Seattle Pro-Gun Protest
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Protesters clash at pro-gun and anti-gun rallies in Seattle

Is this part of that national conversation on common sense gun safety measures? . . .

A pair of right-wing groups, Washington Three Percenters and Patriot Prayer, held a “Liberty or Death” pro-gun rally in Seattle Saturday, but were met with counterprotesters from several liberal and anti-fascist groups.

The competing rallies, divided by metal barriers and police officers, were largely peaceful, but there were some scuffles, leading to three arrests and one conservative protester injured.

The pro-gun groups billed their event as a “rally against left-wing violence.” In particular, it was meant to oppose Initiative 1639, a proposed ballot initiative to expand a number of gun control measures, including enhanced age requirements, background checks, waiting periods, and training in order to obtain semiautomatic rifles, as well as requirements that gunowners properly secure their firearms in their homes. The conservative protesters called Initiative 1639 “illegal and unconstitutional.”

Courtesy Flathead Beacon

Montana governor supports assault weapon ban

He thinks universal background checks and an “assault weapons” ban represent Montana values . . .

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock on Sunday said he would support a ban on semiautomatic weapons — the strongest stance the Democratic governor has taken on gun control as he weighs a possible run for the 2020 presidential election.

Bullock told Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union” that firearm owners and those who want more gun control have the same goal: keeping their families safe.

“If we really step back for a minute, I think most folks that live in Montana and elsewhere that are firearm owners want to keep themselves and their families safe. It’s not unlike folks who say that all these school tragedies and everything that’s been happening,” he said.

“What do they really want? Those same values.”

Shots fired after teen goes into wrong home seeking party

Due, where’s my kegger? . . .

A Summer Street resident had called police saying an unknown man had entered their home.

The caller said she and her partner encountered the man parked in a vehicle on Summer Street and her partner fired his gun at the vehicle as it fled.

After detectives arrived on the scene, the initial investigation showed a juvenile man entered the home after receiving an invitation by social media for a party but had the wrong address.

No one was injured, police said.

Viridian Fact Pistol Mounted Camera

Minneapolis Police Department Implements Cameras On Guns

A police force in a Minneapolis suburb is outfitting its officers with cameras mounted on their handguns amid calls for more transparency in police shootings.

The West Hennepin County Safety Department says the $7,200 cameras are significantly less expensive than body cameras. The Star Tribune reports that the department tested the weapon-mounted cameras over the past year as part of a pilot project.

The 3-inch (76-millimeter) long camera sits in front of the trigger and includes a flashlight. The camera activates as an officer draws their gun from its holster.

don't rape me wristbands sweden grope secual assault

‘Don’t touch me’: Swedish police offer anti-sexual assault wristband

That should work well . . .

Swedish police have revealed that they will offer young women wristbands with the slogan “POLICEAVSPÄRRAT #tafsainte” [Police cordon, don’t grope] in Swedish, to prevent sexual assaults.

“By wearing these wristbands, young women will be able to make a stand. No one should have to accept sexual molestation. So do not grope. And if you are groped, report it to the police,” Police Chief Dan Eliasson said, according to the press release.

He added that the main goal of the step is to “draw attention to the issue [of sexual assault], and urge those affected to report.”

“We’re hoping mainly that this will get boys to think twice. A lot of them don’t seem to realize that this is a crime,” Eliasson told news agency TT.

He also described types of attacks that “many young people recognize too well.” This could include “a hand tucked between the legs”, “a hug from behind in the crush at a club or festival”, and “one person holding somebody while another grabs their breasts.”

Manu Bhaker Shooter India Parents

Sorry, mum and dad – Indian shooting star bans parents from foreign trips

Teenage shooter Manu Bhaker said she’s told her parents not to accompany her to tournaments abroad as she struggles to adapt to life as one of India’s best known sportswomen.

The 16-year-old has brought home World Cup and Commonwealth Games gold medals this year in a sudden rise to fame, and is one of the favourites at the Asian Games in Indonesia.

But she is finding that success comes at a price, with a tough training schedule and a restrictive lifestyle that means less time with friends and a one-hour daily time limit for using her mobile phone.

Bhaker said she had resorted to banning her parents from her overseas trips as she tries to carve out a slice of freedom.

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  1. why would you need training to acquire a semi-automatic rifle?….there’s really nothing super mystical about them

    • The only thing mystical is the petty tyrant of Montana calling for there control/banning.

      • Bullock jumped on the BAN wagon a few months ago. Being from MT and with friends and family still there, I keep on eye on whats happening back home. My dad, who for some reason is still an old school centerist democrat, believes that Bullock is working on his gun-control angle cause after this term, he’s finished as Gov is gonna be shooting for a shot at the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2020 and wants some of Bloombergs money. But talking with friends back home, he is finished in Montana politics because of this. And rightfully so.

        • Good 👍👍 👍! Great Job voters of Montana! Eject this sorry DemoCommies @$$ out into the street… preferably tarred and feathered…Then Exiled and run out of the state….

    • ” . . .training to acquire a semi-automatic rifle?”

      This is called “coercive reform”. Gun controllers want to put laws in place that force their gun-owning “cultural enemies” to genuflect to their values by forcing them to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Observing gun-owners jump through these political hoops make gun-controllers feel powerful.

      • The only purpose of training, from a realistic perspective, is to prevent accidents–but of course the problem is not accidental shootings, now is it? Which reveals that the true purpose of the law is to discourage people from buying (or building) such arms because of the extra hassle and expense.

    • Why don’t we change it around and make training on a AR-15 mandatory for your high school diploma. “A well regulated Militia”.

    • I believe everyone who owns a firearm should get training in one form or another BUT making it mandatory is the wrong approach. Make it tax deductible instead. Firearm proficiency should be considered a civic duty. This would help prevent these over priced classes that teach the bare minimum and often don’t even include a live fire exercise.

      • Jaypee,
        I agree with your premise, but in the tactical political realm I would push to get the regressives to acknowledge the universal goodness of training, through making true firearm safety training mandatory in public schools and watch their heads explode at their hypocrisy. Then repeal the mandatory part later.

    • Training is important. The Aurora Theater shooter was over 21 and passed his bacground check. If had had training, he would have known how to reload and clear stoppages instead of having to end his spree early because he had a jam with his single 100 round magazine. The goal’s to increase the body count, right? Isn’t that why they keep pushing for “gun free zones” and defenseless victims?

  2. Liberals just showing their true colors. The more they lose, the more they’re proved wrong, the more they turn to violence against the innocent.

  3. First story. Stupid people, stupid places…………

    And the teen got the wrong address. Then the man shot at his car as he was leaving? Don’t be surprised if that man winds up in court.

    • Yeah, unless something very significant isn’t being reported, opening fire on someone who is leaving is way out of line for the incident as described.

  4. IGOTD?

    Reckless discharge of a firearm?

    The caller said she and her partner encountered the man parked in a vehicle on Summer Street and her partner fired his gun at the vehicle as it fled.

      • Repeat after me, “Officer, I don’t even know that lady, and I certainly did not discharge my weapon at a departing vehicle.”

  5. So the gun cameras will be like those in WW2 fighter planes? Exciting combat footage awaits!

    • I watched some bodycam footage for the first time recently. The local PDs are even doofier than I thought…

        • There’s nothing tacticool about it. It starts off with 6 officers standing around the side of the road goofing off for like an hour for one stupid drunk guy. Then they finally get the dumbass drunk guy to the station and he spills his guts for like an hour.

        • We do not need warriors patrolling our streets. I do show them how it is done every day when I go out and mind my own freaking business.

  6. “Is this part of that national conversation on common sense gun safety measures? . . .”

    What conversation,the one where the Leftist’s dictate a gun free/Constitution free society,to show themselves the Fascist’s they claim anyone not espousing their views to be,that one.

    • The left does not discuss.

      It uses extortion, misdirection, propaganda, lies, and direct suppression of speech to ‘get what it wants’.

    • The more refugees from California move in, and then vote for the same stupid policies that led them to flee in the first place, the more Californicated the rest of the West becomes.

        • THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

          neiowa says:
          August 19, 2018 at 21:36

          Rid Kalifornia of 10million (ILLEGAL) aliens and perhaps the damn Kalifornias would STAY HOME.

          but had to fix that for ya —-but we tried in 1994 with prop 187 that banned ALL and EVERY service from illegals including schooling!
          but the feds did not back it!
          Just think of the US if the feds in 1994 had banned all services from illegal billons that would have saved…how many lives…how much in lost taxes…jobs and so on!

      • In FL we have them coming by the thousand from NY, NJ, PA, IL, MA…That and some of our low IQ immigrants, what could possibly go wrong? Just a matter of time until we turn full libtard and “gun control”, it’s getting there slowly but surely.

        • I live on Cape Cod and a great many of my clients have summer homes here and coastal winter condos in FL. Sorry about the blue-ness of it all.

        • @Rad Man, I used to live in Osterville and when I did, Barnstable Township and the Chief LEO were pro-gun. If only the rest of Massivetwoshits was the same.

          Unfortunately, the Irish Mafia that runs the Commonwealth doesn’t want us mundanes to have the power to resist.

  7. “Please don’t rape me Moe-hamid”…SJW meet your capital-Sweden. Anti-2A in big sky country I see. The west is going to he!!

  8. i am supprised that the masked idiots didn’t start some trouble, being seattle,but we have a new chief and i don’t think that they are ready to test her. I don’t think that she is as far-left as the boston socialist was.

  9. That guy in the first picture giving the double middle fingers – is he on our side? He looks so happy and pleased, I hope he’s not a lefty.

    • He’s not the one wearing red, so yeah, “on our side,” whatever that means. Some of those guys are actually pro-gun & have goals, some of them are just anti-communists (which is such a broad term it even includes other communists) looking for a brawl.

      These stupid street fights are basically old-school gang scuffles; each side has a uniform (you’ll probably find some yellow on the guy if you look him over closely, just as the other guy is wearing red prominently), and some buzzwords/phrases to identify each other, and purport to be nothing alike despite being indistinguishable more often than not (except for the aforementioned uniform…which is why they always make sure to wear it)

    • well he isn’t getting bashed in the head with a bike lock so I don’t think the guys on the receiving end of the birds are with Antifa.

  10. Great, adding unnecessary crap on the end of a gun that will just cause problems. The gun’s perspective doesn’t matter. If you need cameras, put them somewhere that can see (1) the officer’s angle and (2) WTF happened before the gun was drawn. Yes, it’s more expensive to have a body cam… in the short term. In the long term when you have Al Sharpton coming to town because your neat gun cam was in the holster when the bad guy was busy shooting at cops you’ll wish you had something that captured the whole incident.

    • A body cam costing $20K? Somebody should speak with GoPro. $1000 per officer should be plenty.

      • The article compares the price to a body cam. Are the gun cams a replacement for or an addition to the body cam? Body cams show abuses or exonerate officers in a lot more situations that just when they pull their weapon. The gun cam wouldn’t show whatever act caused the officer to draw and fire – it would only show the cases where the officer was holding the suspect at gunpoint for a while and then decided to fire.

  11. I don’t even need to alter Steve Bullock’s name to mock him, it’s already representative of what comes out of his mouths.

  12. And now Bullock’s true colors come though.

    Hopefully the next Governor won’t be Dem and we can get constitutional carry.

  13. Seattle may very be the locale that triggers the Great Civil/Restorative War. If so, we owe a great debt of gratitude to those Patriots there who are the tip of the spear in defense against the “War of Leftist Aggression”. I pray the hostilities begin and spread nationwide while I’m still young enough to make a difference in defense our great Constitutional Republic.
    And with regards to those anti-rape bracelets in Sweden…..there’s no chance they’ll be effective as is. If there’s any chance at all, they’ll have to be printed in Arabic.

    • There’s no such thing as a “restorative war.” War doesn’t restore. It only destroys.

      Look around the world at all the other revolutions that have occurred. Heck, the South saw our Civil War as their own attempt at restorative war. How many of them turned out like our revolution of 1776? Short answer: NONE.

      The US exists today only because a few men in positions of power and influence somehow, miraculously, all knew when to stop destroying and how to start building. Don’t count on that kind of miracle happening again.

    • Swedish bracelets, in order to attain maximum effectiveness, should also be worn on the wrist which is holding the 9mm. Understanding would improve instantly, regardless of printed language.

  14. The tree of Liberty is being watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots. In Washington state.

  15. The cuck wearing the suit and riding his bicycle gave a double finger, that’s the full semi auto of flipping someone off!

    • The douche with the high speed sunglasses and shaved head is just upset that the years of steroids made his testicles shrink to the size of BB’s.

  16. There are Democrats (socialists) in Montana? Are they all huddled in the few urban zones in Montana sitting in Starbucks telling scary stories of the evils of uncivilized rural living just outside the protected boundaries of their fortified leftist city? I can see them comparing it to the Wild West saying that the people in those regions need to be tamed by force.

    • Yup…the Libbies are flooding the Bozeman area…on a side note the average price for a home in Bozeman is up to $450,000+ since they started bringing their California money to the housing market…thanks a lot, now the rest of us can’t afford to live there…like a disease vector, California is spreading it’s contagion to healthy States.

  17. If the governor of Montana is completely hysterical about the fact that some 15 million AR15’s are responsible for 150-200 deaths a year, wait until he finds out the less than 11 million swimming pools kill around 3,600 people every year. Or somewhere around 30 times the rate of ARs. OMG. How can he just stand around and let such carnage continue?

  18. Due to the corona outbreak, the situation is getting worse. The graph keeps on rising.

    The total number of cases in India is more than 6 lakh 26 thousand and every day around 19000 will be confirmed. Although the recovery rate is also good. In coronavirus cases, India is at 4th position in the table. Now UNLOCK-2 is also started. But the situation is worse. Because of this pandemic government has closed the schools and colleges. The CBSE exams are also got cancel because of this COVID-19
    In this worse situation, it is difficult to conduct the examinations and it is dangerous to keep the life of the students at risk.

    HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank announces today that the examination of JEE mains and neet dates are postponed.

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