Rahm Emanuel Gun Violence Morals Root Causes
courtesy Chicago Tribune
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“This may not be politically correct, but I know the power of what faith and family can do. … Our kids need that structure. … I am asking … that we also don’t shy away from a full discussion about the importance of family and faith helping to develop and nurture character, self-respect, a value system and a moral compass that allows kids to know good from bad and right from wrong.

“If we’re going to solve this … we’ve got to have a real discussion. … Parts of the conversation cannot be off-limits because it’s not politically comfortable. … We are going to discuss issues that have been taboo in years past because they are part of the solution. … We also have a responsibility to help nurture character. It plays a role. Our kids need that moral structure in their lives. And we cannot be scared to have this conversation.” – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Rahm Emanuel under increasing fire for linking Chicago violence and morals in minority neighborhoods [via foxnews.com]

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    • Oh no folks, . This moment of demo weakness shalll pass. It was the gun. It is the gun. It will always be the gun. Human behavior is just a minor influence in the big picture. Let’s be real. If it’s not the gun then that means some humans must be banned. Gotta ban something right?

    • Having read the original FoxNews article the day it came out, I have the advantage of hindsight.

      Yes, immediately after His Rahmness said what he said, which IS refreshing in its candor, one of the Usual Suspects claimed that he was trying to victim-shame totally-blameless people who were suffering under ‘racist policies’. Another said, “There are communities that have not been invested in,” a statement both conflating government handouts with an actual ‘investment’ and implying, “You give us more free stuff, and we won’t kill each other so much.”

      There IS no miracle cure, under our system of government, for Chicago’s violence; Anything that would rapidly and effectively end its minority citizens’ proclivity for murdering each other, such as sending in the National Guard with arrest powers, or declaring martial law, would be unconstitutional. The only alternative is to actually use the laws available in the strictest manner possible–and that is not going to happen, as the Left and its minions (BLM, Antifa, the ACLU, NAACP, and every Democrat, living or dead) would vociferously and violently oppose it.

      This is NOT going to get better for decades, if ever, until there is a sea change in the people doing the murdering–not before.

      • This is not going to get better for decades, if ever, until there is a sea change in the people procreating murderers, not before. In other words intact, responsible parental units.

        There, fixed it for ya. You were close, tho.

      • Need to stop “investing” in ANY communities, posting signs reading “No free lunch-get a job.” Ban even Fed handouts.

      • Half a century of Democrat rule, much of it highly corrupt, has not produced the fantasy ending Libs would have us believe it should have.
        Detroit, Chicago, LA, Cleveland…same scenario…same outcome.
        The Dems and their policies are neither designed nor intended to raise minority communities up out of the largely crime ridden, state dependent, marginally literate sewers they live in.
        Dems have created a dependency state among people in these places and for some reason the people keep buying into the BS and electing the same lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, exploiting politicians who created the problems in the first place.
        That old definition of insanity: same actions = different results? Why don’t they get it?
        Rahm has more blood on his hands than most men in history, but he controls the checkbook and the jobs, which is his/their definition of success.
        Start holding politicians criminally liable for their neglectful and criminally dangerous policies.
        A voter and taxpayer revolt in the voting booth is all that can fix this. Until then, cities will burn and people will continue to die…unnecessarily.

        My $.02

    • Personally I think this really shows the racism of these activist that are creating all this noise. By creating this moral outrage over these statements they collectivizing the entire minority community and thus taking away the individual agency. That can be seen of them tacitly agreeing with the notion that ‘they just can’t help it’.

      It’s kind of ironic given that this is probably the only time I can say that I even remotely agree with something that Rahm Emanuel has said, even if that agreement is only partial. This really is an example of the moral failing of some of the people that live in Chicago. Obviously it’s not the entire city that is failing here, but there is a minority of people living there that just don’t’ care about the lives of themselves and others.

      • it’s young black males…approx 15 to 25……they need to round up all those either not students in good standing and / or gainfully employed…utilizing both the vagrancy or truancy laws..they can transport them far away to work in govt. forestry camps where they could draw an honest wage….or performing some other form of govt. service…FDR used this method back in the thirties…that could bring the crime rate down dramatically…

        • FDR, despite the terrible things that he DID do, did not stoop to abrogating the Constitution completely by dragooning innocent young men by force to transport them to CCC work camps. Those young men, including my father, went to work on the government projects voluntarily, were paid for the work that they did, and were free to leave at any time. Oh, how they suffered, though. . . outdoor work, learning useable skills, plenty to eat. . . my GOD, how they suffered! They even taught my dad carpentry, electrical wiring, and plumbing, and he learned how to operate heavy equipment and trucks! The BASTARDS!

          That would not work with modern urban minority yutes. Why should they work, when housing, an ‘education’ (completely wasted, alas!), food, medical care, and birth control (which they will not use, of course) is completely free to them?

          What WOULD work would be to convict these urban minority yutes of specific crimes, sentence them commensurately with the offense, and send them off to do public works service; There should be no alternative offered–no comfortable jail or prison, no half-way house, no probation, no ankle bracelets–just hard, enforced but productive work in exchange for a bed and adequate food.

          Of course, that would never work. Every SJW in the country would insist that such was akin to ‘chain gangs’ and ‘slavery.’

          Ah, but one can dream. . .

    • What’s racist is thinking non mixed black people can’t better themselves, that they will always be violent thugs. A lot of Democrats and SJWs think that way; they say black people are too dumb and too weak to help themselves, that they need The [white] Man to lift them out of their problems.

      • Hell, they think they’re too dumb to figure out how to get an ID so they can vote.

      • well,..you look at a place like Haiti and it lends some credence to that theory…left to their own devices they usually fail…no matter what immigrant group comes into this country…blacks continue to remain at the bottom of the socioeconomic order…

    • I’ll take the rap.

      The root cause is black people between the ages of 15-24.

      They are not like other people. At all.

      • My experience indicate that one-on-one, many individuals of ethnic groups are sociable, likable, engaging, and coherent.

        However, if they congregate in groups of approximately five or so, they turn into Kaffirs (or “N”-words).

        That observation is from military service days, time in western US, Washington D.C. area and Deep south (Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas).

  1. Imagine that. A liberal finds that it is not comfortable (or politically correct) to admit that the problem is not the gun, but the person holding the gun…because that does not fit gun-control rhetoric. Welcome to the party, pal.

  2. He may look for the root causes. But there’s no way he will ever find THAT forest with all of those trees in the way.

  3. Oh!!! So now a democrat wants to point to the lack of family structure, morals, culture, and reason as the source of widespread violence? Really? After all that you’re going to come full circle and look at the actual causes of gang violence? While your at it look at the piss poor policies and laws enforced by the Democratic Party and you may just find a solution to the problem.

  4. Did he say that immoral people of bad character go around killing each other?
    Did aliens kidnap Rhambo and leave this in his place?

  5. Here’s a hint for those in search of the root cause of this systemic violence….. the Democrat party. They incentivized the destruction of the nuclear family. They’ve cemented the perpetual dependency of their constituents on government handouts in return for their votes. They’ve devalued human life through the codification and glamorization of infanticide. This is the Democrat party and their modern plantation.

  6. I’m sure it’s just a passing bout of lucidity. Soon, someone will scream racism and he’ll be back to blaming the NRA before you can say “constituency”.

    • Already happened. It’s apparently ‘victim shaming’ in certain “communities” to blame murderers for murdering people.

      Because if you’re black, you are automatically a victim. That’s the narrative they need to push. And they wonder why a lot of black young folks don’t aspire to much?

  7. No chit Sherlock…even in your own family Tiny Dancer Jr.© got his azz kicked down the street pursuing ganja. A stopped clock…nothing will change.

    • He is starting to realize that his voting base are getting whacked so often that soon he won’t have a voting base much longer.
      Sorry tiny ballerina. This sounds more like job preservation rather than actually giving a shit about people getting killed.

  8. If this is an honest attempt at getting to the ACTUAL root causes of urban violent crime, then I really hope he’s ready to look in the mirror as well as deal with the nasty criticism that will come from his own side of the aisle. I hope he’s also prepared to implement the “tough love” that will be necessary to start correcting the situation. It’s been decades of bad policies, brought forth by misguided, pathological hypercompassion and political expediency, that have helped make this an issue by creating a consequence-free environment that has enabled generations of poor decisionmaking in these neighborhoods. Unfortunately, I can’t see any pol having the sack to truly address this…

  9. Chicago doesn’t have a ” gun violence” problem; it has a “Democrat Violence” problem…

  10. Before I’ll waste a chitown minute reading any of his hype. Let’s have him explain about his brother, the doctor. He’s made a lifetime career campaigning, writing books and working for the feds, (remember how the MSM ridiculed Ms. Palin about death panels) to extend total government control over people they felt we’re no longer “useful”, and finding socially acceptable methods of killing them, you know, like ABORTION on the back side…let’s see, I think a couple a fellas named Hitler and Mengele were working on something like that… how’d that work out for them? Look it up, do some research and think for yourselves. Foxtrot-Kilo-Alpha. 30

    • I just love how some people (demagogues?) attempt to equate government forced abortion as a means of genocide with an individual woman’s right to choose what SHE wants to do with her body.

  11. Well you know what they say about a broken clock. It may be right twice a day, by why is it still there? Throw it away.

  12. This is just hilarious. This comes at the same time that Beto O’Rourke says that it’s just as patriotic to kneel for the flag. We don’t need no stinkin’ morals, values, honor, patriotism or reigion. Oh, wait, maybe we do. Don’t we? Do we? I’m so confused! Ya just gotta love liberals!

  13. Evil people choosing to do evil things.
    Especially when they can get away with it.
    Next question.

  14. murder city root cause ha ha ha joke is good

  15. The solution to Chitown’s violence is obvious — Rahmbo can give dance lessons to everyone!

    Ya gotta admit it. Emanuel sure can tap dance around a problem, can’t he.

  16. When people have livelihoods where they’re paid fairly for their labor, are healthy, and have fulfilling lives outside of work I’d wager they’re much less likely to turn to the black market to earn money. Black market economies are prone to violence as you can’t rely on the existing legislative and judicial structure to resolve conflict and therefore must do so yourself.

    So having no hope and no place in the system is the root cause of violence (gun or otherwise). Securing a livelihood for all Americans would require the megawealthy to reinvest in America.

    -They would have to start paying their fair share taxes (like the rest of us do).
    -They would have to start paying a fair wage to their employees.
    -They would have to move good-paying manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

    Our government would also have to reinvest in America.
    -We need to repair, improve, and modernize our public infrastructure. Aside from the health, safety, quality of life improvements this has the added benefit of providing jobs. Flint’s water supply issues is a great poster-child for the need for this.
    -The funds from our public coffers should be diverted away from military spending towards education. American children should be provided with a baseline education as well as the basic community support like food, and after school care.
    -Universal healthcare is a must. Removing the burden of healthcare costs from employers and instead moving to a single-payer/government run healthcare system would ensure that everyone can get the medical attention they need to live healthy lives.

    The unfortunate part here is that sniveling neo-liberals like Emanuel, Bloomberg, Clinton and conservative sociopaths like the Koch brothers and anyone associated with Betsy DeVos are unlikely to do any of these things as they require the obscenely wealthy to make concessions like these to improve our lives. They’d much rather scapegoat gun owners and force us to concede our rights while not solving the base problem.

    • Allow me to summarize:

      “Yes, we can solve all of this country’s problems, most of which were actually created by our attempts to solve this country’s problems, by not only continuing all of the failed policies and programs that have made things worse, but by doubling down on them. No moral and ethical failure of certain and specific limited groups of people is so bad that it cannot be cured by continuous injections of other peoples’ money, taken from them by threat of government force.”

      That ol’ dog won’t hunt, son.

      • We’ve been living under austerity measures since the Reagan Era, John. It’s only going to get worse for the working class under Trump’s tax plan.

        I don’t know you personally but I assume that, like me, you pay taxes. Corporations and the wealthy should pay too. I’m not being snarky here but assuming you’re in Alaska, how much do you make in the oil dividend? What I suggest isn’t horribly different. Asking those who benefit from our society should pay back into it isn’t radical.

        • There is no requirement in our Constitution to ‘pay back’ anything for the right to live in this country, under this system of government. Nothing in our founding documents compels us to provide any form of involuntary servitude in exchange for being ‘permitted’ to live here, save after a conviction for a crime.

          It is as simple as that.

          There is no ‘fair share’ of anything, especially a ‘fair share’ of someone else’s good fortune, or income, or property. MY ‘fair share’ of everything is ‘everything that I can get.’ YOUR ‘fair share’ of everything is exactly the same. A rich man’s ‘fair share’ is also the same, as is his company’s. So long as we all get our ‘fair share’ by our own lights, without infringing upon someone else’s ‘fair share’ unjustly, the things that we possess and the services obtained from others that we pay for are our ‘fair shares,’ and we are not owed a portion of anyone else’s ‘fair share.’ We are especially not entitled, in some manner, to a portion of another man’s ‘fair share’ after it is taken from him by threat of force.

          Do I get an annual dividend from Alaska’s Permanent Fund program? Yes–it’s free money. Do I think that the program is ethical? No, I don’t, and never have. Is it fiscally sound? No, it isn’t–it is a political giveaway program, intended to buy votes. It continues to do so, because no politician is willing to face the fact that the program IS unsound and unwise; People come to depend upon government handouts, and rail against the politician with the guts to tell the truth.
          I would gladly see the program end–especially now, with the State suffering a budget crises because its politicians have spent lavishly to try to emulate older, more well-established states in infrastructure and ‘social justice programs’ and is now nearing bankruptcy as a result, to the extent that they want to raid the Permanent Fund to continue their lavish spending. No politician who wants to get re-elected will ever cut a social program that people have grown dependent upon. . .

          That’s what governments that indulge in socialism DO–spend to give to others in exchange for political power and votes, until they run out of other people’s money.

    • You sound like a conflicted soul. A POTG who is also a progressive? Let me ask you a few questions. 1. What is the fair share of taxes “obscenely wealthy” people should pay? 2. What is a fair wage, and where? A fair wage in Mississippi ain’t the same as in NYC. 3. Move good paying mfg businesses back to US. Who are you to spend the shareholder’s stake in the company to force them to part with their future earnings? There are millions who are invested in those type of companies who are looking toward their future and retirement. What you are proposing could possibly derail those future retirements and force them to continue working long past typical retirement age, thus taking up a job that could go to a younger individual.

      I don’t disagree that government needs to improve infrastructure nationwide, at the local, state, and federal level.

      Divert military funds that are going to rebuild a depleted military needed, or do you want a smaller, less lethal military that could not protect us when, not if, we are attacked?

      What’s your definition of obscenely wealthy, and who are you to say how much is too much?

      Thank you for being a POTG, but your other points lead to another problem, and that’s the self-same politicians who will take from the rich, from the military, will also take from you, your ability to keep your guns. Ideas like yours lead to you and me being subjects instead of citizens.

      Sorry, some of your ideas are way too left to be of use to anyone except the few who will rule us all.

      • We often try to convince ourselves that anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment is a friend and ally.

        We should remind ourselves that Mao was also a great believer in the power of firearms in the hands of the right sort of people; So were Fidel, and Che.

        Most of us believe that the 2nd Amendment is there to allow The People to overthrow a hypothetical tyrannical government that may arise, some day; There are also people, and you have just met one via the post above, who can rightly be suspected of believing that that hypothetical tyrannical government is already HERE.

        Frankly, anyone espousing that much belief in radical Leftist, SJW causes is not someone I would wish to be associated with, and is not a compatriot of mine.

        Simple possession of a firearm does not a ‘POTG’ make; Our avowed enemies have them, too.

      • Rick, I appreciate you taking the time to read what I wrote (not a lot of folks do that).

        I’m not conflicted at all. I think that we could live in a society where rights are respected. I also want to live in a society where everyone, regardless of where they fell in the lottery of birth, is giving the same chance to succeed. Success can be measured in a lot of ways and I don’t just considering rich folks successful. There’s probably some kid of Chicago today (using the article above as an example) that has the potential to do great things but won’t get the chance because their parents are depressed/crappy/hustling and their school is underfunded. They have no chance. We all lose out when that kid falls through the cracks.

        As for your questions…
        1. 99% of Americans make less than $200K a year. The top one-thousandth of the 1% make more than $62 million a year. The highest earners of those are the Jeff Bezos’, Bloomberg’s, Soro’s, Kock Brothers, DoVos’, etc. The American ruling class. Most of these folks make much of their money through investments and such which are taxed at a lower rate than what you and I pay. This doesn’t even count the fact that huge corporations operating in America pay little or no corporate tax, despite making use of our public infrastructure and public welfare systems (Walmart and Amazon hire people to help their employees get government benefits instead of paying their workers more). We need to make sure they’re paying the same as us and more if they’re drawing on U.S. infrastructure.

        2. I think earning enough to rent/own a house/apartment and feed your family is a fair wage. So I agree that it will be different depending on where you are. I live in NYC so I know darn well that it costs more than elsewhere.
        3. I’m an American who cares about American workers. I want to ensure that are jobs for those younger workers to do. I don’t see how that hurts shareholders.

        Regarding the military: We spend a lot of money on the military already. We certainly shouldn’t be going into debt to spend more like Trump did.
        My definition of obscenely wealthy is the .001%. The take the most but give back the least. Maybe we could go back to our pre-Reagan Era tax plan?
        “Thank you for being a POTG, but your other points lead to another problem, and that’s the self-same politicians who will take from the rich, from the military, will also take from you, your ability to keep your guns. Ideas like yours lead to you and me being subjects instead of citizens.”
        Politicians don’t take from the military (unless you count forcing soldiers to fight wars that have nothing to do with defending the nation). That’s why we spend more in defense than the next seven countries combined. I also don’t want to take from the rich. I want them to pay their fair share like you and I do.

        • Your last two sentences encapsulate what is wrong with your entire argument.

          You state that you do not want to take from the rich, then state contrarily that you want them to pay their ‘fair share.’

          Who determines their ‘fair share’? Do you make that determination? Do they? Does an avowed socialist? A Marxist? Does a government committee say what is ‘fair’? Can that idea be carried forward into other areas, such as determining the proper ‘fair’ size of a home or apartment, how much a person is paid, what kind of car they own, or whether they should instead use public transportation? How much food is ‘fair’? Should all be given just enough caloric intake per day to sustain life, and no more? Is that ‘fair’? What if my metabolism is different? What if Soylent Green is not to my liking?

          Now that we know what is a ‘fair share,’ assume that the rich man is not WILLING to just give up what you think is his ‘fair share.’ How far are you willing to go to take it? A nasty letter? An armed seizure? And, if he resists–do you kill him? Do you imprison him, and let others live in his home, because it is ‘unfairly’ too big for just him and his family?

          Apparently, you have never watched ‘Dr. Zhivago.’ THAT is what happens when a man is seen by his poorer neighbors as having more than his ‘fair share.’

          I will not apologize for telling you that you are just so incredibly wrong, on so many different levels, that we can never even agree to disagree.

        • A “fair share” is at least what I (and presumably you) pay. When it comes to corporations a fair tax would be more than the 0% that a lot of major corporations pay despite using our public infrastructure (roads for instance) and burdening our social welfare systems (Walmart not paying workers a living wage but hiring contractors to help those same folks get public assistance).

          They would pay the same way I (and presumably you) pay their taxes and the penalties would be the same and when I (and presumably you) would pay if we failed to pay our taxes.

          You keep trying to paint me as some kind of radical or worse a thief and murderer, because I think that people should pay into a system commensurate in what they get out of that system.

        • remember the tax rate for the rich back in the fifties…although they seldom paid it…in any event it didn’t diminish the wealthy class….despite a 90% tax rate the rich just seemed to get richer…but at least the middle class thrived…

        • From the National Taxpayer’s Union 2015

          The top 50% of wage earners contribute more than 97% of the income tax revenue.
          The bottom 50% of wage earners contribute less than 3% of the income tax revenue.
          The bottom 45% of wage earners pay NO income tax.

        • I do not have to ‘paint’ you as a thief and a murderer; You have created a remarkably clear self-portrait for me.

          You do not, however, want to be the actual ‘thief’ and the actual ‘murderer;’ You don’t have the courage. Instead, you wish to subcontract those tasks to armed Government operatives.

          You think that it is perfectly fine to encourage Government to take other mens’ property and income to give to others, and, if necessary, use force–including deadly force, obviously–to take it from them if they resist.

          Yes, I think that your attempt at emulating Dorian Gray has failed. We can SEE your true portrait, and it is not very attractive.

        • I’ll write it again, John. They’re called taxes. No killing necessary. You seem to mired in your own messed up ideological fantasy that you I don’t think anything is clear to you, much less a “portrait” of who I am.

    • “-Universal healthcare is a must. Removing the burden of healthcare costs from employers and instead moving to a single-payer/government run healthcare system would ensure that everyone can get the medical attention they need to live healthy lives.”

      Like the VA? Only now it’s a vastly larger bureaucracy? Like Canada, where the wait for an MRI can exceed 10 months? Where they had to re-privatize some hospitals because the government run healthcare system became a legitimate public health crisis?

      You want the government in charge of healthcare? It would honestly be hard to articulate what a bad idea that is in only a few paragraphs, so I won’t bother. Almost everything the government touches withers and dies. Does something need to be done to get healthcare costs under control? Yes. I have no idea what. But putting the government in charge of it is literally the worst possible thing that could be done.

      • The VA kept my old man alive for years and he didn’t pay a dime. Too bad he had to fight a war to get what I think should be a basic right.

    • The last 60 or so years has seen a massive increase in federal involvement in all aspects of American life…while violence, poverty and social disorder also greatly increased. I cannot understand how further expanding government involvement will improve the situation. What we need is LESS taxes, massive deregulation and a withdrawal of federal involvement in all aspects of life. Government stifles business, which keeps wages low. Government discourages self reliance, which causes (and supports) people to act in ways that are fiscally and socially unacceptable.

      Get government out and the free market will correct many of the problems that lead to crime. For the rest, vigorous prosecution in the application of existing laws and penalties will ensure that the habitually criminal will not be free to prey on the citizenry.

      What you advocate would literally lead to the failure of the Republic through bankruptcy. It would also further bankrupt the self reliance and morality of the people.

      Insanity is sometimes defined as doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

      • Ardent, you did not address what I think is a major cause of the downturn, if we’re going ro address the past 60 years, and that is the population of the US doubled in that time, and many other nations multiplied that gain. There are no longer famines or pestilence to wipe out half the world’s population, even wars kill very few. The world is overpopulated and we must find a solution rather quickly before we reach 100 billion in a few decades.

        • False. The global birthrate is falling and global population. Is going stabilize in a few decades

    • Education should be funded by the community consuming it. Forcing CA, at the point of a gun, to fund “education” for Chicago is ridiculous, mostly because of the obvious question “who decides who pays how much, and who receives how much?” That power go to Rahm Emannuel?

  17. Bull s**t: touch no man and no man’s family, property, residence/driving/parking space – see how that works

  18. we have already tried socialized medicine,look at the old veterans admin. worthless govt. doctors? over stuffed civil service pogues that wouldn’t get off their ass to scratch it.too stupid to admit that they were in way over their head in a job that they knew nothing about,and didn’t give a damn if it ever got done anyway. when democrat donors got first-in-line service on every little thing that they wanted. THAT MY FRIEND IS WHAT CANADA GETS FOR MEDICINE DAILY. you want good medical aid ? go elsewhere. you can get better-faster-medical help in costa-rica than canada. SOCIALISIM DOSN”T WORK ANYWHERE.

  19. The root causes of the violence is simply desperation brought on by the criminal Democrat policy that has been force fed to the people of Chicago for the past 100 years. The poor do not have, nor will they ever have, the ability to lift themselves out of the poverty they have lived in for their whole lives. Businesses have long ago left the innercity due to crime, infrastructure, and tax issues for the relative safety of the suburbs. And those businesses are never coming back. And the people left in the poorest neighborhoods don’t have the financial ability to follow them because the suburbs cost 100% more to live in.

    • Actually, businesses are fleeing the suburbs and are coming back to the city. The city is gentrifying like crazy, and more and more people are staying in the city to raise families. The population loss in Chicago is coming from the lower class fleeing the few horrific neighborhoods with awful crime rates. So, literally everything you said is incorrect.

      • crime…particularly violent crime…that finds its way downtown can counter that trend somewhat…

        • The crime will come busting out all over just from population explosion. Once the gangsters figure out that a single hoodrat on a jury equals no conviction, they will act with even more impunity than they do now. Chiraq is doomed.
          So far this weekend, 42 shot and 2 dead.

      • Show your sources. I think you are reading articles based on a disproven theory from the 90s. Older Millennials are moving to the suburbs where they can afford a house and have decent schools. There aren’t enough gentry to replace them.

    • The “poor” do have ability and they have chance to lift themselves up from their way of life every single day. What they lack is motivation and will to do it. It’s too much work.

  20. The answer to mayor Rahmbo’s problem is the direct result of the failure of the cult of Commiecratism.

  21. I doubt if they will talk about the fact that the Chicago police are unable to solve more than a small fraction of gun homicides. Actual incompetence is a component to this problem but it is also the fault of a community that is so hostile to the police that no one will talk to them. Half a century of gun control rhetoric has enabled both the community and the police to abdicate their responsibilities.

    • Leave the dead and wounded where they fell, until somebody tells you what happened? Something has to change, and there is no magic, you’re going to have to do it yourselves. Give the cop another donut while he waits.

  22. Chicago gangs and the resulting violence fit the definition of domestic terrorism / organized crime. On the micro level it’s classic domestic terrorism, where organized criminals and gangs control the population for power and financial gain.

    On the macro level it’s organized crime because the corrupt politicians know the welfare state they created is deliberately not being tracked nor is it result oriented. There is no accountability or tracking of the money sent to families to monitor if that money is being used it for it’s intended purpose (education, food, etc.) or if it’s being diverted to fund criminal enterprise.

    If you do not track the welfare money, you are essentially creating a government funded cartel. Track the money and see where it goes.

    Ever see The Godfather? How about the Untouchables?

    Everyone knows where the crime is. The real challenge is the family reformation and re-education program that has to be created and instituted once you extract the criminal element.

  23. One way ticket O’Hare to Liberia is only $789. THATS a crowd funding project you can get behind. x______thousand.

    Will throw in a case of MREs, a bottle of cheap booze and a dozen joints for the road. Can take you gats.

    And send Rahm as well.

    • I’m down, let’s do it!! But the donations can only be picked up in Liberia! We’ve been fooled before.

  24. I was planning on commenting on the lack of moral fiber that the Democrat Party has displayed for over the last 50 years, on the lack of punishment given to the gangbangers by socialist judges, by the lack of a strong, moral father figure in their homes and so on but reading through these posts has shown that all of this has been extensively covered. How is it that a group of American such as posting here has figured this out all along AND THAT NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE DEMOCRAT PARTY NEVER FIGURED IT OUT UNTIL JUST NOW?

    • Both sides of our political system are completely aware of what is the truth, and what is not; They also are aware that to admit the truth is to admit defeat, to admit incompetence, to admit pandering, to admit corruption, to admit racism more pernicious than ever before in our history. They know that any such admission would result in their electoral defeat, and the loss of their political power, their wealth, and their illusion of being superior to the common citizenry.

      It’s all politics, power, and greed. Our very political system is corrupt, because it is run by corrupt people that other corrupt people continue to elect and re-elect. There is NO WAY that a poor-but-honest politician can go to Washington, or even a state capital, and come back fabulously wealthy without being corrupt, is there?

      Sadly, as others have said, our system of government is the worst ever, except for all of the other systems.

  25. It is all the fault of NRA members in Indiana. It is always the fault of people in Indiana now and forever. Chicago black youth are never to blame as they are victims of people in Indiana.

  26. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson created the Welfare industrial Complex. The Delano family made their money in the opium trade. Johnson was a racist but unlike many he was very smart when it came to politics. Both of these men are dead and gone.

    Now the people who run the Swamp like the way things are. White homosexuals, the sexually liberated, the socialist progressives, and the three L’s, Libertarians, Liberals and the Left. All of these groups support the destruction of the traditional family. In order for the new world order (whatever that is) to happen these groups need the traditional family destroyed.

    In California were I grow up homosexuals hated the traditional family. And they hated the Second Amendment. The marijuana legalization crowd were the same. Libertarians will trade your guns for legal pot. Since all these groups also hate religion, the private support system that helped families in need, that private support system had to be destroyed and replaced with government Welfare.

    The Judeo christian religion kept people largely in control of themselves, without government. There are members of the three L’s and homosexuals who really do support Liberty. But the Problem with them is they keep voting for and supporting people who don’t support Liberty. People Like former Gov William Weld, Tammy Baldwin, Barney Frank, the Clintons, Tom Anniano and now men who say they are women, and who are also anti-gun civil rights.

  27. The irony of a communist talking about “faith”. I guess he is talking about faith in his god, government, to solve everyone’s problems.

    “Faith” isn’t going to help anyone. If God does exist, he left Chicago a long time ago. What you need is to get these people off the streets and into the job market. Nothing is going to get better when their only option to survive is to be a drug dealing murdering criminal.

    • Not bad, except what you describe is not what *I* need. I’m sure many people do, but I don’t. And since I have paid for it many times in my life, I think Chicago ought to pay for it themselves this time. How has the mayor’s net worth changed since he’s been in office? That would be a start. And wouldn’t it be great to use corruption to fund the corruption, for once, instead of my tax dollar?

  28. Chi town is a total Democratic party controlled city, mostly by left wing socialist types! a perfect example of cradle too grave government, poor get poorer and the rich Democrats get richer and all it costs is blood, poor peoples blood mostly Democrats as the Democratic party embraces them as Democratic Voter baby machines.

  29. When have the words faith and family ever come from liberal lips? What kind of faith, faith in Big Government? What kind of family, traditional or some sick liberal wacko version of “family”? Perhaps you should have thought of such things before you pushed welfare down in the hood, making fathers unnecessary and government dependency a sure thing.

  30. Possibly the mayor needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror, while he searches for the causes of his city’s problems. Quite possibly, the electorate should do the same, regarding their mayor and city government.

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