT “just bumpstocks”, nor bumpstocks at all, how would you describe what you’re banning? “Bumpstocks”? The name could be changed in 15 minutes. What is being considered is a ban on any device which can increase the rate of fire of a semiauto weapon. Like bumpstocks, trigger upgrades, rubber bands, or belt loops on your jeans.

      • Actually, I don’t think they will.
        Bumpstocks served no real purpose, other than to waste ammo. It also was a loophole device, giving you full-auto-ish performance out of a semi-auto gun. I made a claim that I stand by, a while ago, that if the Las Vegas shooter had actually taken aim, he would have been far more deadly. Bottom line, the anti-gun crowd scored a victory, but it’s insignificant in the war!

        Now, should they ban upgrades for smoother trigger pulls, better function of the gun, then come and talk to me. However, first talk to the news outlets. I’m pretty sure that if the anti-gun crowd tried banning oils, springs, triggers, etc, they would be pushing too far and might even enact more legislation protecting such things, as opposed to campaigning locally and getting such things banned on a state level.

        Additionally, I’d like a link proving that the 10-22 is banned in California. Not because I don’t believe you, I do, but I would like to forward that link to a friend who is visiting California soon.

  16. You would think by now you guys would be used to Trumps tactics of telling the left what they want to hear (sort of) but never following through with it.

    He’s no dummy, by saying they’re close to it, that gets conservatives fired up and calms down the lefts. Then give enough time for the hype to cool off and do nothing.

    There’s talk like the ATF or Trump don’t know that the only time a bump stock was used for an illegal purpose was the one time at Vegas and one fault doesn’t merit a change in the law. They know, they understand, but you know, squeaky wheel gets the grease and all….
    But as I always say, sometimes a wheel that squeaks too much gets replaced…..

  17. People worry that a bump stock ruling could be twisted by a future administration to pass a more sweeping ban on, say, semi-auto firearms. It might. Now, call me a pessimist, but if the Democrats return to power with both houses of Congress and the Presidency, I don’t think they are going to waste time reinterpreting a law to ban guns. They are just going to make up a totally new law that explicitly bans guns, and incorporate Australian style confiscation. “But the SCOTUS…!” Yeah, I know, I just think the Democrats are done playing by the rules and are likely to go full totalitarian when the reigns are given back to them. Remember, they are going to want revenge for Trump. I could see them ignoring the SCOTUS entirely. They are already ignoring the rule of law in places like California – they’ve essentially said, “We’ll do whatever the hell we want. What are you going to do about it?” The Feds and Sessions haven responded with some gentle words, but not much else. Which makes this Kavanaugh fiasco sort of a farce, unless this is their last attempt at a cold takeover. I dunno. I think there are some very dark times ahead.

    • I believe you. I Am fearful of the future of America! If we have another 2nd American Civil War…It will make Egypt’s Civil War look like a weekend beach party…It will be bloody thirsty…But, hey…Look on the brightside…As my retired US military vet Dad said, ” If there’s another Civil War in America…You WON’T have to worry about NOT having a gun…Because THEY be 100’s of THEM laying amongst the bodies in the streets…”

      • Correct. And you actually do not need to even buy one, I have enough that I will not be picking any up, just collecting some ammo. Plenty of guns and ammo wherever the attempt to enforce is made. But that won’t be very many places, I suspect any “pick ’em up” orders will be followed *in minutes* by LE announcing loudly and to the entire planet that the order will not be enforced by any of this office’s personnel, please don’t shoot us. Then they’ll disappear for a few weeks, to let things settle down. It would not surprise me if that takes a while, since legislators will be being hunted in DC by folks who will be REALLY noisy when they find some.

  18. 1. WFT! Prez. Trump making deals with the “Deep State…

    2. UPS incident= Mostly likely scenario.. Deep State plans to Kill or Main more US citizens to “prove” that we have to many Rights and Liberties…And that the US Constitution/ Bill of Rights NEEDS to be “regulated”—-out of existance by Bigger Government….Or its ANTIFA getting THEIR “Red Army” ready…Or some good American U.S. Patriots are prepping for a possible second US Civil War….

    3. Huff po story= Man with a comfort animal and a firearm!? In my state, he would most likely been “RED FLAGGED” by the medical community just for having stress issues. His 2nd amendment “privileges” would have probably stripped away from by the local Paramilitarized Police Departments in my area..

    4. Gun Control/ crime control article: “To late, or hasn’t anyone noticed…But, tyranny is already here….

    5. Washington state gun control scheme: Well, its good to see the at least part of the Law Enforcement Community in that state is honoring their oath to uphold the US Constitution/ Bill of Rights….

  19. Bump stocks SHOULD be banned, or treated like silencers. It’s wasteful to shoot that much ammo using an idiotic flimsy contraption. If you want to mag dump on a regular basis, get a full-auto or go to a range that rents full-auto. Ordinary people don’t need bump stocks for self-defense, they’ll end up killing their neighbors.

    • “Ordinary people don’t need bump stocks for self-defense, they’ll end up killing their neighbors.”
      First, the 2A isn’t about self defense.
      Second, there are a lot of bump stocks out there (and a lot who know how to use belt loops), and their owners don’t kill their neighbors with them.
      That makes you a FUDD. Just because you don’t want something doesn’t mean it should be made illegal. Just like because I don’t need something doesn’t mean it should be illegal.
      You think you’re being smart, but you’re only showing how little you understand.

    • There’s been one attack, by a fruitcake now dead. No accidents I know of, and the product is 10 years old, there are hundreds of THOUSANDS of them out there, which makes your entire post stupid beyond belief.

      Oh, and if it is OK for me to buy a full auto weapon, why should bump stocks be banned? You spout nonsense!

    • Man it’s a good thing you told me what I needed.
      Where would we be if it wasn’t for elitist snobs telling us what we need.
      Let me help you out.
      You don’t need a car that can go faster than 60 mph.
      And get rid of that electric toothbrush because all you need is a regular old toothbrush.
      And of course nobody needs an electric carving knife.
      God knows what you would do with that.

  20. I work in the gun industry, we’ve had firearms stolen while in transit with UPS. They and ATF don’t care about stolen (package opened, then taped up).
    They know who was handling them but don’t investigate.
    UPS CALLS SEVERAL MONTHS LATER, no concern about firearms, just show us the original package and what type of tape did you use.

    It’s all BS,

  21. I bet he coulda killed a lot more people if he bothered to aim instead of using a bump stock.

  22. Yup, very soon on the “Left-coast”, once the Authoritarians—I mean authorities are done with firearms accessories…The local sheriffs and police departments will be down at your local retailers bang off the points of YOUR everyday kitchen knife 🔪…Cruising for a U.K. knife ban….Were starting to fall off that slippery slope…

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