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Sometimes bad guys don’t really care if a good guy points a gun at them. Oftentimes they’ve seen the business end of a gun before and figure they’ll be just fine. That happened in Houston after a neighbor investigated suspicious noises coming from the house next door.

In the end, the neighbor interrupted a burglary in progress. Instead of simply running away or surrendering to the gun-toting neighbor, the bad guy decided he was going to try to take the gun away from the good Samaritan.

That didn’t end well for the burglar-turned-attacker. He absorbed at least one gunshot and succumbed to his injuries. The neighbor and other innocents remained physically unhurt.

KHOU has a few additional details . . .

…Police said a noise alerted the neighbor that something wasn’t right. When he went out to investigate, he spotted a man breaking into his neighbor’s empty home.

At some point, the man then lunged at the neighbor. Police said that’s when the neighbor fired a gun, which shot and killed the man. The neighbor stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police as their investigation continues.


Thank goodness the neighbor brought a mohaska with him to investigate the suspicious noises. Without it, the aggressive criminal might have turned a burglary scene into a murder scene.

Not only that, but the story should stand as yet another testament to the proven benefits of home carry. After all, bad guys don’t make appointments to commit their crimes. They tend to hit targets of opportunity.

Remember: The only thing that stops a bad guy with evil in his (or her) heart is a good guy (or gal) with a gun. Make sure you have yours if and when you need it.

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    • Yeah. I suppose going over to a neighbor’s house with your gun is permissible in TX, but not so much in CA unless you have exigent cause such as hearing screams from within.

      Massad Ayoob recently spoke about this very subject in a recent video last week, regarding the legal defensibility between walking outside your door to confront a threat vs. remaining inside and waiting for the criminal to enter. Worth watching.

  1. You don’t need a gun they will just take if from you and kill you with it…………

    I see that less as a convincing reason and more as a reminder to be ready to use it if required as it can happen.

  2. … the neighbor interrupted a burglary in progress. Instead of simply running away or surrendering to the gun-toting neighbor, the bad guy …

    chose poorly.

    Sorry, I could not help myself and had to reference the Indiana Jones (fictional character) movie franchise.

  3. Texas has the right laws. Nighttime shoots are specifically permitted to protect property. Of course it is Houston so the DA, Kim Ogg, a democrat, may receive orders from her masters to pursue the guy.

    • “Texas has the right laws. Nighttime shoots are specifically permitted to protect property.”

      Uhm, that’s only for outside the city limits proper, isn’t it?

      • Don’t recall any specific location considerations. I had to attend a class for my Carry Permit when I lived in Fort Worth. The night time shoot was specifically discussed, but I could be mistaken. I distinctly remember the lawyer saying that if the guy is running away with your stuff, at night, you could shoot.

      • much will depend on the police response time…assuming he called them, which he should have done…if it was excessive he has a case….

        • Not sure why this posted with just my name. Thanks to “Stayed….” for posting the applicable cite.

      • @my2cents

        “But does that property protection right extend to protection of property that doesn’t belong to you?”

        First this really wasn’t a property protection thing. The neighbor went to investigate and long and short of it is bad guy attacked him and the neighbor acted in self defense and not defense of property.

        (cue the screams of “he should have called the police.” Well, we don’t know the entire situation from the news report. For example, he maybe did call the police first and maybe there were home occupants or he thought they were home and he needed to act before police arrived to attempt to deter the break in to protect them then the bad guy attacked him instead.)

        Second. Yes, in some cases a property protection right does extend to protection of property that doesn’t belong to you.

        • “Second. Yes, in some cases a property protection right does extend to protection of property that doesn’t belong to you.”

          Then it behooves the wise gun owner to find the fuck out BEFOREHAND if where they are does, (or far more importantly), does NOT extend such protections to the individual defending someone else’s property with lethal force…

    • If the burglar was attacking the neighbor and trying to steal the firearm, it’s almost certainly a self-defense case. The neighbor should be in the clear.


        • If I ever get involved in a defensive gun use they provide an attorney at no additional charge to me for the entire life of the case. It’s the best insurance any gun owner can have. It’s called US Law Shield now. Here’s the link, and no I don’t get compensated for touting them.

        • You don’t have any idea how “good” any insurance is until you have to make a claim.

          Given that if you can buy insurance on something/anything, then in aggregate, you don’t need it. All insurance companies know they will take more of your money than they will pay out. Same as Vegas casino.

        • neiowa, you don’t have any idea of how insurance actually works.

          I’d school you but it’s OT and a waste of my time.

      • I signed up with US Law Shield (same folks) when it became available here, but I have been carrying for a very long time and the piece of mind that comes from having a real defense against both the bad activist prosecutors and evil ambulance chasing tort lawyers has been well worth the cost.

    • I belong to ACLDN but would recommend CCW Safe, which has deeper pockets, for those who think they are in more than normal danger. Be sure to read the fine print. Each one has restrictions that may not fit your situation.

      • After fully reviewing all the major underwriters, I chose CCW Safe as being the best overall choice for me, too. I have the premium policy, which also includes specific rider coverage for volunteer church security.

  5. Sounds like the vigilant neighbor’s actions were justified. Usually a breaking and entering perp will have a lenghty rap sheet,

  6. One less to have to feed, clothe, house, provide medical and dental for. If it was me and I used a revolver, I wouldn’t call or stick around.

    • And you would be absolutely wrong! We cannot defend our rights if we are not willing to stand for them. Shoot, stay and cooperate AFTER you call your Law Shield Attorney. You DO have one, right?

    • “If it was me and I used a revolver, I wouldn’t call or stick around.”

      Seeing as nearly every neighbor I know has at least a Ring doorbell camera, if not actual security cameras on their property, plus cars that have dash cams etc., it is a very safe bet that you’re on camera somewhere. If you think it’s a good idea to shoot someone and then leave the scene and not call the cops, that may not end well for you.

  7. I am 80, no longer drive due to poor eyesight, grown weaker with age and wear hearing aids.
    Yet the left folk seem to think that I am suppose to “hope” the bad guy does not hurt me or worse.
    How am I suppose to know the mindset of a thug? They say, “he probably won’t hurt you”. Well “probably”
    doesn’t cut it. I say let the left die or go to the hospital for their beliefs and I’ll do what I can to protect myself and others.

    Further, the left say studies show, “not all end in physical harm” meaning that “some” do end with physical harm including death. There again the left can take their chances with the math resulting from studies, but as for me, being prepared is a much better attitude. The old Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” is still relevant today.

    The left just don’t get the message that it’s the Criminal and not the gun.

    • Well your old and no longer the productive member of society that they need. So you kicking the bucket doesn’t matter.
      Now if you was an 80 year old pedophilic president with dementia that does not honor his oath of office, uhh yeah, itd be different.

      • Not so much, really. They would be happy for him to just die so they could morn him and install the first black female president. Besides if he just keeps on living, his cavalier treatment of classified material and his drug addicted felonious son keep dragging the party through the mud in public. On top of that he keeps taking attention away from their Orange Man Bad and all Republicans are closet orange men theme.

        • I’m actually ashamed of our president. Hes setting a bad example. What’s other countries think of us, cant be good.

        • What many of them are thinking is that the US is massively hypocritical since we have long lectured them about corruption and clearly the Biden family is massively corrupt. Hunter lifts quotes from Confidential briefings as a way to try to get money out of Ukraine and his daddy brags about threatening to withhold US foreign aid from them because their prosecutor is investigating his son.

    • The career criminals used to have a thing they called ” the walk through”. He probably thought he could buffalo the guy, ” Stop I’ll shute, Stop I’ll shute, I said stop, please stop.”
      Then wham their on top of you.
      When the crooks learn we are just as mean if not meaner then they are theyll settle down. What really helps is when the DA doesn’t go after the good guy with a gunm. A year of, so what another dead crook would get the message across,,,maybe.
      Some are so far down the hole they just dont care anymore.

      • All criminals have a “the walk through” thing. They are all looking for some weakness they can exploit or advantage they can gain that will let them achieve their ‘goal’ and that goal can be to get away or harm you or continue with their original crime – and they are all willing to harm a defender to exploit that weakness or get that advantage if they can, Especially if they face getting arrested and sent to jail or shot or some other way stopped and there is not a one of them that has not thought about it when they get caught by a defender as ‘fight or flight’ is an automatic natural and normal response to such.

  8. The criminal element all play the same stupid game when caught, they get all aggressive, lie and try to get out of the situation. As I have said over and over, there are those out there that are more than willing to play the game and it’s just a roll of the dice that any of us meet that challenge on either side of that game coin.

    It’s only chance that any of us meet that one person who will kill us and it’s nothing but chance that a criminal chooses the wrong target and gets deep sixed.

    Chance favors the prepared mind. Be prepared.

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    In Ohio this hillbilly vigilante would have went to prison for murder. The Hill Jack did exactly what George Zimmerman did, he did not wait for the police to arrive and probably did not even bother to call them. In many states killing someone over property is against the law and in all of the industrialized civilized foreign states it is also against the law and has been for decades. One might think “Who is the most reprehensible, the fellow that needed money to pay for his insulin to keep him alive or the vicious far right nut case that likes to kill people over not even his own money but some else’s money”.

    Taking the law into your own hands many times results in unnecessary killings as well as lawsuits that even if you win often cost the killer thousands in attorney fees even if he is judged innocent. And then there are the civil lawsuits that follow. O.J. Simpson beat the criminal charges against him and lost big time in the civil lawsuit that followed because the proof of guilt is far less stringent, so keep that in mind if you think you can play Wyatt Earp or a modern day George Zimmerman and get away with gunning people down for recreational purposes because you have a mentally twisted need for self-aggrandizement.

    The sick minds of the far right revel and cheer at such killings because to them their only real god is money and blind greed, human life to them is cheap and expendable.

    One wonders who is the more repressible person, the fellow that tried to rob a place because just maybe he need money for his insulin to keep him alive or the Far Right Stormtrooper that takes pleasure in killing someone over even someone else’s money not even his own.

    • @ Decian
      He didn’t kill him because he was burglarizing the house dick-weed, he shot him because the burglar lunged at him! A person has every lawful right to investigate suspicious activity at the house next door that they know to be empty and we DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE POLICE. If a person is there and comes at you aggressively ESPECIALLY when armed, well there are NO states where you’d get charged. You have the right to self defense.

      A person would get charged for shooting him for burglarizing, not charging at you while committing a felony. That’s why he got shot, for lunging at him.

      You break into my neighbors and I catch you and you charge at me, you’re going to eat some lead also.

      Get your sad story straight.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, There you go again. Spouting off on subjects you know little or nothing about.
      Here is a HINT, DUNDERHEAD, you don’t have to wait for the police to arrive if your life is in danger. That man was defending himself just as George Zimmerman and Kyle Rittenhouse were. You see when a person who is armed and robbing people, you are in danger. What the heck does someone wanting to get insulin to do with this situation? Was that the reason this criminal was robbing people with a gun?
      I guess you don’t think a person’s life who is in mortal danger is of any consequence?

    • I couldn’t agree more! The suspected burglar was a teenager. That has been confirmed. We definitely need to wait for more details before we start calling people good samaritans, or “good guys” and “bad guys.” We know nothing about the case except for the initial statements of the shooter, which are almost scripted from LTC classes.

      • M Hood, AGAIN! We do not need any more information. This “teenager” was committing the crime of BURLARY, a FELONY? Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

  10. Many comments about leaving one’s home and ending up in a gunfight at a neighbor’s house.

    Unless you live in Texas, disregard Texas law on lawful self-defense; know the laws in your state, county, city, township.

    Regardless, be prepared to take the ride. Can you finance the trip?

  11. “… did exactly what George Zimmerman did, he did not wait for the police to arrive …”

    dacian, you’re a liar.

    Zimmerman was on his way back to his vehicle to await police, having lost sight of Martin when the felonious teen attacked him from behind without warning. Zimmerman had every right to protect himself from having his head smashed into the concrete by the Darwin award winner who was atop his victim, viciously assaulting him.

    “Who is the most reprehensible, the fellow that needed money to pay for his insulin to keep him alive …”

    From where the hell did you pull this fabrication? Dollars to doughnuts says that the dead perp had a rap sheet as long as your arm and was stealing property and money to finance his illegal heroin or meth habit.

  12. Ya’ll need to stop stroking Dacian’s ego. All the hallmarks of a troll who feeds off the replies. I don’t respond and won’t. Like any little human, probably 12, he, she or it will go away if ignored.

  13. The “Good Samaritan” as you call him in this case, left the safety of his own home, took a gun with him, confronted someone he didn’t know at a neighbor’s home, in the middle of the night, and shot a teenager. I’m not sure I’d call him a Good Samaritan without any additional details. We literally have no idea what happened still, because the case details have not been released. It is being investigated as a homicide, and heading to a grand jury.

    • M Hood, Those details are plenty. The “teenager” was breaking and entering a residence with the intent to commit a crime. That is called Burglary, a felony? Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.
      The GOOD SAMARITAN deserves a MEDAL!


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