UT professors campus carry suit
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Fifth Circuit Rejects Constitutional Challenges to “Campus Carry”

The same three UT professors are shot down yet again. It’s almost as if they don’t really have a case . . .

[Glass] argues that there is no rational basis for Texas to allow private universities to ban concealed carry but not public universities. In addition, she argues that there is no rational basis for the University to allow concealed carry in classrooms while simultaneously prohibiting the practice in other campus locations such as faculty offices, research laboratories, and residence halls.

Texas argues that simple explanations provide the needed rational basis. First, the Campus Carry Law distinguishes between public and private universities in order to respect the property rights of private universities. Second, public safety and self-defense cannot be achieved if concealed carry is banned in classrooms because attending class is a core reason for students to travel to campus. Texas argues that public safety and self-defense can still be achieved if concealed carry is banned in less-frequented areas such as faculty offices and research laboratories.

Judge tosses signatures on Washington gun safety initiative

“Gun safety” . . .

A Thurston County judge has thrown out more than 300,000 signatures to put a gun-control initiative on the November ballot.

Superior Court Judge James Dixon said the signature petitions for Initiative 1639 did not “comport” with state law. He ordered the secretary of state’s office to stop certification of the ballot measure.

Initiative 1639, which is backed by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, would raise the purchase age of semi-automatic rifles to 21, incentivize secure storage, and require enhanced background checks and a waiting period similar to what’s required for handguns.

It would be the most sweeping gun safety initiative put before voters in recent history.

The National Rifle Association and Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation had filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Kim Wyman, claiming the petitions didn’t follow the law by clearly identifying what would change in the statute.

They also said the font was too small to be readable.

Pennsylvania Shooting Ranges Big Business
courtesy uppermichiganssource.com

Gun ranges equal big business, especially in trigger-happy Pennsylvania

Did we mention that it’s National Shooting Sports Month? . . .

Pennsylvania is one of America’s most populous when it comes to gun owners. Almost one in three Pennsylvanians owns a firearm, or 31 percent. So where do they learn how to shoot? (Legally, that is.) I’m under-educated on the gun-owner side of our national debate. So, I persuaded my editors to let me take a gun class, learn gun safety, and understand more about gun culture.

On Aug. 4, I took a group class with Ron Flowers, a retired Allentown police officer and professional weapons handling trainer based in Broomall. He and his wife, Kathleen, operate Citizens Defense Training, teaching classes all year long at ranges around the state, including “Intro to Pistol and Revolver” (my class), for absolute beginners like myself, at the Ridge and Valley Gun Club in Coopersburg, Pa.

First, the thrill. It’s for real. I’m holding a firearm in my hands. It’s horrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Later, I’ll shoot “dry-fire” — essentially, blanks — and then real bullets.

Jennifer Anniston Gun Control Parkland
courtesy stupidcelebrities.com

Jennifer Aniston Is Teaming Up With Parkland Survivors to Speak Out About Gun Control

Now we’re in real trouble . . .

Jennifer Aniston has been one of the most famous women in the world since the nineties. But while the press was focused on her personal life and Friends fame, few established where Aniston stands on important issues. When you speak to Aniston, though, it’s clear she feels passionately—about gun control, about our country’s future, and about finding the right moment to speak out.

Enter WE Day, an event that brings together young people dedicated to making a difference with world-renowned speakers, celebrities, and performers to kick off a year of social action. At this year’s event, which took place in California in April, Aniston teamed up with Parkland survivors Cameron Kasky and Jaclyn Corin. (A one-hour special about WE Day airs this Friday on ABC.)

For Aniston, it was a chance to work with future leaders. “It’s just an incredible thing to be amongst these young powerful people who are our future and making a difference,” she tells Glamour. “It’s wonderful to sit back and actually know that we’re going to be OK because of this generation.”

Arizona students gun control voter registration
courtesy theguardian.com

Arizona students’ stand on gun control switches to voter registration

There’s only one problem. It’s not working . . .

Four months ago, hundreds of Arizona students staged a die-in on the floor of their state Capitol to protest for stricter gun laws.

Now, many of those same students are working on a new campaign: registering their high school classmates to vote, with the goal of voting out the politicians who have blocked the passage of gun safety laws.

“This entire thing is led by mostly kids who can’t vote yet,” said Jordan Harb, 17, one of the organizers of March for Our Lives Arizona, a group of teenage gun violence prevention advocates running a statewide voter registration program.

Harb himself will not be old enough to vote this November. But that has not stopped him and his fellow teenage activists from leading an intensive campaign to shift the balance of power in the midterm elections.

Four children stabbed in south London with one boy being ‘disembowelled’

Ladd Everitt likely considers this good news because at least they weren’t shot . . .

A boy is fighting for his life after he was allegedly disembowelled when he was stabbed on a south London housing estate.

He was one of four children who were taken to hospitals in south London following the incident at Landor House, Camberwell yesterday.

All the boys are aged between 15 and 16 years old and six attackers of the same age have been taken into custody.

Giving an update on the conditions of the boys who were injured, police this morning said: ‘One remains critical, one is in a serious but stable condition and the remaining two did not suffer serious injuries.’

Champions Comics Marvel Spiderman Woke
courtesy newsarama.com

CHAMPIONS #24 to Deal with Gun Violence in Schools, Centered on MILES MORALES

Apparently the still-woke Marvel Comics has learned nothing from their precipitous sales decline . . .

September’s Champions #24 from Marvel Comics will be a special issue dealing with gun violence in schools and school shootings.

“Earlier this year, I started talking to Tom Brevoort about writing a Champions issue on the effect of gun violence in schools. Marvel has always strived to deliver ‘the world outside our window’ and this was too big a topic to ignore,” series writer Jim Zub told Newsarama. “Centered on Miles Morales, the story is about a tragedy and the trauma that ripples outward from senseless violence – and the people that come together to support each other to build a better future, which is the heart of every Champions story. I’m incredibly proud of everyone’s work on this issue, and I’m thankful we were given the chance to tell this story.”


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    • The only place I’ve seen her mug in the past 10 years is on the cover of the check out line rags….. Ever since the ruby in her palm started flashing her days were numbered in Hollywood. Now she’s joined the ranks of Madonna, Julianne Moore, Allisa Millano, etc….. pathetic.

  1. Marvel dead tree comics is still a thing?!? Who knew? Time for a bonfire…so Jennifer “mediocrity run rampant” Anniston is joining Qui er we day? We’re in trouble now😄😎😏

  2. The sad thing is Champions is the only Marvel book that has actually improved over the past 3ish years. It’s no good, not in the SLIGHTEST, but the earlier issues managed to be even worse than they are now. It was some guy in his 50s with no kids who can’t write trying to write teenagers that made Lenny Wosniak pretending to be a highschooler look convincing, now it’s just plain old bad bad.

    • I go back to 1964 Marvel. Stan Lee was somewhat political but what they print now is absolute drivel. The movies are great…

    • I’m not really a comic book fan, but I watch a few YouTube channels that talk about them in relation to the wider ‘culture war’. By all accounts most Marvel comics are failing spectacularly in terms of sales, mostly due to the massive amount of far left nonsense that’s being constantly injected into them. It’s at the point that the a-holes running the industry are driving anyone that doesn’t have their same politics.

      Case in point there’s a guy that runs a YouTube channel by the name of Diversity in Comics. He’s a military vet that’s a bit of a nerd too and he made a bit of a name for himself being a bit of a critic of the current industry. He was always told that if he thought he could do better then he should write his own comic. Which he did, via a KickStarter project that made a substantial amount of money. He even worked out his own distribution deals so it could get it printed and shipped out to local comic stores. But that same ‘comics mafia’ that he struggled against all got together in a social media outrage mob and had him black balled from even getting his comics into any stores.

      • In the late90’s Marvel and most comic companies shot themselves in the foot with the “Boon” then…by printing up like 10 so called ‘collectors ed’ for each little swing, or bump in a runs story arc…AKA “spiderman crosses the street” collectors ED!

        Or too boost sales they would put out several “new” titles..expl “Wolverines left nut” to have anything with Wolverine int he title to sell
        Or would put only 2 panels of that years major end game story in a BS comic just to sell it?

        It got so stupid, that most of the ‘core’ collectors left and never came back

  3. “The same three UT professors are shot down yet again. It’s almost as if they don’t really have a case . . ”

    Because they don’t,cue the next group of collegiate Marxist’s to try.

    • Professors get shot by students at about the same rate that students get shot by professors.
      About 10 incidents of each total over the last 40 years.
      Mass paranoia is becoming the real crisis.

  4. Jennifer Aniston in the picture speaks volumes and appears the deranged Marxist that she puts forward in her statements.

    • To make it in Hollywood you have to do a lot of things you don’t want to do. The women have it worse. Look at how many Hollywood people go crazy, get addicted to drugs, divorce and kill/hurt themselves.

  5. Watch just one episode of ‘Forged in Fire’ on History Channel and you will quickly see just how extremely viscious and deadly an attack with a bladed weapon can be. No reason to go to the UK anytime soon.

    • er… knives are nasty, don’t get me wrong, but they’re a hell of a lot less deadly than guns. There’s a reason soldiers shoot at each other and extremely rarely use knives.

        • Yep….. A well fed, armor clad, professional knight on an armored heavy war horse can crush, kill, and oppress a lot of pitchfork weilding peasants. But Mikhail Kalashnikov fixed that problem. 100 million peasants can’t be wrong.

          Mongols killed 1/4 of the worlds population with the bow-and-arrow and their bare hands. Guns put an end to 1000 years of Mongol terror.

      • Yes, but…

        The British government has kindly disarmed ALL of its law-abiding subjects and made it deucedly difficult for the bad guys to get decent firearms.

        When a bad guy can walk down the street and into a crowd of people who are too cowed by their politically correct society to object to or even comment upon a suspicious swarthy man in their midst it is a simple thing for him to get close enough to do some serious damage with an 8 inch butcher knife.

      • Wars were fought and entire civilizations were wiped out long before there were guns. What do you think they used besides sharp sticks?
        England has disarmed the civilians, so what they now have is a pre-gun society, where they use knives, because that’s what they have to fight their turf wars.
        They would rather have guns, but they can’t get them easily/cheaply.

      • How so? The “shock” theory of handguns has been debunked. The ONLY thing that makes a gun “better” than a knife is its range. Knives don’t jam, lockup or need to be reloaded. The only thing that makes either dangerous is the wound channel. A mid sized hunting knife leaves a larger wound than almost any handgun bullet. Would you rather have a .4 inch hole in your gut, or a long incision across your belly with your intestines all over the ground? There was a mass knife assault in Japan some time ago. Dozens wounded with no sound of a gun going off to warn ppl.

        Violent thugs will use whatever they have at hand to kill/wound/terrorize. I had a friend killed by a gang whose imitation was throwing cinder blocks at cars below freeway overpasses…. do we ban cinderblocks?

  6. Propaganda for the youth via comics/cartoons.

    Most parents don’t even know the things that are being taught to their kids through content created for children. It’s rare for parents to curate videos, music, comics, games and books before their kids get to it. Look at how many kids watch Logan Paul…

  7. Well it’s official then, Jennifer Aniston is now officially a washed up formerly attractive actress who will never find work again so she thinks she can retain some sort of relevance through leftist political activism. Hope it works out better for her than it has for Alyssa Milano.

    Sometimes it’s better to just fade away.

      • I guess it comes down to semantics. Marilyn Monroe burned out and for a female sex symbol that saved her from everyone seeing her with wrinkly skin and saggy boobs. She might not be remembered quite the same had she lived into her 80s. James Dean burned out and probably wouldn’t be remembered today had he not. John Belushi and Chris Farley burned out and I’m pretty sure nobody would care what their tits looked like today if they were still around.

        Fading away is more like, ‘Whatever happened to that guy?’ Like Ralph Macchio if he hadn’t changed his name and taken that gig with MSNBC.

        What Aniston an Milano are doing is refusing to fade into obscurity now that we’re done with them. Not really fading away but hardly going out in a blaze of glory either.

  8. Re the PA range story … hyperbole and pearl-clutching aside … $140 for earpro and $100 for eyepro? Yeah, top shelf electronic muffs can get there and beyond, but you can get perfectly functional eye- and ear-pro for $50 all-in if you spend 30 seconds on Amazon. Or in Walmart, for that matter.

  9. “..September’s Champions #24 from Marvel Comics will be a special issue dealing with gun violence in schools and school shootings.”

    I can’t wait to not buy a copy.

  10. That “too young to change anything” sign reminds me of a great point I heard Bill Whittle make this week: “Old people are the ones who tend to be more conservative because to takes a while for life to beat the stupid out of you.” (Paraphrased slightly from memory.)

    The idea that young people are smarter that their elders is completely idiotic. Older people naturally have more experience than the young, and usually that includes the wisdom of learning from that experience. Those who think they know more than they actually do, and especially more than those who actually do lack wisdom—also known as being foolish.

    The last thing this country needs is to listen to some cocky, inexperienced know-it-all who has yet to enter the School of Hard Knocks.

    • I for one am happy to see they are voting. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent trying to convince 18-20 year olds that their vote matters. I don’t even care they are voting on the wrong side of the issue right now. Time and wisdom will fix that for many of them.

  11. “September’s Champions #24 from Marvel Comics will be a special issue dealing with gun violence in schools and school shootings.”

    I bet it’ll be right up there with the issue of Archie where Archie dies protecting his gay friend from a “homophobic gun nut.”

    Yes, that was an actual comic. An actual Archie comic. And no, the shooter wasn’t Jughead.

    • I remember that one. Comic book publishers have been putting gun grab themes in other comic books as well. Among others:

      http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/01/robert-farago/post-pulse-love-is-love-comic-book-celebrates-tolerance-and-gun-control/ -blames guns and the NRA, but also Trump and Christianity for the Islamic terrorist attack at the Pulse Night Club massacre

      In a Deathstroke I believe from last year: has a scene with a dead twelve year old child one detective says “I presumed twenty dead first and second graders and six dead teachers, mostly white, killed by the hands of a deranged white man would have had some impact on public policy…..I certainly hoped 49 dead kids in a Florida night club would.”

      Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands- anti-NRA mini-series theme both subtle and not at all subtle

      Avengers: Shards of Infinity -tacks on this stupid anti-weapon dialogue at the end of the comic

  12. Children with knives versus children with gunz versus old man in a raincoat passing out candy to children.

  13. “[Glass] argues that there is no rational basis for Texas to allow private universities to ban concealed carry but not public universities…”

    I agree, Texas should not allow private universities to ban conceal carry. There, fixed.

    • I Disagree. Private Property rights do and should matter.

      The punishment fits the crime btw. If I carry on a private university and I am caught doing so, it’s a class c misdemeanor IF I refuse to comply with the property owners wish that I remove my firearm from their property. It’s like getting a speeding ticket.

      I drive 400-600 miles a week on Texas roads. I would say the vast majority of drivers weigh the risk of getting caught speeding against the rewards of shorter drive time and decide the risk is worth the reward.

      I believe many LTC holders make that same choice every day in Texas as well. Gun Free zones are anything but around here…

      • I bet everybody could agree that if private universities wish to prohibit carry, they should be required to do it exactly as any other private commercial enterprise does- by posting obnoxious 30.06 and 30.07 signs at each and every entrance to every building, then when someone is caught carrying to request they stop or be prosecuted for trespassing. I don’t even know whether my college allowed me to have firearms on campus, I never asked. That was 1964-’69, and I had guns in my room or car probably half that time. And reloading gear most of the time, too.

    • Ah, gun control advocates: nothing in their arsenal but ad hominem attacks, reasoning by emotion, and lying, Bloomberg funded studies with pre-defined conclusions.

    • Intolerant of homosexuals? Feel like lynching somebody?

      Hate filled phobics such as yourself will make it possible to give Trump his second term in the whitehouse and maintain a lead in the house and senate.

      Mainstream America sees hate mongers such as yourself and your fascists buddies
      as threats. So they vote for a good man like Trump.

  14. On the Pennsylvania story – “Some ranges discourage customers from bringing their own ammunition, which Toure likens to restaurants asking customers not to bring their own food.
    “Yes, they need to make money on that. I wouldn’t get upset about that,” he said.”

    Umm, no – it is not the same. One range in the Richmond area has competitive prices on ammo and if I were running low while shooting I’d feel ok buying a box. Another range in the area sells a 50 rd box of .357 FMJ for like $40. When I commented that I could walk across the street to Bass Pro and get it 50% cheaper the person at the counter stated you’re paying for convenience.

    I don’t always shoot my preferred carry ammo b/c SD ammo is more expensive than training rounds, but I do shoot a couple mags or cylinders every once in a while to maintain my familiarity with my chosen ammo. When I have to purchase ammo from a range I’ll stop patronizing that range and move on elsewhere.

    • Around my area, ranges don’t try to get crazy about where you buy your ammo. It’s a good thing, since settling in to shoot for a half hour costs you over $25, and if I take a son along that doubles. The range is not an attraction to help sell ammo, it pays for itself quite handsomely, especially recently when it is always full. Lets see, 10 lanes, $25+ per hour, 12 hours, what, $300+ per day, $9000 a month?

  15. Not your best pic, Jennifer. BTW, you keep changing you phone number. Between that and the restraining order I fear we’re drifting apart.

  16. “. . . there is no rational basis for the University to allow concealed carry in classrooms while simultaneously prohibiting the practice in other campus locations such as faculty offices, research laboratories, and residence halls.”

    The right-to-carry is now clearly destined to become the law-of-the-land to – at least – the degree of Shall-Issue on objective criteria. Now, we ought to be anticipating the very long struggle for the geographic extent of that right; the principle upon which we might define “sensitive places” or private-property which are places of “public accommodation”.

    The classroom of a public university is analogous to the “town square”. Is it not in just such places that we go to seek knowledge? Understanding? To debate the issues of common interest? Is it in just such a place where we are all vulnerable to an attack on a large assembly?

    Now, conversely, consider a faculty member’s office. As a student I never had a compelling need to go to a faculty member’s office. I could complete my objectives without ever doing so; or doing so only selectively at my pleasure. Between me – a student – and the professor – the assignee of his office space – who has the superior claim to control that space? I’d have to concede that the professor has the superior claim. The dormitory is a complex case; each student has a superior claim to his own room; but an inferior claim to the common space of the building. Teasing that apart will not be easy.

    I think the place to begin this debate will be the – not so hypothetical – case of the vulnerable citizen who has an order-of-protection against a domestic abuser. She must have a socially-supported liberty to access places of public accommodation – e.g., grocery stores – while armed if she is to have an effective means of self-defense. Must she closet herself to her home – and the town square? Or, does her right to means of self-defense trump the proprietary rights of a hoplophobic green-grocer?

    Can we have an empathetic debate over the equal rights of a vulnerable woman and the grocer? Or, will the absolutists form a consensus: she has NO right to arms anywhere; AND, the proprietor has a right to exclude her for no reason whatsoever? That would be a really astounding view of the absolute right-to-arms.

    But, so it is. And, we on the Rights side of the debate have our work cut-out for us.

  17. The open border Libertarians, Liberals and the Left, totally support allowing murderers and rapists to come to America and disembowel children.

  18. There are 11 ranges within 10 miles of my zip code here in Pennsylvania. Lots of private shooting on personal back yard ranges too. Hard to find a spot where you don’t hear rifle shooting in my corner of PA. Its kinda nice really…


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