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Gun Charge Dropped Against Former Virginia Tech Student

A judge dismissed a gun charge Monday against a former Virginia Tech student in a Montgomery County case people around the country have been following.

Yunsong Zhao, a Chinese national, is now back in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and his future in America is uncertain.

He was accused of having an assault rifle on campus and faced a felony charge.

A judge didn’t allow cameras in the courtroom Monday but Zhao, now 20 years old and wearing a suit, put his hands in the air, smiled and said “finally” to his lawyer when the judge said he was dismissing the charge.

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46 Oregonians Guns Seized in the Name of Gun Safety

At least 46 Oregonians have been ordered to surrender their guns under a new type of court order intended to stop suicides and mass shootings, law enforcement and court officials testified to state lawmakers Wednesday.

Ten of the cases affect people in Multnomah County, where authorities have seized more than 50 guns from people found to pose a danger to themselves or others, Mike Reese, the county sheriff, told a joint meeting of the Senate and House judiciary committees. Washington County follows with at least eight cases, then Josephine County, with at least seven, according to documents submitted to the committees.

In a June news story “Shots Not Fired,” The Oregonian/OregonLive reported on the first several dozen gun seizure orders issued under the new law. The newsroom’s analysis showed judges ordered guns seized mostly from people affected by substance abuse, anger or mental health problems. Research presented to lawmakers Wednesday indicates that trend has continued.

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California Already had the Strictest Gun Control Laws in the Country. They Just Passed More.

There were loud and sustained calls for more gun control legislation after the mass shooting earlier this year at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

A lot of those efforts failed — but not in California.
Gov. Jerry Brown just signed several gun control bills in a state the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence says already had the strongest gun laws in the nation.
One law raises the age for buying a shotgun or rifle in California from 18 to 21. It’s similar to a law signed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott after the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland left 17 people dead.
A California lawmaker said he had the Parkland massacre and other recent school shootings in mind when he introduced the legislation.
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Tom Knighton over at Bearing Arms found a good one . . .

The Silhouettes of world war soldiers, due to be installed in green spaces throughout the country, were snubbed by Brockenhurst Council after they decided that the rifles the Tommies were holding could ‘upset families’.

Instead of the installations, they decided to cover the town’s lampposts in poppies as this would be seen as a less violent alternative.

However, their suggestion caused outrage among residents and they were forced to backtrack on their plans after they were slammed with a petition in favour of the silent soldiers.  …

Councillor Harry Oram told the Daily Echo that he voted in favour of the soldiers but others were against the statues because they had rifles depicted in them.

courtesy Chicago Times

Chicago LEO Defends Shooting of Laquan McDonald

The Chicago PD officer being tried for murder gave his testimony . . .

For two weeks, Jason Van Dyke sat silently in a courtroom here, watching as prosecutors played a video of him jumping out of his Chicago police cruiser and shooting Laquan McDonald, a black teenager, 16 times.

On Tuesday, Officer Van Dyke spoke. Before jurors who will decide whether he is guilty of first-degree murder, he testified that Laquan waved a knife and angled it toward him, stared at him menacingly and tried to get up from the ground after being shot. The video showed none of that.

The case — a rare murder prosecution of a Chicago police officer — may now rest on whether jurors believe the explanations Officer Van Dyke gave for the gaps between what he says happened and what the police video showed.

courtesy UPS

Midlothian Gun Bust Tied to UPS Thefts

Looks like they found those stolen guns UPS was supposed to be shipping . . .

The guns Midlothian police discovered in a U-Haul on Sunday are connected to a theft of a UPS facility in Memphis, Tennessee, according to the Daily Southtown. Around 400 firearms were stolen early Sunday from the facility making it one of the largest gun heists.

Midlothian police seized about 350 guns when they were called Sunday, Sept. 30, to a Walgreens parking lot in the 4800 W. 148th Street to investigate a suspected drug deal. The two men with the van fled the parking lot.

A police manhunt apprehended one of the suspects, but the other man is still at large. Police described the suspect as a black man, 18 to 20 years old, wearing black pants, a black shirt and a gray hooded sweatshirt.

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  1. And I betcha half the so-called “armed intelligentsia” who read this still think Cook county(where Midlothian is) has strict gun laws-it doesn’t. In fact only a few miles away in Oak Forest( Eagle Range)you can shoot machine guns and your non-neutered AR. What will happen after BJ er JB Prickster wins is anyones guess…😦

  2. The number of firearms stolen from UPS facilities by employees is more than most people realize, what’s even more disturbing is the lackadaisical efforts UPS corporate has to dealing with the problem. The same goes for scheduled pharmaceuticals.

    • What does ups have to do with scheduled pharmaceuticals ?? 99% of drugs are delivered by pharmaceutical wholesalers not ups or fedex or usps

      • What company delivers the scheduled pharma (opiates) to the retail pharmacies?

        • The pharmaceutical wholesalers run trucks to the neighborhood pharmacies?

        • There are drug couriers everywhere, you can recognize them by their pants around their ankles,

  3. That 20 vs 30 round magazine case is a perfect example of what is wrong with so many gun laws in this country. It makes no sense to start with, as if foreigners are safe with 20 round magazines but feloniously dangerous with 30 rounders. Then there’s the pathetic evidence — no receipts, one video showing a magazine change after 20 rounds. What the heck was an undercover cop doing trailing him around to start with? If he was judged that dangerous that you need an undercover cop watching him, isn’t he dangerous enough to justify video showing more than 20 rounds being shot, or arresting him on the spot and confiscating the magazine as evidence?

    Good grief.

    • If I remember correctly, when this story was first reported they claimed he was planning a school shooting and he was buying assault weapons. That people from school ratted him out and police caught him before he could shoot up the school. Or maybe there was another story about a Chinese kid doing the same thing, but actually was trying to commit an attack.

      • I think I remember the case you mentioned; but I do not know if this is the same one. My point stands; he was so dangerous that they assigned an undercover cop to follow him around, yet so benign that they didn’t arrest him on the spot. Not only is *the* Law a ass, so is *that* law and *those* cops and *that* prosecutor.

  4. VIRGINIA TECH SHOOTER? Change that headline now, unless “shooter” refers to someone shooting paper at the range.

    • “Yunsong Zhao, a Chinese national, is now back in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and his future in America is uncertain.”

      “He was accused of having an assault rifle on campus and faced a felony charge.”

      Along that line of thought,unless said rifle had the capability of automatic fire it wasn’t a Assault Rifle,
      A perfect example of fake news or lazy uneducated journalists.

      • Check the definition of assault rifle at, merriam, who ever. You are going to be disappointed to find that a lie repeated often enough became fact. Assault rifle hasn’t been defined as strictly select fire for years.

        Doesnt matter if it’s true or not, only that “the facts” support the agenda.

      • Correct Bravo Sierra does’t over ride truth and fact unless one is a mindless Leftard.

  5. Late ‘Daily Digest update :

    “McConnell sets key Kavanaugh vote for Friday”

    “Senate Republicans filed cloture on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination on Wednesday, paving the way for a weekend showdown over the Supreme Court.

    The move by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will allow the chamber to vote on ending debate on Kavanaugh’s nomination on Friday under the chamber’s rules.

    If Kavanaugh overcomes the procedural hurdle, the Senate could then take a final vote on his nomination as early as Saturday.”

  6. Sure glad that Oregon LEOs seized that Nylon 66. Who knows what terror it or the H&R may have unleashed.

  7. Wow, more gun control in California. Why am I not surprised. But you can still have sex in public and walk around naked on days the government gives you permission. Or you can choose to wear a strap on dildo, well fitted for public attire. Gun civil rights are not a priority in the Golden State. But other things are.

  8. Wouldn’t it be easier just to airdrop a couple of crates of High Points on one corner and a few barrels of crack on the opposite corner and just let natural selection happen?

    • If there was enough crack for all that wanted it, the guns would have no takers. The reason for the guns is the money the crack is worth and the fighting over who gets to control sales. Certainly, the people in business of supplying cocaine will do other crimes to get money, but they already have guns.
      Check history after the repeal of prohibition.

  9. The ninth amendment is quite clear.

    The Rights of the People, pre-existed the documents that formed the Union to be a citizen of.
    It is Not a requirement of The People to be a citizen.

  10. I agree, the title should not call him a Va Tech shooter as if he was part of the Va Tech massacre.

    Isn’t this the kid that completely lawfully target shooting that some rent a cop claims he saw him use a 30 round mag at the range and turned him in?
    This is confusing and makes the whole thing sound like he shot up a school and is now not being charged.

    Garbage in, garbage out I guess…..

    • Right.
      We have The VA Tech Shooter, who forever should remain nameless.
      And this Chinese national isn’t him.
      Whether he’s just a freedom loving guy that anybody would be glad to have for an immigrant, or whether he’s a Chinese spy, he was clearly careful not to commit the so-called crime a perjuring badge toting felon accused him of.

      And he’s still being punished for being innocent of all charges.

  11. “ERPOs/✋ STOP ✋/RED FLAG LAWS ” are going to be big business to strip away a US citizens constitutional rights… Of course, I’m sure these people will never receive THEIR property returned by L.E. ….Who will be next here on TTAG to receive that knock on there door to surrender ALL THEIR personal weapons and or property deemed weapons…Under a vague , arbitrary and capricious mandate…See, just what I said before…Nevermind gun control tyranny is here….With ALL constitutional principles thrown out the window by Law Enforcement/ Judicial/Legislative branches….

  12. this is bullshit. zhao was not a shooter. he merely had a gun in his room. complete bullshit title. jesus you guys have no integrity what so ever.

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